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tv   Headline News  RT  September 21, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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coming up on our t.v. more sanctions donald trump signs an executive order placing new economic sanctions on north korea. and the president of afghanistan praises the u.s. decision to send more troops to the country as the two leaders meet at the u.n. general assembly. then puerto rico devastated after hurricane maria beryl then leaving home the damage and the entire island without power. it's thursday september twenty first four pm here in washington d.c.
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i'm ashley banks and you're watching our team america we begin this hour with a more sanctions against north korea donald trump has signed an executive order that places new economic sanctions on north korea over the country's nuclear program this comes just days after trump promised to quote totally destroy the north korea at the address the u.n. general assembly artie's kayleigh moppin has the story in them announcing a new executive order just surnames. that significantly expands our authorities to target individuals companies financial institutions that finance and facilitate trade with north korea well here is the big announcement that we were anticipating from donald trump regarding new sanctions on north korea now from what we understand these sanctions will target individuals who have transactions with north korea as well as any financial institutions that facilitate these
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transactions what we will do is identify new industries including textiles fishing information technology and manufacturing that the treasury department can target with strong sanctions now donald trump has specifically talked about how the chinese central bank will be enforcing and preventing the entire chinese banking system from having any transactions with north korea since the beginning of this crisis there has been a proposal from both russia and china for deescalation from both sides china and russia have united and called for south korea to end its provocative military exercises and to and the bad missile system which which is considered provocative in a strike enabling in exchange for north korea ending its nuclear proliferation and ending its provocative missile tests regardless of this proposal from russia and china the crisis has certainly escalated the u.s.
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treasury will add more think sions against individuals companies and banks involved in trade with the east asian country trump said quote foreign banks will face a clear choice do business with the united states or trade with the wall its regime and north korea trump said his goal is to completely denuclearize north korea adding the nation led by kim jong un is a grave threat to peace and security and our world while trump is looking to crack down on north korea. nuclear program the united nations is looking to completely a limited eight nuclear weapons on wednesday more than fifty u.n. member states signed an agreement that would ban the use development testing or storing of nuclear weapons under any circumstances earlier i was joined by linda gotten her international nuclear specialist stuff for beyond nuclear and i first asked her why is this treaty and portent. it's by no means perfect but it gives
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a framework for really reinforcing the idea that these weapons are inhumane they should never be used and that we must abolish and stigmatize them so it's a starting point for sure so what makes this treaty one of its kind it's never happened before that you know we've had chemical weapons bans we've had land mine bans and so forth we've never banned nuclear weapons the biggest weapon of all the one positive thing i think in addition to the stigma it creates is that even countries who have not signed bans the u.s. never signed the landmine ban but it is getting rid of landmines so you can have a knock on effect that might be a tougher challenge with nuclear weapons because they're kind of in the in a category all of their own but i think it's a way to get the conversation started and hopefully with the stigma and the illegality more and more countries will start to see that this is an era that we have to get out of you know one day you just mentioned that nuclear weapons are in a category of their own can you elaborate on why that is the devastation of a nuclear weapon is so profound and it's not just the people that you use it on at
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the time it affects future generations so it's really a crime against humanity of the most profound nature you know we're still seeing even from the use of nuclear weapons and atomic bomb tests in places like the marshall islands where the u.s. dropped nuclear weapons in seventy politan skin kazakhstan where the u.s.s.r. dropped them tested them you know we're seeing birth defects even today from people still living there so this is a forever you know it's a commitment to change life on earth forever and in fact of course if it's used to scale eliminate life on earth so it's a completely different category i see that the the red cross is actually supporting this treaty do you know why that is absolutely on the red cross is a relief organization and they recognize fully that if a nuclear weapon was used they could not go in and provide relief so they are ardently in favor of the nuclear weapons ban now during trance time at the united nations general assembly he's made plenty of comments towards. north korea and kim jong un specifically saying that he is the rocket man and then seeing that quote he
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will totally destroy north korea trump saying that if it comes necessary our troops comments making matters worse in europe and well obviously i mean the both those sorts of remarks the those kinds of military threats and then today the sanctions threats you know when you look at the history of sanctions they've been largely ineffective you know on another subject of nuclear the nuclear connection iran was under similar for years but still develop the capacity to get close to a nuclear weapon until the iran deal was put in place which trump is also trying to dismantle so these are both tactics that will lead us nowhere will further isolate and entrench north korea and the only answer in the design community especially is that we must sit down at the table we must use diplomacy we must resolve this peacefully because these are the tactics are going to further isolate a country that has now the capacity to use nuclear weapons but how do you think
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countries can go about doing that sitting down and having these peaceful talks right now obviously everyone's investing more so in the same how would you advise countries to go about doing this very difficult because the country we're really talking about is the united states and with the current regime in the united states you know there's a sort of. tendency to go after the sort of bellicose rhetoric you know and rather than accept that we actually should recognize that north korea does exist and we need to sit down with them as human beings and work this out and now to new york where our coverage of the united nations general assembly continues as president trumpets are wrapping up its final meetings at the u.n. the security council passed one to very important resolution trinity chavez have the details today as president trumps final day at the u.n. and all eyes have been on him all day as he participates in the remaining meetings on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly today during a bilateral meeting with afghan president. off danny he said that joint afghan and
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u.s. forces were making headway against their opposition quote hitting them hard and hitting them effectively military is as you know. over there right now and doing really an incredible job more of leadership than fighting we're leading a lot of wonderful afghan troops who are fighting very hard ghani also praised trunks decision to strengthen the u.s. forces by standing up to thirty nine hundred more troops on top of the roughly eighty four hundred americans currently there i want to thank you on behalf of the people of funston the government of funds for making a decision that is a story. you asked very fundamental questions you made this decision on the basis of courage and determination we salute you and another meeting with ukrainian president petro poroshenko he said ukraine is coming along pretty well and expressed the two countries are working together on both security and economic matters we spent some time recently in the white house and i know you've made good
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progress since then a lot of progress actually. and i would say it's the easiest place right now to live but you're making it better and better on a daily basis meanwhile the president of yemen told the united nations today that iran and to quote destabilize the region and that his government hopes for peace with the shiite who the rebels but emphasize the problem in yemen is quote not a political difference that cannot be managed around negotiation tables alone and then iraq our emphasize from here i would renew the willingness to destroy the war on achieve peace we are not war mongers we desire peace and i was and will remain extending my hand. and responsibility for all citizens of the m. and a and other news the united nations security council unanimously passed a resolution to investigate isis crimes in iraq the council's resolution specifies that u.n. secretary general antonio harris should establish an investigative team to help iraq so. ortiz investigate those crimes and bring isis militants to justice
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reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. continuing with this conversation on the un general assembly palestinian leader mahmoud abbas urged the u.n. to end what he described as israel's apartheid regime and the palestinian territories also this week palestinian human rights groups have submitted a seven hundred page report to the international criminal court alleging that a high level israeli officials have been complacent and war crimes in the israeli occupied west bank and east jerusalem joining me now to discuss this as an investigative journalist max blumenthal ther of the lie of life and loathing and greater israel and the fifty one day war ruin and resistance and gaza thank you so much for joining us max good to be now i want to start with israel claims palestinians rejected the so-called partition plan but has israel respected the resolution one eighty one or coming up on the anniversary of resolution one eighty one and i think that's why it's important to discuss it
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a lot of people don't know what it is but they think it established the state of israel the state of israel asserts its sovereignty as an exclusively jewish state that has the ability to maintain a demographic majority of jews in an area that is not majority jewish which is necessitated ethnic cleansing and when the palestinians rejected the partition plan i mean was the arab high higher committee they did so because fifty seven percent of the land was being handed over by the united nations to twenty percent of the population which was a settler colonial population but resolution one any one held certain responsibilities for the state of israel that it established first of all it required them to provide equal rights and treatment for the arab citizens of israel that never happened israel maintained a military regime from one nine hundred forty eight to nine hundred sixty six and just this year bedouin. citizens of israel who are arab but who are citizens who
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even serve in israel's army in this town of here on in the in the negev desert where ethnically cleanse their houses were wiped off the face of the earth i've actually visited this village before it was destroyed they're destroyed with bulldozers and a jews only town is being built on top of the ruins of this town inside israel so this is an explicit violation of resolution eighty one eighty one and this is the beginning of israel's record level violations of un resolutions which they're protected from because of the u.s. vote at the security council thanks for breaking that down for us they now want to jump to the report that was submitted to the i.c.c. what sort of war crimes are mentioned specifically by the palestinian human rights groups about the israeli attack back in two thousand and fourteen and the gaza strip well this is a seven hundred page document submitted by a who's who of palestinian human rights n.g.o.s and it would take us until probably next week to list all of the violations but having been in the gaza strip during
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israel's assault in two thousand and fourteen i witnessed some of these crimes i interviewed some of the survivors of these human rights crimes and in a jar for example i went to his house and saw the flesh that was splattered on the walls of his home of palestinians who were summarily executed by israeli soldiers in his bathroom and in his child's bedroom i met the family of. mali who was executed by an israeli soldier on tape as he tried to restrain of the body of his wounded cousin in the ruins of the neighborhood of where tens of thousands of homes were destroyed by israeli artillery some one hundred thousand palestinian homes were destroyed in fifty one days by israel in this war over two thousand people were killed the majority of whom are civilians five hundred fifty one children were killed i could go down the line but there are so many crimes and they haven't been addressed by fatah move has been sued at the i.c.c. in fact she has voted against. other members of the i.c.c.
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to investigate israel's assault on the turkish aid ship known as the mavi marmara back in two thousand and ten so you know we're looking at an i.c.c. that is completely derelict on anything relating to israeli atrocities against palestinians and saying all of that what obstacles do you. attempting legal action against israel while we're still we're sitting in the middle of their biggest obstacle which is washington i mean washington has threatened to sanction the i.c.c. for accepting any palestinian any investigation any palestinian legal authority at the i.c.c. not only that you have nikki haley at the united nations who has the foreign policy experience of having visited several times the international house of pancakes and is essentially a marionette for neo conservatives the heritage foundation and american enterprise institute of rented the vacant space in nikki haley's head and sent her on a one woman mission against palestine she has even said that any palestinian no
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matter who they are if they are appointed to any senior position at the u.n. she will. sanction she will she will begin to sanction the palestinian authority and remove money that the u.s. provides to them so i mean she has threatened the i.c.c. repeatedly and it's almost impossible for the palestinians to get anything done as long as the united states and its partners in the e.u. are taking are taking this kind of position which allows for no legal recourse for palestinians at all what recourse do palestinians have if they don't have any legal recourse they have either violence which we don't want or there's the boycott divestment and sanctions movement and this is why b.d.s. exists right max we're going to have to leave it there thank you so much for your and say balance matt blumenthal investigative journalist and author thanks for having me. the white house has very few to. turkish president to once claim alleging president donald trump apologized to him after the department of justice
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filed charges against members of the turkish leaders security personnel the summer early one reportedly told p.b.s. news hour trump called him to quote say he was sorry however white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders pushed back yesterday saying that while the two leaders discussed the incident there was quote no apology from trump the confrontation between irwin security detail and protesters coincided with the turkish president's visit to the white house on may sixteenth violence erupted when demonstrators gathered outside the turkish ambassador's residence in washington d.c. to protest the arrest of the leader of turkey's pro kurdish party. president donald trump says hurricane maria a literal rated puerto rico but promised a swift recovery for the u.s. territory puerto rico was absolutely literate in puerto rico got hit with winds to show you never seen winds like this anywhere it is
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a five category five storm which literally never happens. the u.s. president says he plans on declaring puerto rico a disaster zone the designation would make federal funds available to enda visuals and businesses affected by widespread damage hurricane rant maria pummeled the island with one hundred fifty five mile per hour winds yesterday knocking out all power on the island as a category four it was the strongest hurricane to hit the u.s. commonwealth and more than eighty years puerto rico's governor says at least one person died and the storm but the number of fatalities and some areas are still known as after hurricane earl sideswiped puerto rico two weeks ago leaving more than one million people without power adding insult to injury maria also hammered the islands already crumbling and for an structure these back to back natural disasters come at a time when the u.s. territory is ten years into a recession with an estimated seventy four billion dollar debt to bondholders. now
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to mexico water where rescuers continue to struggle against all odds to find survivors trapped under the rubble after the country suffered as deadly as earthquake and thirty two years president enrique pena nieto declared three days of mourning for mexico's navy announce it recovered the body of a school worker trapped under debris at the end reeking of a cement school in mexico city all this comes after the seven point one magnitude earthquake decimated the school killing at least twenty six people and total fifty two people have been rescued alive since the quake and buildings across central mexico were damaged in the immediate aftermath of this disaster killing at least two hundred and forty five people and injuring over two thousand. michigan official implicated in the death of a plant area man who fell ill with legionnaires' disease is now facing
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a hearing to determine whether he will stand trial for involuntary manslaughter nik lionhead of the department of health and human services as accused of failing to alert the public about the flu outbreak in two thousand and fourteen and twenty fifteen of the first witness to testify former michigan health official tim becker says he began to inquire about the legend bacteria as far back as january of two thousand and fifteen a some experts blamed the outbreak on flint failure to treat its water to reduce corrosion a judge will decide whether there is enough evidence to send lyon to trial for the eighty five year old man's death the hearing starts today and to last for weeks. depression affects roughly three point three million adults in the us as the illness continues to affect more people researchers are now looking at a completely new way to treat it. looks into a new study regarding treatment and whether it's the best math it
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a new study is live in flying to believe that inflammatory drugs is a possible method doctors can you to treat depression according to the study of depression is a physical illness caused by a faulty immune system right now methods of treatments are primarily focusing on restoring chemicals in the brain that are mood boosters if you will like they were tone in however this new study leads researchers to believe that it's an overactive immune system which triggers inflammation throughout the entire body researchers say this is a cause for feelings of unhappiness hopelessness and fatigue while the study's findings are fresh what we do know is that depression impacts millions of people of all ages. but deploying trying to do most of the day he's just going to be. the next day i just do need. well that was a nine year old's response of what suffering major depression feels like according to the anxiety and depression association of america about one point five percent
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of the u.s. population ages eighteen and older suffer depression last roughly three point three million american adults not taking into consideration the younger generations now dealing with the disease admire holistic practitioner embraces the study's findings as he believes the body and mental health are interconnected but he questions another pill is truly the answer people get comfortable and they don't want to change that so the idea of maybe having to change your diet or you know add activities like exercise or meditation for a lot of people they just don't want to do it when there's an easy option of hey i can just take this pill and basically keep eating what i'm eating keep doing what i'm doing well since the study confirms information may be the culprit meyer says that nutrition associated with inflammatory properties like alcohol and dairy and activities like meditation that are known to reduce it are imperative for treatment so he also recommends getting outside as those living in nice climates are also
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suffering seasonal affective disorder due to the amount of time we sit inside the office a little bit of sun is really good for us and so the idea of going out spending some time getting some skin time in the sun is really good not just for our emotions the for our body as well we know the sunlight helps with vitamin d. which is also been shown to play a part in mental health and all and all the combination of lifestyle changes can affect your mental health meyer says take it slow and work with a medical doctor to figure out the best solution for you and while he's at the top a sweet r.t. . californias hyperloop one of a step closer to making it super fast mode of transportation a reality that after choosing a number of winning cities from around the world let's stand out as the tension candidates for the technology are due to alex on holiday it has a story and to ron so alex let's start with the obvious question what is hyperloop technology it's pretty cool stuff so what we're using here as an bagnet a levitation literally the magnets sort of make the the train levitate above the
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tracks it's a linear engine so it's a street engine and the way it moves it's electric so this whole process is an electric process it goes through a tube which almost all the air is extracted from so what you get then is an effect of like flying two hundred thousand feet above sea level so as you can imagine this train is up and there is very little friction going on meaning that there is very little electricity being used to propel it forward now the cool thing he's here is that it can move up to six hundred seventy miles per hour and to put that into perspective that's about two or three times faster than a high speed rail and magnetic level levitation trains that we have in existence today as well as ten to fifteen times faster than a traditional train so it's very cool also in the respect that it's very safe so it could be either underground or above ground it's in it too so you don't have a cause or any any worries about whether it is a ton of us vehicle so we don't have to worry about pilot error it's moving
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straight from point a to point b. and will be able to carry passengers as well as cargo. wow obviously this is a very neat hour exile why is the montreal toronto route of prime candidate for a hyperloop train you know the competition was massive hyperloop one that basically but put it put it out there who wants to be a part of this project twenty six hundred entries came in from universities from governments and then they whittled it down and we have a little bit of a breakdown here of who made it to the finalist list so here we go the united states has four lines that that might be of interest dallas houston a six hundred forty mile line miami orlando that is pretty cool two hundred fifty seven miles it could be done in about twenty six minutes driving between those two cities and if you ever drive have done that drive you know it's a long one though also u.k. mexico india they have a couple of lines that are. possibilities and of course canada toronto montreal four hundred miles i drive in about five and
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a half hours they're saying this is the hyperloop train we'll be able to do it in around thirty minutes minutes which is amazing so why toronto montreal these other lines well it's the infrastructure it's already the governments basically want of something like this it's the regulatory environment and of course transportation concerns between these cities these are cities that want it and need it next step in in-depth analysis to see how this will work so when we're looking at the amount of travelers that would actually use the costs on the different lines or the different possible lines that we're looking at by two thousand and twenty one hyperloop one is hoping to have three up and running systems in the world which would be amazing right now the only existing system is in the bata so it's a test system that they have but they're very ambitious about it this is something that is real i know it sounds very future futuristic but just imagine a few years we could be traveling like this you know for me maybe a little bit frightening i get a little bit claustrophobic on planes never mind being under crowd in the title but it sounds great is very cool off thank you so much alex for this report that was
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alex knowledge reporting in toronto thank you so much thank you. well that does the for now for more on the stories we cover and go to youtube dot com slash r t america also check out our web site r t dot com port slash america and a quick reminder you can watch r.t. on direc t.v. channel three it's you are one you can also follow me on twitter actually banks underscore r t and don't forget the question mark.
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there. are. a lot of people in mainstream media are losing their minds right now as they come to grips with the reality that they don't control the world anymore thanks to the internet the ladies of the view are among them they're going so much right now that they're just making up conspiracy theories just recently the ladies were talking about the violence of charlottesville to mark the one month anniversary and so of course anti for came up host paula ferris began to mention that the department of homeland security has actually formally classified as
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a violent domestic terrorist group and that's what our co-host will be goldberg shut her down with some crazy talk first will be actually asserted that the classification happened under obama so somehow that makes it invalid she says there were no violent protests under obama and so the whole thing just doesn't make any sense to her she actually said quote i don't remember violent demonstrations before the gentleman who's a now came in which shows exactly what i have been saying about the mainstream in hollywood for months now is one hundred percent true under obama they all fell asleep including will be apparently who doesn't remember her baltimore or ferguson or occupy wall street or black lives matter of what happened at the keystone pipeline or the university of missouri now i'm not saying all those protests were bloody massacre and or that they didn't have valid points i'm just saying under obama there were a lot of protests and tons of arrests and the mainstream including won't be just
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completely ignored it like it wasn't happening for her to say that she literally doesn't remember a violent demonstrations before trump completely proves the mainstream went to sleep while obama did sell the stick videos. buzz feed but then it gets even worse for whoopi because she actually said that she's never heard of the n.t. for it must be something made up by the opposition meaning the right way more racists i guess so that they could bitch about. seriously since she never heard of it it must be something made up by people she doesn't like it's just another example of how people in the mainstream are losing their minds spewing conspiracy theories left and right because they can't understand what happened maybe if they dropped their mikes for just one second and stopped talking and actually listened they'd start to figure it out but it doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon.


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