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community get weapons are a part of everyday life here full protection and so hunting. exposed from childhood it is not unusual here to own your first gun in kinda got. how many people own guns in this village more probably. with these things that are here i've seen that in the absence of the pena here i'll go not everybody is like i am in spite of the way of life here where everybody wants around here and they much else to do the whole thing i would say you know a very hard majority country people own guns and my grandson started when he was probably three or four years out so he just and i got one and i wanted fishies. so when you go to kindergarten you get your first gun cock yes that's what they want the family of a southern kentucky two year old girl shot and killed in her home says it was all
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an accident he received the rifle specially made for children as a gift last year. cumberland county hit the front pages of news one too i didn't make it five year old christina his two year old sister dead with a gun he received as a gift for his fifth birthday a real gun with real bullets the manufacturers openly advertised for children is. right for. i'm. sure many a cricket rifle irish guy running the cricket is the perfect way to get young or small framed shooters started right with the safety promoting design it's soft shooting affordable and accurate. while the mother was in the kitchen christian picked up his gun and unaware that he was still loaded he accidentally shot his sister in the chest. caroline sparks was rushed to hospital but tragically she died soon often. i could hardly understand my daughter
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because she was so excited and crying and a stare of call and said you know you know it's easier been shot and i just and i my heart just sank and as soon as i got in the car got in the back seat and i couldn't breathe i just i guess it was anxiety and i was so so scared that you know she this she was gone that i didn't know what to do i remember i rolled the window down to try to breathe because i could hardly take a breath. we went to the hospital and i just walked up to the nurses one though i said i was their grandmother can i please go back and see her and i don't usually they don't let you do things like that but they let me and i went back there and you know she was already you know in a coma. for that to help with the brain swelling on. them so she looked perfect i held her hand and. talked to her but didn't hear me.
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the grandmother of another child zaria go by. both families live in the same area. as daria was shot in the forehead by another child. and what do the doctors tell you that moment that she was in critical condition that she may not make it that you know the bullet was lodged and they had shed a lot of brain swelling and that you know they didn't know most likely it would not be good. to compare myself and. louisville kentucky is the closest major city to cumberland county. this is where caroline's boxes ambulance was heading when she passed away. there's the emergency room and trends and then of course all the adult. i'm down this way and they will
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stop right at the door so close are tolerant to resell as is a board member of the co's at children's hospital in louisville every day the hospital is confronted with the downside of mask on possession in the state of kentucky. how many children a year coming to us hospitals the children every single year in the united states fifteen thousand children come into hospital with the young daughters let's start with fifteen thousand children and if you build in the united states with adults it's thirty two thousand people are killed with like on every single year in the united states mazing miles incredible and all preventable what kind of shot once you get in his hospital. because we are a level one trauma center we get the most critical gunshot wounds of all gunshot wounds that happen in the state of kentucky and when we talk about this picture of a child's picture was shot in the middle of the area all the tendons are of balls
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within the hand area the itself sits away from the bone so order to reattach to this and make the wound clean again this child would have to be pinned with metal pins if the child could even be saved at that point in time work would do so on the beach and base we work with this on a daily basis on a daily basis in this hospital to reason her colleagues witness the darkside to the massive possession of weapons in their state. to reason six tree me critical of the ease with which weapons are dealt with here she's angry that manufacturers use children as a target audience. they're still learning how to tell time they're still learning how to cut with scissors it's more than strange but when they market guns to children they make them in pastel blue and pretty barbie pink like to think barbie dolls they make them with swirls and then they call them cute little names like
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cricket fan chipmunks just as though if you owned a gun you would belong to a disney club. this is the would family for them shooting is an activity for the whole family including the younger children. one of six zero one home game with the yanks so. that i missed it here so. this isn't the first shot every shot with. you know this in holland would be like very illegal. well in kentucky in the united states it's just part of the way we operate and this is the local shooting range. they should trust me with this guy trusted. this cable to go to.
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the free possession of is in trying to in the us constitution and his inseparable from countryside life here. looking for ways to share with davis for whatever nice to meet you yes i'm going to go to from the netherlands from work the netherlands the netherlands yes. i have lots of guns we do have lots of amenities. typically in stock we've got some work going fifteen hundred two thousand one. it goes up and down but fifteen hundred a small number for us how many do you sell here oh gosh i'd have to look at the numbers but you're probably looking at seven date thousand. like that one right there that's definitely pointed towards a lady
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a lady would buy that farm and that would be her a r fifteen we're husband might on that one right there or something one of there that plastic is like a real good old most definitely yes i know it looks like a toy gun violence there and then the glass like this imelda well that is just the furniture meaning those are just the excess arrays that you put on a plain black gun like it to make it to doll it up like that and how much it's like how much is a gun like that the dressed up like that one is i have a look at the price tag it is probably about fourteen hundred dollars with a scope there's another paint gun mess. for the ladies we carry a huge stock a hand guns everything from target gonna stay a little bitty angle gone self-defense guns target guns you know we don't have this and then once it's like we don't have weapons store so for us it's not really yes what we all do to protect ourselves nothing. show would davis has weapons
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of all shapes and sizes from guns to semiautomatic and of kools guns made especially to children. what do. sometimes they'll have a shorter stock to make it easier for their length of pocas their arms are shorter most of the time they'll be lighter because they can't hold up as much here's a very good example why do you even have them in colors like a korean of course pink for the young girls cam all for of a future honner this children's gun is marketed as my first rifle it is the same gun that killed caroline spock's yet the state of kentucky support the sale of it. i could lay this gun right here loaded and i could come back in ten years and i'll guarantee you if nobody picks up that gun it will have not hurt anybody. so you know the gun is simply a tool or a coal oil so you say guns don't kill people guns do not kill people people kill
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people with five year olds also don't kill people but they get killed look skateboards are you going to outlaw skateboards are you going to confiscate pogo sticks everything require supervision. so jamie you can begin to grow already yeah yeah hope don't hunger to see that. i doing don't do it yeah our boys are you know i was. the woods are a typical kentucky family father jamie's a farmer he has eight hundred dairy cows there's a mill to twenty four hours a day the woods the hard work it's enough good food especially meat. and there's something else they love to. i doing you know you get i hear you
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sitting down it's. we also keep the gun in the house yes going to see the pushchair come can these are all over yeah and this one's a twenty two and two shot. they say well yeah this shot. what do you give a nation also here. and it's like turkey ok shells. we have good looks better because i'm too afraid no guns in your house does the five you know peace in my face it was like yeah which is a safe why is that what we're. going here. do you trust your children with those weapons you know i mean it's not you know here's a gun go out no it's a tom over time you know when they they have to earn my trust to do those things
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like you're the key that they they know words that today you know when i were small or know that key was put up that keys where they didn't know where it was it was either on my key chain and you know they couldn't get in a gun cabinet this is if it is easy to you know it's ok. to work you know gaining ground in this war just. after dinner the children go outside to practice that savors hubby in the backyard. if you leave with the economic ups and downs in the final months day the london deal sang i and the rest of the life it's going to be a female baby if we can all take. her.
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interview. her. feel good. do we speak your language any time of the war not a day of school music programs and documentaries and spanish more matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angles kidneys stories. you hear. destroy
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all teach spanish find out more visit eye to eye ball tito's comb. right you guys to young to own a gun. why not. when are all you know it's not right. i not afraid of something happens with a gun the excellence of something. well they miss you have it's not right i think you honestly do need the positive side they were now because you know only what is
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supposed to fight the process that is they large you know i mean this teaches them i'm not saying that they're going to be better than anybody else's children when they grow up but me teaches them a lot of responsibility. you know what the gun rights advocates will say you're using this threat of death of caroline sparks to get your own message across i hope they do say that because it is my methods but it is also the message of the american academy of pediatrics the american academy of pediatricians in the united states in two thousand and twelve that a policy statement stating that the only safe home in the united states is a home without a gun and i stand behind that belief. just around the corner from my caroline sparks who shot dead is one of the largest shooting grounds in the united states. as eight thousand the
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shooting ground is larger than eleven thousand football pitches. so this is what we call the point of give us some perspective the most of our property is all north of us and west this is nick noble owner of rock also shooting range just by the tragic incidents in the neighborhood he still see shooting is an innocent fun. i call golf with a shotgun so you're going from from whole the whole station to station and then scoring and going to the end of the day out yeah today out. in the shooting club equipped with a restaurant and hotel is a family destination because of the vast size of the cost of this to travel by car between the fifty shooting stations this particular station is a recreation of a convoy village. so this is where the action happens this is it this is one of our many ranges but to be a good place for us to come down and maybe test out
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a few different types of. nick noble wants to prove that shooting doesn't have to be dangerous. first of all we always keep guns pointed in a safe direction even when it's unloaded we assume that every firearm is a loaded until we can prove otherwise when you're handling a firearm you never have that finger on it so it's even taken a picture and there's an old always well yeah parallel with that and then and then the only time i ever put a finger on the triggers and we're actually engaged in the target and ready to shoot and then i'll actually put my finger on the trigger but any time i pick this up fingers off which are. yet to hit anything yet it is for time i can understand why children find a use who would give a thrill a bit of adrenaline yes i said understand that yeah is it the weiss they learn the kid how to shoot when such
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a tragic accident happens around the corner here there's between two and three hundred million guns the united states so you can act like they're not here and take kids away from them and i think that's when i when i believe that it's my personal opinion that when kids become curious about what they don't know is when the accidents happen is so different than putting a child a sixteen year old child in a vehicle with no training on an interstate. this is how you feel with guns yeah i mean did you have to train. for thought you know if she even lead she'd be brain damaged and maybe skip even see kids you know that your eye is right there and i just feel so worried that she would never be normal again or in a coma forever our bets the ball. for azhar his grandmother children and weapons should never be combined. granddaughter was in the coma for two weeks with a bullet lodged in her brain.
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it's a new it is are you seem. to be. well it's still in the head it's too difficult to remove it. but other than that she leads in the life of any seven year old. charlie charlie and. what are the chances that it will survive something like that well one of the million and the doctors say that the baby never seen nothing like this before so they called the miracle baby. schools sat. down with a child a high school and writes the reality. and he hit you. what it was if you hit your with a cold it's bad a searing. little got to your head yes.
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i would have got to say you were lucky a little bit. and coughed. closer to where goldhill. because of the accident bizarre his parents lost their rights to parental care. how grandmother now has full custody. together they visit the hospital where as our it was treated. these look crazy its. own luck as a whole why. do you believe his looks to. my shield up really nice you can't even hardly tell that was their looks just like a little scrape now. they're getting squire good sense for him every day to keep still oh that's fantastic they've taught you well you can't even tell. i've done this for thirty years and there are children that you always remember they just
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stick in your head and i have my special words and she's one of the special ones you remember and see her now she's fabulous. absolutely fabulous and this is the recovery that you always hope for a small nergal a small miracle definitely something that you're doing so good. makes me know that what i'm here for is worthwhile. makes me know what i'd do if. the figures are truly shocking more than fifteen thousand children each year abroad hospitals across america with gunshot wounds and eight children die every day because of the consequences. mr hill it's a cruel ruin the gun from that's public television i left a couple of messages i think six or seven attempts to speak with someone from the gun lobby on successful and the secretary admits that due to the death of caroline
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spokes this is not a popular topic of conversation for the arms manufacturers. caroline sparks is buried here on the outskirts of cumberland county she brother and mother regularly visit a gas station nearby which also serves as a convenience store. just about an average of a wash lost weight you know ever since. her mom said there's a bear second grandmother who had a second grandmother so you must be hurt when you heard the news yes i'm really hurt about it that. i've heard about it. and so this small village is now a symbol for the gun debate throughout the united states president obama once tried to gun control but is met with resistance from the countryside even in the village
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of caroline sparks board taken the right so i don't buy if you ever do it. so even after the tragedy when i have to that directly i doubt you still believe it or your guns that's going to kill them yeah yeah meets on the protect you say so so you say this gun for five six seven year olds is safe gun you even know it supervision your own grandchildren you would give the great many pictures with their with me one day i hope to feel look back at these pictures of robert ray i'm very good. with alex and t.j. owning and shooting guns from the young ages of twelve and seven the woods will continue to consider shooting a family activity oh rather than spending saturdays playing football they go to the shooting range.
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why do you like shooting so much. stress. shooting helps to really stress you know . and i'm sure afraid something happens a children every day and you wish the high because of chatrooms aren't you afraid it happens to you why not because what it would be made to shoot so. and someone else who is trying to or. when you think it's innocent when you with kids involved you think there's not a bullet in there you think it's just like you think everything is safe with this not guns or never say. and because of that there's a family that's very sad always mr daughter and i'm very blessed that we have you see with us. after some kids were there never taught the difference between i play again and a real gun i think that's where some of the accidents come into play i mean you
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were talking about the incident in cumberland county how do you know that child wasn't thinking that that gun was just a ploy again. if you look at this in front above the inference right here is a gunshot wound close to the head in the temple area unfortunately this is one of the children but did not make it we were unable to revive this child this is the gun debate through the eyes of children and since the gun debate through the eyes of children this is the through the eyes of carolyn sparks if we can do it for our children for our future what is the country to savor.
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pay be used you don't know if you don't pay a car you know no response to really. everyone in my life that i cared about their goal much and then it happened they came to skid well. i was so national champion in track and field and also i was able to go and qualify for the olympic games. you know nine hundred eighty eight i started to experiment with other drugs i had lost all the financial means that i. was really on the street. black market brown can. get a great. interest. it
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was a. very hard to take on. once again on a plane that has sex with the perfect there's no place to. plug. plug a. may
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disagree. but i believe america is exceptional. let's we can. let's. let's. let's. look. real damage and complexity of this oil spill was not something you can grasp just by looking at dirty birds we have between four to five million people in this
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directly affected area of the coast and it's pretty clear why it's not being reported because b.p. can't afford to have a reported all along the gulf coast are clean they are safe and they're open for business if b.p. is the single largest oil contributor to the pentagon the us war machine is heavily reliant upon b.p. and their oil this is a huge step backwards for the marker c. it's a step forward for oligarchy carex it is toxic is a look a lot like spraying in vietnam it was it was not a picture that either the government or b.p. really wanted to have out there i don't want dispersants to be the agent on. his bills. choose your language. we can without any federal plan today still some of. us just
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choose to use the consensus you can. choose the opinions that you think are great to. choose the stories that impact the life choose to access to often. pretty free. free. free. free. free. free blog video for your media project a free media party dot com. cool .
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and him and spike in radiation levels of heels fia's at the fukushima nuclear plant readings in a storage tank right six and a half thousand times in two days. it's by boys spawn as the longtime chief of america's and battled national security agency says he'll step down after spending months struggling with the fallout from the edward snowden leaks. so inside the syrian rebellion with rival armed brigades and civilians feeding besieged party gets a unique perspective from within an opposition controlled area. just a few kilometers from the capital damascus but it is like a state within a state. where if a national also yes a firsthand to what it's like the syrians to lives.


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