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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  October 28, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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there's just too much rat is a society. that. think a classic. it was like the old if you if you did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy correct help us. to make you know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on and we go beyond identifying the truth rational debate and real discussion critical issues facing america ready to join the movement and welcome the big city. to launch amara in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight the big picture. fifteen million americans now
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live within one mile of a fracking well and things banks the dick cheney of those fracking wells are pretty much unregulated i'll tell you why in just a moment also the n.s.a. spying scandal is far from over news reports show that the agency collecting phone data from tens of millions of european citizens what needs to be done to keep america's surveillance state in check and income inequality is slowly but surely destroying our nation so what can we do to turn back the clock on thirty plus years or reaganomics and reboot the american dream i'll tell you tonight stories that. you need to know this we could be wait and see in the start of the next big public health crisis and thanks to dick cheney there is pretty much doubt that we can do
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about makes plain back in two thousand and five president excuse me vice president cheney. he was hard at work doing what he did best using his powers as the second most powerful man in the country to protect his cronies in the oil business is former employer halliburton wanted to start using a new drilling technique called hydraulic fracturing or fracking right here in the u.s. but the company faced a major road block in the form one thousand nine hundred seventy four law called the safe water drinking act that was signed by republican president gerald ford the environmental protection agency keep toxic chemicals from getting into americans drinking water cheney didn't care about public safety but he did care about halliburton's bottom line and they had been at the technology after all so he had congress carve out an exemption for fracking in the safe drinking water act thanks to that car about let's call it the halliburton loophole the e.p.a. cannot regulate fracking poisons even when they get into our water supply today
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eight years after cheney's giveaway to big oil fracking has become a huge part of the economy and it's become a huge part of the american landscape a new wall street journal report looked at eleven of the country's biggest energy producing states and found that at least fifteen point three million americans live within a mile of a well that has been drilled since two thousand that is more people than live in michigan or new york city in johnson county texas alone more than thirty nine hundred wells dot the county and some ninety nine and a half percent of its one hundred fifty thousand residents live within a mile of a well. that region is now basically one big drill site if nothing changes the dick cheney created fracking boom will continue to grow over the coming decades and the stakes couldn't be higher a recent investigation of western pennsylvania as fracking industry has found dangerous levels of radioactivity at drilling waste sites that normally would be
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seen at a licensed radioactive disposal facilities radioactive waste as a so. seated with fracking waste as if that wasn't bad enough the same study also found that radioactive water from fracking waste is leaking into the source of pittsburgh's drinking water but fracking isn't just bad for health it's bad for our planet as well another new study has found that hydraulic fracturing causes caused a slew of earthquakes in youngstown ohio between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and twelve earthquake and poison the water concerns of lead european countries like france and ball garia to ban fracking altogether france and area both have rich reserves of natural gas but unlike the united states they've decided to use the precautionary principle they're making the oil industry prove that fracking poses no public health risks before they let of crackers toxic chemicals into the ground but thanks to dick cheney and his halliburton loophole we here in the united states have done the exact opposite you and i are now the oil industry's
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guinea pigs in one big fracking experiment for more on this i'm joined now by josh fox activist and director of gas land and gas land to the movies and documentaries and thomas lindsay attorney and executive director of the community environmental legal defense fund cell def c.e.o. or josh thomas welcome to the program. so it's great to have both you with us just a quick question to both of you back in the day back in seventy nineties sir edmund burke those who forget history lessons are doomed to repeat them start with you. are we are we repeating for example the public health disasters of tobacco which we were warned about or. this which we were warned about. well this is really quite a new thing on the planet earth what we're witnessing here is a paradigm shift in energy development the foreseeable future means the end of
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conventional oil coal and gas that was the old paradigm so what the fossil fuel industry has done is shifted to what we call unconventional fuels and that means frack gas mountaintop removal for coal deepwater drilling for example in the gulf of mexico tar sands development the thing that's remarkable about unconventional fuels is they're incredibly destructive they're very toxic i refer to them as extreme energy it's not like skiing down a mountain it's like skiing straight down the empire state building extreme energy means that you're invading places all over the united states and indeed all over the world that there wasn't this type of drilling or development before so you have drilling and fracking going on in thirty four states you have frac sand mining going on and half a dozen others you have the keystone pipeline that threatens to cut right down the middle of the united states like like a scar that they would never heal you have tar sands development in northern canada you have the gulf of mexico that's been be felled by deep deep water drilling and the list goes on and on and so we're really all members of the front line
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communities now the fact that we've got you know fifteen million people living a mile or less away from a fracking well is probably the tip of the iceberg when you consider the fact that right now we have six thousand marcellus wells for example marcellus shale wells in pennsylvania and the projection is four hundred eighty thousand marcellus gas wells in pennsylvania alone one to two million new wells in the united states everyone right now is a member of a frontline community when you think about all the issues that i just mentioned with extreme energy and climate change as well as the fact that you've got people down river in new york city fifteen million people away from that per getting clean drinking water from a proposed fracking site in the upper delaware river basin in the new york city water shit it is not just those fifteen million people it is really the whole planet. yeah i got it thomas your thoughts on this is a public health disaster and what what can local communities do. we do we would
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agree with josh those just in colorado touring some of those areas that are under massive assault from the fracking corporations that one county has fourteen thousand permits that have been issued over the best eight months and so the assault on these communities is massive the question is what do we do about it i mean the data seems to be in thanks to josh and other post press united states are working on getting the harms of fracking out there but the question is really what do we do and unfortunately under the structure of law that we have in the united states unlike both areas some of these other countries that you mentioned that communities really have no power to stop that which they deem harmful within their own neighborhoods and so the new kind of activism really has to arise something that takes on the harm not just as a fracking issue but as a democracy issue that people in their community should be able to decide whether they're fracking happen or not unfortunately the fracking corporations have worked very hard to keep that decision out of communities hands as well as state
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governments which seem intent on fracking the heck out of everything in partnership with the fracking corporation they're doing business in their state and so what you see now across united states is communities saying well we're going to disobeyed that level of law we're not going to obey this concept that we shouldn't have control over what we do with our own communities and so a lot of places across the u.s. are starting to fight back and they're starting to fight back not in a way just to ban fracking which they have to do and to been doing for the past year or so but in addition to that actually seizing the authority with america communities to make decisions for themselves i think that heralds really a democratic movement towards local decision making in addition to just taking on fracking as a as a harmful activity with them. joshua play a clip from your gas land to move which. thoughts on this one here is. my name is josh fox it's been five years since the first proposal to drill sounds
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of gas wells came knocking at my door. with sounds of cases of water contamination air pollution and health problems across the u.s. it's not just the numbers to get you dizzy this is where we live this is our home there's only one problem guess industry tonight everything we have found no instance of hydraulic fracturing harming ground. was going to tell the story. they were it's true it's never underestimate the power of money it's scary when your own government is afraid of a business complaining about the price of gasoline to your pain and loss that someone. just your viewers as a premier about h.b.o. in july it's coming out in theaters next week next month what we're doing community screenings all across the country we just completed a forty five city tour of north america and europe and to get a screening in your community you can go to gasland the movie dot com and go to our screenings patient and order one or two so so that the question that you ask in the
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movie is who is going to tell the story is who's basically writing the contemporary history of fracking in the united states. we have about two minutes here i'd like to get your thoughts on that i'd like to thomas's details of what people can do what what success are you having in telling this story and are you getting pushback particularly in the national media that's running all these very expensive ads for how wonderful natural gas is. well here's the amazing thing because you have this assault all over the united states and all over the world you kind of have an equal and opposite reaction in pursuit of democracy you have a really a new environmental movement that's happening all across america all across the world it's astounding to witness when we did this tour we would see a thousand people in small towns up state new york or in pennsylvania come out and see the film and one night and talk amongst. and those people are very very active and doing a whole host of strategies in terms of getting their legislators on the hook to pay attention to this being very very savvy in terms of distributing information and
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also blockading these sites there's a blockade going on right now in new brunswick there's a blockade in the u.k. there are blockades in australia there are blockades right now in pennsylvania where citizens of a basically stood up and said listen you are foreign multinational corporations who are coming in to despoil our environment creating human rights violations we're not going we're not going to take it anymore thomas we have thirty seconds your thoughts on what communities can do and what sold off is doing well it's not a fraction problem it's a democracy problem this november you have places like oberlin ohio youngstown ohio . colorado where people given up hope on their elected officials to do anything and they've actually put initiatives on the ballot to ban fracking essential is a right not to be tracked a right not to be harmed by this. community local bills of rights in their community to take back control and i think that that's the new activism that just is referred to in some ways is that people have given up hope on the several
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government or the state government to do anything so they actually take the local level that yes that's great stuff thomas lindsey josh fox thank you both for being with us tonight thank you thanks for having me and join josh tomorrow evening at seven pm at on why so many new polls in upstate new york for a free lecture on his latest film the dangers of fracking. technology innovation and all the developments from around russia. the future covered. we're not saying to an active camp at guantanamo where patients are forced back in the aftermath of our strike never turned the world's attention to the place and
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then some job the gulag of our times. i would rather as questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question for. playing . let's.
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let. cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. in screw news on saturday thousands of people gathered here in the nation's capital to protest the net the n.s.a.'s mass surveillance program the rally was organized by the stop watching us coalition and at the steps of the capitol building or a statement from n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden was read meanwhile international outrage continues to
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grow over the revelations that the n.s.a. has snooped on the leaders of thirty five different countries and sucked out data for millions of phone calls in france germany brazil and spain german chancellor chancellor on the american who has spoken to president obama about reports that her personal phone was tapped and is called on the u.s. to rein in its spying programs and today the spanish government met with the u.s. ambassador in madrid to discuss reports of the n.s.a. gathered telephone data from over sixty million spanish citizens for more all this i'm joined by shai batar executive director of the bill of rights defense committee shahad welcome back back thanks but it's not great having you with the sort out with the rally on saturday. how did it go what happened it was great actually it was a very well attended very diverse crowd particularly reflective of the left right alliance that has emerged around electronic privacy and checks and balances issues
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at root in the n.s.a. scandal very broad coalition of co-sponsoring groups some great art great energy at the rally i think everybody left very eager to continue building the movement in all the different places that the participants came from i think night in the congressional visit the visitors center justin amash the republican from michigan that's right and you know there's a screening of it's a documentary terms and conditions may apply which is just recently released and speaks very well to these issues. indeed and how we're when we click that terms and conditions on websites and whatnot we're basically giving up our rights to privacy to these corporations which leads to the second question which is to what extent i mean you know ed snowden worked for a private company and he's allen hamilton which is owned largely by halliburton which at one point in time was owned in part by that by and by of all things the bin laden family and it was a very interesting you know when you put all that together you're bringing
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a kind of. so to what if seventy percent of the n.s.a.'s budget which is nobody knows for sure but i've heard that repeated in the in the media number of times is privatized right and we we've seen what's called per perverse incentives in the private prison industry for example with the private prison industry since lobbyists to lobby for to make drug laws harsher so that they get prisoners longer . is the to what extent is that are the excesses that are happening in this private spine industry the consequence of private businesses wanting to get more business i think it's predict entirely predictable i think that's certainly a significant factor of the problem and it takes me back to president eisenhower's departing address when he warned about a military industrial complex in the industrial interests that are embedded particularly in the surveillance regime. you can go back to two thousand and eight . when the telecommunications industry was very vocal in the congressional legislative process and successfully imposed essentially
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a condition on the pfizer bill that emerged out of congress that immunize the entire industry from claims from irate consumers customers justifiably upset that they had been spied upon by the same company they're giving money to to provide their telecommunications services among the internet companies there's been a pretty wide array of attitudes towards these issues twitter for instance has been very privacy protective where as you know microsoft was one of the first big tech companies to sign on to the prison program which edward snowden revealed one counterpoint to that though just to complicate the equation edward snowden of course is the whistleblower that blew the lid on this sordid enterprise that for you know a decade had been essentially obscured from the american public and he unlike tens of thousands of other people never swore an oath of office so it's ironic that the leak here would come from the very same security contractors who we would fear not having the same standards for instance in this case it just so happened that it was
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somebody outside the government enterprise somebody in the contractor class who had enough of a conscience to actually. do what any good american would do and warn the american people about the abuses being committed upon us in mass in secret with our own tax dollars saturday and sunday other than a brief visit by a friend on sunday evening i was you know basically at home working. deadline and you know i check the news periodicals just to see what's going on this is the business that i have and i saw no coverage on any network of what happened on saturday i'm sure it was there because i just like i said every hour or two i'd turn the t.v. on for five or ten minutes to scan the cable stations but i don't think n.b.c. did a decent job did they and most certainly were in the washington post and usa today and many international as you think you know if it had been five tea partiers it would have been wall to wall well what's interesting about this i think is two things a going back to the tea party piece of cheap. certainly is out in force on these privacy issues and so the fact that i think the rally was covered quite well reflects the media's sensitivity to an appreciation for that trance partisan voice
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that is emerging the second piece here and it goes back to the beginning of the snowden leaks it is profoundly ironic that it takes the international press to shame the american media into covering issues that it is long essentially overlooked right we've known about mass n.s.a. spying since december two thousand and five but we couldn't get anyone to cover it or investigate or do any stories about it and then here comes this contractor releases documents to whom not to the new york times not to the not to the chicago tribune but you had to go to the u.k. guardian to see it to get assurances that it would actually come out and i think that's quite telling about the state of press freedom in the united states or to commentary thanks so much for being with us they sort of always appreciate your perspective thanks. in other news since the dodd frank act was signed into law in twenty ten and wall street and its allies in washington have tried very hard to sabotage and for the most part they've succeeded as of september of this year roughly sixty percent of that laws rules still need to be finalized wall street has
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always had friends on capitol hill during the fight against dodd frank it's found a new weapon academia the big banks now have their own personal army of professors and economists academics who are paid to bash regulations in front of congress and banks to house republicans many of these banks are scholz don't even have to tell the truth about who's been a to attack dodd frank for more on this story i'm joined now from san francisco by investigative fund fellow at the nation institute author of the book the machine field guide to the resurgent right we welcome back. i knew i was going great and the brilliant new piece here in the nation about about how basically academics for sale i mean i get on it's are supposed to sit in libraries doing research what are they doing shilling for wall street on capitol hill. well tom sponsor research is a big part of any washington lobbying campaign it always helps to have a very friendly or sympathetic surrogate rather than putting
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a lobbyist or you know a c.e.o. in front of policymakers it's better to have an academic but dodd frank creates unique incentives for academics to come out and really influence these regulations because as you mentioned much of the law still has not been implemented and regulators have a big role to play when interacting with lawmakers regulators one of the most influential of these wall street academics is a guy named todd's awaking he's a professor at george mason law school how to get involved shilling for wall street and it's his experience typical of other wall street shills and or is it even inappropriate to use a word like shells that might be considered derogatory. or types of what he is buying to be the biggest critic of the consumer financial protection agency the new agency set up by frank he's criticized elizabeth warren he attacks regulations on payday lenders on overdraft fees on medical bankruptcies published
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many different studies pushing his point of view and many bank and consumer loan groups when they're interacting with the c.f.a. be they often science is where the problem however is that misters i would he he never get any of his advocacy discloses that his other job in addition to being a professor at the george mason school of law is a director at a consulting firm that specializes in helping big banks find professors to influence different regulations in addition last summer he was hired by one of these debt relief firms one of these very scary firms that promise people debt relief and charge big upfront fees but then don't do actually don't do anything. and they're paying him five hundred dollars an hour so these are potential conflicts of interest that he has not disk. well you know writing for the wall street journal or interacting with regulators but the tremendous thing about mr zoe is that he's not unique other many different professors who act in
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a very similar manner and they come from all different types of universities from columbia and stanford to various state schools like university of maryland is there any serious effort to change this to. that they figured out better shows but there's no there's no requirement that these folks disclose when they're speaking to regulators are coming on capitol hill the only disclosure form. for folks who testified on capitol hill only asked if an academic or any other expert witness has received an earmark and so you see these these professors who are receiving these hundreds of thousands of dollars and fees from big banks coming up and leaving their their disclosure forms empty because
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they haven't received earmarks they've received money from the private sector amazing relief on thanks so much for what you know. thank you for having me. thank. you. crazy alert. you got. this is a try to satisfy our love for those sweet and savory strips of greasy goodness with everything from bacon lollipops to bacon so one company even came out with bacon condoms are over this year but now for the bacon lover who has everything else bacon scented text message notifications that's right a new smartphone plug in accessory can release
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a path of that sweet bacon aroma every time you get a text message according to gadget the technology attaches to headphones sockets in both i phones and android smartphones and when told to by the companion app releases a burst of fragrance paired with a customizable l.e.d. light in other news smartphones by dogs that suddenly spike across the country. coming up from household cleaning products to children's toys dangerous chemicals are lurking in hundreds of consumer products on the market today why are a lot of makers in washington letting american consumers be exposed to these chemicals and how is a group of stroller wielding trying to change. led
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missions priests accreditation priests nuns court judges is free. range means free. free spirits free. old free blogs just plug in video for your media projects a free media don carty dot com. please please. please. please on your show coming along the bank of new knowledge base i'm sure you know about please.
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plumber. pleasure to have you with us here on our team today i roll researcher at least six . i know that. aside. i'm big. kind of thing to. do and the banks all that all about money and i'm fascinated that for a politician to write a law. that. there's just too but. today's. that. i think. it would like to do if you did you know the price is the only
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industry specifically mention in the constitution which says that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy. there are no i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on and we go beyond identifying the truth rational debate and real discussion critical issues facing america ready to join the movement then welcome to the big three. go back to the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour lawmakers in washington are putting their wallets ahead of their health and your health and safety why are dangerous and toxic chemicals a lot in consumer products and how is one group of stroller pushing moms trying to change that and the republican candidate for mayor of new york city thinks that
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a lack of income inequality in america is no big deal than be more wrong how is this nation startling lack of income inequality crippling our economy and what can be done to make america a level playing field once again. in the best of the rest of the news tomorrow hundreds of parents children cancer survivors and celebrities will be in our nation's capital for a stroller brigade on capitol hill participants in the stroller brigade will be calling on congress to protect families by introducing and passing meaningful toxic chemical reform laws toxic chemicals which have been linked to cancer birth defects and other serious health issues are found in a wide. variety of consumer products like household cleaners and and children's products yet washington has repeatedly failed to protect american consumers from
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their harms joining me now to talk more about tomorrow's stroller brigade and the importance of introducing meaningful chemical reform laws are jennifer beals actress and activist and the gracious executive director of safer chemicals healthy families jennifer welcome thank you great to have you with us. first jennifer the stroller brigade tell us about this what it what is this how did it come about and how did you get involved with well it's a group of hundreds of parents coming together to urge congress to enact stronger laws regulating toxic chemicals and for me i just grew tired of feeling like i needed to have a ph d. in toxicology in order to be a competent parent and i started to realize that the toxic substance control act really was not a meaningful piece of legislation and that we needed to reform the law and so i wanted to be here to help support that do you think or did you get a sense that there might be an association between this explosion in childhood
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illnesses and conditions from autism to cancers and what's in our environment is that is that it was already one of the absolutely i mean i i from the things that i've read the rates of leukemia pediatric leukemia have have gone up in ways that are not clearly associated with any kind of genetic reasons there's you know the rates of autism the rates of asthma a.d.h. d. all kinds of childhood illnesses that have have gone out that can't be explained just through genetics and and for me as a parent i'm i want to make sure that the law protects everyone i want to make sure that it protects pregnant women children and vulnerable communities and right now the chemical safety improvement act doesn't do that and i think we need to take that. that extra step to protect everybody and what what are the issues what are
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the chemicals were or where are these things are we talking about detergents are we talking about paint on toys or are all of the above its are all of the above and the chemicals that are exposed to it. in the workplace or in your community chemicals that can get into the drinking water get into the air but the most unregulated areas are actually the chemicals in the consumer products that you bring into your home and it's not just the things you think of when you think of chemicals like the church and but couch cushions that have been soaked with toxic flame retardants that now show up in every nursing mothers breast milk chemicals that didn't exist forty years ago so that's the kind of thing we're talking about and there's no federal system to really look at all of that and make sure that it is adding up to something that isn't causing these diseases that is healthy that is ok so you both have known toxic chemicals that make their way into these products and you have the vast majority of chemicals where their health effects have never really been studied and yet they get to be used in products we bring into our homes
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so reform is to tackle both problems and i think you know for me for the most part i i know that i'm in this and be able position of being able to shop around my way around certain problems but then you know there's a time when our children go to school and we don't necessarily have control over what cleaning products they use we don't necessarily have the kind of control that we would like to make sure that they there are no artificial turf fields with the rubber that's made out of repurposed tires and so for me i would really want to see some kind of legislation that would protect children when they're out of the you know site of their parents like you mentioned the existing laws that law full of holes because the united states has basically never followed the precautionary principle that we've always followed kind of the libertarian strategy of which will people die and then the market will fix itself or is it because there were holes. intentionally when it was put in. intentionally but i know that most americans
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don't even know what the principle is right here right and you know the law that was supposed to take care of this impasse in the seventy's really is the one of the original environmental laws that did things like the clean air act. but this is the one that never got off the ground it never had a heyday you know that the clean air act the clean water act they all have made a big difference there's debates about how aggressively we can implement them and cetera but they released on something but the toxic substance control like it never really worked and the idea is to have a new reform and there's one in congress now that would finally fix these problems but the one that's before congress right now would repeat the same mistakes and so you'd have a name only and you'd still basically have chemicals not being regulated to protect public health and that's what we're here to focus on. i think the chemical industry has had. too much influence over the process the the legislation is. skewed in their favor there's
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a lot of their favorite phrases about science and other things there are in the legislation there are new opportunities provided for them to sue e.p.a. there are new restrictions put on states the states are the place that we have had success in the last thirty years in actually tackling toxic tackling toxic chemicals california washington made some other states and so we're trying to work the message of the stroller brigade is we do want reform we do want it to be bipartisan or to get something done but it has to be meaningful has to work backwards from what the doctors and the scientists have said is meaningful reform jennifer you're meeting with members of congress tell me. what i am what i message the message is that i would like to see meaningful change. and and i want to see again pregnant women children vulnerable communities protected and that's in the chemical safety improvement act doesn't do that right now so you and a group of people are essentially becoming citizen lobbyists yes it's working yes
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and i think what people in the beltway don't understand is that you know there are a lot of parents out there and it's a bipartisan group that deeply care about their children that deeply care about future generations and you know no one's profit margin can justify harming children . very well said andy do you see a solution to this in the minute we have left here do you see you know is there for example specific proposed legislation or are you trying to mitigate the harms that are in the waters you know there's there's a bill before congress the chemical safety improvement act it's in the senate environment committee and the fixes that would be needed to make it meaningful and truly protective of public health are very clear and a group of folks have articulated them not just us but the pediatricians and obstetricians and gynecologists medical and scientific organizations and we're confident that. if they really want to do this how to do it is pretty clear and senator boxer who chairs that committee is negotiating to try to make that happen
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right now so we're reasonably hopeful great it's great to have you both with us and i wish you such good luck i mean this is a this is a major undertaking you're taking on a multibillion dollar industry it's cruise you know it is it really is it jennifer beals indeed gracious gracious thank you and for more information go to safer chemicals. it's the good the bad in the very very pot belly ugly ugly they're good. right now as treasurer is trying to get her state's public pension plans to pull out of from two big venture capital firms wells bring capital partners and some apartments and hold stakes in gun distributors her office says that divest gun
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distributors in the pension portfolio is a priority for the treasurer she believes we owe it to one another to do everything we can to keep our neighborhoods and our schools safe for all our children and their families will do anything it can to block new gun control laws in the meantime leave more people like treasurer to fight back against the gun industry's many headed monster the bad betsy mccaughey during a recent appearance on meghan ryan's fox so-called news show the conservative commentator blasted obamacare for cutting seven hundred billion from medicare mitt romney is recycled why check it out. this law as written is designed to vastly expand medicaid and pay for it by eve this rating medicare taking so. one hundred billion dollars out of medicare and moving it over to fund this expansion of this in title minutes like robbing grandma to spread the wealth why would they want to
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ignore the ridiculous irony of so-called news trying to defend medicare for a minute and consider how full of it mccoy really is obamacare does not cut grandma's medicare benefits that the laws specifically prevents the government from doing so only people who will see any medicare changes under obamacare are doctors and insurance companies is the law changes how the government pays them for treating medicare patients as usual old fox them it's commentators and once pushing an agenda and recording factors and the very very ugly brant bozell in a recent column for townhall dot com the media research center president blasted the entertainment industry for quote having too many gay characters on t.v. and quote a calling the rise of gay t.v. stars propaganda it was all complained that gay characters never face any real opposition to the gay agenda these so-called inclusive programs there's no measure of orthodox religious inclusion and no real debates the victory of the left is
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assumed without thinking this is just insane there is no debate about the gay agenda there is no gay agenda other than hate tritos the same as everybody else the opposition that bozell is talking about is just narrow minded bigotry sure it would be realistic for t.v. executives to write story lines that show gay americans struggling with homophobia that was always started about he wants t.v. executives to treat homosexuality like it's some sort of choice and that is very for. coming up big gap between the rich and the poor in america is the largest it's ever been with four hundred americans only more money more wealth than the bottom one hundred fifty million americans combined so what can be done to address what economists are calling the greatest issue facing america today.
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well. science technology innovation all the least a melamine stuff from around russia we've got the future covered. and. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question for.
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we're not psyched to an active camp at guantanamo where patients are forced that the month after a massive hunger strike never turned the world's attention to the place that sometimes gulag of our time. wealthy british style. is no time to write a. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into khan's report. so sometimes you know what you know and sometimes you know what you don't know and
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sometimes as far as i theater says if anything you know is wrong and i don't think you're wrong if you want me or your right. to say things that you're. really mean you know is wrong some people other perma culture is a type of environmental design that helps sustain a bowl helps develop a sustainable architecture architecture based on real living natural ecosystems but did you know there are three core tenants of perma culture and that anyone can take part in from a culture so if you think the protocol chair is just a trendy way to go green everything you know is wrong joining me now to talk more about the powers of her a culture is nick. from a culture manager with the hunter school i should add that the schools a charity that the reason i started over thirty years ago and then a fundraising drive right now would like more information their website is hunter school dot org and the phone number is eight hundred eight nine seven eighty three fifty eight nick welcome. they surely come thanks for joining us what's the
10:46 pm
importance of perma cultural practices and how you know what are you all doing with burma culturally there at the higher school. in your britain not only there. but who we are we're part of a program who are organic to minimise our use of g.m.o. and pesticides in our products. as well as recycling. disposing of our waste responsibly and reusing those ways as much as possible while so you've got a perma cultural program there that's growing food for the kids right. yeah yeah tell us about it yeah we are i'm sorry. please tell us about it. oh it's a great way to get the kids involved in growing their own food so they aren't just
10:47 pm
thinking that it's coming from the supermarket. they're actually getting hands on experience in creating garden beds creating regain the food that it's healthy for them in healthy. element that's great and what are some simple everyday perma cultural practices that everybody can get involved with. i mean one is recycling i'm pretty sure there are a lot of people who do not beat days another good one is composting your. and paper products another one great one to reduce your use of. plastic bag. and grass clippings and using them for mulch around your house or in your garden beds or as much as you can right and what are you what are you doing over the next six months of the year as you know winter comes and then spring
10:48 pm
begins for the pro culture program there at hunter school. will for the most part i'll be doing whatever i can around the school made of that be. shoveling snow painting something but around january and the january will be starting seeds in the classrooms and in cold frames and then march will start to put those into low tunnels which is like a greenhouse for a garden bed that gets the soil ready for you to play with and a little bit earlier. marvelous work nick thanks so much for being with us and keep up the great work. i mean thank you now everything you know about permaculture is right and please help the one hundred school by donating it's tax deductible charity at eight hundred eighty nine seven eighty three fifty eight. eight other news some of our nation's largest retailers see genetically engineered
10:49 pm
salmon as a bad idea but the state of south dakota only sees dollar signs huge chains like target and traders joes have refused to sell the biotech fish in their stores because of consumer concerns but south dakota state university is helping to cover up health and environmental risks or so it seems the fish was developed by a company called aqua bounty technologies which is partnered with the university to conduct field trials of the genetically engineered salmon united states fish and wildlife services blocked those trials until the fish are determined to be safe but the food and drug administration is already considering approval and they're using research conducted by the company that engineer the fish to make their final decision the public advocacy group food and water watch as tried to get their hands on the controversial scientific research but so far they've been blocked from informing the public food and water watch has filed a legal complaint to gain access to the support and research and they're urging the
10:50 pm
f.d.a. to keep genetically modified fish off our tables and out of our food supply. a lack of income inequality also known as income any. quality is one of the biggest issues facing america today but don't tell that to joe lhota lota the former chairman of the new york metropolitan transit authority and current new york city republican mayor a candidate doesn't think the income inequality is a problem at all the big apple even though the problem is staring him right in the face and said he sees morning joe friday when asked by sam stein if income inequality in new york city was
10:51 pm
a problem they had this to say. because it was divisive to talk about inequality but the youths think it's a problem too no i don't think it's a problem you said those that exist it exists i don't think it's a problem in reality a lack of income inequality is a huge problem in new york city the latest census data reveals that while the economy is still recovering and since two thousand it's great recession the poverty rate new york city increased to twenty one point two percent of households last year from twenty point one percent in two thousand and ten and the gap between that city's poorest fifth of residents and wealthiest fifth was around fifty fold in two thousand and twelve one of the largest gaps in the nation unfortunately a lack of income inequality isn't just a problem or a lack of income inequality excuse me isn't just a problem in new york city it's a problem all across the nation as yale university economist robert shiller put it the most improper important problem we are facing today is rising inequality in the
10:52 pm
united states and elsewhere in the world today the four hundred richest americans own more wealth than the bottom one hundred fifty million of us combined and according to the brilliant film inequality for all narrated by former secretary of labor robert reich the wealth gap in the u.s. today is as wide as it was in one nine hundred twenty eight just before the great depression. the wealthiest one percent of americans now own more than thirty five percent of america's wealth all the bottom half of all americans own just two and a half percent of our country's wealth. over the past fifteen years the annual income of the typical american household has fallen nine percent meanwhile since the great recession ended in two thousand and nine incomes have grown for only four percent. excuse me by only four percent for the bottom ninety nine percent of americans but climb by more than thirty one percent for the top one percent of
10:53 pm
americans while the gap between the nation's rich and poor may be the widest it's ever been it hasn't come out of nowhere america's lack of income inequality has been steadily increasing over the past thirty five years and it really began to explode during the reagan presidency john vorhees a graduate student of the university of oregon has put together a stunning visualization of how the lack of income inequality has grown in the united states since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven red means higher levels of inequality of income inequality in the state whereas green means higher levels of income inequality back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven much of the united states was red meaning the income was pretty much the same all across the nation and as time goes on more and more states become green particularly in the one nine hundred eighty s. and as of last year most states had very high levels of inequality low levels of him equality. thanks to these record low levels of income equality our country is
10:54 pm
suffering from a host of other issues too as richard wilkinson and kate pickett point out their brilliant book the spirit level on their website income equality income equality dot org u.k. countries with a higher levels of inequality have more health and social problems as well this includes things like higher levels of teenage pregnancy higher levels of obesity and increased risk of mental illness more violent crime a higher infant mortality rate higher rates of incarceration lower levels of social mobility and a lower life expectancy all of these health and social problems are reduced when income inequality is greater or when income inequality is reduced so what can we do to reduce the record high levels of income inequality in america and create a more level playing field. first despite what republicans in washington may say we need to strengthen and expand our social safety net programs or not do away with
10:55 pm
them like paul ryan wants to do with his budget americans who are living on the edge need some bootstraps to pull themselves up programs like medicaid and food stamps are essential because they provide those bootstraps and help people get back on their feet next we need need to invest more in education so young people can succeed when the end of the work place and so they're not saddled with debt for the first ten or twenty years of their lives right now the united states ranks seventeenth in the world among developed countries when it comes to overall education and twenty fifth in math math and science that's really really bad but i also need to tackle the loopholes that make our tax system favor the rich and roll back the reagan tax cuts that caused this whole income inequality explosion in the first place that way america's wealthiest citizens would once again pay their fair share and do their part to support the american economy. and we also need to start making corporations pay their fair share of taxes to quarter of our most profitable corporations pay nothing in taxes we can't let giant transnational corporations
10:56 pm
make billions in profit all pain in many cases literally nothing in income taxes. next we need to bring back to america the tens of millions of jobs that have been shipped overseas since the beginning of reaganomics to make this work our nation's trade policies have to change no more so-called free trade deals like nafta calf to shaft and the transpacific partnership finally a business model of depends on screwing over workers with pay that's so low that their workers qualify for food stamps and medicaid that needs to be done away with . if we just raise the minimum wage from seven twenty five words been since two thousand and nine to what it was nine hundred sixty eight ten dollars and twenty five cents in today's dollars we would instantly begin the process of rebuilding our middle class and closing the gap between the very rich and the very poor minimum wage of twelve dollars an hour we're doing even better job of moving us in the right direction income inequality is
10:57 pm
a huge problem in america but fortunately there's a variety of things that can and should be done to fight it it's time to again level the american playing field so that all americans have a chance to succeed. and that's the way it is tonight monday october twenty eighth two thousand and thirteen don't forget if you have a question or comment send us your video questions for our your take my take live segment this grab your phone flip it around at yourself at the record button and e-mail your video question to your take my take. and no forget from actually begins when you get out there get active your.
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cross talk rules and if they've got these you can jump in anytime you want. last time was a new alert animation scripts scare me
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a little the end. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news the way. the alexander family cry tears of joy at a grave things other that there has to be adequate regard in a court of war zone the only liar there's a story made sort of movie is playing out in real life. i'm the president and this is a society that i'm big corporation kind of thing to. do and the banks are trying to get all this all about money and i was actually sick for a politician right the last and it's. something. there's
11:00 pm
just too much this is a society. that. larry king the reigning queen of a lot bob gloria estefan on staying in the spotlight but out of the job we speak very loudly still of anybody just looked at as you might think were arguing but you know the cubans were very passionate sounding all the little on all of that it's great that our country has built in protections so you can't just come in and change everything but at the same time oh my lord it's so hard to get anything passed plus he was on the phone with his brother in miami was reading the front page of the herald that said gloria i mean your stepson have the world in their hands and as he's saying these words boom explosion all next on larry king now.


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