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i was born a girl from tower it was my home for twenty five years. off to sea in the heart of my state i can't see. that night will follow me and my peoples for the rest of our lives. you won't see any shots of the faithful not in this film we never want to see that again. grenfell for local and good old reasons there's a bigger picture that i love more about every day we talk politics now and how we can take power because we learned that we have to look off to ourselves. changed everything. it did the consequences we suffered it made the trains lehman the horizon and different morph anyways no i live in cannes in the chelsea it's one of the richest areas in the whole country but the north where we live has one of the
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highest concentration of people a low incomes. go in inequality is pushing so many out the area it's obvious global capital has no regard for people like me it's the same story the world over from but into rio madrid to new york but maybe because we're having such prime real estate what we had to live through could be a warning for you all so i set out to learn from those who are in the know about here and tell you about it. they want to paris want to. hear what a push everyone out to ask us in a suburb where you can easily control that outside of the of the in a circle where they have taken over and you quite have a income to even be there i was the only reason you're going to be going in is to commute to work and do some menial toscan come back out again and go back to the suburb they look at. this particular area
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a gold mine and the thing that's preventing them from being able to mine that gold is the presence of the people here for social housing they were they were cutting back on on the repairs and maintenance and i've been to enough he has quite deliberately in this process we call managed to climb and i think data is proved as we'll as we all believe that a cheap job was done if that's proved what you think it probably will be ben that will be you know confirmation of our worst fears and that that's a very deterministic and unpleasant warfare actually against people flowing in having seen many of us now see a wolf by the rich in collusion with their mates in local government they didn't represent us they lied they caught they deregulate it and it killed. the council's representatives deny social plans and they tell us with a straight face they care about our community i don't feel that the issues are
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about social cleansing as you put it i can understand why people. explain in those wise for me the issue is how though how is this council going to invest in that area and invest in ways that delivers community value for the people they are not moving the people they are out to somewhere else that's not on the gender it's on so-called regeneration has hit our community we have wave after wave of gentrification for decades swept away homes and community spaces it replaced record shops with coffee shops music venues we'd be cheeks. where we feel like outside as the streets we want school i was i'm now full of tourists and the rich i can't tell you how many people i've seen move out because it's just too expensive and you know whorish our sewer i've never felt such a difference between one of our off and them i'm talking cross on the ration if we hear regeneration we know it means the generation we know it means destruction of
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any community now we did a story of regeneration project that exists now that every generation comes to your party would you best watch out because he's look like if you don't battle against and stop them they're going to wipe out everything that you all did basically you know everybody's been pushing the regeneration culture yet is actually part of including is that head we need to chop off because it is that beast that created the grandfather off land. is that culture that created it and is hundreds of years old and they still see us especially the african caribbean population as their former slaves. activists around here lifting grenfell's our he won countless times . about the regulation and the flour in the fire safety standards he said only a catastrophe would lead them to see and he was in the plan is not to have
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a plan and that's a great plan when you're trying to run something down into the ground you know because you just don't invest in it you don't you just it's just not looked after as length west we know maybe just you know just they allowed it to is a strong word but they are allowed it like status which is disgusting considering this power has a first of all had referred a billion pounds in reserves that we've been losing all of our public and public buildings in north kensington. the people that are responsible for that at all because they see a small caballo of officers and senior and senior councillors. they should have been keeping us safe in grenfell tower on the rest of the grenfell tower used to live on the first same floor. and rather than keeping us safe they spent their whole time in the whole concentration going around north kensington and taking our library of lovely hundred twenty five year old north kensington library
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of a beautiful information center underneath the fly over. and any other public assets they could get their hands on including this beautiful building behind us the building behind us a purchase of freehold for twenty five point three million pounds without any consultation without even the local labor councillors knowing about it i put some of it accusations to barry cooke i'm not going to comment on that it seems to me that that's a very very strong statement all i can say is that i've looked at the issues that we're dealing with in relation to fire safety on housing on making sure that we've got people that you know directing the team when we're directing work ourselves to make sure that people are safe but obviously emma level accusations directly at some of her colleagues. former deputy council leader look filled a million they had to massive mass the plans and some people praying in their
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expanse from elsewhere on the context the latest his property developer and others who were just merely aspiring to be property developers like the melon before the fire filled in mellon was working for a property development company slightly named socially conscious capital how socially conscious is it that while serving in public office he was also being wind ten times by dismantle. this guy rich convincing councils to sell off assets to his wealthy clients filled in million enjoy steve's five star lunches with him and pinch pennies from us. to look out the window and i think the only thing you can look out of luck if the school and your state so you would have been really really good is wake up early yet i want to go on that one that i saw. later in the uk now. hopefully will happen to be if they happen to be a fly. filling crack doing. touching up the paint what i mean
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one of three things true. after a big middle finger to the people on the if. he's doing great he wants to get out of here and felling up which is the right thing to do he said ok and i like we need to we need to go now at least to go big money alone bankers have plans to where we live only we will. local fight is against global enemies and structures. guys have as much money as hostile world because it is systems we are fighting and it doesn't matter if you're in london if you're in their way and that's really. when you have a political blow up completely convinced and it's the consensus among them that the most functional economic philosophy for society is neo liberalism whereby you have the big transfers of wealth and redistribution of wealth upward and the idea that
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the. cuts in touch with corporations that there is subsidizing of the arms industry subsidizes the banking sector. who pays the price of those things it is the people who are just by the backbone the heart and the lungs of the society is the people that really make it run. in two thousand and sixteen the panama papers shocked the world with a tax haven the secrets two trillion united states dollars pass through most often
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fake in the amount of time that we did then in the panama papers exposure that's what it shows a lot of money it really is. journalism it's an act of journalism looking at things that people want to keep secret and asking why would they want to keep these things secret. millions of most like from psycho documents where examiners. the all the people which basically have tried to get an advantage out of this sort of newspaper. and probably other politician which was tough at that other politicians the media would point to find their targets such as the kings of morocco and saudi arabia the president of argentina several prime ministers. and russian president vladimir putin of course. oh my god i've had so i have sued so many newspapers for defamation some things don't just happen by chance it was
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very striking there were no one americans in the list especially a lot of people from the brics countries specially brazil russia and china that their special project reveals what was missed in the media coverage. the panama chronicles. everybody i'm stephen barbee got to ask hollywood guy usual suspects every proud american first of all and restored washing and. harvey to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru where just a little bit different i'm not. going to claim no no no not with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road have some fun meet everyday americans . and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted in night it's your exactly just full on author of the only show i go out of my way to find generally what it is that really packs a punch how to sleep yam is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same thing we are apparently better than food that i see favor you never heard of love went back to the night my president of the world bank no paid money goes right seriously he sent us an email. which. was to send of all well it's the whole of my estate. the file in june two thousand
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and seventeen but i hold it all. i couldn't believe it. and i couldn't believe the size of it as well because it was almost on the whole of this size almost i mean you could see that it was spreading quite far you could hear it you could see bits of the club in kind of fooling around on the street. brawl and i seen a towel on my sidewalk on the other side i was right but you could see the smoke circulating and that's when it was a. you know he looked up. you saw or at you saw people i don't even know if i at the time i thought those people are going to get out it was so it was traumatic you know it was beyond traumatic and we're hoping that somehow something will come along and rescue them somehow we will not
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literally watch these people beg for help and bend to death in front of us and you know what happened a helicopter came and it came within one hundred fifty two hundred mi is of the building and turned back around now that turn around was the most heartbreaking thing i've ever seen in my life. because the state the government the local council failed us in the aftermath of the file to continue to feed us. and i was so shocked in the first few days that there's a total absence of the council and that it was really shocking i saw i saw the leader and deputy leader being filmed on the first day looking at certain shell shocked as we all were and then that was it that gone and completely gone there was nobody there was no help we wait a day after day after day for the council to step in and say hello this is what needs to happen this is what we need to do nobody to date has common said actually
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they stay sticks and this was their way and they had to register themselves. residents the virus how to grow and document who survived to who i met was going on for a very i don't know what the council thought was going on or how they fail to see an agency but they seem to in some way fail to see the image and see and. that first day i remember thinking wow they've been cool with that pounce on a bit here like bo but then by the end of the day when nothing much had improved thinking. this is a this isn't this feels like more significant than incompetence or even barry cook from the council seem less than impressed with their response i am concerned very concerned about its capability into the future and i think it's important that the council make sure that we don't have a collapse of services and that we stand ready to manage to manage services if we
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have to if there's an economic fighting on the part. that there's a perception that the council in the field of the fire power. i i wasn't here in the in the week after the fire i came ten days later so i hear lots of comments and i hear lots of conversations particularly people in the air and so on but you also hear from staff in our organization that were there then did lots of stuff now maybe you know they people weren't aware of them but all i hear lots of different voices some from staff and counselors who were actually present at the time and did lot of work but we didn't see or feel the council's presence off to the fire and wonder why they still had time for things that clearly could await the can so granted to imagine she planning applications the day after the fire. they weren't around to take me in today even for the community but they were able
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to have a planning application me into grant emergency planning applications with no committee hearings while the community was dealing with the disaster and the count just tons of aid companies contracted by the council to carry out the but she would have a she began deleting things on their websites there with u.k. group delete it dissipates about their involvement in installing the smoke ventilation system in the towers main stairwell but we all began to hold them up what did they have to hide there were fears the council were doing the same thing. these questions. as part of the public inquiry i'm not sure answers we get the i'll explain later why computers are to be safe from the council voting it went off and on. if you were a kid if you were african you know organization you'd offer him up while working on this film the conservative leader of the council nicholas patch of ground announced his resignation he filled a million manage to reach innovation that so deadly kept in touch to grenfell now
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he's advising big businesses how to profit from local authorities yeah i'll give you the parts. he was actually he's made a business of tenant of accounts who this is how you do a budget night this is how you make money off a budget and he was making a living off this after he was he should be in jail he should be in jail. projected office to respond to allegations made in this film a week after the fire to resubmit a made it official she apologized in parliament calling grenfell a failure of state the support on the ground for families in the initial alice was not good enough that was a failure at the state local and national. but for those of us who disputed continue statements of state before and after the fire this was too little too late . failure implies that there is
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a positive intention in the beginning to actually fulfil this toss what i think we have seen is yes incompetence on one hand but distain and purposeful money speak like a social housing in this bar in order to cleanse and move people out we know that people that campaigned against the council in there and with threatened with eviction vindicated in that. they were vindicated in that and that is the most tragic part of this situation that people were not heard. in life and even now they're not heard and. there's a strong sense that justice cannot be done to grant. the call for a just and humane response has food and on deaf ears to community and good but dignified has responded to the state's failings the silent marches they have grown with every march taken place on the fourteenth of each month the date of the file.
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the lack of justice is never less obvious as when my streets are filled of grieving families and survivors. is clear now there was no justice i have it in my mind from three days after the fire that we were never going to see justice this pill sadness song list some good stories we're not going to say there's people that made it out of there with their whole family and their life today and that's good and that's beautiful but. the problem was we happy about that because i know people are going to make out so it's rage it's back to rage. there will never be justice which is it's i personally believe that and it's just my own very own personal belief that that kind of only game in town is my move bakes public inquiry there were fears of the state's failings will continue to move into public inquiry because it is being headed by more pick he's a judge with a history of controversial rudin's in housing cases where he has been accused of
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social cleansing this guy couldn't be further from our state and why the community people need to go to jump journey people lost their lives if we don't nice we need to be rest eat we were being questioned we would have been down the whole of the team ok management team need to go to geo what would have been if they go and arrest the guys but not sat in on them for gisors sold the credit. and the guys who were for the curtain to go in there and for that would have been perfect justice for me perfect and a lot of these annoyed a main players in these organizations or got connections religion. they all have had direct relationship there prof sat cross going right back to david cameron. who deregulated fire safety and live within walking distance of grand felt hour. it remains to be seen with the outcome of the public inquiry and police investigation will be. the one thing we know for sure we will never trust the state and his
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plight is sick to mates to keep us safe again. since to file the community continue to come to give a not just to pick up where the council fails but to china increase our power so that nothing like this ever happens again. that was a tragedy what's happened has happened to that he said and he said it was a lot of people up it's woken him up it woke me up what a lot of people up and i believe if we continue to stand and make the noise and not shut people out we can change this community to that way and that. we know from observing what's going on that there is a more contemplated move there is a more thoughtful mood amongst young people there isn't as much madness guy in the streets that was going on as before people off thinking about oh so. this is it divide and rule thing we are being pitted against each other how do we deal with that and i think there is an opportunity to actually turn a lot of stuff around history is key to understanding the struggle of working class
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people in north kensington the area known as gold to people down here is the equivalent to new york's harlem it was the setting of a counter culture from sound system to. after the war the fight against racism and fascism. the caribbean and the progressive white working class communities made history taken to far off the streets in the public space flow set the bar in many ways claiming disused lands from the council one of this for the benefit of the community the history of is one of never ending strong. up until today where we have in the biggest threat we have ever faced gentrification some locals think the only way forward for our community is to build on the way we came to give off to file the state has filed the filed the papers of those kind of filed the paper the ground for it was voluntary. wake soft was ok we did things for themselves and what we think if we can harness that spirit and make it a permanent thing when you look at the numbers that they were able to get in to
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their positions when there's no reason why we can't put forward now pace yourself there's no reason why we can't put forward candidates that we know that we know will not sell us out because they are beholden to and receptive to the movements for social justice which exist within the bar rather than beholden to corporate power in tightly enclosed time if we want to get rid of the tough from the south and about microsoft's independence and then bring it on you know real direct two point kristie because the one good thing that could come out of the thought one good thing is a total new model of work and he's in the hauraki of things in the past is a great opportunity to do that build from the from the ground up again i think it would be a brilliant thing. a council tax and. you know we all decided one quarter not to pay our council tax to the council and the whole of
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north kensington pays its council tax to a community organization and then you know facilitate all of those organizations already in place doing the work remember those millions that the council had in the bank they could have spent on cutting that wasn't deadly while we were filming this report the council buckled under community pressure announcing that it would spend much of those reserves we house in survivors in the local area oh we're on track to purchase about three hundred properties before the second week in december we're looking to try to make sure that we can offer people property is a permanent way of buying properties in the local arundhati ten and eleven who knows where we would be if it weren't for the community stand alone for five months people have been in hotels the vast majority still my state is being gutted the reality for us no but it will start of got my island of joy my residents' association not particular pains to take back what is outs maybe it's the only way we can survive to realise that elective leigh we have we all know what we will the
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real power to shape our destinies and to be artisans of all faiths and we need to seize these opportunities and organize. and that if anything that is being mix that will come out of these you know that is an increasingly aware community of its interest. this not willing to be pushed around. may.
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global warming selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight the battle is going. to soft credit tell you that will be gossip and probably by fall for the most important news today. by the mouth of advertising telling me you are not cool enough unless you buy their product. all the hawks that we along with all the one. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better guarded than for knox swiss customs are here permanently all the site is controlled by them and they impose the opening times. opposite it is from his
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office the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe masterpieces by artists like pecan so and modigliani i can't boards and sold inside this warehouse that's where the report comes in that it covers up deals which are naturally discreet commercially discreet felt but also discreet because they concern fraud of some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport system you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black box of the art business. with this manufactured incentive to stick to the public well. when the
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ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round be the one percent. you know middle of the room six. million relieved. i think i'm right. i'm i was right that i'm lucky i want.
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my. headlines on obscenely international north korea and south korea hold high level talks for the first time in two years does raise hopes of a possible diplomatic breakthrough over the crisis but instead of. hundreds of people have been protesting in the spanish capital against the government's decision to house refugees in a regional jail. there are close to a boy called clothing john h. and m. offer it's had featured a black child in a hoodie with the word. coolest monkey in the jungle here on the program. in a climate of racial tension you know it's going to have connotations i don't think this has called attention for the vast majority of people involved.


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