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tv   Headline News  RT  November 16, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EST

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tonight deadlines for the elimination of syria's chemical weapons a set but finding a country to take and destroy the toxic stockpiles proving far more challenging than expected. a warning for whistle blowing u.s. hackett's ten years behind bars after breaking into a private company spying database which revealed the white house was keeping an eye on human rights activists nationwide. and japan won't back down on a promise to return all evacuees to their homes near fukushima despite alarming radiation levels well outside the exclusion zone. this is close to the average level of the ghost town of. those known only with one exception the place where i'm at right now more than ten thousand people are currently living.
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in this it's just after eight pm now here in moscow live from the new center within this hour it's kevin zero in our top story the most of serious talks. to be taken out of the country by the end of the year according to a newly adopted plan by the chemical weapons watchdog but the most pressing question where more than a thousand tons of highly poisonous materials are said to go remains unanswered so far it looks unlikely that any country set to volunteer as a middle east correspondent reports next. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has laid out a road map for the removal and the destruction of syria's chemical weapons the problem though is that there were banking on albania to take these weapons in and albania has since indicated that it will not be party to this this decision and this announcement by albania came as a shock to the united states and the european union of the union is seen as
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a very strong partner with a so-called and shakable alliance to the waste it is also a very poor country but there were wide scale protests in albania with people saying that they refuse to allow their government to be party to taking in the weapons from syria now the problem is that only a norway also indicated that it would not allow these weapons to be brought to its shore no way however saying that it will send a ship that will help with transferring the weapons to wherever they are taken but this is the problem it's not yet clear where in fact they will be taken and the latest word from the united states is that it has other options on the table but no indication as to what these options are this is a very ambitious time frame that has been saved by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons it says that by the end of march next year most of syria's chemical weapons will have been destroyed and that by the end of june all of them will have been destroyed but again it seems as if it's facing an uphill
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battle not least of all with the decision as to where in fact to destroy these weapons. speak to a foreign affairs units regarding strasburg about where these chemicals could be disposed of very shortly we hope to cross to live but before that even if it doesn't host syria's chemical weapons the u.s. become increasingly tangled up in the conflict europeans blood she was awarded a rapid growth in the number of citizens going there to fight alongside the islamist opposition one reason officials cite for the surge of support muslim europeans promoting what we call jihad judy on social networks across the continent to us who still has got a story. i am french into french parents my parents are atheist and do not subscribe to any religion praise be to honor who guided me. they call our knuckles in so. having found islam on the internet in two thousand and nine in this video he's urging muslims to join the fight in syria
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his younger brother john daniel was persuaded to join up too but he was later killed in aleppo. it will save your soul from hell fire. for you and this is just one of many such videos online of young europeans calling their peers to arms french and western intelligence services have intensified their warnings and europeans heading to syria to fight nowadays they've noticed not all the extra rise in the number of individuals heading over there but also in the kind of people who are joining the fight they say that more and more they are more committed to the struggle and upon their return to europe there's still no clear cut way to deal radicalize these individuals estimates of the number of european spotting in syria between five hundred and seven hundred most of whom are from the u.k. and france and france is the more newspaper quotes a french intelligence sources saying these levels are parents even those seen for
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afghanistan. many of the media joining groups. in groups which nobody wants to are true i said to the global jihad rhetoric and share fully the project a very good many of them will get back in europe much more radical for the french the memory of the terror attack by frenchman mohamed merah that killed seven people is still fresh heightening fears of a repeat of one radicalized young men returned to france most of those people all native french people traveled to afghanistan and pakistan da we were able not to arrest him. on grounds that he had been fighting again again he said or at least training zero this summer germany's interior minister suggested a temporary ban on fighters returning home belgium on the other hand had been
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working with turkish authorities to bring their nationals back to a western europe a more would have been made but there still isn't a one size fits all solution in the news and intelligence says or could there be the difficulty remains. determining who's a potential threat and who isn't tesser is still there r t paris. for us promise about a top story let's talk a bit more about where the syrian chemical arsenal could be disposed of a lot of questions about that no answers the moment there's talk to kota first journalist north robot harness he's on the line now hi there robert so your said no last night now france a belgian are being mentioned as possible recipients for all these toxic chemicals but i'm going to say yes doing. well. is i don't know. norway is also. the reason why france is a previous candidate is that france has
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a considerable program running all the time disposing of chemical weapons left over from the second world war which keep being uncovered so they had the technical capacity to deal with the problem there are political reasons why they might not want to get involved. because it's a sort of recognition of the bashar al assad government which france has been the last government to want to do so they they may try and wriggle out of it but they may also be under pressure for the americans to be helpful because what is interesting is when they all buy any and said no the u.s. ambassador to all banya said we and i quote i'm sure we will get this all done in time ok but at this point now it doesn't look like anyone is going to volunteer without some coercion visit well it's not the job you're really looking for is it. ok if a lot of countries are saying it's for the greater good though all day so well when you think of it isn't france where do you think these are going to end up these chemical for final destruction my guess is that france will say yes because they'll
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want to look positive and helpful. as actually at this moment in israel on a three day visit so. my feeling is that the french will be helpful. my feeling also is that if they're not that somebody somewhere will find a way of dealing with this problem of the temporally or on a permanent basis because you couldn't you've got two possibilities you could either take the stuff in and stock it or you can take the stuff in stock it and destroy or do what the public reaction would be because the public in albania were very happy at all whether they would to the days of. the trap for the french apart from the fact that they appear to be recognizing bashar al assad whom they have spent months and years decrying on every possible ground is that says the public may well say that if france minded his own business in the first place they would be in this all could position to now having to be helpful over chemical weapons and the u.s. has said as well as you were saying that there are possible options are they all within the within europe. they're all within europe you know i'm in the bus or on
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the other although when they get to america of course. was america come forward first they want to discredit a great deal with. i it's not a question i've had a chance to get out said to it is true that they have the. pasti to deal with this sort of thing if necessary i mean russia has some capacity as well well with no clear decision as we stand tonight again this six week deadline to get all these toxic materials the most of the way out of the country do you think that's too tight than well yes i do personally i mean there are certain the certain areas where the syrian government can't go and certainly the team of inspectors can't go but it's one thing is absolutely clear on for beauty organization for the prevention of chemical weapons clear the road map as it's called of the syrian government put forward to dispose of of these weapons and materials. syria is difficult to criticize it at the moment quite frankly and therefore i
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can't see this process being easily derailed just because of the short term countries are queuing up to take the chemical weapons well thanks to the program foreign affairs jennifer what harm is there in strasberg much appreciated thank you . thousands of people who were evacuated from the homes of the fukushima disaster may never be able to return that's from a group of japanese officials who want the government to give up the promise that it will make those homes safe to live in again but instead though the government for its past decided to change the definition of safe ideally the radiation level should be one milli sieverts per year but japan's government hopes to set an acceptable exposure level it twenty times that to be able to return evacuees back to their homes near fukushima would you go but again if it's your home well in some of the worst affected areas the radiation detectors show measurements for around fifty times the recommended amount that's halfway to causing cancer levels. travel
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to the nuclear exclusion zone. it's hard to say would give you a creepier feeling the trail of destruction left by the twenty eleven tsunami all the houses untouched by natural disaster but abandoned after the nuclear accident walking through the deserted streets of the fukushima exclusion zone we can see plenty of both technically aware now well within the regime and all goes on we're just ten kilometers from the nuclear power station these hours as ravaged by the tsunami twenty eleven still standing here nowhere near to being with stored you'd be surprised to learn that radiation levels here are in fact lower than in some of the european thirty three and this plan that the decision by the japanese government to allow the people to return to their homes. but scientists say that suicidal because radiation migrates and because it exists in hot spots scattered all across the area. in the hot spots there is a huge amount of the radioactive material it's concentrated stored it is almost
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impossible to find out all the hot spots. from their houses we actually stumbled upon this process radiated material from personal belongings to contaminated soil is put in plastic bags and buried the radiation meter when even from a considerable distance imagine our surprise when we found similar levels in an area which had never been included in the no go zone. i've traveled through the church noble exclusion zone more than a dozen times and this was probably the scariest episode when we put a radiation meter on the ground in a layer of loss and it produced more than eight hundred micro wrong hands per hour that is forty times more than the normal human radiation level here sixty kilometers and then the question when you clear parkland the readings are certainly less than that this is close to the average level of the ghost town of prepacked in
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the shallows zone only with one exception the place where i'm at right now more than ten thousand people are currently living. mrs morey's ono is one of them she bought a radiation meter and now patrols the area looking for hot spots as we had after school classes for children at our house but had to close it because of high radiation. in her short life this girl has already got used to seeing a lot of radiation meters just like mrs morey's on or her mother joined an ngo group of ordinary women united by fear for the future of their children and distrust of the government's actions. we're sending our data to government and tepco officials every day and we get no reply don't see inaction from them as if they're trying to play down the scale of things meanwhile our children are all. already suffering from fire road issues. the voice of dissent is now intensifying despite assurances from tepco a spent nuclear fuel rods are removed from reactor four at fukushima dai ichi. we
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have it under control it's a challenging process but we have the equipment to perform it anti-nuclear protesters in tokyo say no one should be allowed back into the fukushima area until it's completely safe which in truth may not happen for centuries their peak it has just served eight hundred days and they will stay longer they say to force their government into rethinking its nuclear policies. reporting from japan. coming in the program tonight dismissed the drone as we report on the growing anger among americans on the use of unmanned aircraft as the joint. victims of the strikes. and libyan government forces engaged in a gunfight with militias in tripoli just a day off the capital so over forty people killed during the mission the peaceful rally talk about to write off this quick break.
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meanwhile in vietnam who cock out the former general director of bank financial faces the death penalty for embezzling five hundred thirty three billion. that's about twenty five billion dollars. and how also this week a former you confess to complaining or committing some horrific deadly money printing since many more dogs than five hundred thirty billion were embezzled from the american people according to andrew who are good men to a gruesome bond buying spree that had financially butchered main street america their bloated carcasses fed to the gluttonous changers and derivative devils on wall street i'm sorry said the repent of quantitative easing. pick your country iraq afghanistan libya saudi arabia israel egypt syria turkey and even a one in each washington finds itself with the odd man out leaving alone or leading
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from behind in a muddled path is the us simply out of touch or is history in the region merely. exposed the us government's espionage on human rights groups has been sentenced to a decade behind jeremy heimans was found guilty of breaking into the computer systems of the private intelligence company struck full as well as law enforcement and government. reports next from the court on how it's being seen as a warning shot to whistle blow. after two hour hearing in a packed courtroom in the federal courthouse in lower manhattan twenty eight year old activist and hacker jeremy hammond was sentenced to one hundred twenty months behind bars he's going to spend the next decade in jail and march twenty twelve hammond was arrested for breaking into two hundred gigabytes of five million e-mails of information of private security firms stratfor and leaking this
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information to transparency organization. in these e-mails it was revealed that the private security firm was spying on human rights activists upon the request of corporation and the u.s. government earlier hamad had pled guilty to one count of the computer abuse and fraud act this was a classic case of whistleblowing where malfeasance and criminal activity by a private corporation on behalf of both corporations and the government was exposed the government and the judge felt that the idea of causing mayhem or causing destruction was incompatible with that jeremy's stated political goals and. we disagree with that and some of hammon supporters have dubbed him the robin hood of our times the defense team inside the court room argued that he fought for the better good trying to bring about real change to the system and shed more light on what the u.s. government was doing the prosecution however said that he stole the numbers of sixty thousand credit cards causing
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a damage of one to two point five million dollars to businesses and individuals if people who have influence and people whom care do not stand up and defend people like jeremy the judge said that he is not. a dell or dr king i was a civil rights activist germany's every much as a progressive humanist as the spirit of those leaders as we said in the difference if we don't have jeremy hammond if we don't have had word snowden's if we don't have chelsea manning barrett brown's we don't have a free press this sometimes comes on the heels of the n.s.a. scandal continuing the debate on what should and should not. be kept secret in the u.s. and for how long the unprecedented war on whistleblowers will continue as well as the war on freedom of information and stacy churkin. new york. one hundred supporters claim everything was stage managed by the f.b.i. which manipulated him to carry out attacks and several foreign government websites david seaman z u.s. journalist who's been keeping close tabs on the high tech snooping story believed
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that this was led every step of the way he was approached by an f.b.i. informant this came out an article in wired magazine this f.b.i. informant is apparently the one who quote unquote cheer lead jeremy into hacking into this organization this f.b.i. informant also allegedly gave them a list of other targets that jeremy should go after and which he did not go after and when c. once he received the information he apparently downloaded it to an f.b.i. controlled server at the request of this f.b.i. informant so if this was basically an f.b.i. operation they should have probably sent him a paycheck and sort of sending him to prison for the next ten years. caught up in the u.s. spying europeans assume their powerful ally in a different light we hear from the austrian chancellor washington's worldwide superuser dismissing in this trust problem isn't eating away at the team spirit.
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and anti drug rally in washington smart the growing discontent among americans with the country's on the strikes protesters gathered outside the white house claiming the collateral damage is civilian killings are known is too high a group of yemenis who lost family members in one attack came to the u.s. to join the anti drone campaign following in the footsteps of the pakistani family who testified before congress on the innocent deaths caused by the young man the aerial attacks obviously as well was at the latest rally. these drone strikes victims plan on meeting with lawmakers over the coming days their message to them is clear a plan an end to the drone can i mean they are asking also asking for the memos that justify the drone program to be released for those documents to be made public and for the breakdown if you get it wrong our station we've heard from a young man that says his brother in law and nephew work killed by u.s.
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drone strikes and we saw our loved ones who were enjoying the wedding last night getting cut to pieces by these missiles he says there is a brother in law was a very outspoken critic of al qaeda and thought if you were to be killed that it would actually be a terrorist a member of al qaeda but as we hear it turned out very differently here at the white house as well. the gun happy culture and drug use stand could be taking root to the disturbingly young age take a look at this. kids imitating videos and sending the threats to adults what you see in some jokingly demand good school grades or the far more sinister online world. calling on these fears these impressionable youngsters also to. lecture interjected this guest university london speaker was heckled off by angry muslim brotherhood activists we'll tell you why at r.t.
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dot com. making the news make more sense in britain follow us on twitter for coverage of the occupy b.b.c. protest in london which accuses the corporation of ignoring the big stuff. right. first. and i think that your. orders with. the renewed clashes in the service of the libyan capital between militias just a day after protesters tried to kick them out of tripoli it's now understood that at least forty eight people died during that rally on friday the companies were shot at as they approached the group said courses.
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but only inflame situation even more some demonstrators then drew weapons themselves tripoli has long been a hotbed of while in service since the assassination of leader moammar gadhafi but friday's incidents the most bloodshed the capital seen in months militias there and elsewhere in libya are entrenched despite public discontent and government demands they disband defense consultant mine roof told me he believes they're just too tough to handle. the only person who kept the nation united was the revolutionary mama gaddafi yes the western forces the nato nations member states saw this coming and then knew there would be chaos in the country because there are so many different factions in there they can't seem to succeed so they resort to murdering each other they disbanded the military and the civil service there is in effect no central military role to be played by anyone there is no security as such it's iraq two point zero so that there are all sorts of militias
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coming from different towns and trying to take control of tripoli but that's obviously leads to clashes and murder of civilians in tripoli in brief a suicide bombers rammed his car into a military vehicle and ten people. next to me aware next week's talks some controversial security agreement with the u.s. was set to take place and it was just hours after the afghan president declared the final draft the treaty was ready if adopted it will follow american troops to stay in afghanistan even after next year's withdrawal of international forces. cinci rain is italian students turned on police during an anti stereotype march around two hundred protestors wave flags and it flares before clashing with officers the march was part of nationwide demonstrations against fourteen billion euros worth of cuts which will kick in next year in college protests when we cross the european union including greece we are. the atlantic feels like it's got
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a little bit wider lately since america was cool and where it shouldn't have been against europeans who considered washington to be a close friend peter all of it next has been talking to a prominent austrian politician about how far the bonds of big stretched. public relationship between the european union and the united states seems to have hit something of a rocky patch of late and why i've come here to vienna to meet with a former european leader and gauge his opinion on the current situation just how damaging has the n.s.a. spying scandal been for e.u. u.s. relations it affected the public perception more than in the perception among politicians everybody who is a professional politician knows that all countries are looking around for information and information is the fact that the currency in the political area arena but for the public perception was completely different because of the public
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perception especially in germany is america is our friend and you should never spy on your friend and it would get america you said us good guy and we know that this cannot happen and should not happen is it possible or even healthy for an idea of american exceptionalism to exist in the modern age i don't think that. someone is exceptional that of course some think they are exceptional but they are not everybody is exceptional or we are equals we are brothers and sisters and you can be larger or you can be more powerful economical or militarily but at the end we are no longer individual boards on the notion we are on the same ship and we have to steer the same ship we have to find common rules we have to find the key of course to the future this is the important thing and exceptionalism this is a rather dangerous think is a little bit outdated by the way to
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a concept of the nineteenth century and the twenty first century i think we are equals better. exactly twenty seven is post dated or mosco but with more news than just about thirty three minutes time next though after the break it's the economics alternative of these guys are. president obama despite being king liberal loves to flatter the troops he loves their courage selflessness and teamwork as he said in his state of the union address but what he doesn't love are their expensive injuries which the troops are going to have to pay three times more for according to yahoo news the president's administration wants to force military retirees to get out of tri-care their current plan and added to obamacare the plan calls for them to raise premiums from
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up to ninety to three hundred forty five percent within five years one example provided by the free beacon estimates and a retired army colonel with a family currently paying four hundred sixty dollars a year for health care would have to pay around two thousand dollars make you pay even more for your war injuries apparently that's what obama is actually planning while he is reading those lovely speeches off of teleprompters people who are against the post nine eleven war against who knows what are often told that they don't support the troops well to the people who say bring the troops home never advocate tripling their health care premiums no they don't all of the chicken hawks who send the troops off to die in questionable wars are the ones who want to make them pay even more for their injuries but that's just my opinion.
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but with the economic up downs in the final months they. sang i and the rest because i think the eight will be everything. welcome to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser you know in a sermon this way pope francis suggested we tie cement shoes to the bank stairs and throw them into the east river of course i paraphrase is exact words may have been slightly more nuanced but the gist was the same in my opinion meanwhile in vietnam kakao the former general director of agra bank financial faces the death penalty for a best.


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