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tv   Headline News  RT  October 7, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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coming up on r t two covert missions in africa over the weekend navy seals raided locations in somalia and libya taking on an al qaeda leader ally war on the expanding war on terror in africa and whether we're seeing a shift in counterterrorism tactics and we're now in the second week of a federal government shutdown many of the departments and agencies citizens depend on are closed including the ones responsible for transparency look at this issue coming up and in egypt the streets are again in a state of chaos the supporters have clashed with security forces across the divided nation with casualties reported the latest from egypt later in today's show .
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it's monday october seventh five pm in washington d.c. i'm meghan lopez and you are watching our t.v. well over the weekend u.s. special forces conducted two highly secretive raids on terrorism targets in africa the first happened at a beachside compound in somalia where navy seals with the elite seal team six were apparently trying to capture one of the men behind the recent attack on a kenyan mall which the terrorist group al-shabaab took credit for the second that happened just hours later in tripoli libya seals were looking for a man who is wanted in connection with the one nine hundred ninety eight bombings of u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania one of those operations was successful the other one was not u.s. officials confirm the capture of nausea. otherwise known as a levy in libya however the seal team that stormed the compound in somalia came under heavy gunfire and was forced to retreat without al-shabaab leader abdul
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qadeer mohammad up to a year otherwise known as. rema now these two waves bring up a number of questions when it comes to u.s. counterterrorism efforts are we seeing a change in policy why is it so important to capture these men alive and it will all do are not all a but be tried in new york to shed light on these two operations i was joined us earlier by colonel morris davis professor of law at howard university and i started off by asking him his initial thoughts on the raid well i think it's a look at him separately the raid in somalia was conducted by military forces coordinated with the smaller government and appears to have been conducted in accordance with the law of war and international humanitarian law contrast that with the raid in libya which if you believe what the libyan government is saying and again i number of countries have denied assisting the u.s. you know to save face at home but publicly libya is saying they did not consent to
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the raid we're aware of the raid when we sent in an armed force in order to conduct a kidnapping so if that's true then you know that's sovereign territory and i question our legal authority to conduct a military operation in the sovereign territory of another country without their knowledge and consent so it think there are two different totally different scenarios so let's take this libyan scenario that you're just talking about how can we take the libyan government at its word right now considering the fact that one it's a new government that was just recently funded place until that the violence there is still very rampant well again all we have is their word right now that this is without their knowledge and consent they've been very vocal in their criticism now you know certainly pakistan for instance we've carried out drone strikes there were publicly the government condemns that were apparently privately you know they're given a wink and a nod there are no indications i've seen that that's the case in libya and they've been very the surface and they're there are objections which if that's true you
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know there's no legal basis to conduct a military operation so if there are other countries i'm sure there are people here . united states that other countries view is an enemy of their state so if we can go into libya and just abducting the one that we choose and walk another country come here and do the same which they did that you know be the lead story on every news network tonight before we do it is just you know kind of shrug and nod and if they came in here i'm sure there would be hell to pay now we saw care counterterrorism tactics shift from extraordinary rendition to drone strikes in the mid to late two thousand and we also saw this public outcry and that's why we saw that ship are we seeing something similar happening here where there was an outcry over drone strikes and we're starting to see a shift towards these raids and missions well i think there's a downside in invading the sovereign territory another country about their knowledge or consent i think the upside that i would take away from this is one is getting away from the drone strikes or we just go in and kill people there is intelligence value to be gained from capturing people alive and so i think that's
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a positive also as you've seen president obama the administration's indicated that libby will be prosecuted in federal court in new york rather than taken to guantanamo for the military commissions it's consistent with the only guantanamo detainees has ever left guantanamo and came to the u.s. was a good lonnie who was also involved in the east africa embassy bombings and was brought to new york successfully prosecuted with a life sentence so i'm glad to see the president is not sending more people to guantanamo and using our federal courts there's been some questions raised about whether holding him incommunicado on the ship whether that jeopardizes the prosecution i don't think it will mean i think there's already a solid case on the embassy bombings so what i hope the prosecution will do is wall off any information that we gather from questioning him and just use the information that they already have now i want to play a quick sound bite from a us secretary of state john kerry speaking about this issue from indonesia. we
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hope that this makes clear that thank you knighted states of america will never stop in its effort to hold those accountable to conduct acts of terror and those numbers of al qaeda and other terrorist organizations. literally can run but they can't hide. we will continue to try to bring people to justice in an appropriate way with hopes that ultimately these kinds of activities against everybody in the world will stop. so there you hear him say an appropriate act of justice which i think is a very key term here if the united states is going to go after these terrorists should they be doing this isn't this a turn for the better instead of drone strikes that potentially cost tons of people are allies including civilians including women and children well i think it's really a questions of ends and means i think if you look at the end there is no question
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that all libby was a bad guy and him being in custody and prosecuted no it accountable is a good thing what i question or the means that we used in order to effect those in like i said invading another country with a military force to kevin is similar if you recall the case in italy of more where we had our air force personnel twenty three were convicted of kidnapping in italy for in essence the same type of operation we just conducted in libya so again my concern is the precedent that we set that if there's someone that we deem a threat that we can go into any country and snatch him up why can't other countries do that here and we have just a little under a minute left but i have to ask you this is a very important david had as it is the twelfth anniversary of the afghanistan invasion do you think we are starting to see a shift away from the middle east and toward africa in our counterterrorism efforts well it seems to me if you know if you recall al qaeda and osama bin laden had a base of operation in africa they were forced out and moved to afghanistan at the
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time it was you know basically a lawless territory an easy for them to operate and it seems now they've shifted or their focus back to africa so i think that will be an increasing area of interest for the u.s. is organizations like al shabaab and al qaeda continue to put down roots and in that region especially in mali which we know it's a huge problem right now those french forces who are dealing with the u.s. not so much colonel morris davis law professor howard university thank you so much for coming in a waiting in. well it's officially week two of the government shutdown here's where things stand over the weekend the house unanimously approved a bill that ensures back to pay for all of those federal workers who were furloughed also secretary of defense chuck hagel ordered nearly three hundred fifty thousand employees back to work despite the furlough hundreds of thousands of others are still sitting at home waiting for the spending bill issue to be resolved
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and in terms of the spending bill itself won't nothing nada zilch diddly squat absolutely nothing we're about as close to a spending bill agreement right now as we were last week which is not close at all political commentator sam sacks filled us an earlier on the latest of this three ring congressional circus and i asked him since we are counting down to default are we any closer to ending one of these political stalemate. i think as you mentioned betty we're getting a little bit farther away it seems like the c.n.a. house republicans will again meet and they're going to pass their piecemeal funding approach rather than this one let's fund the government they just want to fund specific agencies senate democrats are going along with it the white house has called it a gimmick meanwhile there is movement in the house among democrats to try and force a vote on this claim clean spending bill passed by the senate to reopen the government if democrats can get two hundred eighteen signatures on what's called a discharge petition that would require them to do it at least eighteen republicans
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and all the democratic votes and they file that discharge petition petition they can force a vote on the queen's government spending bill within two weeks this is the same boat that president obama today called for lots of senate democrats have called for this vote in the house but speaker the house john boehner refuses to bring up this clean spending bill saying he doesn't think it will pass but really people say well the reason why doesn't bring up is because it will pass and it will require mostly democratic votes and to be another kick in the face i guess to the tea party caucus that the painters trying to control now on to the debt limit which were ten days away from the debt limit. last week we saw in new york times article that said the speaker boehner make a valid miss that if push comes to shove and we come down to the debt limit deadline the speaker will bring a clean debt limit vote to the floor it will be voted on well of sunday he walked back that he said no we're not going to do that i want to get concessions from the white house barriers that might include dollar for dollar spending cuts repeal of
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e.p.a. regulations and even you know obamacare defunding or delaying obamacare again so that's where we are we know that the president won't go for any of this and ultimately we're talking about a six week spending bill we're not talking about they're fighting over bill for a year or a budget we're talking about a bill that will keep the government open until mid november that they can agree on at this point have paralysed they just can't agree on anything because they found now we're in ten weeks you're the shutdown as i said what are some of the other kind of consequences that. the american public is suffering as a result of the shutdown all right well in the first week there was a lot of talk about no funding for the national institutes of health which delayed a lot of cancer treatments cutting off federal food stamp program which affects people who are food insecure and need food we talked about problems at the veterans administration i think we have a graphic here of some other agencies that are being affected here by this organic food state standards they're not being verified at this point the department of homeland security's division which handles civil liberties complaint it's been
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closed the verify system which make sure the businesses aren't employing undocumented workers is down the amber alert earlier system that was down that's now back up and running because i was pretty embarrassing and. also what a lot of agencies that deal with transparency and oversight the inspector general's office and the department of defense the office of special counsel which handles waste fraud and abuse in government that's been closed down the marriage systems protection board which handles which protects whistleblowers from retaliation the workplace that's been closed down the for the office that's been shuttered there to still take the boy requests but there aren't as many people head on that which means the backlog for pritam of information act request is growing larger and larger so the ironic thing is here. members of congress who are concerned about waste fraud and abuse and overspending have shut this government down and now the very agencies that are shut down are the ones focused on waste fraud and abuse and spending very interesting thank you for breaking down the latest political
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commentator sam sax our loan our t. political three ring circus the designer chair very. well the great irony in all of this government bickering is that while we find over money they're actually wasting a lot of it with this shutdown three hundred million dollars a day by some estimates apparently the government can hold off on paying its bills with a few thousand iou but many for a lot of workers simply cannot so they are resorting to unemployment benefits. take a look at this just outside the beltway marilyn usually receives between twenty five hundred thirty five hundred claims per year from federal workers but maryland's department of labor received fourteen thousand federal claims as of friday that's nearly four times the number of claims from the federal workers it receives over the course of a year now because of their jobs and many of these people are not allowed to try to find temporary work to pay the bills until all of this blows over so they are
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literally stuck between a rock and the government shutdown archies liz wahl takes a deeper look at how much money is going down the shutdown. the government shutdown has officially entered its second week congress has ensured hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal workers that will get back pay once the government reopens but at this point it's unclear how long paychecks will be delayed or how much of an impact the shutdown will have on the economy in terms of the economy as a whole bloomberg reports the cost of partially shutting down the government comes at three hundred million dollars per day this according to the global market research firm i.h.s. that's one point six billion dollars per week and while the total impact is difficult to measure it's expected that the longer it goes on the more devastating the shutdown will be to the economy so how does the government shutdown compared to other disasters well if it goes on for more than three or four weeks it could cost
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the economy about fifty five billion dollars according to moody's analytics that puts the shutdown price tag in the same range as some natural disasters take hurricane sandy for example the superstorm there ravaged the eastern seaboard as one of the largest in the atlantic on record it cost an estimated sixty eight billion dollars in damages hurricane can treat katrina in two thousand and five was one of the deadliest and costliest natural disaster. in u.s. history incurred a cost of one hundred eight billion dollars in damages according to the national hurricane center and the b.p. oil spill that poured millions of gallons of oil into the gulf was one of the worst offshore oil spills in u.s. history it cost the company over forty billion dollars to clean up the mess and compensate victims and the ongoing drought and so in the south is plaguing farmers and the local economy texas is feeling the worst of it suffering an estimated loss
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of seven point two billion dollars in crops and livestock just a few examples there of natural disasters that took a toll on the economy if congress or deadlocked on the shutdown drags on the economic impact could be odd par with disasters like these and now the clock is ticking to the next big deadline on october seventeenth the deadline hits for the u.s. to raise the debt ceiling or risk running out of money to pay its bills many economists predict the economic consequences of failing to reach a debt ceiling deal would be much more serious than this current government shutdown in washington lives of all parties so obviously the shutdown showdown is already having a huge impact on our economy and the closer we get to that default date the more serious the consequences may likely be for the u.s. treasury secretary jack lew is warning that a default could send the country spiraling financially possibly even worse than the great recession in two thousand and nine the u.s.
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is still recovering from that scrape says and researchers are still trying to understand the full impacts of it now a new study released by researchers at the university of hong kong examined suicide trends and fifty four countries around the world what they found was that the great recession appears to have greatly increased the number of suicides archies perry unmooring explains capitol hill's current stalemate has left the economy at a curious please the unemployment is not just a productivity. an economic issue it's a morphing into a mental health issue and lives are on the line. president of the american counseling association explains the way we understand the relationship between you know our self worth as it relates to having a job and being able to provide for our families and our sense of identity our mental health and overall wellbeing a recent study published in the british.
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thousand and. five to the two thousand and eight financial collapse men are at a greater risk of suicide because they tend to be the main earners in the family and are less likely to seek help one of the things that we know from the research is that yes people are at risk for suicide for alcohol consumption their risk for interpersonal violence and for aggressiveness in their relationships so we know that there are a host. of outcomes from joblessness so where are the joblessness numbers at now the unemployment rate in the us is seven point three percent meaning a leavened point three million americans are looking for jobs but can't find them this number has decreased since the financial collapse but in two thousand and eight sixty six percent of americans either had a job or wanted a job a number that's at sixty three percent today so many people have gotten so frustrated that they've just stopped looking the world's job market is that much
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better according to the international labor organization unemployment increased by a further four million over the course of two thousand and twelve the c.e.o. of gallup gemma clifton who has the world's leading research and analytic firm says even these numbers are far underestimated everything that you read says fifteen to twenty percent unemployment unemployment in the world is fifty fifty percent and i think it's such an important number because i think that's what drives i mean the instability countries are describing all over and it's not just the middle east but at the very end of the day it's more about unemployment and estimates are are grossly inaccurate and forecast for next year aren't optimistic and employment is getting worse it will get worse in two thousand and fourteen because of the single metric that nobody talks about jobs occur where new business startups occur. new business startups are at the lowest rate per capita that
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they've been in forty years so what should people do if they're unemployed and depressed we need to share what we know about human beings is that we're highly relational so that means that we need to connect connect connect connect and that's going to help us to survive this period in which we don't have as many jobs as we need just another reminder that the economy is more than a series of numbers people's lives are hanging in the balance in washington d.c. harry and boring are two. still ahead here on our team and in egypt clashes between protesters and government security forces have turned deadly and it seems that future clashes are likely to occur throughout the nation the latest on the instability in egypt after the break. the but. it was a. very hard to take time. to get. out
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yet or had to act with governor rick perry please. please. please please. please. please. please shut. the door. and.
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i would rather as questions just keep building the positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.g.p. question. i'm. i'm i'm i'm. in egypt fifty one people are dead and two hundred forty others have been injured as a result of clashes between security forces and protesters that happened over the weekend as the public gathered to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the start of the one nine hundred seventy three war with israel muslim brotherhood members and t.
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morsi protesters began attacking each other with fire bombs and burned shots and then the military forces got involved and this is where things reportedly turned very violent some four hundred twenty three morsy supporters were detained across the nation during the chaos. brings us the latest from cairo the families have gathered in front of cars the capital as main morgues and whom to basically pick up the dead after a very bloody night in cairo and across the country leaving dozens dead and hundreds arrested is this all kicked off in some way off to noon on the anniversary of the fortieth or the fortieth anniversary of the one nine hundred seventy three arab israeli who this is largely regarded as an armed forces day a day that people celebrate the military victory i've been going through the interim president had called for two terms to come to the streets in particular to his credit behind me on the presidential palace to basically grow. in military what is regarded as one of the most proud moments in the gypsy history however
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supporters of mohamed morsy had other ideas they wanted to protest against the military not the institution itself they says but the generals they attempted to march into the square as well which was being heavily guarded by security forces security forces stopped them pretty sharply firing tear gas and putting it into the crowds there was reports of light on the mission i was there on the ground these chaotic street battles spilled over into the side danis it was extremely bloody indeed however this is the ultimate and unusual sights not sadly in egypt this is one of many countries that we're seeing dozens that is no longer top news here in fact a local news stations were actually more focused on the celebrations and they were on the bloody assault on the most of brotherhood supporters this comes up to to know if you use it to more turmoil also two thousand as an uprising we just seen the country really become very divided between those who want to side with the military and those who want to go with his brotherhood another side effect of this is unfortunately a number of a terrorist attacks already this morning we've heard of
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a massive explosion of security directorate in sinai in south sinai to find police officers shock and dismay which is in the suez canal so we're seeing here is a massive massive security crisis for meanwhile the supporters of mohamed morsi who refused to back down specially if they've lost so many of their relatives and friends those turbans come back the streets so expect to see further clashes on the horizon that was artie's bell true reporting. meanwhile in syria an official from the u.n. mission overseeing the destruction of the country's chemical weapons stockpile said the operation has gotten off to an excellent start chemical weapons experts are well into their second day of work today which according to reuters involved syrian forces using cutting torches and angle grinder to render missile warheads bombs and mixing equipment unusable but critics say that this is president bashar al assad's way to buy time before you tax more rebel compounds for the latest from damascus
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here's our team. the united nations has confirmed that chemical weapons experts inside syria have begun the process of destroying the estimated one thousand ton chemical weapons stockpile inside this country there was a team of some fifteen international experts who have been inside syria since last tuesday they come from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons in the hague as well as the united nations and they are overseeing the whole process is they role is to verify report as well as opposite of what is happening but the actual destruction itself is taking place by syrian forces in a statement that was released by the international experts they say that on sunday these forces had begun destroying the sa warheads as well as aerial bombs and chemicals mixing equipment the syrian forces are using cutting torches as well as angles blinders to destroy the mission and now the whole process is taking place at
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an undisclosed location but it will last until at least the middle of next year that's one of the binding u.n. resolution that came into effect after the involvement of russian diplomacy we're still hearing though from the united states that if both sides being damascus in the rebels don't adhere to their commitment and actually destroy these stockpiles of chemical weapons force could still be an option the important point to make is that the observers have said that the syrian president bashar assad is a hearing to his commitment but as of yet there has been no indication no kind of comment at all confirmation from the rebel side that they will be doing the same and this is important because a number of these chemical weapons stockpiles are actually on the frontlines are they changing hands sometimes they're in the subs also sometimes they're not opposed to a number of problems firstly how will these international experts actually reach the frontline where they can observe the destruction of these chemical weapons and
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so a lot of problems. a lot of possible. encounters for the down the line that the international experts will have to deal with but so do the poses at least on the damascus side has begun that was artie's polis leader reporting. well it's become the new face of cheap travels swapping houses or renting an apartment for a few days while you see the signs there was even a movie made about it in two thousand and six called the holiday starring kate winslet and cameron diaz but in new york city returns aren't the only ones checking in now new york attorney general eric schneiderman is investigating a popular web site that helps set up these exchanges according to the new york daily news he has subpoenaed air b.n. b. for all data from two hundred twenty five thousand new york residents who use the service as part of his investigation into the illegal rentals of those people around fifteen thousand are suspected of being in violation of the two thousand and
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ten law that makes renting out in a residential apartment for under thirty days illegal the attorney general says he isn't trying to crackdown on casual users but on the people who repeatedly rent out their apartments as for air b. and b. the head of global public policy david hartman says we believe the attorney general is only seeking to target an incredibly small number of bad actors who abuse the air b.n. b. platform that's a goal we all share bad actors like illegal hotel operators and some large aren't part of our vision he went on to say we always want to work with governments to make the air b.n. b. community stronger but at this point this demand is unreasonably braund and we will fight with everything we have got so the next time you are renting a room in the big apple and you hear a knock on the door be careful it might not be room service might just be the police and that's going to do it for now from one of the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america and follow me on twitter at meghan underscore
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lopez i will see you right back here at eight pm. hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered on peter lavelle on the back of one fiasco after another in the middle east the u.s. says now it is willing to engage iran after decades of prosecuting a covert in proxy war against around can washington change its behavior many in washington have dismissed obama's always branch out of hand many in iran are just as mistrustful is this quest for peace a fool's errand.


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