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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2013 5:00am-5:31am EST

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or maybe you. missed that part. or maybe you have other plans for western siberia right now on and like to. use this opportunity to invite to mark the three hundred year anniversary of the city of its three years a word but well you have to get ready for this yes well we had plans for metro construction who promised you that. we talked about that see demand we talked about the re ranking of officials he was one of them. by the shutters on what's with what you've said so. we are do a lot of problems with traffic so maybe a high. someone will suppose that i would ask for money but i won't do it. well there's no money anyway ok so. we do invite you so
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i'm sure going to have a great celebration so we will talk about many other issues too. ok q do you please formulate a question my question was about siberia so why didn't i talk about western siberia western siberia is a high tech region it's well developed it has great infrastructure of course there is always room for improvements there's still needs a lot to be done including for a city with a population of one with more than one million but in such a great city. of course we need to develop infrastructure. but you. know why i was talking about the far east in the crosshairs kerry tree we're taking sound decisions to subsidize economic activities in the far east. and we didn't extend those subsidies. to the land
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tax. corporate gain tax and. they didn't apply to the republican who garcia and the crassness territory. well the cross territory. is well developed. and it has a sustainable budget and i said well developed what i mean. is that it has you know a lot of firms in its budget. part of the same time it's a huge region. and. a lot of its welfare relies on several enterprise it's just a few of the. new coal. aluminum plants. that's not enough for such a vast territory of course the republic of her car seen needs to speed up its
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development pace that's why we decided to extend those subsidies those preferences that we need surely plan for the far east we decided to extend them to the republic of her car and the crassness territories so that was what was new about it. but it does mean that we have completely missed the western siberia. in comparison with the we are west siberia is far more developed it's closer to the european parts. c.z. to work in terms of infrastructure and the cost of transportation is much lower that's why because western will develop to. but. in terms of challenges that we are facing the far east and eastern siberia are the areas which would love to focus on right now but when i see we i don't just mean
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myself bards our team. and our government and smile executive office. who helped me formulate all the proposals in the address as for the far east we have a special program. worse three hundred billion that's the carriage that will be injected into the. economy. so we can use all the other proposals that were mentioned in the address i mean those advanced development areas. and the creation of industrial parks. and free free trade zones.
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free economic zones and the. funds that these regions were used to. to to construct these pirates will be then returned to them from the birds. will do that and that will have a positive effect on western serbia too so could you please be us compact as possible rentier be please. the girl was there with the bear please i'm sorry who was there what's that think you. say yes we're from cruise bars there so a symbol tourist scene we know tourists design the surge ok i hope you won't take
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offense and i wanted to present him to you and me yes well i'll see you with me and then i'll come over to you come over to one of your representative us. to come into nashville so i'd like to ask you about the core industry in our region and coal you've been to our region you've held some is story. meetings that gave you new impetus. this year will recover those two hundred and three million tons of coal bartz we know how the difficulty the coal enterprises now have sixteen million turns of coal depots in warehouses with that stain jurists you know they could in. good could. get on fire and
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become the miners. dissatisfied to the sea or their work is not through warders there. is not produced. not is not being used and. we have the problem with the railways. the russian railways cannot transport all of these coal. for in prices by forty percent and the school is. still in poor it's. the first part of. q. and a now you ask me about the national welfare fund. and i think what i said is that it's one of our priorities is
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to. improve the traffic. flows in siberia what i meant is the you can buy car more mainland mainlined. that's why we'll invest our funds from the national welfare fund of course the. lack of infrastructure it limits the konami growth and you mentioned it. then we have flat markets decreasing prices. but that's not true the products produced by or minus is sold abroad and as soon as demand is down that has an effect on production here in russia that's for some technical problems but it. will redirect those to the
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transport ministry of the russian railways corporation to there are a lot of. other issues too. and the reason is that some of this is taken to. too slowly we need to replace the rolling stock we need to introduce a new new carriages new cars and new trains. of course there are other problems we will discuss them. but. as for x. ports it's an objective fact and we cannot influence that i mean even the government couldn't do or that to everything to miners miners is the
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special. group of chorus. of people with a strong will have been there for many times the corps. deserve all the respects. trying to sort it out rent t.v. channel hundred rest cough. glowing to discuss the maryland action here in moscow have an interview with mr barron in where he said she talked to you see didi's you discuss where the only an opposition leader of the parts of the election do you really decides who should be part of the election. business and of army are dangerous well if you were a danger. he wouldn't take part in that action but are we wouldn't use any administrative leverage is he wouldn't be you know he wouldn't be allowed by legal
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means. mr belin didn't consult me on specific names i think it's fine when the mayor of the biggest city in russia consults the president shot yet if any candidate has any real chance to. take part in the maryland action. and you should think bart's. people who are not well known in the municipal or regional level will find it difficult to pass that filter and it's not because they criticize the power. we just talked about the municipal level. which. well you
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know the you understand they know if they can make it or not. and when they do the assessment in the past the verdict where the two supports this kind of a not. so if someone has a real chance then you need to help the people. they need to speak loudly about themselves and maybe that will help to solve several tasks first of all when people reach a certain level the become aware of the realities of life. and. stop just speaking in. stop criticizing usually people who have stolen the. say that the authorities.
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have stolen something. so you need to feel the real demands of the people. the problems that regions are facing losing moscow that's very useful for people themselves for these politicians budding politicians they need to become more responsible more mature and it helps them participation in the election helps them . and. the electorate needs to see to understand what is being proposed by these new candidates and. how they want to achieve it. so it's very positive both for the voters and for the candidates.
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so we do have these municipal filtering in place. but it's not just. meant to screen out those these stories don't like i won't agree with that it's a filter of that forces the candidate to think twice about the real needs of that region and that's the rides were at least for now. but i was since we started talking about moscow t.v. see channel it's one of moscow's channels. well you know you asked me last time yes ok think you. could be. central russia. is now top hundred countries in terms of doing
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business. and you said that by twenty eight thousand russia would be talk twenty and since that. on paper it's fine the agency for strategic initiatives half of all the even the steps of that at blueprints have been achieved when me and my colleagues travel across russia. what we hear from people is. you know nothing is being done in reality so what needs to be done to bring it into reality. well we're always unsatisfied with something including myself. i often criticize myself and what my colleagues are doing and it's only natural that their sin turpin
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earners are unhappy about something. because you always want to get everything and. right now. but this stance that we're taking all long term it's hard to do things which would have an immediate effect but if you do it you might have an adverse effect although of course i wanted myself. to speed of those processes. khana mean to be more efficient or one three labor productivity should be higher than we're lagging behind. but the blueprints the action plan on proving the investment climate. that's been drafted by the business community we just supported them and the agency for strategic initiatives which you mentioned and. put together those proposal was.
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it only. introduced to the government. well something is happening we do see some positive changes so when i say that i believe the work of the government is satisfactory i meant that it's not all about ranking it's ranking figure figures and the christmas critical components doing business yes it's a serious ranking but we need to come up with our own ranking that's one h. you want regions of russia will be doing that including in yours. but. you will in the vines interpret as fuelling your regions. they can see you still needs to be done. what could be done. so when you start to take up an
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issue seriously when you see that there hasn't been a road for a hundred years ok it's not serious to say let's build a road tomorrow. we never had a road that connected the far east with the european part we never had a new road like this never in our history and we started to build it in sixty tonight and sixty two when we build it in four years. we did that job so you always have to compare. and ward what has to be done on what could be done so in this cooperation between the administrative authority is the business community we define things in steps that can be taken i'm sure that will be in your case so this is the bare. it shouldn't be about that that it should. be said nick
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news newspaper it's a weekly the first. edition of the soviet union but the first edition actually was blocking wide because mr and drop of die there was the soviet leader i'd like to we should. the russians. the olympic games in sochi would be a really successful and that's why the bird joins in these. congratulations and wishes. so you talked about. corporate parties stage companies. put a lot of people off you know and many corporations started to cancel their part of
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the new year parties ok that's good you know doing to. turn abuses just. because you know what you just. print media. have it really difficult to find the money for a new year's party is how much do you need. just invite you to the anniversary thirty year anniversary of service said nick was to remember on may meeting of cause. it was the you know as you can see we are here and you know my personal lives further improve. merriman is that could you explain why i didn't marry you you know i married my husband. don't get it wrong. i. love you in a platonic way so i invite you. to. the sixth of march the president is going to have a party of diversity there's
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a big issue facing print media you pay a lot of attention to the you television. know you promised to me an interview has been waiting since may of you how you can find the time maybe to mark our thirty year anniversary could you pay more attention to the print media. maybe in terms of interviews but it's really hard to find the money for distribution. so russia is still a traditional country and people like the print media. outlets are sick circulation agree by twenty percent the readership is growing but it's hard to survive in competition with the internet and television can you help us that's for the print media there is a problem indeed i agree these problems. are
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not just due to the growth. of the internet some of the. media. with the rich legacy are moving over to online to the digital but that's because that's due to a shift in consumer habits people read the news line more and more of course we have a strong tradition would like to maintain it. and that's why the state has taken some steps to decrease the taxes for the print media that's the support we've offered to you know there's another issue with the distribution of. the kiosks a chain it's also a business barter particular business. unfortunately
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we can't the subsidies for state run media for two thousand and fourteen and of course there has to you to the restrictions we have in our budget i'm talking right now all state media that they channels rusty a channel. to. of course they are not enthusiastic about these kurds but we have to deal with. but you asked for a print media ok we'll reconsider that. maybe we need to come up with some additional measures of support and i congratulate you and getting married you have children. do you have any questions on maternity benefits where you shouldn't wait you know. got married no. been without any irony
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to congratulate you. and i'll give an interview as a final means. please ask mr peskov. to apologize for jumping in here it's r t international the russian president vladimir putin's annual question and answer session with a thousand journalists there members of both domestic and international news outlets let's give you some of the highlights here there certainly were some highlights of bear in mind if you want to keep watching online you can do so at r.t. dot com for right now though the issue of the n.s.a. and the spying scandal has brought up one reporter asking the russian president what's your relationship with barack obama now do you guys communicate how do you get along the russian president vladimir putin saying well he's envious that barack obama can get away with all this spying and it carries on to this day though that being said to me putin saying there's nothing to be happy or sad about espionage is one of the oldest professions in the world he did say however he believes america
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and the n.s.a. is only spying in order to combat terrorism although there should be some moral and ethical agreements another question mr president vladimir putin have you mr snowden the former n.s.a. whistleblower do you know him the russian president saying no i'm too busy although mr snowden should be credited for changing the view of the world for many people including political leaders mr putin saying we believe that snowden will not engage in anti american rhetoric while he's here on russian territory or the russian government agreeing to give him refuge the russian government not trying to find out how america has been spying on russia to what extent and ultimately saying that we have not lost snowden where all the rest of his archives or what else he may have in hiding to bring out as well the issue of ukraine. a month's worth of political upheaval in kiev all about a possible e.u. trade deal president putin saying that russia continues to help ukraine with
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massive financial benefits although at the end of the day moscow must help its fraternal patna though he did say that at the end the day it perhaps it's more of a political fallout. and it's not so much to do with a possible e.u. trade deal just briefly of course hardly any time on here here at the international jazz very very briefly though the it scanned missile system came of the european missile defense system of one reporter saying there's a bit of an outcry in europe that russia is putting this will be putting this disc on the missiles in kaliningrad and president putin saying look this is a deterrent it's in defense of russia's national security and interests as this european missile defense shield is not essentially going off to iran or north korea but is in in any way shape or form it's ultimately pointing at russia finally one last moment here on r.t. international mr putin president putin was asked you are the number one politician in russia who is number two in terms of influence and perhaps have you found
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a successor a lot of good in saying well that's a very tricky question prime minister medvedev is a very hands on prime minister he's been very good for russia but there are lots of new people on the rise some opposition who are trying to take advantage of various issues in various ways by typically attacking the president though mr putin saying regarding any successor i have nothing to say on that right now because right now there is no success of you can follow this live at aussie dot com our correspondent you got pissed off joining us and just a few moments if you can stay with us here on international. the parliament of yemen has put forward a motion to ban drone attacks in the country the motion is now waiting approval by
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the president and it's probably impossible to enforce unless they could build a really big net or something isn't it strange that now after years of drone strikes in their country the parliament just wakes up to the fact their systems are getting blown up from the sky to be fair yemen doesn't have a ton of cash and i could see how having the well equipped and funded us military to take care of the al qaeda problem for them for free could be really entices i mean it must be scary to be a politician with lots of power hungry terrorists about this would be the first time in history that a stronger foreign power fought a weaker states battles for them but the problem is that according to the huffington post a former u.s. state department official in yemen says that every year drone attacks create eight from forty to sixty new terrorists why they create terrorists because according to the human rights watch seventy percent of the people killed by drones in yemen are civilians you know if the yemeni government is really free from washington's grasp and really wants to deal with their al qaeda problem they'll have better luck doing it themselves or the good old rifles and bayonets pointed at the right targets but that's just my opinion.
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on the money with the business of russia. well if you're going to like. the face you know. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm researcher.
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lazy i'm going to go through a no other job. so that i could money to buy seeds. dies or to mother the money i have for seeds and you can spend it for books you may. be open in school uniform my kids need for school. sick i'm going to be. so i have no money left to seat on the day no matter how cheap i might be. demoted you know too much money to do much . more. to a community has a borehole that isn't easily accessible by all. the damn dries out during the dry.


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