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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  October 9, 2017 9:29pm-10:01pm EDT

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every the world should experience. and you'll get it on the old old. according to just. come along from the rye. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the night this actually does belong awesome the only show i go out of my way to times you know what it is that really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of r t americans do the same we are apparently better than the blues. and see people you never heard of love back to the night president of the world bank hates to really seriously send us an email there's a real irony going. to think that a responsible points need people and there is always well that's what the that's always been examples. for harry now wholesale surveillance you feel you have all
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the while those who tend to size less than trump has used to sell you well i always thought my theory was it's garbage real genuine. brings in salutation. i don't know what you did over the weekend hawk watchers but for those of us here in the united states of america friday october seventh marked the gala event of the season as the u.s. and afghanistan celebrated their sixtieth anniversary of war death and wasted tax dollars yes for sixteen long years now the united states has been dropping soldier exam bombs on that quaint little desert mountain community. to the tune of anywhere
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from eight hundred billion to two trillion tax dollars depending on which set of experts or washington think tanks you ask now now i know many of you are out there wondering just what do you get the longest running war in u.s. history on its sixteenth anniversary i mean we've already pretty much gone through paper bruns and mcchrystal. has an insider joke well thankfully the pentagon has your answer as they gifted afghanistan over the weekend it's a very first pair of blackhawk helicopters that's truly the gift that keeps on giving blackhawk helicopters oia. afghanistan president except of the anniversary gift over the weekend at a ceremony in kandahar which was attended by high ranking officials including general john nicholson the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. tragically it's true pit bull could not perform at the sixteenth anniversary festivities because he was already poked at a rather sweet sixteen in dubai. upon receiving the two attack helicopters present
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god he stated if the taliban think that they have defeated the afghan security forces they should take out these raw thoughts from their heads and ladies and gentlemen the world had better take out the raw thoughts of peace from our heads because we know this is the war that never ends and i'm not going to sing that today it's too sad hurts me too much a war that never ends anyway so let's kick off the afghanistan wars sweet sixteen and start watching the hawks. as. you know that i got.
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welcome everybody to watch the hawks i am tyrol but for them to have a while is so terrible that yes afghanistan is old enough to drive now. to stem war has now i only have to go out there barely drive a helicopter pilot flies i would have guessed it was a six you know sixteen you get a hell of a get it you get two helicopters to you know rain chaos down. the populace and i love that and you know i want to show you a quick chart take take a look at this to this is the length of the of galveston where it is now the longest running u.s. war in history longer than the bro rebellion fourteen years northwest ward ten years iraq eight point eight us coming up fast on the real american revolution eight years later vietnam a second subtitle i civil war world war two nothing compares to america for the u.s. of the afghanistan war and that just boggles your my and i think this keeps going
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on and on and on and at what point. doesn't that seem strange to anyone in the department of defense that you have a war that's been going on for sixteen years because it's just it's just dollars so . it's actually they're slow but it's not it's our money but they don't care about our body been there are large and this is the thing it's there is so much money that could be saving people being wasted and lives being wasted there is a brown university does a cost of war has a cost of war project and as of two thousand and sixteen their new study found that the combined cumulative death toll of war in afghanistan and pakistan since two thousand and one is one hundred seventy three thousand with one hundred eighty one hundred eighty three hundred thousand one hundred eighty eight thousand one hundred thousand others were seriously injured so you take that you look at when the contract conflict began the united states that are spent it's spent eight hundred
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billion in appropriations alone they've gone and gotten that much out of. katie. and now figuring in associated funding veterans care that number easily exceeds a trillion for the cost of this is war and one of the editor of a long war journal bill rocio wrote back in april that the taliban today holds more ground in the country than sense since since they were ousted by the united states into early two thousand and two than they did before so we made them stronger we made other terrorist organizations to i'm sorry rebel fighters whatever the problem is a shambles whatever we call it this week though we're putting money into that we're bringing death destruction i mean. and we're more wanting more of them are trump is going to win again a steady drop that big huge row we were last year. i mean it's absolutely nuts and
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i don't we haven't accomplished much would kill a lot of people and spend a lot of money but i guess that's the idea right right. interview with p.b.s. news hour old buddy the trails. c.e.o. former cia director david petraeus and also oversaw u.s. forces in afghanistan admitted that this is a. job. sixteen here for afghanistan is not going to end anytime soon he told me was quote this is a generational struggle generational that this is not something that is going to be won in a few years we're going to take a bill plante up way and go home to a victory parade a generational war he told us so which it is now sixteen years and says that's the beginning of the next generation there are people now born who are sixteen years old this year in the u.s. and in order to drive about to become adults who know nothing but the us being at war with them get us to let that one sink in for a minute but that won't sink in there are people born today who have not known he
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was not at war in afghanistan or wow or just generally being at war and they were all there going to lose you know and the whole fight is delusional you talk to people are active duty active doing duty i want to talk about this a u.s. marine captain joshua with dell wrote this bad for the marine corps because that last spring and he laid out all the problems he saw with the defense department and the marine corps and what's going on there what he said was quote let us first begin with the fundamental underpinnings of this delusion are measures of performance and effectiveness in recent years it is time that we as professional military officers accept the fact that we lost the wars in iraq and afghanistan. you you're not going to have people going into that meat grinder when they see. start to really see this this is the thing you saw in vietnam in eight years.
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they're not going to have the numbers less than one percent of the u.s. population signs up to be in the military what happens when those numbers are so low the only way they're going to be able to get people is for some and that is the day middle america will say you're not taking my sons and daughters. on nov fifteenth twenty sixteen two months before the new administration even walked in the door of the department of housing and urban development office of inspector general issued a report that found pervis of material errors in the financial statements of hud including eleven material weaknesses seven significant deficiencies and five instances of noncompliance with applicable laws and regulations the report went on to state that during the twenty six audit acting general counsel refused to sign off on certain matters including in the management representation letter concerning all known actual or possible litigation claims and assessments related to hide including its component entities include clues in the report indicated that it was
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responsible for improper budgetary accounting disclaimers of opinion financial statements invalidated grant a cruel estimates estimates improper and unreliable accounting for assets and liabilities and significant on reconciled sub ledger to general ledger differences the report concludes that the office of housing and urban development was a complete financial mess well before the new administration took over but it doesn't seem that the new head of neurosurgery carson thinks five hundred billion in a crude accounting error is over two years is a big deal but then why would he when another newer report by dr mark skidmore a professor of economics at michigan state university and catherine austin say it's former assistant secretary of housing shows that between the department of defense and the department of housing and urban to develop. nearly twenty one trillion dollars has been lost missing or unaccounted for from nine hundred ninety eight to two thousand and fifteen and while much of that twenty one trillion dollars has an
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actual cash but fraudulent unreported accounting it's still enough to wipe out the entire u.s. national debt and still have enough to get everyone a pizza i would be nice i would love it if the government bought us all a slice of pizza for the. wasted over the years just just from you reach into your pocket and take him from you and this is one of the this see this is totally jaw goes down and you know it's bad accounting if you how what i want to know is what were the democrats doing and what was obama doing for each year when his housing and urban development department was in shambles shambles well i mean look at look at look at the way the v.a. is but in shambles almost every government agency across the board is but in general look at the pentagon to now look pentagon misplaces a couple trillion dollars i understand that they'll say you know accounting there's other but really they're put in the white black op operations stuff they can't tell congress about on descript lack bags and whether it's you know that kind of stuff
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yeah i mean you that doesn't make it right but you know you can say like i know why the pentagon claims to have misplaced money it's usually because it's going someplace the bear is ok or someplace the other thing is or any element i don't think they're paying you know bags of cash not warlords that hard that just means incompetence and probably i'm sure if you dig deep enough those people with getting a lot of others graft there have been there is no way on the local and the federal level that these housing authority is the way they've been being run over the last eight to ten years that you're going to tell me that money wasn't going into the pockets and here's the thing is that when you think about housing and urban development those that need help from their programs of the country are the u.s. is most vulnerable yet in this country they're two thirds of their incomes average less than thirty percent of the median income for the area they live right that doesn't mean the poor. i'm poor right so you're saying that two thirds of the people in the house and housing that would be under that housing assistance make of
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forty percent of the average for the average person and you're telling me what little money there is a match apartment can't be found and isn't going to help people but me let abatement alone should. begin to you know but here's my question is you know you mentioned our buddy ben carson the neurosurgeon who knows everything about raising it either way you know he's a minute he doesn't know any one know that's what this is let's go about think about housing and urban development what i think this is where because this seems like the perfect opportunity to sort of get back at the obama administration for what are clearly incredibly maximum series of mistakes or malfeasance either somebody wasn't paying attention to what was going on and or somebody was cooking the books for whatever reason. but i think it's weird that the he wouldn't even give an opinion like that was the thing the report said hardock was so bad that they couldn't even give an opinion on. the financial health of the entire
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department so the white house's plan and ben kirsten's plan is to cut hard funding anywhere from six billion to forty billion by putting pressure on the states themselves to fund the plan and oversee public housing for their poorest senate so so you know what this means that giving the housing authority in east st louis recently back to east st louis to the locals wasn't about states' rights there was no it was it wasn't about make putting things in the locals hands it was about saving the feds a few bucks sons they're definitely going to lose in the polls are about shifting the blame too because that if you put everything back away from the terrible program the last all this money with her i grafted all the new put it back into the states hands a good job and no one has to touch the problem no one has to get dirty from the problem and that's a. no i meant no how do i have to go and take it over i got what's happened here is that i'll turn around to get just a cyclical specifically all right as we go to break court watchers don't forget to
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let us know what you think of the topics we've covered of facebook and twitter so your poll shows that r t dot com coming up massachusetts congressional kind of brianna will join the waltz in the hawk's nest to discuss moving the democratic party beyond hillary clinton and chuck schumer and into the future state to watch it looks. rejected tonight is a comedy gold and not de frank by the corporate elite. would you go after the corporations that just more your life profit over people at every turn.
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redacted tonight for me is like madison it's like you can't go from all the stress that the news puts you under redacted tonight is a show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like redacted tonight is where it's at. and knowing there's yeah you know until you tell it to the other shows a million of them is to look at this job easier. knowing now that it's out there they didn't intend to do that than the little you have. to go
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through or you know you will be given to believe also. the glad to lay shotgun but not the number one thing and i salute nobody can take the one that. i feel so i wrote of my got up out of the line and as you know i think when the state at the impulse. not a bully he stumbled out of the room shoot me in the least. so the. family is pleased. with the defeat of one hillary clinton nearly a year behind us in the rearview mirror the same problems are plaguing the democratic party in two thousand and sixteen continue to fester and enter the
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party's future prospects with the left still encouraged to fund foreign wars and by coffee's of what happened there is unfortunately been little room for lively debate and policy innovation here to change that as brianna with a software engineer and i t expert who is now running for congress in the democratic primary against incumbent stephen lynch of massachusetts would go a clinton supporter in two thousand and sixteen takes a bold approach to reclaiming her party and making it one of true progress and appealing idealism she joined tabitha recently discussed her upwards and the ideas underpinning her ambitious campaign. hi brianna thank you so much for joining us today now i want to talk to you first about the democratic party because the democratic party of today is not the one we grew up with it's i don't know if you can call it liberal or progressive at all anymore after decades of interventionist war as growing deficits for those wars and this sort of continued lack of unity
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just within the party and its followers you call in your campaign for a bolder democratic party for bold leadership in massachusetts what does that look like to you. well i think it at the core it just means putting the american people first i think you nailed it this is a democratic party that has been complicit you know completely unfounded this is a democratic party that you know has put health insurance companies who has put you know wall street all kinds of special interests first to the point where i don't feel like we really have a progressive party in this country and i think the american people have spoken very clearly when it comes to this week you know centrist democratic party that's almost republican lite they're just not interested in voting for it so i think it's time we started taking care of the american people and what does that look like because i think the hard part for
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a lot of people in the rust belt when i speak to them about getting back on board with the democratic party after things like nafta and then after also trusting republicans over and over and over again to fix what ninety's democrats did what is it about that identity crisis that the democratic party is having and is it really just about the election or is this just and building and building and building and they ignore it. i think it's more about vision than anything else you know for all the republicans faults they present a vision to voters and they follow through on it it's an absolutely terrible vision but you know they reward their voters for us in the democratic party it's hard to get people excited about tax credits for job retraining. the devastation of jobs it's you know the problem with democrats is we have so many elites in our party that are leading it that we don't really speak to like
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ordinary americans what i see when i'm out there running for congress i see people that just want you to talk to them straight and they just want to feel like you have their back and i think that's something the democratic party is utterly failed to do do you think that there is because we have we've been hearing since the election and since the inauguration that they're they're putting their platform together they're putting up a platform together. i mean at this point a lot of people say i'm sick of waiting for the democrats to get their things together or i'm just going to let's let's go for a third party let's go for independents what do you say to people who are pushing that independent or third party which obviously has a long way to go before it has strength what what good is trying to say of the democratic party as a progressive as someone who sees the future how how do we do that or the process well you know i am i my approach to problem solving is i'm an engineer right so i
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look at outcomes i don't look at intent so anything that will get our party back on message back taking care of the american people i am for i personally think it is better to primary weak democrats i personally think it's better to move this party to the left but i think like if you have people out there that are you know running as third party truly progressive candidates i think that's a good thing because i think it puts the democratic elites on notice that if they know get to work like they will be replaced so you know i think how we get there i'm very flexible but i think the truth is you know i am somebody that has spent a lot more time in democratic elite circles today than i had a year ago and with respect to people that work hard for a party i see people that are just so comfortable that they're really removed from
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what ordinary americans are feeling they don't know what it's like to really struggle to pay the rent they don't know what it's like to be like one paycheck away from losing your house and i think that we need people that do understand you know having their voice heard in the party it's just so gross and i'm comfortable working with republican lite as we. there yeah i used to hate the term neo liberal i used to just it used to drive me up a wall and now i i just accept it as kind of what it is you know right you know i pushed against it for a long time and finally said no they're right at it it's this new idea of a liberal that isn't really liberal or progressive and one of the where is you see where you see this the most to me is intact and one of the issues you bring up as you noted promoting more tech jobs in your state considering how much of the rust belt is hurting from the exodus of young people looking for those jobs elsewhere
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this is one area that that i keep seeing a lot of people keep saying is being able to invigorate exactly the areas hurt by previous democratic policies why do you feel that tack is an area that's so important to the economies of states especially like massachusetts. oh you know i think of tech jobs as kind of what automotive manufacturing jobs were fifty years ago if you work in tough like the odds are good that you're going to be able to buy a house the odds are good they're going to be able to have a family you know to me it's what i know because it's the field our work in i know exactly the people i want to call to ask them to come to massachusetts but i would be you know i would not be truthful if i didn't tell you tucker is a place with a lot of problems you know i myself have spoken out for years and years about the way treats women and the way it treats people of color so we have
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a lot of work to do you know my dream for massachusetts is we're a state where we have pretty good protections for gay people we have pretty good protections for women. i want to make this a state where we can kind of match these blue collar jobs like rebuilding infrastructure and preparing boston for global warming with you know these kind of white collar tech jobs can make a deal. listen i think that's a pretty good strategy to just you know helping families be able to make a living wage messages this is a big education state they've invested a lot into that education which on a side note is also what the chinese did was spend a lot of money and time educating their populace to be ready you for the influx of these jobs i'm from wisconsin and i'm seeing them lack that kind of forward thinking. what how do we get people who look at you know mining jobs and factory jobs as the good solid jobs and shift that that view toward sort something intact
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and can we move some of those blue collar people into the tac or. oh i think so like the district i'm running in district we have a lot of union workers so we have a hyper skilled workforce you know building the kind of like for instance sea walls we need in boston it is a fact the boston will be underwater in fifty years if we don't start preparing for it so i do think that's a place to go but you're right the education is it's a good bet it's a good way forward where mail so chooses failed is we put all this money forward for education and you have people of mit starting a new company it's but then we have this brain drain out and they take that investment that our state has made and they take it to silicon valley or new york or other tech epicenter and see them in austin so i want to see if this is what i want to see us do is yes we need to avoid these neo liberal policies that are you
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know just republican alike we don't need to treat like you know we don't need to treat like the so-called free market as a religion but we do need to get in the business of providing people like a living wage and i think people have a track record of keeping tucker accountable you know can have a lot of credibility and bring those jobs here and have them treat workers right. today marks a number of hysterical historical moments in the history and celebrate the actions of some very famous men first the greatly admired and disparaged anti-imperialist revolutionary was assassinated fifty years ago by bolivian soldiers trained equipped and guided by u.s. green berets and cia operatives look it up it's a leap erikson days. now believe erikson was an icelandic explorer who is believed to be by many to be the first european to step foot in north america in areas near
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his newfoundland and maine but most notably the day is normally used to celebrate christopher columbus a man every child in the united states was raised believing discovered america except he didn't he never even made it to the united states of america what he did do was land in the caribbean and proceed to enslave murder and mutilate the native peoples all for gold so today let us celebrate the indigenous peoples of north america the ones that have been through a horrifying millennia of war oppression and disease we give respect to those who survived and carry on the heritage of their ancestors and we whose ancestors took part in the most painful period of this country's history celebrate your courage and the work done to open our eyes to the reality of your history happy indigenous peoples day to every native person around the world we stand with you that we most definitely do all right everybody that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world your love develops so i tell you all i love you i am tired old winter
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and i've to happen to fall asleep watching those hawks and every great barrier that everybody. would hope to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to be rich. to do right. this is what the three of you get. interested as it. should.
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well. i do not know if the russian state hacked into john podesta emails and gave them to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided credible to support his claims of russia i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing planned three months before the revelations provided by edward snowden he denied to be n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the us. the hyperventilating corporate media has once again proved to be an echo for government claims that cannot be verified. would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up to the base of iraq. it is vitally important
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that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and fiction are becoming indistinguishable. was. what we. were. even though the very latest horrific shooting is taking up all the headlines where rico is still devastated and it drives me nuts to see the people struggling down there to see so much destruction and no one is talking about how our system created this instead trump is just throwing paper towels out of people like what is handed out a merchant a rap concert you know why not what a presidential teacher.


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