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tv   News  RT  January 17, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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the headline. of the nine hundred fifty s. korean war to discuss the current crisis on the peninsula but with the absence of russia china north korea itself proposed solutions limited. the first. pressure. diplomatic. career on the specter of russian. number of influential u.s. democrats. to run for the senate. and what goes up must come down. in the past twenty four hours.
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here at r.t. international a very warm welcome to your. south and north korean officials are meeting for a third time in the space of just a few days to discuss peace efforts that includes the potential participation of the two countries under a unified flag at the upcoming olympics meanwhile western allies of the nineteen fifties korean war have gathered in. talks on the current crisis with a seemingly different approach. it is not the time to ease pressure or to rework no it's career the pressure campaign will continue until north korea takes decisive steps to do nuclearize i think that could be not is to send out
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a very clear message that we want to intensify that pressure disco that included cutting off diplomatic ties and he's now with career. artie is what i guess he is now joining me live in the studio with more details on this we understand the beating cancer is wrapped up but any agreements settled upon well you've heard them use of north korea has long last agreed to sit down for negotiations and what are they saying time for more sanctions they have agreed the bottom line is lang goal to show north korea into submission to capitulation to get them to give up their nuclear ambitions and they're saying more sanctions they're saying tighten measures more restrictions on north korea though one might ask what is left of north korea to sanction or why these sanctions would work now when they haven't for seventy years indeed they've they've moved a very provoking of career into developing nuclear weapons but you know they've
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they've got their own information to go by is interesting hearing them talk about tearing apart diplomatic relations with north korea as well does it seem like a sure path to peace with this meeting a kind of interesting mix of people who is invited well this is this is the interesting part you have such countries as look some colombia greece belgium attending these talks one might ask what are these countries have to do with north korea aside from having been part of the war on the side of south korea seventy years ago nevertheless they got this group of countries there they got them to talk all sorts of tough talk and they rejected advice from the two countries that are relevant and weren't invited. russia and china were not invited to this meeting they just said the meeting would take place on the sixteenth of january you can come in the evening we will tell you
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what we have agreed on which this was unacceptable and what the state department said about russia supporting this meeting that's a complete lie we consider this meeting harmful to. the most important parties involved in the korean peninsula nuclear issue aren't taking part in the meeting we don't know what the goal of this meeting is so i don't think this meeting is legal or representative from the very beginning china has been opposed to this meeting should. china and china and russia have stood by their solution a double three meaning north korea stops with its nuclear program stops with the ballistic missile launches and the united states and south korea pause at least suspend their you know sending nuclear bombers to the north coast with their ever increasing in size war games have a growing war games. the united states rex tillerson has said new will will
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continue with the war games there's no equivalence when the north does it it's provocation where we do it it's deterrence you know there's there's questions to be asked about that but they've rejected russia and china's approach and they've agreed on on more pressure or more pressure more restrictions to get the north to submit but that it might seem slightly bizarre to some as we have this meeting going on in kind of i understand it's just wrapped up but then at the same time we've got the two koreas so holding yet another round of peace talks in the region well this is this is the interesting thing they could have waited but this this meeting it was preplanned but they decided to go ahead with it even as north korea agreed to sit down for negotiations these are the first direct talks between the north and the south in years and it is incredibly important anyone with any sense would want things to calm down now because of the olympic games high profile thousands and thousands of international visitors the north and the south are
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talking about potentially even united team women's hockey team playing under a unified flag this is a huge step forward at the same time you have this summit where they're promising more pain for north korea. just sounds strange. but i thank you. or a bit earlier in the program i spoke with international and independent china specialist andrew lung if the presence of russia and china at the meeting would limit western countries options to pressure north korea. well obviously. the trauma administration doesn't the feel the time is ripe for them to talk to the north koreans yet because they want to put more pressure on north korea and put it out of the refereeing up the rhetoric and all sort of tactics of foreclosure for example they're not ruling out something like even that blockade problem seems to think that all his higher octane sort of rhetoric has achieved something at least
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the north koreans beginning to talk to the south koreans so they don't want to give up their option and. trying to talk with the allies and try to group the allies together and the exclusion as i said of both russia and china is because they fear that if russia and china are invited to join they're likely to scuttle. america's option for for for coercion. a new theory has or most of russian meddling in u.s. politics the kremlin is supposedly behind us was a blow or chelsea manning's decision to run for a seat in the senate and is again trying to subvert american democracy that's the claim being promoted by some in the democratic party including the head of its leading think tank. senator cardin authored and released a two hundred page masterpiece on russian influence in western elections suddenly he has a primary from kremlin stooges songes weiqi leaks prime resource chelsea manning
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the kremlin place the stream left to swing elections remember that oh my god this is how to arrange to fish to washington he's the president of the largest them policy think tank genuinely believes the mannings candidacy is a criminal implant conspiracy theories throwing more in mainstream d.c. than on internet fringes now exact connoisseur a prominent member of the hillary clinton campaign also tweeted out purporting this conspiracy theory that somehow chelsea manning's bid for the senate was a lockout plot now interestingly and now those proport in this conspiracy theory they have quite a bit of explaining to do analysis those who will recall chelsea manning was just in prison in a u.s. military prison for seven years now is it are they purported that somehow russia infiltrated the prison and was able to recruit chelsea manning at that point and
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then furthermore viewers will remember that barack obama pardoned chelsea manning as he was leaving office so then the question is was russia in on the plot to pardon chelsea manning did they somehow convince obama to pardon shell's the manning so they're operative could then get out of prison and run for the u.s. senate i it's not exactly clear so those who are trying to get to the bottom of this vast conspiracy theory that they have come up with have a lot of explaining to do about the details of how exactly russia is to blame for someone running for the u.s. senate in the united states vice chair of the us libertarian national committee of enviro you think the establishment has reasons to try and keep manning out of the race. bless russia has become an american crony capitalist which i don't think is it has there is nothing for russia to gain there are many things however for established interest to gain from keeping an anti-establishment candidate out so many people in america are so excited to see a true american hero really stepping up and standing up to the establishment and we
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know she can do it because she's already done it she has already put her own freedom and safety on the line to fight for the american people that's somebody that that even though i'm running against her even though i have some different policies that's someone i can respect. in barcelona almost twenty thousand people have demonstrated demanding the release of two pro independence activists both are facing accusations of sedition after they took part in actions promoting catalonia split from spain. protesters gathered outside the region's high court your queues the spanish government over oppression they also held a minute's silence in solidarity with those arrested now massive rallies have been a common side since catalonia is a vote for independence was declared illegal by majority.
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we demand freedom for prisoners and show that we won't accept group pressure on the spanish government abuse against the democratic will it's a great injustice that is the reason we are here to free them now it's not just pro independence activists making their voices heard and tea break away movements have been gaining popularity as well meet. it's a fictional land inside catalonia which includes the barcelona and tarragona regions the activists who came up with it wanted to split from catalonia and join spain this is their reasoning. it was but. we went from being one of the main drivers of the spanish economy to a mediocre autonomy at the exit of more than three thousand companies was followed by encouraging the civil population to disobey the constitutional order to get a republic that lasted eight seconds and without any international support pro
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independence camps have been upping their rhetoric ahead of the first session of the new catalan parliament later today after a recent snap election in the region pro independence parties gained a majority in parliament body now has to elect the region's new president and one of the candidates none other than carlos put him on the former president deposed after the referendum and who fled to belgium the way he remains claimed he could run the region via skype or through a special representative. of the. activists supporting the recent movement against sexual misconduct are taking aim at their peers authors actors and other public figures who dare to doubt the direction of the so-called me two campaign is going face a furious backlash jacqueline a virgo has the latest examples i feel like every time you turn around another me to headline has hit the press with new accusations from directors to actors to fashion photographers but it seems we've reached
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a turning point as we're now on time this are concerned that the campaign is becoming a witch hunt take margaret atwood author of a handmaid's tale an acclaimed work attacking mythologising who says she's starting to doubt the movement this structure guilty because accused has applied to many more episodes in human history than salem my fundamental position is that women are human beings the full range of sente and demonic behaviors this entails including criminal ones they are not incapable of wrongdoing. the backlash she's received online and in the media has been ruthless strange how someone so brilliant can demonstrate so little insight and self reflection i guess privilege is blinding wish margaret atwood would get back to writing dystopian a fiction but i'm a surge in this world instead of you know actively creating it. i mean seventy eight year olds on exactly knowing that progressive takes congolese a right the first female african american secretary of state also says me too maybe
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changing perceptions of women and not for the better i do think we have to be a little bit careful let's not turn women into self likes let's not infantilize women over in france one hundred influential female artists are being led by actress catherine deneuve and signing an open campaign letter against me to rape is a crime but in system comes the floor is not a crime nor is gallantry of sharpness aggression now this liberation of speech has been turned on its head but the reaction to that was furious and another was forced to issue a hasty apology a few prominent men have also voiced their reservations one of them was actor liam neeson there is a bit of a witch hunt type of thing this people being accused of. touching some girls in the car or something they're been dropped from their profile right or something unsurprisingly nice and comments have also been less than well received
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by many the problem here seems to be that there's often a if you aren't with us you're against us mentality with movements such as me to those who are speaking out about their concerns are not condoning sexual assault nor attacking the campaign itself but more often than not their words are twisted or go unheard outward may have said it best herself in times of extremes extremists when. still to come the program hear what r.t.d. crypto currency has suffered double digit losses in just the past twenty four hours all across the market the story in a. is . going to fit into steve jobs is coming up with innovative products you know the
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electronic gadgets market is a little bit different in the car business because the car business is you know you kind of bound by the highway system and you're bound by the whole infrastructure that is the automotive industry and the lobbying of the automotive industry so it's a bit difficult to be disruptive in the industry in a way he's going to open up his charging stations with one nine hundred fifty style burger and shake joints with servers on roller skates ok that's that's an idea that might take off in new like starbucks like third place that people go to to have an experience that might work. it is good to have you with us today bitcoins being on
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a roller coaster ride. for the last twenty four hours have seen its value plummet to below eleven thousand dollars in fact all major cryptocurrency down in theory and fell drastically in value by thought he one percent and is currently just under one thousand dollars the crash follows a global crackdown on the digital currencies in terms of regulation in brazil investment funds are now prohibited from buying crypto currencies in china authorities a ta getting online platforms that offer exchange services and india is actively targeting wealthy bitcoin is through income tax regulation and some believe asia will bring in even harder measures and there are warnings this could now be a survival of the fittest for digital currencies. china has always been opposed to it too but quite and korea now is becoming increasingly concerned japan
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is growing while the most of the action but quite all crimes are an asia speculation is really extreme particularly in japan and they know that this is going to happen so i'm sure they're correct and you know china i might add. the communist congress has a taking a turn to deal with speculators the only issue right now is that this sector is so technologically advanced there it went and became a big outside the bounds of the national government and what they're doing is catching up the world doesn't need on a business sense all of these. all of these projects they're not necessary some of them will outperform al compete their peers just because they have a better management teams better products better solutions their technology etc just look at them as very speculative start of business is some of them as it happened in the us they're in the nasdaq bubble of the late ninety's some of them
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will be a dominant company adani business in ten to twenty years but most of them will be wiped away the underlying technology blotching technology is good is huge a steady. renewable energy benefits everyone or so we are told it turns out in germany the wind turbines are costing taxpayers money strong winds have resulted in a recent oversupply of electricity and energy prices going below zero in germany it's extremely rare phenomenon is called green electricity peaks and while the difference between fixed and market prices increases it is the taxpayers who have to plug the gap in germany the issue of renewable energy is of key importance and now always the new grand coalition of the social democrats looms the issue has arisen again if successful the new coalition proposes to double renewable energy production by twenty thirty. we are aiming for about sixty
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five percent of our energy to be renewable by twenty thirty the production of renewable energy must be significantly increased we want to further develop and modernize our energy networks in a recent survey more than half of those questions said the cost of moving to renewables has been too high and seventy four percent want the shift to be much better organized or geo political analyst or rain or office is concerned the government's not addressing the problem of taxpayers having to pay extra for renewable energy. what really goes wrong in germany is that some of the costs that are attributed to the renewable energies they in fact cover other costs of. their energy providers and if it comes for example to the dismantling of nuclear power plants we should normally expect that. our companies themselves
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how about the cost such that you know all that will in the end also be covered to the by the consumer by the taxpayer and therefore we don't have really a transparent system of attributing the costs. in the way that it. is reflected by the real costs of energy production. facebook's being accused of revealing detailed information about a group of dakota access pipeline activists to prosecutors that's after documents were obtained by online news site the intercept after an executive order from president trying to build the pipeline across native american land and parts underneath the missouri river the activists organized a protest to using their facebook page the local prosecutor had twice sought information on the demonstrators from the social media site and according to documents facebook apparently helped to get
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a warrant approved through the department of justice and co administrator of the page or tina mckim thinks it was part of a deliberate effort to scare demonstrators away. not only does this warrant attempt to scare people from all the noise in this warrant attempts to scare people from even looking at information the group received many threats at this time for several passons that certain members of the public believed to be at the action personal information such as home phone numbers addresses and workplaces were posted in various places online the protests or rod one hundred indigenous people blocked traffic on a motorway for about an hour although they later peacefully dispersed and no arrests were made a probe it was launched off for a couple of minor road incidents took place due to the protest leaving one injured thousands of native americans along with an environmentalist activists from around the world have been fighting against this pipeline since twenty sixteen journalist of my own doing who reports on native american issues things facebook's violated
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constitutional rights. the violations are continually happening as we're seeing it now in the court system is so with. facebook it's been an outlet in the beginning or seem to also be used violated in our constitutional rights as us citizens present dictators people we're going to do what we can to protect our land and we've been seeing that abuse for five hundred years and desecrated it's important for us to protect the earth but we can't violate that natural law and we're seeing it happen we're seeing men do that we're seeing individual corporations do their individual peroration as dakota access have in all assets federal state and local. officers and mercenaries and national guard and how much security and border patrol at their disposal. we have requested a comment from facebook if and when they get back to us we will let you know well
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that is outing international you like us to wednesday while headline said live on of this channel we are back in about half an hour. but hopes to. put themselves on the line may get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to. let you go right for us this is one of the for three of the people. i'm interested in the water. here's the last. hole move along what has nylon.
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and i was a good idea to ride showed me that there are riders you know the crowds are the foil for today and if you're there. you know. i'm going to let some part of my next question then you can come to me. i just flew to china central falls. down. then i'm all in one of your little bottle it. and then tell everyone i had enough for. me. just a tall full fresh voice gun the i'm here your home and hey i sleep time in syria says. to do she also a divorce from my love for them after they were fired from this list a hatred for the german an oil for hope it offered him a new. we all
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willingly accepted the risk of being shot wounded taken prisoner but new forced signed up to be friggin poisoned by our own people of seeing stuff that was nuclear biological and chemical products the said do not truck tires all types of styrofoam polystyrene these batteries trucks there was a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection between berm pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate every soldier marine airman and sailor that was on the ground that are complaining about illnesses from their exposure from the burn pits would really literally send a be a pro and they don't want to pay it so the waiting in decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they won't have to pay a. call for help and get the middle finger to move used to model the slow.
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delayed and i hope you die. when we all make this manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes to protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent. of the time we can all middle of the room signals. room i mean real in the real world.
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if you'll promise you'll see latest friend of yours as i'm sitting on the lid i was talking and you know then actually pull. just pulling hard because the rest is what you have to do drink it all or give it give it to the uncle in again for my food yes i'll kill. you ok just cool. and anything and then drink the rest. ok that's. why i get one more. thing instead of just this. these are the coca leaves. no have ok so this.
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is something i need this time in from that it don't just o'connell's that. must be done now but if. you don't play your. i think this is one of the most unique things i have ever seen in my life. really. mean it was in the stars as the day was gone the wall. was going to look at those that when is it going to get pullman says in this global elizabeth gilels died in it in the rules or is there is a. i
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. fear a recount the highest silver mines on the planet active for almost five hundred years. packed into the rocks the deep shots are plagued by cave ins and accidents. in the thin dusty and the miners work without eye protection breathing operators and they often work drunk it's extremely dangerous sometimes fatal and frequently carried out by children. young children who worked in bolivia for generations almost three quarters of a million a doing so today. this culture led to the development of bolivia's new liberal and highly controversial children's code in two thousand and fourteen which gave children as young as ten the right to work under certain circumstances. critics in the west said bolivia had effectively legalized child labor the government says the laws protect.


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