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tv   Headline News  RT  November 5, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EST

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olympic torch really. aren't. if you get to the reality. i. mean i. over evil the anonymous movement plans to unite over four hundred global locations on tuesday for a million mass protest against a raft of issues from n.s.a. snooping to g.m. food. fueling europe's far right this fear that ongoing austerity in unchecked immigration could see stream this party steal a march in next year's election. and the libyan government loses control over its oil rich east which has been declared autonomous by a powerful militia leader. welcome
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it's nice to have your company you're watching r.t. coming to you live from moscow with me andrey pharma now hundreds of cities across the world are expected to stand together as one today in major rallies planned by the global protest movement anonymous the million mask march aims to unite those protecting online privacy as well as standing up to corporate greed g.m. foods and other causes gannett she can spoke to some of the activists. the anonymous are calling for hacktivists activist and ordinary citizens to stand up against what they see is a police state if you have not yet been to the reality of the. morning. we are here so that was a bit of their call and now i'm joined by the organizer of the upcoming rally here in washington the million mask march john anthony ferre hurst thank you so much for
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joining me thanks for coming down you know right john you say a police state they say secure state what do you think about that dilemma. i think it's kind of like a lot of crime you know that you can't give up the freedom just to be safe you know the main criticism is that such a decentralized to force will die down like as the occupy movement has the many ways i'm going to explain what i mean i mean did they did they stop the overtake the corporate overtake no they did not will you stop the n.s.a. what is your answer to that like to you know but you know. i think we're not we're not slowing down we're speeding up i mean it's started this with one a vent here in washington d.c. and as of the last i looked last night we had over four hundred marches on november fifth and over one hundred fifty different countries and that doesn't look like it's marcello not at all john i looked at the agenda of the rally it's very diverse
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it's against the persecution of whistleblowers it's against monsanto the biggest producer of genetically modified seeds tell me about the agenda what are you trying to change we're trying to change a lot of stuff that's going on in this world like i said as far as like the food that we police state farm wars like they're spending money in other countries and all the stuff that's going on in the night is spent and here you know i was just talking to my friends where yeah you want to use for michigan you know and they're talking about like all these abandoned buildings i can you can you fix somebody else's house before you fix your own you you know. you know there's people all over the world that need some serious change and that's what we're doing now thank you thank you thank you sir for all the reasons there you just heard to these men and women in masks are taking to the streets across the u.s. with the main event here in washington and when it begins this tuesday morning i'll be your eyes and ears so please tune in in washington i'm going to check on well
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earlier i spoke with american activist greg hey she says the group has a very clear distinction between what's right and what's legal one of my big pushes with all of the kind of real world stuff we've been doing not the online stuff for me has been to get more people what i like to call activated get more people out there just doing something you know i don't even care what you believe i want you on the streets telling people about it in getting things done so i think this type of event is going to just help to get more people active in the system and i have a feeling that more people active in the system can only be better for the people do you feel anonymous might actually alienate people because you talked about the protests there which is fair enough but also they do hack websites and people could legitimately say well actually it's not a criminal offense to be want to be part of this you know there's a distinction there you call it criminal but you know what's right and what's wrong
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is not exactly in line with what's legal and what we will and so it's really up to each individual to decide just how far they're willing to go with their protests. next year europeans get the chance for a place that pays the worry though is increasing numbers of voters are being attracted to the far right the route is what's perceived to be unbridled immigration while suffering from stagnant economies and stubborn unemployment silly looks at some of those on the right who are lining up to take on brussels. the minced no words the doctors will their support hundred on course european people are realizing that the use in them parts of the soviet union that in fact is destroying their freedom. the authorization of islamic mass immigration to europe has been one of the greatest mistakes of recent decades there was little and the role fired up to continue. this shake the system. there to
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increasingly popular figureheads riding a wave of nationalist movements across europe not quite in the mainstream but no longer on the fringes either germany france the netherlands belgium austria greece italy and the u.k. all seeing the success of political parties which in varying degrees are anti e.u. in its current form anti euro and anti immigration. but the fifth day europe doesn't have economic growth nor does it really have the right and the left did not the managed to resolve the problems under far right feeds off and on evolve a new pool of voting intentions show that nearly a quarter of french voters would vote for france's national front in the may twenty four thousand european parliament elections that's ahead of the country's two leading parties and this one to the right could very well sweep across europe as well as national front and the dutch and islam politician have to build a party for food of plan their move that's despite reports that builders in the
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past disapproved of anderson medical remarks by le pen's father while a pair reportedly described the dutch as more radical than she was when it came to islam. it was of this restaurant that two of the most confrontational politicians in europe sat down over a meal and got to know each other and then the year they realized that they had more in common that they might have initially thought so much so that full political parties that claimed patriotism they decided to put their differences aside and pursue an ambitious goal changing europe's grand plan. that europeans and the french if you understood the political structure of the defense be looked the best the. president did a decision made in brussels in washington reprise they're not made in france and this cannot go on while a potential alliance between far right parties is already stoking fear into some in the new italian premier enrico letta called the growing popularity of euro skeptics and the far right as the most dangerous phenomenon facing the european union that
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could lead to the most european parliament in history in the end it's a numbers game as far as that's concerned the rise of the right is not quite just a blip on europe's radar. r.t.e. paris and it is the latest general elections in a number of e.u. member states that have raised the most concern over the swing to the stream this year for example in austria the far right secured one fifth of the ballot the movement for a better hungary may begin roads the national assembly in twenty ten and the same year in that fear the national alliance came in fourth and in twenty eleven the true finns party quadrupled it share of the national vote for norway is a particularly painful problem the anti immigration progress party came third in national elections this year despite having mass murder and is brave as a former follower social research expert johannesburg believes populist appeal is
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feeding the ranks of the far right. all of these are it's our anti immigrant throughout our immigration they do express. the strongest of anti immigrant views in europe and so that's why these trees might have a certain towards they have it like in denmark for instance and so resistance against immigration is one thing the other is a sort of anti-gay sentiment among moderates in europe so people who wish to express a protest or an anti only do. tend to support these parties i think you'd have a major influence certainly in terms of immigration policy. in terms of. where europe it's viewed around the world. the country that became one of the most outspoken critics of washington's global snooping appears to have been caught and brazil's blushing after admitting it's been spying on diplomatic premise is on its
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territory head online to learn more about the country's intelligence. also turkey seized over a ton of chemicals on the road to syria at the border check out what exactly was being smuggled to the war torn state. a powerful libyan warlord has appointed a shadow government to run a self-proclaimed autonomy in the country the eastern part of libya which the breakaway leaders course that annika holds most of the country's oil rigs sits main city benghazi is where the revolution against moammar gadhafi began in twenty eleven when the militia chief in charge had his forces shut down oil flows in the province in july leading to a fifty percent drop in exports now and yet stopped him around because the authorities in tripoli lack the means to deal with him by force the government's been losing popularity over its failure to deal with corruption and rising post
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gadhafi instability and some analysts say the situation is being aggravated by foreign meddling. the central government in tripoli is not strong enough by itself to impose its rule all over the country so the reality on the ground is that there are more than one libya today and we have to see if this means that they find an agreement to maintain the composition of the various entities within a common libya or if the very way altogether ople forces that are intervening from outside of libya so i wouldn't be surprised if the area i would start looking east of the southeast there are about two hundred forty tribes in the bia and tribes are very important for the running of the territory so it's not just a sort of. remanded. like we can imagine from the western tribes there they count they control people in the territory it depends how much they bargain among
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themselves but it may also end up that they fight each other i mean this is very difficult to predict it depends also by which support from outside this new independent unit who would. acquire and the capital is not i mean to the trouble either new clashes are being reported in tripoli is the latest outbreak of violence in the city which the central government has also been unable to fully control last month the prime minister was briefly kidnapped by a group of men who were legit really trying to pressure him to resign. the small trouble on the other side of the atlantic to. the plate as american voters head to the polls on election day hundreds of thousands of citizens in colorado are voting on a ballot initiative to establish the fifty first u.s. states details straight ahead.
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well. it's technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've gone to the future or covered. her. face the. economic ups and downs in the find out the long stay the longer the deal shanghai and the rest because i was doing the case it will be every week on alternate plane.
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pleasure to have you with us here on our team today. remember remember it's yet again the fifth of november in banks there isn't con man still rule it's been four hundred years that rebelling stand for a rope a rope was the last never held and for this reason trees those plots still
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abandoned indeed blankfein and diamond did these schemes called ponzi contrived to blow the global economy sky high with three could join derivatives lay deep in dark pools prove the markets overthrow. the markets go boom what the economy went south well. we speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news a little turn to angles stories. you hear. the spanish find out more visit.
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welcome back egypt is anticipating more street support for the toppled islamised president africa will. nation of mohammed morsi allies said they fully back his resistance to the trial that kicked off on monday morsi and fourteen muslim brotherhood members are accused of encouraging a deadly crackdown on dissent in cairo last december this footage is from the opening of the hearings the first video of the deposed leader since his arrest four months ago he refused to wear the mandatory white uniform for defendants and rejected the court's authority insisting he's still the legitimate leader the judge them perspire in the trial until january the eighth morse's behavior could see him barred from further sessions during his transfer to prison and police had to face off against angry pro morsy mobs in the capital and other cities but no one from the military has been brought to book over last year's violence something many egyptians and activists find astonishing. it is very evident that they have no
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they're not ready to pursue this because they don't have enough evidence in fact have they had any evidence the current and the previous ministers of interior and should be implicated as well they were all part of the ministry of interior when the incidents happened in december two thousand and twelve so it is a technique to put pressure to get a better negotiation stance against the little brother currently dean wants more concessions and wants the muslim brothers to give in to the situation as a status quo accepted and that is just pressure well egypt's islamicists themselves have been divided over more sees leadership but even those who wanted him and in the summer accuse the trial of being politicized. also believes all sides have to recognize the urgent need for a political solution. morsi truly believes that he still is the president and
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hanging on to the issue of legitimacy gives him a power position and that by not accepting this current trial he's more or less becoming another mandela on facebook today many of his supporters describe him as the new mandela for africa which of course is is neither true nor is it. realistic. that both parties than the current regime supported by the military and the muslim brotherhood have not realized that the only way out of this predicament is a political solution. washington's deadly drone warfare is something president obama apparently takes great personal pride in b. martin explains why i'm breaking the set later this hour here on r.t. . you know the last thing i ever ever expected to come out of a nobel peace prize winners in mouth is this i am really good at killing people
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yes folks according to a new book double down our beloved president constitutional lawyer nobel laureate brock obama apparently loves to brag about how well he can execute human beings with drones now for those of you who are still not offended at the president's disregard for human life and think this is just the way politics works and that every president has blood on their hands let me remind you of this one of the chief architects of the drone program john bellinger said that the reason why obama has ramped up the use of these killer robots is to avoid the bad press of kuantan i'm obey so you know what i'll give it to him he is really good at killing people because if there's one thing voters how hope for when electing him it was expedited murder.
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a quick look now at some other international news a gun man has opened fire at a shopping mall in the u.s. state of new jersey just before it was about to close there are no reports of anyone being injured in the building was quickly evacuated but he's offices and searching for the man he's believed to have since left the mall wearing body armor the local mayor says one shot is being confirmed but witnesses say the gunmen fired repeatedly security cameras. iraqi police and followed an attack by two suicide bombers who tried to break into a police station in the north they recognize the attack is and opened fire. they're forcing the bombers to blow themselves up outside the building but at least two people were killed and seven others wounded that's on top of other bombings that killed ten people in the country on monday iraqis seeing its worst violence in years with almost a thousand people killed in october alone. a man's hijacked a bus in
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a popular skiing area in western norway and stabbed all three people on board to death the suspected attacker is originally from south sudan and in his fifty's the motive is not yet known he was captured by fire fighters who arrived at the scene thinking it was a traffic accident. some people in the crimea have come out against ukraine's looming trade deal with the european union eight hundred turned out in the autonomous republic in a process which coincided with russia's unity day demonstrators burned the flags and called for closer ties with moscow despite mixed support ukraine's pushing ahead with the partnership deal which could be signed at the end of this month. and there's plenty of independent spirit in the united states to parts of colorado will vote on tuesday on whether to break away from the rest of the state when a portnoy has been to find out why. in
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a state of five point one million people democracy is failing in the minority and a battle to break away has begun or trying to address a kind of systemic issue within a country which is this rural versus urban divide eleven colorado counties approximately four hundred thousand citizens are voting on a ballot initiative that would pave the way for creating the fifty first us state the urban areas can assert their well against the rural communities and that it is like taxation without representation and that the rural communities don't have a voice and things that are being forced upon them earlier this year colorado's democratically controlled legislature exerted its power by passing laws fiercely unpopular in the northeastern parts of the state among them. historic gun control laws and mandating only rural areas to produce twenty percent of their energy from renewable sources a move officials say will crush farmers and ranchers while also raising the cost of
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electricity urban legislators imposed one standard on rural colorado and exempted themselves out of that same standard for their urban constituents one might call that tyranny in my thirteen years plus of being a county commissioner i have never seen folks this frustrated this discontent this feeling of this disenfranchised in addition to sending a message to lawmakers here in denver supporters of the fifty first state say their ballot initiative also serves as inspiration for the many other u.s. cities and states with their own secession movements i get fold calls on a regular basis. at least once a week from citizens in other states saying hey what are you guys doing out there how you doing this from vermont and north carolina to texas and california the u.s. has seen a rapid spy. movements blazing across the nation in the past decade as the united
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states has grown extremely divided i hope that there's a recognition that a disconnect exists not just here in colorado but in other states and that we need to begin to address that problem the problem of america's partisan politics extends all the way up to the top last month's dysfunctional stalemate in washington caused a sixteen day government shutdown the next step beyond us is going to be more than likely in twenty fourteen statewide ballot initiative which everybody in the state would be able to vote about point which would redraw the boundaries of the state of colorado however this coveted swing state can only be torn in two with the approval of u.s. congress a powerful legislative body known best for its own failure at reaching compromise. r.t. colorado. now i'll be back in about half an hour's time with more news for you up next though it's breaking the set as promised when.
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remember way back when we first talked about the first downloadable guns that could be printed out on a three d. printer at home while technology moves pretty quickly because british police have already busted in legal armory pretty out firearm parts and special three d. printers this technology may make gun control literally impossible in the same way that banning and burning books has become futile and the past they used to be able to just burn books or forbid them from being printed but in the age of the internet all you need is a scanner and an internet connection and the information that's found in a book cannot be destroyed because it is out there on the magical ether of the air at so basically the near future any person with even half a brain and some patients can start making guns in their basement which means the
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gun control laws will basically become pointless because they'll never be able to catch all the people doing it nor will be able to take the guns not even obama or the hardest of hardcore liberals this technology could be the best thing to happen to the second amendment ever but i shushed my opinion. is the media so we believe that maybe. bush is secure that. there's an. issue is that no one is a game with the guests that deserve answers from. politics.
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the. second they come down to the final. day the sun sank night and the rest so you meet every. patron of soldiers and abby martin and this is breaking the set you know the last thing i ever ever expected to come out of a nobel peace prize winners mouth is this i'm really good at killing people yes folks according to
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a new book double down our beloved president constitutional lawyer nobel laureate brock obama apparently loves to brag about how well he can execute human beings with drones now i know you're thinking it's probably the republicans making him say such things because you know he can't look weak on defense but shockingly no it's all the credit of barry you see during the two thousand and twelve election journalists mark halperin and john heilemann were reporting on obama's campaign and it was during this time that the drone can reportedly boasted to his aides about his kills since becoming manager of the us empire obama's rapidly increased the use of drones abroad and his hundreds and hundreds of strikes have put bush's measly fifty two drone attacks shame see thousands of dead when women men and children don't lie they also can't speak or defend themselves in any way now for those of you who are still not offended at the president's disregard for human life and
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think this is just the way politics works. every president has blood on their hands let me remind you of this one of the chief architects of the drone program john bellinger so that the reason why obama has ramped up the use of these killer robots is to avoid the bad press of guantanamo bay so you know what i'll give it to him he is really good at killing people because if there's one thing voters hope for when electing him it was expedited murder. it was a. very hard to take. when you ever had sex with her right there though.


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