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and lee with the syrian democratic forces to establish and train the new syrian border security force washington seems to have changed his tune off to turkey gave a year u.s. reaction to the initial announcement president of the one accuse the us of building a terrorist army on his border and vowed to destroy it video news agency rapidly film tuckey's military equipment on the border with syria as i was preparing for a military operation and despite washington's eventually denial on wednesday to listen it was reinforcing the u.s. intention to stay. but to be clear the united states will maintain a military presence in syria focused on ensuring that isis cannot reemerge isis as a so-called caliph it is dead job done the world can patent self on the shoulder mission accomplished and all that what's left of isis has gone underground and not the sort of thing you can fight with tags and jets so why is the united states now
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building an odd me in syria but considering syria already has an army that can reliably keep isis in check why would they need a second one but ok politics the us really wants to stay in syria we're going to stay for several reasons stabilization and assistance in the vital north and northeast. protection was syrian democratic forces but for other reasons as well let me show you something outs these turkish missiles tanks artillery turkey a coalition member preparing for an offensive against syrian kurds the y.p. who are part of the u.s. led coalition the turkish president isn't happy about america building an army of its should. now america's acknowledged it's established an army of terror along our
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country's border it's up to us to drown this army of terror before it is born that's tough coalition trained fighters are about to be attacked by a coalition member what kind of alliance is that add to that the u.s. apparently told no one it was building the new army any activities that we take part in with regard to the syrian democratic forces is something that's internal only internal only to syria internal or not but elements been trained by the u.s. are reportedly on the move preparing to defend against that offensive and made to member offensive with weapons given to them by washington how's that for a tragic twist to expend so much strength time and money to defeat isis who need to set the stage for another war a war within the n.c.
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isis coalition. syria's main kurdish party appeal to world powers to act on turkey's threats codes in europe have taken to the streets to protest against operations on the turkish syrian border and we asked regional analysts about what to expect from washington which might have to make a choice between its nato partner and its main ally in syria but we have to be honest american right now using the kurds as a boots on the ground. nothing more nothing less and then also to put pressure on troops to put pressure on russia to bring a peace deal to syria and iran in that area and really this is a sad thing you know america betrayed the kurds in iraq and they're about ready to betray them in syria at this moment they're only staying around just again to put a pressure on russia and to make a deal and syria and are viewed through the world will not stand by invade the
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kurdish area and this is a serious mistake and maybe america is allowing this to happen to get turkey in trouble or even i think he's on the friends of the usa don't not get sacked or what the usa want there is no clear answer in their politics towards regional expression for the kurds to. say i mean. there is a problem if one member of the notorious three. should. actually hear them but no. one is very difficult to see that is the people it's coming from there are you know one of you is a huge supporter and if there is a real forcefully with to be sure you will not. back. to that is the problem for me. the u.s. president donald trump says he doubts talks with north korea could lead to anything
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meaningful adding that his predecessors also failed in such attempts but his comments came after north and south korea agreed to go to the olympics under a unified flag in a breakthrough deal following direct talks between the countries are to correspond caleb maupin has more on what trump said in his latest interview. i'm not sure the talks will lead to anything meaningful these talks for twenty five years they've taken advantage of our presidents and our previous. since you listen to trump's words you would think that the dialogue currently taking place between the north and the south was irrelevant that nothing was happening but it looks like some historic breakthroughs have actually taken place this is what's was recently announced. to the north from sound too much together in the opening ceremony under the korean peninsula flying from a single north south female ice hockey team. so here we have upcoming a joint women's ice hockey team that will be playing in the olympic games competing
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under a unified korean flag this is this is a huge breakthrough we also have two hundred thirty north koreans who are actually coming to the olympics to cheer and observe the games so there are some big breakthroughs going on but trump does not think they are significant trump did not only criticize north korea he's also called out shyness saying that he praised their efforts but he wished that they would do more and he said that russia wasn't helping at all now russia was a signatory to the recent sanctions on north korea and they have stated over and over again that they have not at any point breached those sanctions that they signed on to now with all of this with his criticism not just of north korea but also of russia and of china donald trump seemed to be emphasizing that he believed that his approach and which the north koreans were met with more isolation more economic sanctions more threats and more of a punitive approach he believed that that approach was the best way to bring peace
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to the korean peninsula intensifying pressure on north korea was also the key agenda of a meeting in kind of between the west and allies of the one nine hundred fifty s. korean war but the gathering ignored the fact the north and south will already holding direct talks in the vancouver meeting also failed to invite key regional players russia and china analysts we spoke to believe washington fios less room in the issue. president. somehow believes that this pressure approach is the is something different than that has been applied before which it isn't and in reality he wants to pull back some of the thunder if you will back to washington because you have again the north and south talking i think the u.s. is a little jekyll and hyde with its policies because on one hand it wants to have
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a resolution wants to have de mille nuclearization wants to have peace and on the other hand pumps up this rhetoric and so the motivations relate to finances they relate to geo political factors of the u.s. power in the region if you will and they relate to trying to ice out china and russia a little bit as a player in this as was evident in vancouver the u.s. is constantly menacing north korea constantly threatening north korea carrying out war exercises that simulate the destruction of north korea a country that was destroyed by the united states between one thousand nine hundred fifty three forty five million koreans died there wasn't one structure there one story still standing as a consequence of u.s. bombers and the main complaint of american pilots was there was nothing left to bomb in that war so it the u.s. annihilated north korea here we have donald trump saying he's promising to do the same from the from the podium of the u.n. just a couple months ago and now trump will reflect that i think not just as own personal
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position but that of the military industrial complex in america fears that peace may be breaking out in the korean peninsula between the two koreas that that's alarming to trump into the military industrial complex but very welcomed by all the people in the world. switzerland may not be in the e.u. but it could still be facing its own version of brecht's it the swiss people's party has received permission to collect signatures. support of a referendum to end switzerland's free movement agreement with the e.u. the move would hand back to the country full control on immigration at the moment the current policy allows a use citizens to live and work freely in switzerland and vice versa now the s.v.p. has until july next year to collect one hundred thousand signatures if successful the proposal will be considered by the government and parliament and before being put to a vote the co-president of the youth wing of the s.v.p. is convinced the public would vote in favor of stopping free movement we are the
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biggest party in switzerland we are the strongest party and we have made a lot of initiatives and in two thousand and fourteen this was people's party has launched that initiative against mass immigration so why shouldn't it work a second time and i'm sure this race people will vote for that initiative that we can stop that free movement to deal with the european union although the results of the twenty fourteen referendum aim to limit immigration from the e.u. quotas whenever imposed by parliament instead m.p.'s agreed on a solution to give unemployed domestic workers preference over nationals seeking jobs in switzerland and mills effect again believes the amount of new arrivals is unsustainable. but we have got massive problems with mass migration and we wanted to stop that we had a migration at the early to switzerland for it with about eight hundred thousand
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persons that's really a threat to our democracy which will end always wants to remain remain independent neutral and free and then to parliament and the government of switzerland had to tie him to implement that initiative but they didn't implement that initiative from two thousand and fourteen because they maybe are scared after reaction the european union so i think it is really a big problem because we have got all those left wing politicians in our parliament and the government and that's the reason why that initiative against mass immigration couldn't be implemented. twelve activists in the californian said he of alcohol and have been detained after they were caught trying to feed homeless people in a park according to current legislation it is illegal to share food in public places that attention was caught on camera. you're going to have you should not be . going to do you ever know if you're going to be due to. the
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ban on public food sharing and alcohol and was introduced back in october as a precaution against an outbreak of infectious hepatitis a the penalty for breaking the law can be up to a thousand dollars fine or even six months in jail. we talked to the activists who were caught by police they claim the legislation has the opposite effect of what it's meant to do. the homeless people who were there were very things fall that we were standing up and they were very upset that the mayor in the city council members could pass such a heartless ordinance and none of those government officials come out to that park and talk to those people it really seems like this is part of the city for to criminalize homelessness they've already made it made it against the law to panhandle to sleep on the sidewalk so this is really like the next step in trying to push the homeless out of their city and the big justification that they used was
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the having outbreak in the indiegogo and they say all the partners the parks are so contaminated with hepatitis a that we don't want the homeless people to catch and start trying to protect but everybody else can still go and have a party at the park and share food with each other and they wrote that into the ordinance and that's what makes it discriminatory because it targets the whole nature it's everybody else is not magically immune from have to tie to say within the same space so clearly there are this is not about hepatitis a and the mayor has made comments in public session at the city council meetings where he has said we're trying to make the park less inviting to homeless people a recent report by the un the difficulties homeless people constantly face.
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we see an average of seven to eight hundred people every single day. congress has reached an agreement on tax legislation that will deliver more journalists higher wages and massive tax relief. since the recession we have not recovered the homeless homelessness has actually increased there's a problem with high property values air b.n. b. is buying up local properties and evicting the tenants the mayor of alcohol would like everyone to think that all homeless people are drug addicts and that is absolutely not the case we have a very high percentage of our homeless are veterans we have a high percentage of people who are working in this growing criminalization of people who are poor and powerless. really is also
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a bigger problem with the mass incarceration of that happens in our country where we have for profit prisons with companies making money off of jailing people and the program continues in just a.


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