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so weigh in they put stuff in the it would eat a pizza hut trying to get you down. and out a plane has been delayed three times now and it's now scheduled for early hours of the morning. we've already checked in we're already going through security so it's basically just sitting down at this point in time and trying to get off we have to ship small one and get you know i'm just like the foreigner in the background that no one cares about and you'll get the details and began saying something like the plane has been delayed that's all you need to know. it's very difficult traveling if you don't understand the language i have like a conduit i can physically do anything like on speak to people i call all you want i'm basically helpless i'm stuck. in this skinny that i was like get booked all.
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i called the baby killer. but. did anybody have much more today i'm awake right now let me just be honest when i come from the city i have to be honest i can't you know waking up before the sun does after it's just not right so i just hope there's a q because it was the whole point of waking up if we wake up mishaps making nothing at the point in religious research you know it's open there will be a few i can't say. you know left. it. quite a few notes for my morning the first lot. of don't even think. just a teachable sometimes a living at least. the stuff. the
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car doesn't stop. to the checkpoint. it makes. its think of something at a different time of day and you know the soldiers scopes you told you you're not allowed to fly sure you get yes you are you're not. yeah exactly. that's sad and i want it i don't have any idea what. they're going to go from so. it's ok now we can just pick people i'm really not worried about. this much as we can before the gas he says and look at it. fifteen minutes you make a traffic traffic jam year. old little. boy
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used to cross the checkpoint every day. if you. are. going to have. discussed six hours. and specially if you won. the war or there. were going to do with the game going to show you. aren't about your kid. to school you would. be sleep over. a little. every day the same. josh.
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why. people are suffering you need to wake of very early in order to get through our. day and age you need to be at work at they did. they need the wake of a part of their duty to come to the big through the queue and you will be late to your work and it's all. this this good tool that did build. all good gods of the good god done to them get out of the gate too but the. big the get go from their heart. that this is why they did build this world this is why they are with the palestinians you will get through in order to get out of them again so they are making other suffer. great and maybe
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happy that we came here and i'm really happy that we managed to get people in the key vehicles in the queue to gaza for using those i kind of want to havea bits and and just get the story finished to with the hospitals a little. better in the fields. if they really are if you can't leave. the ideas to share the one she said people are standing in sydney to get some visions of that and that suspects we're pretty lucky but it's actually not likely we need to know that the situation list of the benefits of a morning we can if we can see the long queues. it's really sad i mean i'm one excited in fact if we have a story but if i just stop for one moment and think about it can you imagine having to wake up every morning little five six in the morning that you can stand in the queue to howl is in cold way that if we single say that it was and then you have to eat the whole thing in the evening. of.
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four to five minutes. yeah that's the first thought. to find. a friend. to. you maybe as many arguments is that it's ok to say it's a valid argument the palestinian argument which is the story we did today is what kind of security is it and that's a poll show a non-story will base will play students about what these checkpoints do and what purpose they say. but but that pop that i find the most distressing is that nothing's going to change i mean the situation has been like this yes this scene plays out each and every morning thousands of palestinians need to cross the sticking point before eight am so they can go to work on these weighty science based radio just come across so badly i mean i'm just looking at the pictures of soldiers behind bob why is i mean it's i really don't know what the i.d.f.
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guy is going to say the israeli defense forces guy's going to say today that's going to justify this. little stunt. thank you very much to kick a hot spots but i think i'm getting old cause people talk to me now and i'm actually since i moved out almost like a kid from myself having some tears and i wasn't shot out of ecstasy you're you just. you wait the did you just mention. you know killed my old man thinking yeah. sure. i. get behind the. she doesn't speak for. weeks if. you look you look at them she decided. you know you go through a metal detector now you see if we can make a dent in it become life we would have little that's a good good decision if you'd listen to i mean we would still be sleeping.
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with finally getting on a plane to yes who would be the. it's inside a very old soviet. very comfortable. car. this is part of being. in the senate. this plane was. vintage. this is totally part of the that's how i have.
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made it a very icy runway and. you see anything is just just you know.
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it looks like just. there no pull out here and. it's just snow and let's not repeat the same. thing to sherman oaks where you. told. me.
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once you do things fish farms waters today you have the palm of me because. i saw you spread all over norway is the most cultured food you have in the whole. process drowns out in the tissue inquiry furthermore tells restrictions.
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really knows what's inside the.
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crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want to. i'm abby martin the stories we cover here you're not going to hear any right other big story the extra headlines and talk there's a reason they don't want in denial about me that are important that we should be completely now let's break the set. all right so now we've done the part of the story where i like to hear me but that whole element of how difficult it is he came back and now we stand in my mind that
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we're going to cross through driving and we're going to show just. no no cues and we just go straight through and there's no checkpoints checks or anything and. the whole thing. believe the ones that actually see the camera thinking they put us other. people from the army from their spokesperson unit. we are aware of the first to reform in the area and to go directly to me through the. you know i didn't want to do what we're doing. so i did it. but. i'm hoping that they're not going to give us to work if we do you know it's all about we're journalists brothers for a word. oh it's you know. oh . that's. driving out of ramallah now we're going to take the move to where there
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is a checkpoint but where every time we drive if we have ever stopped going to hope that they don't stop us today we're actually filming this and the point is to actually show as well as. to get through the checkpoint on foot here he can just drive straight through and they don't check and check points of security how do you make sense of this is the point of the story was like how you know how you have people going on foot and how people go through i know this is where this is true what we're showing here the fact that it's not the same checkpoint i'm not going to say it's the. ha they know and they're saying we're saying we're just going to do another check by it which is ten minutes away less than ten minutes away and there's trust that when you have a car you can cross the checkpoint and just without being like standing for two hours thing in the tick bite we have been diving for a bit less than ten minutes seven minutes and little does cross
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a the checkpoint and would ring and will end up there is a without being checked or a humiliated and seeming like a lamp you're just sitting in your car and you are crossing the checkpoint so here's the checkpoint we are very close they will say now and you see right now i'm crossing the tape blind the soldier is laughing and we cross into israel and without means checked or anything so what the checkpoints about is it about security i don't think so we just to prove that that it's not about security at all . the case that i was i can sit back and smile i have always said that the conflict here is between poor and rage. i write men can buy a car can always come here to this checkpoint and cross it we came from ramallah they don't know if we have a steamy and in the car window on tap permit to permission to go inside israel they
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don't they didn't take us if you have a with the car and you were driving you are looking good they will just laugh when you when you cross the checkpoint but if you don't have money and you don't have a car so you need to be humiliated in over there to go away and a a another day it will. the one element that we're missing from the story on the checkpoints of course is the view from the israeli side so we have an interview with. someone from the israeli defense forces and i want to ask him what is the point of the checkpoints if something what is the point of checkpoints the second question will be that when we went to small we saw people queuing for a long time in the checkpoints but then what he did is we went through his math and we just drove through and i didn't stop because if you can just think of how you want to answer that because. his arch what he's saying on in the interview is that
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the checkpoints are to make the finish and and the checkpoints are to create divisions so if you put palestinian you have to wait in the queue and if you're wealthy palestinian you can get a car you can drive through when they can you dance i don't want to go through questions beforehand but i i just the same sound heads it is that he looked at that's lost as to how he was going to understand. just a feeling i guess is that this guy has not been on camera before i might be wrong that's and i want to. second those questions because it's not something for questions and other people my question is if you know my mouth has been briefed and i don't really like even questions beforehand then i know we don't do that usually but you know with. the fact that he's young and old the i'm a little troubled that you know to give eighteen year old still i don't have twenty three year old term you know you hold it is for us to usually soundbites from directly from the from the from the israeli army. if that's what keeps them so it's
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right in front of them give them the question make sure you know make sure you don't follow the exactly i want and say look these are these are the questions and this is kind of. you and bill why does the israeli army have checkpoints and i'm talking to specifically about checkpoints between the palestinian areas and israel . who were you sure the. new kid on the. what proof do you have of the checkpoints we're. going to do marvel you sure you took it down through to the numerous other if you are from our school you go to points. the numbers over the the. top and the sense just goes on and on to go through the number of the lowest. to the. demolished so check.
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in that was in order to make it more easy or other stimulus for war between the cities ok i want to ask you a personal question for you when you're standing at the checkpoint how do you feel when you see these people that don't have guns and don't have anything crossing through the checkpoint forced into use for long hours and you're standing there with a gun controlling controlling their lives. what do you feel and can very much. how many years if you even the army. five years if you look young to them being an army for five years. i just can't help but think the guy's a kid and they're putting up to be the i.d.f. spokesperson i mean he had to in all fairness he did a good job of it at his age but i mean at the end of days a kid. why would you as an army want to put forward and a kid as your spokes person the idea could have done itself of a disservice by giving us a stronger person who is more of
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a spokes person rather than someone who is just so young i wish that israelis and palestinians could see each other as people and not just as the representation of the israeli army and the same of the undecided i mean today i was on a case study and i was right he said he feels like a lamb he feels so humiliated we interviewed one man who's been doing this for twenty seven years i think he said twenty five or twenty so can you imagine every day for twenty seven years going to a checkpoint so i try to bring that humanity into the stories. but in terms of the people who live the story they don't see the humanity of each other soldiers don't see each person that goes to the checkpoint as a palestinian father needs to support his family as a palestinian had to wake up extra early and make sure that her kids are ready to go to school and who can see her children off to school because she's got to go through a checkpoint for to also should get to. the soldiers don't see that the soldiers see that they need to maintain the security of each post and that's coming through there is a potential threat to the security of israel so you see it as a mass in the media and. one on one connection and sometimes i mean that's what we
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can do and it's been the humanity of people but it's really hard you only have two and a half minutes to achieve the story you have a very specific story you're trying to tell that's what i think we as journalists have the privilege is that we meet the people behind on both sides so we see the humanity of both sides but i just wish that people could meet each other not as an israeli soldier and not as a palestinian potential terrorist and they can see beyond those stereotypes and beyond those labels they can reach haven't actually seen each other as human beings . for. the robot to go on the young like. to kind of like. i'm told they can withstand temperatures of up to minus fifty because it gets really really thick. very excited in the space right now because of all sixty or eighty. degrees you. know
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your mascot. i've always wanted to do this for you it's all. bucket list. but i'm excited because i was not enough time because. we just got. make the most of the way we. get the story. and. get some pretty pictures some pretty dark. including wearing stupid hats it's minus thirty today so it's not as cold as we wish to be expected it to be but it is snowing so it's slightly. uncomfortable. no i do not. know what.
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you mean five. go. from here. last. summer. i guess i look good right. now. i. was going to start it on my blog with.
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the kids and the great khali any interest in a desire to get as it is played such a small mammals and. then can you stand to temperatures below limits at fifty degrees and one of the places in the world. without. let me tell you as an above who really doesn't. know they can they can move. i don't think i did very comfortable and we all i think because of the fur. i just hope i got the sun because. my god. wants to. do what. type of music. yeah ok alright i'm done.
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my girl. ok. oh my god no one tell the enemy when you're sitting behind. that they always pooping and it's things . it was learned this wanted to put my mask on all the time and i still had to do the thing camera while i was. probably keep my nose away from this thing thank you . and i think. it's fun but i feel like i want that i'm going to live longer and maybe. go inside the floor or something a little bit more. if you like to only do this because they know that visitors come in and they want to kind of experience. you know part of the native culture because like things are not becoming more and more modern you know people are using cars
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mall and. things like sledding and stuff it's just become a novelty you know so. yeah i mean it's not me but i feel like we can kind of get better you know. a whole hand when they give you an arm or is it a hand and on monday. you know what i'm saying.
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interviews intriguing stories for you. in trying. to find out more visit. around fifteen people reportedly killed after israeli tanks opened fire on a united nations school in. washington on europe launch another round of sanctions against russia over the ukraine conflict getting key players in the financial and energy sectors. the civilian casualty count climbs as the ukrainian army intensifies its offensive in the east of the country moving ever closer to the russian border. moscow is struggling to get the children out of there called abouts .


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