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voters are presented with opportunities to directly change policy from marijuana to gay marriage citizens in portland maine voted to legalize possession of marijuana for recreational use that's huge michigan residents put the state on the right side of history by approving a law that would make it a legal to discriminate against a person's sexual orientation not to mention illinois state government's historic legalization of same sex marriage making it the fifteenth state to allow the right to marry for all sadly and washington state voters rejected a ballot initiative that would have made it the first state to mandatorily label genetically modified foods do part to a massive december mission lobbying campaign from the biotech industry so i guess the moral of the story is broken as this current system is remember we can still change what most affects our lives and our communities you know let's keep doing it and let's go break the set.
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it was a. very hard to take. that had sex with the earth right there. one year ago today mr barack obama was elected to a second term as president of the united states but guys it's been a year in the white house is that a lot of challenges so how is obama faring on his annual review take a look at this week's gallup poll see what the public thinks. thirty nine percent
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approve of barrios handling of the country that's not great so what's with this gloomy trend want to help me break down the top five only lights of the obama presidency that might explain these policies and pulls i'm doing my duty as producer man while the apple oh what's going on the salmon. and the way they really mean is really let's talk about the environment completely just failed to address climate change not ever not a priority of it's we put this on the top a list of course because it's something that we should care about in this country it seems like something that was going to be at the heart of his agenda heart of his policy stuff in the campaign promises about career back on emissions and really taking care of the environment but this is obviously been you know so i tried it with a country that sucks up twenty five percent of the world's energy you would hope that he would have. the substantial standard of course we know is that historic keystone pipeline rally was at his doorstep he was meeting with oil and gas executives and still has not made
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a decision on not frigid frigid temperatures but you know you and i along with like several thousand other people out there you know rallying against this pipeline while he was where gulf oil execs watch this drive many let's talk about the wars of course people say. and their rock war a great job but really he wanted to stay in iraq he tried to stay in iraq it was bush's timeline that they had to adhere to and they actually forced troops out of the country and it wasn't even sticking to the time when the united states military got kicked out of iraq and we're still in afghanistan on those people remember this but we're still at war in the now innocent troops the military contractors as well so not only are we still fighting these wars but obama's actually got us governance into several other conflicts the shadow operations that are conducted using drones and special operations troops he says like pakistan somalia yemen djibouti mali i mean the i know that we're rehashing these but i mean this is this is these are the things that aren't getting covered all the while you you know what you're hearing right now on the anniversary of the election for the you know fifty years now is oh
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are we any closer to reaching the accomplishments that he promised really we're learning more and more that the media doesn't care about the things that he failed to deliver on. that he exacerbated so many of the worst policies i mean we're talking about fifty two measly drone strikes under bush's belt and obama to ramp that ride out we've got hundreds and hundreds going on all the countries that you just mentioned of course killing thousands of innocent people but you know you know obama he's really going to kill you if you want to if you want to give it to him that it's exactly right is that i mean the biggest accomplishment is that's the one thing that he's good at killing wow what a sad commentary let's talk about civil liberties another horrendously abysmal failure on the part of this administration most notably i mean signed the national defense authorization act which of course cemented the right to indefinitely detain american citizens without due process without trial this is a concept that goes back centuries back to the magna carta i mean and instead i think that in civil liberties especially with with the journalist community and the
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civil liberties community this is something that really resonates heavily signing of the continuing the patriot act indefinite detention the war on whistleblowers alone is is something that sense of chilling effect throughout the throughout the civil liberties community and it's really a terrifying thing in this is one. those things that president obama promised going in you know five years ago saying you know we're going to have a more transparent government and then you get these revelations of the n.s.a. so we're looking at these poll numbers coming in right now it's a combination of things it's not just. you know the government shutdown but it's an awful thing that that in itself is that shows that he's unable to bridge gaps between the partisan divide in congress but on top of that you're coupled with an essay revelations you're couple that with the war on whistleblowers and it's just a combination of things and people are wising up right now so it's it's definitely a terrible week and you know i mean taking out n.s.a. spying program that was cemented under bush and really taken to the full extreme right now it's world wide i mean you'd be hard pressed to find
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a country that probably not spying on sharing this information with with questionable allies. right now an ounce of liberalism you could lump into immigration as well and the one thing that i did like that was sort of right off the bat was the dream act he was pursuing that but really that still doesn't do enough to address the millions of undocumented immigrants also any. the president of the deported more and more and more more and are going to immigrants than any other i suspect that yes we're just we spend way too much and there. let's talk about the failure to close gitmo of course this is another thing that completely just missed the ball i mean people blame the republicans but he squandered that supermajority he really did and he could close the gap now today if he wanted to and he has not because it's bad politically right no squandering the supermajority is probably the biggest failure at least in my eyes he had the opportunity to do so many things he could have passed obamacare and look at what people are most concerned about right now is is obamacare he's really certainly did not deliver on the promises that he made on obamacare under the supermajority he could have the
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public option which would have been the fiscally responsible thing to do but didn't instead allowed congress to come up with whatever plan they came up with which is some republican plans that are in one thousand nine hundred and many with move on to the economy because you know people are saying oh you can you know he's been given a bad hand he was. in a bad rap but the thing is he chose to surround himself with clinton unites that actually were responsible for the deregulation of the economy and so i don't blame anyone but him for putting these people in place look four years ago i would have i would have said yes you know it's a really tough hand that he was dealt coming out of the bush administration the housing bubble just burst seven trillion dollars in just americans equity in their homes was was just lost just like that but i mean we're looking at this five years five years later and in hindsight you know. what i'm trying to say is that did he do enough to fix the economy absolutely not you still have twenty percent of americans that are underwater with their mortgages you still you still have income inequality is the highest it's ever been since the great depression in two thousand
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making record profits in two thousand and ten when we had that bipartisan commission that said that they were going to slash the deficit by forty percent over the course of of what a decade and then obama never signed on to that was his idea to begin with i mean that's another squandered opportunity and since that and don't get me wrong the republicans have their fair share of the blame as well but i mean ever since two thousand and ten looking into two thousand and eleven and ever since then it's been just this this circus where you have a debate over the debt ceiling after debate after debate and the government shutdown and what does that accomplish nothing what do these debates accomplish nothing in and all the while the american people those are the ones that are left to suffer so i think that president obama has not only done the right the wrong thing when it comes to policy he's it's been an abysmal fail if you're for him trying to bridge the gap between the partisan divide on the hill and they just continuing in the same corrupt policies that you know just perpetuate this is the destruction and destabilization of this country and the world that's doing bad
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enough i mean he didn't do anything to fix anything and of course the last thing on here is just as we mentioned before missing the boat on seizing upon that supermajority in congress there in his first two years and right and on obamacare and just just in the know because this is something that's really on the minds of people he said it's going to be easy to enroll i don't know if you've been on the hill by. care of the health care doc of websites obviously know that if you like the plan you can stay on it that's obviously not been the case for several for a large percentage of americans who you know are now having to leave their or their old plans and maybe even pay more because if you don't qualify for federal subsidies then you are going to pay more for obama care what would you know itself has been we don't know one one industry that one big with the obamacare and the insurance industry and that's really who obama answers to are the corporate overlords so yeah big f on that report card hopefully i will get someone better next time thanks and you're obligated to as a producer appreciate as years of this i
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if you haven't heard the news about toronto mayor rob ford then you're probably learned living under a crack rock. fox news alert the mayor of toronto rob ford now admits he has smoked crack cocaine at least here now at a story that can only be described as a doozy out of canada as it certainly is shaking up candidates political war although you might remember if you've been following this on sunday in a radio program he acknowledged to being drunk in public at least a couple of times one of those was an infamous city hall seat patrick's day party in which ford was seen by security people walking around city hall with a half empty bottle of french brandy what was the reaction today when he finally admitted that he did do it and but it was probably in one of his drunken binges. you know shock other shock but on the other hand anderson everyone is completely
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riveted completely riveted like it does and can't disagree with her there so ford finally fessed up to smoking crack an allegation that's been haunting him for months and suddenly the corporate media is salivating at the thought of nonstop coverage of the juicy story here's the thing no imagine afforded been caught using marijuana or snow to snorting susmit powder cocaine i think the story would have ever made it out of canada on to us airwaves to take a look at some of the more prominent politicians who have admitted to using drugs that are more socially acceptable including none other than dario himself wrote in his memoir dreams from my father that he had experimented not just with pot but below as well not to mention george w. who was allegedly arrested for cocaine use in the seventy's where was the photo outrage when they ran for president and the attention paid to ford's crack use might just have something to do with the drugs long held association with poor black communities see crack has always been treated differently from its powder
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counterpart most notably is how the use of crack is punished compared to powder cocaine one just has to look at the years long policy that treated these substances differently in terms of federal criminal penalties it took one hundred times the amount of powder cocaine with a punishment for crack use thankfully in two thousand and ten and the fair sentencing act lowered that ratio to eighteen to one but the stigma surrounding crack is stuck in the absurd amount of attention paid to ford's drug use is no doubt a result of the sick double standard and moreover should be more concerned if this guy is a raging alcoholic than the fact that he used crack one time however beyond this obvious hypocrisy one of the last time you can remember the us corporate media even covering a canadian political story. it takes a chris farley lookalike crew. act mayor for the media to even pay as smidgen of attention to our northern neighbor meanwhile hundreds of thousands of barrels of
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crude oil are being moved by train from canada's tar sands of the u. west despite the fact that the infamous keystone x.l. pipeline hasn't even been approved yet while these trains carry only one hundred fifty thousand barrels a day to the u.s. it's estimated that by the end of next year seven hundred thousand barrels of crude will be transported to the u.s. every day you have got to keep exploiting the entire planet and deliver a drop of oil is spewed into the air. so it looks like obama's approval for keystone x.l. is actually a secondary concern for the oil lobby so what else did the media choose to ignore walk government mayor make cracky what canada's and brought in a major spine snafu of its own to see the sea as the sea canada's and as a counterpart was just fine and brazil's ministry of mines and energy and egregious example of industrial espionage not to mention a recent lawsuit filed by the british columbia civil liberties association against
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the sea as sea for intercepting the private communications and collecting the metadata of canadian citizens but hey rob ford's personal meltdown is just too right to pass up for the corporate media to binge on because we all know how much trash she tabloid journalism gets them high. so i had all speak with tim carr about the potential end of the internet as we know it. to be a game of paying prisoners a dollar a day to do eight or ten or twelve hours of work per day they're the most productive workers of america or the prison population and the policy makers in washington want to turn the whole population into a prison population and then they can say look this is so productive really. always like this place of the good to stand. there's a bit. more to do people
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a lot of the tickets and go to the casinos of blues or one of. the but. i think the issue of privacy the issue of surveillance hasn't gotten enough coverage in the mainstream media i think the majority of americans don't know what's going on don't understand the significance of what's come out this summer i don't think it necessarily they need to hear about me and my story because love of it is one small piece of a much larger puzzle but what i do think that mainstream america needs to hear about and then her stand is just to what google links our government is going to conduct surveillance just how much information they're actually collecting and storing in some cases for years you know these are very significant problems these
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are the types of issues that can do a democracy like ours. i picture this scenario you're a police officer working in a small town let's say somewhere in southern new mexico in the middle of your shift have a few traffic violations on your belt hovering around a wal-mart parking lot just hope mean for a shoplifter to meet that quota and then the unthinkable happens a driver fails to complete a stop exit in the lot so you do what any reasonable officer would doing you pull the person over and considering that's
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a stall stone filled position of power that you're in you've got to conduct at least one invasive pat down for absolutely no reason a pat down that ends in eight separate invasive medical procedures shockingly and this is exactly what happened in deming new mexico to a man named david eckert so when police pulled him out of his vehicle they claimed he clenched his buttocks prompting officers to automatically assume that he must be hiding are caught x. and is anal cavity because of course there are no other reason why you would be nervous during a police interrogation as according to police a clenched ass is a sure sign that you are a drug mule now get this the man was detained while in custody officers somehow managed to obtain a search warrant from a judge that allowed for an anal cavity search thankfully doctors in the town's emergency room refused to perform the procedure claiming that was an ethical but the cops were unwilling to give up so easily so they took it to the next town
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silver city where they found physicians than willing to aid in their cavity search and according to k.o. before i went it's news who obtained the medical records this is what happened next eckert first received an abdominal x. ray were no drugs were found then received two anal exams are once again. no drugs were found what happens next is actually beyond beyond comprehension because you think that by now the x. ray and manual anal exams of would have been enough to prove this man's innocence but if the cops already gone this far so why not take it all the way am i right so doctors then performed an enema and forced acker to defra kate in front of police where they proceeded to search through his fecal matter not one enema not two enemas but three separate enemas administered against his will three times. oh no if you think the story couldn't get any crazier you're wrong because
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before being x. rayed yet again he was then prepared for surgery never giving consent to the medical professionals doing this to him and after being sedated he was given a colon off skippy painful medical procedure involving a camera traveling past your colon and into your intestines but the best part of all after this insane ordeal that sounds more like a scene out of a horror movie than reality is that the hospital actually had the audacity to bill eckert for all the medical procedures he was forced to endure i kid you not even threaten to send him to collections if he doesn't foot the bill for essentially being tortured against his will needless to say i could have filed federal charges he is suing the city of deming all of the officers involved is also suing the county along with the deputy district attorney and of course the regional medical center and two of their most spineless physicians and you know he's got a pretty good case because besides everything i just outlined a warrant wasn't even a valid in the county during the time of the these procedures hopefully receiving
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a multi-million dollar settlement guess who is left to foot the bill will the taxpayers of course look at those police officers had a choice issue this man a ticket and go home but no they chose to spend. the entirety of their day probing a man's anus and searching through as he sees my question is what kind of doraine just sociopath do you have to be to choose the latter. sometime in the next few weeks to a long awaited decision as expected that could finally decide the future of the internet the case against the federal communications commission or f.c.c. was brought by of arisan communications which sued the agency back in two thousand and ten for its nondiscrimination rule and now a federal circuit court is deciding whether internet service providers should be allowed to play favorites when it comes to internet traffic significantly diminishing the open in free internet we know today to break down this case the
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concept of net neutrality and how we can save the internet and ten car senior director of strategy at free press thanks so much for coming on ten. and great tim at net neutrality i think it's still a concept of a lot of misconceptions a lot of disinformation surrounding it how would you describe the term and why should internet users care about it. will net neutrality is the is the founding principle of the internet it basically determines who controls the internet net neutrality says that the internet is controlled by the people who go online in who are at the ends of the network we can all get online we can connect to anyone we can go to any website we can use any web service as long as it's legal and then there's the sort of connectivity has been very powerful it's very democratizing and it's very flat in a lot of ways and for the last couple of decades that open model of the open internet has been on a collision course with the larger media companies because as everything media is
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converging in this digital network we're watching movies of the internet we're listening to music we're sharing videos we're doing all sorts of things that a large media corporations want to figure out a new way to get control of us control of our clicks to determine where we go and what we do and the best way that they are. decided to do that is to destroyed net neutrality and reengineer the internet in a way that favors their own company their or their allies in business and things like that and basically just destroy this kind of open network that has been really important in democratic movements for free speech for creativity for technical innovation of course al lot of tech writers are certain that the d.c. circuit court will rule in favor of internet companies sadly abolish current regulations how do you see this case playing out. well i think that analysis is is is fair we listen to the oral arguments in september the
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f.c.c. which was which was brought to court by of arisan didn't put up a very good defense of this sort of questions that the judges were asking indicated that they favored horizons argument here and i just to be clear what verizon is saying is that it has the first amendment right as a corporation to edit the internet has the first amendment right to decide what sort of content goes over the internet and conversely what kind of content does not and it seemed that this appeals court was was borrowing a lot of that argument so there's every possibility that in the next couple of weeks as you mention that a decision could come down that basically takes away the f.c.c. ability to protect consumers and this is a kid in having the p.a. with no power to go after oil companies if they pollute or things like that it's a real question of whether or not the federal communications commission can can can protect an open network and it seems like you know even if the d.c.
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court does up hold this it just seems like these i ask pieces will not stop until they until may when i mean it just seems like they're they're pursuing this very strongly there are going to they control the internet what can the federal government do to cement this notion. well there's actually a lot that the government do there's even a lot that the f.c.c. can do with the question that the court is looking at is is the definition of the c.c.s. authority and what happened in two thousand and ten the is the f.c.c. constructed an open internet order within which they used language under the telecommunications act of one thousand nine hundred six that put it under what was called title one authority but they have full authority to shift to title two to reclassify their authority over the internet under what's called title two which gives them broader discretion to protect an open network so so it's up to the f.c.c. if they do indeed lose this case to then take action and reclassify their authority
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of the internet the problem of course is that companies like aig and comcast and verizon are very powerful have a very powerful presence in washington they've been lobbying congress they've been lobbying the f.c.c. is so a lot of our commissioners and possibly the new chair at the f.c.c. may be gun shy may not be willing to to anger industry in this way and i you know i have to broach this subject which is that of course a lot of people are kind of hyping this up but i don't know maybe you agree that they're saying this is the end of the internet as we know it if this does go through what's your assessment on not claim and also how can people internet users fight to save the internet. well if it is potentially the end of the internet as we know it if you get rid of net neutrality you really don't have the internet i wouldn't even call it the internet because neutrality is sort of the first amendment of the internet and without that you really don't have all of the freedoms that we've come to take for granted in and what one of the things that we're doing a free press and we have we we have
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a website save the internet dot com is to organize people to contact their members of congress to contact the f.c.c. contact the new chairman at the f.c.c. and urge them to exert their existing authority to restore net neutrality protections under law how likely is that i mean it seems like every oversight committee has complex and interest has all these you know ties to big lobbying firms are they any different we have about a minute left. well i mean we've seen that there have been a lot of these kind of issues about the internet come along where we thought that the corporations were dictating policy you may have remembered the soap of people battles back in two thousand and eleven two thousand and twelve where you saw this mass movement of people that came up and managed to change attitudes in washington so we're hopeful that if people people getting engaged and pressure washington to do the right thing that we actually could have a positive outcome here you're absolutely right it's the people that need to make this change thank you so much ten car senior director of strategy for press
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everyone get involved it's their time. and that's our show now you guys thanks so much for watching we'll see you right back here tomorrow. well. technology innovation all the developments around. the. the deepest lake in the world usually then no more than fifteen thousand years old this one dates back twenty five min. the. spirits and buddhist gods live on.
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the pure clear water in the lake is helping scientists unravel the mysteries of the universe. i tried to see by kal in its entirety. it's not that i have discovered something new here rather that i absorb everything that this place offers. the spirit of.
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please please please please please. margie dot
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com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iran. we want you to know. right from the street. first street. and i think the church. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. to be in the. corner outside to an active camp at guantanamo where patients are forced that in the months after announcing the first strike ever turned the world's attention to the place that something gulag of our times.
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the fallout from mass surveillance revelations forces u.k. intelligence chiefs to make a televised public appearance thier testimonies are expected to focus on damage from the leaks and not the scale of their spying activities. we report from guantanamo bay detention center and how guards keep up morale while former inmate describes the tailor made torture to constrain the prisoners. little the sochi twenty fourteen olympic torch relay goes into orbit to take the iconic symbol for its first ever space walk.


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