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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  October 17, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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he got a sense of the jokes will handle them. think . it was like the old if you if you did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioning the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy shrek versus. them you know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on and we go beyond identifying the truth rational debate real discussion critical issues facing america among them are you ready to join the movement and welcome the. longtime arbonne in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. it's official the first
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shutdown of the federal government in seventeen years is over all it's good for now at least we have to do this all over again come january i'll ask mike that enjoy just a moment also tea partiers demand everything from defunding obamacare to approving the keystone x.l. pipeline in exchange for reopening the government and saving our country from default makes them think risking economic collapse to get what they want is a good idea and the mainstream media feel the american people big time during the shutdown i'll tell you how internet stealing take. you need to know this the republican party's latest manufactured crisis is over and everything is back to normal in washington for now just after midnight this morning president obama signed into law a bill that reopened the government and save the u.s. from default a bill to keep the federal government running until january fifteenth and suspends
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the debt ceiling through february seventh it also sets december thirteenth as the date when both the senate and. will have to put forward a long term budget plan house republicans got nothing out of this deal except for a small change to obamacare that will make sure people applying for health care subsidies don't lie about how much money they make which by the way was already in the law oh yeah and mitch mcconnell's home state of kentucky got two point nine billion dollars almost a thousand dollars a person to build a dam during a speech at the white house today president obama reflected on the republican shutdown in the damage it's done to our economy. but let's be clear there are no winners here. these last few weeks have inflicted completely unnecessary damage on our economy we don't know yet the full scope of the damage but every analyst out there believes it's slowed our growth. right now the best estimate of how much the
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shutdown has cost our economy is around twenty four billion dollars that's about the same amount of money needed to cover a head start the children's health insurance program and the wic program when women infant and children's combined economy got a jump start when federal employees went back to work today but here's the scary thing come january we might have to go through this all over again president obama the democrats held a strong line on obamacare and the budget over the past two weeks a much stronger line they held two years ago during the debt ceiling crisis of two thousand and eleven when john boehner got the sequester and said he was a happy man because he got ninety eight percent of everything he wanted it's a good thing that he didn't this time this hard line will hopefully send a message to house republicans the demand in the world in exchanging for in exchange for doing their job isn't going to work any more but even though they lost big this time around tea partiers are crazy enough to hold the government hostage three months from now and that is simply terrifying so with the shutdown in the rearview mirror in the debt ceiling suspended are we on the right track or just
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heading for more of the same i'm joined now from florida by mike patton tonio attorney and host of ring of fire radio bring a fire t.v. pap welcome back to america great let's get started with the deal what's your take on the end of the shutdown. well the end of the shed i mean if you really think about it the end is not here yet the end is going to be in january and february and what should concern all of us is that going into this you see you had you had what i call the wall street democrats still negotiating to chain c.p.i. still negotiating to take entitle months away still negotiating you have schumer for example schumer is still talking in terms of gee we have to continue to negotiate in title means you have obama at this point we've abandoned tax hikes for all per all practical purposes so today. it is a day to be joyous in many ways because the tea party has showed as showed the
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world what a bunch of the flumes they really are so to that extent that's positive but we can't take our eyes off january and february we can't take our eyes off the idea that yes we got the democrats seem strong here but what happens when the real negotiation takes place on things like chain c.p.i. when you have schumer out talking like he's talking about now the negotiation has to continue you have the wall street democrats still in still in charge of the narrative. i'm still concerned about that phone well and i've got this document from the freedom works actually it's on their website but this is this is the one that the new york times referred to in their october fifth article that was headlined a federal budget crisis months in the planning and in this article in this this was a statement they a whole bunch of guys got together that means headed up and this private meeting and they said conservatives should and this was february twenty third team this was
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just six weeks after president obama was sworn into office for the second time said conservatives should not approve a continuing resolution unless it defunds obamacare this includes obamacare is unworkable exchanges unsustainable medicaid expansion and attack on life and religious liberty they laid this thing out six weeks after president obama was sworn into office and they then and they followed it these these tea partiers they followed it all the way to the end your thoughts on that strategy. well i mean this strategy to some degree if you think about it what is it that at the end of all this what is it that they want to accomplish here they really didn't accomplish really anything the fact is that before a person you know is able to make a claim to obamacare the i.r.s. has a right to go in and double check i mean that's really kind of a meaningless kind of thing that they accomplish but but what i worry about more tom is let's assume this never took place with the discussion before this took
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place was what are the democrats going to give up and i have not lost focus on that i'd call it a pit bull mentality or not i've not lost focus on the idea that in january and february we're not going to give up on obamacare obamacare is going they're not going to change that but in not changing that they're going to give away something the democrats the schumer democrats the the bowles simpson leon panetta group they're going to give away something i mean you have wall street democrats still genuflecting to these characters that want to do away with entitlements so what we have to do is we yeah we have to be happy that the democrats stood firm here i'm very pleased by that but we still have to go back and figure out what were we worried about as progressive to begin with and that was the wall street democrats were going to give everything away where it comes in title was i don't i haven't changed my concern in that regard at all i agreed today the president talked about
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this was a problem caused by the extremes and it's like i don't see extremes i see an extreme i see one you know those are the right wing but i haven't heard you know bernie sanders going to the floor of the senate saying damn it if you don't roll back the reagan tax cuts i'm going to bring the government to its knees or down if you don't change our trade policies and go back to a protectionist trade policy like we had in the fifty's sixty's seventy's eighty's that built all this prosperity i'm going to bring the government to me there's no progress is there not speaking up. well you mentioned earlier on your intro to this program the idea that you have the media that still is out there with this idiotic false equivalency i mean the idiotic false equivalency is gee there's just not enough compromise well there is enough compromise there's too much compromise and in the process of the media not telling this story they never told the story that boehner could have gone to the floor could have signed off on a deal within immediately we never had to even go through this suffering but the
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media never told a story about the fact that there was a clean bill worked out it was it was sitting there because they were they were being the media the media snakes money by selling advertising to you had wall street and all of america every day tuned into the television saying what in the hell are these the phone republicans doing in washington what is this buffoon ted cruz doing they created this before noon show they created this circus by not telling the truth about what was what was actually happening that there were twenty that they had twenty votes the twenty votes is a day we needed seventeen there and that it could have passed immediately but that the media never told that story tone and that's that's a big deal you also pointed out that the i.q. of the republican caucus seems to be dropping and that's not all there's an incredible story incredible story came out of the sunlight foundation i didn't
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follow this story the sunlight foundation has come up with they followed the followed how these new congressional freshman communicate to to their constituents back home to the people who have been put in this gerrymandering crazy deal and they found that the new the new republican freshman communicate on a level that is from a grade level the lowest it has been in congress in modern in modern history and they had allies. why that is why is it that you have a guy like mick mulvaney from republican south carolina talking to his constituency not is a leader but in these buffoonish terms of we're going to shut down the government by god we're going to accomplish something that seems like an arche why can he do that why does he communicate in these crazy terms and sunlight foundation was trying to analyze that they say as linguist if you listen to these people this
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level of stupidity coming out of the mouths of these freshman tea bag republicans is so atrocious that they if they can't find a time in history where they've ever seen it truth is back home that's what the ted cruz nuts want to hear they sent ted cruz the nut to washington because that is what they want ted cruz raised two million dollars tom talking like a crazy man all the republicans back in south carolina raise money talking like crazy people because that's what their constituents wanted and so we're going to see this again we're going to see it through twenty twenty the until we can have the possibility of changing gerrymandering to where we can change these voting districts where we can send statesmen back to washington instead of these buffoonish clowns that now are controlling the narrative in washington in the beltway and this is not just me saying this they may go back and look at they they've analyzed this is this the analysis is not very encouraging pap in the last
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minute here to what extent do you think that that is one book and the other one is fox so called names the fact that it was a watch fox news are more likely to be uninformed and people who don't watch any news at all i think it feeds on each other in this cycle is when rupert murdoch came up with the idea of putting roger ailes in charge of fox news roger ailes has always been able to take things down to the least common denominator roger ailes built his network looking for the low hanging fruit who were the. people that are going to believe these bizarre crazy stories that's how roger ailes built the news segment of fox news and so in effect one feeds the other it's never going to change you're just never going to have that that work itself out all that well let's not forget the during the nixon administration roger ailes proposed to richard nixon something called g.o.p. t.v. might happen tonio thanks so much for being with us thank you always great to see
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a bit coming up were republicans really well and to throw the global economy into chaos just to stop people from getting health care will find out after the break. as an. illegal it was a. very hard to take. so long. have you ever had that with me here.
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the feeling. of the futility of the political. brawl oh i so always never. surplus deficit. or boom bust. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others refused to notice. faces change the world lights never.
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told pictures of today's news. on demand from around the globe. dropped. to fifty. in the best of the rest of the news now that the shutdown is over and financial apocalypse put off until at least wary a lot of americans are probably asking what the hell is that all about it's actually pretty good question and the best way to answer to see this is to look at all the things republicans have demanded over the past two weeks in exchange for funding the government raising the debt ceiling these demands include the funny obamacare delaying obamacare delaying the individual mandate delaying coverage to the president deny denying coverage to his cabinet denying coverage to
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congressional staffers yes their very own staffers denying birth control coverage approving the keystone x.l. pipeline means testing for medicare changing federal employee pensions expanding oil drilling blocking net neutrality tort reform weakening regulations for coal fired power plants changes the tax code for seeing the e.p.a.'s coal ash regulations waste from power plants or appealing the medical device tax exile and changing the rules regarding the debt ceiling course none of these demands were granted publicans really didn't get anything out of the deal to end the shutdown of the three billion dollars mitch mcconnell got for kentucky the little earmark in there but they really didn't get much to end the shutdown to raise the debt ceiling except for that small concession on how the government checks out the income of people who apply for obamacare subsidies which by the way was already in the law but the point still stands republicans in particular tea party republicans and far right conservatives were totally willing to damage the economy and crash the global financial system just so they could get any one of the things on the list you saw
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here but what do they really want. let's let's ask adam thompson libertarian radio host an attorney who joins us from our new york studios adam welcome. thanks for having me on tom thanks for joining us so adamant it's entirely possible that if this debt ceiling deal was reached last night we could a had an economic armageddon would you be willing to pay that price for things like you know cutting people off from obamacare. i want to be willing to pay that cost i mean it's just shocking to me and totally disgraceful and of people are upset beyond words i don't know what else will put them in that state because we have had a complete breakdown in our government it should be clear to everyone that this two party controlled system doesn't work that democrats and republicans just push their own hidden agendas to try to get what they secretly want and they don't care about the american well ahead i just get out of the democratic agenda was never hidden in
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fact the democrats caved in the number the continuing resolution that came out of the senate that went to john boehner three weeks ago four weeks ago it was at the numbers that john boehner asked for it included the sequester i mean you could argue that the president lost on this deal and democrats lost on this deal because the sequester is still in play time we all lost you know i know you're trying to say that the democrats are behind this look we can go back a few years two thousand and ten two thousand and eleven there were all kind of discussions on the table knowing that what we face now was coming up an eminent and it could have been resolved to piso conversations between both sides of the aisle it never happened it could happen but it never happened i blame both parties and to say yeah one side more responsible than the other you're missing the big question your show the big the big picture what's going on what's going on both sides of failing us and the american people know this the confidence in our government is at an all time low across the board from the executive branch with the president down
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to both sides of congress people trust our elected officials any more and if the american public feels that way what do you think the world wide view is of people around the world watching that the bottle that's going on in congress and in the white house on a regular basis so you can see how you are continuing to try to say basically you know ok the republicans screwed up i'll blame them but the democrats screwed up and we need to blame them to essentially is your message right that capsule let me let me share this with you both. this is not playing both well here's how here's our playing both a great question and let me give you an absolute clear crystal clear answer ok october fifth york times published an article titled a federal budget crisis months in the planning and by sheryl gay stolberg of mike mcintyre it starts out shortly after president obama started his second term a loose knit coalition of conservative activists gathered in the capital to plot strategy they talked about this document that came out of it which you can find on
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the freedom works website freedom works dot org it's dated february fourteenth two thousand and three six weeks after president obama was sworn into office it's signed by the leading lights of you know by twenty thirty of the of the leaders of the of the tea party movement and it says and i quote conservatives should not approve a continuing resolution and less it defunds obamacare this includes obamacare is unworkable exchanges unsustainable medical expansion an attack on life and religious liberty the title of this thing is called a blueprint to defunding obamacare and it goes on to say obamacare can be stopped through the appropriation process which includes the upcoming upcoming continuing resolution so this was six weeks after president obama was sworn into office you had you know erick erickson and all that and add me and i and all of myron ebell and all these guys signed off on the heather higgins' gary bauer signing off on this thing that they were going to push republicans to shut down the government in
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less obamacare got to fund it i mean this is this they're not even embarrassed about it it's on their website right now they're not tom and how do you prove my point further i mean clearly the tea party and the republicans you know no side won in this it's not the blues there's no winners column and losers console losers but the republicans in the tea party in what the democrats there are a lot of. the democrats to a lot of data say because the democrats were behind pushing obamacare and i got to tell you i don't care. the last three or three years that it's it's the law and the supreme court said it's constitutional but if obama you might take on obamacare just as an aside if the government and the democrats in particular who were pushing this and it was really obama's baby you really want to do the right thing for the american people go one step further why are you afraid to just limit toll bamma care i think you should be a single care provider they have in every other nation around the world which successful canada england and so on and everyone would get government health care
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provided it would be good it would work so i think they should have took it further but this whole debacle going gone look whatever the republicans and the tea party people planned it's never like something that just springs up at the last minute like breaking news in the little squad was going to cross the bottom of this i ran out of that you don't regret you about it i could have prepared for it and they could have did things rectify the situation well i didn't ok i will give you that i think that the democrats' strategy has been set in saying that the democrats well i don't want to cut you up in a senate democrats not in no way back when when this memo came out it wasn't leaked that no one from their party knew that this memo was out there and it was surface they could say we've got to deal with this now and then he should have a native i agree with you on a fiscal cliff and i'm going to shock you i agree with you when this memo came out the democrats should have come out and said we want single payer health care what we and we already have a by the way it's called medicare we want to reduce the medicare eligibility age
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from sixty five to zero at birth you're going to add under medicare you good let everyone have health care in america the most powerful now you call it for that as a libertarian health care hey listen you introduced me as a libertarian great i have really an independent view on politics one i just even turf i had to link it to anybody really an event and i think i've been as is as to you guys to agree on this let's talk about the republicans because you and i both know we both think a single payer health care. it was a great idea we both also know that the only reason there was no public option the only reason there's not a single health pair health care system is because the republican party the democrats could never have gotten through a republican through a senate that had a republican possibility of a filibuster and through a republican controlled house of representatives well i will say this when obama came in he really had a national mandate that a president in decades has not had the republican party that point was in the in
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the in the crap shoot everyone was anti republican the democrats took control basically of everything and he really had a two year period he pushed he had really he really could have pushed harder to get it out and i think computed a waiver it would have worked respectfully just to correct the record obama had a a filibuster proof senate for thirteen weeks and then scott brown ran in that special election to replace ted kennedy and won and got sworn in and that was the end of obama's filibuster proof senate it was thirteen months but you can't have a single payer health care and gates why can't you why at that point in time when. he was talking about you don't call that a god we're going to lose at that point and one skyrocket at this point in that. no no no you're wrong tom he campaigned for whatever was six months to a year on everything he wanted to on a public option and day one when he got into office they could add legislation drafted he could add
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a whole bill prepared to make you get single care health program as well as making changes in the tax code which computers another debacle back there we're going to he dragged his feet no he dragged his feet he couldn't get it done and he did it then thirteen weeks later oh i can't do it all of a sort of hey i don't have to now i don't i wouldn't i would have heard of more aggressive president obama too but we've got to adam johnson thanks a lot for being with us tonight thank you. i mean on the left are. when the obama said to the phones on with mr miller get. for tonight's politically correct that i'm correcting president obama in speech earlier today on the shutdown and debt ceiling the president made these comments about the difficulty of governing in washington right now. we all know that we have divided government right now there's
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a lot of noise out there and the pressure from the extremes. affect how a lot of members of congress see. the day to day work that supposed to be done here . if you listen that carefully you heard president obama say the pressure from the extreme is that there are two extremes in washington there's only one and that's the tea party as we saw with a government shutdown and i've seen in recent months tea party radicals far right conservatives confederate flag wavers have a great deal of influence and say over what happens on capitol hill right now in fact they have so much say that speaker boehner refused multiple times to bring a clean continuing resolution of the floor that would have ended the government shutdown which he could have done on day one because he was afraid of tea party backlash but while ted cruz and his tea party pals are making a lot of noise in washington right now there's little to no noise coming from the tea party's equivalent on the left and that's because there is no liberal tea party
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equivalent to use the old tug of war analogy tea party lawmakers are pulling and pulling and there's no one on the other side of the rope to counter their strength the tea party is the only extreme in washington d.c. and that's why president obama has been politically correct. coming up the phone lines are now open for our your take my take live segment so if you want a chance to ask me a question live here on the big picture give us a call at two zero two nine zero four twenty one thirty four maybe i'll be talking with you after the break.
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the no c.n.n. the m.s.m. b c news have taken some knocks lately but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but exclusive footage from from i think. it's because one whole attention and the mainstream media work side by side with you is actually on here. at our teen years we have a different. oh because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not how. you guys talk to the jokes will handle them.
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i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question. we're not psyched to have active camp at guantanamo where patients are forced that in the aftermath of their strike never turned the world's attention to the point that some
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gulag of our times. welcome to your take my take life phone lines are now open so if you want to share an opinion make a comment ask a question live on the air give us a call at two hundred two nine zero four twenty one thirty four if you're outside the u.s. add the number one go to our first video comment our our video people who e-mail us video questions your take my take a g. mail dot com go first so genevieve in florida. i watched last hours dot org and. i really think it's important to call this like it is extreme climate change not just climate changes we've always had climate change and that's healthy but this is extreme and. i still remember michael griffin and. previous and minute. now explain. the plan.
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celebrating inconsistent and inconsistent raise i call eccentric gravitational force. so that the celebration would actually cause the extreme heating and cooling of our planet. sixteen climate. ok. i don't know about the rotation but i do know that we're above four hundred parts per million in carbon dioxide and that not only is causing extreme climate change it's not only causing global warming and it's actual warming ninety percent of it's going into the oceans but enough of it's going into the atmosphere that the world is in degrees celsius warmer than it was fifty years ago not only that but that carbon dioxide is also being absorbed by the ocean where it's going virt into carbonic acid it acidifies the ocean and it's causing a lot of the the small and even some of the larger principally the small bottom of
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the food chain animals that grow calcium shells that you know not to be able to do so because calcium doesn't work well you can't you can metabolize calcium in at acidic environment as it's dissolved so we've got a real problem with our oceans now and it's just getting worse and worse so to gary in seattle who left as oh and by the way thank you for watching last hours or here's gary in seattle left a message on a rant like. i was just a little research but i found that in the old confederacy and their constitution appropriations for internally improvements were specifically forbidden. the confederacy is beyond me also tariffs. my voice is kind of buggered up here with the. strange how are they going to run the government that's what they seem to want to do not starve the beast. it's really interesting how many of the ideas that
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are being presented by the tea party these days. are ideas that the south was talking about before they succeeded in sort of the civil war. or the war of northern aggression they call it. it's just fascinating i was unaware of that i take your word i haven't double check that. but. i. go figure there's a message on iran line from a viewer in australia. and i tell him this is not. i was of course your quip about the washington redskins for one thing is just going to say it's more than just the redskins going to be change they will have to change their names because they were promoting stereotypes but they don't care to strike any and we actually. all other native native peoples and room issues to like about reconciliation and the like mike the horror film works is coming out with an
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aboriginal during the next year or the profits are going to go the average will surely. what you guys are doing up there in the united states in canada. is really just. canada and australia have really led the world. in. trying to make right. the genocide of the aboriginal people indigenous people the first people the native people of the north american cotton and the australian cotton and. you know i've been in both places i. don moreno was the premier of the northwest territories back ten years ago or so invited me to come up there the reason i flew up there and met with about three hundred indigenous tribal elders and spent a weekend with them it was really extraordinary experience and i've been in australia and i've worked with aboriginal people in the lockhart river area and in
7:35 pm
north queensland. it's really extraordinary what those two countries have done and most people are completely unaware of it and meanwhile we keep our native americans on reservations and in the worst poverty in our country and some of the worst. circumstances in our country and then we name our sports team the redskins i mean it's really so yeah i'm with you although i think you know the braves maybe i think a native american communities are not objecting to that but to not take seriously the voices of native american communities it's just a slap let's pick up your calls now vincent in philadelphia. ok let's try sharon it would woodbine that. sharon. yes hi tom thank you for taking my call i'm really. disgusted or in our congress people not listening to the american people and you
7:36 pm
know just taking things in their own hands and the government shutdown and you know people's jobs and you know have to support family members and congress decides you know we're going to shut down and we're not going to listen to what the american people want and. so what's your proposed solution sure. i think that. there should be a term limit for congress that they should not be reelected well there is no there there is in the house of representatives every single member of the house of representatives is up for reelection every two years and in congress it's there in the senate it's every six years of the president's four years so that's a form of thank you for the call that's a form of term limits i understand your point let me let me though just riff on this just for
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a second. term limits sounds really appealing to say oh you know. well for example after f.d.r. serve for terms republicans got together amended the constitution so nobody could be president more than two terms the president is term limited because they didn't want to democrat to have four terms ever again right when reagan came along he was so popular and they were you know going damn we should've done that but here's the bottom line if you had term limits if you said nobody can serve in congress more than four years or six years what happens is that there's so much churn in congress and we see this by the way in the states that do have term limits i mean this is not a theoretical construct you can actually see the result of those you get so much churn that when newcomers come into congress you do typically is for the first year to figure out how the place works what are the rules parliamentary procedure all that kind of stuff there has to be an institutional structure this is ok young feller here's how it works let me show you how things are done here and typically that's
7:38 pm
the older members of congress the ones who've been not necessarily over in years but the ones who've been in congress for six eight ten twelve years telling the newbies the freshman and women here's how you do it but if you have term limits those older members are gone the mentors are gone so what fills that vacuum lobbyists the lobbyists never go there are no term limits for lobbyists and as a consequence you. end up with government by lobbyists and this is one of the big problems that you're seen in the states that do have term limits is that the basically the corporations have taken over and these states up with very very bizarre consequences as a result of it so be very careful about pushing for term limits term limits are something that the republicans in the corporatists not so much the institutional republicans but the corporate has the billionaires they love the idea of term limits because it means that the lobbyists will have more power marty in chicago hey marty you know and talk about they opie. yes take my college had
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a we did to that my my question is you know i was wondering if you thought the congressional republicans learned a lesson that you know pushing policy agendas by taking the economy hostage is a terrible idea i think that there was. a figure out earlier but they probably should figure out by now one can hope and i thanks for the call marty i one can hope i had this conversation today with former republican congressman bob ney bob ney he's a good guy got caught up in the jack avram scandal and ended up going to jail and now is a reporter for the talk radio news service and he was on my radio show today and he's read a book called sideswiped that i highly recommend it and lays out what's really going on here in washington d.c. and he tells the real story on john boehner and so i said bob you know you he you know john boehner you know all these republicans you were in congress for decades what's going on what's the status and he says he said tom this is the end of john
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boehner speakership he will not be speaker in january two thousand and fourteen and i said is that because the democrats are going to take congress he said no i think the republicans are going to hold congress but boehner is toast so we'll see we'll see how this works out i mean the freedom works was who came up with this thing it's on their web site this idea that using the can specifically using this continuing resolution to crash the government as a way of forcing changes in obamacare and it was ed meese former attorney general under reagan who came up with this idea we added up this little secret cabal met in this restaurant here in washington d.c. six weeks after president obama was inaugurated and said let's use the continuing resolution crash the government and that'll cause them to do away with obamacare ed meese by the way just to remind you when he was attorney general during the reagan administration was the guy who led the meese commission on pornography where ed meese and his staff and his commission looked at hundreds maybe thousands of. hours of porn child porn snuff porn as an empire every kind of porn imaginable and came
7:41 pm
up with the conclusion that porn works your mind well i think ed meese coming up with this idea that we should use the continuing resolution to crash the government may prove that their commission was right anyhow and in saginaw michigan had what's up. are you doing good with anybody you native american indians here in michigan are making good money but then i'm out of the question some of them are not and not all tribes and as you know. my question is we had a man going around to schools talking about abuse bullying. and. they got grassley instead slashed street fighting on t.v. in the people of military get rid of it and then they don't have any. violence in movies anymore and stuff. do you understand what i'm talking about what i do is what you're saying that you're concerned that violence in our media is causing
7:42 pm
violence in our culture and i'm going to be yeah yeah you know i don't altogether disagree but and if you really find some fascinating science go to a quality trust org dot u.k. there's a book called the spirit level written by richard wilkerson and kaye pickett and they did the research on this and what they found was that the greater the inequality in a society the greater the gap between the poorest and the richest the more the really rich have a lot and the really poor have nothing the greater that gap the more violence you have in society and that was the only variable that was consistent you could have societies the band violence on t.v. societies the did didn't make any difference any quality is what causes well that's it for your take my take live thanks for all your calls if we didn't get your call tonight tries back next week keep the video questions coming it's really easy just grab your from point your own face and hit the record button and ask or comment or question send it to us at e-mail it to us at your take my take at g.
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mail dot com coming up banks to the mainstream media is profit driven motives our economy is out a staggering twenty four billion dollars so you know how in tonight's do we take. dramas that can be ignored. stories or the risk of a few in those. places changing the world. to picture those two days. from roads to. i think. i would like to do the job that you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy back numbers. in
7:44 pm
fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and oppressive ago we've been a hydrogen why a handful of transnational corporations will profit by destroying what our founding fathers but once it's all just my job market it on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem truck rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america have fun ever feel ready to join the movement then walk a bit. i am the president and i decided that if i don't think we're crazy trying to consume. the bankers and all that all about money and i was specially if they are politicians write the laws and by decree that the
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bank has cut back. there is just crap in today's society top of that. it's thursday let's get geeky on the power of plants we all know that the planet is continuing to warm up as more and more greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere each and every day so while the situation today looks bleak it could be even worse if it weren't for relatively recent growth like over the last hundred years of plants and trees that's because according to new research from scientists a princeton university plants and trees have absorbed billions of tons of carbon especially over the past sixty years that otherwise would have been released into
7:46 pm
our atmosphere causing our planet to become red hot but it wasn't always this way between the eight hundred sixty s. and the early twentieth century deforestation and logging were the norm the reason why is because pretty much everybody particularly in remote areas we used to live in vermont pretty much everybody he had with a wood so vermont in the nineteenth century early twentieth century there were no trees there was no forest all those forests you see now over much of the united states they're all less than one hundred years old and because people were heating then you know toward the late nineteenth century early twentieth century they started running the railroads you know abe lincoln put all that money into the railroads they started running the railroads in these regions and they could get coal into those areas and as soon as you get coal and you'll see you'll see in one thousand twenty thirty forty how sizes started increasing and they started growing the forest spec so any other route the result of all that deforestation had been the carbon was being released into the environment instead of being trapped in
7:47 pm
absorbed by plants and trees however since really the one nine hundred thirty s. f.d.r. you know the civilian conservation corps was all about planting trees will by the one nine hundred fifty s. those trees were big enough that they started really absorbing carbon dioxide taking that carbon out of the atmosphere and humans were using land differently planting more trees more plants in fact plants over took many environments that were previously barren and began absorbing. billions of tons of car according to the researchers since the mid twentieth century earth's land based carbon sink that is mostly the plants and trees that capture carbon has kept one hundred eighty six billion two hundred ninety two billion tons of carbon out of our atmosphere keep in mind we've only released three hundred fifty billion tonnes and eight hundred fifty so almost two hundred billion of that three hundred fifty has been taken up by the trees that carbon sink had been in place and the earth ecosystems that remain carbon makers instead of carbon takers they would have instead generated sixty to
7:48 pm
eighty billion tons of carbon on top of what they wouldn't have absorbed which totals up to about two hundred fifty billion to two hundred seventy five billion additional tons of carbon that would be in the abbotts fear right now if it wasn't that we had stop cutting trees all the time. and those numbers would have pushed current carbon dioxide concentrations today to four hundred eighty five parts per million much more than the scientifically accepted threshold of four hundred fifty parts per million a level at which scientists are now saying our climate can not pass without drastic irreversible change the same for fifty is the next tipping point these findings show how important it is that plants be taken particular trees be taken into account in discussions about future global warming trends and the findings make it clear that if we do nothing to reduce greenhouse gases and carbon emissions in our atmosphere we're going to need a heck of a lot more plants and trees to pick up the slack and to maintain earth's carbon
7:49 pm
sink for more on the dangers of climate change and global warming and its causes head over to last hours dot org and check out our new documentary last hours. crazy alert there's an old saying that you know pouri each of the owners of the magical rest room cafe so this name and los angeles think that's a whole bunch of you know what that's because the magic restroom cafe is the country's very first toilet themed restaurant yes you heard me right toilet themed restaurant the magic restroom cafe opened in october on october eleventh and is located in the up and coming city of industry area of los angeles like every hip new eatery it has cool decor in this case that decor just happens to be bathroom
7:50 pm
appliances and magic restroom customers sit down to eat they sit down on one in one of the many restaurants many gleaming white. throne entrees cum displayed in miniature toilet bowls they have names like constipation and bloody number two even the walls are tiled to look like a bathroom stall although some food critics probably. who wants a badge of cafe to cut the crap and serve food about silly decorations is a good chance it'll actually succeed rumor has it that the latter is to die for. just. the. it's the good the bad of the very very charismatic leader ugly they're good people of solace energy giant chevron wants to start fracking in their hometown but the residents of this eastern romanian village are having none of it hundreds of people
7:51 pm
have been camping out at a drill site since monday night preventing construction vehicles from entering others have formed human chains around the exploration wells and clashed with police when they tried to break the chains earlier today chevron announced that it is suspending its fracking plans in the wake of the ongoing protests good work people of celeste you are it so bad and coulter in a recent column published on our website the conservative pundit made a startling claim about obamacare she said that no doctors who went to an american medical school will be accepting obama care this is one of the most ridiculous things and has ever said written and that's saying so in reality there is no such thing as accepting obamacare the public areas to reform of the private health insurance system which american trained doctors already participate in so yes as long as american trained doctors accept surance will accept obamacare anyone like ann coulter who says otherwise is either woefully misinformed or just plain old
7:52 pm
flat out lying and the very very ugly ted nugent during a recent appearance on the radio station gator ninety seven point eight ninety eight point seven the rock star turned right wing crusader war and he's so frustrated by president obama that he's seriously considering a run for political office take a listen. the threat of me running for public office or the life of a will be close to. our government. in america haters i mean we have a liar for a president that being said i would love to see america run like that new can also hold you know i can't think of anything worse than a president and this is a very. the tea party radicals in washington are blaming the liberal media to explain their
7:53 pm
sudden surrender in the government shutdown fight and in a way the tea partiers are right the media is to blame but not for the reasons they think at a briefing on wednesday several house tea party conservatives lashed out at members of the press in attendance in essence calling them liars tea party congressman raul labrador of idaho told reporters you guys in the media continued reporting that what the conservatives were asking for was the for repeal of obamacare that's absolutely false labrador went on to say that every time he knew the media write a story that republicans and conservatives were unreasonable and asking for a complete repeal of obamacare you have actually been lying to the american people because that's not what we were asking for and congressman mick mulvaney of south carolina chimed in saying that he has anybody seen the media person to ask a liberal democrat why it's ok to extend a delay to corporations and not to individuals i've seen it once you know where i saw i've seen it jon stewart on comedy central's the only time i've seen that question asked. well the tea partiers are blaming the liberally biased mean stream
7:54 pm
media for ending their shutdown showdown the reality is that the shutdown never would have started and never would have certainly lasted two weeks if the media had actually done its job that's because the corporate controlled media repeatedly failed to tell the american people that there was always a majority of votes in the republican controlled house of representatives to end the government shutdown each and every day of that shutdown in the early days of the shutdown john boehner would stand in front of the cameras and say after time that they just weren't enough votes to pass a clean spending bill to end the government shutdown yet twenty house republicans were on record as saying that they would vote in favor of a clean continuing resolution when all it takes to pass a clean c.r. was seventeen republicans plus all the democrats but rather than point out boehner is blatant lie the mainstream media ran with it helping to prolong the shutdown and
7:55 pm
misinforming the american people along the way so what reason could the corporate media in america possibly have for prolonging the government shutdown and prolonging the suffering of the american people the answer is pretty simple money and lots of it. whenever there's a spectacle in washington like the government shutdown the majority of people tune in to the cable news networks for information and the cable news network networks make a lot of money because if the media had told the whole story from day one and if everyone had understood that john boehner was the only thing stopping the government from function it would have been forced to hold a vote on a clean c.r. on day one but that would have taken away millions of dollars in advertising profits from the corporate media so they milked the government shutdown for all it was worth squeezing every letter last penny of advertising money they could from the sixteen day long shutdown but the media didn't just lie to the american people
7:56 pm
about john boehner in order to preserve profits they also perpetuated the republican lie that president obama was unwilling to negotiate an unwilling to come to the table president obama had nothing to do with the fact that john boehner was refusing to hold a vote on a clean c.r. to end the government shutdown but by placing blame on president obama the media added to that spectacle that was the government shutdown which in turn added to the mountains of advertising revenue they were raking in so when raul labrador and his tea party colleagues complain about the liberally biased media they're missing the bigger picture problem with the corporate ties mainstream media in america before ronald reagan stops in forcing the sherman act in the media and blew up the fairness doctrine the press actually had to report the news boreen not dramatize news and before bill clinton signed the telecommunications act in one thousand nine hundred six the press actually had to put straight up news ahead of advertising profits they were allowed to misinform in the light of the american people in order
7:57 pm
to rake in more money if the president wasn't allowed if the press because it wasn't allowed to put profit ahead of public interest is a very good chance the government shutdown never would have happened and our economy wouldn't have lost upwards of twenty four billion dollars. it's time for us to consider breaking up the giant media monopolies and going back to the pre reagan doctrine a program in the public interest and that's the way it is tonight thursday october seventeenth two thousand and thirteen don't forget democracy begins with you get out there get active get over to two last hours dot org tag your.
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cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want.
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well the lamarr been a lot of. pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v. today i roll researcher. is the media leave us so we leave the media. by the sea motions she surely play your party there's a good. shoes that no one is asking with the gas they deserve answers from. politics only on our t.v. .
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coming up on r t the n.s.a. has joined the game of drones according to new leaked and both the agency is playing a big role in the u.s. drone program more details just ahead and it's the real life get out of jail free card the u.s. supreme court tells the state of california to release thousands of prisoners we'll take a look at the ruling ahead and it's the war over water three southern states are now battling over water rights we'll take a deeper look at the fight that's been getting neighboring states against each other for more than two decades. it's thursday october seventeenth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm lynn neary david in.


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