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tv   Larry King Now  RT  November 15, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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for the. coming up on our teach change the channel worldwide demonstrations are planned for tomorrow to protest the mainstream media we'll talk to one of the event's organizers about why the mainstream media is bad news just ahead. plus the t.s.a. is getting its very own pat downs a new government a government report is critical of the t.s.a. program that's already cost taxpayers nearly one billion dollars take off your shoes because that's coming up. and on his eightieth birthday larry king is still going strong but what happens when he's instead of asking the questions find out later tonight show.
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it's friday november fifteenth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm lynn neary david and you're watching our t.v. . well it's not every day that people can take part in the same protest on the same day all over the world but that is exactly what's happening tomorrow in an unprecedented global rally called march against main stream media thousands of people are expected to take to the streets in their respective cities and march to the studios of major media headquarters organizers of said this will be and will attack against the credibility of the mainstream media and an attempt to steer its viewers away from its lies and towards alternative media sources so to talk about this rally in the movement we can expect to see thereafter i was joined earlier by jet barnett an organizer for the event i first asked him to take a look at this gallup poll the poll shows that now only forty four percent of people say they have trust and confidence in the media according to gallup data americans have consistently been more mistrusting each year since two thousand and
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seven so i asked if there was a turning point that really triggered this decline. i think just a lot of people are really starting to come together and we're working together we actually work with a lot of movements a lot of pages and we all help each other towards the same common goal and i really think that. with all the marches that have been going on in the past year this is our march will be the tenth march this year in america so i really think that we're starting to reach the general public and people are starting to look in the alternative media for their news so i want to ask you a little bit more about the event it's taking place in hundreds of goodies worldwide why do you think people are so receptive to this message not only new united states but in multiple different countries is a media landscape similar in for instance the u.k. or other countries is are they experiencing the same thing where you say that
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people here in the united states are yes absolutely we spoken to our organizers around london and they say that the b.b.c. covers up a lot and doesn't tell them a lot it's going on everywhere it seems like and. you know it's if there was a more free open press i think people are just fighting towards heaven restoring journalist integrity in mainstream media because. where we were seeing more people rise up and fight against corruption and tyranny and. you know because the mainstream media everywhere in london canada australia it seems that they're there to some formation is you know used for the wrong reasons sir well tomorrow when people are marching across the world who do you want to be listening
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. everybody everybody on the streets that's going to be walking by us and seeing our protest we want mainstream media to listen to let them know that you know where the people are finally come together and we want to influence them to make a change but more importantly we just want to reach the general public and let them know that a lot of people go they'll watch mainstream news and you know they'll just believe everything that they tell them and then i. we want to we want to influence those people to look elsewhere sure well how do you plan to transfer the momentum built by this rally into real action thereafter. we want to make this it's not going to be a one time thing the momentum of this we we hope to see. more more ratings go towards alternative media and then from there will just. well it will keep promoting not the other events we have
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a lot of other events coming up after this which i don't really want to get into. well and tell people before we go where they can find out more about this event and sort of keep in touch with the m a as m.s.n. for further events we've made a very very simple to take part all you do is go to our official website which is w w w. s m dot info you go to that site and you'll see right at the top it's there's a list it's a complete list of event pages you click that you find your city and state and then you click on the event page and from there you'll be able to find a meeting location who's host and who else is going you'll be able to organize with everyone else in your area that's going to that same event. that was jed barnett an organizer for march against mainstream media. and the t.s.a. program in place to spot the bad guys may not be working so well in question is
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a nine hundred million dollars program run by behavior detection officers also known as b.t.o. now these videos are typically stationed at major transit hubs in the busiest airports across the country but according to a new report from the government accountability office a program to use news known as spot or the screening of passengers by observation techniques may not be very effective spot is used to identify persons who may pose a risk to aviation security through the observation of travelers the report reads quote available evidence does not support whether behavioral indicators can be used to identify persons may pose a risk to aviation security in two thousand and eleven the department of homeland security did its own analysis on the program and found that were highly effective and in fact vital to identifying high risk passengers however this recent g.a.o.
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study rejects those findings saying they were based on bad science in the report the g.a.o. urges congress to cut funding for the program but at a hearing yesterday with the house subcommittee on transportation security t.s.a. administrator john pistole said behavior detection officers are essential. my concern with their sufficiency ease is that if we remove one whole layer of of security that being the b.t.o. those who again are the least invasive and looking for intent rather than items then that gives us an exposure to potential terrorists that we don't currently have so let's talk about this latest study and whether it's enough to boot this program for good i was joined earlier by j.v. to chile managing editor of reason twenty four seven i first asked him about the kinds of behavioral indicators that t.s.a. would can it consider suspicious well but look what they say what they say is
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deceptive activity. what that actually exactly constitutes is anybody's guess i mean they do have a checklist of things they want to go through that are supposed to identify high risk passengers the key indicator that was that important fact is that there doesn't seem to be any basis for the program that established. right well i do want to take a look at some numbers out of this report the t.s.a. looked at the number of people selected by spot officers for further screening at forty nine airports in two thousand and eleven and two thousand and twelve it found that of the sixty one thousand travelers they stopped only thirteen percent were referred to law enforcement officers and only four percent of those people were actually arrested that's only point six percent of all the people spots stopped for extra screening you know in many cases the t.s.a. has touted the program by showing that number of targets that a certain number of targets turn into a rat but are any of those arrests even terrorism related or are these people
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ultimately arrested for some other kind of criminal activity. but these are generally minor crimes and what it really comes down to is that these arrests these as opposed by dint of occasions could have been done by chance to. when they looked at what the t.s.a. was doing for those of the techniques they're following in the government accountability office found that the techniques that the t.s.a. have adopted. are basically the equivalent of just going in guessing what do you think somebody is high risk or not it might be a slight improvements in the overall results but basically after looking at four hundred studies of the techniques the t.s.a. that's out there is they found that there really is no evidence that it improves just standing there and guessing it might be a risk and a v how concerned should americans be about this program allowing people to fall victim to things like racial profiling. well very much so i mean i know in the boston office a lot of t.s.a. workers there's a fund that's being unsure what else to do
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a lot of their coworkers and there's three thousand t.s.a. officers around the country or dedicated to using these techniques but in boston particular a lot of the the t.s.a. agents just adopted race as an indicator and they would look at people who they thought might be suspicious based on speed and skin color and that's why they pulled him aside. and despite the numbers that question this program's effectiveness the t.s.a. does say it will continue to fight to keep b.t.o. as at their post saying their practices are less invasive than other techniques that the t.s.a. uses do you think that justifies keeping the program in place. well no i mean it's listen evasive unless you're one of the people pulled aside for no good reason or for pure chance and there's also close them to build three thousand the the three thousand as behavioral detection officers around the country cost money that's two hundred million dollars per year nine hundred million dollars since two thousand and seven that's not counting the cost of the pilot program there's no evidence
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that the techniques they're using work this is great close to taxpayers overall but if you're one of the the passengers is pulled aside and harassed in the hassles because somebody spidey sense single and there's no evidence that's by the senses worth anything then it is a great cost to you in terms of time in terms of loss flights in terms of harassment by the fence that's a good one and lastly i do want to take a look at something that may actually pose a problem for the t.s.a. in just under eight minutes this this man in a video we're going to show has been able to make a green made out of things that you can buy in an airport terminal post screening and light of things like this along with what we saw happen recently in california with the man who opened fire on flight passengers before getting through security do you think homeland security should perhaps be using their resources a bit differently. well yes these fixed security positions essentially are worthless bruce schneier as in who's
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a security expert is called in security theater because they're very visible but they don't do anything and the incident here what you're referring to is another security expert. where he runs a website where he actually is dedicated to creating improvised weapons on the other side of security is critical if you know this time he created a grenade he's also created a shotgun he's created crossbows blowguns incendiary devices all with things you can buy once you once you pass through t.s.a. screeners screening at the airport really the two things that have happened since nine eleven that have made a difference are armoring cockpit doors and making passes of where they can't just sit there passively if somebody tries to seize control of the flights or accept those are the two things you have to respond dynamically six security points of the sort that the t.s.a. operates might harass people but as the security expert with his with the grenade created on the other side of the security barrier has demonstrated they don't make
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us safer because you can bet that terrorists know exactly how to deal with this one fellow is figure of terror why do you appreciate you coming and breaking all of that down for us david particularly managing editor of reason twenty four seven thank you. and twenty eight year old political activist jeremy hammond was just sentenced today at the federal court for the southern district of new york he received the maximum sentence of ten years in prison after pleading guilty to participating in an anonymous hack of the private intelligence firm strategic forecasting were struck for he wiped out files and databases and stole private e-mail messages that he later handed over to transparency organization wiki leaks after hammon sentencing wiki leaks pledged to release the remaining stratfor files artie's on a saucer churkin was at the sentencing and brings us more. after two hour hearing in a packed courtroom in the federal courthouse in lower manhattan twenty eight year old
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activist and hacker jeremy hammond was sentenced to one hundred twenty months behind bars he's going to spend the next decade in jail and march twenty twelve hammond was arrested for breaking into two hundred gigabytes of five million e-mails of information of private security firms stratfor and leaking this information to transparency organization we q leaks in these e-mails it was revealed that the private security firm was spying on human rights activists upon the request of corporation and the u.s. government earlier hamad had pled guilty to one count of the computer abuse and fraud act this was a classic case of whistleblowing where. malfeasance and criminal activity by a private corporation on behalf of both corporations and the government was exposed the government and the judge felt that the idea of causing mayhem or causing destruction was incompatible with that jeremy's stated political goals and.
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we disagree with that and some of hammon supporters have dubbed him the robin hood of our times the defense team inside the courtroom argued that he fought for the better good trying to bring about real change to the system and shed more light on what the u.s. government was doing the prosecution however said that he stole the numbers of sixty thousand credit cards causing a damage of one to two point five million dollars to businesses and individuals if people who have influence and people whom here do not stand up and defend people like jeremy the judge that he is not you know mandela or dr king i was a civil rights activist germy is every much as a progressive human this is the spirit of those leaders as we said in the difference is motivated by his political beliefs his desire for transparency and his desire to highlight what's wrong with the private security industry and with government surveillance a total of two hundred. sixty five letters from journalist activists human and constitutional rights groups were sent to the judge asking for jeremy hammond to be
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released also thirty six prominent freedom of information activists sent their requests to the courthouse however the huge public support for jeremy hammond did not affect the judge's decision jeremy. you know edward snowden you know chelsea manning this is all one struggle and we all need to rise up and let people know the truth if we don't have jeremy hammond if we don't have edward snowden's if we don't have chelsea manning. we don't have a free press this sometimes comes on the heels of the n.s.a. scandal continuing the debate on what should and should not be kept secret in the u.s. and for how long the unprecedented war on whistleblowers will continue as well as the war on freedom of information and r.t. new york. and activists came together to rally against the u.s. drone warfare program today they marched from the white house to the headquarters of drone aircraft manufacturer general atomics all to make one message very clear
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stop the proliferation of drones artie's liz wall was at the rally where she heard the heartfelt stories of the families whose loved ones have fallen victim to u.s. drone strikes in yemen take a look. well you heard today for the first time from a delegation of drone strike victims from yemen and human rights activists that want to bring attention to the plight of victims on the ground in yemen we've heard today from a young man that says he has a brother in law and nephew were killed by u.s. drone strikes he says there is a brother in law was a very outspoken critic of al qaeda and thought if you were to be killed that it would actually be a terrorist a member of al qaeda but as we hear it turned out very differently. we got there and we saw those loved ones who. last night dancing with us and joy of
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the wedding being cut to pieces by these missiles my brother in law my wife's brother my wife's brother. and who was a. speaker and he was expecting to be killed he expected that he might be targeted and he would be targeted by al qaida instead he was killed by an american drone we are here in front of the white house where dozens of protesters plan on marching to the headquarters of general atomics there the manufacturer a major drone manufacturer and they are going to march from the white house to that had quarters just blocks away just so happens that general atomics is the maker of the predator and reaper drones that has been doing the killing i think it's time for the u.s. administration to really review. its policy regarding regarding drones it has to review. the amount of civilian casualties that have been lost in this
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is the drone strikes there should be a clear investigation done into the into the to the process members of the delegation and these drone strikes victims plan on meeting with lawmakers over the coming days their message to them is clear. to put an end to the drone can you in yemen they are asking also asking for the memos that justify the drone program to be released for those documents to be made public or. to get station here at the white house as well. and he's one of the only people they can boast he's interviewed over forty thousand people he's been in the business for over fifty years and he's not stopping any time soon larry king came to our t. america launching not one but two shows larry king now and politicking but perhaps the most surprising part of all of this is that this is a man who will turn eighty years old this coming tuesday so how does he manage to
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do it all well arty's megan lopez explored his long standing career in a new documentary that will be debuting on our team next week and she joins me now for a little preview what to expect me in thanks for joining me so most people larry king was gone that he retired but of course he's back and obviously switch gears he's got just as much energy he's definitely not in this for the money so why is he still doing this you know larry king doesn't even know the answer to that one of the funny anecdotes that he actually told me was that vin scully who is a dodgers announcer came back after being in retirement for years and years this guy is eighty six years old and said that he came back because he was dion the age of retirement and that's kind of the same mentality that larry has one of the really surprising things it is not that he's almost eighty years old it's that he's so alive so active so involved so on top of his questions his answers paying attention to everything he's really he's there and he's very much still in it he's
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indeed very very sharp and now you've been working on this documentary it's finally going to debut on monday we're all very excited about it tell us about what we can expect oh you can expect to hear a lot about larry's life and legacy we started all the way from the beginning when he was a young boy and kind of how he. got into the business in the first place he's interviewed every president since nixon so we spoke about that at length of course i spoke about his health and about baseball and just everything that you can imagine but you know i why am i doing all of the talking i should just show you guys myself what some of the topics that we talked about are here this is my life whenever one fuel oil one here look at all this i still can't believe it i still pinch myself every day he's known as the great interviewer and getting paid for doing something that i would do anyway. i mean i would ask questions anyway one of the only people in the history of the planet who can say he has interviewed over forty thousand people from all walks of life larry king as been fifty six years asking questions
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but what happens when the broadcast stops and the camera is turned on him so i headed down to hollywood to answer one a simple question why is larry king so curious everybody has a story and people are fascinating and i'm not the kind of person want to sit next to on an airplane because i'm constantly curious about why i can go back to. being a member like nine ten years old i get on a bus and i asked the bus driver why do you want to cause pilots who want to fly a plane and things that are curious to me it's just things i think about. all the time that curiosity drove king out of retirement in two thousand and eleven when he began broadcasting not one but two shows larry king now and politicking it's a schedule someone in their forty's would have trouble maintaining but for larry
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asking questions is like breathing natural and nonstop so as the novice interviewer in comparison to the king's nearly six decades of experience i had to ask what question is there that i could ask the great interviewer himself that you haven't already been asked so many i guess us. well what it's like to be almost eighty and the answer would be it's weird because. when i was a kid no one was eighty i don't know anyone eighty. men left us in their late sixty's maybe seventies i don't go on so i think you reach seventy one so i never expected this and i still pinch myself it all my father died at age forty six i was nine and a half in fact when i was forty six i thought i would die because he died of forty six show just to be approaching this is kind of a double edged sword i i appreciate the fact that i'm still here and i still can be
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active yet it's weird to think of myself as a because i still think of myself as kind of seventeen we spoke about his views on how journalism has changed everybody's a blogger everybody's a journalist immediacy is there's a good and bad if something big happened in the world right now the whole world would know in a minute. so the said the good part of that is instant communications that. i love newspapers he told me about some of his biggest accomplishments in life my first successes is fatherhood i've tried to good father i have three grown children of stepson and two little boys and the media i'm very proud that i've accomplished some things you know. these are wars of a lifetime achievement for me i mean is was a big through now because it was fifty six years of experience larry king space can be seen from sea to shining sea on everything from taxis to buses in
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this global phenomenon shows no signs of stopping pride can explain away the stamina comes from. and i hope it keeps up fifty six years and still asking questions do you think some of this obama antagonism is racial proving that even in a democracy we still answer to a king in los angeles meghan lopez r t. don't forget to tune into our t.v. on nov eighteenth or nineteenth and twentieth to catch the documentary in its entirety and find out what makes larry the king of interviews. and tonight's resident looks at a story out of florida where the k.k.k. put flyers around a predominantly black neighborhood and in attempt to recruit new members take a look.
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resists you were truly amazing you generate so many crazy stories of stupidity like this one which takes place in new smyrna beach florida the neighborhood is predominantly black so residents there were absolutely shocked when they woke up one morning recently to play the coop klux klan flyers scattered around their yards the flyers pictured a drawing of a klan member and his pointy hat and rove get up and bore the headline our race is our nation it then gave the contact information for how you can get in touch with the boil white knights of the k.k.k. apparently the k.k.k. was trying to recruit new members with these flyers and apparently they aren't too
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good at market research otherwise they'd know that it's pretty stupid to try to recruit people in a black neighborhood for their racist organization it seems so stupid in fact that some members of the community believe it was intentional as some sort of scare tactic they just couldn't believe that anyone would be that stupid so local media got wind of the incident and sought to find out why it happened one reporter contacted a robert jones a representative from the loyal white knights of the k.k.k. and ask them why the hell they were conducting a recruiting effort in a predominantly black neighborhood his. response was verbatim double negative in all we don't have no way of judging where we're both in the. he went on to say that the k.k.k. members drops the flyers at night so they had no way of knowing who lived in the neighborhood that makes sense right he also said the group still intends on passing
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out war fliers anyway because they are geniuses and. anyone who says raises them isn't still alive and kicking here in america head to head buried in the sand which sucks because racism stop anyone who closes their mind off prejudges and condemns another human being on the planet before even speaking to them is doing themselves and humanity a great disservice that kind of prejudging is so lousy that i don't even want to call all racists stupid because that would be a form of prejudging to luckily many races prove just how stupid they are all on their own tonight let's talk about that by following me on twitter at the resident. and that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america check out our website r t dot com slash usa you can also follow
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me on twitter adam you're a david and don't forget to tune in at nine pm for larry king now tonight's guest is the famous hip hop artist nelly have a good night. i think. since. i've got a quote for you. it's pretty tough. to stay with that story. if this guy like you would smear that guy stead of working for the people most issues in the mainstream media are working for each other bribe writers didn't. come home. they did rather.
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well people are interesting but he has something to say everybody has a story i'm not the kind of person want to sit next to on an airport. i'm interested always in the waters and. that's whether it's a ballet dancer a ballplayer present things that are curious to me is it just things i think about . them or not of.


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