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tv   Headline News  RT  November 21, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EST

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officials agree the wording of a security pact which will give us troops left in afghanistan after the twenty eight fourteen pullout immunity from prosecution. still has yet to be convinced. the united states government subsidizing. the taliban and al qaeda the haqqani network those groups that are trying to kill our soldiers allegations the u.s. has millions of dollars to companies linked to terrorism in afghanistan. the e.u. joins the race to dominate the skies with drones of its own sparking fears of fresh unaccountable attacks from. british government warns christians are a threat of extinction in some middle eastern countries to syria to investigate the
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impact of sectarian violence. world wide use twenty four seven this is the line from moscow with me rule received from all of us here thanks for joining us today the u.s. has allegedly given a it was more than one hundred fifty million dollars to companies in afghanistan that are suspected of links with terrorist organizations and the claims come from the special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction who was appointed by congress to investigate. the story. the u.s. special inspector general for ganesan reconstruction found out that the pentagon has hired forty three companies with suspected ties to terrorist networks the data
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comes from the pentagon's own classified investigative reports and commerce department list of terror connected companies now the list of these forty three companies including a road construction firm presumably owned by a leader of the kani network the network was blamed for an attack on the u.s. embassy in kabul that killed sixteen people two years ago the u.s. army has carried out a classified investigation and said there was evidence of a direct role of both the company and its owners quote in the facilitation and operation of the hakani network and that approximately. from one to two million dollars per month close to the network to finance its activities the inspector general said i've seen the information and it made my hair stand on and he said well not just his united states government subsidizing. the taliban al qaeda network those groups that are trying to shoot and kill our soldiers from
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these specter general members of congress have heard about billions of dollars simply wasted in of ghana's that now they have evidence suggesting that u.s. taxpayer money goes to finance terrorists or suspected terrorists the same networks that the u.s. is fighting despite these findings the pentagon has resisted permanently blocking the companies from getting more u.s. contracts because his lawyers say they cannot use the evidence against these companies because the evidence is classified especially specter general for afghanistan we construction pointed out what he called the absurdity of it he said we can probably attack them via drone on monday and will issue them a contract on tuesday in washington i'm going to check out our team and washington has moved one step closer to securing immunity from prosecution for soldiers who remain in afghanistan beyond two thousand and fourteen the u.s. secretary of state john kerry says the text of a security agreement has now been settled on ultimately it clears the way for
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thousands of. remain under u.s. legal jurisdiction today the document will be considered by a three thousand member council of afghan elders who have come to go bull from all corners of the nation and the size of the remaining american contingent is also a sticking point that needs to be agreed upon sultanzoy as a candidate in the upcoming afghan presidential election he says the current government has not considered the will of the people. i think the afghan president is trying to use this as a personal game the people of afghanistan and all others who are involved in this country who we're tired of or we're tired of bickering and we're also tired of. being playing politics with the lives of people of afghanistan on one hand the president wants to portray himself as a patriot on the other hand he's not able to even take care of corruption
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a rule of bringing rule of law and good governance that's what the people are suffering from he's trying to distract the people of afghanistan from what he hasn't been able to do to for this country now legal immunity for american troops in afghanistan has long been an obstacle in relations between the two countries if you she was made even more sensitive by some serious allegations against u.s. special forces catherine off interviewed one journalist who investigated claims of alleged mass murder. the special forces team the green beret eighteen as they're called was deployed to an isolated valley west of kabul where the taliban and other insurgent groups have a very heavy presence and what happened was over last winter the locals are complaining that the special forces team and their translators were murdering people torturing them abducting them and disappearing them just extraordinary allegations that at the time were essentially unproven now after the special forces team was forced out of the area by the afghan government bodies started showing up
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outside the base bodies that they said were the bodies of ten men who had been seen rounded up by the americans and then were not able to be found either by the red cross or by the afghan government afterward so i essentially investigated these allegations of assembled a huge body of testimony from locals from officials. also learned about two confidential u.n. and red cross investigations that corroborated the allegations that suggested that the special forces and their translators were indeed responsible for these men's fate potential war crime allegations that they prove to be correct has there been any accountability for what happened to matthew well the military says that it opened a criminal investigation so they declined to comment for the story say the criminal this is ongoing but in the five months that i spent reporting this story and a single one of the witnesses that i spoke to had ever been contacted by a u.s. military investigator so it really does beg the question of whether these
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investigators are actually going to be able to establish any sort of accountability for what happened there america's on drones are notorious for the deadly operations and flashpoints all around the world and all the european union also wants a slice of the sky leading edu members have signed a deal to co-produce their own drone technology plans of spot fresh fears among activists who say they used still lacks thought of accountability. as the story. well the group has been dubbed drone club and their intention is to develop a new generation of unmanned aircraft over the next ten years now the reason that they're doing it this is that they believe they're being left behind when it comes to drone technology by countries like the united states and israel currently both britain and france do operate drones they use the american bill to reprint drone interesting lee enough though germany has said that they are opposed to the use of
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any kind of weaponized drones and the european defense agency has been quick to point out the non weaponized uses for drone technology however the use of drones particularly by the united states in countries like pakistan and yemen and the widespread civilian casualties that are being caused well that's left drone technology as a very emotive issue and here in germany and see war activists on topic about the decision to develop them here are very very concerned i think that the very nice phrasing that they've tried to say that says for to control human trafficking over that mediterranean airspace and so forth for surveillance purposes i don't see that this is any helping migrants coming from africa from latitudes it didn't help just to save any of those people so there is no control about these things they can see it being used for humanitarian purposes but actually they could be used for lethal purposes well this comes after a recent u.n.
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report that was somewhat damning of drone technology in fact referred to them as being a danger to global security and that by using these type of weapons it encouraged more nations to try and acquire them and today on our margins breaking the saturn will be probing the potential ramifications of a so-called global drone arms race. now the cold war is technically over looks like a new kind of arms race is alive and well so european leaders have just announced they're forming a drone decision that's been decades in the making and france germany and several other nations are pouring money into a new generation of armed drones to rival those used by the u.s. and israel looks like all of america's unmanned kills are leading to a bad case of drone and it's not just europe that has set its sights on these deadly robots for the last few years iraq one has been working on its own drone fleet this week the islamic republic on the veil that's the largest armed unmanned
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aerial vehicles to date capable of striking targets almost anywhere in the middle east in fact you a.v.'s are so popular now seventy six countries possess them according to government accountability office one can only hope the world leaders are taking into account the alarming inefficiency and deadly outcome of these drone wars because if they don't we'll find out the true danger of a global drone race. by ten minutes past the hour moscow time western officials are along to the plight of christians in the middle east where they're increasingly becoming targets of sectarian violence a person's faith minister says the region is now seeing an exodus of biblical proportions with christians under threat of becoming extinct in certain countries as more. for many christians in the middle east the arab spring has been wintry at best the international society for human life says that for want of it if we five acts of religious discrimination in the world today
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a perpetrated and carried out against christians nowhere is this more acutely felt then in the middle east and north africa if you look at syria for example with ten the state of the total population is christian a third of them have already fled from the civil war that started two years ago and that number continues to grow off to the murder of father best in years nasa last year in two thousand and twelve the threats and the persecution of christians escalated so much so that many today say the night made facing the questions of syria is the same night me at the questions everyone has been living under since the invasion in two thousand and three zero. zero zero zero zero and i believe it is all systematic and planned foreseen christians to leave in iraq for instance less than two hundred thousand christians remain as we do have concerns we do hope we can stick to our land syria which is the cradle of christianity we also
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hope that the pope and heads of christian denominations shall call for denouncing violence and adopting dialogue you know the spirit the christian town outside of damascus was attacked by rebels tens of soldiers were killed and many residents fled it's still not clear how many of them have not returned to the village and where in syria they have been displaced only i visited the town of homes where a syrian soldiers took me to the frontline and showed me the damage the rebels had carried out against a local church one hundred this is the church unfortunately it was not like that before look at this destruction in mass and from here the explosions were coming down on people praying and of course people started crying out for help from us because. the priest was right here and they were captured here in the church elsewhere in egypt to the muslim brotherhood supporters have blamed christians for the army's own story of a president mohamed morsy more than eight hundred christian sites were attacked and
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some fifty two churches razed to the ground one in iraq off to the american invasion back in two thousand and three home for the iraqi christian population lifted for middle eastern countries and americans think tank the pinfall and says that christians faced harassment and oppression in one hundred and fifty nine countries this is maybe three courses of all the countries on the face of be a point to see on t.v. televisions are still to come your way this hour on oxy that of dealing with debt the ever rising cost of living in the u.k. results in soaring personal debt with millions of families on able to find enough money to pay for the. police right on the street. first street. and i would think that you're.
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good morning from moscow now quarter past nine here in the russian capital people in britain baring themselves and loans and credit to meet the high cost of living and the level of personal debt in the country is close to an all time high and as aussies lower smith reports millions of families risk losing their homes just to make ends meet. payroll in london's main shopping dried christmas has already begun with oli exhausting spending that entails but millions of households across britain will be entering the festive season already saddled with. a new report says personal debt has hit one point four trillion pounds as the rising costs of living. to make ends meet debts they ultimately will be able to repay that one point four trillion it's an average of fifty four thousand pounds per household that's almost double what it was ten years ago and almost as much as
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the country's entire economic output that figure includes mortgages secured debts but the report warns that owns secured debt has also tripled in the last twenty years britain's fifty five point six billion pounds on their credit cards alone treble what it was fifteen years ago all that says the report has a how doing a fact on people and their relationships so i start change that chart he sees about half a million people a year in that room so relationships can really kind of a lot of pressure pressure on their family life and and the stigma associated with that just makes it really hard for people to deal with their problems and they're about to feel the pinch even more despite historically low interest rates britons have failed to pay off as much debt as their american counterparts and when interest rates rises the bank of england has promised they will as unemployment
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fulls mortgage payments will go up to potentially putting thousands of families out onto the street. it all to dot com right now a diplomatic spot involving over two thirds all all nations a group of one hundred thirty three countries abandons a major u.n. conference on climate change right in the middle of the sun you can head online to find out why. apple is plunged into a legal battle trying to register the brand name in russia upsetting one of the country's oldest political parties those details right. here on geneva it's day two of talks on iran's nuclear program with all sides expressing confidence that a breakthrough could be possible to israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu flew right here to moscow one a last ditch effort to get russia's president to toughen the terms of the proposed
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deal and the agreement being discussed would reportedly create a six month diplomatic window for to run before a final pact can be negotiated during this time the country must freeze parts of its atomic program in return for limited relief from sanctions but israel thinks the deal will just buy time for tehran to try to make a bomb and is threatening a military strike against the islamic republic. we talked to one israeli journalist who believes netanyahu is efforts to prevent the agreement not likely to work. all indications at deal is in the making of course it could always fall through if one of the players insists on some minor point but the general direction is thoughts and agreement. reconciliation and many in the israeli public think it's a very good development contrary to what. would make it
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appear of course we'll be keeping you totally posted on the second day of talks in geneva but if you want to learn more about the negotiations with iran just head to watts he taught com loads of details right. now on the program though fracking is offering governments around the world access to potentially vast amounts of energy resources so they're largely ignoring widespread protests over the method which involves breaking up a rock at least one kilometer below ground opponents say there could be grave environmental consequences warning the use of explosives and chemicals contaminates water supplies and pollutes the ground and the air san francisco based climate campaign director rose brands believes the fracking industry is actually wasting its time in pushing this new technology. fracking has been associated with air pollution water contamination water depletion earthquakes and of course climate
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change you know across the u.s. and internationally and these threats are just being quieted by oil and gas companies reaching often confidential settlements with people who are desperate to get some compensation for the damages they've suffered oil and gas companies have spent billions of dollars. really selling as you know a story about how fracking is safe and their reality is quite different. more into the aussie will go back now starting in pakistan where officials say suspected american drone strike in the country's northwest has killed six police say the unmanned aircraft fired at least three rockets at an islamic cemetery killing teachers and students and ultimately burning the bodies beyond recognition to afghan militants were reportedly among the dead pakistan is publicly against covert cia drone operations which it claims of taken almost seventy civilian lives since
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two thousand and eight. a student has been shot dead during the latest clashes between protesters and police in egypt's capital cairo and that's according to the state newspaper. a violence erupted after the supporters of the banned muslim brotherhood staged a rally in front of a university and set fire to trees inside the campus as security forces reportedly stormed the school then made several arrests egypt's been seeing nonstop demonstrations ever since the country's army toppled president morsy that was now almost five months ago. and italy where hundreds of protesters threw smoke bombs at police who responded with tear gas and brute force scuffles broke out on a square in central rome where people had gathered to protest against a high speed rail link between italy and france and the opponents of the project argue it's a waste of time and it would hurt the environment the rally was time to coincide with the meeting between the italian prime minister and french president who
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arrived in rome to discuss the. now a series of deadly bombings across baghdad has targeted crowded areas most of them in she neighborhoods thirty five people reportedly killed dozens more wounded and spiraling in iraq two thousand and thirteen the deadliest year since two thousand and eight and talk about the total number of lives here on r.t. those claimed by violence in the country since two thousand and three estimated at about one hundred twenty thousand with four thousand suicide bombers having carried out attacks on police posts schools mosques and busy streets as well julian white a journalist who has covered the issue extensively he says the iraqi government is unable to control the radicals that pour into the country. young people or movement in europe and the united states predicted that this is precisely what would happen if you actually knew key went into iraq as they did in two thousand and three so
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this is a key so if the chickens coming home to roost but the key the entire region is in complete chaos because of this regional conflict and there's difficult for security forces in iraq and syria to keep a lid on these things that's why it's important that the west who is pressure on the opposition. to stop fighting and to come to that washington will but to isolate these sunni fundamentalists they have no place in the future of the region . and our online team has created a timeline to track the growing level of casualties in iraq it's just a click away talk.
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all right live from moscow it's up next the skyrocketing success of bitcoin to explain by an insider to oxys oaks on a board thank you for watching today. welcome to the future. the show will in about a technology keeping the moscow metro rolling new modeling surveyed said next meet weighs in the oil industry and a dream team of robots who places too dangerous for humans. to ninefold the latest
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news and innovation is here and said no she upstaged. we've got the future covered . hello and welcome to worlds apart it's been pretty straight is both the world's based save guard against corrupt bankers and potentially biggest ponzi scheme in
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the history of humanity why is bitcoin saw extreme both in the fluctuations of its value and in their opinions a draw as well to discuss that i'm now i'm joined by patrick marr of general counsel of the bitcoin fallen mr market really appreciate your time here thanks for having me now we're recording this program just days after the landmark hearing and they sat out on the future of digital currencies and one outcome of that hearing was that the value of bitcoin soared past nine hundred dollars and done drop just as sharply do you see that as a positive development that market's reaction well i think it's a positive indicator of sentiment in the community. i don't know that i would consider it positive the there are the wild fluctuations and price but you know that these volatility of bitcoin is what makes some people extremely excited about this new digital currency and other people extremely wary of bitcoin and i
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think that it is also something that joel speculators in and may keep some of the mainstream consumers at bay have you thought of any sort of trash hold value beyond which the steep increases will start impeding the growth of the market for for for the actual consumers rather than speculators sure well i don't think it has to be either or there are speculators and mass consumer adoption of the u.s. dollar both play a role speculators help with price to. and of course consumers use it for as a currency so i think that's likely to be the trend with big point as well the difference is that the it's supply and demand right now and the demand is far outstripping supply and that drives the price up in these parabolic curves but eventually will will settle in valuation that is fair or for.


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