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tv   Venture Capital  RT  July 27, 2014 12:15pm-12:30pm EDT

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politically charged on all airwaves it seems many journalists have already handed down their verdict in washington i'm going to check on are to some cia intelligence analysts have reportedly suggested the missile that brought on flight m h seventeen was fired by ukrainian troops citing u.s. satellite images but that version is being silenced by the mainstream media house and test the gate of journalist robert pari explains this sort of prejudging of a case had can have serious consequences toward the the overall conclusion if for instance that i was told by one source that there are cia cia analysts in the us government who have been reviewing some of the satellite imagery and they very clinician was at the missile battery was under the control of the ukrainian military but if you're those analysts and the secretary of state has come out with a conclusion which goes counter to that you might be more likely to not reach the conclusion that you were headed to because it would affect your career coming up on
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r.t. international israel and hamas trade ceasefires a palestinian militant group sees its ready for another day long humanitarian truce but reports say it's still poised to use rockets israel's already restarted its bombardments after the previous agreement was reached i'll be bringing you the full story in about fifteen minutes time in the meantime though it's venture capital time with kitty pilgrim to step around. this is the media leave us so we leave the media. by the scene motions to. the party visible. questions that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics only one of our team i. government system is to help poor
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people poor women but they can only change their life and nobody's trying to make money out of them those who want to make money out of them by misusing. the time the whole thing and too long shot can do that shit and we have all forced to live show. i live up to the first example so i'm capable of this we will be discussing the
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complex person from the weapons contracts to russia plus saudi arabia opens up the stock market ok loses its russian fizz go sky high and to cap it when he talks about drugs to stay tuned to the details of all of. the e.u. is set to target state owned russian banks the measures will european investors from buying new debts or shares of these banks access to capital markets arms and energy technology will likely feature in the new set of e.u. sanctions now this comes the same week that the fight against secret offshore accounts has some promising results thirty seven billion euros was collected by governments across the world new details were on belt of the next phase of the global crackdown on tax evasion which will allow the automatic sharing of data but we're now going to discuss how new sanctions on the fight against tax evasion could
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mean more reason to transport money and they can i well i'm now joined by peter pan off the chairman of the board from the great so before we move on to tax evasion we're going to touch on that just a minute or two we've got these e.u. sanctions they're being finalized as we speak what will they do to the russian economy i don't believe that those sanctions will be at the full scale and too harsh on the overall russian economy. the current believe that mostly a mainly state owned companies will be targeted and something else to keep in mind you russia is a huge country and the sixth economy in the world so in any way if you would like sanctions to be effective and really cause speed for the economy economy has to be isolated completely. it's close to impossible to isolate the russian economy completely for all markets for all financial markets for all the just to kill routes technology sources etc so all these sanctions will only go half way anyway.
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and in case of russia a big country with the big economy russia will definitely retaliate so these sanctions will be two way to a young russia will find ways to course pay for our european union and at some point if i'm from the states i want to move on to tax evasion because i did mention this week there's been some new measures are we know that it's been a global fight against the anything that politicians as rational process seems to agree on they say is. the most anxious more rules and regulations that sometimes means the more breaking off that do you think that because there are going to be more hurdles that people will be more inclined to jump over those how those and find loopholes to get rid of that money elsewhere to pop a secret even if i say it's impossible in russia i would not be honest and frank with you indefinitely it is that russian government successfully was fighting against the shadow areas of economy over the last decades and the current russian
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tax regulation is actually targeted towards limit is much bigger much more profitable to be open and transparent throw than go into the shuttle so business is very vocal and russian government is listening to business and be trying to implement measures for show is a sure and or increasing taxes changing with the very close contact and dialogue with the business and business is very vocal about saying if you push business to to hard business can go and stop being transparent and go into shadows both of these topics sanctions and tax evasion as far as russian money is concerned. all means more money going to asia. most likely more likely i think russia has a great opportunity to find itself in the eastern markets.
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find investors in eastern markets find new particles to be in the eastern markets because unfortunately i don't want to elaborate on the cause of the sanctions is beyond my area of expertise but i think the message is very strong that under certain circumstances western parts of this can pretty much give up on russia and drop the contracts drop right grenades and russia will definitely retaliate short term because we know sort of rumors that russia can nationalize some of the. international oil and gas companies including you know x. and mobil shelby is going to very painful that would be a disaster they wouldn't what they call the disaster for everybody you know it's not nobody wants this and that's why west should think twice about russia too too hard too for b. to panel thank you so much for coming in thank you so much i was able to say to you yes on day two appreciate you coming into our studio. and staying with the conflict surrounding ukraine but this time between burson from british prime minister david
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cameron criticized france for its of two warships to russia but across party parliamentary report later a bill that more than two hundred u.k. licenses to sell weapons to moscow remain intact just to give us an idea of how huge the global weapons industry is we'll have a look at the countries that make the most money so as you'll be able to see the u.s. remains the largest exporter of conventional weapons in the world accounting for thirty percent just that or about seven billion dollars a year russia is second with twenty five the way the sec which is about four point five billion here then is germany france and. so considering these numbers despite all the horror that's happened over the last week or so it's clear to see why there is so much attention to. david these multi-billion dollar contracts for more analysis i'm now joined by it rodney shakespeare political allies from the global justice movement ok mr shakespeare there's lots of pointing and blaming going
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on at the by i meant thought in your opinion politics aside sit be stopped to russia right now. well i don't think you can avoid the politics i regret the assumption that we should be talking about trade relations and sanctions against russia it's not russia that's conducting a deliberate extermination of the women and children in gaza it's not russia conducting the slaughter of millions hundreds of thousands perhaps in syria and iraq and it's not russia that proposed the elimination of the russian language if ukraine ian russian speaking people and you notice how the rhetoric is changing on the downing of the plane as people asked the questions as to why the plane was directed over a war zone and why they lowered the altitude of the plane but your questions are sanctions. the reality is is that in the long run that the west will lose out on
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the sanctions that europe cannot afford a sanctions france can't afford it if it lost that one point two billion for those two aircraft carriers the u.k. is being totally hypocritical hypocritical it has two hundred fifty one the ongoing contracts for sniper rifles and drones and the bottom line of course is that russia can strike back i cannot her lies assets of say show and be paid so i'm afraid all these sanctions talk is going nowhere it will be a loss to the yachting club down in cars and the isle of wight and the hong kong yachting club will benefit but those individual russians because that's all sanctions are and amounting to who are sanctions what basically where it is a bad. of allah i happen to think but in this matter in the long run the cards are held by russia ok so in regards to britain and france going at it this week
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do you think i'm going to presume you're going to say yes that cameron has been hypocritical and what he's been saying given that you said the two hundred fifty one contracts that are still in tax. but it's worse than hypocritical because cameron is playing with the zionist position and the americans are in his position or the expansion of nato behind this is that putting the pressure on to russia expansion of nato it was in georgia. and of course they're trying to put missiles into ukraine that is what is really this is about so it's worse than hypocrisy it's about cameron being part of the nato expansion and that's why they're trying to pressurize russia but they are losing on this politically and they are going to lose in the long run particularly as the brits say they've had enough of the west and nato and decide to make arrangements
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where we'll leave it there mr shakespeare thank you very much indeed for your thoughts on the topic very much appreciate it. on the sky's the limit for bitcoin latvian line abdullah take have announced a jetset is can stop buying that take it with the current say baltic is the first line to offer. payment opposite a lot of travel giant expedia began accepting bitcoin for hotel bookings and except in the current sea full flights bookings. saudi arabia's stock market will open up to foreign investors for the first time the saudi market is the biggest in the middle east down the same. biggest in the world that is close to direct foreign investment the us off to china the move is part of why government efforts to diversify the sound economy away from oil i'm now going to talk about corporate
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news and what's been going on here it must pay what has occurred i suppose as opposed to the twenty five maybe. save russell the company says this is down see that restructuring it's houston making basis in the country if pace of russia have signed an agreement aimed at speeding up deliveries the websites of vice president wendy giant types the deal will help the company keep up its rapid growth . russia metals sevastopol is finally offloading its u.s. assets the own fellows. around two point three billion dollars for five. time to get to the business task and ten cabaye now last week the will does it on pills is that right yes it did we got ph s. farm standard and to be honest i've never really thought about it put they actually make a lot of the medicines that people use in russia and my wife swears by their immune system booster are good all but unfortunately i lost one hundred dollars their
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stocks went down just a bit so i'm actually get a little scared katie because we're going to rise yes slowly over time one hundred dollars hundred dollars or dollars it's getting whittled down to nothing but let's see what we have this week oh no no no not ross sniffed while i'm happy because they are on the bad end of sanctions if my memory serves me correct so i don't know how rough sniffed is going to perform a next means oil and they are one of russia's biggest oil producers so let's see next week you never know all is usually pretty reliable but. listen you've got a third week of the climbs that feel very good i can tell that you're confident that when the waiver and he loves to be careful we're confident but like i said every we go to dollars disappear is disappearing it's good it's not good so we're going to do. a little bugger do about it mike.


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