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one of the big island of bricks that britain well i think you. know i think i think it's on its way already basically and everyone knew so the chinese economy is huge and is going to be a major major potential market for a single stupid. i think everyone will be extremely pleased that the reason the government's going to go to its. marketing interesting u.k. product thank you after the break we asked former your advisor in kabul. if the recent spate of his cities in the afghan capital. trumps. us. unfortunately was the council in britain creating a benchmark for hiding the whole mess the grammy's all dumped. on the gold of new zealand told us it will go through i'm going underground.
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the currency market itself is still on track to eclipse the global banking. which is what we need what we want. it's a bank that's the primary use of. eighteen years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with the. bad guy trying to get to my family members he would have better a lot better and i think they are and hearty when i buy my baby this is my book was published in the year two thousand called inhofe a million. americans have been killed by firearms in the u.s.
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we had a thought to me as i did this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was interesting to see who actually got here. and i decided to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photographed those years ago i don't know that but we were not for a. kentucky . boy you could walk down the street. a co money since he was almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal miners the said. and it was a laugh to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes.
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i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened. welcome back to go through some of the stories now is the broadcaster of a liberal democrat member of parliament then bit o. pick i'm going to have guts i had to run out during the break to get a haircut anyway i think of dollar drops or b.s. morgans or whatever state of the union address very impressed it was typical donald trump everybody anyone who loves them both think it was great people who don't like him can you see poke holes in it you could see him really trying to be a statesman was poetic maybe is the one about the midwest. and i can give you examples but you probably don't want to one thing is certain he showed great failures of leaders. ship in firing the deputy director of the f.b.i.
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when he fired james komi given that he knew because he's been tweeting about it that mccabe's wife received maybe seven hundred k. from hillary clinton let's look at the headline here from a.b.c. f.b.i. deputy director under mccain's departure a case of curious timing don't make assumptions here it's not definite that he's been pushed out he's been bullied i think everyone knows there is a move from office was well one thousand days early from his retirement it does look that way but it's not definite as you say you don't think he should have been removed for his political affiliations it is a bit curious and i think we wouldn't really accept it in the united kingdom if somebody in his position had a wife who was trying to get only seven hundred thousand dollars we have because it is not even the money it's not even the money it's such a clear association with a political party because she was standing as a democrat i don't believe in a separation of judiciary and legislature and the executive in the united feel an example of any just as we live in britain where it's all tourism a dozen we have here say the example of any f.b.i.
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has another close relationship good or bad with the american president you can't hoover great or whatever that gets the f.b.i. involved with the cia definitely in the ten u.s. air bases up and down the country here in britain now we can find out about the secret ones here in britain if you have it it's a beautiful thing that's the guardian reports fitness tracking up straw because the way location of secret u.s. army bases the law of unintended consequences now there are trillions of records in this struggle running fitness i don't use it i don't need to my body is already my temple but so i see what other fitness applications are available but maybe not for this if you want to know where the u.s. army bases are in order to do is look at why because there are repeated cycles in places like afghanistan and and syria those places indicate that army personnel and it's mainly foreign. personnel who use this up are running in repeated cycles it's
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better than that if you look at it in detail you can even see the layout of the secret bases because of the way they move around there now is a bit about how mistaken spirity the air is this is a good one for conspiracy theories showing how incompetent the largest military force on earth is or the other hand they deliberately want to delete them because they actually put their faces somewhere else you're a conspiracy theorist about conspiracy theories whatever the case the us military obviously has been killing more so under obama than from thousands of people using drones women dying because of drones it was great to see women casualties of us was brought up at the grammys on sunday night well let's actually know they were there no they brought up at all more about sexual things go to billboard be the bit ironic there are billboard reports what really happened grammys organizers address the representation of women lords live now lord isn't a day or t. lord is a famous new zealand singer and she was the only female in her category to be
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nominated because the men were better so we're going to get a lot of letters about that this is not the real story here is it lord unlike some of the other people who actually won i think cancelled her concert in tel aviv as part of the seemingly as part of the media's movement do you think hopelessly pro israel grammys would ever countenance hearing the lord your being a conspiracy theorist i wouldn't say the evidence is necessarily there for that it's like two stories in one here you are right she has cancelled performances and it's obvious that she's done it due to pressure with. groups but to conflate the two maybe it's true but then why are ninety one percent of the not ok it's just. friendly male and not that so there are two questions you heard only the lyrics of these rap songs by kendrick lamar and you're obviously much more bruno mars and.
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looking at my comics i can actually see. actually on this show but he certainly has an interesting view of women anyway spain is obviously still imprisoning its elected politicians typical your good g.d.p. figures though and philip hammond always says how brilliant the economy is going regardless of all those bricks and not since some people refuse to take part in the brilliant british economy but one council tory council has a solution that's a big stretch of a link there are some but we got there in the end there's one parks or squat box i think that's all. right tory council solution the town center rough sleepers this is really a no dutiful idea they don't like the fact that rough sleepers the homeless are sleeping on park benches so what do they do numbers of room of risen exponentially under tourism may not exponentially is technically wrong but it is at a record low growing at least i know you're getting close what they've done is instead of having a straight bench you can lie on the putting something into
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a little piece of metal so it's hard to sleep electrified not yet but i think you could probably sneak in behind it could stop you from falling off the bench so it might not be completely effective but what a wonderful thing to do to stop the run a civilized country well this way they can hide the homeless from the gentle eyes or of the local population i think is probably not the simplest solution either because frankly jeremy corwin's it found find a position for them that's a crazy idea that was so much more expensive than doing this though there were a big thank you. well for the first time in the longest war in u.s. history arguably also british history the pentagon has restricted data on the taliban's presence in afghanistan while donald trump u. turns in favor of u.s. deep state trooper escalation and drone attacks on a country where near daily terror attacks killed and injured civilians in hospitals hotels and charities should nato be looking to china for peace in afghanistan joining me now is dr lucy morgan. she was
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a political advisor to the ambassador in kabul during her seven years in afghanistan she worked for the international crisis group and the u.n. in kandahar during the taliban rule she's also the author of the afghan solution the inside story of dual hog the cia and how western who risked lost afghanistan is he thanks so much for going back on the show in person so. former president of afghanistan actually told this show that he was convinced of u.s. government collusion the de facto collusion with the u.s. military helicopters in jalalabad and islam is isis day is the u.s. or u.k. now implicated in the present spate of carnage this is what former u.s. intelligence agents philip giraldi and robert david steele are saying they're saying the u.s. is actually armed trained and financed isis and i've heard similar similar stories from jalalabad about that the u.s. is now to put in operation phoenix which is what they were doing in vietnam which is sort of kill lists and going into villages and and killing killing large groups of people and one of my interlocutors in jalalabad said well it's very clear where
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the bases are taliban bases they have flags flying above them why doesn't the u.s. just go in and take out the bases and instead they're going in and taking out villages who have got nothing to do with this so it's quite bizarre what's going on bizarre or or or something else i mean donald trump some would say and he's been giving is a state of the union about twenty four hours partly elected because he was going to signal a change in policy away from the hillary clinton's and barack obama's a halt and then the u. turns and decides what do you think of the sudden you turn on afghanistan by many in his campaign he was always quite close to the military and fairly skeptical about the intelligence side of things so it wasn't very surprising when last september he announced that he was going to subcontract more power to the military to oversee operations without oversight from washington and he was essentially going to. we increased troop numbers under him of course we've had this mother of
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all bombs that was set off last april in our in the east of afghanistan as well so it seems as though that yes much less control of course in these mass casualty events in which sort of iraq style horrific events with hundreds of people being killed and that calls into question. what's going on you know we were told this was a war about democracy and women's rights and to get rid of the taliban because they were responsible for nine eleven but i think dr abdullah called this a state sponsored event always is there's a state intelligence agency involved in the latest bomb attack in kabul which she also called a walking lines pakistan well does he mean pakistan does he mean saudi arabia i mean some some of these former u.s. cia chaps are saying actually this is this is israeli and saudi sponsored terrorism funded by the united states so the question is is this really about the taliban or
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is this about something much larger and more geo strategic because it's going to be really difficult to get evidence for any of those three governments but then we have donald trump saying we will not negotiate with the taliban the war with the taliban will be won on the battlefield as someone who lived. around the taliban for years what do you make of daughter i'm saying that i think it's a huge distraction and really the taliban i mean how much space to they control essentially i think what's going on in afghanistan is a huge looting exercise by nato it's all about the deep state it's all about off the books revenue is about the drugs trade it's about rare earths which apparently very good the tech industry in california and lithium apparently it's all about strategic control in the region and you've got china with with the news going to sit back because i mean people have been saying that there's been visibly more evidence of. these investment how long is she didn't bring enough that resumes over
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there right there how are they going to just sit back and watch all their investments go up in flames well i think you know you have to also see who is benefiting from these mass casualty event i mean essentially what it means is that cobbles going to be emptied of westerners there's not going to be anyone there to to witness what is on folding in afghanistan it's also going to mean very difficult for afghanistan to integrate into this new silk road project and the idea that economic development can bring peace so really i think when asked we have to see it differently and try to see who is benefiting also the military industrial complex of course benefiting this idea that we go in there to train the afghan army and then sell weapons to them at the same time. we need to start looking at this in a very different way rather than the sort of manichean black and white taliban and democracy and women's rights angle amidst all of this it is to be expected that the congressionally mandated information from the u.s. special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction should suddenly stop for
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the first time withholding information about what is going on in afghanistan the u.s. public cigar is quite quite bizarre i mean they they have been the only sort of element of oversight that we're getting on the the impute amount of money that's been spent on infrastructure projects that never seem to appear so it's very bizarre that the americans are classifying this information and classified information on. so-called taliban takeover of provinces and police killed an american soldiers killed but of course already there are so many private contractors involved now that we don't have that information anyway on who has been killed or who's been injured of foreign troops and of course the afghans very little information about about who is dying and who's on a kill list and who's really a terrorist and who's a civilian it's all getting increasingly murky for you as i was i said i was going to return to the drug question i'm going off the back of what you just said anything like cointelpro but what is the effect for hair. and distribution on e.u.
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streets on british streets of the new us policy of the new new old us pretty well i mean i've just spent three years living in new york and apparently the effect of all of this is huge in new england and yet it's not being reported by the mainstream media i was driving through vermont talked to kind of the year ago and the local newspaper was talking about the problem in the village with a number of syringes on the main street but you don't see this in the mainstream media as being a huge problem young americans and people here dying over the years from the use of opiates and huge problems with that if you will get added thank you that's it for the show will be back up so they just reviewed today's u.k. prime minister's questions it isn't resume though with the dispatch book because he's in china and you know what you gave the media might have expected everyplace but they have been taken we small boris johnson you can keep in contact with us by social media we'll see you on saturday eighty eight years to the day of the founding of the vietnamese communist party of british called.
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the released a memo moment is upon us republicans are billing it as some kind of silver bullet revealing political corruption at the highest levels of the department of justice and f.b.i. the democrats on the other hand and their supporters in the liberal media call it a distraction finally the public will decide. the best out of. the deal the concept is paying to perform i have actually prepared myself to. say trust me. as most of. you. in the home staff sergeant. narr.
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this continent was. he had a good seven sanctioned. so we'll see if you think. what. was it he could with us the. yes camp deep machine. education thing. twenty b s k. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies who he made to me to people this is what simple song alone even some company gets from elsewhere so they invite private companies to take over the utilities anybody tell us they're all. allowed so miss you guys forgot to buy them the going to be. my band this is us because i'm out. for you
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man but the left bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more than water it's about the hurt and the redistribution of our west us. debt downwards we want our water. supply for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the beach with a funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill you know new spend spend be true to the twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else going to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so will transfer.
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each morning. the b.b.c. is accused of bias as the u.k.'s house of lords questions the corporation's bragg's it coverage following the release of a damning report. donald trump is caught saying he'll definitely release the contents of a controversial classified memo alleging abuse of surveillance powers by the f.b.i. . early. on in. israel is to suit two new zealanders who allegedly convinced the pop star lord to cancel hotel of these plans said.
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a very warm welcome to you watching r.t. international with me nicky aaron good to have you with us this hour. the b.b.c. has been accused of bias in its brics it coverage with the majority of its guests said to hold a pro e.u. stance as according to several recent reports which have prompted anger in britain's house of lords. frankly is a pretty p.c. has become the supporter over for organizing. for your duty of the bricks through mr to the dude who said to me recently that his job in brussels this movie even more difficult is every time he makes a small advance for his problems of mind for the b.b.c. get to actually in order because you do a duty of impartiality. the report was by an organization called civet us and they amusingly called it the brussels broadcasting corporation and they found that over
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a long time period ten years up to two thousand and fifteen out of more than four thousand guests who were asked to speak about the european union just a tiny fraction of one hundred thirty two of them were in favor of this but today's report is from the institute of economic affairs and it allies two of the b.b.c.'s key panel political shows if you like so question time and any questions and they found that out of six hundred panelists who were invited over the last eighteen months two thirds of them supported remaining in the european union with just a third of them supporting breck's it and not only that but if you recategorized the people who did support remaining in the european union but are now implementing breck's it inside the government you'd still have a sixty forty split against brics it has a little bit of what they're talking about you cannot leave free access to
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a market of five hundred million people without making yourself poorer than you otherwise would be actually one of the immigrants that is no longer welcome ham polish before twenty three years now they've been discriminated until breaks it came about. i've got some other quotations that i was saying in spite of bricks or you just have to listen to the news on it as a generalization. if you want to surf think anyone who's listening to the news really recently has heard the unsponsored the terminology your audience the b.b.c. has sent us a statement responding to this latest i.e. a report it said that these programs are not single issue programs and also that it doesn't just invite politicians it invites commentators and leading figures from across the life of spectrum in this country it also says the b.b.c. is no longer reporting on this binary choice leave or remain which the electorate faced in the referendum they're now giving the public the opportunity to hold
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politicians to account over the way that implementing bracks it we've also contacted several unions and other organizations that represent journalists and we will bring you their response when we get it. the editorial guidelines of the corporation however say it must be inclusive and reflect a diversity of opinions let's discuss the issue now with our guest let's just live to you kate m.e.p. rain fence good to have you on the program again mr finch so what do you think has the b.b.c. been acting in n n one hundred diction to its official guidelines which state there must be a diversity and impartiality of opinion. of course it does civets us is only said what we've been saying for years of being told in a include no no she said the brussels broadcasting corporation for many many years the fact is the b.b.c. is institutionally biased and therefore we must look whether we can maintain its charter because it's not doing well if it sets up today the b.b.c. is pro e.u.
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always has been always will be it needs to change now or we need to get rid of it. as a full thousand guests in ten years only one hundred thirty two have been in favor of greg said so those figures surprise you. no no i'm surprised well frankly if there is any surprise that there's been a hundred thirty two in favor because you know well every time your head the b.b.c. to any time about bricks it's it's always even now it's putting it down it's saying what could be the possible negative consequences no one says it don't a program on the possible opportunities of breakfast and nothing is everything you need to know about the institutional mindset the b.b.c. is the british establishment and that's who the british people and you keep fighting against if it is the case that britain's flagship broadcaster is so in
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support of the e.u. and its policies why is that. why is it because it's the establishment establishment those welcher outs of the e.u. it's the ordinary people in britain the old new. the hardware can people who've suffered who will continue to suffer the past few are sick people you know you know what one thing that really makes me laugh is the b.b.c. has been attacking the left wing media has been attacking. and the russian government's. interfering with what it said was the british a process this is inspection process this is interfering with the actual process this is interfering with the right to know the truth the b.b.c. we all have to pay for the b.b.c. it should represents what the british people believe instead to which it's force feeding those. establishments pro-u. propaganda and more stop now so what do you think ray are we likely to see any
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consequences for the b.b.c. following these claims. it's not likely is it you know series from asia remain all of very chilly all of the cabinets would actually remain as they are the ones who are in charge if it were pounds to me then i would seriously look at whether the b.b.c. should be revoked because it's not doing well it's paid to do by the british people i sense you keep n.e.p. thank you for your thoughts on vale of fake news. thank you nicky. why don't trump has been caught on a hot mike saying he'll release the controversial classified memo allegedly detailing abuse of surveillance powers by the f.b.i. and happened of the president was leaving the chamber after his state of the union address he was asked by republican lawmaker jeff duncan to release them. early.
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it's claims the document reveals the f.b.i. as abuse of the foreign intelligence surveillance act particularly with regards to claims found in the infamous trunk dossier if confirmed it could damage the reputation of the agency and the ongoing investigation into trump's alleged links to russia the memo was drafted by the chairman of the u.s. house intelligence committee with senators voting on monday to make it public some of the committee members who read it called it absolutely shocking and worse than watergate president trump has told friday to decide whether to release it. the reaction to trump's first state of the union address was mixed from standing ovations to who in the mirror can who's following the speech. arguably one of the most important announcements of the night keeping guantanamo bay open in the past we have foolishly released hundreds and hundreds of dangerous terrorists. only to
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meet them again on the battlefield including the isis leader al baghdadi who we captured who we had who we released. so today i'm keeping another promise i just signed prior to walking in an order directing secretary mabus to reexamine our military detention policy and to keep open the detention facilities in guantanamo bay. so he's going back on obama's policy but on foreign policy there was plenty of american exceptionalism mixed with platitudes and cliche's he introduced the subject by naming every so-called threat to the u.s. but in general it was all pretty vague he didn't go into detail explaining how he would accomplish any of these goals but beyond that trump took credit for eliminating isis and he seemed to have hinted at continued military presence in the
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region saying quote we will continue our fight until isis has defeated he ended it with north korea calling it the worst of all dictatorships warning that their pursuit of nuclear weapons could very soon threaten our homeland even though d p r k has never attacked another country before north korea's reckless pursuit of nuclear missiles could very soon threaten our homeland past experience has taught us that complacency and concessions only invite aggression and provocation i will not repeat the mistakes of past administrations that got us into this very dangerous position while russia and china have been trying to reduce tensions between the u.s. and north korea and they even called on the u.s. to not provoke them anymore but somehow they were designated as threats and from speech around the world we face rogue regimes.


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