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yes to a very large extent because if the united states was not going to our church church we wouldn't be where i would to the point where it is and turkey tried to draw good consumer friendly lies literalize that you can you should not arm and train and provide a munition to terrorists you think could be. dangerous p.k. k. terrorism terrorist organization killed because turkey regards the white peachey which is the military branch of q why did that to save the strongest political code disputed party in syria and turkey wanted united states to stop these global problems but you know it is. using several. excuses continued to lie and this is where we arrived at this point. where he's
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going to take a turkey u.s. relations to think well they remain strategic partners it seems like things are getting worse between the. actually you notice if tried to worship turns by saying that it has no military presence in an afternoon specifically but if. the first of all there may be that many people are equipped and trained. in our can also work but the american presence military presence. of will may be absent this may be understandable but if turkey continues the military operation in carriers it to limby and to the east of you afraid this then it will come across with him oh hello to allies will be fighting third country but this is
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something that is not acceptable not only in an alliance and what reaction do you anticipate on the part of iran here. you know may be silent but of course. you mean a lot is that. the interest of the corral and the masters are also converging on this particular issue or kurdish army or the kurds in the north and the. kurds asking for autonomy or federated regions and this is a ginsu wish. the most is so unclear and the must be conclusive to. do so there on that one but of course. iran has in authorizing and. for iran it is the continuation of the regime who in the most as well as turkey is interest with the most of all
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the one side and that becomes conversant in the question of army of kurds beyond that there is no convergence of interest between us this and. uncorrupt while there is continues a continued convergence of interest between iran. and the most is beyond what is happening now in our through a question of appreciate your time my guess is your case is a former turkish foreign minister. your. own troubles first year in the white house has been marked by a government wide shutdown that's after the senate refused to approve a bill to fund the government among democrats all but five of them voted against the main sticking point being trump's refusal to include protection for
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undocumented young immigrants. demand that the republican leadership do the job they are paid to do today they put politics above the national security everyone who thinks of themselves as the leader in that building is going to have to look at themselves in the mirror and ask are they really being true to the ideals of this country democrats hold our local citizens hostage over their breakfast of moms we have the divider in chief in the white house this is behavior the structure loses not legislative. this is just the latest example of how bumpy the first twelve months for the president to be correspondent kelly mopin takes a look at how trump's tenure has unfolded. when trouble is sworn in a year ago emotions were running high on all sides. ok. the us media described it as
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a pivotal moment in american history you're not having a terrible terrible dream also you're not dead and you haven't gone to hell it will be very bad americans and others will now die washington d.c. the establishment is terrified and they should be they call that the trump revolution trump promised to completely overhaul u.s. foreign and economic policy he promised a brave new world that was cheered by his supporters and dreaded by his detractors as a distro be an apocalypse so a year on where are we well with all this america first rhetoric you might have thought that would have meant less interference in other countries well that's not exactly how it played out tonight i ordered a targeted military strike. of our military and it was another successful event we have many options for venezuela including a possible military option if necessary on the home front trump promised
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a new level of protectionism against mexico and china but the usa is increasingly buying more foreign goods and producing less of its own the trade deficit with mexico is up by eleven percent the trade deficit with china is up by seven percent unemployment is low but so are wages there is record amounts of household debt in the united states right now and retail stores are closing across the country and here's one thing that didn't change between trump and previous administrations during the election trump talked about getting along better with russia and his detractors called him a kremlin puppet but now one year later things which we washington and moscow are about the same as they were before bad for their action by the. congress to put these sanctions in place from the way they do that's the decision they made that made it very overwhelming. except we may be at an all time low in terms of the relationship with russia this is built for a long period of time now trump promised to drain the swamp of corruption we are
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going to drill. washington d.c. . but it looks like that swamp is still here and deeper than ever policy stay the same our foreign policy is the same the monetary policy in the federal reserve is the same spending as the same deficits are still rising so there has not been any significant changes in the direction of our country which i had been hoping for is that he has perpetuated so many of our deeply flawed policies especially in foreign policy foreign policy is a little bit more confusing i am very pleased he's at least made an honest effort that he's reduced the amount of regulations and i think that's one of the reasons we've had an economic boost. and that is that is good and he's made an effort to reduce taxes that's war from perfect but lower taxes less regulation is good and the marketplace is reflecting that oh and don't forget about that wall we're going to build the world we have no choice we have no choice.
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yeah how's that going we have some wonderful. prototypes that have been put up now despite the president's ambitious timetable for construction it remains unclear when the wall might actually go up on the surface donald trump looks like a president like no other he's allowed brash he doesn't care about political correctness is even turned twitter into an official white house channel but if you look a little bit closer and judge him by his political actions he's a little bit more the rule than the exception. artsy new york. president he so fossils have been mauled by a string of cookie catchphrase. sound diplomatic moves which kept the world and even the media guessing what he was going to do next is our take on his tenure throughout the year.
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eleven . donald trump's oath of office means nothing this is one of the most radical it may not be royal speeches we've ever i'm not going to give you a question you say kind of you are fake do. donald trump's incoherence is all a direct result of the potential clues in russian leadership u.s. officials are growing increasingly concerned about possible russian intrusion. we've just launched fifteen. missiles heading to iraq where we had just syria.
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heading towards syria. just got back from the middle east to the saudi arabia is. going to go to a. meeting with. they
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are totally prepared for the second option totally destroy north korea is a sick puppy north korean regime is calling the president. a load of nonsense obviously he's a pretty smart cookie. he wish you a very happy. breakdown and thinking about what's going on and the love that's all over you. and all about your soul. when you coming your way after this break. you have a winner take all mentality it's a lottery mentality in america you know where are your dead and the pharmaceutical companies of course a lobbyist going to washington to change the laws of
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a possible to settle in america and nobody cares because it ever learned a lesson the wal-mart today they said let's do it again. in order to overthrow a regime it does take popular discontent and popular mobilization but it also requires actors with the leadership of the regime who feel that the regime is no longer serving the national interest you need people in the military or the bureaucracy or both who are willing to see the regime change otherwise they would be able to put down a popular revolt but did not have support at higher levels. and .
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welcome back a growing number of u.s. republican congressmen are demanding the release of a top secret intelligence document they believe it reveals political bias against donald trump in young going russia probe i had that same shock feeling i was like wait a minute this actually happened from our justice department and this f.b.i. that's how serious this is that there has been a real attempt to undermine this president that is the type of information that we need all americans to see immediately the american people deserve. they must they want to know what's in this document sadly much of the mainstream media will not be covering this today but in this house on this day let us know that indeed we are still one nation under god and willing to protect life. the content of the secret document is unknown it's the one clear also whether it will ever be released
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but based on comments made by some republicans it is thought that intelligence officials into the obama administration were politically motivated during investigations into alleged trumped russian collusion the democrats they've also reacted quickly to the memo by denouncing its contents they've called the document a profoundly misleading set of talking points as they called it they said attacks the f.b.i. and it gives a distorted view of the issue also made a special social media hash tag release the memo was trending on twitter in the u.s. late on friday and it wasn't long till russia was added into the mix and a group of researchers accused alleged kremlin linked accounts of pushing for the memos release on twitter they say the use of the hash tag increased massively over the course of a day among roughly six hundred users that they monitored independent journalist martin summers thinks russia got caught up in parties on crossfire think the russian links account seems to have appeared from nowhere the fact that there's a very partisan situation in the us where the f.b.i.
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quite likely would being used to try and undermine trump i think that's a fairly likely thing that's happened but of course both sides are now digging dirt on each other accusing each other of being russian stooges and of course the the the world at large watches this and it's becoming increasingly bizarre and ridiculous that these allegations are being flung around in the way that they are what's happening now is that the republicans are turning this russia probe on to their enemies by saying we're not sure fact it looks like the democrats have been you know playing fast and loose and are not playing by the rules both sides actually probably are cheats that's what i would suggest. the serbian president alexander who chairs arrived in kosovo and joined people laying flowers in memory of murdered kosovo serb politician all of evanovich it was and it was war and so i came here to speak about security we are angry about the killing of all of evanovich i want to ensure the security of services which organs of states will
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guarantee that we also want to monitor how the killing is investigated. over evanovich was shot dead in a drive by shooting on tuesday it happened as belgrade in kosovo of representatives had talks in brussels on normalizing relations between the two sides following the killing the serbian delegation walked out of the talks the serbian president calling the assassination a terrorist event of it was the leader of a serbian political party in kosovo called freedom democracy and truth it publicly criticized belgrade policy in kosovo it's confronted it on both these things he says the nation is supposed to frighten the serbs kosovo. the danger level is definitely increasing in cost of oil i believe he was targeted in specific to try to so terror in the hearts and minds of the serbs who have decided to stay in serbia province of costs of oil and not to give in to the threat
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of terror from albanian separatists so this is a critical event and i applaud president is moved to go to cost of all to lay a wreath and in fact i would expect that he would spend more time in the future to reassure the serbs that the serbian government is not abandoning its in the interest of some west paymasters to keep kosovo destabilized to keep the serbian authorities on the run and to keep pushing the serbs out of cars so that cost could finally become a completely separate country. ok i'll be back in half an hour's time with the day's latest news headlines. all see we have a great team we need to strengthen before the freefall world cold and your bets
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have been a legend to keep it so i took it back. in ninety ninety two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waving spirit to the r.c.c. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best fall since my last will come from that steroids were three. thousand zero zero zero zero he did it here i called russia. try strife strike left left left more left ok stuff that's really good. or.
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something did these bring bulletin for us. to be. home alone because as we say to be a community of then. to talk to you was both proselytes as if you twitted is so old he had to power that from moscow. to domine to it why he did it their way to be unsettling to communities he's moved. i am our skies are this is a guy's ready for lots of interesting things. who say hey little rocket man
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actually had a little sort of crazy thing going on there how would you describe that as the rocket man asked it i'm a little rocket may not really not working like right now my fingers look small now that doesn't get a big rocket. shot but could you doug wilder than say like robert deniro or al pacino as max kaiser doing an impression of max kaiser doing oppression of al pacino in that movie now but i will fix your hair by the way it's going to go like that let's do it we've mentioned in the past everybody knows that trump got a lot of press attention for tweeting at kim jong un as little rocket man and that was after little rocket man kim jong un had called president trump though tired and you know my feeling is that after this surprise we have prashar moment between the north and south korea their meeting and this notion that north korea might actually
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send some athletes to the winter olympics i think actually surprisingly. it may have been schoolboy like but i feel like kim jong un felt respects like he's been doing all sorts of things for the last ten fifteen years to get any attention whatsoever from the president of the united states whoever that might be and none of them have ever referred to him directly they're always referring to the north koreans are going to be in trouble or whatever and never respond to him directly so i think trump actually getting on twitter and saying hey little rocket man my buttons bigger than yours he's actually addressing him directly and thus giving him the respect he wanted all they needed it didn't matter all you needed to do it seems to get to the table was to address them directly it's a guy thing that's what i do and that's why guys talk it out he's on the athletic team for example you play sports you're in a hockey team or a basketball team was over there guys will poke at each other they'll pick fights with each other that's how you get the team going us i get the team organized as
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you develop a spread to core so by trump saying hey rocket man it's like you know george w. bush used to call it but he kept a little names and pet names and nicknames it's a form of endearment so as you point out he's talking directly to this guy this little rocket man in north korea or as obama might go through a diplomat or he might not speak to him directly to goes or channels or goes or back channels and it's all very corrupted and it's all very low. trumps right to just say a little over a year you fricken lunatic lowside a conversation album a ball spaghetti you know like you know like movies like just you like the way south park made you look like a imbecile in the movie america team america did you like that and he's like yeah kind of what's up we don't have you over the white house in fact here's a headline we didn't get to last week because we were covering these other stories in the financial news this isn't really financial news related but it will impact
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the world economy south korea's moon says trump deserves big credit for nor. korea talks south korean president and credited u.s. president donald trump on wednesday for helping to spark the first inter korean talks in more than two years and warned that plan yang's would face stronger sanction of provocations continued he gave them big credit he didn't just say credit he had to say big credit because he was of course talking to the doe tard that is donald trump so you've got a huge you're big or whatever you guys are simpletons i mean look at the soul sex scandal in hollywood because guys are basically simpletons you know they have simple needs and simple tastes and simple wants and if you run a crazy a dictatorship in north korea you're not you know tonight being trying to working out diplomatic angles in the super super you know kind of series about what you should be doing is just a guy up there are lonely regardless they do have advanced technology there they
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are as we have discussed with guests like tim schorr they do have an advanced weapons system they've built bombs they have a nuclear weapon they have i.c.b.m. they have things like that that doesn't it's not like you can't do that and not be intelligent and not have a scientific class and have a class of people who can do this so however there rest of the economy is according to many like and deep turmoil and there is. you know economic duress for most of the population but i want to turn to you know looking back at little at darts country which is here the united states is some of the more data that keeps on coming out about this opioid crisis here. because for the long term impact that this will have on the economy has to be substantial because these numbers are so shocking and i know we've covered this before but the data just keeps coming out and it's just. it's breathtaking more and more breathtaking every single time new
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data emerges the opioid crisis is driving up deaths of millennial zx in the united states. the u.s. is one of the wealthiest countries in the world is the world's center of innovation the medical science at the country can't keep their youth from dying u.s. millennialism now dying at such high rates that it is driven life expectancy in the country to decline for two years in a row the first time this has happened since the early one nine hundred sixty s. the primary cause for the trend is the opioid crisis and the actual data from the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention shows that one hundred twenty nine out of every hundred thousand twenty five to thirty four year old u.s. adults died in two thousand and sixteen not since one thousand nine hundred five at the height of the hiv aids epidemic did you see that so hundred twenty nine out of every hundred thousand. twenty five to thirty four year olds because of. north korea again you know the two countries are our pursuit they both have
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catastrophic social policies tomic weapons crazy people the dictators that run them and then they go to lympics so it's fun for all. so i'll show you a chart here the death rates among young adults in the us are skyrocketing that shows that you know they they plunged during the ninety's so i let me add my comment here this is strictly for the new york times this would be like the collapse of the soviet union in one nine hundred eighty nine thousand nine hundred ninety remember there was a catastrophic die off because of the mismanagement when the elson was put in place by america and they meddle with the election and had a die off and all the dr consumption fears america going to die off of neo liberals who go walk on our jobs this is america this is not the soviet union postal ups ok put out of your friggin fiber smokable paul krugman who remembers all their whacko nut jobs at the new york times who like to be critical of this network would never mention me by name well that's
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a good point because of course they were the new york times are still very concerned about the die off that did happen in russia post collapse of the soviet union and they are seemingly more concerned about that and what is going on here but the number the data is remarkable in twenty ten just eighteen at every one hundred thousand americans died at the age twenty five to thirty four from overdose by twenty fourteen that rate rose to about twenty three and one hundred thousand then it really took off from twenty fourteen to twenty sixteen and spiked by almost fifty percent to almost thirty five the majority of this rise can be accounted for by an increase of deaths from heroin natural in semi-synthetic non heroin opioids like oxy code down and most importantly synthetic prescription opioids by fentanyl that the death rate can spike fifty percent in the course of two years well i predict that pretty soon the mc jobs as they're called employers and the gig
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economy employers like stuff will start paying their employees in a sensible. well maybe but you know the fact that we have this fifty percent spike in any other if we saw it from here if we saw it happening in venezuela a lot of people are very very very concerned about venezuelans who some people are saying are starving to death you're starting to see some people starving to death so we are as a people we're very concerned about those people starving in venezuela i would think like you're going to be normally human societies kind organize around their own family and then their local community and then their state government and then the federal you know you know you're usually are concerned kind of like with those closest to you so like these sort of numbers if we saw them from afar we would say something weird is going on there when you saw in russia after the collapse of the soviet union you saw that it was the disintegration of the society and the economy and the and the structure of the economy and society around them that collapsed and
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they had no place suddenly here we have something going on i don't know what it is you know you mention neo liberalism but that's something that's been going on for the last twenty thirty years finally just a sign of people giving up hope but these are twenty five to thirty four year old so what you know what's going on it seems like it should occupy more of the time on m.s.n. b.c. which is supposed to be the progressive network for example so you would think like you know you would think that it would be the fox news source that would be like great this is creative destruction you need this sort of stuff m s n b c is the sort they're supposed to be that concerned about this so i would i'm just wondering why nobody mentions it is because just there to cause they can see it they can see the forest for the trees you know the expression i just learned that apparently during the night my eight on your shoes are mating. i don't know any of this was going on my way shatters mind what human doing at night what you call the thing people while they're sleeping at night and the eyelashes are made it ok now i try
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it on my eyeball and i can see so area of america you've got this millennial overdosing on you know prescription opiates from drug manufacturers that are effectively creating pharmaceutical whole cost of american l.s.d. really is america dark rooms where to start now it's meaningless because it doesn't impact our four one k. it does not going to doesn't because this company that sells these opioids is a private company it's one of the largest private companies in america pharmaceutical companies these drugs are available to europeans and to asians and to latin americans and yet somehow they're not overdosing at the same sort of level so there's something unique going on here something happened in that time period so what was that time period from two thousand and fourteen to twenty sixteen something in particular happen there and i don't know what it was but it's worth a study americans kids are seventy percent more likely to die before adulthood the kids and other rich countries the gini coefficient in france is very .


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