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extreme hardship in france thousands of migrants continue to sleep rough despite president macross promise to find them all a shelter before the end the twenty seventh because some of their stories coming up you look to smell like new people to be honest truth is is this the life you thought you would have. had to present to turkey lashes out at america apparently now threatening to drop bilateral agreements after a turkish bank has been convicted in the united states. food medical aid is still not getting into yemen awful situation there despite saudi arabia easing its blockade on the country last month we hear from the red cross and even rights watch about the humanitarian situation in that war ravaged country.
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good evening this is out international live with me kevin i just turned seven in the evening in moscow time this friday first promise by the french president to move thousands of migrants off the country streets by the end of twenty seventeen is paid only fallen flat given his word that the rough sleepers would be found shelter but instead many are still living in abysmal conditions and facing bitter temperatures and constant police pressure dubinsky reports. a new year may have begun but for these my clients the problem is still the same ahead is yet another freezing night on the streets of paris. president said he wanted to resolve the problem by the end of the year it's not resolved in the neighborhood there are
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another thirty camps which are settled like this and these migrants are seeking asylum there is a problem with violence between the people who are waiting in the queue at the reception center because they want to be the first whose fault is that. it's not the fault of the migrants it's the fault of the system is poorly organized which is pose problems for two years is completely dysfunctional and creates a situation of confrontation and violence people have been injured at the reception office the people are angry at the situation because it continues in the same way and because there is no solution. one of those waiting to find a way off the streets is rafi he's been in france for seven months. you look everybody doing he had already called about more food. water but you know. one one just one one i'm a little one another this is my life. three people sleep with me we're on the
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story. is this the life you thought you would have moved. across france thousands of migrants a living in similar conditions all hand to mouth some are found shelter intense along the canals and streets of paris others in the metro stations all a just looking for a place to call home in the last two years more than forty thousand migrants have set up camp metro station. and this is a boy they come it's a reception center where migrants can register to possibly start a new life in iraq every day hundreds of side offenses like this and base just simply won't cope with the demands despite a pledge that no migrants would be sleeping rough by the end of two thousand and
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seventeen president marc bolan has failed to keep his promise and migrants across the country see no end in sight to their suffering. even ski r.t. paris. according to the latest data more than one hundred seventy thousand migrants made it to europe by crossing the med in twenty seventeen and france isn't the only country of course where there's discord over how best to deal with these new arrivals now australia's far right vice chancellor has suggested the should be housed in vacant army barracks where the current curfew should be imposed on them. close to it until maybe we could use our empty barracks it's not worth considering since it was discussed extensively in the past should we have a curfew for every migrant to return to the barracks and the austrian vice chancellor there and the right wing populist danish people's party knows god even further they want to ban on new mosques in certain areas under curfew or young
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people in what they call ghettos let's bring in hines gardiner political scientist at the university of vienna joining us now hey there thanks for your time what do you make of the vice chancellor proposal there's a bit mount of force in terms of refugees and some are saying here he wants to put these people in the disused army camps for instance and a lot of people are distancing him them selves from this but i suppose some people would say it's common sense these buildings are are open and they'll provide some shelter what you think about. the first afford it was a campaign promise of postals their willing parties to introduce and implement. immigration and asylum laws in that part of him more complain chief program this putting asylum seekers in that box has several functions one is of course to take them out of society if you see really
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that the basis of the voters the electorate of the writing party is satisfied second it's about control you better can control it i mean you have time to get. the products then in individual apartments even so studies show that it's much cheaper to put them. in and you trade housing into. apartments so i think it all come is mainly about current dollars so that it's not only a curfew and i think what it was originally is not you get your photo taken from you you get every bit and piece taken from you that may be a ripple with your personal belongings you get put in basically internment camps in the middle of europe a lot of people be shocked by that it's it it's about control and it's also possible to trace the. course of the cell phone always and always has an obligation of secrecy of physicians should be eased so it's mainly.
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about control and about take them out of society really but also we have to say that minister of interior wants to separate them from their ministry of integration so as least minister of interior doesn't say integration it's not our business it's about control and vetting it it's not very different to the ball game we have seen in the us. whispered. about his proposal for extreme vetting so explain very thing it's all about. these guys already there it's pointless vetting them or a lot of people argue when they're already there you've got the populace danish parties. people's party wanting to impose curfews on these people you've got this note from hans christian struck want to put these people in the u.s military barracks it really sounds that europe is really at odds about what to do with these
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people and the tide is turning against a lot of these migrants and it's a really difficult position they are in isn't it. it is but i have to say that that's what the pace of this is wrong it's a double it's not so much difference of the post all in part is they all wanted to have strict orders against muslim immigrants asylum seekers and of course the event the fight also contraries rich very very little chance of asylum and most of them are coming from. africa so it's easier for asylum seekers from syria afghanistan to get asylum so they are eastern more easily to the integration program then so those who do not have a chance a chance for. asylum and saw. will be deported
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much quicker than in the past so they want to speed up. the procedures and so they want to deport deport them more efficiently and to argue . for not necessarily as studies show. they want to do this as items because not right now it's not necessarily more efficient but it's more. it's a more symbol that they want to do what they promised in the in the in the country what's the feeling within europe about this quota system we've got the czech prime minister saying that he thinks this migrant quota system just simply isn't working is not the way forward is that the general feeling in europe. it does not work and we have some european states vision can cut you should get out qantas which would not take any asylum seekers and. my guidance and there is
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a debate now with the european union to sanction those countries so that quota system does not really wreck and that's what. chancellor now quits we. argue it in the european union impasse in saying we have to get rid of the quota system so the whole thing will change possibly and some countries in the richer counties where there seems to take any asylum seekers or migrants or i wish to god we could leave it there thanks ever so much time i've got a political scientist the university of vienna is big problem and a lot of people in europe unsure how best to solve it for every benefit thank you. president lashed out at americans apparently threatening to drop bilateral agreements is the next but it is for you tonight the united states should excuse us but the laws in our bilateral ties and the bilateral accords between us are losing
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their validity i'm saddened to say this but this is how it will be from now on turkish cheerless allotting killick spoke to me more about relations between anchor and washington. turkish and u.s. relations have been deteriorating again in the last incident just came after the conviction of a turkish banker and who is in executive of a state owned turkish bank and it came after the testimony of the turkish iranian gold trader who is a convict in the united states for evading u.s. sanctions in iran now this whole trial may lead up to thirty years in prison for these comments lately president out of the one has yet again condemned these actions of the united states and if this is the u.s. understanding of justice then the world is doomed for one thing the u.s.
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should review its understanding of justice and at the same time strengthen it while the turkish government sees this trial as a u.s. intervention to its internal affairs and this is not the first time that the nato allies have been deteriorating their relationships this bad it has been happening since two thousand and sixteen. in turkey and the president of the one sais that this whole trial has been based on made up fabricated evidence that have been provided by an islamic cleric whose name is fit to live bill and who also lives in the united states and who is believed to be behind a coup. was worth purdum on the relations between turkey and the u.s. of faced a number of laws strongly against american support for kurdish fighters in syria also washington's refused to extradite for a girl and that's caused a lot of problems in korea accuses him of masterminding the twenty sixteen coup
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attempt that in august last year u.s. authorities charged president one's body guard with attacking protesters in washington is what a middle east expert really risky thinks the turkish leaders leaders would should be taken seriously. this isn't the first time that the turkish president of russia or divine makes such fiery statements when it comes to something i think you're so it's very possible or do go on in the midst of it due to obvious disagreements with the americans who has responded by further strengthening ties with countries like russia and iran where you do have this anti uranium iranian atmosphere which is prevailing in washington and so i think that further pushes entire getting anyone who could be associated to being close to iran if you take it from that perspective that could be a political motivated maybe something more important which we could refer to is this downward spiral we have in u.s. ties with the muslim countries in general we already have this muslim muslim anger
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from the poor from the street now or from politicians. america's relations with pakistan look to be turning sour as well protests have broken in islamabad with activists burning u.s. flags and portraits of donald trump and the pakistani foreign minister says the alliance with the u.s. is over as his country won't be treated as a quote whipping boy now that comes after washington is now suspended its security assistance to the country which has long been its ally in the fight against terrorism in afghanistan. we are suspending security assistance security assistance only to pakistan at this time intill the pakistani government takes decisive action against groups including the afghan taliban and the haqqani network we consider them to be destabilizing the region and also targeting u.s. personnel the united states will suspend that kind of security assistance to
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pakistan. showed regret at the u.s. paying billions to pakistan and accused there being a safe haven for terrorists in afghanistan the twitter spot a furious response from the pakistani foreign minister remind the us of course went into afghanistan to remove the taliban way back in two thousand and one since there are over two thousand four hundred soldiers have been killed two trillion dollars spent on the conflict it's no note the longest war in u.s. history that's pretty. lose a senior political analyst and columnist to get his thoughts thanks for being with us live so donald trump's no security over the terrorist safe haven claims is this new pressure on islam about going to change anything the. years of course this is all the pressure tactics because when united states is completely fair enough to understand so it's the time and they are finding some lame excuses to put the responsibility of. on pakistan but pakistan definitely have
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a great sacrifices in the water against terrorism as you mentioned that they have lost a lot of people in this what against terrorism and the terrorist if if if if the world can see that totally is there in the mastermind. or one of them on one of the t.t.p. mastermind who is in washington d.c. it is off the blast in pakistan they are all in afghanistan so just like the other like the face saving the united states is looking for the face saving to have. in afghanistan what did the pakistani foreign minister mean by saying his country will be treated as a whipping boy. yes of course pakistan i'll visit exploited by the united states because all the times that they have the promised for the f. sixteen where of f. sixteen to give pakistan to strengthen pakistan in the water against terrorism but all these a promise is went. into the dustbin because of pakistan did not get any
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kind of substantial are the solid. solid help our sport from the united states and now our distain when they are going to suspend their military aid to pakistan so this is this was already up in the air and pakistan was not expecting this because biased on to have had a very strong partnership with the china and the foreign policy of the pakistan for the last couple of years is going to be changed now because the things and the dynamics in the region especially in south asia is going to be completely changed and then of course it's the way that this is. initiated all this on twitter i suppose there is a lot of diplomacy going on behind the scenes you would think or not. i think i personally think being analyser that the that the diplomats you don't want to comes to twitter because someone is going to end up in the morning and going to be fodder tweets there is no writing that is that is that i call that the terminology i use
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that is the that is not the diplomats exactly because the things and the nation cannot go on like this that if you are going to tweet and did the next day the reaction is going to mean that you don't really think that's what happened here do you think do you think the first part of you about this was a let's wait for trump. yes yes i'll agree with you because because of the event event something is going to be cited by the police and not white students so then how things go forward and at this time i think that the united states is going to be alone in afghanistan because they will face a very tough time because the taliban is already in afghanistan are divided into the radio sections and various factions and there is going to be a peace process that was initiated by beating and. pakistan afghanistan are going towards a peace process towards the taliban in afghanistan so the things the u.s. is wearing to be company kate did the things in afghanistan give some both senior
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political columnist for the program thank you for being with us to still to come who see rebels a war ravaged yemen have reportedly fought of missile earlier today to saudi arabia look at the ramifications of the bigger picture in yemen. the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. this man found his own response to the problem and constructed
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dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution trainee house on a city parking space is not a solution perth to someone monitoring the site otherwise it'll be a free for all and is there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. again russia's criticised america's move to call an emergency un security session on iran where a week long mass protests or twenty one killed moscow says the u.n. shouldn't interfere though on what it sees as a strictly internal issue. of
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new york the flayed solace a correspondent khaled maupin's across tell us about how the international reactions bring them to this move. well russia has been critical of this call for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council saying that this is really out of the sphere of competence of the united nations this is an internal iranian issue now the meeting is set to take place later today now at this point we're hearing from russian leaders they are saying that essentially this is an internal issue in iran and that u.s. leaders shouldn't be trying to foment unrest in iran and stir up internal issues
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that meddling in iran's affairs now the week long protest of the protests that have been taking place over the last week as they've been going on we've heard repeated statements from u.s. leaders cusick the iranian government of tyranny and then encouraging the protesters let's take a listen to what we've heard as the protests have gone on our administration will continue to support the protesters in their cool for freedom washington intervenes in a grotesque way in iran's internal affairs now it's not only russia that's been critical of how u.s. leaders have been responding to the protests we've actually heard from a longtime u.s. ally france and they have also stated that this is a matter that's between iranians this is an internal issue in iran this is the french president macross. these this is a crisis taken place today in the run. to things that change would not come from
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outside but from the rain young people. is to be on the lookout to be scrupulous in shula from where we stand the rain in people's rights. now at this point the meeting is set to begin in the next few hours it'll take place in the u.n. security council chamber the fifteen member body will be assembling but at this point there is no resolution that has been put forward from the united states so it's not quite clear exactly what's going to go on at this meeting however the usa has called this emergency meeting to deal with the issue of iran we'll have to see how the other countries respond to the words from u.s. leaders at this upcoming meeting will be across with your help things from late to the. u.n. new york now developing story this couple of years ago saudi arabia reportedly decided to father over the border by yemen's who's the rebels today it's said to
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have been aimed at a military camp in the southern saudis city of not ran it comes just weeks after saudi arabia finally caved to international pressure and temporarily reopened a key port in yemen to allow in supplies of food and fuel the united nations says riyadh's located and its involvement in the war in yemen has helped create the world's most grave humanitarian crisis. the summit is the blockade isn't lifted we won't be able even to imagine its consequences humanitarian organizations have already warned of the worst catastrophe in the history of the yemeni people.
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that if we don't know where to get livelihood we are on the brink of begging for food people die from starvation i have nothing else to say it's cheaper to die and it's better than living like this. saudi arabia's intervention in yemen began in twenty fifty that have been backing the president of president had the against the houthi since then reared in its coalition partners stand accused of committing war crimes though against the yemeni people since its airstrikes have crippled much of the countries in infrastructure in the blockades left around twenty million people in dire need of food and medical aid i discussed the crisis with representatives from human rights watch and red cross. for as we know that this is to reopen the port of today that's temporarily.
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florimond slow but importantly or crucially the should be no thirty day window because that's what the coalition said i mean it has been emphasized repeatedly by the whole human rights and humanitarian community that the port of today that needs to be opened to commercial and humanitarian goods full stop that's it should be no condition or timeline to that i mean keeping such goods blocked and therefore endangering the lives of civilians including women and. children this is a violation of international humanitarian law you have to remember that yemen is a country that depends on imports ninety percent of its needs are from imports so when you have three years of the sitting war when you have restrictions on imports when people cannot have. enough to eat and to feed their families every day this is when you see the bigger picture of things when you look at twenty four million people who are deprived of the basic commodities that we all have free access to and the fact that this is handled by the restrictions on the arrival of
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goods humanitarian aid but most importantly actually commercial good stuff are more important than humanitarian aid because you cannot feed a population of twenty seven million people just by providing humanitarian aid has a real uphill struggle a huge problem in yemen chekist dot com all our stories there twenty four seven feel latest great pictures features to that's news on up so far this friday i'm kevin zero in units here and thirty with more on our programs continues after this break.
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max keiser with more of my guide to financial survival this is. a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these are not accountable and will just. do that. to stabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself. watch guys here. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. chilton. administration is considering backing off the protections in what is called the fiduciary rules and there's a bit of cloak and dagger to what's been taking place we'll get into it with
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bartlett nailer of public citizen you're going to want to hear this plus how high is rent two thousand and seventeen saw a record for rent prices but what caused that increase our teams correspondent ashley banks joins us to discuss then author and founder of money strong danielle de martino who joins us to give an insider's take on the fed now let's get to the stories topping today's financial and business headlines. pakistan and china have strengthen ties and have announced they will be using the chinese yuan instead of the u.s. dollar for all bilateral trade transactions this comes less than twenty four hours after president trump tweeted pakistan saying that the u.s. had foolishly given pakistan more than thirty three billion dollars in aid over the last fifteen years and that the nation has been a safe haven for terrorist relations between the u.s. and pakistan have been strained due to islamabad alleged support of the hockey
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needs militants who have ties to the afghan taliban china is also likely to see a boost to one of their one bell one road initiative which we've talked about on this program before and that road would actually go through pakistan. tesla electric car company energy storage and solar manufacturer out of palo alto held by elon musk is keeping roag blocks as it attempts to get its latest car model out the door on wednesday the company said the tesla model three production was farther behind in the fourth quarter than it had in to subpoenaed tesla stocks resultantly fell more than two percent after the announcement this adds pressure to the company as the model three were meant to offset losses from research development and some other business endeavors mr musk has touted the model three as in a forward.


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