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tv   Headline News  RT  November 16, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EST

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another whistle blower behind bars after breaking into a vast spying database run by a u.s. government contractor they should have probably sent him a paycheck instead of sending him to prison for the next ten years you were part of the story of jeremy hammond allegedly used by the f.b.i. as part of a private army of hackers and punished for going astray. alarming figures in japan's radiation hot spot. this is close to the average level of the goes down in the channel is known only with one exception the place where i'm at right now more than ten thousand people are currently living our t. travels to the exclusion zone in fukushima about the government has vowed to make for habitation soon a pledge that some see as hopelessly unrealistic plus. russian
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police procedure militant hideout leading to an intense gunfight with several terrorist dead reportedly including the man who orchestrated the last month of volgograd boston bombing. raids three pm in moscow i met très a very good to have you with us our top story this hour a cyber activist behind a massive exposé on the u.s. private intelligence firm that spied for the government has been sentenced to ten years behind bars analysts say the case that was anything but clear cut and is being described as a warning shot to whistleblowers or he's honest r.c. church going to reports. after two hour hearing in a packed courtroom in the federal courthouse in lower manhattan twenty eight year old activist and hacker jeremy hammond was sentenced to one hundred twenty months behind bars he's going to spend the next decade in jail and march twenty twelve hammond was arrested for breaking into two hundred gigabytes of five million
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e-mails of information of private security firms stratfor and leaking this information to transparency organization. in these e-mails it was revealed that the private security firm was spying on human rights activists upon the request of corporation and the u.s. government earlier hamad had pled guilty to one count of the computer abuse and fraud act this was a classic case of whistle blowing where. criminal activity by a private corporation on behalf of both corporations and the government was exposed to the government and the judge felt that the idea of causing mayhem or causing destruction was incompatible with that jeremy's stated political goals and. we disagree with that and some of hammon supporters have dubbed him the robin hood of our times the defense team inside the courtroom argued that he fought for the better good trying to bring about real change to the system and shed more light on
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what the u.s. government was doing the prosecution however said that he stole the numbers of sixty thousand credit cards causing a damage of one to two point five million dollars to businesses and individuals if people who have influence and people whom here do not stand up and defend people like jeremy the judge said that he is not you know my bell or dr king i was a civil rights activist germy is every much as a progressive human this as the spirit of those leaders as we said in the difference is motivated by his political beliefs his desire for transparency and his desire to highlight what's wrong with the private security industry and with government surveillance a total of two hundred sixty. five letters from journalist activists human and constitutional rights groups were sent to the judge asking for jeremy hammond to be released also thirty six prominent freedom of information activists sent their requests to the courthouse however the huge public support for jeremy hammond did
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not affect the judge's decision if we don't have jeremy hammond since we don't have edward snowden's if we don't have chelsea manning. we don't have a free press this sometimes comes on the heels of the n.s.a. scandal continuing the debate on what should and should not be kept secret in the u.s. and for how long the unprecedented war on whistleblowers will continue as well as the war on freedom of information and. new york exact details of his predicament not clear but his here is his version of the events and part of a hacktivist group called lulz sec i was behind a number of high profile stunts one of its members caught by in turn informant allegedly threw him the agency fed up with pre-selected targets including web sites in turkey iran and brazil jeremy ignored the plans though hacking into intelligence firm strat for instead of publishing embarrassing and sensitive data the group's members arrested soon afterwards independent journalist david seaman says the hacker seems to have been led every step of the way. he was approached by an f.b.i.
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informant this f.b.i. informant is apparently the one who quote unquote cheer lead jeremy into hacking into this organization this f.b.i. informant also allegedly gave them a list of other targets that jeremy should go after and which he did not go after and when c. once he received the information he apparently downloaded it to an f.b.i. controlled server at the request of this f.b.i. informant so if this was basically an f.b.i. operation they should have probably sent him a paycheck and sort of sending him to prison for the next ten years what he leet revealed a degree of wrongdoing that's in the public interest to know about so i was totally shocked that they went with the full ten years the maximum possible that's an outrage this judge represents everything wrong with the american justice system today we shouldn't be silencing guys like jeremy hamad we should be giving them jobs i mean he's an innovator and granted he hacked into something but at the behest of the government u.s.
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spying activities maybe sowing doubts among european partners in a few minutes we hear from a former austrian chancellor about transatlantic relations have been damaged by the u.s. surveillance of revelations plus syria's government getting a road map for the elimination of its chemical arsenal but finding out destruction site proving a ominous task. but first in japan where a group of government officials decided to come clean and admit that residents of fukushima may never be able to return to their homes they say radiation levels there can't be brought back to normal soon and they're urging the leadership to abandon plans to make the area fit for a living but only a handful of those residents actually say they want to go back more than two years after the earthquake and tsunami that crippled daiichi nuclear power plant. main reason for that ideally the radiation level should be just one millisieverts per year since this is an impossible target for japan the government reportedly hopes to ensure people aren't exposed to doses of more than twenty times this but in some
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of the worst affected areas and geiger counters show measurements of around fifty times the recommended amount that's halfway to cancer causing levels are these alexei has more from the exclusion zone it's hard to say would gives you a creepier feeling the trail of destruction left by the twenty eleven tsunami all the houses untouched by natural disaster but the band after the nuclear accident walking through the deserted streets of the fukushima exclusion zone we can see plenty of both technically aware now well within the no go zone the we're just ten kilometers from the nuclear power station these houses ravaged by the tsunami twenty eleven still standing here and nowhere near to being with stored you'd be surprised to learn that radiation levels here are in fact lower than in some of the european cities and this prompted the decision by the japanese government to allow the people to return to their homes but scientists say that's suicidal because radiation migrates and because it exists in hot spots scattered all across the area
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. in the hot spot there is a huge amount of the radioactive material is concentrated stored it is almost impossible to find out all the hot spots. from their houses we actually stumbled upon this process radiated material from personal belongings to contaminated soil is put in plastic bags and buried the radiation meter when brazil even from a considerable distance imagine our surprise when we found similar levels in an area which had never been included in the no go zone i've traveled to the church noble exclusion zone more than a dozen times and this was probably the scariest episode when we put a radiation meter on the ground in a layer of loss and it produced more than eight hundred micro wrong against per hour that is forty times more than the normal human radiation level here sixty kilometers and then the question when you clear parkland the readings are certainly
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less than that this is close to the average level of the goes down in the shallow zone only with one exception the place where i'm at right now more than ten thousand people are currently living. mrs morey's ono is one of them she bought a radiation meter and now patrols the area looking for hot spots we had after school classes for children at our house but had to close it because of high radiation. in her short life this girl has already got used to seeing a lot of radiation meters just like mrs morey's on or her mother joined an ngo group of ordinary women united by fear for the future of their children and distrust of the government's actions. we're sending our data to government and tepco officials every day and we get no reply don't see inaction from them as if they're trying to play down the scale of things meanwhile our children are already suffering from. the voice of dissent is now intensifying despite assurances from
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tepco a spent nuclear fuel. all roads are removed from reactor four at fukushima dai ichi . we have it under control it's a challenging process but we have the equipment to perform it anti-nuclear protesters and talk you say no one should be allowed back into the fukushima area until it's completely safe which in truth may not happen for centuries their peak it has just served eight hundred days and they will stay longer they say to force their government into rethinking its nuclear policies. reporting from japan. warnings out for him problems could be coming home to roost security chiefs sounding the alarm saying more europeans are joining the rebel campaign in syria and coming back radicalized was. activists protesting outside the white house against the devastating civilian cost of the u.s. drone warfare. but first an hours long standoff between
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a group of militants and police in russia's rest of north caucasus republic of dagestan seemingly overall five gunman believed to have been killed one of them known to have been involved in a deadly terror attack in the city of volgograd last month artie's type you might say joins us live now with the latest so tell us this very dramatic events unfolding there in dagestan give us the latest details. indeed very dramatic scenes of played out in your village in. police found militants hiding i'll tell you one of the houses they they then surrounded the house and continued to go in with the militants to surrender which they then discovered that two civilians were in that house a woman and a child they continue negotiating with of the gunmen asking them to release the woman and the child they were later released on honde and is told that one of the woman at the woman who was released was actually the wife of one of the militants
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who was in that house now these are the ones of the woman and child who were released from the house that gunmen and police went out on a shoot out at each other the police then tried to calm things down a little bit to by trying to speak to the gunmen that then just love it but one of the gunmen who is inside the house is the one. who has been investigated to. explode. his mother was called in to try to speak to him to try to get him to surrender during that conversation with his mother he then you know confess that he was indeed the person who assembled the explosions that we use at the volgograd bus explosion including other terror attacks and that he helped. and he helped a straight. jury in that time then. realized that the negotiations were not working out of the military at the street of the men with then killed
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during that shootout and it's believed that the other two were also killed but that confirmation has not come out yet suckle of course is knowing all for helping out the night as the yellow who carried out the cell explosion on the bus in the volgograd that killed six people. right about say thank you very much for that update. well on our t.v. dot com the full back story of last month's bus bombing in southern russia and coming up in the program libya is seeing its worst violence in months with deadly clashes at the headquarters of a powerful militia group despite the government's attempts to make rival factions lay down their arms that story and more in just a moment. if you. and you've got no opportunity. to
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construct your own. olympian bit gives don't want to be gangsters in a lot of. drug deals they don't want to blow we know the time that the kid came be we can you see. you just me because i was when i was in the hood. well you know. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young. pick your country iraq afghanistan libya saudi arabia israel egypt syria turkey and even a one in each washington finds itself either the odd man out leaving alone or leading from behind in a muddled path is the us simply out of touch or is history in the region merely
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being on. quarter past the hour now the global chemical weapons watchdog outlined ambitious timetable for the destruction of syria's toxic weapons the end of june two thousand and fourteen said is the deadline for damascus to get rid of its entire arsenal although the most crucial chemicals will be removed by the end of this year while the organization remains positive about the results achieved so far there are still many obstacles to come heavy fighting in syria putting off the international team of chemical weapons experts there in danger and it's still not clear where the stockpiles will be destroyed with albania vehemently rejecting requests to be the host site and norway saying it will help but only with transporting them but it will analyst chris bambery from the international socialist group says finding a willing partner may not be easy. i want to find incredible was that it's a norwegian merchant ship accompanied by
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a norwegian naval vessel which is going to syria to pick up these weapons which includes mustard gas and siren and bring them to albania the norwegians say they don't have the exposed seize the ability to dismantle the chemical weapons i would ask you if the richest one of the richest countries in europe don't have the expertise in no ways to do this how do you expect the poorest country in europe to do this kind of smacks of a colonial mentality that somehow we're going to dump of these things in albania were not going to bring them to britain why don't you choose a country which has the expertise for. instance in britain there is the older mass the chemical weapons facility i would trust that to dismantle those weapons but they involve high levels of expertise and also albania must be one of the least stable countries in europe this is not to attack on the albanian people but the albanian state has hardly a long history no it's not very stable there's a problem of organized crime there and i think it's a very strange decision to say we're going to take these deadly weapons and put them in a country which was security must be an issue as chemical weapons in syria are
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being sought out and destroyed spy chiefs in europe have warned of a rapid rise in citizens going there to fight counter terrorism analysts say one in ten foreign fighters comes from the continent one of the top intelligence officials has warned they pose a serious threat to home countries if they make it back from the fighting. i am french to french parents my parents are atheist and do not subscribe to any religion praise be to allah who guided me. nicola now calls himself. having found islam on the internet in two thousand and nine in this video he's urging muslims to join the fight in syria his younger brother gendai neil was persuaded to join up too but he was later killed in aleppo. it will save your soul from hell fire. series. and this is
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just one of many such videos online of young europeans calling their peers to arms french and western intelligence services have intensified their warnings of europeans heading to syria to fight nowadays they've noticed not all the extra rise in the number of individuals heading over there but also in the kind of people who are joining the fight they say that more and more they are more committed to the struggle and upon their return to europe there's still no clear cut way to deal radicalize these individuals for the french the memory of the terror attack by frenchman mom and morale that killed seven people is still fresh heightening fears of a repeat one radicalized young men returned to france most of those people native french people traveled to afghanistan and pakistan and poverty to their. places of warfare judie welfare and he was not coached. here.
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not to arrest him. on the grounds that he had been fighting in the. trainings here in the summer germany's interior minister suggested a temporary ban on fighters returning home belgium on the other hand had been working with turkish authorities to bring their nationals back to overestimate europe have already been made. there still isn't a one size fits all solution in the e.u. zandi says nor could there be the difficulty remains. determining who's a potential threat and who isn't just there is still the r.t.e. . mayor of toronto roundly embarrassed for drunk driving smoking crack cocaine and some rude comments caught on video now he's been stripped of some of his powers by the city council details on this latest twist in his roller coaster ride at r.t. dot com. and open sesame the u.n. signals it's going to give russia exclusive rights to
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a vast swathes of the disputed sea zone find out more about the resource rich area called an aladdin's cave by one politician. a protest in libya escalated into an armed confrontation with at least thirty two people left dead a militia group opened fire to disperse a crowd rallying outside its headquarters demonstrators returned with guns and shot back. is footage of the chaotic scene erupting on the streets the worst violence seen there in months rival militias have been fighting a turf war since they helped oust former leader moammar gadhafi the prime minister trying to persuade them to lay down their weapons but defense consultant moeen why roof things are in groups are too powerful for the government right now. the only those who kept the nation united was the revolutionary moammar gadhafi so yes the west and the nature of all nations member states still this called me that
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would be chaos in the country called just so many different locations and that they come seem to succeed with the result too low during the childer they disbanded the military and the civil service there is in the. central military role to be played by anyone there is no security that it's iraq's two point zero so the. militias coming from different tones and trying to take control of tripoli boats that's obviously leads to clashes and murder of civilians in tripoli makeshift drones and tombstones a way of saying no to u.s. use of on manned aircraft to carry out deadly attacks protestors converged outside the white house claiming that collateral damage from the anti terror tactic is too high the per session later headed toward the offices of general atomics a maker of the drones using the strikes it's thought that roughly one in ten of the people killed by u.s. u.a.b. strikes in yemen and pakistan as a civilian a group of yemenis who also family members in such
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a strike came to washington something that. these drone strikes victims plan on meeting with lawmakers over the coming days their message to them is clear to put an end to the drone can i mean they are asking also asking for the memos that justified the drone program to be released for those documents to be made public and for the breakdown words to get the station we've heard from a young man that says his brother in law and now if you were killed by u.s. drone strikes and we saw our loved ones who were enjoying the wedding last night it's getting cut to pieces by these missiles he says there is a brother in law was a very outspoken critic of al qaeda and thought if you were to be killed that it would actually be bought by a terrorist from a member of al qaeda but as we hear it turned out very differently here at the white house it was a long. germany postponing the purchase of unmanned warplanes over legal and ethical concerns lawmakers condemning the drone strikes as illegal killings and
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recently chancellor merkel was criticized by human rights groups for apparently backing the u.s. operations in pakistan a german m.p. tells us that despite the decision the government is more keen than ever in getting involved in foreign conflicts. i think it's working in that way that they are want to be committed in more war more military interventions and this is a really big scandal because it's going to be more killings more people will die with this combat drones and in fact they are all they want to fight siding the u.s. with this military operations as we saw it in the last three years for example the social democrats they want to actually that germany will be involved in two of the not two one being against libya but conservatives they were against it now it's a different situation they want to be committed in more wars and more military operations
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that's what i can see from this agreement u.s. mass surveillance activities have been clouding relations with key allies since edward snowden started leaking n.s.a. documents earlier this year or reaction from europe and so far been limited to angry statements public discontent could be growing to discuss where transatlantic ties are heading or he's peter all over spoke with austria's former chancellor who still closely involved in the country's politics. public relationship between the european union and the united states seems to have hit something of a rocky patch of late and that's why i've come here to vienna to meet with a former european leader and gauge his opinion on the current situation. thank you very much for talking to us just how damaging has the n.s.a. spying scandal being for you u.s. relations it effected the public perception more the in. pretty shoes everybody who is
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a professional politician knows that all countries are looking around for information of the formation is the fact that the currency can be polluted urea arena but the public perception was completely different because of the public perception is in germany is america is our friend and you should never spy on your friend like what good america does skeet guided me that this cannot happen and should not happen is it possible or even healthy for an idea of american exceptionalism to exist in the modern age i don't think that. someone is exceptional that of course some think they are exceptional but they are not everybody is exceptional or we are equals we are brothers and sisters and you can be larger or you can be more powerful economic alou militarily but. we are no longer. on the ocean we are on the same ship. to steer
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this same ship we have to find common rules we have to fly and be clear cause for the future this is the important thing and exceptionalism is a rather dangerous i think is a little bit outdated by the way to concept of the nineteenth century and the twenty first century i think we are equals it's better that she is thank you very much absolute pleasure to speak to you that was me peter all of us speaking to former austrian chancellor dr wolfgang schuessler here in vienna on r.t. . first breaking the set coming your way next. you know i love these rare moments where action of something totally sounds positive to share with you the f.d.a.
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is working to ban partially hydrogenated oils which are the leading source of trance fats and foods and possibly the cause of up to twenty thousand heart attacks per year across the usa according to f.d.a. commissioner margaret hamburg as you know i would like the chemicals in my food kept to a minimum but the thing is the people at the f.d.a. are surely aware of all the hormones and beef and gitmo is being produced why does this ban have such a very narrow narrow focus in fact when you look at all the things that americans consume smoke use that to swear health some get the violent band hammer while others are completely tolerated if you ever talk to a hardcore marijuana smoker they'll tell you but dude weed is better for you than beer and that's the eagle man and they kind of have a point i think there is this is one of those rare instances where a balance position isn't really a good idea well the country could go the libertarian route and let it be everything be legal let people make their own choices or do what i think would be much much better actually really bad all the things that are destructive to our health both of these paths have positive and negative effects but they are
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a lot better than our current plan of ban some harmful things for some reason and a lot other harmful things because well they lobby better but that's just my opinion. what's going on guys i'm happy martin and this is breaking the set so here's some interesting news coming out of ten downing street the british prime minister david cameron is taking heavy criticism of the purging of a decade's worth of speeches and videos from the conservative party's websites
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that's right i think there's a wave of historical revisionism sweeping cameron's government after all it's hard to prove that you haven't lived up to any of your initial promises if they're completely expunged from the public record now of course party members are defending the move saying that purging the content is a campaign strategy aimed at replacing old messages with new ones but cameron's former speechwriter in burrell disagrees that this is just a campaign strategy that quote the use of sophisticated software to ensure search engines do not stumble upon these archives slightly just slightly undermines this claim is that as it turns out the party went as far as instructing websites such as an internet archive and google to fully remove deleted pages from their databases pages that these websites often keep for posterity usually went away until politicians died out of their history or advised but now it looks like if you have the money and if you have the power it's as easy as get a divorce from the royal family.


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