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the military. a parade to own a one point five million troops the saviors of freedom every eleventh of november this parade on as generations of troops from the fallen of world war one to those returning from iraq or afghanistan their replacements are waiting the young generation the future of the world's most powerful military. these recruits are still in school they are between fourteen and seventeen years old and belong to the junior. jr o.t.c. is a pentagon program. like the feel. for our speak right from the head young. six year
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old three year olds not. just the price you're born with. and. america has pledged to turn these children into heroes these junior troops include five hundred thousand minus across the united states they're the hope of a feel for the country they're destined to defy tara the first generation post nine eleven. s. this public school in chicago's south one in for. five
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students opted for the army an hour of classes a day five times a week taught by retired service members i. i i i. and these youngsters are in year eight and then new to the program they'll receive their uniforms today. to take seats. in the u.s. army is teaching it more than three thousand public schools students who opt for the army are exempt from physical education. the biggest thing a look at as just make sure your hair does not touch your ears you're. facing a four year program created unfunded by the pentagon lots of fingernails right here what are some authorized colors.
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let me see your nails are right now hold them up right now tomorrow. if she doubt her nails like this right here she's going to lose points i may see those come from back so we come from structured environments and we know what it takes to create a structured environment regolith teaches a graduate teaches to to fit and then they they start teaching but i don't think they really understand classroom management or demand engine large groups of people in different. different ways of doing it like we do this and maybe that's why we can get the keys to push ups but a regular teacher could you know as i want to you know become more of a better citizen in the country and well i just want to become stronger physically and mentally emotionally was the.
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i was interested. this is. like. this with any questions for. the j r o t c program was founded in one thousand nine hundred sixteen. one but over time its influence waned it was only after nine eleven that president george bush revitalized its image shortly thereafter the military starts preparing for war in afghanistan they need volunteers but there aren't any due to the impending war officially the pentagon calls it a contribution to the development of youth in chicago colonel retired after serving thirty three years in the army supervises junior cadets well the junior c.
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. program is really about citizenship it's about. teaching young boys and girls high school age young men and women about service and you know what they can do to better themselves but i have nothing to do with recruiting so it's a distinct difference and it's a very important point because a lot of people a lot of teachers don't understand that they think that we are and you know we almost get defensive because we have to explain that we're not on a regular basis in chicago the program is widespread the army teaches that one in four schools are training more than ten thousand adolescents the authorities accept this militarization of education as especially useful for fighting gangs or tougher neighborhoods harlem high school another one finger and so south and west ten an era to be the once. again it's what i would call the anti-gay.
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the army is a good gang acting as a counterweight to the violent gangs last year three hundred. sixteen were shot thirty one died. to protect students the city provide security for their way home. veterans of iraq and afghanistan. every night two thousand and sixteen was the deadliest year in chicago this past decade six hundred dead more than in any other american city shady characters the street as a curfew for people under twenty one starting at nine in the evening. district
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in the city's south. past four in the morning. yasmin is seventeen. ready for school she's been in the o.t.c. for four years. kind of excited to wear it because. when you put it on when you have. your actual cord i'm. johnny i guess legace just something that. we're not. a uniform rules. over chaos childhood violence. student. three hundred eighty could. it's have to wear the uniform one in five students has
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opted for the army the day starts with a troop inspection. didn't take up your clothes you don't have a rank you don't think i owe you not for your mum think over your clothes you carried on your forearm i missed one. and. since september yes man has been leading the cadets she is the boss she inspects the troops. feel like i'm with the army yeah because at school like we're so used to like just doing everything maybe halfway and not actually giving it our hundred and when you feel like the army videos you're like oh my god like they're so sick they have to do everything in unison whether you're shy or not your chance to step up to any problems so that way for comfortable with yourself and things you are
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yourself so pretty much gives you that confidence but. straight again you can be loud but. i don't see. it. doesn't just teach these students discipline they also learn the history of the armed forces as well as doing civil studies and getting into shape the pentagon provides the pool and is the sole decision maker regards their contents. what does the army expense of the children it moves to its ideals officially nothing but it's hard to ignore the sergeant's business cards. to see. this. this oh. the recruiters they leave their cards and this is a differ. recruiters navy army. marine corps and if
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a kid is interested in the military will give them the cart and they contact the recruiter and the recruiter assist them in joining the military and that's why i said that we really don't. recruit we'll sister if the cadet is interested in going in the military but we don't recruit our cells it's a win win because at the college level if the kid meets the requirements he or she could get either a for four years style should pay four or three or even two and then at the end of their college when they're about to graduate then they would be commissioned as an officer in the army air force or navy which actually pays very well if you go to college it's additional way there's no guarantees you get a job when you graduate college. does the school administration approve of these methods how to teach is that america's public schools see the presence of the army
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in their classrooms now and see wiley headmistress at the hub of school is pragmatic. c.p.s. is struggling sometimes you know financially so we have to be real careful about our how we promote programs and how we finance programs and share to some program is one of the through the district so we don't take our school money to pay to have them teaches. yes it is which is a nice thing so and they're all it's here they're retired military. officers and they come in. and they give back to the kids so they can pay through to the government to see programs to me so it's nice it's something we don't have to pay for. the program also includes morning and evening activities before and off to school formal training parades military music color guard. the army is creative in how it uses military drills to inspire
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thousands of american youngsters to become soldiers. whoa whoa whoa. here's what people have been saying about rejected and i say just pull along. the only show i go out of my way to talk you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of our three americas do the same we are apparently better than blue things that some people you've never heard of love redacted tonight not the president of the world bank very good a serious look send us an e-mail. about your sudden passing i phone we just learned you were yourself and taken your last turn.
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to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things. that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each day. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was a game still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters my mind it's consumed with death this one different person i speak to now because there are no other takers. to blame that mainstream media has met its maker. it's taken these children's homes. now it's threatens to take their
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future. up a. little cayman here could erupt again at any time. most people have a stark choice. live in poverty. which going to. play . but some are following a different road. they say would soon leave. their bikes that hope for a better life. he sees. rory fanning
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a former soldier opposes the system what he saw and experience made him leave the army and since then he has somewhat to discourage use from joining his former employer. they're. not communicating the full story so. they ask me call of duty is a very popular first shooter video game. kids play and they ask me is the military like call of duty as i call the vast majority of people who die in call of duty civilians they said. do you hear women and children screaming you know when they see their son or daughter child die in front of them call of duty the videogame. turn off call of duty oh yeah well you can't turn off the war these kids just don't hear the darker side. used to be a special forces soldier and foolish in afghanistan. he tries to convince teaches.
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about the reality of school. and i signed up to prevent another terrorist attack by virtue of targeting so many innocent people we are only the creating the conditions for more terrorist attacks. there's an important statistic you know between nine hundred eighty and two thousand and one there are three hundred eighty four suicide bombs around the world only ten percent of those suicide bombs directed at the u.s. and u.s. interests since two thousand and one there's been over twenty five hundred suicide bombs around the world with ninety percent aimed at the u.s. and u.s. interests. i'm lucky if i speak to three schools here because the charity c. program is. generally positive with the teachers you know because it's a positive program don't necessarily want to rock the boat by bringing someone like me and talk to the kids. and i don't fault them for it i mean it's it's
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a precarious work environment for so many teachers unfortunately so it's hasn't been easy the u.s. spends about sixty billion dollars a year on education. probably six hundred billion dollars a year on average on the military is about ten times more on the military than advocation fifty public schools here they said there's no money for the schools so the military. is filling in the blanks j r o t c operates in districts while statistics on ethnic breakdowns in france are not in the us since chicago's j r c made up of fifty four percent latino thirty seven percent african-americans and only five percent caucasian yasmin's parents came to go thirty years ago from mexico they rented out a small room for events in their neighborhood yasmin is the youngest of four children in the evening after school she always helps them in six months she'll
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graduate she dreams of going to university and becoming a social work designer. exploring a lot in being able to do many things at the same time and i know with being in you do travel a lot which is awesome but i don't think i would be able to handle a being away from home that long people say. because they feel that they were maybe not born in the united states and they feel like that's a way of integrating something made this. the
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geographic location of the program shows discrepancies. with two schools in new hampshire. population. is ninety percent white. cities. and especially in the south. there are more than two hundred. troops. nearby.
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schools teaching students how to use. every morning. teach. especially.
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very religious and i take it to be one. is if. you are the future of america you want to control the country we have fear is that they that you can control. you know that right. you control fear not let a control you because you view it on the ballot your courage to do what's right whether you're in the classroom and even on the battlefield. tell you need three. tenets once that like other jobs you'd be like sitting in an office all day or some day you want to
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do just get boring after a few years but i know the military will give me a chance to reach out to others and also make me a better person that's why i want to join the military actually already doing a little teary sure. so when my classmate who was saying. you can't go wrong with the military it's a great stepping stone for whatever career you want to do. the military is great memory weight you know it builds leaders every single day that we carries our country we can control more we can actually embrace and inspire more with that power that's why i think the military is like great things to do and that's why i joined. the military because. the ship right after graduation. or. seventeen years of age saw has signed up to three years in the army with the option of extending to eighty is
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a program called future soldier makes this possible. the army to enlist youngsters while is still in school. every thursday he made. his training is to prepare him for military service until he receives his obligatory diploma. the young man drives a sports car the money for it attack a restaurant the army has promised to teach him how to drive tanks. or he will. be proud of where i came from you know. all the. people.
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and i'm. so. ready. to see there's. yes we're going to be wrestling to do a presentation at your school on friday. french will be out there and it's there to an area like this right in texas there's a high school market is definitely where recruiters want to be because that's where the majority of people want to join in the syria in august if you want to be able to afford them the opportunity to do that and you might cover nineteen different high schools and five colleges and have twelve recruiters there work on and so all of them have assigned high schools that they should be in you know a least twice a week. probably the biggest asset and as far as recruiting goes you know we go out
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to the schools in the middle who are looking for. there's no conscription in the u.s. as in one hundred forty six other countries some recruiters have to sell a u.s. army to. eighty thousand use a year two thousand and one law makes this easy schools must submit data on all the students to the pentagon so to can contact them directly at home otherwise funding is cut. it's quite a task right now i have i think i have fifty three future soldiers in our program at one point we were up to seventy five. and so it's a challenge you know and especially some of them being younger they you know you have to keep up with them and give all of you know to do what they're supposed to but. you know it's it can be challenging.
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and the fight for their heart starts in primary school every regiment of the fort hood base has set up a partnership with a school. this operation enticements the soldiers spend hundreds of hours every year with these children they read to them go to the school canteen with them and help them with their homework. and.
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what we want to. hear. forty percent of junior reservists enlist in the army after graduating. i'm pretty sure every parent that has a son or daughter in the military would be in there afraid for their. for their child. for me i'm pretty much more sensible for our little federal but then another something good.
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in this or. america has a colony it's called puerto rico and they overcharge them for stuff and now there's a disaster there leave them to rot and it's a failure of capitalism it's a failure of politics in washington it's a failure that we saw coming for decades and it's a failure coming to the shores of america.
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the economic development is all about numbers really pleased to report this quarter we earn one hundred six point. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o. mike du made over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart a says c.n.n. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. it is not just you know a free market works. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society did from the part of the government try to do it both nicely maybe. it might be making
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things worse. by saying this is not how capitalism works this is all capitalism goes hopelessly dishonest rowsley wrong. i'm concerned of all the failure that united states demining. it when they need. democracy what is happening is. suicide not. much of the political system. but.
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strong support for kaplan independence from spain now and see independence protests . complicating the options on the beach it would take a look at those options this. coming up multibillion. the king of saudi arabia. ever official visit the. shift in saudi foreign policy correspondent so. we can sort of. good note.


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