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tv   Boom Bust  RT  January 27, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EST

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so you're trying to advance i think we're going to this is going to last a long time the. a moment ago you gave us as a former white house hand some advice you would give the president for his speech what would you suggest mr trump not say or do on tuesday night. i would be humble i would recommend humility and discipline and he's going to win because the expectations are low because of the national media the media has been so it's just really the holiday i mean here's billions of dollars that was behind his political opponent two hundred forty nine newspapers indorsed are only nineteen endorsed him the largest super pac in all of history and they spent every dime of it sure he didn't have super pacs and yet they say two hundred thousand dollars in facebook ads from the russians through the election. brilliant dollars from disney and time warner and viacom couldn't win the election so.
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i think he if he's understated he wins he has a gift for attracting our attention the opposing party his response does not seem to kenya even remember one that really mattered. in opposing yeah you know the after speech from the opposing party you know the democratic response in this year's case you know has never really started late and i think sometimes by their choice they they've had their moments and there was one occasion where it was cuomo or someone who set themselves up as a front runner the speech so it can be a moment depending on who who selected what they do with a thank you presidential historian doug weed. coming up at the one year mark in his presidency what is the state of trump enter the no hollering
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zone with our political panel next i'm hala cook this is the big picture on our t.v. america. that's right the stand. alone white house. i know that i know rather than i think there are rather across the aisle for the kids that are. only on that combative. kick and. i don't
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think. that. you know that makes them. it's whole place choice is a government pay on time interior has said is. true she ought to give a. mile farther than africa will fuck around mr hates it for jim and then lawyer i hope that our freddie macor. yes i was but the police are couple but you. can't remove the last election i believe will move forward so will most of the
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young thing we will all soon but you know one of the things going up in little bush is that so. many apparently from time. to move into the middle of the scouts move to the bluecoats believe you know it will be. easy to show the reason you look staged. you will know that you know little. of the procedure to the english do you can you get other cronies up on you the mob boss may be getting us all yelling my suspicion of us they. were told the secret society existed within the f.b.i. with the sole intent to undermine kennedy and then later president donald trump also were told the f.b.i. lost text messages from members of this secret society which russia gave rapidly losing steam do we now have f.b.i. get.
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as he begins the second year of his improbable presidency donald trump is about to deliver his first state of the union address so it's a logical time for stocktaking about the state of trump not his mental state that armchair psychoanalysis that his manner and his statements and michael wolf's book fire and fury invite let's stick to the issues joining us to read the trump scoreboard here in washington brian f.p.m. political analyst and author of green is good and from dallas conservative radio and t.v. pundit and you tell me texas dot com blogger paul de lys are gentlemen welcome day good to be here thank you oh and are you brian is the world a safer place today than it was a year ago now the world
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a dangerous place it's always been a dangerous place and it is not necessarily as a world itself more dangerous because of what who's president who's not president. as in the geopolitics of it the danger quite frankly is in the tweet so we have to really be careful about the tweets you read my mind because paul here in the usa we tend to be amused by what donald trump tweets but how do these messages from our head of state translate to other languages and other cultures it's a less presidential tone than george w. bush and barack obama projected are you a trump supporter ok with these tweets and the billy bush video and trump calling a football player an s.o.b. and that word that rhymes with spit all. well oftentimes i'm not ok with it but if you compare the the results. the very learned statesman got over the past twenty years to the results that we're getting now how is the world
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any safer or how is it in any less dangerous because barack obama was very measured in what he said the fact is north korea became a bigger problem during his eight years and the rest of your question how is donald trump perceived and how does it translate i won't try to tell you how donald trump's english translates into korean but i do think that. kim thinks he's dealing with a tough guy there and calculates accordingly and i don't think that's a bad thing. but even without a translation brian to resell may in the u.k. is put off by some of the staff no i agree and i mean kind of this part of it that kind of likes it you know don't make an omelet you gotta break some eggs and i write and i love when i think that's where the president comes from i kind of like and i kind of with him on some of that but why do we go after our friends why don't we kind of bring our friends closer because it is
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a dangerous world so we have germany mad at us we have london england mad at us we have mexico mad at us you know when. george bush came in prayer into office the first guest the first foreign leader he had was been sent a fox the president of mexico right. quite frankly we're in a fight with mexico now and i don't think we need to do that and so why don't we just kind of bring our allies closer because it is a dangerous world because we should actually be able to break some eggs to make some omelets state of trump the economy paul you own radio stations so you make your living selling advertising to local retailers you got a feel for the street what is their frame of mind now versus a couple of years ago somebody flipped a switch the for the state of mind is so much better than it was this time a year ago i'm mike. company itself is up double digits my advertisers are
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saying their business is up double digits their general state of mind and demeanor in the corners of their mouths going up instead of down the state of the economy is dramatically different than it was this time a year ago obviously did a big psychological component we're projecting g.d.p. of still to point something for the coming year so you're saying that there's more mojo out there you know ok that's you i don't know what you're reading i'm reading forecast from respected economists that saying four percent growth in two thousand and eighteen is not only possible but becoming increasingly likely though i believe that we've had two quarters in a row now of three percent and the of the president of the atlanta fed says the fourth quarter is likely to come in at four four percent of two thousand and seventeen well although i think yeah i think the economy is doing well both would rise with the tide brian the dow is through the roof to the numbers lie what's wrong with this picture is pretty exciting i mean you know we've had incredible
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growth really through all the obama years and now through their first year the term presidency and it is pretty exciting. i come from really the i'm a deficit hawk myself so i would say that the caution we should have is really the deficits on her on the horizon and historically we've always had republicans who are the ones worrying about that but we do know and we know for a fact that deficits do matter deficits really do slow an economy they will tank this economy at some point we need to be really watch that and we just passed a tax bill too and just just at thanksgiving at this point thanksgiving that basically has a real prospect danger of hurting our economy one point five trillion dollars twelve zeros after the fact by the way that our democratic president bill clinton actually balanced the budget added zero deficit and had a surplus so you know these are kind of these are concerned i don't want to kind of rain on the parade because it's kind of cool i love seeing a good economy expression he after that lousy. crash we had at the end of the bush presidency a state of trump regulation paul the president wants to eliminate two regulations
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for every new one this was a big applause line on the campaign trail and you yourself got credit much too late for sounding a warning shot about clinton era deregulation in broadcasting way back when how that work out well if you want to know if you want to push me into the corner of saying that all regulations are bad i'm not going to go there you need proper sane regulation but we had an explosion of regulation under the obama presidency three thousand sixty nine economically significant rules and regulations put into place the combined weight of which was crushing businesses large and small but most especially small and trump promised to out for everyone in he has more than delivered he has a limited sixty six economically significant regulations and enacted only three
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so he's more than delivered on on what he promised and again the psychology of that is enormously powerful as is the practical effect. bryan like paul i am a lifelong broadcaster and i am dismayed by a federal communications commission that is oh so friendly to big national corporate broadcast companies f.c.c. chairman led the charge against net neutrality and the liberalized cross ownership of broadcast stations and newspapers seemingly to enable the mega merger of right wing sinclair broadcasting and tribune company these particular issues hit home for me where else do you see regulation run amuck. yes me i detail i'd say this as you know. there is a frustration that there are too many regulations kind of probably everywhere and on both sides of the aisle i think they have too many here got too many there they
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come down to ideology and i think we've seen kind of some funny ideology just of we can have a go the president says ok we can now drill for oil anywhere on the coast of the united states anywhere and you have all these republican governors and congressmen saying wait a minute not in my state you can't write a congressman mark sanford from charleston south carolina where the most conservative republicans in the house of representatives says absolutely not i mean it's unbelievable so we kind of have this really kind of weird thing where you have an e.p.a. saying oh now we've got to be able to drill for oil because that's what republicans like to do and then every pub and saying look we don't drill for oil. so just but i think we can have a reasonable conversation about this stuff and i think the opportunity is actually fast approaching where people want to have people feel good now it's a basically paul and brian in that order you got a minute each before run out of time picture a well catered conference room at the white house where a team of speechwriters are scribbling on legal pads drafting the state of the
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union address president trump will deliver on january thirty and you have a seat at that table what would you suggest the president include in his speech and what would you urge him not to say a minute each paul and then brian. i brought my notes here they are you talk about the dow has gained forty percent in a year creating trillions of dollars of wealth g.d.p. growth by three percent the past two quarters looking at four going ahead unemployment at four percent black unemployment at the lowest recorded level manufacturing jobs returning to the united states companies raising their minimum starting wage and passing out bonuses and putting money into capital investments isis been pushed into the core sensually robbed of all territory it wants to add saudi arabia coming to the table trying to actually improve the middle east the us becoming energy independent those are the things i would talk about if i were
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president giving the state of the union because they are all good thing but what don't you want i'm not going to he's not going to get that credit in the media he's going to have to say it so don't and don't say what if you're devising the president ok and well you know don't you don't say russia. just don't good point bryan. speechwriters paul hit on all the do's i mean you're going to go to go to your strengths go to the economy go and say yes and do it with me in a good way what he really shouldn't do is keep saying me me me me me. and he can talk about hillary clinton and his amazing elections he's got to just kind of talk about what the positives he has done i would love him to actually do a complete reset he won't do it but i'd love it to be a reset opportunity to say you know what i know it's been a tough year but i am now going to be the president for everybody not just for the base that elected me but for the entire american people in the global economy in
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the global and in the world and the world at large let your heart talk and you think he well now. i think that thank you brian keane and paul de lys or thank you. and here's a d.v.r. alert c.b.s. is bringing back murphy brown twenty years later dan quayle is himself again or donald trump this time thank the president for this comeback and for the return of will and grace on n.b.c. and ellen's ratings hit the game of games like disco music during the iran hostage crisis it's sheer escapism and now it's time for me to escape but come on back for the big picture again at seven and ten thirty pm next week here on our t.v. when we will meet ponce puerto rico mayor maria melendez undaunted by the work that remains there there are people without energy there is the people was of water
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and we are coming here to washington to speak loud and said many things we are american citizens. if you missed any part of this week's show or if you want to share it you can where you'll find all our shows at the big picture it's you tube dot com slash the big picture our t. watch any time anywhere on any device and i am at holland cook on twitter and remember i deal if you follow me i'll follow you question more.
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if i were a palestinian i would seek to have myself and all of my friends and my family of leaders at the local level of the national level be arrested by israel what you need to do is hold a mirror up to the israeli people and say this is what you're creating this is the reality on the ground we're not using violence we will not cooperate with the occupation anymore i plead with the public opinions we do turn a nonviolent struggle because if you use violence you will never get the support of the israelis for the world. we're told a secret society existed within the f.b.i. with the sole intent to undermine candidates and then later president donald trump also we're told the f.b.i. last text messages from members of this secret society which russia gave rapidly losing steam we now have f.b.i. kate. good politicians do something to. put
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themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury or somehow want to preserve. it's a right to be press that's what before three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of my. first sip. i how. this. has already gathered regardless of how huge.
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the don't like shell see if born bush knew mr prothero. is did you go there is diligence the list of briscoe i. mean as old as your initial saying a. you didn't go. there was just sixteen months bottles and you all servicing old. timers are still on the. bushel mushers you skewer. sure she's calls on the local mission already. why do you believe it was the whites. which is that you all don't come on the other in the you know. in the wall c.b.s.
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. sports you in the. middle of. the media on the loose. it would be if they. knew what was the. real. question you just did a host you. know more and. more your yes which will suit your period was a new. world order more than.
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just. but you could. suddenly see it. was you know up on that i wish there was. a person immune from my career sure he's. moreover. through course the briefs nancy you would you choose the. truth. movement's congress last month you'll see this in my own eyes you see i'm.
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just appalled hoelterhoff history. sums. this impulse from when i was torched it feels miles under. sixty. one the way we did all the. beliefs the most are going to. social emotional no question what comes of it and of course the allies are working on it with. their store with a you know you try this but i'm kind of one of them for the miami for the next process of the whole thing if you. can also watch it on these you know it's you know used hopeful for a lot of technical stuff in those in the west indies who are. always you. and i assume that we're. still but also what it's more is not.
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doing you should be the one doing. is that you might settle for the salt that suggests. yes it was pretty wild card sixty miles back with abuse to me sure are. you sure you know the monocle. little bit of something that you know who wants to be. you. should. use assumes. you can. choose to quote.
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go your. record. or go read my work while i get the more star home but almost all of. this to get gravy would shorten the meaning would you and then much as commanding is a creation which is trash now. you know. nothing you as well as know what. she can even you knew you would you just don't get what it's like that to say to post. is ever present but there's still a little short of. those much all over this just in the. new couple of ideals besides the showing of muscle the city of old social status the peripherals controller for all that you still still cool one of the novels it's also one of the. source. of so much as to why it sure is and why was the matter
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what you want to. sell out when the purple was the full text or while. you were putting the filmmakers with the little girl. for. the school bus that was. the deal with. this issue or i'm just pissed off. because you are lost on rules that just goes good even if it was last you can see this is one of the by those girls it's only as good as. the book. will do my. just for the first time yeah you know more than school for young people for smokers or when you're full of the four such also sins of the ocean or the center. but you. could just glue sure that's what they'll tell you george but they go such a. circle of the women you know so was diminished there was
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a study or lost interest of joy a couple tells me was to me. which is you know when you go through stories serials would you please to learn the fall for which is today's silk will soon deal with most of my novel stories which the. people stay on as a lawyer but when you tell us they are you didn't assault the trails in my suspension of us there in. terms of course can you merit your point many of them were. right. if.
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the. tributes to. the muscle force. was amazing if. not.
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yes you are. for some i said to my friend of george. bush you. should. ask for your. immediate family. so i can check and i'll try. you for your.


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