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tv   Headline News  RT  August 31, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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i'm convinced it's nothing more than a provocation from those who want to involve other countries in the syrian conflict the russian president blocks the u. i've spoken say during military action in syria saying the evidence and sounds to blame has no leg to stand on. intervention plans are leaving president obama isolated it with america's allies in nato rejecting support of the campaign against assad but despite that yet another destroyer has joined america's warships in the region. and also this hour sleeping rough in london the number of homeless is still rising in the british capital despite the mayor's promises to curb the problem by the end of last year.
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news from russia and around the while this is the with me here national thanks for joining us. russian president vladimir putin has hit out at the allegations that assad's government carried out a chemical attack against its own people mourning the u.s. against military intervention he also added washington's claims the four intelligence report providing from evidence can be published disrespectful to its international partners thomas has more now on russia's reaction to the u.s. drums of war. president vladimir putin was addressing the press in vladivostok and he did have some strong words to say on the subject of syria he said that russia is of course against the use of chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction but in this particularly we need to wait and see for the u.n.
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to do their job for the investigation to come forward and that russia's position has always been then act in a lawful matter as a global community now one of the things he says is that it is ridiculous that the assad regime used weapons chemical weapons against his own people saying that under these circumstances it just doesn't call for it let's listen to what he had to say on that subject. syrian government forces are advancing in some areas they have surrounded the rebels to think that in such a time they would give a trump card for those calling for intervention. now as the u.n. chemical weapons inspection team has just left syria we haven't heard anything back yet and he says that if the proof of chemical weapons has not yet been presented it means that there isn't any now the other thing is he spoke about his surprise about the british government who met over this past week to debate the idea of intervention in syria he said you're surprised that they voted down the idea but
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that it proves that there are sane rational people who are out there who are using common sense in this situation he also appealed to president obama not just as a president but as a peace nobel laureate basically saying. look if weapons are used look at what it will do to the peace process let's listen to his words on that. let's not forget that barack obama is nobel peace prize laureate of the cost of the decade the us has started seven conflicts in various parts of the world but did that really solve any problems afghanistan or iraq libya there's no democracy there now which is what the us claimed it tried to bring there's no civil peace or balance all of these has to be taken into account before making the decision to stop bombing syria which will lead to civilian casualties so as the world expects a u.s. air strike at any time a prudent urging restraint at this moment in time. the u.n.
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chief doesn't want a military action in syria until his chemical weapons inspectors present their findings to the security council and that could take a couple of weeks but washington has said it will decide on what to do regardless of the probes results the u.s. appears ready to pull the trigger soon but much of the world would track the plan he's gonna check out explaining. well the obama administration is laying the groundwork for a military strike against syria but the president says he has not made the final decision spend the last few days scrambling an intelligence assessment that would make the case for an attack on syria as far as the evidence is concerned the report shows no evidence as such just conclusions then we have to bear in mind that this was the unclassified version of the report it mentions satellite images and intercepted communications with the paper's main argument seems to be this the assad government has huge stockpiles of chemical weapons they have the capacity to deliver them and therefore they were likely responsible for last week's attacks
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near damascus not only the american people are against an attack on syria but also the international community although secretary kerry talked about what he sees as a substantial international backing for for action whatever international backing he was talking about it's not the u.n. or whatever military action the u.s. takes eventually against syria it will be illegal under international law nato secretary general just said nato does not play into to dissipate into military intervention in syria. secretary of state john kerry said but both haiti on president obama believe a military strike on syria needs to be discussed directly with the american people fast and let's not take a look at will the u.s. public thinks about the issue over the hearts of those americans who took part in the wrong issues paul don't want an intervention in syria at all only twenty percent are in favor as asked whether assad should bear tanks if he's implicated in chemical weapons used just under thirty percent of americans said yes the british parliament wasn't convinced that an attack on secret should happen and let's not
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talk to a labor m.p. mahmoud it was among those who voted against a military strike on syria mr mahmood thank you very much indeed for joining us here on r.t. so why did you make a stand against british participation in a military intervention in syria. well the key thing as far as military intervention in syria is concerned first of all can i make clear that any form of chemical weapons used on any people is apparent and should be outlawed and shouldn't be allowed to be used at all so there's no way that anybody in britain supports any of that i think in terms of what we. should be military action in syria is twofold one is that we're very concerned about what's happened previously women actions taken place whether it's iraq afghanistan libya and what stage those countries have been left in at the end of it secondly that if you were taking sides by by just performing military action then we would be taking sides against one.
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against the government and possibly pro the pro the rebels there are a lot of issues that need to be ironed out in terms of who the rebels are with we should supporting them and what their objectives are and so getting into that sort of conflict would cause also the pollens and then obviously there would be a knock on effect if this war if this strike and this aggression on syria was then seen to be involving the region i expanded out into the region what effect would that have and it looks like britain is one of many countries which said no to that infamous intervention why is the u.s. being left to go it alone by much of the wild. well nobody is saying that we should go they should go to alone i think what he's saying is let's sit down let's try and get this together let's speak to to russia to china to iran unless trying to get a peaceful settlement to this. military action is not going to be a resolution in syria it hasn't been anywhere else so let's let's change the script
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let's change what's been going on before let's look at what's what we needed to make changes with you have people who have influence over syria russia has an influence china and iran have influences over syria let's get them to sit down and try and resolve this without a huge amount of bloodshed because we're talking about bloodshed now if this is allowed to take its course there will be far greater bloodshed after the vote a u.s. secretary of state john kerry made his case for wife iraq should be a tax day you're saying he provided convincing evidence that i don't think there has been convincing evidence at the moment i think the u.n. inspectors will come back and will will perhaps give evidence that there has been chemical attack but they will not be able to define who is responsible for that i don't think america or anybody else has that intelligence to say exactly who it was
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we know that the syrian government does have stockpiles of chemical weapons but unless we have a clear. direct impact on teligent who's done it we can't just just be pointing fingers we have this before when there was the weapon of mass destruction destruction debate and the presentation in the united nations by colin powell and we knew that didn't come to be true so we have to be very very skeptical of any form of this sort of intelligence that comes out unless the that is substantial proof on it all right and p. ca laid him on this thank you very much indeed for talking to us thank you. michael . and he is on facebook where you can join the discussion about america's plans to attack syria well do you want to follow say about two u.s. warships in the mediterranean and obama's hanes at an imminent find out and tell us or choose saying on facebook dot com slash our senior. u.s.
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taxpayers shelled out more than one hundred million dollars for lethal aid to the syrian rebels the opposition includes al qaeda linked groups too so america's intervention in syria might mean the helping someone they consider their sworn enemy and it's the situation now explain. a major aspect that's close to impossible to prevent in the syrian crisis should it get even more chaotic and unpredictable with the u.s. and western outside military involvement the likelihood of empowering al qaeda already a very powerful force in the country experts left and right are warning that the west would be fighting alongside group members in syria who at home are seen as its own main enemy in the war on terror the opposition in syria is far from unified political force members form a large chunk of this opposition attempting to get assad to step down concerns were high before that western ammunition would end up in the wrong hands because there's no way to selectively support one part of those against assad's government and not
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another the fear now is that u.s. and western military escapades would in force not just a vague opposition it sees as the good guy but the al-qaeda members that make it up by the thousands namely the front considered the most violent element in the opposition which experts label are branded iraq in syria its numbers on the ground are estimated to be at around six to ten thousand fighters the large extent of our presence in the country in terms of specific numbers is not known but its presence and influence in the future of the country cannot be diminished if historical lessons are remembered this is already reminiscent of the old two painful experiences we've seen before prior to western involvement in iraq in libya for instance insurgency it ran rampant but a peek at presence walked hand in hand with foreign participation bringing the long terror suicide bombings and even greater chaos to those regions. and online as well where closely following international tensions brewing over syria as
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well as this is a show on the ground had to answer your console lie about day. dawns on our website is the u.s. government's assessment of the use of chemical weapons a cigarette in full you can read it closer and try to find out why washington's high confidence of assad's guilt is coming from. the right to see. her story. and i think the truth. on our reporters would. be. the u.k. government is pressing the new york times to destroy the documents leaked by n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden the sensitive materials on the snooping activities of
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the two us and britain made its way to the american daily newspaper from the u.k.'s guardian which was forced to obliterate the hard drives containing the leaks files however snowden's revelations have still been making their way to the public eye and here's the latest exposure apparently the u.s. has been spending more than fifty two billion dollars on intelligence gathering this year alone the cia called the lion's share of more than fourteen billion dollars significantly more than the n.s.a. or any other agency the national reconnaissance office and they drew a special and the general defense intelligence programs also came near the top of the money a league to gather big got nineteen point six billion dollars to operate imaging satellites draw maps and assess foreign military planes and resources meanwhile snowden's leaks have won him international recognition has been awarded the twenty citing whistleblower prize by a coalition of n.g.o.s and peace and all of a in berlin reports snowden has been stealing the show in germany's draco election
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rates. well he's certainly not on the christmas card list of the german government as it stands at the moment these leaked documents that he's he's put forward really rather damning on the german government and just how complicit it seems that the b. and d. the german security services were in terms of spying not only to help the n.s.a. spying on their own people here in germany when edward snowden released these documents one of the things i'm sure he didn't think he would be was a major issue in the german elections the that's on the twenty second of september the general election here and it's become one of the main the only real issue that people seem to be attacking anglo merkel over. the leader of the social democrats her main challenger in this election it said if he becomes chancellor if he wins this election then he will be asking some serious questions of the united states and he also be looking into delaying an important trade deal saying how can we
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possibly look at doing trade with the americans when we don't know if they have microphones and all of our desks so this has become something that the politicians are looking to attack and glimmer cologne it's probably one of the only things she's really weak on in the public eye because not only it seems to allow the united states to spy on germany but it seems that she also helped the united states to spy on germany so this is one of the reasons why it would. receive this award and he is being honored with this by a number of groups for his work in revealing what turns out to be the the wide ranging spying activities of the n.s.a. and the united states. this is our see an hour buckle up because right after the break i've been marks. which checked out some of the hottest of dead travels to graze the sky. and street savvy come
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home to an increasing number of people with thousands sleeping right. despite pleasures by the ned to provide shelter for this it has hung at the details after a short break. but he sees things that sighted people don't notice. he's deaf. but he hears things that most people never do they call him disabled but he's the world's first deaf and blind doctor of science. professor i think other savor of. the great life lived against the odds. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought
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you knew. i'm charged is a big. this is welcome back london's mass seems to have failed to deliver on his promises to combat homelessness in the city and the five years since he's been in office the number of people sleeping rough has only grown higher. so now from the streets of london. the charity night watch head out on the nightly run distributing feeds to
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london's. no one knows exactly how many people are homeless in the capital but one thing that's agreed upon and that is that the numbers are increasing it's gone up from thirty people to fifty sixty seventy. dollars you can see a large number of people have gathered here to use night watches daily it's now more all of the people who are here are rough sleepers but a number of them all when london mayor boris johnson came to office in two thousand and eight he pledged to and rusty paying by two thousand and twelve not only does he not hit that target but roughly paying numbers for the increased every year he's been in office in london and promised to the eradication of sleeping by twenty five . yeah. it. very difficult. although it is. a problem people are doing anything about this database change
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shows a rise from three thousand four hundred seventy two people when the mayor came to power to six thousand four hundred thirty seven sleeping rough last year but the mayor's office insists it's not all bad news and the increase in numbers isn't party to an increase in funding longer hours on the streets rat reach teams mean more people than ever before being identified and now eight out of ten new. lanie spend twenty four hours on the street yet despite the increase in funding many of the people here have been sleeping rough for months. on the street in a new york. that doesn't have. a lot of them or problems of all schools before. the council. get the police from. twenty two year old silas doesn't want his
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face shane he tells us he often sleeps in a car park nearby it's a complex story silas tells us that he has had some contact with out which groups operating in the area but he hasn't yet got on benefits and therefore can't get into council accommodation. through. the local outreach team have told us that they're looking into silas's case here's just one of thousands of the homeless in the capital this is the face of london same listen twenty thirteen and it seems it's an increasingly young one sarah r.t. london. now for some international headlines in brief to afghanistan first where a suicide blast has claimed five lives in the southern city of kandahar twenty other people were injured that taco stormed a security checkpoint as people queued to enter a bunk both police and civilians are among the victims this is the latest on
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a plane to target to hit the country just yesterday protein people died in a bomb blast. while in neighboring pakistan a u.s. drone strike has killed at least four people according to officials the missile strike devastated a compound in northern visitor stan says part of the tribal belt a notorious taliban and al qaeda stronghold recently leaked reports show these deeply unpopular try to try to have substantially increased under a girl must rule. aide bus drivers and a woman to have staged across a fiction and protest of being fired from their jobs and part of why that came in response to years of unpaid benefits for over fifty employees of a bus company in a city on and it's already their third week of protest and its plan to last another twenty two days. accordingly india has found a teenager guilty of rape or murder in the first conviction in the tourist gang
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rape he was sentenced to three years in a reform for sexual assaulting and beating a woman to death with five other than one of the group's members was found dead in a jail cell this march while the rest phrase death penalty the brutal attack set off a nationwide protests with the government and actually new laws for the protection of women. waves of discontent over the upcoming football world cup are continuing to cause ripples in brazil hundreds of demonstrators flooded the streets of rio de janeiro protesting against corruption and income inequality the demonstrators mocks the president a deal more research is under pressure to boost spending in the brazil's largest city some power marchers turned one. and as a protest as a target and major bank and national media giant was functioning true public transport fare hikes and pouring money into high profile sporting events while social services remain severely underfunded. for some thrills and spills from some
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of the world's finest pilots as russia's mox aviation shows some of the biggest dead devils don't need an object seat or a supersonic jet engine is the difference expect. it's not the size of the engine that matters it's how you use what you've got that's what the pilots of first flight rushes only aerobatics team using propeller plane say no jet engines here no mach two or eject buttons just good old fashioned pistons and plenty of guts at air shows like max b.'s pilots may no longer be the main attraction but propeller planes were the first to take on aerobatics and they plan to stick around. a main goal is to show everyone how beautiful flying can be and to demonstrate the potential of these planes and popularize bullets and aerobatics though these planes may not be so big and powerful they have great potential. reminiscent of the barnstormers of the one nine hundred twenty s. in america this team's planes are equipped with smoke systems that we patterns in
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the skies piloting on a stunt team is still a man's world but irina mark over is one russian woman breaking that mold. people often ask me how i feel different from the male pilot but i just assume that flying planes makes us the same i feel complete freedom in the skies it is believed there are six degrees of freedom but in reality it seems to be much more out there that is how free you feel. making it look easy is part of the job and world champion aerobatics pilot. insists that means his mood has to be put to one side when he takes the controls. the most important thing when you do a great flight is to follow the guidelines and express your emotions be they sad or happy only after you land and turn off the engine during the flight you have to be calm focus on performing the elements flawlessly and stay safe so if you is going to have fun. of course just watching isn't enough so off i went in
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a bright shiny yak fifty two with the arena at the controls and a leisurely two hundred kilometer per hour cruising speed it was clear that for the pilots it's more about finesse than g. force lindsey friends r t moscow. and of course our online team called some of the best moments in the skies it can see the photos while on our website right now fully in the invention section. moon walking on the bottom of the sea a new species of this brown and white shark has been discovered in boxes in indonesia or chow the creatures touches such as the sea a bad easy thing is that a set of legs on a table. and coming up on all see the world of business economics and finance on the money is right up to a short break. so
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the historic and for many americans tragic ruling in the bradley manning case just got a lot weirder because he has declared that he wants to live the rest of his life as a woman named chelsea well i'm glad his lawyer got him to keep this revelation to himself until the end of the trial but said he really should have pushed for him to keep quiet about this just a bit longer while you were asked because if there is one thing i know about the mainstream media is that the second sex is involved everything else is simply becomes a distant second case in point what is the legacy of bill clinton is that the job murderer who are sure to nafta no is it a violent foreign policy throughout the world somewhat similar to bush's and
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obama's a low. occasions like haiti somalia in the balkans etc no his legacy is based on the least important sin he committed as a president cheating on his wife for the years couldn't wasn't office the lewinsky scandal just smothered everything else i am pretty sure that if i know the mainstream media they are going to use manning as gender confusion to overshadow and drown out everything else involved in the case but that's just my opinion. in cuba is not a failure of the cuban people it's a failure of sidel castro to come. when a sunday shows us back to the shows both hostility and suspicion encouraged by the government these operations against cuba were known to the attorney general of the united states the president united states himself the
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defendants an intelligence arms had to infiltrate to resist. but still a chance freedom fighters terrorists. who is. a real terrorist please stand up on our cheek.
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hello and welcome to our in the money where the business of russia is business i'm peter all of this month we were at the st petersburg international economic forum holding a panel discussion on the crisis of capitalism our panel included academics c.e.o.'s and opinion makers ronni goldberg she is the executive vice president and senior policy officer at u.s.c. i would be all go ahead she's deputy prime minister of the russian federation and help gloria he is secretary general of the o.e.c.d. flatter me or moll he is rector of the russian presidential academy of national economy and public administration your last he is chairman of the management board of the investment banking division of barclays arm and son he is president of the eurasia house intern.


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