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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 9, 2014 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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knology altogether or start changing laws already things a good first step is to separate our personal and professional lives on line from a legal standpoint and i gotta say he's got a good point for a guy that posts underwear big shoes to face tonight let's talk about that by following me on twitter at the rest of it. america is joining me. for impartial and. carrie interviews and much like. only on the bus and on.
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o'neill you know that's why we went into iraq i know it everyone with half a brain knows it and that includes the boron from duck dynasty in the idiots from bush dynasty right ah no one from the government or the top of the military's ever supposed to say it out loud in public the lie that we went into iraq to stop weapons of mass destruction is still bjelland again and again with the fervor of kinda me yelling my safety word when the dominate trips i've hired to letters into my back wall fortune me to watch a movie cat woman. sure is brutal laughed when she made me do taxes while watching mitch mcconnell speak all right but no one in the top brass is ever supposed to say when in direct for oil until now we have an exclusive video with general petraeus a former head of the cia and leader. of coalition forces during the war in iraq was
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introduced in front of the north dakota national guard by state treasurer kelly schmitt schmidt accidentally laid down a massive flaming pile of truth of the general's feet and i'm in myself because i've always wanted to have exclusive and the thing even my close relationships it turned out were shared by a few other guys. to watch this clip tell make our nation and our world an energy independent country so that you and your fellow. officers and enlisted folks never have to go over there again in order to fight for the well that we all need oh. yeah this is a terrible introduction i haven't seen an introduction that bad since the italian undersecretary of war carlopa have a grocer introduced adolf hitler to a girl scouts crowd in one nine hundred forty one by saying he might look like an angry lesbian charlie chaplin but man get a good cup of mean glass of genocide or. you were right you were right on that one
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you were right think about this the war in iraq thousands of troops killed over a million people killed admitting it was for oil would have war criminal written all over it so i can only assume the general jumped up there on stage kanye west did that by you can sad i'll let you finish in a minute all right but iraq was one of the greatest wars of all time and we did it because there were horrible w m d that somehow disappeared in the middle of the night like the tooth fairy you know where we left out the truth yes it was the w. and d. ferry that's exactly what it was all right it took a man to live billions of dollars under the pillows of military contractors but we would never kill a million paper for your boob let's see if that's what he did. thanks for that kind introduction thanks kili for calling your bitch. was the beginning
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and i quote for the the severe summer weather awareness week. a little joke about the weather you. and the scariest part you're hearing about this problem i want to show you this this video was obtained by steve on a decent aw good luck and this is the first time it's been on television my bachelor degree is in fart noises alright where is the media on this i should not be the person bringing this to you it's like a dog delivered in a riginal rembrandt to your door all right you'd think fags is probably losing their mojo a bit and it gets better to try this was in north dakota receiving a red carpet tour of the hydro fracking they're doing there because he now works for the private equity firm called berg kravitz roberts so this clip shows the
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revolving door between the pentagon and private equity it shows the collusion between the oil and gas industry and state governments it shows that our wars have been for oil not to deliver freedom to oppressed peoples it shows that our media doesn't give us and it shows that the interior design in north dakota is a little drab. everybody should be shocked and various about this my senior thesis was on the centrifugal force created by a spinning bow tie and i did it hoping hoping to stop accidents like regis philbin's and dear decapitation from ever happening again all right i should not be the one telling you about this but here we are coming to you from the belly of the base washington d.c. this is redacted i.
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i yes don't and i. said yes i mean i've lost some weight you look good. seven out of twelve of you have lost some weight loss my welcome to night only camp now let's take the news from behind major retailer gap announced they were finally signing on to a significant labor agreement in bangladesh did gatt make this move because they felt too much pressure from so many americans who care how their clothing is made and. i saw the people at a nascar venue i'm pretty sure were wearing daisy dukes made from chewing tobacco all right and that chewing tobacco was offered to buy jolted children who got paid in cigarettes and they were forced to smoke those cigarettes you know the real reason gaps are into the labor agreement is because the announcement was a hoax the group eighteen million rising carefully created a fake statement forcing gav to then march out and say that really great thing you
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heard about we're totally not doing it and. we wanted nothing to do with that you know you can always count on corporations to do the right thing when it's a hoax i'm. speaking of doing the right thing let's talk about the n.s.a. leak documents show the n.s.a. has been harvesting millions of images per day for use in facial rest recognition programs but at least it's just faces don't worry it sounds like a picture still say they are what's up there not safe and i have my pics oh no not a watch list shot a man in texas law. is things that he's saying spiral out of control. to. expire all out of control so quickly thank god he took precautions about the moustache and the hat or i think i hope he has his pills or he's not going far. for this next story on nuclear waste i want to. bring in redacted political
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correspondent sam sax. thank you thank you lou hello it does it good good to see you too we when i say the words nuclear radiation what do you think oh god no need to know what the term i think of go well i want to tell you that there's another problem with nuclear radiation and it's right here in the united sold out of they promised that they would never be another problem beyond godzilla yeah i know i know they promised to leave but there's another problem and anytime someone talks about it they get silence just like the pelican brief just like the pelican bridge that's right ok i'm done zelda or do you mean you always get to be denzel washington every time we don't let's let's say you report. all right here's here's my report on nuclear waste in america where i'm not denzel like always.
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along the banks of the columbia river in picturesque a tree hugging washington state since the hanford nuclear site for decades of scientists screwing around with nukes has left a massive mess basically the department of energy's the largest most expensive project right now is cleaning up that nuclear mess created by the department of energy's previous largest most expensive project but it gets even worse at him purred paul gunter with beyond nuclear we have a time bomb. in atomic time bomb from both the nuclear weapons complex and the nuclear energy complex kota located in perhaps one of the most seismically active areas in the western hemisphere for sure that there's about fifty three million
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gallons of high level nuclear waste in these tanks a third of them have been leaking or worse this is all moving into the columbia river right now even worse are colocated with the fukushima style reactor and one more worse than the whole complex sits below a dam on the columbia river that's got a sixty five foot crack in it ok so the situation at hand furred isn't ideal but the department of energy has a plan that will cost more than one hundred thirteen billion dollars and won't be completed until twenty nine humans will likely be extinct by then or have developed principles to radiation. the half life of plutonium is twenty five thousand. in years and then ten to twelve twenty half lives you know we're talking about you know millennium when they say that hanford is going to be
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cleaned by twenty nine what they really mean is that hanford will be cleaned by twenty one million ninety one to twenty one minute million and i think. even the workers out there that are speaking out don't have bush she was a nuclear engineer for the subcontractor in charge at hanford you are she warned that safety procedures to respond to a nuclear leak at the site were flawed and she was promptly fired in fact bushie is at least the third senior project official removed from the job after raising safety concerns that's when the secretary of energy stepped it ernest needs finally recovered from his days as hunter s. thompson struggled with attorneys met with concerned workers at hanford including walter thomas situs that meeting however thomas titus was fired and for the people who met with moneys were fired transferred or pushed out in march a senate subcommittee held a hearing into what's going on at hanford where we learned that whistleblowers like
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bushie and thomas site is aren't just up against the department of energy or their subcontractors. they're up against me too well all of us contractors can litigate at on our dime that's right we taxpayers pay all of the nuclear barons legal costs including fighting whistleblower retaliation suits. meanwhile the problems continue at him for this is the history of the nuclear conundrum they'll be no benefit but only liability for thousands tens of thousands of years unless we develop those snorkels that eat the radiation or is it possible that radioactive waste can lead to mutations that are beneficial for people. i think it's a. you know well. if you had magnetos powers to be and in twisted metal you could use our nuclear plants around the world no nukes of course i guess
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to get minutos power you need to be exposed to radiation so you would need nukes in the long run anyways. i know you kind of look like magneto. this week when president obama proposed a thirty percent reduction in carbon emissions from fossil fuel plants the nuclear energy institute responded by saying our nation will need to increase its reliance on nuclear energy as we move deeper into the twenty first century and that will mean a lot more hanford's or fukushima as places that we can just relegate to radioactive dead zones for ever. just find the right place you know somewhere that's unpopular to the rest of the country some place that soroti described as a little toxic. a place that has no political representation so that even if the people who lived there wanted to say no they couldn't. what.
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were their. parents or were doctors or not. i wanted so much to see there. were just the good old. there was. ok. i'm. new or old everybody who was. alright it's time for a quick word from our sponsor there are callous pills delp gas and bloating but there are surprisingly few for when you want to amplify it and make it into a much bigger situation than it actually should have been scared friends and family that's why you need. been gassy. by the top minds of
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fox news band gastein take your guess problem multiplies in ten fold pretty soon it's all anyone is talking about well be right back.
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welcome back. the house of representatives science committee led by republican lamar. smith has spent more time holding hearings on the possibility of extraterrestrial beings then they have spent on climate change they have held three
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hearings on e.t.s. and exactly one on climate change i seriously i kind of like where the republicans are going with this though maybe if we find alien life they can help us because we're all right so we're clearly not capable of doing it ourselves i mean obama's new emissions standards are about is too little too late and someone telling the captain of the titanic to turn left today. it sounds crazy but would hang on some space aliens or on congress all right i would sooner rest by fate in the hands of a drawing of a turtle than in the hands of congress and goes david afghans all right i know because i have won every single war i've wage with totals. were toy bills whatever . we move from turtles to whales the documentary blackfish has been getting a lot of buzz this year people have been absolutely horrified by the treatment of
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orca whales at sea world model where humans the size of whales meet real where else you know. they're not here it's ok. you know if you just throw them a corndog now and again they're generally behave themselves. anyway a lot of news outlets have been covering it but nobody is going straight to the source until now right yesterday i talked to jazzy that work a whale about his opinion of the film. thanks so much for having me on absolutely jesse thanks for being here so what did you think of this movie blackfish oh i love that i found to be a very inspiring film here's an inspiring how could. well i don't want to read pick why is that what you don't think black people should be allowed to scuba dive talking about i don't know i was the only the racist over here like cuba gooding jr i would do the same movie here yeah cuba gooding jr plays a scuba diver he's a black fish that's
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a man of honor. would call him in the documentary that came out of sea world treatment or the whales in captivity. staling also away from our beautiful oceans and put us in lowden cages taken mothers away from daughters and sons we've got a very very intense complicated limbic system that you don't understand we can make noises. a that we understand the entire subtleties of what you don't do you know that i've been captive for thirty years and they've been phrase and all of my sparring every way and it's killing me if i ever see one of those. two psalms the way down by the well. as you should lay off the smokes though you. say world disagrees with logic as you said they have been calling the movie animal rights propaganda on their twitter feed and here are some of the responses i was kind of shocked to see that your mom jumped into the debate she said she wants
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to punch the world in the face. so we're asking all of you out there to tweet at sea world send them your love your vitriolic pictures of your junk whatever you got all right if you include the hash tag redacted tonight we will retrieve some of them and perhaps even show the best one on next week's show and this is a good moment you're excited about and this is a good moment for something we call mind blowing old news. and. the pentagon is no stranger to funding projects that will make you laugh cry and ponder the meaning of life much like bad indian food but back in one thousand nine hundred four the pentagon even spent over a million dollars researching the creation of a gay bomb of bomb determine the end of the game are. kidding you can google it but be careful what you click on when you google game bomb i think this
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conversation actually having to the pentagon one of which is bomber would get. in the face of. beyond. beyond being offensive and well stupid i feel like this also has a basic misunderstanding of sexuality i think you're born with your sexual preference you don't just say well some chemicals and turn gag is that apple pie i need to i don't like. i'm don't think that's a works that you mind blowing old news. we move from old technology to modern technology every once in a while there is an idea whose time has come that seems to be what a lot of people think about cell the roadways which has gone viral online the indie go go campaign has raised over two million dollars already explained what it's all about is senior energy correspondent john paul gone. overboard a. good seller fricken roadways pretty exciting no the opposite not exciting
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not incredible incredible all there is nothing more interesting that is less interesting than these particular hexagon shaped interlocking solar panels with lights. which are then covered with tempered glass lens. and if we were place all of our roadways with them we'd be able to produce three times the electricity that our country needs i'm literally asleep where are we the netherlands i'm this this is amazing technology john why do you think it so lame because that's not the whole story they also keep the surface temperature of the roads a few degrees above freezing so they'll never be any car accidents from ice or snow it is a nanny state it saves the lives john hey if i want to spend down the highway doing three things these are completely out of control where everyone else in the car is screaming that i shouldn't be texting during the ice storm that's my god given right as an american law are other than warning your
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death wish sold a roadway sound fantastic oh today everything sounds fantastic until it's not just like all those stupid middle school raffles where your mom doesn't get there when the fifty dollar gift card a bed bath and beyond but the head of the p.t.a. this is can't alone as does every single time she didn't have a kid in a school lot of nat i don't even know what you're talking about all i'm saying is forget the roadways the keystone x.l. pipeline is. it's that. the keystone pipeline would be terrible for the environmental burdick tar sands release more carbon emissions than almost any other place on the planet it would be catastrophic if obama approved it oh yeah now who well neo vision x. has gone on record saying that the science isn't in yet on climate change plus roadways are even economically viable neo vision x. has officially stated that the tempered glass alone would cost twenty trillion
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dollars so we could do it but it would bankrupt our entire country who in god's name is new vision x. full disclosure yeah he's a guy who leaves angry comments on you two in all caps with a bunch of exclamation boy. after that doesn't mean what he's saying isn't true come on all this closure what he's saying isn't true according to the solar cells the. hell are you i am anti solar information comes from internet trolls don't judge me man you don't know what i've been through i need this keystone x.l. pipeline to get approval on why those closure this is can't lose did have a kid tell my parents and felt it was the love of my life she's the first girl that i got so over the shirt second base where she broke up with me it's hard to me ever since i had to do with. all the law her white rumor has it thelma lives in
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nebraska now the pipeline would carry all right over the old a la la whatever which provides drinking water in a brass pins the active canadian half of the pipeline already leaks a dozen times a year so if obama approves this thing they almost water ply supply is going to be and finally i can have some closure. this is all about a personal vendetta of course now why else does anyone do anything that's messed up and itself maybe but not as messed up as what happened in my ex-girlfriend ramona she lives in michigan near the kalamazoo river where it's hard. pipelines build a ton of oil they can't grow anything there except for dizziness here alone out of . china to let go of this resentment right sometimes relationships just don't work out it doesn't mean the other person deserves to be a victim of an oil disaster you should focus on the love you shared you know you know what you're rightly you're so right our minds are i
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just thought of. it and know it always was the do you know might be peace for life champs to him. that's ok now what do you thrilly think about the solar roadways there are. going to do our bit that a boy the other guy. that's right because we're faster smarter better than any other news joe we have the headlines from the future first up next week you'll read this koch brothers develop plan to pave over solar roadways. i think they were also behind the pave the wells campaign of fear. also kind of sad news next week john a foe donald wanted in connection to petroleum harass. all my friends are criminals now first my junk and now my john finally finally in november you'll learn drawing
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of a total of elected the house of representatives yes the people have spoken although although that it'll be followed by a headline a week after that one just one drawing of turtle fails to deliver on campaign and promises. and finally tonight thanks for all of you who have sent words of support for all our in for our new show glad you like it there was one prevalent complaint get rid of the fake laugh track now. hold on i've found their service. but you know who found it more upsetting our lives studio audience right guys yes the only reason we can't show them on camera is because they're too ugly all right there you are a. flip flop. thank you all right all right that's that's that's ok all right. the
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entire episode will be up any minute online at youtube dot com slash r t america and lee cam dot net follow us on facebook and twitter at redacted tonight goodnight and good fighting. thank you thank you you thank. our. education starforce lead to. problems her. mother's maiden and finish line out of. the above her her i'm
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. what's happening folks i'm abby martin and this is great in the set so sadly sometimes animals have to die mostly because they're considered invasive species and could harm the biodiversity of ecosystems if their populations are allowed to reach out of control numbers not to mention their ability to destroy property farmland and spread diseases as such the u.s. department of agriculture comes out with an annual list detailing all of the animals the wildlife services department has killed over the past year well the numbers are in for two thousand and thirteen and it turns out that the wildlife service is exterminated over forty.


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