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from shanghai to new york paris to berlin countries around the world reflect trying different moves each remodelling its system in its own way but at what price and who profits from it. was. at the starting point of our story which begins at the end of the ninety's. at that time europe is the financial izing itself all the while expanding many intellectuals european university presidents and expert groups engage in a vast reflection on how to build a more complete more ambitious europe. how to strengthen its intellectual scientific and technological influence. what is the secret of the united states and its economic power. the answer lies in higher education and research.
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around that has become undeniably strategic. the euro thing at the end of the twentieth century american universities prevail and. europe is afraid afraid of finding itself on the sidelines it needs a strategy and so europe in gauges in a series of reforms to make its higher education more competitive so it can serve europe's economy its productivity its job market and its liberal project england will quickly set the tone before anyone else and to get straight to the point. after the second world war we had a system where local education authorities around the country were. for providing
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the graft to students and giving tuitions covering tuitions fees. and that was at a time when roughly three percent of eighteen year olds went to university around twenty thousand a year. all science students will for their first two to do again lectures on physics chemistry mathematics and biology it will also be a bottle of a science student or majored in philosophy knowledge is not a state of. a huge net one in one covering all subjects all all places. in the nineteen eighties and one nine hundred ninety s. there was a funding crisis amongst universities lots of vice chancellors complaining that they didn't have enough money to cover the amount of students are now coming through the system so the government commissioned a report and this was called a daring report and that came up with a number of recommendations almost one hundred recommendations roughly half for the
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government about how it could. maintain sustain and improve higher education in the u.k. and one of the most controversial parts of that report was the introduction of was i in one thousand nine hundred seventy the british left led by its young charismatic candidate tony blair wins the elections after eighteen long years of conservative rule. at the age of forty three the head of the labor party takes charge of the country with a program whose foundation is to apply private sector management models to public services so as to make them more efficient more productive in the higher education will be no exception. right. we need to widen access to universities get more money into universities and the best and fairest way to do it is a balance between the state and the graduate situation face became reality and nine
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hundred ninety eight and it was a key landmark in the history of higher education in the u.k. because at that moment the principle of free education free higher education in the u.k. finished. for this historic reform tony blair introduces the yearly one thousand pound tuition fee a smooth way to start five years later prompted by his second term election tony blair authorizes universities to charge tuition fees up to three thousand three hundred pounds yearly and tony blair. head of britain's labor party successfully passed a reform that the conservatives would never have dared bring forward. in two thousand and ten the labor party rallies the opposition the coalition made of liberal democrats and conservatives led by david cameron take charge of the country very rapidly the debate over jewish and fees arises on the political scene again this
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time the government intends to authorize tuition fees up to nine thousand pounds yearly all the while reducing the portion of public funding annotated to universities this new reform violently divides both members of parliament and public opinion that have been very difficult choices to make we have opted for a such of policies that provide a strong base for university funding which makes a major contribution to reducing the deficit and introducing a significantly more progressive system of graduate paper and stuff we inherited and i'm proud to put forward that magic so this. order. there is nothing a bank that tiny benefit to the lowest income graduates that justifies doubling or tripling the debt of the vast majority of right isn't incredible for the party
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opposite who actually introduced the principle of graduates paying and thank you for two jewish and fee increases is able to drum up quite so much faith and drug issues out there was any young person ask any young person in any poor communities in our country what is your prospect what is your what do you want to do many would say i want to study i want to qualify i want to go to university i want to achieve something in life. help them. less they are very poor or they're going to borrow money to survive to get through university they simply will not do it this decision matters so much to so many people. i'd say to the house if you don't believe in it vote against the it's to the right three hundred twenty three you
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know most of the last three hundred true. god was when the count was really from three thousand it became one thousand pounds i was up to the university if they wanted to introduce nine thousand pounds. face or anything between six thousand and nine thousand and one surprisingly most university decided to set nine thousand pounds most students have now half a million students going through every year most of those will be paying a minimum of nine thousand pounds a year and that's stan's. over the course of fifteen years british politicians are ruling class that enjoyed free
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access to education inflicted a paying system on the new generation. british students along with a european fellows now have to deal with these new rulings that's the way it is. they're young they long for a solid future get thirsty for knowledge and dream of climbing the social ladder all that has a price tag and they'd better get used to it. and if i grew up in a working class family in the south of poland the young woman could have enrolled in a university in cracow in copenhagen or even amsterdam. it would have been free in england and it was granted a student loan to pay for her nine thousand pounds tuition fee. i knew i was going to go abroad to study and i think well for a little while i thought it was going to be scotland but then. i don't i think i
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decided it was england you know like way back and it just stuck with me and i and i came here and it was it was scary it was so scary because i was away from home i was here alone i didn't have anywhere to turn to and look at me now i study chinese of all the questions that i could show this i can't wait for you know what the future holds and what i'm going to do i have so many ideas but mostly. i talk to my grandfather ones and the talking about everything else and then kind of started talking about university and how much money that costs and everything and i had many thoughts about ok maybe maybe i'll quit maybe i'll you know it's too much maybe it's not worth it and then i realized well how my going to pay back that's one of the reasons why i stayed and other reason bigger even is that i like
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what i do i think i'm not quite sure where that came from my need to go to university i think is because. none of my family members went to university i think i wanted to be i wanted to be that one first person who did that and my mom my mom really wanted me to do that as well she did encourage me strongly i don't know what i would do with her if i failed i would i was so like i failed her and i i never want to do that ever. because being here and doing what i do and being adversity is my way of paying her back for that she's to me. yeah i'm good it's it's my way of paying back everything. and.
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will the european students be forced one day to get into debt. should education become a sellable good. must didn't become self-made finance he has to earn an education. northern european countries do things a bit differently. with the islamic state and its many confederates defeated or facing defeat in syria what is next for this war torn country what justification exists for the us to maintain military forces there does washington want syria partition itself then why.
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young children have worked in bolivia for generations almost three quarters of a million doing so today. this culture led to the development of bolivia's new liberal and highly controversial children's code in two thousand and fourteen which gave children as young as ten the right to work under certain circumstances what is and is seen as. these animals. eat well without the end all. the things years. but there are hundreds of thousands of children in bolivia operating completely outside the local.
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mining work is strictly forbidden by the children but it's never enforced and that means the school boy minus continue risking their lives for the money they need to survive. so there is some promise that i'm valid store acting on any and just a down payment on the end of the most of it on the new year to some poor and last minute between men and men don't think all this is. if i didn't ask mr don't submit all adult institute of you've to beat it sounds like i was at the vastness out to down to spit. or lick it on to find new found skill angles going to pull together is going to get is my boy so but all of the hammer in our studio. so the majority belive hmong are suited up able to scold me for okaying is miles from comedy and at last i'm here not beating but when asked to comment from an e.q.
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appears not to most of the bittorrent studio. sweden just like denmark and finland not only offers free education to european students but also allocates a universal ground to each through dish student three hundred euros a month for six years. this way the student sees his or her time at university as an experience of freedom and learning a way to shape a critical mind and apprehend the world here it's important it's called the student experience. they are in love with the us the for us to them on no matter internet for man. their. mics on manic or. share not the whole of their quest for to one number have a third at twelve can ask op us in from paid. tank
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a feat oak tanka. mere danger and i'm a forty four and i said here that the lesson from to. something. bigger than that that made me have a heart was that it was drawn in the form of the me stuff and had to. have the stardust did manage to get out of this because you know they are hard to stomach now and that was a. little childish on their. it was something to behold i told you all the yes they my your brother a little to no time to solve all samantha. or to to most of all sales to marcus and now this i'm able to work out somehow some say i have to close in a fight here no p.o.v. so. the moment i'm going in the fun thing with a good thing burying. them better than montreal mothers' and me and me and this and
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this is the what's the coincidence fantasy of a man the judge and the young man's i'm going to give me a finance i'm going to go to the senate call them a spine you say on the surface the. young get some f. don't talk about stuff different about stuff how the bomb still loom the hormone yourself more how you ought to hold about to know if you know what he's got in six months if so that's where the moments come from doing the show on the. investigation from we call murder told us a. special summer so just this talk if i must but i saw. your picture of your teacher about. him in the mystical circle kind of offering them they seem to. have decided. for most of the fourth year they come and live and let us not the next minute i think oaks off the floor how are you so think i'll
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see over your total how this been going on not just when i was trying to figure this out do you congressman i shall have something to muskoka i'm still finding out just a goddamn patsy about davy it leaks out of my heart i thought anything new on sunday some of the most infamous number six on the c.c. this any time to your point that three hundred to something i have taken for time means that i bought it out in the middle of the on the stand because i think. this. i'd what happens elsewhere the jewish unfeeling crease hasn't deterred young english students from enrolling. in one thousand nine hundred eight just before the introduction of tuition fees there were eight hundred thousand students in english universities. there are now two point three million the cost to access knowledge hasn't deterred them so why stop there. they've vice chancellor is already
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making noises about the cap behavior still to live thousand pounds a year. many are saying that we need to move to an american style system where it's much much more expensive it's not a nine thousand pounds capital b. much much more but i think what we're witnessing i mean across the public sector an equation public sector within the united kingdom within the u.k. is probably the third phase of competition and privatized market ties ation since since the second world war and that's what we've seen in terms of higher education it's a slow creep and when you start to introduce that you get the leadership of universities stop thinking necessarily about the education that they are providing or about the public good start importing the behaviors of what they see as a competitive environment elsewhere within the private sector.
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manchester so students see we've got many different universities here mentions so much for a bottom university university or so forth northwest through college of music manchester articulate to me and so on we're told one student population is about one hundred thirty thousand students which is pretty much one third of the city our campus year it is almost as big as manchester city center. the division of communications and marketing communicates everything that's good about the university both internally and text and it's developing and it's also professionalizing the higher education sector is probably like behind the commercial sector for some time but it's catching up very fast our university has its very own starbucks if you're into starbucks if you're into like taking selfies with your starbucks cup and everything this is pretty much the place to go if you
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go to subway you're going to get a free cookie if you go to mcdonald's you're going to get a free mc for ian so. on. the city's pretty much made for students so make great use of it student fees have increased from three thousand pounds to nine thousand pounds but does mean that students want better value for money they want more and marketing can help and communicate what what the benefits of an organization are so we always have many many different people coming over we had some professors from many different countries we had also movie directors and everything you know if you want to make a good impression stuff you can get a job offers in higher education in the u.k. traditionally like historically communications and marketing have been very much a support function what we're seeing now is a transformation where we're moving from a supporting role to a leadership role. and
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that's the feeling that as has come very very quickly over the last few years that it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business many universities are now businesses and the vice chancellors are also chief executives and they make no they're not shy in saying this they have to make money they have to make a profit and startlingly what we found is that over a period of five years vice chancellors salaries had increased by on average somewhere in the region of twenty six percent whereas in the same period for your main gate lecturers those people are actually providing the service to the students saw their pay drop in real terms by twelve percent or this is a clear normally and you have to ask yourself the questions of why is this happening. reform this is the only system similar to all those worldwide could support paying education rely on an essential concept an economic
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theory born in the sixty's. and it rose to. at the end of the ninety's. the human capital. but capital you must acquire say the third quarter there. and i need you disposed us to talk the complete also the good is also a very noisy. a.q.r. don't. you know that bt lost all of the reform as you have a thrill of farmers for any disturber course you state. this week because an ill it was you pause. in the songs. you give that even if that money there was new and so it all glitchy cimon the more they are learning remember the fiance left pharmacy also give either a pause a larger society yet or cover brought her to come does it true that it is.
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also happy it what you feel most at rouge like on a sauce not blue green valley or economic is a very i going to make it a sausage d.c. printed it you jump so that your course you pause these are may let you just revive our good old proceed you know city to the killers are the top receiver you got bigger share. in the to eat of the bush plan to it we. as. influenced by the english tidal wave in two thousand and six germany also raised its tuition fees authorizing universities to charge one thousand euros per year this is not only within a few years all the lender of federal states slowly abandon this policy to return
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to an entirely free system. dortch of this one only has it. it's business as for homes and buildings i'm a bit too long how does miti get buck the theory only visited if i had to go into it when he visited i thought. but at least the first over the i'm for the doctor for now up to him to be allowed to feel. so in other words order to him and door slammed by to him to be on fire fighter and you don't count. as many action scene come. on. skips us getting another conason when he visited and get. business after business model to tighten daughter ots we needed to get skips e'squus in that been seen. in vegas doing good be on z.
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but sun misses and. we visit if it's must believe university of manchester downs into us. in this city it's your aunt to florida to the arctic when optus pulled up for cedar fair become. decent in the states you and placed. despite some resistance the english model is spreading throughout europe. it applies theories elaborated by large international instances mostly by the world bank and the o.e.c.d. . from now on the knowledge market is the new doctrine universities are expected to become a strategic force in wealth production. they must become like companies and industries they must promote applied research they must favor employee ability they must produce a qualified workforce consistent with companies designers. mogs does the through to
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the good of affinity swoosh nearly as yet duffy gonna fix that i'll speak i'm going to go home and see if you can be moved. the audi intake mission that i came to sion . traineeships into neeman would be human though it depends if a horse really coming off to be daft isn't a name it's not my i'll skip it if we hadn't does it cover just off that is to give each of you can in under who shooting me my spits easy does he didn't let you into neiman boy in opening the guy says the indian engineer isn't shafton is he the employee ability id for absolute fee to get it from owned up is in dolphin does he do business after he did she get out into the internet identify this british i'm glad i'm an economist and what the first did when he visited forty and that's not me us but was always been one to institute to one this is it just wasn't george land in the who should come up with these i want to she is there isn't a by months on finished first eat the stuff belonging to the team production in front of you that.
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most think will think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest radio in truth to stand out of the news business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. the. question. i think that this what drove needs confidence and confidence is based on on commodores i strongly believe that the u.s. and europe have any place to be crawling back to the united states has been a partner in creating that food based system. i'm afraid that's. true air force and especially language person from past been using that i'm not
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that confident that the contribution of the united states to that school based system is still as relevant as superspeed. the two thousand and eight economic crisis turn some countries into pigs these are the countries with we korea colonies that needed austerity policies if you are in a situation of low gloat even the recession austerity is a very bad idea it doesn't work and it makes millions of people very unhappy those who are unemployed see their wages decline almost a decade how good are the results in new york city's will by the people gathered in which the wad of good people with your daughter julie. treated be in full view she thought the climate was i mean to for a legal. challenge nothing more than this she was always think if they see
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something and not get it. why are the same measures still in place to one of the consequences is to weaken blue bird flu dismantle who will first be one of those was the truth the consumer is the consequences are actually quite acceptable to the decision makers. at the plate for many clubs over the years so i know the guy even saw. all. only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super money billionaire owners and spending two to twenty million why. it's an experience like nothing else really because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game migrate to will transfer.
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in the morning. breaking news this hour at least seven people injured in russia's eastern siberia the teenager attacks a school with an axe and a molotov cocktail. number amount of more than someone who knew more credit cards. is the third such incident in russia this week all were inspired by online hate groups known as the sinister columbine trend possible sources have revealed to r.t. . and a new law in germany about online hate speech strikes again after a right wing party member states have facebook account blocked a calling for a march against a migrants committing crimes in her country we gets her react.


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