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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2013 3:30am-4:01am EST

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high-tech family has to be humble beginnings but we started off with special t.v. cameras capable of working in high radiation levels and underwater but they're used to control the technical process is associated with refusing nuclear reactors and the most important equipment of a nuclear power plant. with. ordinary glass becomes tented in a matter of seconds when exposed to radiation. uses custom made radiation proof glass in its lenses which are then assembled on site for the camera itself the company is gone but it's a basics using a black and white video camera cheap avoiding the use of complex chipsets and placing as much of the electronics as possible in a remote block where lots of. take advantage of the video chip sensitivity sweet spot in the spectrum they currently working on a color version that works by flickering between red green and blue and combining them to create a color image but whatever the product testing is key. we
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test every component separately as well as the parts of the final product and then the final product itself but we cooperate with a number of facilities that allow us to test them under intense gamma ray conditions some products undergo field testing at our client's facilities with the . dia cons also has its own testing facilities and we arrived just in time to see one of the latest gizmos struts his stuff. compressor stations can say no holds hangal of pipes that can't be checked by the unfortunately named pigs pipe inspection gauges dia cons xplosion proof robots on the other hand can move along even the most twisted of pipelines thanks to its to the chalk so they can push against the inside of the pipe with a force of one hundred eighty kilograms while it's electromagnetic acoustic transducer doesn't even require direct contact with the pipe takes microscopic defects and corrosion that could lead to massive problems down the line it has
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a number of cameras for visual inspection and is in service in countries around the world compresses stations are frequently located in far flung places inaccessible by standard transport means so the company has converted a six wheel drive camas that can even the most rugged terrain with ease and transmit all this data back to basically satellite uplink. all of the technology being made today requires super precise components with impressive capabilities but in limited quantities maximum a couple of hundred a year. plans to switch to mass production which will mean different technologies and approaches which is why we're building another factory. attention to detail has security took place among the elite robotics companies of the world he continues to strive three find his designs and solve a more complicated socks with this new production facilities just around the corner i'm sure we see much more of his high tech help soon so next time you turn on the
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t.v. or put the kettle on spare a thought for the robotics team to help keep the energy which is safe under. the most is the third largest in the world it's the hearts of the city transporting around nine million people every day in its web of tamils needless to say all this traffic takes its toll. on something online. every morning i join the throngs of people commuting to work in the hustle and bustle of the moscow metro. on the red line was one of the first stations built. opened in one thousand nine hundred thirty five as a showpiece for the soviet government the beauty of the miniature is known the world over almost eighty years later there are still plans for its expansion so the need to ensure the safety of both old lines and new has never been greater. metro inspection technology has come a long way since the days of hundred push trolleys culminating in the city on the
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moscow michel's the latest weapon in the never ending battle against. the train can check the truck and tunnels at the same speed as normal passenger trains meaning the patients can be carried out during the day hundred nights but so deal with the longer peak times including passing to traffic needs a. just speed. the functions of three. trains mean this is. only takes one requires heart the number of. the wrong. bursting at the. diagnostic equipment capable of checking. the sticks of the. touch to the rear ultrasound to check for signs of. measurement system at the front . between the rails and their respective height. comprises for lead
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us. to measure the clear. visual inspection. and the whole way down with. the masses of information generated by the. process in real time by powerful computers. it's closely monitored by the team for any glitches in the absence of signal deep below the any problem areas. running along the rails the hypnotic video footage can also be rewound and scrutinized by specialists. in addition to the existing two systems that we used that's the trick monitoring system and. we also introduced some new ones. three d. systems high speed video monitoring of tracks and joints and we also have
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a monitoring system the checks on the condition of the power rail checking out its temperature and the visual data systems like that have never been used before. one hundred fifty kilometers by twenty twenty i'm sure the scenario. one will have his work cut out. the company behind the scene. starting with defective scopes twenty five years ago their equipment's now accounts for almost three quarters of russian railways diagnostic fleet they have more than three hundred fifty trains and over two thousand five hundred manual diagnostic tools in operation worldwide. the company had only three members of staff when it was launched in now employs over three hundred people including marketing production and engineering specialists while his team of experienced programmers writes all this software in-house the company's actively branching out into new
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markets including china germany and the c.i.s. so you certainly won't find any of the team resting on their laurels. but. of course that we will definitely try to apply this experience to other russian metro systems. and there is a demand for such trains across russia. as far as i know the moscow metro plans to build another scenario. which we believe will be even better than this one. will treat your web. this princess is the company's flagship mainline model is definitely no slowcoach as it's currently only one of a few diagnostic chains in the world capable of checking every millimeter of chalk as a one hundred forty kilometers an hour this means you can fit in with existing timetables and eliminate destruction to services the latest effective scope has overcome traditional problems with the deflation of ultrasound in metal which until now has
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limited speeds the defect the scope releases a thin film of water on to the rails to improve the readings every. before being done on a passenger car that equipped with a bolster. this is the first time that a non-contact centering system has ever been installed on the. main. there are very pretty we're also making use of a brand new detection system here as well as various new software solutions they allow us to implement a lot of new monitoring technology which in turn enables monitoring speeds scores. the high speed subsume was only introduced four years ago but construction is already started on a new four hundred kilometer an hour line whatever the future of rail transport i'm sure will pay a few roly keeping plans on track and getting me to work. that's just the end of the first half so don't see off the break.
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so we need to be. bush's security. issues that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. politics. we see that there are hardliners in the west including the u.s. at a push seek to destroy up to this new environment and undermine our relationship when i am in france much iran is always willing to pursue positive dialogue with the united states and the west in general. we're ready to look at whatever perspective arrangements they would like to put on the table. as long as they are based on
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equality they receive process and respect the man for the inherent tries so iran and its people pushing a fake i believe there is a window of opportunity at the moment but we have yet to see how serious the americans are about using it on at.
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length. and. wealthy british scientists it's time to write. for the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cons a report on our. we speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you. but will tune into
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bangalore's stories. you hear. that spanish. visit. again you know it seems to me that we can have all the political rhetoric you want you want to know what the israelis say about you around whether around so it's about the israel or you know blah blah blah blah blah we've heard it for a long long time but that shouldn't stop countries from with you know cool heads and recognizing their national interests and this is what this is all about it is about trust and is about recognizing interest and i think that you know you ask what will happen if there's not an agreement most of the world is not going to blame iran for it and so that then when the united states comes out with a new sanctions bill or the united states goes to russia goes to china and says let's put more sanctions on iran the rest of the world is going to say look you
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tell us these sanctions are about getting a deal but you had a good deal on the table and you wouldn't take it no we are not helping you with sanctions any more. welcome back before we continue with the rest of the show let's see what else has been happening this month. spites russian internet week took place towards the end
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of last month charging around fifteen thousand visitors could be the most important event in the runic calendar it gives dot true giants the new comers alike the chance to discuss topics from advertising social media and digital marketing to big data cyber security and online regulation. i'm talking about dots through giants most popular search engine gun decks continue to this global expansion by rolling out a popular much service worldwide the press conference was fittingly held in a moscow planetarium. had to translate over seven million street town and city names from two hundred thirty seven countries and the maps will be updated every three months the company had to develop the technology to process the vast amounts of cost of data one hundred times faster than the old service our own lying rendering system process is user requests to more than a mission a neat and does it very quickly in order to develop this technology we had to receive all the mathematical algorithms we had to start from scratch and this was
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a real breakthrough. so the largest of four reactors arrived at the oil refinery on the twenty eighth of october one thousand four hundred fifty two and james was transported two hundred three kilometers by a three hundred eighty four wheel parts form it's a newbie to climb. an hour of the feed has made it into the russian guinness book of records as the heaviest cargo transported on public roads to l'oreal unesco for women in science awards ceremony was held on the twelfth of november it's supported by the russian academy of sciences and is designed to raise the profile of female scientists over five hundred applications are made for one of the ten fellowships each win awards away with a four hundred rouble grant because they're worth it. big business the backbone of the russian economy and their lifeline during the winter months fortunately the world still has plenty but the days of cheap so-called easy oil. check some of the world's oldest oil fields have been pumping for over
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a century. always finding inspired ways of boosting and maintaining output but there are limits eventually we're going to have to find new deposits. russia has twenty seven point seven billion tons of oil making up ten percent of the world's supply the vast majority of which lies in western siberia around sixty percent of the total is considered difficult to extract so the future of the oil industry relies on finding new sources many of which al to see. the huge pressure to find oil rests on the shoulders of geologists slightly chops the examine the terrain features rocks and soil types to find the right conditions for oil chops puts unfortunately for these guys traditional servants it makes no longer come up to scratch. the region is rich in natural resources particularly oil and natural gas but when faced with depleting oil fields and strict export targets in the mid
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eighty's the region had to come up with new ways of squeezing the last drops of oil out of existing fields. polytechnic university has an impressive archive of course samples taken from the region's wells. on the ability of the rock can be used. determine the reservoir storage capacity and the ability of fluids to flow through the rock these measurements are used to determine the recoverable reserves and the rates at which they can be extracted. the process itself involves working out the chemical makeup of the rock this someplace then heated and compressed in a chamber to simulate the conditions under which it will be drilled and the results of these tests determine the best drilling method when it comes to the crunch. the extreme testing conditions are not even the hardest of rocks so there's no room for error as drilling for another sample is no small task.
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so trust the skolkovo innovation center name must go to how the. inch of vision has a way of conducting an infinite number of experiments while leaving the core sample completely in time. physics involves creating a three dimensional virtual model of the rock and simulating how it would behave under various physical processes. modern wells are very sensitive to methods of increasing extraction rates development so sometimes you need to conduct hundreds or even thousands of experiments before drilling with obviously a real sample would withstand it so that's where computer modeling comes in. the precious core sample is placed in a computer tomography. the machine takes a series of x. ray slices of it which are then put together to create a full three d. virtual model which contains all the pore spaces and mineral natures sees that
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along with these chemical makeup determine its physical properties while the resulting image wouldn't look out of place in a modern art gallery the information it can provide is worth more than its worth of affection action the ability to test even the most fragile of samples to destruction until the heart's content. provides invaluable information on the feasibility of launching production at new fields and boosting. is the correct interpretation. and translate into the indicators geologists are used to so that later they can choose the best. technology may be to take full advantage of it you have to find oil in the first place. some of the largest and least explored oil reserves in the world with huge potential under the gaze of oil companies. have unique challenges.
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technology that takes. comprises a series of nodes that can create images of the ocean floor faster and more cost effective methods the technology behind the company's success is a result of the. earth physics where research into ocean surveying started in the ninety's. recently it was really only a bit of scientific fun. five years ago when i didn't think this project was worth developing marketing for the industry or what. technology emerged. saving microprocessors microcircuits. digital converters rapid wireless copying technology at speeds of up to fifteen megabytes per second much quicker
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than wife i. did over a few days and transfer it in a matter of minutes. to continue registration. has drawn the attention of. before setting sail the fully automated nodes are prepped checked and configured that power supply and electronics can also be controlled remotely once the ship reaches the required coordinates they're cast over the side and plunge to the bottom of the sea bed thanks to the disposable. navigation system but it is their exact location and the nodes are capable of gathering accurate data up to seven kilometers below the floor the devices are deployed along a pre-determined pattern it's equal intervals to form a two d. grid the size of the lattice can be as large or small as necessary while the nose direct contact with the seabed rules out any interference from weather. and towed behind the ship releases powerful acoustic shock waves that travel deep into the
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earth's crust and by the nodes. realistically companies can drill down to three four or even five kilometers the depth of most oil wells put in professional geologists i'm mostly interested in studying all the layers above the upper mantle but our technology allows us to study the upper mantle as well. once the mapping is complete the signal is given for the nose to ditch their own kids and return to the surface the anchors are completely environmentally friendly and decompose into quartz sand and water in just four weeks when the devices transfer all the information wirelessly in less time than it takes to ready them for the next mission. the pool after that we do all of the data over to the geologists for interpretation. by using all kinds of interpretation software what they study the image tributes in many different ways. and the data they get
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from that can be used to locate drill sites and reservoirs. meanwhile another skolkovo resident flow dynamics just so happens to. a piece of software for simulating hydrocarbon fields. a gateway uses geological and seismic survey information to create three d. interactive models of existing and completely on top reservoirs the application lets engineers run dynamic reservoir simulations to find out how well behaved for example if water steam pressure chemicals are introduced as part of the extraction process this helps save both time and resources when finding the right drilling method and ensures the field is safe when operations eventually commenced. what was a two thousand and thirteen is a very special year for us for the first time in our history overseas sales will
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exceed our sales in russia. global partners include such well known companies as the u.s. based occidental petroleum pioneer natural resources the japanese jog meg and malaysian company in fact just were seeking a global presence. in the meantime russian oil majors such sleek oil boss netting gas pump already relying on the latest surveying and modeling technology to improve efficiency and safety as well as keep our petrol tanks full i'm also sure it'll come in handy with the technology cool challenges the shelf presents. the open innovations form as the name was suggest is the place to be if you have an innovation to showcase in life forms so naturally that's how to get in on the action. focal point the open innovations forum was held only for the second time at the start of november the aim is to promote global cooperation in advanced
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technologies and innovation as well as bring business education and government representatives together as well as the usual industry stalwarts we saw lots of new players looking to carve out their own niche but there's always the proof is in the pudding. with this educational tool that promises to bring physics. transports was also a key theme with materials making for faster racing cars. leading the switch to green transportation with. can make even the most people into a music god. life like humanoid robots still have a long way to go. one of the exhibits that really to the crowds was this. even caught the eye of the russian government. don't be surprised if you see some
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of them in future technology update. for today's show. and we. enjoy the ride. if you. got no opportunity. to start to construct your own little current. killing olympian bit. don't want to meet gangsters you don't want to be. drug dealers they don't want that bull with no time to tell the kid came be we can't see. you just me so because i was like oh probably in the hood a.k.o.
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somebody with thirty round clip. but i said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young age. oh god is woman. spread this weapon sell them press six through misperception three me thinks. your boss has to be aggressive like the straight. face you go. if you're thinking about an alcoholic drink associated with russia it's probably
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not going to be one that springs into your head but they've been making it here on the black sea coast for more than two thousand kids and there's an industry which really can compete with the best the rest of the world has to offer i've come to meet some of the people growing the greats and to see if i can find out the secret to the perfect couple. i. think it's. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to such a. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand and nine hundred two cities of russia. really by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings.
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in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a limp torch relay. m r t r t dot com. you see that there are hardliners in the west including the us who seek to disrupt this new environment and undermine our relationship when i am in france but iran is always willing to pursue positive dialogue with the united states and the west in general. we are ready to move at whatever perspective arrangements they would like to put on the table. as long as they are based on equality here is a process and respect for the inherent tries so iran and its people to fix i believe there is a window of opportunity at the moment but we have yet to see how serious the
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americans are about using it on. our top stories today here on our team ukraine does a u. turn on a free trade deal with the e.u. the country looks east to save its ailing economy. however the political drift over the decision cost protests inside parliament and on the streets with the mass rallies planned over the weekend just a moment we've got the latest live report from the ukrainian capital just a few moments. economic goals versus political differences the turkish prime minister is here in russia to discuss business. disagreements on syria could end up dominating the talks.


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