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i. hope. breakthrough. here on the program. i don't think. people think this is.
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just a morning here in moscow you're watching international all of us here a very warm welcome to. north korea and south korea are holding their first official talks to us. taking place right now in the demilitarized zone between the two countries and here is what preceded the negotiations and the reopening of across the board a telephone line and the following day donald trump agreed to delay military drills with sold until next month. in south korea. this morning. do we know anything yet any agreements yet to come out of these talks that are in effect happening. at this moment it's all very sensitive and secretive
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given that you know this is the first meeting face to face meeting between the two sides in two years and it's been a heck of a year with all the saber rattling with all the missile launches the war games and you know what gives it away is where this is taking place along the most heavily militarized border in the world the most heavily mined border in the world we're getting bits and pieces coming out of a south korean news agency and various south korean news agencies but this was these talks were never supposed to be about anything other then the winter olympics that are going to be taking place in south korea that's the official reason because obviously the south koreans want to get the north koreans to come if the north koreans and the delegation will be much more unlikely to launch ballistic missiles or you know stage war games journey in the olympics which is a big fear that you know it my might escalate tensions so they have that they have
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agreed a number of things for example they've agreed that the north koreans will said the delegation of high profile that a geisha founds musicians officials sporting officials as well as performance to perform at the opening ceremony as entertainment they've also agreed. on potentially look potential further talks on reuniting siblings families that were split by the one nine hundred fifty s. war that divided north korea and south korea the north koreans also took a job but trump saying that his claims that these talks say he's a success it's a nonsense and a completely baseless boast also and this is this is a big guy i think is the biggest thing to come out so far the south koreans have proposed direct talks between north korea and south korean military officials and in this climate of fear escalation of continue provocations by by. both sides these
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talks will will achieve a lot you know the south koreans said that they want these talks to deescalate the situation to calm tensions and to eventually lead to denuclearization of the korean peninsula where clearly a lot of the world's key players are keeping a very close watch on this meeting going on as you as you said on the borders and there in this so-called peace village. take us back for a moment how how did the right cards get put in place for this meeting to actually occur in the first place well this was this was an initiative of the north korean leader who. who proposed these talks as the as a gift to the korean people something that they over the people as he said. i think we should be engaged in these talks in earnest. to give a new year's gift namely the results of the tour to the korean nations. as you
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mentioned earlier we hope to bring a precious gift to your people that matches the expectations of our people. obviously the two sides have vested interest in talks a successful the beginning to bite the well they've been biting for a long time but they're now crippling the north koreans and they obviously want to get rid of these sanctions or the united states has come out and said that there will be no the north koreans verifiably give up all of their nuclear weapons which hard to imagine seeing that in the near future huge affair with. south korea the north koreans boycotted the. games they killed hundred fifteen i believe people and this time in effect and here in r.t. we are monitoring it extremely closely one short he's speaking to you very soon but i guess the if thank you. for the latest talks are followed months of escalation in rhetoric and saber rattling as more out was saying of course between north and south korea the north korea i should say on the u.s.
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over donald trump claiming his aggressive attitude towards pyongyang is exactly what made the diplomatic. totally and that's called the military action the nuclear and ballistic missile programs of that regime require a determined. little rocket man is a sick puppy. a lot of people have said a lot of people that without my rhetoric and without my tough stance and said just a stance i mean this is this is what has to be done if it has to be done. that they would be talking about olympics that they would. fight live now to talk to us some are in china member of the korea peace network a good morning to you thanks for joining us here on r.t. international both the north and south expressing optimism do you expect any breakthrough at these talks. i do expect
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a major breakthrough from these talks as you can state this is a truly historic moment and that this is the probably the best news in the new year and also as a north korean the head of north korean delegation said it's going to be the best new year gift before i go ahead and i do i do want to. make a comment on the president trump calving trying to get in credit. his support was his support for this initial talk was a timely however i think this was north korea was responding to president when jane's proposal that has been on the table for more than six months present when doing laid out a very step by step approach that is based on the first between. the transforming winter olympic into peace olympics and step through. easing tension between north and south korea inter korean relationship resuming resumption of
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a. reunion of separated families etc so this and thirst there will be a south korea playing some kind of a role between north and united states a bilateral relationship and fourth eventually addressing the denuclearization of the entire korean peninsula if you followed these proposals this is indeed actual north korea just responding to president wins against a proposal that i think president trump the right thing to publicly come out and supporting the this this process and the second thing that is very important is that if you look at it yes there there will be a major breakthrough because north korea has achieved. a nuclear deterrent you know on its own record and as you can as we saw from new year's this. beach north korea
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field that you just very confident it has a new clear deterrent capability and as the new year's address pointed out the next step is to move forward to economic development so if you take the true and i'm sorry to jump you talk about this nuclear deterrent this nuclear deterrent that north korea has reportedly or allegedly been able to achieve no amount of fracture so that's the whole. the trouble ministration that north korea must never have a nuclear weapon north korea are saying we must have nuclear weapons to deter the united states who's right all on this argument here. i detected you but there can be both can be right but as far as north korea has perfected its nuclear deterrent capability against united states and most importantly however north korea says it will it will never use nuclear weapon for against a country that that's not threatening and what it meant is purely deterrence capability and another thing we should point out that whether united states want to
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believe or not it is a must to export to agree with the argument that north korea does have a. theoretical speaking of nuclear weapons state and this is a matter. of sept and spy you know all those nuclear weapon states and endeavor got i think we i think we have literally we are right now at the closest point where north korea does have nuclear deterrence and investments that we should be able to really this is time to move forward and and. obviously these talks there's carrot and stick going on here that there's bargaining those negotiations happening here right now is resuming that meeting is in effect what do you think north korea would like to get out of these negotiations . north korea first of all north korea would like to eventually would like to
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obviously want to. get some kind of agreement with the united states the most important thing though of course i would like to have is to ease tension on the korean peninsula specifically to stop holt or reduce the scale of united states and south korea joint military drills what other support as a war game which is only to become the hinderance of the peace in the on the korean peninsula and secondly north korea probably would like to see a greater inter the kind of unification invocation process or peace process led by two koreas free from more independent from the superpowers outsiders i think that is the probably main goal of north korea for reaching out to south korea at this particular moment and i think having as if you look at the history of the north and south korean enter interactions people only for the negative aspect but i think that has been always there as we know most progress as well you know whenever two
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koreas talks or you know north korea talks with the united states or china north korea has really halted or stopped or paused its weapons development so this is time we should fully behind it and that we should give credit to south korean government prison window and if you look at this amazing an initiative well dr chen we are keeping very close tabs here on our international they're meeting in effect right now on the border between north and south korea in the so-called peace village dr simone charter member of the korea peace network thanks for joining us today are not saying thank you. thank you. donald trump's huddling of another crisis this time in the middle east is raising fears among human rights defenders last week the u.s. president threatened to cut funding for palestinians activists say this will and foremost the u.n. special body for published in universe. of these fears hoping for. fanned by the words of the israeli prime minister. in the united nations relief and works
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agency for refugees must become a thing of the past. in . the un relief and work agency is a special body created specifically to help palestinian refugees this includes those who lost their homes or livelihoods in the one hundred forty eight conflict and their descendants as well also those who suffered in the israeli palestinian conflict of nine hundred sixty seven the united states and the european commission have been the largest individual donors providing more than a third of all the funding of the un relief and works agency serves over five million people in the gaza strip alone one point three million out of a population of one point nine to be palestinian refugees the agency provides them
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with education medical support infrastructure and maintenance and according to israel's prime minister the lion's share of those being served by the relief and work agency don't actually need its help while those that do should apply to the un's refugee agency instead but the relief and work agency's spokesman told us that one country alone cannot rule on the matter. it will be.
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ready to reject us in the wake of. and we spoke to the director of one local and. any. american administration. as a. definitely . hundreds of people have been protesting in. towards migrants and refugees into the country and. by the government's decision to temporarily. jail.
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protesters demanded the closure of the prison facility holding banners reading no detention centers no borders just over a week ago one migrant was found dead in his cell at the site. now of some media outlets reported the death as suspicious the spanish police however say the man hung himself in his cell while his relatives allege that police brutality in the prison is rife and more likely the cause of the algerian migrants death added to the controversy surrounding the use of the prison as a refugee processing center the spanish authorities say they have resorted to using it only as an exceptional and temporary measure and they also stress that the new facility is is well it's brand new and it's never been used as a detention center the local activists insist that a place like this should never be considered as a refugee camp. it is not even acceptable to hold prisoners there's no
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drinking water yet the government has used this prison for five hundred seventy eight male migrants from algeria since november saying that this is totally illegal first the spanish state is prohibited from holding migrants in a prison second the conditions under which the migrants live are legal guarded by riot police and have been unable to see their relatives it were not given any clothes for the first few weeks. defended the spanish government's argument that there simply isn't enough space to house all the new arrivals however the mayor of a lot of kanada the town where the jail is located says that's no excuse my time of the airport is that we do not agree with the spanish government senior lateral decision to house almost six hundred immigrants in the prison they're not criminals and more appropriate accommodation could be found. but it's not just one spanish region that has been facing difficulties with the migrant influx the recent figures show that more than twenty thousand refugees have crossed into spain. via the
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mediterranean in just the past year that is more than double the number of twenty sixteen and we spoke to maria face it was very good from the united nations human rights council in spain she says that more should be done by the spanish authorities to tackle the ongoing crisis u.n.h.c.r. has been always saying refugees and asylum seekers should not be kept in detention our team is just the top of the iceberg of a situation that is not properly hundred and a situation that has been there a high level off in previous haitian court and known time the figure thing two thousand and seventeen have increased over one hundred percent compared to the previous years but still we are talking about really the monitor board members there is no more than twenty seven thousand people waiting in one year when in the past we've seen three s.
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with one medium where you believe receiving over one hundred thousand people want to hear the basis so we therefore believe that spain should be doing much more in this regard. the national security agency in the united states is facing troubling times there are reports that a dramatic number of employees are leaving the service one reason being apparently a slump in morale caused by leaks exposing the extent of the agency's spy activities a former n.s.a. technical director todd whistleblower william binney things stuff can no longer work in the conditions the agency creates. the internally in n.s.a. see their program called see something say something about employees your fellow workers so they've got the workers inside n.s.a. watching the they other workers so that they can get their what their objective is to get somebody to tell them about someone who might be another edward snowden so
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that was the whole program that's what that's all about so i'm sure that that creates a very hostile you know kind of. a bad work environment that destroys the morale of the people do it work doing the work there i mean can you it's like you were in the middle of the i was in the original program set up by the stasi to they did the same thing in east germany so i mean well when you i mean anybody who had a vendetta or some gripe against someone else could say something about them you know in without giving their names and just to report them for something just to get them into trouble and have difficulty so i mean that just sets up a very bad work environment. they have to encourage you know creativity and independence and get get get the fear of actually trying to do something out of the employee so they're not afraid to try things i mean when you have people watching you all the time for some kind of slip up i mean that kind of that kind of makes you an inhibited that kind of says i don't want to try to do
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things because somebody might perceive it incorrectly and if they do and i get reported i get in trouble so you know that's that's a very bad thing for them to be doing so they need to correct that they need to they need to also out a magically audited on what they're doing so that you know congress can really know what's happening and the people can really know and so can the justice department they're doing illegal things like violating the constitution of the united states which are currently doing now. so they need to correct all of that and then that will create a better and work environment and actually see the big get the people who are working there to see that they're actually doing positive things. well i mean i don't see them succeeding at stopping terrorism anyway i mean the only thing they stop for this set ups that the f.b.i. does you know they entrap people as far as the the attacks that have really been planned by terrorists or people who are in there who are intending harm to people i mean they haven't stopped this for any of them that i know of because alexander
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general alexander former director there and claim to the judiciary committee in the senate that they've stopped that before attacks and he was challenged by senator leahy to prove it and he couldn't prove any of them so i mean the point is the thing that they're doing is unconstitutional illegal it's crimes against the laws of the united states and they need to stop that that would change some of the way that the work and employees working there would perceive the job and the charter and the duties inside and say. they're all coals to boycott clothing john h. and after diaper sized a black child in a hoodie with the words coolest monkey in the jungle has now taken down the image and apologized however that hasn't stopped a massive ryle with the brand being labeled as racist. the marketing failed agent templates a black child in a hoodie that reads and the coolest monkey in the jungle and the white child is the survival expert and now fox are pretending like they don't know the black children
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have long been racially characterized as monkeys. is just irony i highly doubt they will like let's put the monkey hoodie on a bill like al macon and see there's a white supremacist who works for h. and damn the thought it was funny to make a blackboard modeling hoody that said coolest monkey in the jungle that got a little black boy in a monkey hoodie of course it's offensive but it's so obvious i'm hysterical over the lack of awareness by h. and m. . we discussed whether the it is racially insensitive with a new guitar solo editor of spiked magazine and a remy photographer from models of diversity. well i think it's a really sad day i think what has happened is the word monkey has been used because this boy is a child and the word monkey is used to describe children of all races because they're cheeky and mischief first and you can see this across children's clothes for children of all races and this was part of a jungle themed clothing line the idea that this was somehow racially malevolent i
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think is utterly ludicrous the whole issue is with this advertising campaign it's an advertising campaign that it's international it's an international campaign and it's so obvious that if you're going to use a connotation like monkey if you don't not specifically choose a campaign where the lap child is chosen as the monkey and the white child is chosen as the jungle survivor in a climate of racial tension you know it's going to have connotations i don't think this has that connotation for the vast majority of people the vast majority of people think this is a perfectly innocent campaign involving children of all races involved in the jungle i was bullied by a whole class called a monkey by the by a whole class of when i was going into a class and then really had an affair and if that's going to have an effect on me that's going to have an effect on generations to come because you're the parent of that child you can't get away from the strongest way we can deal with this is by
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moving children beyond race that should be the goal for everyone in society is making children not think about their race that's the way we should be proceeding the more you allow that kind of toxic level of debate that happens on twitter to permeate our interactions in the real world the more we become distance from each other the more we so racial difference and the more any genuine racial solidarity becomes impossible because people no longer trust each other. the former google engineer who was fired over his controversial diversity memo is suing the tech giant for alleged to screw. nation is lawsuit alleges that the company mistreated employees for their can so political views male gender and caucasian race are james the more he was fired last august off to his internal memo criticizing the company's culture went viral. i'm simply stating that the distribution of preferences and abilities of men and women differ in potency to budge cuckoos says
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and that these differences may explain why we don't see equal representation of women in tech and leadership in the ten page memo the former google employee suggested it women were less suited to certain tech roles he was fired off the google c. stated part of the memo violated the code of conduct and cross the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in the workplace male mccabe a political journalist believes the constitution is on google's side i think the law in the constitution is on the side of the company but it is interesting that the courts are allowing this case to move forward i think it would be dangerous if private companies were being held to a first amendment standard that doesn't really apply is certainly don't want employees able to sort of provoke other workers and create this sort of
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animosity inside the workplace i'm very sympathetic to google's point of view by law but the spirit of the lawsuit is something i'm really enjoying watching thanks for joining us so far here on international just to keep in mind we are keeping a very close watch on the talks right now between north and south korea along the along the border what could come out of them we'll give you details when we get them here when i see international. in two thousand and sixteen the panama papers show the world with the tax haven secrets two trillion united states dollars passed through most. in the amount of time that we've been in panama papers exposure that's what it shows
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a lot of money it really is. journalism it's an act of journalism looking at things that people want to keep secret and asking why would they want to keep these things secret. millions of. documents were examined. me all the people we. have tried to get an advantage out of this sort of newspaper. and probably other politician which was the other politician the media would point to find their targets such as the kings of morocco and saudi arabia the president of argentina several prime ministers. and russian president vladimir putin of course. oh my god i've had so i have sued so many newspapers for defamation some things don't just happen by chance it was very
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striking there were no more americans and especially a lot of people from the brics countries specially brazil russia and china that this special project reveals what was missed in the media coverage. of the panama chronicles. for many clubs over the years so i know the game is. so i doubt it's. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super manager killian erroneous and spending two hundred twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great so will transfer. the base minute.
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