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tv   Headline News  RT  November 12, 2013 2:00am-2:30am EST

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iran revives ties with britain and allows u.n. monitors to visit its nuclear facilities despite israeli anger over the american led negotiation. program plus it's never know who's going to. be. there everywhere we report on how the practice of. practice of finding a new home to live is being used in the u.s. for children. i would point prices soaring to a new high. advocating the. despite possible safety.
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a very warm welcome to you from all of us here at. the top headlines for this hour . the failure to reach a nuclear agreement with iran last week hasn't stopped both science and trying hard to reach a breakthrough on monday tehran signed an agreement with the un's atomic watchdog allowing expanded monitoring of the country's nuclear sites and on top of that the islamic republic is now being diplomatic ties with great britain. reports from london. with another royal monday named new envoys to each other's countries now that scene is a continuation of this reestablishing of diplomatic ties and coming on the back of course of the meeting at the weekend in geneva. to ron's nuclear program and by and large actually considering the u.k. of course traditionally a very staunch critic over on seemingly very confident in their way of saying that
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there is going to be a deal which i'm convinced that the agreement we were discussing would be good for the security of the entire world and we will pursue it with energy and persistence but of course those talks also not successful we've seen the finger of blame pointed by phone from that floaty attributed to the french foreign minister quite publicly making it known his concerns about the proposed agreement saying that he wanted to avoid a food game now we've seen the u.k. and u.s. for a minute this week to try and play down these differences saying that the differences between the western powers are actually very narrow first being said by some experts to be a base saving exercise here and of course as we've said you case certainly much more positive start surrounding the talks looking forward to november the twentieth when these talks will be seeing we've heard foreign secretary william hague saying
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that he's confident that further progress will be made correspondence or a fourth reporting there barbara slavin and there on the expert a she believes the u.s. secretary of state john kerry's latest statement about a united front with france is simply a diplomatic maneuver to try and reduce tensions in the west and come. john kerry is generally quite diplomatic and he wants a deal and if it's france that's in the way he's not going to go out and publicly critic criticize the french he's going to work behind the scenes to try to convince them to sign on now it's iran that's changed its attitude toward the talks most radically let's face it this is foreign minister zarif who came with a new proposal at the last round of talks and who. is very serious about wanting to get an agreement for him for rouhani this is a second chance it's what we call a do over they didn't manage to improve iran's relations with the united states and
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get a nuclear deal the last time they were in power and i think they're determined to do it now and in the meantime iran's supreme leader accused powers on twitter of showing open hostility during the weekends talks and trying to forecast a general he believes sales was one of the main reasons why the powers broke the ranks during the talks in geneva. france does a lot of business and wants to continue to do more business with the arab states particularly the saudis in selling them weapons and of course they have a long history as they did during the iraq iran war of supplying weapons in that those days to iraq via the arab nations the sunni nations who look upon iran shia iran as a mortal enemy france has at least three hundred nuclear weapons and they're telling iran that they can't do anything look who invaded mali the french can't get
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over their colonial trip and its new colonialism so what they may lose in iraq in car sales auto sales and other sales they'll make up by doing more business with the arab league and more and more power in places where they've lost it since their colonial days. it's good to have you with us today lawmakers on capitol hill have been alerted by the media to the wiring trend of so-called online really homing for adopted children the term describes transactions between foster parents who want to get rid of the kids they regret adopting a to strangers who come to a one to adopt through legal channels. investigates what's turning out to be a thriving practice. animal owners may be familiar with the term private re homey typically it refers to those seeking to give their pet away but today the practice
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is reportedly being used by parents looking to give away the child they adopted from overseas and no longer wants an investigation conducted by reuters found that this type of child trafficking is happening largely in cyberspace where parents allegedly advertise their unwanted children through yahoo and facebook groups the lawless atmosphere allows internationally adopted orphans to be passed on to strangers without government scrutiny or even a paper trail as a result many of these children can end up in the custody of criminals sex offenders or abusive adults that would have never been allowed to legally adopt according to the reuters investigation many of the children advertised online for private re homing range between the ages of six to fourteen and had been adopted from abroad including from countries such as russia china ethiopia and ukraine some
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of the kids don't even speak english experts say in this expanding underground market of foreign orphans innocent kids are being treated like cattle given away without any legal oversight it poses huge risks right because some of the families into which these children home they're probably perfectly good in the children are doing better perhaps and some of them are not so that the risk is that it's not being done right the risk is that the child is not entering a better situation and certainly as a legal matter again whether that child is yours biologically your option however that child got into your family we want legal processes in place so that the rights of those children are protected the lack of oversight and protection of foreign orphans adopted by u.s. parents has faced ongoing criticism as of this. here u.s. citizens are banned from adopting russian orphans since nine hundred ninety one thousand russian children have reportedly died at the hands of their american
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adoptive parents according to the u.s. state department nearly eight thousand seven hundred orphans were adopted from foreign countries last year what we don't know is how many of those kids are still living with the american parents that brought them here and how many have been given away reporting from new york marine upward nile r.t. . while many cases of all go unnoticed and lead to many die consequences there are others when human tragedy was and are only avoided but only off the time when the measures were implemented also use liz wahl reports on this story dimitris stewart was five years old when he and his brother were adopted from an orphanage in a small town near moscow it would be a rocky road living with his adoptive american parents didn't really feel like. i was there when he was a young teenager after years of strained relations and after his parents had biological children of their own the stewarts decided it was time to find him
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a new home and that's when they turned to the internet is that i go underground groups where people want to. do i destructive a dog chains and stuff like adventure leave the internet search led the stewarts to meghan axon axon moderated a website to help find new homes for children that's how dimitris parents found nicole isa in easten advertiser self as an aspiring mother that ran a homeschool demeter found out that this was far from the truth this is little tiny basic. and i doubt if they hear me serious it was clear that his new home was no home school there isn't even a desk there had to do homework he didn't even make you go to school. gave me the option to go to school and then we had a biological kid that was taken away from them from the stay so they want a law to have any more kids and that's why they were doing this underground underground thing the living situation didn't last long
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a month after being dropped off axon was shocked to learn more information about who the easton's really were nicole had been married to a man who was a pedophile and that she could not get a homestudy due to her finances traditional adoption agencies are becoming a thing of the past you both have to have lawyers you have to do things legally this is not an easy way to adopt these days private adoptions are far more common it's unclear how many of them were facilitated on the internet where it's harder to regulate the transactions between family it's after the traumatizing ordeal dimitri moved to this group home outside atlanta he feels safe with his new guardians in this quaint home in a nice suburban neighborhood today he has words of caution for families turning to the internet to adopt us never know who's going to. be out there looking for kids and there's sick people out there everywhere and marietta georgia
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lives of all our t. and there are two we spoke to paavo us thoughtful someone for children's rights and russia to get his views on the issue is what he had to say. and you would be on the idea to it's no coincidence that american foster parents themselves compare this process of really honing with the selling of second hand cars do you understand what kind of analogy are we talking about here so basically children are treated like items that were first used and then thrown away as something on wanted and the most horrible thing about this is that the people who are directly involved in this scheme don't have any problem with that. i know we will have more live discussion on the issue of online child a bit later in the day but still to come for you this hour on the program. a lot of gold for you as the central government. control of the country's
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oil production and what's next as details just around the. world. technology innovation hall the list of elements from around russia. the future covered. the. economic downturn in the final months. and the rest. will be. a.
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good lumber tour. was to build a new most sophisticated. fortunately doesn't sound anything. to teach me. this is why you should. only. looked. over like joe did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked by handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once will just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually
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going on in the world if we go beyond identifying the problem trucks and rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing up to find a job ready to join the movement then walk a little bit of. the interview.
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live from moscow to talk to you thanks for joining us today the controversial digital currency bit coin has scored a new high it's trading price has almost doubled since october now this despite. what some users and many analysts considered to be well considerable safety concerns now its use is still relatively small compared to other currencies of course but it can pay for a range of products and services and boosting its popularity because ends are held in online wallets their trade without control by any central authority and the subway car and she's been gaining new horizons. peter oliver picks up the story. in the headlines it's betrayed as a vehicle for drug dealers and potential assassins these people calling in
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a different light god will only help you if you help yourself so we could do charity to get the possibility to have them for all we have to do to start thinking and make this possible is for is a mixed school and it's already being seen in uganda where supporters of using big charity hope to see one hundred percent of the donation reaching those in need something that other charities can't offer the reason that bitcoin could benefit charity is that every penny of what you donate ends up with those who need it no middleman no admin no cut for anyone else if somebody in somalia has access to the technology and to the hardware. and he needs a shovel for his acre he can put up a charity project that just says i need this is this is my acre i need to grow some food there i need a shovel will cost me two euros and can put that up there getting those in need
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access to the technology is one of the main challenges but those behind the crypto charity say things are moving along quickly there you've already got i'm on my boat find there's already people doing it corn payments for my ballpark and so all of this is going to work itself out just one click in the right place on the website and your donation is there however those that work with established charity say they are convinced all of the kinks have been worked out in this system just yet this is so it's very difficult to control if the money's being spent in the way it was intended at this point i'm skeptical but in the future we'll see. bitcoin advocates determined to push charity is a use for the cryptocurrency it's peer to peer for months i don't need personal age you can show people this is my face my name my family my village and this is what we need can you please help us it's being portrayed as phones without borders if bitcoins twenty first century philanthropists all right it could help some of those
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most in need peter all of a berlin at a bit later this hour here on r t is the american economy continues to spiral downwards boxcars it takes on the economists who are trying to whitewash inflation . over the past decades really after the fall post-war period economists writing in mainstream media outlets trying to convince the public that what they see is not true don't believe your eyes listen to what we have to say on the pages of these editorials describing what the truth is even though people in their gut and in their heart know that they're being alive to the difference today is you've got other media outlets you've got other social media outlets that are confirming what people know in their heart they're being freaked up their car and they want recourse they want answers. are not far from the world update for now on the program but the libyan government
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and some of the rebels who propelled it to power and now want a collision course tripoli has given separatist militants in the country's east a ten day deadline to stand down or face the consequences a powerful warlord has set up a self-proclaimed autonomous region and taken over more than half of libya's oil production and with a shadow government in place and a private army to back it up the breakaway province is now planning to cash in starting crude exports a world by consultant. puts the blame for the libyan crisis soley on foreign meddling. the foreign intervention and leave leave be as all the production has there should be stopped now a days is hardly even even the satisfy the domestic consumption and i guess that bag around leave will be stalled to be
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only an export fourth why why until he is a return to the country that is the price countries like and yet i have seen for the inflicted on them by western intervention on the website right now one anonymous group taking on another doctors in australia post a video warning to their counterparts in indonesia they could be facing all out cyberwar we get to the bottom of the spot that dot com. bust president assad hands in a shopping list demanding he's given dozens of vehicles generators and field kitchens and had a line to find out what he wants some for and why a rather nervous international community is likely to say. right see. first for you and i would think that you're.
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on the recorders with the. instrument. to be in the. typhoon haiyan for the os he was up at a more than seventy people can fall off of a typhoon just slammed into the philippines are still on the clear though it seems officials say the total figure could get close to ten thousand dead a many of whom you've been left to scavenge for food and water in the ruins while some of tons of looting aid began to pour in on monday while rescue workers are still trying to reach remote areas. polish police of used pepper spray and rubber bullets on thousands of nationalist protesters they attacked the russian embassy.
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in the capital during an independence day march a scuffles broke out with dozens arrested many injured and it is the third year in a row when the country's national holiday has broken into running battles with riot police. before we get some for now ukraine's on the brink of joining a key trade agreement with the european union but tougher admissions standards are keeping the deal on hold for now however tension over the former soviet country shunning the russian led customs union and certainly escalating earlier i discussed it with our venture capital host katie feel pain. they are indeed brewing these tensions and that's because we've had the latest report that ukraine has stopped by russian gas completely huge revelation considering that they rely on sixty percent . in ukraine so they don't need to buy russian gas now well apparently they've got enough to supply themselves with for this coming winter we know that ukraine rely on russia for the discounts he's got that's right house and all of this is because
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they have a choice at the moment of joining the russian led customs union or the. get their fate at the end of the month right you decided that the criteria were some economic analysts very quick to say ukraine is in no position to devise you know absolutely well that's exactly what president putin is saying as well he's saying that in the short term they can't afford to get to their ambition of what they want to do the president of ukraine disagrees the population is pretty mixed as to where they want to go forty percent of all going towards the e.u. thirty five percent are going toward saying with the customs union as well as that it's all about these gas discounts as i say they need those because at the moment the economy is in trouble they just ended their third recession since two thousand and eight since the financial crisis in the post for you current account as well and it's all about their foreign reserves they've just been dealt three downgrades from the the biggest credit rating agencies in ukraine to greece borrowing costs in
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our three year high so the question is can they afford this now also the criteria that the e.u. has set in order for them to enter this is expensive because they would need to invest in infrastructure the president of ukraine has said that he doesn't see joining the e.u. is the be all and end all he doesn't see it as a breakaway he sees it as a bridge. or as promised boxcars or because a report. exactly what happened that day i don't know but a woman i killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about
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polygraph results. innocent people to confess to police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like men know because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were often they could get what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said.
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margy dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to know. it was a. very hard to take out. once again there was a lot that are facts that are there no. one.
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the. i am ex kaiser welcome to the kaiser report in ireland this past weekend a group of protesters gathered outside the dial with a simple message don't sell out by forcing us to work abroad in order to achieve the allegedly falling unemployment numbers which have to impress the troika occupiers the irish government has been sending letters to the young unemployed citizens of ireland suggesting that they leave town go overseas scat scram pound sand get out of our statistical sites get down beat get out of here our choice good
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don't want to see your poor hungry face in our national accounts no mo. oh bugger because we've traded you for some ghost ships of debt from and the collateral call has come in so generation emigration get the freaked out here you know we don't want you no mo stacy is this true max we were in ireland over the weekend of course we did see the representatives of the go ship of death fraud represented by the troika congratulating ireland for cutting unemployment low and behold though you look down below and you see that the young unemployed have been receiving letters from the government suggesting you move overseas he says get at it down well there's statistics and then there's economics and unfortunately the troika because they're guided by academic theory and technocrats on the inside they look at statistics but they don't look at the actual economy on the ground if they
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can't see the forest for the trees they look only at their little screens and they look at their pie charts and they look at their algorithmic trading mechanisms but they don't actually look outside the window and see that people are suffering and that they could benefit from some real economics which would put some premium on a youth that was having an active participation in the economy generated organic growth they don't see that because they're cyborgs because they're half machine because they're built in a petri dish somewhere they're not even human and they're trying to advise people out of conducted economy is disgusting well it's also the first example you see here of this belief that we don't need human is we don't need real capital we don't need real wealth we just need algo pots and financial derivatives and that will be that's our economy we don't need these human beings we're not leaving assembly to be held and dublin so the young people's assembly met in dublin and advocating on behalf of young people to form.


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