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most sophisticated which one certainly doesn't give a darn about anything to nj mission to teach religion and why you should care about human tinned. this is why you should watch only on the r.-g. dog. bone welcome to our tease newsroom i am i need to now it tonight president putin moves to withdraw all rights to use russia's military in ukraine and parliament as a tender truce between kiev and finders in the east weighs in the balance and we look at why the u.s. won't admit iran is one of the most stable countries in the middle east plus amid accusations of human rights violations in american prisons we find russian jails are far from just your in the now.
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president putin has asked lawmakers to withdraw permission to use the russian military forces in ukraine this will certainly make it harder for washington to hold its tail of a big bad russian ob the use of military was force was granted as an option unanimously in march ahead of the referendum in crimea but it's more outrage in the west which suspected russia planning an invasion not much news about it in the west though i guess it just doesn't fit into this cold war cold war cold war i see in relations with the west we tend to help support a cease fire in ukraine is of course important news whether it will work is still unclear but there are some who think this is the wrong move marks the bow to lecture at moscow state university joins us tonight in the studio thanks again mark for being here what's wrong with taking a step back trying to perhaps hell. that's the escalation in ukraine ok so
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president putin several months ago made a commitment when he reserves the right to defend the rights and lives of ethnic russians and russian speakers russian orientated people in eastern ukraine by the use of military force if necessary if the government sought to use military force and kill them in order to extend its rule over the eastern ukraine by any stretch of the imagination they have certainly used the done this with nightly artillery strikes air strikes paramilitary forces and so on. every time putin has made a concession such as earlier when he withdrew military forces from the border back which were presenting a threat of intervention to protect these people. the ukrainian regime has reacted to this as a weakness and a green light to continue and escalate their actions when putin withdraw military
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forces this before this gave the ukrainian regime the opportunity to escalate and this is when the artillery strikes the air strikes began in earnest with heavy military gear the use of tanks and so on i'm afraid that president putin the administration has reached the conclusion that they would prefer to protect the rights of the ethnic and russian speaking people of eastern ukraine by diplomatic measures by economic measures to be not convinced that this will work because every time the ukrainian regime has made a commitment to the. january twenty first agreements to the geneva agreements. early to the cease fire which was violated on the very night and has been in complete violation every basically our sense is artillery strike. and the
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airstrikes continue the ceasefire right now is a figment it is an agreed upon lie at this point it is not in fact a ceasefire on the ground and hasn't been from the beginning but it has always been russia's policy to kind of put diplomacy or at least give it a chance at the forefront in a lot of different they're polish there comes a point where. when diplomacy has failed and failed again and failed again and the partners that you are engaging in diplomacy with have proven themselves both unresponsive and betraying of the trust when agreements are made and when people are being killed by these partners people that you regard that you have special rights and duties to protect when diplomacy is no longer an option and by removing once again the threat even the threat of intervention he is giving another green light and another single of weakness which i am afraid that the kiev regime will only. escalate again they are continuing under the pretext of this cease fire to
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move more and more deadly heavy military equipment now smirch mobile ballistic missile launchers into the area around the embattled towns once are now in complete siege and i'm afraid that once this e.u. association agreement is signed on the twenty seventh on the twenty eighth we will see a new escalation of forces a new escalation a new level of violence and they believe that they can solve this via military diplomatic means especially since the threat of russian intervention seems to be pulled back once again or you call it a concession i'm not sure i agree with that but let's say it is a concession why are we seeing so little reaction then from the last isn't this what they essentially wanted. there are some people who make the argument that the west would like to war russia into intervening in eastern ukraine i certainly i do not agree with that assessment certainly on the part of the european union and i
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don't think on the part of the united states as well they would like russia to roll over do exactly what they are doing and accept a fait accompli where the ukraine is absorbed in total into the western geo political and economic orbit and that any future russian your asian economic union is limited in its scope and geopolitical reach right marks a lot of with us in the now it's not lecture at moscow state university thanks so much thank you. well both sides in ukraine agreed to observe a cease fire until friday but are already accusing each other of breaking in anti-government forces in eastern ukraine say the army continues to shell a town in the gaunts region and has left one woman dead and another wounded. so the situation in the east is difficult to monitor especially when reporting inconvenient truth they can get you in trouble or even worse they can make you
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a target joining us in the now tonight is a blogger whose name is chris he's asked to be to remain. true to not reveal his identity i should say or location in fact he is an east isn't writing a live blog from there for some time in ukraine chris thanks for joining us so much first of all tell us what are you reporting that makes you fear so much for your safety in eastern ukraine. good evening. good evening. on the net most even man information about the trolling by. ukraine government about those who provide information within the quandary and war independently by the mainstream media. you tap in the west and really on my blog my social network profile i was contacted by people that later i discovered they were
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members of the ukraine nation at least organizations so. i have to be pretty careful about that ok what exactly are you focusing on on your blog what are they reading that they don't like. or world usually i try to see to make things clear here because i see in this conflict that the the the war scene is a bad use of wards there is a better cavil in the use of warsaw by the media coverage the problem is calling things but their name in western and ukraine media they so often speak of travel is more of us in and invading ukraine i can say all this is absolutely shameful by them i have been here for two mons and these old us never happen and i would
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knesset the when you recall it's joining. us in the ranks of popular media it was ordinary people just the people form here i don't deny maybe soldiers with russian passport but in the dumbass out how many families say wander don't have a relative's beyond the border and about devotees most of these so so often speak about those but i can assure that out there are not terrorists here and just by just by you within the common definition of beverly's me to first violent acts intended to create fear to the targeting target in this regard in the safety of noncombatants but was doing this here we shall arrange the lobby and hospital. them who bombed the lugansk on june two so tell us more about your attempt to report their you say that your fearing for for your safety essentially what exactly what kind of are you getting any kind of threats. i don't understand you i
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don't know you being threatened by those you say that have contacts you about your work. treta the no but as i told you so most people remember us or ukrainian nationalists organization tried to contact me tried to make me look try to keep in touch with me so in probably to localise me here it happened and it happened several times what's what's the hardest part of trying to get your work done in terms of of talking about what you're seeing about talking about the civilian casualties in your every day attempt to get those facts that information to your blog or that the spot. i'm not i'm not hearing you and you can be sure what's the hardest part of you in trying to do your work in eastern ukraine or i cannot generalize
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but for me personally. ever to this going on here is very hard to us that either i've known to scorn to for many here and i can say that without foreign entanglements all these would never have happened in. blogger chris he's been covering the crisis in eastern ukraine for some time now like you said he's been there for two months asked to remain keep his identity hidden for safety reasons thanks so much for joining us tonight thanks to you. we don't know non-si is in germany they're trying to sell hate with dial meat patrick schroeder is the german what the german press has dubbed nazi hipster he's host of a weekly internet show where he shares lines about why blacks don't belong in germany and how american neo nazis are primitive dressing up in costumes with
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a map of germany in one nine hundred thirty seven hanging in the background but his goal is to give the german far right movement a friendlier cooler hipper image lectures on how neo nazis can dress with less intimidation throw on a pair of skinny jeans and glasses and voila you're a cool nazi. well this harlem sacred here was sought as part of that mainstream attempt at a make over. sarina of stars hate will never be equal we'll be right back stay in the not.
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a little. welcome back tony blair has admitted that the war he helped fuel back in two thousand and three is partly a reason behind the current isis crisis in iraq finally by the way britain along with the us were warned in advance that radical islamists might take over the country the head of kurdish intelligence appealed to both governments and they ignored them but now they are concert very concerned not sure about britain but it's not the first time the us ignored a warning russia repeatedly warned the f.b.i. that our naive brothers were dangerous but it fell on deaf ears and the boston bombing took place in spring twenty thirteen u.s.
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intelligence was told that there was a terrorist threat in kenya right before a nairobi mall was hijacked by boko haram dozens were killed. and twenty travel libya officials say they told americans three days in advance that an attack on the u.s. consulate was being planned. so america sees what it wants to see especially when it comes to the middle east and its policy there is not quite based on stability in iraq as you well know is in chaos isis there syria is suffering from civil war some call it a proxy war depending on how you see it libya is a disaster after nato is bombing there pakistan and afghanistan are close to becoming failed states the house of saud in the gulf may soon face a succession crisis so who is the most stable what about iraq the u.s. won't want to see that because it doesn't fit into a bronze policy joining us in the now as american historian and journalist gareth porter from washington what's your perception here where does iran stand amid
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widespread turmoil that we're seeing in the middle east. well if you'd asked this question just a few years ago you might have gotten much more of a response that iran is like other middle eastern countries still unstable and subject to possible regime change that of course after the june two thousand and nine election which was contested and after which there was a lot of demonstration of the very large scale demonstrations particularly in tehran itself but that phase of the political history of iran has now passed and it has clearly been able to. sort of right itself in terms of political stability there's no sign of serious instability on the horizon any time in the foreseeable future in iran and therefore it really sort of stands out in the
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middle east as the one place where you can. see a predictable course of stability over the next few years. and i think that the obama administration undoubtedly recognizes that at some level but as you suggested in your intro there are certain things that the obama administration politically does not allow itself to think or certainly not to say and i think this is probably one of the things that it lacks to the way policy in terms of isis the isis threat that we're seeing we've been hearing talks about possibly working with iran how do you see that. i really don't think that the perception of iran's stability makes the slightest difference as far as decisionmaking on iraq is concerned i think the questions there have to do with weighing and balancing by the white house of the desire on one hand to
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be able to show that it's doing something about terrorism in the middle east and on the other hand of voiding getting into a situation which it will have a lot of trouble getting out of and i think the president obama particularly is is very well aware of the danger inherent in starting even a minimal form of military intervention such as airstrikes but nevertheless i think that's the that's the political choice that now confronts the white house and so this is really primarily on both sides a matter of domestic politics and i think that's the case in virtually every issue of u.s. policy in the middle east that it's really all about or predominantly about domestic politics and not about the situation on the ground anywhere in the middle east just briefly can i ask you how you see iran is it going to be keen on on working with
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the united states even if it is to fight isis in lieu of all the sanctions we've seen all of the rhetoric's over the past three years how ready are they going to be . i think the iranian leadership makes a very sharp distinction between two things on one hand. consultations and negotiations talks between the two the united states and iran on the strategic situation in the middle east generally and iraq in iraq specifically on one hand and actual military cooperation or tolerance of u.s. military involvement in iraq that's a separate issue entirely and in that case the iranian supreme leader himself has made it very clear that that is not acceptable to iran that the united states enter into direct military intervention in iraq american historian internalised gareth porter with us in the now from washington
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where france is the largest bank b.n.p. per hour by is about to pay out or way up not enough billion dollars to the u.s. for violating washington sanctions including those place on the wrong sum is more than the bank earned last year and the fine is being called unfair and disproportionate by the french president here's peter all over with more. french banking giant. in the u.s. regulators seem to be closing in on the deal which could see france's largest bank having to pay up to nine billion dollars in fines for directly violating u.s. sanctions now this relates back to around thirty billion dollars worth of trades that were done with countries such as iran cuba most of all that all appear on the sanctions list it's being discussed at the highest levels french president francois hollande is warned of the potential fallout for the french and even the wider
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european economy if this company faces such a stiff fine bomber's said well he isn't going to poke his nose into an ongoing investigation by the attorney general so he's not provided going to try and interfere in this case but with the french economy still very wobbly at best the pessimists are suggesting that this type of fine meted out on to france's biggest bank could be potentially catastrophic so we're waiting to see what deal is met between the french bank and the u.s. banking regulators we're expecting that decision at the beginning of july. where they own president in size of the fines that some wondering why being people has to pay so much the biggest such penalty paid by any bank so far was two billion dollars it was handed out to britain's h.s.b.c. the french bank is now looking at almost five times that amount. i.
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sterilizing your dog or cat if you don't want to deal with this possible offspring is one thing but in california it's legal to sterilize female inmates of course regulation should just that women have to give their consent and only then undergo the procedure but it doesn't quite work that way one hundred forty four female prisoners were subjected to it with some of them saying they were forced almost four dozen women sterilized illegally between two thousand and five and two thousand and eleven well that's not the only thing making prisons in california controversal human rights groups say inmates there are kept in concrete windowless cramped cells for nearly twenty three hours a day one hour of recreation is often limited to pacing in handcuffs and shackles in another solitary area telephone calls and contact visits are generally prohibited more than three thousand inmates endure this treatment according to
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a report one hundred six have spent fifteen years in cells all twenty three have been locked up for a quarter of a century well the us has the highest incarceration rate in the world but while russia falls well behind in numbers conditions and some prisons here are horrific even though this is what the public sees. that's the nicer cleaner look clean beds happily working inmates but the reality is much worse take a look at this this inmate here showing his cell we found this online a small cell walls in literally peeling off a rusting sink and a hole in the floor instead of a toilet no bed just a plank as you can see awful. but this prisoner might be lucky he has his own separate cell according to former prisoners there can be up to six people in one
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cell food they're usually fed is rotten so no nourishment there's also lack of medical care soap toilet paper hot water and summons inmates are forced to work more than eight hours a day which is completely illegal we spoke to on the new call washroom and rights activist has been some of the some of russia's detention centers. british relief and you were denied it and. it did not believe in the stay and yes we just didn't like this list because a lot of love shows but i think in the budget. but the budget people in the. new edition is large and she says just give me. what she needs. to get my. money but i'm sorry about that we seem to have technical difficulties with the translation and we will post that for sure on our youtube channel so please do log on for that later to get what she had to say about the prison situation in russia
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but i want to show you this north korea is a furious check this out. hollywood movie about t.v. hosts who get a rare exclusive interviews with leader kim jong and are then enlisted by the u.s. government as undercover agents ordered to assassinate him north korea has reacted by saying it shows the desperation of the u.s. government and society i have to say it looks pretty funny but could you imagine the outrage at the tables were turned here just saying that does it for me tonight send us comments at in the l r t we'll see you tomorrow.
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some people say freedom isn't free and they're right in fact freedom may only cost the price of a bottle of water or an old t. shirt fans celebrating the recent victory of the l.a. kings noticed that they were not alone what was believed to be a police drove a flying over them filming them i thought of moral contempt for drones or just for the hell of it the crowd began to throw random objects out until it was brought down i think this event makes two very big points firstly a lot of the surveillance state is not that hard to stop i mean there are satellite photos being taken of us all the time and n.s.a. spying on the communications but any camera or other device been throwing distance of a brick is at the mercy of us that are you nine percent and secondly generally if
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a crowd of people does something few ever get punished i mean if this true. actually a police troll would they try to lock up the entire crowd for breaking it no they wouldn't and they could and for some reason if one person commits an act of civil disobedience they are in for it but if a crowd does it they generally get away with it so if you're going to defend your right to privacy from drones bring fifty guys with you and everything will work out just fine but that's just my opinion. told you my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports but i'm not pushing the know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point to say. ok yeah the car is on the docket no. thank you no more weasel words. when you need a direct question be prepared for a change when you know you should be ready for
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a. critical speech and let him down the freedom to. as a go on everyone i'm at a martin and this is breaking this set so you may remember that back in two thousand and eleven u.s. citizen and we're all lucky when the bin laden of the internet was killed by us drone strike in yemen for his association with al qaeda now a lock is just one of four u.s. nationals that have been killed by their own country's predator drones and for nearly three years the a.c.l.u. has demanded to know the justification behind his killing and today the
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organization got its wish to see a federal court released a two thousand and ten memo by then acting assistant attorney general david baron that outlined the legal case for the strike that killed a lockheed unsurprisingly the obama administration memo relies almost entirely on the authorization for use of military force the wrong word a law passed in the immediate wake of september eleventh that allows the president to use force against members of al-qaeda but even the memo notes that quote there is no precedent directly addressing the question in circumstances such as those present here so basically there is no legal precedent to act as judge jury and executioner for american citizens and as far as that pesky due process thing get this the memo cites a supreme court case from the seventy's in order to justify invading the right to trial for a lockie it's a case called matthews v l drish allowing the government to terminate social security.


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