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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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crossing the phone line in washington is accused of topping the very top in germany's snooping on chancellor merkel herself and lynn demands immediate answers . the secrets of the detainees are safe with the wardens and all seek for explosives gone tunnel obey were sparkling clean rooms and nutritious contrast to that so what inmates claimed they experienced fast and. you're seeing what there is just to see you know our report censored by the u.s. military's coming out in a few minutes. on the lives of rule of the darkness see where is recovering after an alleged strike on a gas pipeline knocked the power out across much of the country while rebels launch a major our time on the capital. the price of crude. here.
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are three reports from the devastated syrian city of root and every day battlefield four families who refused to leave their homes. news for russia and around the while this is a party with me you know shabaab our thanks for joining us this scandal a round on occasions the u.s. is spying on its european allies is snowballing with germany becoming the second country this week demanding explanation from washington a fresh way will indignation was sponsored by claims the n.s.a. was monitoring the phone conversations of trancelike angle america herself she said i want to reports now on the potential consequences if the grave breach of trust is pervan between its close allies. the statement from the foreign ministry that
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alerted us that the german the us ambassador to germany had been summoned stress the fact that foreign minister vesta velour would be meeting with him in person now usually a junior diplomat would have taken a meeting like this but the german side wanting to get to the bottom of these allegations is as quickly as possible now this follows up a phone call from angle of merkel directly to barack obama on wednesday after the news broke that perhaps the united states had been listening into the personal phone calls of the german chancellor now a spokesperson for i'm glad merkel said that if this turned out it had happened it would be completely unacceptable and said that angela merkel wanted an immediate and comprehensive response from the united states from the u.s. side where the white house issued a statement saying that the u.s. was not listening into angela merkel's phone and had no intention to do it in the future we have seen action starting to take place over the n.s.a.
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spying revelations that have come out following edward snowden's leaks of course it started off as just demonstrations all across europe with some demonstrations here in berlin but we're now starting to see real developments the european parliament suspended the swift accord with the united states know what the swift agreement was as it shared banking data between the united states and the e.u. it was supposed to allow investigators to see if money was being used from e.u. accounts to help fund terrorism also the european parliament has said well they've tried to put in place some tougher laws on data sharing with the with the united states and also told member states to put in place their their own. their own precautions to try and plug holes in what seems to be a very leaky ship of data here in europe with all of that that leakage heading towards the united states now it's also starting to put a real dampener on potentially multi billion dollar trade deal between the e.u. and the united states. and we'll bring you more expert opinion on the fallout from
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the u.s. snooping scandal later this hour as we talk to the executive director of open rights group. the n.s.a. revelations have had on a business communities the focus of today's kaiser report and he's in it oh and let's listen to it relations kill i.b.m. hardware sales in china wednesday evening it was i.b.m.'s turn to confess that its hardware sales in china had simply collapsed every word was colored by edward snowden's revelation about the n.s.a.'s hand in glove collaboration with american tech companies from start ups to massive ons like i.b.m. well this is interesting because it shows the commercial impact of the spying scandal ultimately the idea that spying is making people more secure is going to backfire because comparatively america is crashing and won't have any money at all
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to buy even a slingshot much less a cruise missile because no foreign government will do business with them and china of course has trillions of dollars in reserves and like warren buffett brought bought into i.b.m. at the high one seventy's he had a nice run now it's back to what he paid for he famously says things that he understands they weren't you understand corporate espionage. one of the world's most headline grabbing prisons gone tanabe has no knowledge to the times when reporters and our secret decided to check for itself on what life was really like that and to see churkin his report has been censored by con thomas . transparency is a word repeated by u.s. officials working at guantanamo like a mantra by those few who are comfortable speaking on camera you see the conditions under which the detainees live you get to talk to the people who are responsible
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for garner we make it is transparent as possible and those preferring to remain on identifiable like the majority of officials we were permitted to speak to every week we get media like yourself international media or local media or whatever and they're welcome to come you know we tell them what we have any journalists workflow at guantanamo starts with a mandatory introduction to media rules the so-called operation security briefing the material that you guys are gathering to make sure that it abides by our policy here even though transparency is a word brought out by all the personnel we talked to on the ground we as journalists access to detainees aside are asked to be very careful about the shots we filmed all the backdrops and at the end of each day videos are reviewed and any shots deemed unacceptable are deleted this one will be ok because palm trees are not too controversial remind you of any frowned upon seaward like censorship it's in this series the program established to. program accomplished
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within the group regularly sorry old video and audio recordings and even sketches are carefully studied cellphones are banned from camps we're not supposed to put anything on facebook or anything like that or you know even worry about talking about it over the you know anything over the phone the said purpose of these ground rules to protect the safety and security of getting the operations the detainees you know they get their vision so we try to photograph them down we are warned violations of media ground rules may result in restricted access denial of future visits and or removal from guantanamo bay. people just kind of mislabeled it and they have called it a call for bia just not leading. giving the true picture i mean the only people who knows what goes on get more is under the twenty's and getting the detainees side of what goes on to get most apparently just couldn't be done after an extensive explanation of how exactly we are to film the prisoners the amount of detainee face time we get a total of one minute and five seconds through
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a dark glass window the reason we're given out of respect for them and not using them as as you know. you know. making them some kind of curiosity you know on film a thing like that we don't want to do that despite our requests to not even film but at least witness more real prison or life a high ranking guantanamo admiral convinces us that we actually have a lot more access than we think you're seeing what there is to to see you know. given the amount of time that you have here to to see if we are as transparent as possible after one minute glimpse at one detainee our schedule is in fact all booked up i think i mean they they were taken to the detention camp kitchen to witness how well things were on their wilson's we're not really being allowed to close to the detainees this might be the closest glimpse of their life we might be getting today we're being told the that these are the meals that they're offered on
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a daily basis. we're also taken to the only local radio station all made up like zombies in the audience military personnel serving at the base do you do any news related to the time of detention camp. why not leave that to public media because you know there's enough journalists over there covering that music sports and talk radio pure infotainment rains here. and so we learn there we're not the only ones simply being treated to a show and party one tunnel bay cuba. that reporter is available on our website it's also part of our special series on gun tunnel day which is airing weekly here on r.c. . let's now go back to our top story this hour and the growing outrage in your op over the u.s. allegedly spying on its allies let's now go live to london and talk to jim kellogg
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he's the executive director of open rights group and i was an organization aiming at raising awareness of additional rights and civil liberties mr killick welcome to r.t. is good to have you with us so what do you expect from the e.u. leaders following the latest wave of damning regulations regarding the u.s. snooping will we hear any words of condemnation of their summit which is already underway actually. well condemnation is one thing but action is another so we need to see some real things happen here and you would have the european parliament say we want the you to you are to stop sharing bank information with the united states they could do the same around airplane information. number of agreements that europe has for sharing information with the states never mind all this sharing that we didn't know
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about this project was going on that we did know about it some of which is now turned out to be very very suspect the americans appear to have broken the rules but we don't actually have any action we haven't actually got european leaders saying we're going to stop this and we're going to make sure that this data simply isn't shared anymore right but it would also be you as any other country russia for instance exposed of such mass scale surveillance abroad would the reaction be any different. well i think i think i'm not quite sure whether. any particular state is doing. worse than the united states but i do think that the united states and the united kingdom have a particular responsibility here. all of the countries that are have co-operative agreements with the states should be revising them because the united states is in a particular position of power and that's not just because it's rich and powerful
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it's also because all our data lives in the states so they have a lot more power over individual privacy they have all of these opportunities to spy on people and they've got extremely lax laws and we're unable to challenge those from abroad so i think united states has a particular role to play in cleaning up its own act but so does the united kingdom europe's a place where rights can be protected the of the legal frameworks so let's see the european leaders stand up and do something significant and actually stop these states sharing agreements or rights and as you say germany or germany early expressed anger not only over americans but also britons spying what is london's position in this potential standoff between washington and those e.u. countries that want its surveillance stopped. well i think obviously the germans say they've got a particular history and they know the effect of mass surveillance they know that
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it's dangerous and can be abused so it's very important that they're standing up and making sure that rights are in force and it is outrageous whether it's you know we're. not the only top level politicians who have been spied on we suspect that the belgacom hacking that took place means that european members of parliament had their data looked out and their e-mails may have been deceptive and phone calls . but equally we know by instance before the mexican president was elected you know just to mention a few and there's probably a pile more of these incidents to be find out about and are revealed as a result of edward snowden's papers that are in glenn greenwald's hands so i suspect we'll hear more and it is wrong you know you can't just spy on your top level politicians for your own domestic needs that is outrageous it is a breach of trust and also of respect for other people's democratic choices
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right and of course the good is taking some measures to protect its citizens from from spying and measures like let me tell you care the new data protection legislation this pension of this swift agreement do you think that will be enough. so the swift agreement hasn't been suspended yet we need to see actually you know the european parliament has called for it but it hasn't happened yet the data protection. regulation has been amended by the european parliament but we may find all of the measures to try to protect us get thrown out by the member states which of course include the u.k. so we don't know we haven't really seen any firm action yet we've just seen a lot of people complaining i think were more heartening thing is that there are a lot of people who are angry we've got people who've been processing on the streets in places like germany it was an election issue in germany so i think they are much more right at the moment i'm more interested in what people are doing and
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what the politicians are doing who i think are making more noise than really focusing on the things that they could be doing but you know maybe we'll see some action and i certainly hope we do right and interesting that we're seeing right now what we're seeing right now it's a massive breach of trust between washington and its allies do you think that common interests oh we'll weigh the upset over this spying or won't. ok again and they think i'm dumb to stop i'm just saying that we're seeing a serious breach of trust between washington and its allies is it possible that their common interests well over way they're upset over this spying or we won't be able to see it. well i think there will of course be efforts to rebuild trust but this isn't just about
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trust between nations it's about trust between the citizens of these countries and the governments of other countries do you really think that german citizens or french citizens who've had so much of their data accessed and stolen by the united states government do you really think that those citizens are going to continue to trust the united states government so i don't think they will so i i don't think it matters so much if the german government or the french government try to paper up relations with the united states i don't think that's quite as significant as what these populations think and want to see done i think that all manner of far far more in the long run because what we're seeing is everyone now thinking about the united states as basically being a spy state something that takes all of our data and moans about everybody as much as they can for their own economic reasons more than anything else for economic reasons and for political reasons not anything to do with terrorism or that's how they justify it right jim the executive director of the open rights group live
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from london mr killick thank you very much indeed we appreciate it still ahead for you this hour a real. begged the f.b.i. investigates a russian diplomat believed to be a recruiting walls it leaves most hope because a lot of the cold war era allegations that officials say have nothing to do with the reality. of the break. the media leave us so we leave the media. by the see bush and see your. play your
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party there's a good. shoes that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. politic you. are. going to take three. three. three. three. three. three blog video for your media. free media r t dot com. hello again this is all see you live from moscow let's move on. syria is recovering from an almost nationwide blackout of the night when a huge chunk of the country including the capital was left without an atrocity for
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several hours the power outage reportedly followed by a rebel attack on damascus was blamed on a strike on a kid gas pipeline ali this correspondent told us here trying to sort through the lines of the night. capital city damascus was plunged into darkness there were also huge parts of aleppo in the north and the west of the country that were in blackout after rebels hit a gas pipeline not far from damascus that supplies power to the south of the country by all accounts this does seem as if it was a well planned orchestrates an effort that had been in the making for quite some time there was also a military checkpoint in the west that came under fire there were casualties there there was also a church in the town of dumas that was bombed this is in addition to the two main squares in damascus these are the squares of my yard and other c.n.n. and they were also hit by mortar shells not i visited the town of young quarters on
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the front line from where i filed this report. and this is young walk south damascus ten months ago it was home to one point two million palestinians today ten percent remain the price of room discounts acuteness here where it's divided families and put her brother against brother. lee betrayed we cannot trust them anymore eight days ago abu movie and his wife came home for ten long months they'd lived on the streets not once giving up the hope they'd return this is one way to be and the will come we are coming to kill you bashar scribbled on the walls. whatever happens i will not leave my house again i would like to destroy the walls and build them again he could not be worse than this for one year syria's palestinians managed to stay out of the conflict but the infiltration of foreign
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fighters with big dreams and even bigger promises of money forced the residents of young men to choose sides and take up arms against people they know their whole lives. from friends fighting on the. this right here are not friends anymore the ones that displaced us from our houses and destroyed our homes are not our friends. with. more each day a bomb we leaves to fight them but not before he stuck furniture high against the windows to protect his family from snipers life inside these bullet little boys is as dangerous as it is outside his two sons as vulnerable as their mother every time the father walks out the door but it's always a painful favor all movie carefully helps her husband prepare for battle she knows he needs to go but each time he leaves behind the same an onset question.
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every day when he says goodbye i wonder if you will come back on not like when he got injured he didn't come back i want to find him in hospital there are a lot of men like him and women like me but not a lot of fighters have bought their families back to. the snipers are in shooting range and three days earlier shrapnel from a bullet blinded up to maurice left eye but the thirty three year old doesn't have a choice he has nowhere else to move his family and while the southern part of your milk is still in the hands of the rebels his home or what remains of it has been freed by palestinians who like other more we are fighting alongside the syrian army and. when i go to the battlefield my mind is always with my family and i hope i will come back safe to them because they care of them and i pray that if i get more tears they will find tender people to look after them. the frontline is near two
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streets away but for our boy and his comrades the battle hits closer to home each time they take aim to secure the streets for the families often it's a neighbor friend and sometimes even a brother who's pointing a gun back at them one of c.r.t. . syria. and of us our website right now employees of tripoli all pretty sure menu and securing new storage space behind a radio absolute water as the site as a bracing itself for a powerful typhoon in the coming twins it was. all in the store that led to a tragedy in california called the shouldn't dead a thirteen year old boy carrying an assault rifle that turned out to be a dummy who got the full story online for.
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every i says it's suspects a russian official who has a cultural exchange program in the you also recurring spies but the ongoing investigation has been welded to both moscow and the man himself we were just going off in our reports. during the course of the last twelve years this russian cultural exchange center in washington sent around one hundred thirty americans to russia fully being for their trips including meals and accommodation and now the reports in the us mainstream media suggest that the f.b.i. says the suspects its head you resides of of recruiting agents or more of these travelers who include governmental aides and senior business executives and others and reportedly the in the f.b.i. has been interviewing these people some journalists managed to speak with some of them as well in fact they said they saw nothing suspicious on these trips and hoped
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that this program would continue in the future and yes' i said himself has also made a statement. it's some kind of witch hunt we pursue young boys and girls that have gone to russia demanding to be told to watch the hows and whys they're trying to instill a fear of russia in american society we've also heard from the russian foreign ministry which said that these reports have nothing to do with the reality and from the russian embassy in washington which said that such heavy accusations have to be backed by some concrete evidence otherwise the reports are merely an echo of the cold war era which does nothing positive for the relations between the two states and let's not have some other world headlines in brief this hour in bahrain mourners clashed with police and the funeral of a seventeen year old boy recess to say the youngster was shot in the head by security forces but officials denied accusations police visited to tear gas and stun grenades to despise the angry crowds of the sit in at the service and while human rights groups hit out at the bahraini government for plans to purchase one
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point six million tear gas canisters a number far exceeding the country's total population. of students have taken to the streets in madrid and ongoing protests against the bison comes to the education sector the demonstrators also voiced their anger over the increase in college tuition fees that have priced thousands of youngsters out of universities spain's overall twenty six percent unemployment rate is one of the worst in the while more than half of the country's he is with a jobs. up next abby martin talks about how communities around the world have fought and won against corporations trying to take over that land.
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new zealand is boldly going where no government has gone before and according to reuters has decided to create a regulatory body to oversee recreational drugs that is their opening pandora's box it have at least temporarily given approval to fifty substances for sale at special stores which are banned in most other countries the body is trying to take a more scientific approach and determine which substances are actually harmful to the user you know i've heard the argument that the war on drugs just wastes massive sums of money effort and lives and you need turn a futile battle which is true it does but the only option people give is just legalize all drugs there are a few problems with this when something is legal that tends to make it ok is it really ok for you to spend your whole life in a trance to avoid reality is it really ok for everyone in town on friday night after work to go out and ice crystal meth rampage the other problem is that the war on drugs fails because it's fighting the drugs and not the reason why people take
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them which is to escape reality why do people want to escape reality because in modern times or post modern times we live a soulless pointless isolated consumeristic existence of working in a pointless office job just to get poor so we can scrape by and get some cheap plastic junk at walmart when people's lives are empty they will fill them with something through a needle but that's just my. mission . critic a should three times for charges free range and three. three. free. old free books video for your media projects free video done to our teeth dot com.
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the. you know what's on your dinner plate i mean really know what's on your dinner plate sure may look like chickens steak or a hamburger but there's probably a little something extra in there to arsenic you know the deadly poison and antibiotics shockingly about eighty percent of all antibiotics sales in the u.s. go to livestock alone since the one nine hundred forty s. the livestock industry has been adding these drugs to animal feed and nurture reduce infections and make them eat more appetising lead pink but these antibiotics also double as growth hormones so that now chickens look like this yes that's the difference between a chicken from the one nine hundred fifty s. and the factory farm chickens of today pretty disgusting but at the end of the day it's always been about profit not humanity. and the desire for massive profit could be killing you a recent report by john hopkins university claims that the excessive use of animal
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antibiotics is putting people at risk by creating antibiotic resistant bacteria according to the centers for disease control twenty three thousand americans die every year from antibiotic resistant infections unfortunately money signs are stalling congress for regulating these antibiotics but thankfully after years of legal battles the f.d.a. announced earlier this month it will finally ban the really out of the four arsenic drugs that normally go into the animal feed and could be wrong it's a step in the right direction but let's be honest if it took decades to get the deadly poison arsenic banned how long is it going to take until we're no longer eating frank and chicken. it was. very hard to take. that. route.


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