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tv   Headline News  RT  November 4, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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world's attention to. this is. tonight egypt's ousted leader mohamed morsi forces the court to adjourn for. charges of inciting violence crowds outside support. activists from across the globe appealed to the u.k. prime minister in an open letter saying national security shouldn't be used to justify wrongdoing. period cake government revelations must thank their actions they were raiding fundamental human rights in the country. to run its biggest american rally in years thousands demonstrate against president rouhani outreach to washington we find out why.
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bring anything for me kevin only from. pm here in moscow now a top story of the trial of egypt's ousted president mohamed morsi has been adjourned until january next year he's been charged with inciting the killing of protesters last december hundreds of the former lead to supporters have been rallying outside the courthouse in cairo amid a heavy police presence fall asleep i was there for. the proceedings adjourned a short time ago they will start again on january the eighth which to me is bell to tell you inside the court what actually happened there well as we've heard it has been adjourned until the eighth of january in about three months time and then purposive is put the lowest have a look at these enormous case files this is said to be his biggest find to six thousand pages long and all the lawyers concerned both those opposing most in his aides and those against him in the trial haven't had an opportunity to look at
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those files yet so they need that time in addition most he hasn't actually had any access to his noise he's been kept since he was ousted incommunicado in an unknown location today was the first time that we've seen him which was the first time his lawyers have seen him i learned today speaking to the different noise there are grounds to charge him and the people there on grounds of incitement to kill protesters and looking at the evidence is not entirely political although obviously is being carried out in quite a politicized way what was the atmosphere like inside the courtroom when he was equally as charged as soon as we saw the members of the missing brotherhood and the political aides of mohamed morsi and of course ahmed mostly himself the whole place erupted into contrasting chants the missing brotherhood themselves mohamad mostly said they do not want to recognize this court they say that illegitimate and that the most he remains the president of egypt meanwhile those who are standing against him the legal teams against him were saying execution execution he must return to jail he was extremely rochas in their one point
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a fight broke out between journalists and said who is the lawyer of mohamed morsy accused of genocide being paid by the state one journalist got up on to the side of the side and basically almost threw his shoes at the lawyer so it was extremely charged it was very tense at the mission brotherhood kept repeating and mohamed morsi care repeating that he was a loser just a bit president that this was a fake trial that this was a political trial and the really the just missing needed to prevail in this case needed to and as you say most he keeps insisting that this is a fake trial which is the reason that he says he will be defending himself. having said that though there are some twenty five lawyers that are participating for the defense but only ten of them have actually been given access to the clients of course morsi is standing accused of inciting murder alongside full team and the muslim brotherhood supporters this is widely being seen as a political trial of course tensions here are running high. well at two dollars twitter page she's following all the developments for us in cairo to keep you up to
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speed on. the in the. on. let's recall the time line in twenty eleven the egyptian revolution saw a long time on the back leader hosni mubarak step down that was followed by a year of political turmoil then in june twenty twelve mohammed morsi became the country's first democratically elected president but his push for it is limited by a constitution sparked deadly unrest in december that year violence erupts again this summer antiwar protests from to the military to oust the islamist leader followed by a vicious crackdown of course from the muslim brotherhood supporters who witnessed in which more than a thousand people were killed political activists from cairo ahmed agreed to give told me he believes the ongoing divide in egypt can only be a result if both sides agree to negotiate. both parties the current regime supported by the military and the muslim brotherhood have not realized that the only way out of this predicament is
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a political solution the military mentality believes that if you gain ground you do not give it up if you don't have to and the most of the believe in the legitimacy for for the ballot box and ball ended up breaking the cycle of handover and peaceful trends transformation and transition of power what happened in the thirtieth of june is still considered by a lot of people as a cool and by others as a revolution that the litmus test will be whether the constitution will pass or not then things will take another turn. seventy human rights organizations around the globe are suddenly alarm over the erosion of freedom in britain they've written an open letter to the u.k. prime minister blasting the government's response to surveillance leagues as more of their appeal. well some very strong words for the prime minister there from those human rights organizations and they're fighting back against what they call the eroding a fundamental rights in the now let's take
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a look over some of the main points that that letter raises and their concerns center around the use of terrorism legislation against david miranda when he was detained at heathrow airport they also talk about the sustained pressure against media organizations reporting the edward snowden leaks the guardian newspapers come . to mind back they had government officials actually enter their building and destroy the hard drives now i think a very interesting point that the lesson makes is over the potential violation of freedom of expression now this is the argument we hear the u.k. government use a lot when they're condemning the leaks being published that it's damaging national security in the u.k. and iraq permissible limits to freedom of expression and person freedoms according to national security and there will prescribed in international law our concern is that the u.k. government has simply gone way beyond what those normal prescribed limits are now
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in the letter it says that the protection of national security can be a legitimate reason for limiting the freedom of expression but and this is the really important point that governments must demonstrate that the expression actually harms the national security not simply enough for them to say that it will now coming up this week we're going see the heads of m i five m i six and. questioned in an open evidence session that's going to be broadcast by a public satellite leg so this debate certainly not going away however much you can imagine u.k. government will be wishing it will right now and of course we'll be bringing you all those developments as they happen we will but still a few days prior to the contract to turn whistleblower edward snowden is released among the first to calling on the. to uphold laws and values which limits of a lead to protect human rights he also slammed the u.s. and u.k. spy agencies as the worst offenders the text appeared in a german magazine it was sent to the editors from moscow of our encrypted channel
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covering that side of the story artie's peter all over more now on the leakers statement the spy can't be allowed to dictate our politics that's according to whistleblower edward snowden writing in the major german news weekly beagle he's put forward what he calls his manifesto for truth and which he condemns the security agencies around the world that have set out to smear not only him but also those journalists that have published his articles in various publications around the world he also saying that we need to stop this kind of spying culture that is taken over it's all part of a major. set of articles about edward snowden in this in the german paper it comes on the back of their support for edward snowden here in germany and in a massive increase we've seen that group of over fifty senior public figures calling for him actually to be to be granted asylum here in germany now the article
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it does say that something that perhaps the current german government wouldn't support because suggesting that some of the skeletons in their own closet could come out if there was any big investigation into just exactly what had gone on in terms of the n.s.a. spying program however among those fifty that say it snowden should should come to should be allowed to come to germany is one that says one senior former german politician saying edward snowden has done a great service to the western world and now it's up to us to help him so huge support for snowden and he's laying out his ideas right here in the german press. well as peter continues to thumb through that let's talk more about snowden's manifesto in the fallout of his revelations with sibel edmonds on the line ahead of the national security whistleblowers coalition other civil evening to you don't hear that report there bill is manifesto snowden is urging to uphold the law that
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limits surveillance of course his detractors will say hypocrite you broke the law in the first place by releasing those classified documents where you want this. well it is yes spose illegality and what we're seeing it's not only illegality limited it's all or worse what's happening in the united states illegality by really going all over the constitution and violating the americans' privacy when he has also exposed war on a while longer why the. united states government. or i get into that manifest that it's very important to all your viewers attention to all one aspect of this whole deal especially with the spying the united states buying all the european leader areas and also mexico south america everywhere everybody's talking about what has been happening in terms of and as they has been collecting
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information everybody is parking about what has been targeted all these people have been targeted whether it's desirable or holland or the president of mexico but what we don't have and grab is extremely important because that will be a tremendous what kind of reaction and action you know where to see these countries from these leaders is that her dad and there is extremely important you know that they have been yeah review for me should be not going to be highlighting what we don't know what kind of information our seen and what if you had one hundred police ample yet why be a part of the information they have gathered from the president of mexico if the oreck conversations or conversations with some top drug lords and assuring no immunity or why or why. our prime minister in france is ordering some child
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pornography you know these are hypothetical examples but this is not a very formation has not only so a lot that's why we don't really know what action. well many let us be our witnessing here what happens if somebody gives up what. i've been there see you are . tough and what happened as a result the united states government least i'm not the content of information change. but if you were president what a lot of eyes not a good points there but what snowden's outline the n.s.a. america's going to say britain's g c h q some of the the worst for spying on the public why those particular two countries what's their gripe we feel like why they need to know so much information about everybody else. well our. biggest reason and even united states has laughed me out because you know this is going to has been engaged in this for a long time because look at the f.b.i. in all the f.b.i.
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using the bible using you legally to latino information from second rate targets and he's ready elected officials and being ever destroyed the secret files that people elected official i'll be having kids were our you know katherine climbed in early two thousand in two thousand and expose the united states by and. under the united nations members what did you see what kind of reaction do you see nothing because you for me give me and i was faced how are not only at this time of use economical situation your business dealings or military feelings were also equalled by the united states government with the power to blackmail and that is something. that people should not underestimate how so for final thirty seconds thought if you had of the senate intelligence committee dianne feinstein sugru snowden or
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a true whistle blower he would have come to our same private wishful thinking. absolutely be had already. was all laura who had gone through those channels and why i had channels and also including the united states congress various investigative fire you ran and operated or up criminal government and we have not had is. in the united states where whistle or have to dust and has exposed illegality criminality waives pride and abuse and has seen as the result so much change just are part of changes in every single instance the whistleblower has again i heard she felt trapped and so did i not channel all we channel is the ugly channel as well as what laura's are exploiting her and clarify. the national security will supply always coalition mostly on the line. i'm coming your way when
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cash is king off the break u.k. artistic crash that left a liberal read the blind that now because of the great recession. i'm not i don't have many skillful i can sell a lot to beats the blue blood so and i'm feeling the economic pinch straight ahead . wealthy british style it's time to rise. to. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports.
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we speak your language. news programs and documentaries and spanish more matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angles kiddies stories. for you here. to try to alter the spanish find out more visit. tens of thousands of radians have gathered outside the former u.s. embassy in turan venting their anger at president rouhani is initiative to mend relations with washington the rally comes despite a statement from supreme leader ayatollah khomeini voicing his support for the diplomatic efforts aimed at ending the long running international standoff over iran's nuclear ambitions and ceremonies faced criticism from hardline opponents who
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say iran should not be seeking any compromise with what they see as a hostile power turan wants to have a crush economic sanctions against it lifted though and it has signaled its willingness to make concessions of its controversial nuclear program artie's pull scott investigates why these diplomatic overtures though are being so fiercely resisted. person rouhani is recent speech at the u.n. general assembly was said by many to represent a thory in relations between tehran and washington a sign that the iranian leadership is keen to initiate warmer ties with the global community but not everyone is king for this to happen while the hard line conservative protesters threw eggs at the president upon his return to tehran a malveaux was uncomfortable with the idea of increased diplomacy with washington have launched the first ever down with the usa contest the idea is to find the most creative and to us propaganda contestants are invited to submit photographs posters
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caricature poems hymns and blogs all relating to the slogan down with the usa over three thousand dollars are up for grabs for the winner there will be a prize for the best idea to mark the death of america which will renew the concept of death to america because of the arrogance of america the message is clear for as long as the u.s. policies are hostile to us we will continue to use the slogan. while the slogan first came to prominence during the one nine hundred seventy nine iranian revolution the u.s. backed government was overthrown and since. then it's been widely used by critics of washington those critics now fear a hollies willingness to reengage with the u.s. could undermine the revolution they also see no reason to start diplomacy with a country that for years has portrayed iran as the enemy and subject of the country to harsh economic sanctions over its nuclear program states like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil this administration has systematically
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imposed the toughest sanctions on iraq on iran ever the united states is not going to lift the sanctions until it is clear that a very very fireball accountable transparent process is in place despite efforts by the us government to suggest these sanctions aren't affecting the general population food clothes and even basic medicines have rocketed in price in recent years on the leadership's attempt to engage with washington has led to the american slogans and banners appearing all over tehran in recent weeks with rouhani demanding many be taken down and with talks over iran's nuclear program looming large later this week it's not just the international community president rouhani has to convince police got r.t. let's remind ourselves about the background here those sanctions against iran have been forced by the european union america and many other powers to the u.n.
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security council passed several resolutions adding to the measures they include bans on heavy arms supplies and nuclear technology the a user strictures meantime range from the gold trade oil imports and america has gone as far as well as an almost total embargo on energy products financial institutions and the aircraft parts all this than a script with iran's economy and cause the national currency to plummet one former advisor to iran's nuclear negotiating team told us why iranians however i'm not sold on iran is diplomatic initiative right now. there's a group in iran that is deeply suspicious of the united states based on is history of long standing animosity toward iran is there widespread perception in iran that the u.s. is engaged in a double speak toward iran on the one hand parking but a gauge manner of respecting iran's rights and on the other hand adopting a very inflexible and hard line negotiation a strategy that demands match concession from iran without expressing willingness
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to you know show. any flexibility on the issue of sanctions relief we have seen a statement by the top u.s. negotiator wendy sherman that the u.s. has not offered any tangible sanctions relief to iran at their last negotiation round in geneva and that should be very disheartening to many iranians who are looking for. concrete tangible signs of good faith to audio on by the united states just a minute reminder each and every day a web of great stories lined up online that may interest you like this one asian activists are fighting back against america's global online surveillance operations were reporting in indonesia a group now claiming to be part of international network anonymous brought their websites or scores of australian companies in revenge for the country's support of the n.s.a. or to read up more on it said r.t. dot com reporting it to us efforts to revive the israeli palestinian peace process
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if it another roadblock because television is now launched plans to build more settle homes in the west bank story round and round again the latest update on it can be found on our site. one province in eastern libya now wants to go it alone and indeed has declared itself an autonomous region the area that so to sixty percent of the country's oil production crucially has been blocking supplies since the summer alison expert on the middle east parlor a phony says tripoli is too weak to assert a unifying power over the rebels. central government in tripoli is not strong enough by itself to impose it throughly all over the country we have seen what happened to the prime minister of libya some weeks ago and in. libya it's a really total mess at the moment certainly in the syrian ike and area there are all draw. forces that are intervening from outside of libya so it wouldn't be
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surprised if the area would start looking east of southeast. in brief fresh protests have rocked several cities in bangladesh it's the latest twist of a political crisis that has divided the country ahead of forthcoming elections in january at least two people including a member of the youth wing of the opposition to be killed testers threw homemade bombs and torched cars calling the bangladeshi government to resign last week sixteen people died in a similar rally update now on a developing story we've been know talk about the last hour or so students now being evacuated from this university in connecticut the state university a state of emergency has been declared the alarms not yet specified exactly what's happening there but there were earlier reports of a masked man with a sword and a firearm on campus nearby schools have been put on lockdown and is no word those are saying of the shooter nothing exact in the way at the moment and place reportedly communicating with the suspect whoever contained in
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a dormitory they say keeping a close eye on. more news in this three people have been killed in a bus hijacking in western norway local media say the attacker a man in his fifty's was armed with a knife and has now been arrested. a crowd of up to eight thousand of rallied in moscow in a so-called russian march organized by the country's nationalists at least thirty people rested for wearing masks and shouting nazi slogans anti migrant anger has been fueled by the recent killing of a russian man by a migrant worker from central asia the instant spark violence across moscow in a clamp down on illegal immigrants. britons are still kratz may live in the serious home some of them anyway but all that splenda comes with some crushing maintenance bills of course and in some cases the raven undertake menial jobs to make ends meet artie's test facility one such breadline know when one speaks of the british aristocracy be traditional
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a landed gentry or a noble little what would imagine lavish lifestyles and grand estates as it would have been centuries ago but the reality today is not quite up to par as it would have been in the past. i'm on what we call her the job seeker's allowance so i have to support this market all almost single month allowance. so each of us gets five pounds a day my wife and i this isn't what one would expect to hear from an earl heir apparent to the market set of aylesbury the estate has been in the family for a thousand years but he's now in a fierce legal battle with the state's trustees with no access to his money but i have no money to heat the house there is the horten with us so when my wife and i want to wash we go down to the public both of them over the financial times reports high court cases of beneficiaries challenging trusts doubled from two thousand and ten to two thousand and twelve coinciding with the financial crisis the cost of
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looking after a large house is staggering on a yearly basis this stately home in norfolk was built in the late nineteenth century and while much of the state remains intact parts of it have been left to wreck and ruin and restoring it to its full glory could cost up to three million pounds add to that gas electricity water maintenance the list goes on around sixty percent of british historic homes are now open to the public views for various purposes such as weddings conferences and tours and this one in particular used to be used as a wedding venue and the reason for such diversification is to be able to generate some income for properties that are very expensive to keep going the reality is that the cost of maintaining these houses is so great and their stocks it tend to be a very asset rich but cash pull something that holds very true for this girl even finding a job that didn't quite work out for him because through his great unemployment
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because the recession. i'm not i don't have many skills that i can so i come across drive so i've had a few part time jobs as a driver. delivery driver van driver lorry driver i don't know what my peers think they must think. i shudder to think what they must think of what's going on. yes and it seems a title can only mean so much when cash is still king the debts are cilia are. the next news bulletin here just pay three minutes time a sort of thirty three minutes time next the people of this guess i can tell the time ask whether events in syria are changing the face of the middle east great program mind up it's called crosstalk and it's right after this break.
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arrangement free. three stooges free. moseley braun clothing video for your media projects a free media dog r.t. dot com. hello and welcome to cross talk all things considered i'm peter lavelle shifting sands and alliances advances and reversals outside military intervention and stalemate these are among some of the descriptions that apply to the middle east since the start of the arab spring what are we experiencing in this turbulent region the end of the colonial order that we'd.


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