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the bribes the coverups and the political elites complete contempt for us peons but that's not all it also displays how politicians use the corporate media to peddle their narratives clearly the writers of the show been paying attention to what's going on behind the scenes of american politics far beyond what shown on the m.s.m. spoiler alert if you haven't watched season two yet cover your ears i was so happy to see a mention of internet activists bare brown a man facing one hundred year sentence for posting a link as well as the plotline of a sting operation conducted in order to entrap an eager journalist in becoming a cyber terrorist but alas as exciting as it is to see the complete corruption and sleaze that defines d.c. laid out in such a way it's all fiction at the end of the day right while leading actor in the series kevin spacey who plays a democrat but is eerily reminiscent of dick cheney has done a media blitz to promote the show and which he says political insiders have told him house of cards isn't actually that different than d.c.
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spacey says the plotlines aren't that crazy and when asked about the national session with the show coupled with washington's growing unpopularity space he said quote well i've heard from lots of people and some people feel ninety nine percent of the show is accurate and the one percent that isn't is that you could never get an education bill passed that fast wow i couldn't agree more so let's sit back and wait until the whole house of cards comes crashing down until then let's break the. the. it was a. very hard to take a. look. at her how to act with her right there.
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just when it seemed like the anti-government protests in kiev had begun to die down the last two days have seen the deadliest and most violent of elements on the ground since opposition forces first occupied independence square three months ago according to ukraine's interior ministry at least twenty six people including police and protesters have been killed and two hundred forty people have been hospitalized many coming projectiles including molotov cocktails and live ammunition protesters are demanding that president viktor yanukovych step down after his decision not to sign a trade deal with the european union but instead of letting a sovereign nation take care of its own affairs ukraine appears to becoming
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a proxy battleground for both western and russian interests in fact just today obama spoke out against the violence in ukraine saying that the u.s. holds you came group kristine's government quote primarily responsible for ensuring that they are handling protesters peacefully and there will be consequences if people step over the line wow big talk from a man who oversaw his own government's brutal crackdown on the occupy wall street movement so in order to get a more accurate picture of what's really happening in ukraine earlier i spoke with our. correspondent alexia cesky who's on the ground in kiev i started by asking him to give us a timeline of the events that as a lead to this brutal violence. first of all it seemed like a compromise was reached between the opposition and the protesters and the authorities here in kiev when the authorities agreed to release all those detained in the two months of protests and the opposition in return promised to vacate all the administrative buildings they have captured across the country they have done
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so both of the size of completed that part of the bargain after which the opposition decided to hold a peaceful march as they described it towards the parliament it was on the day on tuesday when the bottom it was supposed to elect a new prime minister for the country at some point the protesters reached the police core dawn and it's still unclear who started the pushing and shoving the rioting but more likely it was the protesters who attacked the police at first and things got very bad it's already almost thirty people killed including ten policeman things got very violent it's nothing compared to what happened a little more than three weeks ago here in kiev when the first wave of rioting and violence hit the streets of ukrainian capital and basically many cities across the country as well so now it's pretty much at a standstill but still it is very violent and it's very tense no one knows where it's going to go and can you give us a brief rough estimate rather of how many people are still rioting in and square as
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you mentioned at least twenty six people been killed including ten police officers and a journalist according to ukraine's interior ministry can you also outline the circumstances of both the protesters and police officers dead as far as you know. well it's really hard to estimate the exact numbers of how many people are actually involved in the protests as a as well as it's hard to estimate how many people are involved on the side of the police but this is definitely thousands because the independence square pretty much filled with people all day long and people are keep coming in especially in the late hours after a war a day for. issues and if the numbers expand these people are of different age groups and different social groups the police line i just went there a few hours ago and i saw a very tense pictures well they are hundreds of interior troops there as well as right policeman some of them are calm believing that nothing is going to happen the nearest future is still pretty much in the dialogue stage but some of them are pretty tense they are on edge expecting things to get wars to intensify and indeed
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it's not calming down we can see flash bangs and molotov cocktails thrown at from both sides still was a child from time to time it's not dying down as we can see in regards to the journalists who was killed last night it was confirmed basically by the interior ministry it was a journalist of a local newspaper reportedly his car was attacked by a group of fine and then to fight man it's still unclear who those men who are reportedly the threw molotov cocktails at the car and then shot the live rounds at the car killing the journalist with a gunshot wound into your chest obviously many have been outraged by the fact that a journalist was killed in the line of duty here in kiev as well as we know that at least twenty eight journalists have been injured in the bloodletting events on tuesday here in kiev i can only imagine how tense that is very brave for being out there right now i would just ask you have the protests as school waited in response
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to these murders and why are we seeing so many and images of why large fires i mean what kind of tactics are both police and protesters using here well i can say that the protests intensified because of the murders we can say that on the twenty second of january when the first protesters were slain in the in this uprising that's when things got pretty much escalated and what we're seeing all the pos two days in kiev is pretty much a continuation of what happened back then in january it cut it got camo for a few afford for a few weeks but then. it returned to this stage and provided the fact that so many people have already died it is creating additional attention it is certainly raising the tension to a peak level here in kiev and talking about the fire the wall of fire which is right there beside where i'm standing right now you can probably see it very clearly right now it is a wall of burnt tires this is kind of tactics which the protesters have been using ever since mid january when the first tires on fire this is creating
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a huge cloud of black smoke it's really hard to see anything through that smoke i can tell you i've just been there at the police line the wind is blowing into that direction i was standing there i couldn't see anything i couldn't breathe because this is a very toxic smell this is the kind of tactic they used to basically separate themselves from the police in the first place and also to create something of a diversion for the police not to attack them it is tense because they are not they're still in a defined mood those protesters they're not letting go of their ultimate goal to oust the president and that's why they continue burning everything they see and their hands. close with a wooden planks and everything they can find alexei given the fact that the ukrainian government passed that bill banning protests or groups of people in the certain areas of protest how they've been a mouse or rat that you've seen well we do know that the government's response so far has been breed tough on the latest escalation of violence we heard from the
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president that he wants to see some of the opposition leaders on the trial for for inciting this latest spin of violence we also do know that the ukrainian government has implemented something called a concert terrorism operation mode in the country especially after the information that from the security services in the country that the protesters raided one of the headquarters of the s.b.u. the ukrainian security service in the west of the country and managed to steal fifteen thousand bullets and three hundred. four hundred handguns machine guns and different kinds of firearms reportedly they're delivering them to so this is creating a lot of tension but asked for arrests in the pa several days we haven't seen many arrests in fact we haven't even had any reports coming from the side of the opposition that some of the people have been detained unlike what was happening in january when the first wave of violence broke out and that's when dozens and hundreds were arrested now it's not the case it's pretty much shooting different
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project at each other even including live rounds coming from the opposition side but no arrests have been made as far as i know. there are reports here of course there's a lot of different reports going out of accusing the government for having agents on the ground inciting violence pain people on the ground while the government accusing of course right wing factions of the opposition are leading a riot can you speak to either of those allegations well we keep hearing reports constantly that there's a certain group that ukraine is called to do something like a provocative group which the government reportedly use this against the protesters there are indeed have been some numerous reports of people wearing sports clothes in different cities of ukraine beating up the protestors they're not dressed in police uniforms so it is unclear who those people are representing so this is creating something of a something of a confusion here on the side of the protest as we have something of a segregation as well because we have the peaceful protesters the people who are
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essentially unhappy with their government policies and they have been protesting for the last two and a half months and there's also the right wing sect of the so-called right wing sect as the hardline nationalists pretty much radicals as many one as many people have been describing them they live by their own laws judging by what their leader has been saying they're not being any laws that any directives coming from the opposition politicians in ukraine they they're pretty much on their own and they are the ones in the core of the protests they are the militarize. they are the spirit of the protest they are the ones creating all this have a coup are causing unrest and throwing project als at the police alexei considering we've seen u.s. senator john mccain visit ukraine a few months ago to voice his support for pro e.u. protesters is there any evidence that western powers are logistically supporting the uprising well indeed they do we keep seeing european politicians. with the statements coming out basically supporting the opposition movement calling on
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sanctions against the government just recently the head of the euro commission said that some of the europe some of the ukrainian politicians must be sanctioned for inciting the violence here they put the blame directly on the government side of similar statements of becoming from the united states with the assistant state secretary nuland also speaking out against the government and calling for calling for a stop of violence yes i do remember john mccain speaking at the stage right behind me he was standing at the my done at the independence square saying that russia must not interfere into the domestic affairs of ukraine while many people i know he were actually asking the same question to mr mccain what he was doing here whether he's actions was in fact a direct involvement in ukraine's internal affairs so yes indeed we see lots of lots of influence coming from the european states the united states joe as ukraine
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shows the situation although there has been no direct involvement so far even though that we have seen hints coming from some of the top. high profile politicians in europe that they may take some action as i've said maybe that sanctions maybe something else against ukraine's authorities if unrest and violence continues here unbelievable it's time for state actors to stay out of it really chaotic thank you so much for being on the ground reporting firsthand alexy here shops k r t. coming up next on breakdown why north carolinians are trying to take back their state. my marinates join me on. that impartial and financial commentary cancer
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over the course of the last year progressive social movement has taken root in north carolina the protests have been coined to moral mondays and they're made up of civil rights groups unions and average citizens who have witnessed a systematic takeover of the state by conservative lawmakers the movement reached
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a groundswell last summer when polls show that there was more support for protesters than the state's own lawmakers and so far this year has drawn even more backing then the c.p. estimated the first demonstration of two thousand and fourteen in the city of raleigh drew in as many as one hundred thousand protesters making it the largest civil rights gathering in the south since the one nine hundred sixty five voting rights act so what exactly is sparking so much outrage well there isn't one single issue but rather a myriad of policies that are negatively impacting hundreds of thousands of people across the state among the biggest concerns cited by north carolinians is the elimination of medicaid coverage for five hundred thousand people racially driven voter id laws cuts to early voting access the repeal of environmental protection laws an amendment to the state constitution that bans same sex marriage and the list goes on most if not all of the disdain for these backward policies.
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north carolina governor pat mccrory who was elected in two thousand and twelve and personally signed off on most of these bills now while mccrory has largely dismissed the moral monday demonstrations it's hard to dismiss his connection to north carolina's latest environmental disaster a massive coal ash spill that dumped eighty two thousand. tonnes of toxic sludge into the dam river making it the third largest coal spill in u.s. history the duke energy the company responsible for the spill it isn't being held accountable and it might have something to do with the fact that government henri worked for duke energy for almost thirty years and remains a stockholder in the company or the fact that over the course of two political campaigns duke energy and its political action committee donated at least one point one million dollars to mccrory all this cold hard cold cash is probably why at least three occasions over the last year the state has blocked attempts to sue duke energy c environmental groups trying to sue in the federal clean water act to force
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the company to clean up its leaky coal ash pawns but on three separate instances the state's department of environment and natural resources stepped in as plaintiffs themselves and blocked the lawsuits it's worth noting that mccrory appointed the head of that agency has referred to duke energy as a partner and customer. do did and shelly now to have to collective settlement a whopping ninety nine thousand dollars you tell me if that's enough money to hold the biggest electric company in the country accountable and check out this convenient coincidence regarding three duke energy gifts now the timing of the blocked lawsuits the charlotte observer pointed out just today that a four thousand dollars contribution was given to the pat mccrory committee only weeks after plans were announced to sue the company then a contribution of one hundred thousand dollars was given to duke by the republican star given by due to the republican governor's association less than a month after the second notice of the same lawsuit and finally do gave
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a generous donation of one hundred seventy five g.'s to the governor's association which was delivered after environmental groups finally filed a lawsuit over duke's power plant and ten well luckily this despicable revolving door can no longer be hidden in the wake of one of the why. worst environmental disasters in the state's history and now federal investigation is being launched and mccrory and his dealings with duke energy but given this government's pension for corruption i'd be willing to bet that governor cory won't get more than a slap on the wrist for trying to drive the state into the ground but if the growing support of the moral mondays movement is any indicator i'd say the north carolinians are poised to take back their state.
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millions of americans are dependent on credit cards and that dependence has led to a nation being crushed by debt according to federal reserve statistics the average household owed more than seven thousand dollars on their cars in two thousand and thirteen but it might surprise you to learn that debt might not be the number one concern when it comes to credit cards that's even more worrisome is the rapidly rising rate of credit credit card theft in fact according to latest numbers at the bureau for justice to sticks about seven point seven million people had their credit cards numbers stolen in two thousand and twelve fifty nine percent increase since two thousand and eight and right now the u.s. accounts for forty seven percent of credit card fraud in the world even though process is just twenty four percent of all payments this disturbing trend is best exemplified by the breach of credit card information last december at target stores across the nation where as many as one hundred ten million customers had their personal data hacked including about forty million credit and debit card numbers so
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why is the us unique when it comes to credit card vulnerability when so this and what we can do about it i'm joined by our two correspondent amir david thanks so much for coming on welcome back to sag so i'm told that the kind of credit card fraud that most people are following so i'm sure you know this but credit card fraud is a kind of identity. essentially it's a one form of it in the majority of the kind of credit card we're seeing happen in the united states it's very simple it's kind of petty theft so what happens is once your information gets compromised on a reader somewhere or it gets stolen somehow a lot of times it'll end up on some kind of black market site and these criminals come in they have this these chat rooms where they will literally sell your information to any buyer and you think it would sell for a lot of money doesn't sell for a lot of money sells for ok for target it's sold for twenty dollars to two hundred dollars and they go for as as little. scary and what they'll do is they'll make a lot of small purchases you may have seen this before we'll have a random amount directv flower bouquet they're going to know exactly and it's
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a lot of times it'll be purchased in the state you live in so your bank won't necessarily know because it's not flagged so we're starting to see this a lot more now than we did in the past year of beer you just covered those you did a great piece on it and you know what was most shocking to me is forty seven percent happens when a bottle is half i can't believe that i mean why is it happening here it's such an it's incredible i mean we are seeing this happen more now i mean target if that doesn't tell you everything itself i mean seventy million plus people there are saying it could be go up to one hundred ten million you had demon markets a million and most recently i don't know if you were affected by this but kickstarter might take charter was affected as well so even in places even a non retail places but i actually spoke to an online security expert about this and he said it really has to do with the way american companies are sort of securing their data so let's take a look at what he had to say. one of the things we have to think about is what i
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call outside in inside around a lot of times companies are securing extremely well the outside in security don't let anybody in the front door then there's gaps in the inside around once you're in the front door you can go to every room in that house. so as he said you know a lot of companies are putting focus on making sure that no one breaches the company of alex that's outside in there in terms of the inside around when someone gets in they have free reign they can go to any any of the any of the servers and that's how so much information with loss is very scary thought but thankfully people are talking about moving over to this new technology called. what is so one of the reasons why the united states is so vulnerable is because we're still using that magnetic strip that's the strip on the back of the card and abbi it is so incredibly easy for hackers to exploit that information so on the other hand you've got the that stands for europe. a master card and visa and it's a new technology that's being incorporated pretty much in every country besides united states it's in europe asia and latin america and it basically is
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a small chip that's implanted into the card and employs cryptography so it's got a lot of cool security features one of those security features is that it asks you a series of questions that only you set up and only you will know the answers to that are literally as the expert told me only in your brain that no one else could answer and so you can't make a purchase before you know sort of getting through that line of defense so no other line of cookies in question is are there to a machine that i actually. think is and i actually these are there any proposed measures in congress to adopt this technology so one of the good things about this whole thing is that you know it brought the c.e.o.'s of these companies to congress to be asked questions and when they came they had a conversation about how can we make sure this doesn't happen again how can we move toward this technology why are we not there yet and of course there's no proposed legislation on this you know as you know congress is you know they like to talk for
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a very long time before doing anything but. i think one of the sticking points is how much it's going to cost just to give you an idea the cost of issuing five hundred ten million new young the plastic cards installing millions of new in the readers and retail stores and a.t.m. that's going to cost eight billion dollars now that's not a lot of money for big corporations right and they can afford to to make that change the first smaller companies for mom and pop shops for small grocery stores and that kind of thing that's a lot of money so you know it remains to be seen whether they seem sort of work out the financial plan you know who knows when congress is really going to tackle is i mean it's really left up to you know there's a lot of things that we can do and really is in the technology that the only solution is there and is there anything else i don't know if we solve these problems to be honest i view it's scary there really isn't even with the. technology you're you're not one hundred percent protected and so a lot of people are talking about well ok even if we do move over to this new technology you know it's not going to help it will help in some ways but the
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reality is you have to take your own precautions so that means you have to sort of as one expert put it on your own security so that means you know changing your passwords on the various websites that you're using your banking your even your g. mail anywhere you would keep sensitive information and also monitoring your credit card statements i think people get annoyed by doing that going through line by line but do it it helps a lot and you can really save yourself from it progressing to identity theft yeah you're right i mean checking that even these small purchases really sometimes they test you and you know the person as well in this state as you said really it's up to us as noisy as it is to go through the cap goes and security questions and go to this is the world we live in the world we live in an average citizen line every exit poll thank you so much david for breaking it down thank you. that's our show you guys begin tomorrow when i break the set all over again.
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a short term peace deal struck between the government. after days of deadly violence in the capital but the uncompromising star of the radical opposition threatens to undermine it at any moment. protesters will. steal weapons and take prisoners as the crisis starts to resemble a war they could launch a full counter terrorism response you don't like a particular policy. or a particular president. then argue for your position go out there and win an election but the u.s. and the e.u. make no mention of carried out by the opposition in ukraine calling us.


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