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tv   News  RT  January 10, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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we the government will definitely not tolerate some protesters who want to destroy public property or disrupt public discipline and create turmoil in society western leaders for example the french president are crying and the e.u. high represent mahoney were quick to condemn the waning protests even have the american president donald trump calling for regime change iran is failing at every level despite the terrible deal made with them by the bammer ministration the great iranian people have been repressed for many years they are hungry for food and for freedom along with human rights the wealth of iran is being looted time for change but when it comes to the current potest that are taking place in tunisia while here they have kept mum and now it might be that to near zero was the first country back in two thousand and eleven at the start of the arab spring to oust a dictator in a move that was widely approved by the western world as being one of the democratic
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change but since then there have been no less than my own government in place intern is the all of whom have been unable to get a handle on the economic situation the question of course is whether or not we'll see these cause for vision change and condemnation and criticism against tunisia like we've seen for example against him when sociology professor. says that the different approaches to the similar protests in tunisia and their run could be simply explained by the fact that one of these countries is viewed as an enemy tunisia is on the military it's a small country not many people know about that in american society. who many in america have been the. major obstacle for american policy in the middle east since it's the whoosh of money in seventy nine in their case all to you are very happy to look at any small detail that happens in a small part this. to inflate it to look as if this is the end of the vision.
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in covering tunisia and. the german army is recruiting an increasing number of minors according to figures from the country's defense ministry over two thousand teenagers are now volunteering for germany's armed forces that's three times more than six years ago and germany is one of the few countries worldwide that allows under eighteen's to volunteer though only in a non-combat role teenagers can apply if they are seventeen and have parental consent the german military is currently conducting a recruitment drive sending officers to give talks in schools nationwide the campaign also features an online reality show.
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the program follows army recruits for twelve weeks and is one of germany's most popular online projects however its role in making the military more attractive to young people has drawn criticism the united nations for example is concerned that the recruitment drive specifically targets children german army has defended its methods insisting that the training is done under strict supervision earlier we spoke to a regional and p. from germany's left party martin delta he's against the idea of focusing on under eighteen's for army recruitment had been a huge campaigns in schools even in kindergartens. to. make the army more attractive to young people there have been some schools who have been working together with the army to put the young students in some kind of camp
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we support some initiatives called big you don't want to born this way or for example which c.s. where that education should take place without going this where the people who are under aged they shouldn't be urged to. get into the united nation already in two thousand and fourteen. the german government to stop this and erase the ph of soldiers i think this is a problem. but the main problem is if you do a foreign coppola's you with this which is based on dialogue you don't need such a strong army you also many soldiers i think that is the main problem behind it. pressure is mounting on the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu after a controversial recording involving his son that yeo was leaked to the press the prime minister's lawyers reportedly tried to prevent the broadcast of the tape but
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nonetheless it still made it to air on israeli television. in that recording i reportedly made in twenty fifteen could be chatting to the son of israeli gas tycoon coby mime on outside a strip club my mom is a shareholder at a gas company that alleges allegedly benefited from a controversial twenty fifteen law or natural gas drilling rights legislation pushed by a netanyahu government concern to massive newly discovered gas fields off israel's coast and essentially gave corporations control over the development of the deposits with the government ogling it would stimulate investment over critics slammed the proposal as corrupt giving too much power to corporations and demanded
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nationalisation of the gas deposits following the release of the controversial video you know netanyahu denied any actual knowledge of the proposals details saying his conversation was nothing more than a joke under the influence of alcohol i regret the remarks and apologized if anyone was hurt by them in addition the things i said to my mom were a dumb joke and joking around with him as anyone could sell. well prime minister netanyahu was already being investigated in two separate corruption cases the allegations include receiving bribes and negotiating favorable media coverage the prime minister strongly denies all accusations but in the meantime he is pushing for a special immunity law which could allow him to avoid prosecution to discuss the latest controversy surrounding the netanyahu family with the regional experts looks really bad for the prime minister and it doesn't look like you know someone who wants to
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be a leader of the of a country to have his son running around in a government vehicle doing things you know don't look so complimentary and it's not the kind of line that the prime minister would want to do whether it's a danger to the prime minister or undermines no i mean it's a self undermining thing and the reason he did it is because it looks bad but you know we're in a democratic country and as long as. he's living in the prime minister's residence i may have to answer some questions this is not the first case that we're speaking about corruption in the family of binyamin netanyahu as the prime minister of israel these were you may lead to that would draw a little confidence and that's the the main threat. that's why they're trying as a family to play with words showing that it's not. a fact well it was just a matter of a guy who was hanging around with his brains and he was just chatting about
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different things but this is not the matter of fact. north korea and south korea have held their first official talks in over two years ago she ations took place in the demilitarized zone between the two countries the two sides agreed on the participation of north korean athletes in the south korean olympics they also discussed the potential reunification of families separated by the korean war and in a significant breakthrough the true careers. greed on talks between high level officials in order to avoid dangerous military incidence so that you have two points of view one is that buying time to perfect military capability the new capability the other is that is self-confident enough no then accepted a nuclear power they can then become acting as a normal state and start negotiating with other states kim jong un as one north korea has won the democratic people's republic of korea as one no i think this is
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very very welcome news that there is a constructive dialogue going on between the two koreas and i hope something comes up and i mean it when all said and done the political arrangements on the peninsula between the two countries are paramount here and if they're talking i think that leaves a lot less room for other countries notably the united states to complain about things i think really everyone benefits here it's very hard to say who benefits most i suppose in one sense it is north korea because if there were a new war on the korean peninsula it is true north korea of it would be entirely destroyed i'm not sure south korea would be even though it would suffer great devastation so you talk about total destruction as opposed to very serious harm in south korea i suppose in that sense the north has gained more but look for south korea north korea china russia japan the united states if we can keep onto this track it would be a big win for everybody the latest talks followed months of escalation and rhetoric
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and saber rattling between north korea and the united states however the south korean president says donald trump deserves credit for making the talks possible so let's take a quick look back at the kind of diplomacy that according to trump himself eventually led to dialog. totally destroying north korea that's called the military option the nuclear and ballistic missile programs of that regime. require a determined response. little rocket man is a sick puppy. a lot of people said a lot of people have written that without my rhetoric and without my tough stance and such a stance i mean this is this is what has to be done if it has to be done that they would be talking about olympics or they wouldn't be talking right. now still to
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come here on the program on why one french chef is putting an end to his michelin dreams that story in the mix of your headlines in just a moment. seems wrong wrong just don't. get to shape out just to add to it and it gains from it because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. this is an amazing story because that we're seeing real geopolitical impact of that going on a g. twenty country g seven countries japan actually spending power they called it the rise of big going in the millions of people who are buying it in japan multi
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billion dollars that they have appreciated in value is causing a genuine effect in their economy and this is going to be the year twenty eight. of the currencies of this geo political influence. drawing us so far for the program the b.b.c. is being accused of censorship by its own stuff some claim they've been prevented from talking about equal pay following the resignation of the b.b.c.'s china editor over alleged salary discrimination curry gracey worked at the b.b.c. for thirty years in an open letter she accused the network of managing a secretive and illegal salary system over the residence over her casement
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unexpected stumbling blocks as boyko explains above to news of this story broke the head of news at the b.b.c. sent a polite reminder to all the staff saying that because of impartiality rules no one would be able to report on the story if they had expressed a view on it but the problem is that plenty of women at the b.b.c. have treated the solidarity with carry gracey over this issue and they are now accusing the b.b.c. of trying to keep them quiet and of trying to censor them the rules have also resulted in a situation whereby effectively because of this you've got the story being reported almost exclusively by men now the b.b.c. won't comment on. the controversy however they have referred us back to that guidelines take a listen to what they have to say when dealing with controversial subjects concerning the b.b.c. or reporting must remain julie impose szell as well as accurate and fair we need to
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ensure the b.b.c. is impartiality is not brought into question and presenters all reporters are not exposed to potential conflicts of interest the b.b.c. might have to get used to reporting on itself or to referring us back to those guidelines because this looks like an issue that isn't going away and there are likely to be more high profile resignations over this issue of gender pay inequality and we discussed this issue with independent journalist martin some of us think with b.b.c. in particular because it is a public service broadcaster they've got a to show that they're being fair about pay and be the go to show that they're being open about how these decisions are taken and i suppose i would argue that frankly they should let people have their opinions and just say the b.b.c. you know except some people with different opinions about this even when the b.b.c. is the center of the controversy it's going to be a tricky one whatever happens i think by her resignation what she has done is
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brought all this into the open and no doubt the debate will continue. michelin stars are considered a whole mark of fine dining with recipients getting prestige in the cool in every world but in a small mining town in the east of france one chef is being forced to turn in his star though through no fault of his own is the story. think when people over the past four or five years have seen the steady decline in tonnage and fall in business customers for various reasons that many people prefer to stay at work and get deliveries in the office two of them come to the restaurant and companies are making.


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