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tv   Headline News  RT  November 9, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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breaking news the hopes for a breakthrough over iran's nuclear program fade in geneva as iran says talks have hit a snag and accuses france of blackmail. and breaking boundaries the twenty fourteen olympic torch relay reaches out of space the symbol of the games has been taken for a space walk for the first time in human history. crowded skies with thousands of drones set to launch over america there's concern that could pose a risk to the already huge amount of traffic.
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from a studio center here in moscow where it's just a nine pm this is. first some breaking news on our top story the iranian lawmakers have accused of blackmail during talks on its nuclear program. crucial stage between tehran and six world powers after a decade long deadlock there had been hope of a deal but now negotiations appear to have hit a stumbling block. in geneva. from the very beginning this skepticism really has been coming from france in the beginning they just use rails concerns have to be taken into consideration if any agreement is indeed reach we know e's rail has been very uncomfortable with this with netanyahu the premier of these rail warning that this is a bad deal however right now francis suggested that they are all there are conditions that must be met by iran one of its main concerns for instance is via a process in establishing iran's raney and which meant another demand for france and it's been suggested by the foreign minister is the halting of the iraq you know
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heavy water reactor death something iran does not want to do now aside from that there are also words that were spoken by the foreign minister that might have insulted also the rain and because he's a lawyer five years had said that france didn't want to be part of a cotton game and that the final draft of final draft texas too favorable to iran and now the lawmakers of iran have said that sounds really has been hindering these talks that have indeed been calling it blackmail it hasn't gone unnoticed here in peace talks that france has been really taking quite a hard line from the very beginning is some observer observer saying that even a harder line than be a u.s. or the u.k. one western diplomat had told the associated press that in fact the conditions that france is demanding or harsher than those demanded by the u.s. and other partners did hear words for example from the a british foreign minister william hague saying that they should seize the moment in order to reach a deal that it wouldn't the world for a long time those are quite quite positive words that we heard the u.s.
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talking about narrowing gaps when it came to issues well as it stands right now the talks continue and there are suggestions from the reigning delegation that there could be a resumption of the talks in about two weeks time. silly then i want to discuss the obstacles in the ongoing talks i'm now joined live from tehran by a bus general director of the international for the bronze fars news agency now iranian lawmaker saying france is black mailing what could they possibly mean by using that word blackmail. by the time. talking to you in turns to talk about the iranian nuclear program has been going on in general the iranian negotiators and the iranian foreign minister as well as the members of the p five plus one but no deal has been reached now but the news that we get from the diplomats of us and diplomats which is reported by the
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reporters there is being said that france is opposing the deal which is being going to happen in iran and the p five plus one there are some analysis and some speculations on that why the france is opposing this became referred to some analysis which is being said one is that france has good relations with israel we can refer to this point that france helped israel to complete building the nuclear plant of their man are on the other hand france is having good relations with the arab countries in the region so in this case countries and there's a deal. opposing any deal with iran. france can enjoy difference between israel and arab countries with the u.s. to strengthen the entire ties with those contraries if we can put it in these words that france by opposing this wants to tell to our region and contraries and israel
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that i oppose this deal so by this one it to strengthen the ties with those countries in the i do so in effect not. valises which is. yes and the other is speculation which is put forward is that. it is said it is being said that the western countries are playing the good cop bad cop here it is said that the france is playing the role of bad cop in dealing with iran so france is really acting on behalf of our nation's interests which appear then to scupper these talks do you think that could actually happen because so far there's been a very positive outlook on these talks could they really be derailed in l. . as france is opposing the at the time being because of the relation it's has with the cons in the region and
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the israel. reason to oppose the deal can indicate to the allies of the france that i'm opposing the d.l. so. a friend of you mean meaning the arab countries and israel could it trail it or not it depends on the intense talks which is going on here. but any other reason can be for any a position by france is that iran has shown its good will during these past months iran several years ago events showed its good will by suspending the enrichment of uranium but what did it care. it was the not being commitment to the commitments that divest esmé made toward iran but again they are seeing that iran is showing its good will so they say that this is a give and take so let's take bigger from iran and give it less but you know if
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they are going if they want to do this kind of game i think they are not going to gain much of the game so very well what other countries is about this but what about iran itself if negotiators agree to halt you rein in richmond twenty percent that's been proposed would the iranian public and politicians accept that. until the negotiators in the negotiations have unsaid. and what comes out from the media are the speculations reach doesn't this is silly mean they are correct but i think it is expected that race meant of the twenty percent of the in the uranium maybe this cost in the talks but iran needs to twenty per cent of uranium for research reactor which most of the has the purpose of
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medical purposes or some industrial. iran just wants the amount which is needed for this kind of purposes which is the most important is the industrial or the medical ones but it will not need more than that so if. powers and the p five plus one are ready to give. what they want instead of suspending. freezing the twenty per cent of the your rein them in that case if they give enough you wrong once which may refer to the sanctions. for sanctions or there is allusion made against iran in the united nations security council in that case maybe the public in iran we'll. probably be able to accept that. if the sanctions are not lifted or what the verse. in france in front
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of the suspending that to any person you're a moment. it is going to be difficult to accept a deal by the public of us as money general director of the international apartment iran's fox news agency joining us live there thank you very much indeed for your thoughts on this well let's take a detailed look now the deal these negotiators have been trying to put together first according to some sources the six world powers want to run to hold all activities to enrich uranium at twenty percent but they could then permit enrichment at a low. below weapons grade now in addition iran would be obliged to limit the number of centrifuges it uses the demands also reportedly include more intrusive monitoring of terrans atomic facility in return world powers would unfreeze some of iran's assets in foreign banks plus the west would reportedly consider easing sanctions which have crippled the country's economy. well earlier we spoke to marty who ran in this year's presidential elections in iran and he told us that the
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country is ready to comply with the international community's demands and it's up to world powers to show their goodwill. this stomacher public as we know it at this point have accepted the basic requirements of a bike but i swan at this point it on is doing what it was expected to do i think that really issue is what it armed gets in return i think that's where the problem really stands now the fact the problem is this the problem is that mr kerry is going to come back to washington d.c. is not going to do it live in geneva when he comes back to washington he's going to add to the he's going to see the crowd around him the israeli lobby crowd the congress and the un are those very american right being. public and party all up they're going to have to get him out of here real hard time. so
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a reminder of our breaking news this hour iran accuses france of blackmail during nuclear negotiations happening in geneva right now more get the latest details from our correspondent a little later in the program. a giant step for these sorts of twenty fourteen winter games the olympic torch has just been taken on a space walk for the first time in history as part of the longest ever torch relay lynsey france witness the unique moment mission control. well it's a very exciting thing to watch live here because what we're actually getting to see right now is down on the floor the engineers are essentially walking the cosmonauts through the steps of making it all the way around the international space station with the torch in hand and also it's important to note here if the viewers out there have noticed the torch is modified obviously it's been tethered very securely to the cosmonauts because no one wants to lose that thing into outer space i'd like
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to know who they may have voted to go after that thing if it actually gets loose so it's again. it's his fourth spacewalk and sergey it's his first and of course he gets to be part of this which is amazing now of course the torch has been in space before once for the one thousand nine hundred six olympics once for the two thousand and six but this time in space it's actually going on a space walk it's not just inside of a shuttle or inside of the eye is this so it was a big moment here when we actually saw the torch come out of the hatch attached to the cars minot's and make its appearance out in space the symbol of unity and sportsmanship being seen all over the world in fact. when i'm not live i'm taking pictures with my camera phone as is everybody just because it's so amazing to actually be part of this and get to see on these huge screens right here at star city not only do we see only huge screens but we can hear the engineers talking to
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the cosmonauts and hear their responses come to the microphones back to these guys who are actually seeing this all happen right right in front of our eyes and it's just it's like nothing i've ever experienced just it's an amazing thing and. i just wish that more people could be part of it now that the torch has a couple more days left on the i assess before it heads back down to earth with a three person crew on a soyuz spacecraft again and so it's then going to rejoin this historic relay to saatchi for the kick off. in february at the olympics so we will be bringing you all the live developments of the olympic torch right here on r.t. . we spoke to the cosmonauts who carried the symbol of the end in picks into open space and you can catch that video on our website dot com right now and of course we'll continue to follow the torch when it comes back to earth and continues its way across the world's largest country what all the highlights live on r.t. . deliberate design that's the big journey to such.
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one hundred twenty three days. through two hundred two cities of russia. really fourteen thousand people or sixty thousand. in a record setting trip by an air. base. olympic torch relay. are. thousands of drones will soon be swarming across u.s. airspace they're expected to be used for civil purposes such as far fighting and weather tracking but their presence is still causing concern and let's have a look at the states from above now these yellow spots are planes in american air space as you can see the skies are already very crowded the total movements every day is around ninety thousand and when unmanned aircraft join the traffic this
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number of course is going to rise so what not compromise the safety of air traffic or he's going to check on looks for the answer. according to the u.s. federal aviation administration by twenty twenty there will be up to thirty thousand drones flying in the u.s. airspace not just by law enforcement and other government agencies but also by private firms all kinds of approaches to the f.a.a. game itself two years to night how do you regulate that brave new world where everybody can fly their throw their designated six test sites across the country to see how it goes aside from very serious might we see concerns there's a danger of meteor collisions even now as the government has not yet allowed the commercial use of drones the f.a.a. is getting a rising number of safety complaints from pilots in march of this year and all the tali airliner made national news headlines when the pilot reported spotting a drone as he was trying to land at new york's j.f.k. airport back then the f.a.a.
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and the f.b.i. have open investigations into finding the drone the plane was flying over a densely populated area when he brushed shoulders with a drove to the horror of the pilots of course or in a separate incident in the indianapolis five hundred bodies. floating in the opposite direction at a high speed. just to give you an idea of how concerned pilots are one pilot said we're concerned about birds we're concerned about other airplanes and now we're throwing in something totally uncontrolled when they suck one of those drones into the engine of an airplane he said then it will get everybody's attention and one of the challenges is that drones occasionally lose connection with the operator on the ground it's a well reported problem but apart from accidental collisions there is another challenge drones can be hijacked by someone with very bad intentions so the brave new world of drones can also turn out to be a very dangerous one in washington. r.t.
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. while money is another's gain and china sees opportunity in the arab spring we report inflation is economic charge in the middle east. the north africa region the taking by crisis and violence that coming up along with other stories after a short break. you've got a lot of sneering and negative press for your engagements here in russia especially public appearances but. they weren't explicitly political you were just supporting sports. city people's regime has become very adept that is controlling the media for example right here c.n.n. do i think c.n.n. is you know completely telling it like it is no i think we have an agenda i think through is is bought and paid.
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lip rightly to see. the first strike. and i think the. foreigners. i. saw the thieves of stolen more than a million dollars in digital money from an online big storage. hackers breach the host manipulating flaws in the system which authenticates uses and if no trace off the almost completely and the virtual vault now if this had happened at a standard bank then of course you would get compensation but because big corn is
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digital cash with no regulation victims have no way to go past the usual police methods are collecting evidence and questioning witnesses is useless against methods that can cover tracks what despite all of that. believes big kline is still a canny investment. what we see today in the world was a life or crisis. and the failure of cyprus is regulation doesn't work. you have regulatory capture you just have a system failure and i think that makes it quite exciting for people believe a bit point is the fact that it's an emergent system if it does require regulations just by really wasn't as good as we thought. fresh reports in the us suggest the cia has been paying millions of dollars every year to american telecoms john to a t n t and that prize the company allegedly provides access to its millions of subscribers spies can apparently browse through the phone records database and that
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includes international calls germany brazil and submitted a draft resolution to the u.n. on safeguarding privacy and restricting mass surveillance we discussed the issue with journalist david seaman and he says america's government is involved in a form of techno terra member states it's a huge company that has its footprint all over the globe and they're just being paid to hand out this customer information is a clear violation of the fourth amendment and customers have nowhere to go because i'm sure he is not alone in this sort of practice why are they tracking the communications of private citizens who have no connection to crime or terrorism what is their real goal here if this is a form of i think a light form of terrorism where people are becoming afraid to use their own technology on their own devices it's really it's kind of orwellian and the explanation they gave for it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. a web site and we've got more stories of surveillance including the hidden secrets of so we have the story. able to check
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their a lab some underground if you're wondering how it works it's all on the websites for right now. and astronomers can't make head or tail of a brand new space discovery. has been spotted by nasa telescope and also system you can check out the details right now dot com. it's a. pleasure to have you with us today.
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china is looking to take advantage of america's mistakes in the middle east beijing is using that term all caused by wars to do some serious business and even some of the worst hit countries like egypt turning into a real opportunity is built to explain. this is north cairo where egypt's burgeoning chinatown has now planted its roots restaurant owner. says the chinese community here is thriving despite the political turmoil. most chinese come here for study were to call you muslim chinese minorities i opened my restaurant recently i know the political situation here is difficult but it doesn't affect chinese businesses it's a good place to live as u.s. egypt relations soured after american officials withheld key military and economic assistance in october egypt has hinted at cozying up to other super powers like china analysts say to china its more about its political expansion gaining clout with one of the region's main players rather than finance we have sixty three
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agreements i mean different kinds of cultural political egypt is sensitive country in the arab region and it is very useful to have good relations developing relations with us because we have a say in the region merging turn of the chinese embassy in cairo says although two thousand and thirteen was a turbulent year for egypt the country's exports to china increased by a staggering one hundred thirteen percent we were happy to see this figure we tried to make more efforts. to reach the. one billion very small egypt's economy which had heavily relied on its terrorism market has taken a pounding after two and a half years of revolution and regime change and with cairo and washington at loggerheads it looks like egypt might keep looking eastwards. boccieri r.t.
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cairo. according kevin allen spoke about china's resource hunger with author and investor jim rogers and he told us beijing's playing finder's keepers across the whole world. china is trying to secure natural resources all over the world africa south america central asia himself said that beijing success is build on washington's failures what do you think. well. if you look around the world you will certainly see there's a lot of truth to that the chinese have more or less. they're all over africa there by plantations and everything else america's got very low presence in africa now don is making inroads in the middle east and it's going to get a lot of oil from iran going forward it looks as though china may even start getting oil from iraq you know america says that they were a liberated iraq were in the end it may be the chinese who get the oil well for a long time unrest in the middle east helped push up international oil and gas
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prices in today's report looks at how it is the consumers who ultimately suffer. many demonstrators staged a bonfire by burning of energy bills to voice their opposition to rising cost of fuel burning their energy bill is like burning your draft card you know during the vietnam war they burned their their their draft cards burning their energy bill is similar in that you don't want to join up forces with the corrupt the big six energy companies in the u.k. that are there financial terrorism so if you don't want to support financial terrorism of the big six energy companies here in the u.k. you would burn your energy bill i suggest get a thousand people on the millennium bridge here in london to get together and burn their energy bill in unison. because a report coming your way throughout the day here on. moscow is the center of the glamour world right now is because he's from all over the globe descend on the
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russian capital to find out who is the fairest of them all actresses models athletes all trying to out shine each other and claim the miss universe crown high profile guests have showed up including business magnate donald trump rock star steven tyler. pretty young women are more out of the ordinary here in moscow but the seemingly glitz and gloss will be taken to a different level but we come from the late to the day there with our to find out who is the most beautiful woman on the planet for the next twelve months. some of the world news headlines now that the red cross has over one thousand people been killed by typhoon in the philippines rescue troops and continuing attempts to reach the devastated areas and cut off communities super storm force evacuation of tens of thousands as well as massive power outages and flooding is now heading towards vietnam where it's expected to make landfall on sunday.
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over five thousand people in greece's second largest city thessalonica joined a protest against the development of new gold mines in the region people are concerned about the health and environmental risks as well as the effect on tourism and support it was green lighted by the greek government in two thousand and eleven has been strong opposition from locals resulting in violence. i think. people in the pakistani city of peshawar have helped protest over u.s. drone strikes aiming to block a nato military supply route in the area and was struck by recent drone strike on a taliban command the country's government says the attack that's proposed peace talks with militants in jeopardy as the taliban's new leader calls for revenge. brings up there for the moment about with a new scene with morphine half an hour from now meantime we look at how different life stories can unite in often usual ways that's all for this short break.
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illegal immigration is a hot topic and everyone always says that immigrants do the work that no one wants to do well let me explain why that is i would occur just on vacation got into a taxi term by a former migrant worker who used to make a living in moscow he told me that he really worked hard driving unloading trucks after five years he came back home and bought a house yes for the seller that russians can't even survive on he was able to buy a house employers and russian america say that locals don't want to work are demotivated well want to margaret work or on a salary that could build a bright future one compared to a local who can't even make ends meet while you could see why the migrant workers are a lot more motivated let me put it to you this way if you knew that you had to work five hard years of some awful labor under awful conditions somewhere far away like
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brazil or germany what would be able to pay off a house would you do it i think you would let's not buy into this myth that locals and country x. don't want to work they just don't want to work in complete futility for table scraps but that's just my opinion. but if they realize at some point that the goal of all my working life was nothing more than about making money ask quickly as possible this year would see what it was all for i couldn't say i was an editor for a glossy magazine at the time which was not ok so i can buy another fur coat or a new car or even an apartment so what and thirty four i don't have a man whom i would like to start a family with yet i knew them it was time to stop.


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