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i suspect. they're really going to do if you did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution which says that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy shrek health risks. that are you know i'm sorry and on this show we were real the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying the truth rational debate and real discussion critical issues facing america are you ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. hello i'm tom arbonne a new york city and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture typhoon haiyan and it gave us a glimpse of the future and of what the world will soon look like if we don't do something to stop global warming so what can we do right now to stop runaway
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climate change before it's too late more on that in just a moment also elizabeth warren has given a voice to democrats frustrated with their party's direction but could she channel their frustration into a twenty sixteen presidential run we'll talk about that and more in a special monday edition of the big picture rumble and the next big financial crisis is already on its way i'll tell you when it's going to arrive in tonight's daily take. you need to know this there is only one industry in the world that doesn't have to pay to clean up its waste and we saw the effects of that industry's free ride over the weekend on friday morning local time super tight. soon ion reached
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a landfall in the philippines with winds reaching as high as one hundred eighty five miles an hour the storm tore a path of destruction right through the heart of that island nation by some accounts typhoon haiyan was the most powerful storm in recorded human history and it's well on its way toward becoming one of the deadliest right now over a thousand deaths have been confirmed but filipino officials say the toll could be as high as ten thousand and perhaps much higher than that the center of the country is now in ruins and the once prosperous city of tacloban is almost entirely destroyed a region that experience a seven point two magnitude earthquake just a few weeks ago is now trying to pick up the pieces after the storm of a lifetime that should give all of us pause although it's impossible to say whether or not global warming led directly to this particular superstorm the reality is that if the earth continues to warm at its current rate deadly storms like this
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typhoon will become a lot more common they'll become a yearly event not a once in a decade or story in fact they've already become more common the german insurance company munich re recently examined all recorded disaster events between one thousand nine hundred in two thousand and eleven and found that climate related disasters had risen sharply during that thirty one year period so while we'll never know whether or not global warming actually cause this super typhoon we do know that the earth is well on its way toward becoming a place where such super typhoons are scarily common basic point here is that if we don't do something soon to stop global warming this will be our future luckily there are real solutions to global climate change one of the best solutions is a carbon tax a tax on the production use and purchase of all fossil fuels the idea behind a carbon tax is pretty simple right now the fossil fuel industry is the only industry in the world that doesn't pay to clean up its own. the waste putting
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a price on carbon would change all that climate reality c.e.o. maggie fox explained it to me. we've been dumping ninety million tonnes of confirmation in the atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial revolution and . no price well now we're living with that so what is the solution putting a price on carbon what does that mean it's simple vernacular but in terms of the policy approach it's literally feet it can be a tax it can be a thing it can be a combined version of a cap and trade there is suite of policy solutions and they will be and have been hotly debated but at the end of the day what is the solution not just in the united states but around the world put a price on carbon. but the carbon tax isn't just some wonky idea it's real policy irish green party leader ayman ryan explained his country's carbon tax works when he came on the show last week. we put
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a point of entry so as annoyed ship comes into the into the port of cork and the port of dublin our culture comes into shining river we're able to put a tax at a point of entry and that's a big advantage because you cut out the expense of collecting those kind of trick of through the rest of the economic system so you put it on the auditor coming you know you put it on the cologne code shipment. and then it applied in a myriad of different ways it's not a huge time as a matter ryan of the irish learned a carbon tax also makes renewable energy sources like wind and solar competitive on par with fossil fuels like coal. it's not a huge time you know it accounts for about one percent of our overall tax revenue but it's a signal that it's one of if you put it in as one of several segments it starts to have that effect to me remarries you don't expect you know when you improve your energy efficiency in your homes or improving industries or energy efficiency when
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to see a carbon tax in place people know that they can vastly an alternative that actually cut out the use of fossil fuels so that's a big advantage a carbon tax would also be a boon for taxpayers a recent study by the hamilton project at the brookings institute found that a modest carbon tax would within twenty years reduce annual emissions by twelve percent from baseline levels generate enough revenue to lower the corporate income tax rate by seven percentage points and decrease our deficit by eight hundred fifteen billion dollars all while protecting the poorest households from undue burden sounds like a no brainer right he told the palm beach chamber of commerce last week that anyone who supports a carbon tax is on acid as acid as an l.s.d. bill koch inherited his billions from daddy who himself got rich helping joe stalin build refineries in the u.s.s.r. so it's not surprising that he opposes the carbon tax it would cut into his bottom
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line but in reality opponents of the carbon tax like my next guest austin peterson libertarian commentator and editor of the republican the libertarian or dot com are the ones who arguably are tripping on acid not austin welcome. tom i never touch the stuff my friend begs for have moved like. oh you should you should try it austin anyhow do you think do you think do you really believe that it's ok for a multi billion dollar arguably over the over the decades multi-trillion dollar industry to get away with not pain the waste the bill for the trash that they take out when you. and i have to pay to dispose of art absolutely not but that's exactly what this carbon tax would do you're basically saying to these industries that they can pay to pollute so let me ask you something do you think it's ok for me to go to the government and say hey i'm going to give you the government fifty dollars and then i'm going to go pollute my neighbor's lawn that's ridiculous tom people who pollute other people's lawns should have to pay the
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prices for that directly to the people whose lawn they pollute that's called private property rights what you're talking about is socialism sir you're talking about taking money from so what you're suggesting to the government so what you're suggesting. is that we should simply ban polluting no what i'm suggesting is that people who pollute other people's private property should have to pay the full recount insulation for that first of all and then you have so you are in favor of a carbon tax no i'm in for a carbon tax is taking money from the person who is polluting and saying i'm going to pay for pollution that's ridiculous actually that is the way the way carbon taxes were if you do this is us to to to our way the carbon tax were actually to pollute. austin pollution is already happening and when people are not going to stop driving cars they're not going to stop using electricity from coal fired power plants if we simply said when coal is produced when oil is produced when natural gas is pollution produced we're going to recover the cost of cleaning up that trash
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if we did like sarah palin did in alaska all those years and took one hundred percent of that money and gave it back to the consumer she very gladly every year wrote a two thousand dollars check to every man woman and child in alaska and it was money from the oil industry and this is from the cost this was the cost of taking oil out of the ground if we simply said ok twenty five dollars a ton is the price of carbon and we're going to use that to reduce libertarians like you said that you believe in the whole of the market i do because for you to have a free market you have to account for both cost and value you're talking about the value of the fossil fuel you're talking about a negative extreme you don't see we haven't really actually the cost really has had and has had a carbon tax for seven years several years now and what they have found that despite the fact that they have paid thirty seven dollars a year a tonne by two thousand and twenty their domestic emissions are going up not down and a study by dr alex robson who's an economist at australia's university of brisbane showed that the taxes are contributing to a record ten thousand six hundred thirty two businesses facing insolvency in two
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thousand and twelve from that's up from two from ten thousand four hundred eighty one last year and the hospitals are being affected and also carbon taxes are regressive taxes tom that means that poor people have to pay a higher percentage of their income for those axes because they saw you was it harder it is straight to be able to pass a little bit more i mean all the chaos costs this is a war on poor and you are going taxes on a war on no no if you give all the money back to the people you're not doing it is a war not giving it to the people you're giving it to the guardians of the australian government that the average living was increased by five hundred history to go on is not doing it right. there and of course not very bright because they're because no government can possibly institute a regressive tax that so so you are to the poor and there are conservative who want to be on record as saying that the oil gas and coal industries should not have to pay for the pollution that they cause no that's what your saying you're saying there's a your bottom line no what i'm saying is that people who pollute how can you have
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a market place by showing that they have to say somebody has to say no no stop for a minute austin wait a minute somebody has to pay the cost of that trash that the fossil fuel industry is putting out and right now the people paying the cost are you and me we're paying the cost of the cost of the cleanup from katrina we're paying the cost in the cause of over half of all counties in the united states declaring a weather emergency last year we are paying the costs tom why do you defend the oil companies and continue to want to stick it to the i don't actually the oil companies a lot of them would rather have this kind of a tax because then they can go ahead and pay and pass those costs on to the consumer tom big corporations run these regulatory agencies because the big corporations as soon as they are done working at those corporations they go and work for the government they write this write legislation so that it benefits the big corporations who are you calling to export oil energy business is absolutely not i'm standing up against global warming so how are you going to get over the costs of carbon it would have to be done through susan or
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a the cost of carbon the people who pollute other people's private property should have to pay for it but what they shouldn't have to do is be able to allow to get away with the point of a heart bypass allows our looters it allows them to pollute who is going to pay the cost of carbon a car what kind of carbon there's been lots of different types of carbon there's carbon carbon dioxide i answer peterson thanks a lot for being with us tonight thank you very much tony. coming up every publicans really care about our veterans why are they trying to cut food stamp programs we'll talk about that more a special monday edition of the big picture on the right after the break.
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is obviously more for the latest because it's pink. women wanted to avoid rape they really need to buy guns environ how to use them i'm. sure this is the one that i want to go with them once again it's the field for women definitely the target of the gun lobby and one you don't kill them when you're killing money but if somebody would you would notice with her. i'm noticing more and more is this really scary marketing tactics which implies that women have some sort of moral obligation to own a gun to protect their family and young girls shoot out here too so we do have a pink or. more kids young kids choke on food than are killed by firearms if being armed made us safer in america we should be the safest nation on
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earth were clearly not the safest. police on your whole strong arm in a lot of these college face and i think you're right. pleasure to have you with us here today i'm sure.
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joining me for a special monday edition of the big picture rubble our sam sacks our political commentator chris allman conservative commentator and activist and neal asbury winner and host of the truth for america radio show thanks to you thanks to all of you for joining me let's get started with us today is veterans day a day when we look back and honor the men and women who have courageously fought and even died for our nation yet today while we're supposed to be honoring those nation's veterans many of them will be going hungry that's because thanks to the republican demanded food stamp cuts that went into effect earlier this month one million veterans have lost access to the food and nutrition that they need to survive so is this the way republicans think we should honor about by ignoring them and taking away their access to food. well let me just say that thank you to all the veterans out there and we appreciate your service to our country and what's really sad is when this president campaigned for office he promised that he would do something about jobs in the economy and what's really sad is that liberals just
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want to give food stamps to veterans while conservatives are concerned about them having good jobs access to good jobs and taken care of their their what they are conservative program would give those jobs would give jobs to the vets are you suggesting the government should be hiring vets. i'm sorry tom i missed that. there are things that are you suggesting that the government should be hiring vets the way they're on roosevelt did i'm suggesting that this president didn't keep his promise about jobs jobs jobs all he did was put up more roadblocks that keep the private sector from creating jobs and this has hurt our veterans as well as many others all those jobs those pieces of jobs legislation that nancy pelosi passed out of the house are that there are democrats i think i think the job. of conservatives unfortunately that even president obama said that he's trying to get better and work for is at wal-mart i mean these are the jobs that we we think the veterans deserve here unfortunately and that's
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a sad state look on veterans day you want to honor veterans in two ways by making sure we're providing for all their needs and by also making sure we're not creating more veterans with more military misadventures in the u.s. wars of aggression around the world unfortunate we're not doing either of those very well and we've known for a long time that conservatives have had a problem with helping the poor in this country helping working people in this country and just the fact that veterans have now joined the poor in working you know the downtrodden working class in this country republicans just loop them into this mix with the rest of the poor. neeld you have a solution to this problem tom let me jump in here of course it's the private economy that was create these jobs but the president is doing nothing to help the private economy let's treat our veterans with dignity and honor let them come home to a job a job that can support their family a job that provides benefits but this president has been totally and they have to create
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a bunch of republican position was the government doesn't create jobs. rather than creates an environment it creates an environment tom the unemployment rate for veterans is over two percent higher than a general population how can this president go to sleep at night knowing that he has totally let down our veterans in the senate conservatives don't support our veterans why is it that that the military and veterans overwhelmingly support. vote for conservatives that's just a wrong statement to make of course conservatives support our veterans but we support them with honor and dignity and we want them to have a job in the private sick or at them by waving their flags and waving them platitudes you know separate them by supporting government policies that will free the private sector to create more jobs so that better and sang good jobs you know it's nice to have their member of the party bats this president has not kept his promise on job because these i don't worry about those every other tax cuts worked really really good the adventure is absolute try to convince us senators to finally
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ratify an international treaty intended to raise the standards of living people with disabilities the united nations agreed to the convention on the rights of people with disabilities in two thousand and seven and the obama administration signed on and two thousand and nine but last year the senate failed to ratify the seemingly bipartisan treaty even though former republican senator bob dole lobbied republican senators from his own wheelchair now veterans are stepping up the pressure on washington to finally ratify the treatment don't the men and women who courageously fought for our country and who have the scars and wounds to prove it. deserve to live the rest of their lives with dignity and respect absolutely but let me tell you this that and why every news to report out there says that our laws are the strongest in the world and that the only reason we want to need to enter into this make of the strong for the rest of the world is you encourage other countries basically we don't need to sign on to this because we already have the strongest
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laws and we know that too many treaties actually had an as a way to go i was out of line you a nailed it the president is the do something and now you say no no i don't want to do my home i don't have a sense agree on did and do not think they want it done wrong let's hope you'll do or do not think big what i would do if the reason why the reason why this is not being passed is because there is this conspiracy theory movement among right wingers in congress that this is part of some un one world government thing it couldn't be any farther than that from the truth but you see people like rick santorum as recently as a few days ago value a game to defeat this for no reason even though you have people like bob dole and you have better ins who think ok i'm going to have what's the needs provided for me here i might be able to get into buildings wherever i need you but when i travel around the world i don't have those same that same access to disability services so why not the united states take a lead on this it's a shame that we're too tired to conspiracy theories to do anything about it oh my goodness a veteran this those serving since two thousand and one have an unemployment rate
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of ten percent our national average is seven point three veterans make up seven percent of our population but thirteen percent of the homeless female vets are the fastest growing segment of the entire homeless population considering all these problems don't you think it's time for a new g.i. bill i mean f.d.r. and harry truman and republican to eisenhower did some real good with the last bill . oh absolutely and in conservative support our military for more so than liberals do i mean the whole such as ill of the fort the whole sequester of the of our defense spending was requested by the liberals and if the liberals got their way they would want to reduce our defense down to that of canada and give all the money away in title minutes but the best way to do it is to provide jobs for these people really look paying jobs that only the private economy can do but they need to support from this president and this president just simply has given up on creating jobs i'm sure they've been in this to do that but don't talk about jobs i'm sure
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new understands that the g.i. bill was government investment it was government spending and he says yeah absolutely we need one that requires government spending unfortunately there is no place for government spending in the republican controlled house it's all headed austerity austerity errs i'm a language editor i know there's a cast of a dozen programs right now that i would love to cut to put into a new g.i. bill let's start with this even some small ones the corporation for. p.b.s. and all those things that we simply can never ever cut if you're a liberal shareholder rehab so alice. any kind of government subsidy for private business is great let's do it we'll do it how about the half a billion dollars we gave to cylindrical yet we did some great and i think of it are great places great people are the forty billion we'll look at the healing but there is no i haven't heard one affirmative or positive suggestion from either one of you you keep saying the president should do should be creating jobs and yet i'm
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not hearing i haven't heard one so you know nancy pelosi actually passed legislation out of the house that for example did away with the tax advantage that companies like being capital have when they shut down factories in the united states and move them overseas republicans filibustered it what positive thing would you do or would you have the president do that would create jobs let's go let's start off let's start off with getting rid of. obamacare hey that's a great idea and how about this this is ministration that is obsessed with raising your people have health insurance is what we need trillions of your beliefs out of the doctor. time there so how is this going to help that are only going cutting people's health when there is totally blind let's cut corporate tax rates so that businesses can come back to the united states instead of the way i work really grow you're wealthy right now and it makes more sense to have a plant overseas than it does at home because if we have the highest corporate tax rate. of twenty three years later we've gone from from you know corporate taxes
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representing about a third of our government into an income to about ten percent of government income which means the taxes on average working people have gone up and by the way none of those jobs materialized instead you got somewhere between fifty five and ninety trillion dollars overseas to. me you're forgetting about. the reagan economic good times in the ninety's and number one that we have the highest corporate tax rate and that. dollar credit card tab he ran up you give me a three trillion dollars credit card tab and i'll show you good times and for the record when you're here highest corporate income tax rate we pay the second lowest corporate taxes of any of the developed countries just. on saturday let's i want to move along here on talk about guns on saturday around forty armed men women and children waited outside of dallas area restaurant to protest a membership meeting for the texas chapter of moms demand action for gun sense in america according to a spokeswoman for moms demand action the moms were inside the restaurant when
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members of open carry texas an open carry advocacy group pulled up in the parking lot and started getting guns out of their trunks the members and waited in the restaurant parking lot for the four moms to come out eventually the gun nuts left and the moms relocated to another restaurant and this is amazing this was a private meeting that these women organized. on facebook they were not inviting other people there it wasn't some kind of public spectacle there was no speeches to be given or anything they were just getting together in a restaurant to talk about what people who are concerned about gun violence in america can do and all of a sudden you've got these bullies showing up waving guns around specifically to intimidate them this is this is not a freak show it's a horror show it is speech to deal with what what is the deal why why why are these gun nuts why do they feel the need to show up and intimidate these women is it
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because they all have small penis as. well. know about that but i will tell you this that it is a is a very bad p.r. move i mean it it was the wrong thing to do look the next governor of texas is probably going to be state attorney greg abbott you know he is a good and avid supporter of gun rights these people should be out there trying to get him elected and not going in doing this p.r. disaster tom this is you and i can agree that this was the wrong thing to do but it does show the emotions here and there and we have to say we have more to sit at a minimum if we've got to hit the break i'm i'm curious what both chris and it sure is it shows how childish the gun industry has really become i mean there's no industry that's more protected in washington then the gun industry where there's a higher chance to have this while this was going to yahoo that any gun control is getting passed there are no gun controls going to dip house and every time whether it's some rally or whether it's a group of mothers meeting at
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a mexican restaurant in texas to talk about it they freaked out in a bunch of gun not show up our own armed to the teeth three years ago i thought zero quickly i don't know what their meaning was but i have an interesting picture that actually shows the ninety degree angle view of this was that they were having their own demonstration their own their own right to meet together. now the tactic may have been wrong but they say they certainly had the right to go out there and to have their own little tactic that's repeated again and again show up armed to marches this is an aberration here they were not breaking the law i pray you are not breaking the law there is a right to open carry long guns in texas which is what they were doing they do you know you have a lot of weaponry consider more of tonight's big picture rob all right after the break.
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technology innovation and the developments around russia. the future covered. this is my angel like whenever i'm feeling a low i want to look at all this i still can't believe it i still pinch was. my first she says. try to be good for. the fortune been able to help others. even in maybe i'm very proud. and so these are wars by touching. the body or. i feel i've left the mark. i know c.n.n. the most n.b.c. and fox news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment
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to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close and for the truth from my think. it's because one full attention in the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on here. and are teen years we have a different price. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not how. you guys talk to the jokes well handled stuff that i got.
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a lot of actors tonight's big picture rubble joining me same sex chris allman and neil asbury let's get back to it a train carrying millions of gallons of crude oil the rails in alabama on friday setting off a massive and fiery explosion the accident could be the most severe of its kind in the united states since transportation of crude oil by train increase three years ago with the rise of fracking but the media hasn't said a word about the explosion which isn't surprising or to the a piece some seven hundred fifty oil field incidents are spills have occurred just since january two thousand and twelve all without public knowledge there have been three hundred on reported spills in north dakota alone so millions of gallons of oil are already leaking into and damaging the environment each year without being reported we really need another giant oil pipeline the keystone x.l. pipeline running right through the middle of the country and pose an even more dangers to the environment and to our elf.


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