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tv   Boom Bust  RT  March 7, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm EST

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they put themselves on the lawn and beget accept the reject. so when you want to be president or injury. or something i want to be. insecure like to be for us this is what before three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the water as in the. first sip. hey everybody i'm stephen barbee. hollywood guy you expect every proud american first of all i'm just. an r.v. . this is my buddy max famous financial guru well she's a little bit different. when. there was no doubt with all the drama happening in our country and the brood have fun every day americans. hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american.
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and we're going underground as u.k. prime minister to raise them a opens a door to the crown prince of saudi arabia a man who has escalated bombing in yemen where billions of pounds of british arms have helped create what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis coming up on the show was it david cameron's war in libya that did it for establishment apologies in italy we investigate the prospects for quickly following breck said with silvio berlusconi's two time foreign minister franco frattini and a hard boiled it on the middle of the irish sea we speak to shin fein and to the
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u.p.a. following their meetings with michel body in brussels this week after tourism a double down on britain's exit from the e.u. customs union all the civil coming up in today's going on the ground but first to rex it poses a headache for brussels the neoliberal e.u. project now faces more arguable chaos after sunday's italian elections the country with the highest government debt ratio in the e.u. with youth unemployment. standing at thirty two percent arguably responded to statements from selvi news right wing northern league about migration he's warned of a social war leading to crime even though crime figures in italy down except hate crimes like one last month are up ten fold heavy police presence in the central italian town of mustard arthur where earlier on saturday a man opened fire on foreigners winning six people fear in italy it appears during sunday's election thought to remember that without migrants wherever they come from italy will face a shortfall in its labor market given
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a plummeting birth rate for now it is a matter of how anti e.u. and anti near liberal any coalition government in italy might be joining me now from the italian embassy in monte carlo is twice italian foreign minister in silvio berlusconi's cabinets and a former european commissioner for justice freedom and security franco frattini franco frattini welcome back to going underground so a disaster for for there talia no it is not a job that will be able to shine your way as usual we did still in even wars circumstances i'm quite optimistic because we are in a wiser. president. who is a statesman he will be able to manage if some difficult situations ok there's going to be a lot of dealing going on between the parties but you don't think that the members of fours or at earlier including silvio berlusconi have to rethink their strategy
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as regards their pro european union stance given italy's reject. well it is absolutely true those who womb the italian elections do they want to rediscuss the our european policies and european and italian position visit the euro this is absolutely true goes a war not people for the norden me if i start that being even a book a team for italy it getting out from you are sol i don't think it will happen neither. nor militant league will be proposing in case all their ruling a county like italy to get out a problem europe is all but nevertheless argue like force. probably.
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take note and to understand it is kind of bureaucratic euro dictating routes now listen to the people and so on and so forth we need their european rebelution we need to share and and we negotiate even some basic bit of the us of european union to do this kind of political response and it you know the british electorate thought of that and then rejected that idea as ever even being attainable i know we are in the middle of a difficult move in europe the still cold front good german axis. grex it negotiations and now italian election ah what can pull it dishes will have to take into full account a lot million seven million saw. voters decided to
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stop to discuss. let's change let's have you row more prone. active on growth and jobs rather than simple simply procedures and dictate the rules and blocking everything would you blame brussels for the huge support of the former fascist or leader of the earth will be known as the northern league. well i wouldn't define northern league at the fastest northern league arche used to be a member of the government under berlusconi government i was in the same governmental people coming from the orderly there were good ministers and frankly speaking these is the result of the many mistakes made by europe europe has been making mistakes there while in the middle of the cries is it trying to can teen
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year two in polls is simple oh stereotype rules instead of moving to the rules to see a development and to see finding a new way to create good jobs and do you think the libya war had an effect in the sense that immigration seems to be such an issue and of course the libya was called the core component which african refugees they were all that out through libya. well i did already another crisis during the phil cole our springs italian pulled into sense and italian government worse than most reluctant to engage on to do war against gadhafi regime because i did time prime minister berlusconi used to ask a very simple question what next what next do you war there was no answer
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there was america and gauging the sarkozy deciding to go i had anyway to boming benghazi and of course the older partners for loyalty where we wear a blue eyes to goal i had but it was not a war was the pasta war the origin not the migration crises with left libya and the whole we're left to libya to its destiny and our european partners left it to me as a whole and with bill sort of guy ritchie with no cooperation and of course when our d'italia get da facing a real invasion of towels and so how's uncertain talos and so migrants that pop maly economic migrants all refute it in mind or are we to
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g.'s the large majority it cannot make migrants we cannot accept people by elating all d'italia ruth committing crimes this is it leading to a reaction crime is not sure i was actually down in italy though. yes but if the perception is not crime is down if you look at statistics but look at the perception look at the ceiling people are threat to go out of the houses and all in all we're not out or during the now why because they feel to be under threat and you can put under the eyes statistics on crime decline and get get and get him down and die there would be not at all first you wait it is the reality you think anyone from brussels will meet with the big party
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leaders in office say six billion dollars that they offered to turkey regarding migration. no because italy as i said that's been left and old i criticize how the leap frog big bear a beginning date agreement between you and your keep putting billions of euros in the hands of their dole and while allowing their door to go had with the repression and i would say it destroying in number of fundamental rights in his country these was a serious mistake in the meantime you would remember when you were met and they decided that you wrote africa instructed g. they put on big table few hundreds well millions kobe at four dollars you are comparing it to billions of europe only man's dollar it gives the
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idea of and balance and easy sell their perception italians and this is the day they pay the price it during the elections you mention the franco german axis macro is electorally arguably in trouble merkel has put some coalition together isn't it it's really fighting against the e.u. in a better position to talk to donald trump now that we seem to be having the beginnings of a full scale trade war trade tariff war. very much will depend on who'll be in the next government of be chilly but anyway my personal opinion is whoever would be the prime minister or to foreign minister dairies a room full eternally to be listened to from the other member states of europe by a raising their voice by putting on the table some other install problems. that dot
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like it's you fish and see all the different good german axis through europe and need for change need for change i would include a good old reflection on how to remake bush ate some of the dealers of the economic foundations like european common it cannot make space it's not possible to have an european central band that doesn't give us the ability to act like the american central bank or a national central bank these is a gag that we have to feel as soon as possible talking of american steve bannon donald trump's a presidential election must the mind is already in rome do you think you'll be meeting with the silvio berlusconi he's called a five star leg
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a coalition of the ultimate dream. well i think we have to take into consideration those who voted for five stars dolt who voted for norden we can be concede or it wouldn't bracket the forgotten people but i'd love the history of the american vote for tran doled out found to have been forgotten from the elete from the oath or e.t.s. from institution they decided to vote even told they don't know what would be the real strategy or firestar to a country like italy by men or lest they vote and we have to respect those millions of voters and just finally do you think silvio berlusconi understands that when he
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perhaps starts to talk to these but he leaves his. oh well. easy challenge and it smart enough to understand you will understand you will understand old. chair well so. we didn't need quality tional same to write and now we're like i'm not arguing mr stoller any easy and delete we deem second to write. franco frattini thank you thank you very much thank you after the break thirty years ago this week the gibraltar three was shot dead by u.k. special forces we should fade m.p. who took over gerry adams seat if teresa mayes brecht's it could again good lives in danger and v.d.u. peace spokesperson for human rights if he supports an amnesty for ira volunteers all the more coming up in part two of going underground.
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both the united states and russia have announced their nuclear weapons posture both countries are entering a new age of war the age of hypersonic weapons are we now in the new arms race. your concept that. something is good in course all but for barcelona. but for for crimea.


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