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tv   Headline News  RT  November 18, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EST

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to be in the. brushes republic of tar to stand is in mourning after a plane burst into flames on landing killing all fifty people on board. there are several versions of the causes of this tragedy for the way those details for me go to stall for from cause i'm. human rights violations in forced labor in cattle are condemned by amnesty international in a report highlighting the brutal conditions faced by migrant workers preparing the gulf nation the twenty twenty two world cup. german media reveals that british intelligence is using hundreds of luxury hotels across the globe to spy on international diplomats while the bundestag calls for action to curb mass surveillance.
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welcome watching r.t. with made. monday has been declared a day of mourning in the russian republic of tatarstan after a plane crash landed it because an airport killing all fifty people on board including a son of the region's leader. is at a local medical center there. we understand the relatives of the victims have the very somber task of trying to identify the bodies. well that's right earlier on monday we're told that the identification process was supposed to start but what we're hearing now and this is speculation at the moment is that the bodies of the victims of this plane crash were burned too badly and perhaps d.n.a. tests will be needed in order to identify them and if that's the case then it's
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going to take much longer obviously than just one day it's going to take more possibly a week or perhaps even a month but once again so far this information has not been confirmed this is speculation at the same time the relatives of the victims have been gathering inside this medical center behind me. have been pretty much keeping journalists away from speaking to the relatives they did tell us that right now they are being treated by psychologists and also there are several ambulances here on standby as well just in case but so far none of the relatives needed their help and now this story has definitely touched the whole city possibly even the whole country there's so much talks about it on the internet and twelve of the fifty people all the people on board this plane died and we know now that two foreigners
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were on that plane as well from the netherlands and from ukraine and. the stories now turning up on the internet is that the wife and the step daughter of a russian state t.v. sports commentator they were also on board that plane and both of them died and this man in his twitter account the phrase saying. how to live after this so clearly this is a great tragedy for. relative so obviously but for a lots of pretty much for everyone in this country also we've got some. more details on the story concerning the president the. president's son who also died he was on board this plane as well and these details or that he managed to talk his pregnant wife out of taking that plane so she miraculously was not on board
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and survived there are many tragic stories there you go but also taking place at the moment is the investigation into what caused this accident what more can you tell us about that. well the accident itself happened on sunday evening this was a flight from moscow to cazan not to be a long flights less than two hours and basically what we know so far is that at some point. around the point when the airplane was supposed to reach the ground it exploded right now there are several versions of what could have been the causes of one of these versions is that it could have been human error the other one is some technical difficulties with the airplane and there are reports that the crew prior to the landing itself did allegedly report that there were some technical difficulties also there's an issue of problems with the fuel the plane
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was fueled airport in moscow we know that samples of the fuel have been taken and they're going to be analyzed but clearly we're are going to get much more detailed information about what happened after the black boxes are found it's not clear right now if they have been found there are some reports they may have been found but that's not official information but after they're decoded obviously that's going to provide much more information ok you go we will leave it there but thank you very much. live from. the plane itself was over twenty years old and headlines had planned to take it out of service and you. a year ago but went against that decision however they claim they were there were no known technical problems with the aircraft before it took off on sunday but earlier in the day the same plane had flown from khazan to moscow and passengers reported huge vibrations during landing its pilot but instead.
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the flight itself went quite smoothly but just before the landing the plane started vibrating furiously initially i thought it was the weather but when we got tired of the plane it turned out the weather was quite nice the plane was shaking it was dragged from side to side linton our first attempt but it was a really bad landing and i felt like the plane was going to roll off the runway but look what has been a wide range of factors causing a tragedies worldwide over the years according to statistics from plane crash info dot com more than half are caused by air is made by flight crews technical problems with air craft are responsible for just under a quarter of problems leading to accidents and of course bad weather conditions also play a role and last but not least terrorist attacks were hijackings make up nine percent of crashes earlier we asked civil aviation consultant mark five's who used to fly the same type of plane that crashed in cars than what he
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things could have led to this catastrophe that was a poor repair that led to fatigue him obviously got a structural failure were all of these factors are going to be looked normal unit or emergency you want to get the aircraft on the ground safely as quickly as possible so what would have caused the aircraft to not live on its first attempt was where the refractor were. crew for t. cruelness there are going to be so many things that are going to look there keeping in mind there are accidents generally we don't have from a single event it's a chain of events that lead to a catastrophe. and of course we'll be bringing you are more updates on this story as we get them throughout the day. migrant workers in cattle feel they're being treated like cattle according to a damning report from amnesty international the rights group has released the
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results of its probe into the gulf want to keep the construction industry the report found numerous violations in the country which is steaming ahead with preparations for the twenty twenty two world cup amnesty says migrant workers are being deprived of pay and placed in overcrowded unsanitized housing the rights group also expressed its dismay that one of the richest countries in the world is allowing this to happen a spokesman for the organization told r.t. that some of the workers are being treated like slaves whether we found was. there a sterile problems will be will make it workers and carter many of them are subjected to their expectation for example we tried people who were deceived about the bay they were getting caught there are some people have been deceived about the kind of work they were doing got there we found many workers who had not been paid. for a long time. some of them had not been able among total time we found groups of workers
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who had been stuck in the country trying to leave their desperate in some cases the suicidal they're trying to believe but only able to because there would not give them an exit permit which is required under carter in law in some circumstances there were people who were in conditions that amounted to forced labor. well german filmmaker peter geyser went to cattle to investigate the situation but after interviewing migrants he and his cameraman were detained and put behind bars they were accused of filming with that permission and attempting to spark a right guys who told r.t. what he uncovered. four of them they haven't got paid for seven months in a row right now trying to file their cases well all of those workers have one major problem they have to work within the so-called system let me try and explain
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to you what that is it's a law basically stating that every migrant worker that comes into qatar has to find his own personal sponsor meaning his boss the firm is working for the corporation. and that sponsor has to take care of him legally legally medically but most of the sponsors obviously take the passports away from the migrant workers and that put so numbers of them maybe tens of thousands in a miserable situation jim needs to speak a magazine claims that the british intelligence. surveillance network had hundreds of undisclosed luxury hotels around the globe to spy on diplomats and government delegations the program infiltrates the hotels booking systems say the agency can prepare the rooms for details surveillance meaning bugging phones and computers the scheme is also reportedly used to get the premises ready for the deployment of on site agents for claims to monitoring the article does put britain in an awkward
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position a time when germany is preparing to hold a special parliamentary session on the issue of spying is peace to all of us now reports. later on monday the german parliament will be sitting just behind me for a special session of the bundestag to talk about allegations of spying on the german people by the n.s.a. the topping of. private telephone now the german opposition parties has long been calling for a full investigation into these allegations that have come out following leaks by edward snowden that germany was targeted extensively by united states operations seamy a parliamentarian here in germany and actually called on the government themselves to be very candid with this of course comes after allegations that the german security services may have actually been complicit in spying on the german people
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so this whole session is there to try and find out who knew what about what exactly and as it goes on throughout the day i'll be bringing you all of the information that comes out of the bone the meeting on r.t. now calling is a government supervision some are doing all they can to challenge that leader why the u.s. government is trying to take them back to the digital currency sales we have a sad story in a company. called . technology innovation all the developments around. the future. wealthy british style. is not on.
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the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars report on. dramas that try to ignore. stories others refuse to. fix is changing the world right. so picture. from around the globe. about it with our take the french president says his country will be taking a tough stance against iran at the next round of international talks on wednesday francois along with speaking in israel which is now at odds with his main ally the
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u.s. over the best way to proceed at the negotiations the first meeting in geneva failed to produce any results after unexpected objections from france the white house is now urging congress to give diplomacy a chance but the powerful israeli bilbies insisting on harsher sanctions has been urged to suspend all nuclear activity for six months in return for a limited easing of trade restrictions we talked to side has seen and who used to represent iran at nuclear negotiations with the i.a.e.a. he thinks france's behavior is contradictory. as a bloc peaceful because of israeli claims i think this is a historical mistake france is making the i.a.e.a. has had about five thousand man inspections. nuclear program and frequently has announced there is no evidence of diversion toward that
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in his asian this is clear but i really doubt the real concern of france is a nuclear bomb because france has a strategy to relations with israel worry israel is not a member of n.p.t. and possess about four hundred nuclear bombs therefore france should not be concerned about nuclear bomb france help israel to master nuclear bomb france held in the two master nuclear bomb therefore france has a very very bad record. and while the obama administration's influence over the around negotiations and the middle east as a whole seems to be slipping some are saying america's closest allies in the region are to blame well this is being discussed by peter lavelle and his guest in cross talk and we'll be showing this episode throughout the day here on r.t. . if the us is trying to start talks with the iranian government and yet it's
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getting quiet word in the middle east by the saudis who don't want to do it by the israelis or don't want to do a very good good friends nobody can. refute you're a car itself that doesn't want to do it here he's trying to do a good thing for the world for bring peace of media nature to the middle east and he's getting do you know killed from all sides i mean you can't win in these situations but you've got to believe in what you want to do when you want to bring some sort of settlement he might believe that negotiations are the most important thing as opposed to saying actions but he's letting all these competing voices drown out his his mission. the renegade cryptocurrency that's used to avoid the watchful eye of financial authorities has made history yet again because his value surged past five hundred dollars this weekend after months of steady growth but as the currency is scoring
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more and more points it keeps raising eyebrows in washington as. reports. there's around one point two trillion dollars circulating in u.s. currency compared to around three billion dollars in bitcoin so big coin is still a very small phenomenon but it's growing and very rapidly the value of a big coin has increased ten fold since early two thousand and thirteen bitcoin bypasses government currency this is not subject to any regulations and at the moment the government is looking at it with suspicion citing concerns that the virtual currency is being useful facilitating illegal activity like drug trade. we've seen things like bitcoin and others these internet based currencies that are not subject to regulation or oversight and we're working very hard to look at how we can counteract that. but bitcoin supporters are pointing to the fact that this
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new peer to peer payment system is being used in the widening variety of transactions corners for example are now actively chipping in to help the victims of the typhoon in the philippines the u.s. government and the u.s. federal reserve obviously can't deny the rapid development of bitcoin and are right now thinking how to maybe incorporate bitcoin into the conventional money system possibly wishing to see bits of coins as more of a technological innovation rather than a truly stateless and independent currency in washington i'm going to hit again so what is at the heart of the digital currency success big koreans are stored in anonymous online wallets and uses can carry out transactions between them bypassing importantly banks middlemen and governments or an executive editor of i say facebook's jeffrey tucker says officials have no chance of bringing bitcoin under their control. governments always like to control money they like to control the
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currency and frankly washington is starting to get a little panicked about becoming a year ago it was a laughing stock now people are starting to worry sense they they don't want anything that happens out of their control and that kind really just doesn't care actually it's a perfect currency and it does it is immune from an abuse by governments and regulators no one controls their crime. of who can lower the international market of traders and users so in that sense because it is a very good lucian every tool to free people from oppression from their nation states governments can try to control a better mother they cannot. let's have a quick look at what's on our website at the moment the spending there is usually including russia's answer to the prying eyes of drones and spy planes find out how
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the cutting edge system you can see on your screens right now will be keeping secrets safe. also this is what happened to a syrian army base outside damascus during a blistering attack by rebel forces head to r.t. dot com to find out why the offensive is so crucial for the enemies of president assad. right to see. her straight. and i think the truth. on our reporters would i. i. would be an. odd. the future of the green priests activists arrested in the russian arctic last month while trying to board an oil rig once again hangs in the balance
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a hearing is just the north. where prosecutors want to extend custody for the detainees while defense team is hoping to secure their release under a travel ban i will get more on this now from riff and russian who joins us live from outside the court case what are the grounds then from the prosecution to keep these green peace activists behind bars for longer. well indeed the geology of the limits to cool today in st petersburg so i hope you can see behind me is about to decide today whether to keep the so-called arctic sunrise detainees in jail for three more months or to release them and that's after russia's investigative committee applied for the extension saying they need more time to complete the probe by monday morning as far as we know at least six application. it's happening filed but we expect more to come late to today this particular court is in charge of examining the case of the she's a doctor from russia. and from canada and russia is journalist this week marks two
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months since thirty men and women from nineteen different countries greenpeace activists cheering waste and the ship crew were detained and just to remind you here's a little bit of the stories background greenpeace chief approached. all offshore oil drilling platform in russia's no than pretrial receipt it's owned by russia's energy giant gazprom and then a group of activists attempted to hold themselves on the platform for a protests over the danger is that the drilling could potentially pose to the environment they say but they were arrested by russia's coast guard initially charged with piracy the men and women who are facing up to fifteen years in prison but then last month the charges were changed to holding going to. lawyers are still saying that technically piracy projects have not been yet lift it will initially
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the group of people or was held in russia's northern port of mormons but a week ago there were transferred here to st petersburg on a train in a special carriage and this is where they are now kept in three different detention centers all over st petersburg well eve the investigators applications are not held by the judge today all thirty people will be released as soon as next week or are not and if i'm not the marriage you think will be more diplomatic fallout for russia. well it all depends on what was the course decision will be to try and of course if the extension is approved by the charge we may expect some international reaction of course because i have to say that the arrest has already spalt walled wide criticism with thousands of people taking to the streets all over the world in many many countries protesting against the arrest and expressing their solidarity with the detainees and just last week we saw
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protests in more than three countries when people took to the streets asking for russian authorities to release of the thirty men and women and it also led to an international diplomatic call between russia and madeleine's whose flag the arctic sunrise ship was traveling on. government for america time you know international maritime tribunals and most dismissed their requests so so today is a very important day and it could mark the end of the story but just as well start a new chapter ok thanks mary we'll leave it there. at the courthouse in simpy just because she'll be keeping tabs on this story throughout the day thank you. thousands of demonstrators have flooded the streets of athens to commemorate the victims of a bloody student uprising four decades ago that event was instrumental in top the
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right wing military junk to that rule greece for seven years until nine hundred seventy four but is lindsey france now reports for many this is about more than just history. this demonstration that isn't going to memorizing the fortnight of our summer in the public sector uprising which trades so much and makes the saudis specifically in the government is not only drawing people who are former students and current students of people who want government change but it's also drawing people who are vastly affected by the economic reforms the austerity measures that greece must undertake to get these bailout packages the latest the many people laid up the journalists and possibly university administrators they're here getting their voices heard there's also a heavy police presence to make sure that everything goes peacefully at marcus infiltrated many of the demonstrations because the lots of violence but everyone here so far seems very peaceful with this so this protest the started in the afternoon has gathered thousands of people moved all over athens all age groups many people from teachers unions journalists and fascist movement people from all
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sectors of society really because it was from the themes of what took place forty years ago which was students rising up to ask for their representation within government and still feeling that leadership needs to change in greece for that to happen. on but with more news for you in about half an hour's time mexico is kite has arrived in the studio she's got a sportswriter. the media leader so we leave the baby. clothes she pushes she surely. the party there's a good. shoes that no one is there still would think they deserve answers from. politics. are today.
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pick your country iraq afghanistan libya saudi arabia israel egypt syria turkey and even iran and then each washington finds itself either the odd man out leaving alone or leading from behind in a muddled path is the us simply out of touch or is history in the region merely being on. choose your language. calling for week over though if you're going to feel some of. the concerns. to the europeans the degree to. choose the stories that impact. choose the access to.
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a welcome to the altie school show twenty seven minutes of top sports from russia and around the globe with me. here all the top stories. arabian nights russia held to a one one draw by serbia in a friendly in dubai as fabio capello's men kick start their preparations for next year as well. while the red bulls flying a school we know one champion sebastian vettel made it a record eight winners in a row russian t.v. get down on that dries persistent toro rosso for the first time. and short track to sochi korean born speed skater picked up on wins gold for russia in the last qualifying events before the winter olympics. but first a football in fabio capello's russia began the can down to next year's world cup with a one one draw against serbia in dubai in the first of two international friendlies
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in five days doesn't anybody. russia will be heading to their first world cup finals in twelve years after winning their qualifying group with seven wins out of town but coach fabio capello isn't resting on his laurels ahead of the tournament in brazil however the italian did the rest most of his regular starters in the friendly against serbia including former ski but you get a diesel and the injured strike olic signed the contract off and tested several backup players which gave him food for thought. this is a good game for for me to understand that the value of some players because a lot of players played a lot of game with the national team and. i mean they have been because i can see something new and this is. the target for me to to cross in contra serbia have just missed.


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