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and his poll numbers are low his legislative agenda is in deep trouble and washington's friends and foes around the world do not take him seriously is obama already a lame duck president. the the. i would go on everyone i'm martin and this is breaking the set chipperfield referring to the cia n.s.a. or f.b.i. as the intelligence community is a bit of a misnomer well this next story is case in point to be a.c.l.u. filed a request against the f.b.i. which has actively and admittedly monitor websites media organizations and assent groups in the years following nine eleven they found very interesting was that the agency had violated an anti war websites for the minimum right by conducting surveillance by accident so how does something like this happen all the foyer across reveal that the f.b.i. mistakenly flagged the website as a potential threat that planned
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a quote hack the f.b.i. is website a threat that antiwar dot com mind you never made what actually happened was that air garrus the websites editor had notified the f.b.i. that antiwar dot com was its self the target of a hack and was hoping the agency would help them with this problem but instead the f.b.i. accidently marked antiwar dot com as a potential cyber threat and use this as a reason to monitor of the site and create a surveillance file on its users over the course of six years six years now you might be thinking that this is just another case of agree just unwarranted spine which it is but i think that's giving them too much credit on that note let's break this. the book please please take the lead very hard to take that.
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lightly that you ever had sex with that when there are those. that believe. in. such. a. little. given the constant censorship across the media airwaves it's great that there are organizations out there that truly embody a free press project censored as one of them the largest student based media organization in the country and every year they compile and publish a comprehensive list of the most under-reported news stories in the past year now
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many of these stories are issues that i repeatedly cover on the show obama's war on whistleblowers the transpacific partnership the detrimental effects of fracking and massive wealth inequality but other stories are one that you may not know about such as bank interest inflating global prices the power of peaceful revolution in iceland and the effect of wireless technology on global health but interestingly the number one most underreported story according to project censored is the trial of chelsea manning earlier i spoke to making huff director of project centered about media literacy its importance in today's society i was asked i have asked him about why his organization chose the chelsea manning trial as the number one under covered story of the past year. you know the manning case was. really significant because it really sparked the the entire wiki leaks situation and since we get
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leaks has been on the scene and julian a songe there's been a really significant ramping up of efforts of governments led by the united states to really silence leakers silence whistleblowers and really intimidate journalists so that they won't report things that the government is doing. renowned journalist john pilger wrote a portion of a book where he talks about lannon foundation he alleges that this group censored his film attacked the liberal media for selling a war make of course this fits into the larger grouping of the liberal establishment media can you briefly talk about what is the land foundation and why it's so influential but at foundation is a liberal foundation that purports to have you know very pro free speech policies and of course if you look at their history they have championed many. free speech advocates and so forth this tale that the documentarian john pilger reports year
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this year uncensored twenty fourteen fearless speech in faithful times. is about his film the land foundation was sponsoring his film it was called the war you don't see and it was a film about media censorship and war it's an incredible film it's an incredibly important film but ironically the the war you don't see became the film you don't see in the land foundation pulled their support for its u.s. turn me here and john tells that story in the book it's actually a painful story never gotten a straight answer from the lennon foundation they claimed that they they had low ticket sales numbers and didn't want to embarrass him and on another that was true but they prevented him from coming they kept the theater booked the day that it was supposed to be shown to keep it empty they went to great efforts to keep the film from being shown john came into new mexico anyway we're live on asian is. as located in show the film a week later to a sold out crowd project censored showed it in berkeley california to hundreds of people and skype john in and we've told this story on our radio program but we
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thought it was really important to put in the book because it extends to other left progressive media outlets like democracy now amy goodman hasn't talked to john since and we've discovered that the lennon foundation actually funds democracy now and has given them over three hundred seventy five thousand dollars a particular year we don't know exactly what that connection is or what it means but it certainly is something that ought to be looked at and this is by the way this is not an example of the left disparate disparaging it's own it's not an example of fratricide or left wing circular firing squads you know a project censored we championed free speech and we like to call out censorship anywhere we see it it pains us when we see it on the left and when left luminaries . fall prey to some of the same problems that are discussed in the propaganda model but this isn't the first time that we've done this project censored if you go back to our two thousand and eight book former director peter philips did an entire
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study on applying the propaganda model to left progressive media we just did a big conference on radical journalism as opposed to reform in san francisco with the need for democratic communications where james tracy and i talked at length about the problems of censorship on the left and he's written about this is well so the story is still very apt and important and who better to tell it then a great independent journalist like john pilger speaking of radical journalism the book also features a quote by chris hedges where he writes beliefs and their courtiers in the liberal class always condemn the rebel as unpractical they use the hypocritical language of compromise generosity and understanding to accept that we must accept and work within the systems of power do you agree with that sentiment and why do you think is the liberal media doesn't receive the same scrutiny as the conservative media does i think that it's a good. service to kowtow to moneyed interests over the public interest when anybody does it and we call it out on the right and we call it out in the corporate
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media and certainly progressives and and others lott that when we call it out on the left it seems that there is there is that's overstepping some bounds and i think that because we've gotten criticism from right to left and whatever that falls paradigm actually as you've certainly discussed that on your program but i mean our goal is to really report what's going on and our goal is to call out censorship wherever we see it and champion voices of independent journalists and others that are speak fearlessly this is i mean we say fearless speech in faithful times the day we are willing to put themselves their careers even their lives on the line to tell people the things that they really need to know in order to have a self-governing society and that's why we had so many important stories this year in the top twenty five on the war on journalists record jail journalists and deaths around the world obama's record war on journalist has has gone after more whistleblowers than any president in history to the chelsea manning case that we
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mentioned earlier is a really significant story and we're really trying to champion through media democracy organizations and journalists and make sure their stories get told indeed mickey is speaking of another topic of the book covers this here is a chapter called a how hollywood fantasy mediate state fascism definitely a compelling headline there a lot going on what role hollywood plays in historical revisionism something that i have been referring to as the hollywood cia hollywood military industrial cineplex and and its take argo you know the movie that the cia actually was writing that basically working on part of a script for argo years ago and specifically in their hollywood division. they have a division in the cia that actually talks about what they would like to see as a movie. zero dark thirty the cia directly involved it was directly involved in rewriting the script for that and again this helps push the idea in zero dark thirty it's justifying the use of torture and if you go back and look at argo it's
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sort of reminding americans well what's wrong with iran and why should we be wary about iran and again a has as a hand in these kind of movies in the problem is the public sometimes these this isn't oculus entertainment it isn't it's these are ad junkies of the news industry this is all the infotainment industry right you could call it in vote tame and media complex as well and this is really part of the problem and people don't really critically think about films maybe the same way they should think about news media and so on and elliot cohen has a chapter in our book called digging deeper that reminds us why it's important to be the be a stooge critical thinkers and how that contributes to media literacy let's talk about money literacy you mentioned that and how that you know the whole goal of projects under it is really this grassroots building of democratic media reform from the bottom up from the people there's a section in the book of course all about this why is this such an important issue for americans and what are the major steps for americans to become media literate
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what we're really saying is we're saying people need to learn how to construct logical rational arguments people need to learn the difference between opinions and facts people need to understand what a logically constructed our human looks like people need to understand how to avoid basic fallacies in the reasoning process ad hominum attacking a person or character rather than there are human red herring changing the subject straw person taking someone's view distorting it and then attacking a distorted view framing providing only this or that or either or type false dilemma i mean there are a lot of tricks that propagandists will use to deceive the public and we simply say that if people take time to be more media literate understand how ownership and advertising and all the relying on official sources helps frame news so that people are more aware so that they can ask the right kinds of questions you know. we think that's the hope and we think that's actually a radical practice because it teaches people independent thinking the importance of independent thought the great anarchist and feminist in america emma goldman once
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said the most unpardonable sin in society is independent thought and we project censored not only championed that but as educators we try to teach people how to think not what to think thank you so much director project censored making have always amazing to have you on. beats and pleasure to be on keep up the great work. coming up a planned interview i did with a personal family member of the scientology family foundation. exactly what happened that day i don't know but a woman i killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. and people take interest the police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why
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because there's been this is like men know because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were often they could get what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. the. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to structure. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred ton two cities of russia. relayed by georgians own people for sixty five thousand kilometers. in a record setting trip by land air and sea and others face. a limp a torch relay. on r t r g dot com. you got
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a lot of sneering and negative press for your engagements here in russia especially for your public appearances with food and even though they weren't explicitly politically or just supporting sports one of the things that certain people who zoom has become very adept at is controlling the media for example right here c.n.n. do i think c.n.n. is. you know completely telling it like it is no i think i have an agenda i think through gender is is bought and paid. for. guys unfortunately there was an emergency today and my next guest couldn't make it to the studio last week i had the opportunity to interview jamie to wall the great grandson of l.
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ron hubbard the founder of scientology jamie talking about his controversial family legacy and why he thinks the church is really a brainwashing cult. i was actually oddly one of my greatest inspirations when i was a kid because he was a writer and he was a science fiction writer and even as a young kid i was given a lot of his books for christmas and stuff like that of his volumes and of mission earth in particular and as a little kid i was like this guy's a bad ass you know he has all these covers of guys that sheen guns in laser guns and you know rocket ships and and it was i grew up that is christian hilariously enough and i actually had to learn who l. ron hubbard really was and what else he wrote aside science fiction in a book a pastor gave me about cults specifically and that was what started a larger conversation because in my family he was just literally something we didn't talk about so he was my great grandfather his first son was l.
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ron hubbard jr who was my grandfather and his first child was my mother so i was the oldest child i was the oldest grandchild and. i mean it was just something that nobody ever wanted to discuss and also when i was a kid that l. ron jr was also actively battling against his father. basically is dying days so it was something that we just didn't bring up in the house because it was constant in turn and you know even now some of my family won't talk about it and actually one of the last people that worked that's absolutely fascinating you know you're one of the most outspoken critics of scientology according to the ledger voice here listed actually at number twenty two out of twenty five people are crippling it i'm told here are you are you said they are not higher on that list i do not want to be higher on that list that is. it's a little scary to even be on that list i won't lie i imagine it you know
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a little scientology compounds everywhere that they have played da ca's on every single person they're like all right what are we doing about number twenty four talk the backlash when kurt i mean i know that you're joking around right now but really i'm sure that there have been i mean we tried to cover story here and we received you know the call from the from the church telling us not to run the story i mean what what sort of experiences have you had any threats at all from the church for speaking out today i mean the first the very first time i spoke out about it about him was in one thousand nine hundred nine and i did a performance about in a cafe at a show that i just started called sarette without regrets and it was a show that was about just it was like there's this kind of long diatribe about scientology and it's like cults in my family and everything is the first time i really publicly said anything about it in particular and it went online and within days that they were out my house they tracked me down pretty sure that they tap my
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phone so i was being followed everywhere i went and so i mean they they basically come after you like some kind of pseudo crazy. mafia i think that they don't want to bring more attention to just like the whole general that side of my family and that story because it's a little embarrassed seem to have the same namesake as your general idea t. . or great founder and leader actively warring against scientology for his entire life as well i mean the story of l. ron jr is a pretty nasty and embarrassing one because he used to be a member of the cult as well actually helped write a lot of their protocols that dealt with critics and strong arm tactics so he was well aware of how they were going to execute these tax sick and impression because junior also helped write him as well why do you think our religion and invented by a science fiction writer six years ago i mean this is recent history has become so
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wildly popular i mean we know that you need our machines part of the initiation i took one of those tests myself what is it about that has to long with dianetics that's sucks people in the church i think it's actually what what it's scientology is actually a very brilliant form of brainwashing one because it's very it's very process of the e meter and so on for it's really electrified hypnosis you're being guided along this hypnotic state that is causing you to regress into your past lives which also has this sort of overall overarching like kind of paranoid corporate structure to it where you're trying to unlock your brain in the guidance somebody else who has their own purposes you don't see your results so it's like you're holding this and it's running an electrical current through you while you're born sort of being hypnotized in this process and whatever they're writing down you don't get to see
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they only are secrets this is not a client attorney privilege or any kind of psychiatric relationship this is information that they just. oh and they can put in a filing cabinet and they can and will use it against you later and as you progress up this is what they call the bridge which if you just turn it on its side it's really just clearly a pyramid pyramid scam really where you going towards o.t. level eight. and higher which is basically at the point supposed to be a super human trans you know continental interdimensional being at that point and that's where tom cruise is supposed to be at that's where john travolta supposed to be at but you're always moving up on this bridge and if you express doubts then they can reverse you on this bridge you have to take these classes over again you have to pay for it again so this is kind of bizarre like internal structure that has this internal societal pressure upon you and has this paranoia
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and you start to believe that this machine can read your very thoughts and you can get sect checked which is like this whole brutal sort of interrogation that they'll force you through and so there's this entire climate of fear that surrounds all of it and yet the fact that a side fire writer can suddenly turn around from writing fiction and then say oh now i'm i made new brain new scientific discoveries that will change the world overnight with very little in the form of that in circadian studies is rather stunning and makes sense in the time and climate that it came about you know in the fifty's in the early sixty's and this is kind of viewed as like an exciting new revolutionary innovative science you know at this point it becomes laughable when you look at a lot of its secrets revealed like o.t. level three and xenu and the evil galactic warlord and the alien souls that possess your body but mind you in the seventies nobody knew that nobody had the internet
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this is stuff that was you had to earn your way too you had to pay to brainwash yourself i want to hear all of this talk about. you know people joining and becoming indebted and the financial manipulation i guess. from people who aren't millionaires right well i think one one of the reasons why celebrities become ensnared today is it is certain way the whole sort of belief system is not specific in nature you're basically on a path to become a god like being you know the whole idea is this is about you that you yourself are a god like being inhabiting the shell you know it isn't that l. ron is god l. ron is basically like a buddha or like a wise the wise is scientist that has given us this technology that has unlock this and it was still view that l. ron was you know a wise god like being inhabiting this flesh shell which happened to be of portly
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redheaded chain smoking in. middle aged man on a boat but past that is that there's a narcissism of it too it's definitely in the secrets the fact that they are in your secrets they can absolutely use those against you they absolutely will three i think that some people have to realize that it's embarrassing to go that far this pyramid and start to realize how absurd it actually is and i think that that's personally humiliating because the thing is is that and if there are scientologists listening feel free to tune in or turn up your volume is that i don't have particularly a problem with the low level scientologists because a lot of these are smart productive people they have to have some sense of a career in order to be able to even pay for these services that specifically the people they target they target people who have money that have careers that have good professional standing is that the problem is that l.
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ron was literally free styling the whole thing from the k. so as it goes further it becomes more and more innately absurd and more and more explicitly in. saying you know when you get the evil galactic war lords in and the dead alien parasites that are clinging to your very body well that point it becomes laughable but you don't know about that for a long time which is why the critics and the members who have left start screaming xenu right away because that's ultimately where it's going right is that you know if i hand you a bible you can read the book of revelations in the first five minutes you don't have to earn your way pay your way and unlock each new chapter of the bible it's all given it once and i think that's the point is that why should we trust an organization and press any religion institutionalized religion but especially one that makes me paying to get these secrets of god or whatever you know and their
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interpretation of god is right i want to move on because we're almost out of time jamie but i can't help but ask i mean there have been a number of mysterious deaths associated with the church most notably lisa mcpherson who was held for seventeen days by members before he died i mean do you think that the church is also covering up more serious crimes like blackmail and eventually murder there have been many statements that people have said that murder has has certainly been on the menu in dealing with critics let's say. that is what i heard someone recently who i talked to who is a very high level defector and leave their identity secret for the moment they made a terrifying point to me they said jonestown it wasn't known the people's temple right and jim jones wasn't known for suicides and murder before jonestown right that was simply when you pushed against the wall they came back firing and everybody died and he said who say that scientology can and in the same way i mean
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right now they're getting rocked with all kinds of allegations of all kinds of lawsuits they have high level people who are leaving the church their number two and three people just left recently in the last decade you have tony. village voice is blasting and every day your show's taken swings out of not even having me on and that's the thing is that how far is it going to go because at this point you have a cold small cold that started as dwindling membership but in this century like it was part of the largest domestic case espionage on its own government and united states government and that's factual that happened iran's wife went to jail for it operations no way and i mean the fact that most americans aren't even aware of how dangerous scientology has been and there are critics of fact that i know i put myself in danger every time i even talk about it and anybody who's dealt with the cold knows how dangerous that they truly are i mean i definitely have
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a sense that the empire is showing its cracks and it's starting to fall apart because when you don't have any more secrets to sell when all your secrets are online how are you going to sell them anymore and then what are you going to do once the whole temples on fire amazing have you i mean the wall spoken word poet performer artist i need to get on again doesn't talk about your work man really awesome to speak to you thanks so much thanks thanks but. so if you like what you see so far go to our facebook page at facebook dot com slash breaking the set list or do it thousands of already done and give us a light on the updating our status daily there with links to past segments as well as reaching out to you the viewer right is on what you want to see covered on break and the set doesn't have a high end of scenes photos and past episodes like my recent interview about operation gladio would change for me so i do our facebook page check out all that and more i'll see right back here tomorrow guys to break the set all over again.
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it's simply for that so i only goal in life was nothing more than making money as quickly as possible with what we got to offer the kids. would mornings wake up no wonder sleep. but it's not a kindergarden or an orphanage it's a host where you live with your family your children five children and you can be a father to seventy children just like i'll be a husband to twelve mothers. why are you all shouting i wasn't ready it's like if a man proposes to you and you answer oh whoa i need time to think so when she told me mom i needed time to think with that well i think. you could say mom
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is the most important person in your life and yes they told me much care a story is about what their lives were like about their trunk mothers fleeing home and living on the streets they've let me into their world and it became easier for them to comb just. exactly what happened i don't know but a woman killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. innocent people to confess to police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse they were off
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taking they could get what they wanted they could say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. if you. got no opportunity. to construct your a. bit. don't want to be gangstas in a lot of. they don't want that blow with no time to look it came be we can see. you just me as i was when i was in the hood. the welcome to take you. out i said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young.
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surging civilian casualties steer rock towards tragic new records are t.s.s. is there worrying numbers with an in-depth database of the innocent cost of terror also. oh good it is looking it up. britain spied chivas point to terrorist threats to justify illegal tapping and that the public exposure of what they were doing opens up possibilities for attack meanwhile six you see heuer surfing gets a boost in the states it's the small internet company that could coming up i'll introduce you to consult links to the c.e.o. standing up to the u.s. government in the name of privacy. plus britain is king of the world tax havens and the crown dependencies the overseas territories are being considered a my.


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