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was going to leave the church. you just because they just leave you doesn't mean it's. breaking news north and south korea reach a breakthrough soft power deal between march and compete on the one flight in the upcoming winter olympics that is foreign ministers from twenty countries that have special summits decide it's time to get tough with pyongyang. the pressure. to intensify that pressure to include cutting off diplomatic ties with north korea . the u.n. agency the palestinian refugees slums america's decision to slash funding for the organization get the worst crisis in its history. russia's investigative committee presents evidence that it says refutes sixty claim about alleged systemic toking by russia during the storm and their heads.
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a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international broadcasting to you live from the russian capital and making erin i would start this hour with breaking news from on r.t. north and south korea have agreed to march together under a unified flag at the winter olympics opening ceremony there will also be a joint into korean women's ice hockey team holding to a statement made by the representatives of pyongyang and seoul following today's talks between the two countries south and north korean officials met for a third time in the space of just a few days to discuss peace efforts meanwhile the western allies of the nine hundred fifty s. korean war have gathered in canada for separate talks on the current crisis with
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a seemingly different approach. the pressure came continue until north korea takes decides to do nuclear i think. is to send out a very clear message that we want to intensify that pressure it is not the time to pressure. career the surest path to peace is to keep threatening north korea into submission after a long and challenging meeting that's the best the value of a group could come up with the purpose of our meetings today is to improve the effectiveness of the maximum pressure campaign and combat north korea's attempts to evade sanctions the united states looks forward to hearing from our protest votes on how we can best do that more sanctions toughest sanctions though one might wonder what there is left of north korea to sanction or why they would work now when they haven't for seventy years a few of the participants also proposed ripping up all diplomatic relations with
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the north that were to work and diffuse things re-inforcing autonomous majors when where available. including cutting off diplomatic ties to his north career solid meeting of north korea's former enemies literally almost all of these countries were participants off the korean war on the side of south korea states such as luxembourg colombia greece belgium difficult to imagine what relevance they have to the korean crisis these days but there you go noticeably absent two countries that are actually relevant to the crisis apart from north korea itself the two countries that actually share a border with the north china and russia. russia and china were not invited to this meeting they just said the meeting would take
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place on the sixteenth of january. you can come in the evening we will tell you what we have agreed on this was unacceptable what the state department said about russia supporting this meeting that's a complete lie we consider this meeting home for. the most important parties involved in the korean peninsula nuclear issue you are taking part in the meeting but we don't know what the goal of this meeting is so i don't think this meeting is legal or representative from the very beginning china has been opposed to this meeting ok so you invited a bunch of countries that have little to do with the crisis and came up with all the tried tested and failed solutions they went a step further refusing any advice russia and china have long stood by a double freeze meaning north korea stops doing this. and south korea and the united states stop sending nuclear bombers to harass the
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north and poor's with the war games. no said rex tillerson when the north does it it's a provocation when we do it it's deterrence have it your way but couldn't you wait . at long last after years north korea and south korea holding direct face to face negotiations the lympics around the corner and everyone with any sense once things settle down so what does the vancouver group do while it gathers all of north korea's former enemies and declares it intends to tighten the noose around kim jong un's neck how's that for a path to peace. we're now joined by
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a pack senior lecturer in politics and international relations at boston university and welcome to the program so that agreements have been marching under a unified flag seems like an incredibly positive development doesn't it how much of a breakthrough do you think this new agreement between north and south korea is and how optimistic should we be well i think this is a historical breakthrough for all for the entire. peninsula and all saw on northeast asia because for what happened in the past month regarding the nuclear crisis i think these calm things start a bit in i remain optimistic about it because it looks like president. in the north korean leader kim jong il and they're able to his uprightness do recently to forge this new olympic team and i look forward to how creative the french will be. now this is the
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third time in a space of just a few days that the south and the north korean officials have met to discuss these things like things are making a very steady progress forward but as talks and even for that we've seen korean war allies gathering to talk about the current crisis in the peninsula what kind of think will does that send out so we become. yeah i think there are a few angle squeak need to watch in the coming weeks. i think it looks like a mess among pressure tactics by the trauma administration has started to work because he started to push the north korea towards the south korea and to same time i think. in regards to the joint team between the north and south korea in the olympics but also the fly increasing trend in northern
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diplomacy between the sea for society sector south korea and also the government sponsored people's organization you think about me the time with these of koreans so deceased going to make the diplomatic communication and exchange channels far more diverse and complex than before i think this is a healthy development as far as for the interests and the peaceful people and a future of the south and north korean people and finally i think there's a point toward peace because he's torkel through the joint team between north korea would be kind of opening a new and different member of the korean peninsula arguing the reunification process going on and it looks like positive and it is something to change the balance of power in the. region with dynamics of northeast asia i come back to that
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fund that has been held in canada there were some quite aggressive rhetoric come. out of there do you think that applying further pressure on north korea is going to be helpful to the peace process well i think is how it falls in the way that but it's not the intended consequence of helping the situation. as i said the message of pressure tactic is helping but is just in a way that helping the north korean push being poor speed toward the south korea because it looks like in the current situation the north koreans have options to take because they would. launching a nuclear warfare against you know just. very devastating not just to themselves but also to others. can one senior lecturer in politics and international relations at boston university thank you for your time thank you. the u.n. agencies of palestinian refugees has slammed america's decision to freeze more than
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half of its plans funding for the organization the agency called it the worst funding crisis in its history and white house spokes person and that's the decision earlier. we committed a voluntary contribution of sixty million dollars for twenty eight thousand so far sixty five million dollars that is money that will be held for future consideration it's money that's been frozen at this time it's not being cancelled it's just being held for future consideration this is not aimed at punishing anyone. the move has sparked massive protests in gaza with many venting their anger at the united states' decision ok you can see people holding banners and chanting slogans demanding further assistance for refugees. of the flooded out of the world europe the arabs and everyone who has a connection to the palestinian course is responsible for this we are the palestinian people who were evicted from our homes towns and we have
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a right to the support of the un r.w. an item which provides a minimum of assistance to the palestinian people what is now provided is not enough for a family to leave on for a month artie's middle east correspondent paula slater takes a closer look at how the decision may affect refugees what we have heard from the united nations relief and works agency that this american money freeze will result in a dramatic reduction on the lives of palestinians this is a humanitarian and relief agency that supports some five point nine million registered palestinians and their descendants who fled away expelled from israel during the one nine hundred forty eight and nine hundred sixty seven wards they currently reside in the palestinian territories in gaza in east jerusalem as well as in jordan syria and lebanon and this is why there is some concern being expressed that particularly in those host countries this decision by the american
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president donald trump could result in any instability now this is a huge blow to him because the united states is the single largest donor and it follows course from the israeli prime minister. benjamin netanyahu to have the agency closed down altogether. un r.w. a is an organization that perpetuates the right to return for palestinian refugees narrative in order to eliminate the state of israel therefore the un must become a thing of the past now for nearly seventy years on russia has been a lifeline to the palestinians who say that without it basic access to services like education health care sanitation would simply vanish and leave hundreds of thousands of children even more vulnerable than they are today he was also concerned about his latest cd and the mines the ability of the united nations to respond in the future if and when there is a flare up of violence. back
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in june the us ambassador to the un nikki haley tweeted a picture of her posing with palestinian refugees as a camp in her post she explained how she had managed to speak with them about their hopes and dreams however two weeks ago she altered her tone calling future funding all of the refugee agency into question. i think the president has basically said that he doesn't want to give any additional funding or stop funding until the palestinians are agreeing to come back to the negotiation table and what we saw
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with the resolution was not helpful to the situation we're trying to move for a peace process but if that doesn't happen the president is not going to continue to find that situation. russia's investigative committees claiming new evidence that refutes allegations of state sponsored saw impulse wapping at the sochi olympics artie's done your hawkins has more on the story. well this is the result of a low inquiry by russia's investigative committee going all the way back to last year with regards to that doping scandal they've looked into some new details of course of google account the former head of moscow's anti doping approach really for now whistleblower and fugitive in the united states into some of the technical details in his allegations namely how allegedly these samples were transported and tampered with they found out that these samples were transported to the social abode three under strict conditions of supervision and then processed during daytime periods of
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between thirty minutes and two hours so a very rapid turnaround that of course contradicts the counts which was quite different. people coming from the fire and here. i was. sort. of there claiming that this alleged operation took place in the dead of night it was of course his claims that resulted in this scandal which resulted in the banning of many russian athletes and blanket ban and subsequently on the team. himself of course is a controversial enough figure as we said he's the former head of moscow's and he brought tree he is wanted there in russia on drug trafficking charges on selling and moving dangerous and illegal substances we understand he's now under a witness protection program in the united states nevertheless despite these charges it was his evidence his allegations that led to the mclaren report
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subsequently used as a basis for this banning blanket banning of russian athletes at international olympic events just last month we learned that are you see decided to impose a ban on the blanket ban on russian athletes at the south korean winter olympic games making them participate hundred neutral flags not on the russian flag not playing the russian at them. so this result really puts into question many of allegations raises more questions than answers but certainly a very interesting turn to this story will be very interesting to see to follow it and see where it goes after this. critics of the me two campaign against sexual misconduct are facing strong opposition we'll bring you more on that after this short break. join me every thursday on the alex i'm i'm sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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is iran must going to fit into steve jobs is coming up with innovative products you know the electronic gadgets market is a little bit different in the car business because the car business is you know you kind of bound by the highway system and you're bound by the whole infrastructure that is the automotive industry and the lobbying of the automotive industry so it's a bit difficult to be disruptive in that industry in a way he's going to open up his charging stations with one nine hundred fifty style burger and shake joints with servers on roller skates ok that's that's an idea that might take off that might be a new like starbucks like third place that people go to to have an experience that might work.
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welcome back in barcelona almost twenty thousand people have staged a demonstration demanding the release of pro independence politicians the politicians faced accusations of sedition after they took part in actions promoting testimony a split from spain. protesters gathered outside the region's high courts they accuse the spanish government of repression they also held a minute's silence in solidarity with those arrested massive rallies have been a common site since council monye is vote for independence was declared illegal by madrid. we demand freedom for prisoners and sure that we won't accept group pressure on the spanish government's abuse against the democratic will it's a great injustice that is the reason we are here to free them now it's not just pro
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independence. vests making their voices heard and to break away movements have been gaining popularity as well meet her barnea is a fictional land inside cancer lonia which includes the barcelona terror goanna regions the activists who came up with it wanted to split from catalonia and join spain this is their reasoning. we went from being one of the main drivers as you called me to mediocre autonomy. more than three thousand companies was followed by encouraging the civil population to disobey the constitutional order to get a republic the last seconds and without any international support the pro and anti independence camps have been upping their rhetoric ahead of the first session of the new catalan parliament which has just wrapped up after a recent snap election in the region pro independence party has gained
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a majority in the parliament the seats of those parliamentarians who were absent due to imprisonment or exile are marked with yellow ribbons which are the symbol of the independence movement the question of the election of the region's president remains open one of the candidates is colors his demand for the president opposed after the referendum and who fled to belgium where he currently remains he claimed he could run the region via skype or through special measures or. activists supporting the recent movement against sexual misconduct are taking aim at their peers all those actors and other public figures who dare to doubt the direction in which the so called me to campaign is going they say furious backlash as artist jacqueline explains. i feel like every time you turn around another me too headline has hit the press with new accusations from directors to actors to fashion photographers but it seems we've reached
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a turning point as we're now in feminist are concerned that the campaign is becoming a witch hunt take margaret atwood author of a handmaid's tale an acclaimed work attacking mythologising who says she's starting to doubt the movement the structure of guilty because accused has applied to many more episodes in human history than salem my fundamental position is that women are human beings the full range of sente and demonic behaviors this entails including criminal ones they are not angels incapable of wrongdoing the backlash is received online and in the media has been ruthless strange how someone so brilliant can demonstrate so little insight and self reflection i guess privilege is blinding wish margaret atwood would get back to writing to step in a fiction but a message in this world instead of you know actively creating it. i mean seventy eight year olds on exactly knowing that progressive takes connelly's a right the first female african-american secretary of state also says me too maybe
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changing perceptions of women and not for the better i do think we have to be a little bit careful let's not turn women into stuff like sluts not infantilize women over in france one hundred influential female artists are being led by actress catherine deneuve and signing an open campaign letter against me to rape is a crime but in system comes the floor is not a crime nor is gallantry of sharpness aggression now this liberation of speech has been turned on its head but the reaction to that was furious and another was forced to issue a hasty apology a few prominent men have also voiced their reservations one of them was actor liam neeson there is a bit of a witch hunt targeting famous people suddenly accused of. touching some girls in the forest something suddenly they're being dropped from their prove right or something unsurprisingly recent comments have also been less than well received
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by many the problem here seems to be that there's often a if you aren't with us you're against us mentality with movements such as me to those who are speaking out about their concerns are not condoning sexual assault nor attacking the campaign itself but more often than not their words are twisted or go unheard at what may have said it best herself in times of extremes extremists when. you chief donald tusk alongside his counterpart a drug lord younger have warned of the negative consequences of breck's it and express that hope that the u.k. changes its mind if the u.k. government sticks to its decision to leave regs it will become a reality was all its negative consequences in the next year. there was a change of heart among our british friends. wasn't it david davis. if
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that democracy cannot change its mind if she's just to be a democracy isn't. our door remains open i hope to be heard clearly in london we discussed the recent statements with raith and member of the european parliament for the u.k. independence party he says the decision made by the british people is final that the e.u. is trying to violate the u.k.'s democracy we had by the political establishment but they also be hated by the people of the u.k. who actually talked. and said we are having no more we are leaving your opinion the fact that the political parties in the political establishment of taken so long to do this is not our problem it's not the problem of the british people we are asked to go out we want to go out and we will leave whatever. the decision of the british people is final the more they see the european union is
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trying to take away our democracy and doing things that we will personally found repugnant to choose a european army and if we were to have another referendum which god forbid we don't i am absolutely sure that the british people will vote even more overwhelmingly to leave. and he theories the merged of russian meddling in u.s. politics the kremlin's supposedly behind us whistleblower chelsea manning secession to run for a seat in the senate and is again trying to subvert american democracy well that's the claim being promoted by some in the democratic party including the head of its leading think tank. senator cardin authored and released a two hundred page masterpiece on russian influence and western elections suddenly he has a primary from kremlin stooges songes weekly leaks prime resource chelsea manning the kremlin place the stream left to swing elections remember that oh my god this
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is how to arrange to fish to washington is the president of the launches them policy think tank genuinely believes chelsea manning's candidacy is a criminal implant conspiracy theory is throwing more in mainstream d.c. than on internet fringes now exact connoisseur a prominent member of the hillary clinton campaign also tweeted out purporting this conspiracy theory that somehow chelsea manning's bid for the senate was a la scout plot now interestingly and now those proport in this conspiracy theory they they have quite a bit of explaining to do now with those who will recall chelsea manning was just in prison in a u.s. military prison for seven years now is it are they purported that somehow russia infiltrated the prison and was able to recruit chelsea manning at that point and then furthermore viewers will remember that barack obama pardoned chelsea manning as he was leaving office so then the question is was russia in on the plot to
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pardon chelsea manning did they somehow convince obama to pardon chelsea manning so they're operative could then get out of prison and run for the u.s. senate i it's not exactly clear so those who are trying to get to the bottom of this vast conspiracy theory that they have come up with have a lot of explaining to do about the details of how exactly russia is to blame for someone running for the u.s. senate in the united states vice chair of the u.s. libertarian national committee often farah think the establishment has reasons to try and keep mining out of the race. bless russia has become an american coated capitalist which i don't think is it has there is nothing for russia to gain there are many things however for established interest to gain from keeping an anti-establishment candidate out so many people in america are so excited to see a true american hero really stepping up and standing up to the establishment and we know she can do it because she's already done it she has already put her own
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freedom and safety on the line to fight for the american people that's somebody that that even though i'm running against her even though i have some different policies that's someone i can respect thank you for choosing oxy international that's all for me but with all the latest news headlines and live analysis my colleague neil harvey will be here at the top of the hour. no longer. want to know.
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local blogs sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken or forcing you to fight the battles so. that you socks for the tell you that will be gossip and probably. one of my eyes and tell you think you are not full enough like. the alcohol that we all want to watch. prescribe medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything with my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit suicide watch all who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do you know we were being responsible and what the real side
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effects. was chemically altered what i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's saying. hello and welcome to all things considered i'm peter lavelle are the mainstream media intentionally gaslighting the public against president donald trump the reverse appears to be equally true trump does with style gaslight the media what kind of body politic is this creating as the us become a collection of hysterical drama.


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