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tv   Headline News  RT  August 31, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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video for your media project free media. the white house. use of chemical weapons in syria makes final preparations for an assault against damascus all of this based on its own unconfirmed intelligence. the latest leaks from edward snowden exposed the financial side of u.s. spy programs as the whistleblower himself is a. governmental groups for its revelations also. the crowds of the twenty third. every year showcasing some of the world's best pilots flying some of the fastest planes on the planet.
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live from moscow on a saturday this is our tea with me rule received a very warm welcome to you today. chemical weapons experts are expected to present the results of their investigation into last week's use of deadly toxins in syria however the u.s. has made it clear that the world body's findings will not influence its intention to attack the syrian regime of course it blames it for the chemical attack that reportedly killed more than fourteen hundred civilians and with an intervention expected possibly as early as this weekend and the wider international community remains rather unconvinced by america's claims as. reports. well the obama administration is laying the groundwork for a military strike against syria but the president says he has not made the final decision the administration has spent the last few days scrambling an intelligence
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assessment that would make the case for an attack on syria today we finally saw that report beyond classified four page version of it secretary kerry presented the record with this take a listen the american intelligence community has high confidence high confidence this is common sense this is evidence these are facts so the primary question is really no longer what do we know. the question is what are we we collective what are we in the world going to do about it but if you read the paper you also come across this line our high confidence assessment is the strongest position that the u.s. intelligence community can take short of confirmation so u.s. intelligence does not confirm the evidence that the white house says is undeniable as far as the evidence is concerned the report shows no evidence as such just
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conclusions then we have to bear in mind that this was the unclassified version of the report it mentions satellite images and intercepted communications with the paper's main argument seems to be this the assad government has huge stockpiles of chemical weapons they have the capacity to deliver them and therefore they were likely responsible for last week's attacks near damascus in the last few days several members of u.s. intelligence community spoke out on condition of anonymity saying the actual evidence that the u.s. has is not a slam dunk and there are caviar in the report related to the analysis of the satellite images and the intercepted communications also from secretary kerry's presentation it seems the main selling point for the strikes is the horrible horrible images that we've all seen the record refers to several times that refers to the videos in the social media but they do not prove who carried out the attacks not only the american people are against an attack on syria but also the international community although secretary kerry talked about what he sees as
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a substantial international backing for for action whatever international backing he was talking about it's not the u.n. or whatever military action the u.s. takes eventually against syria it will be illegal under international law nato secretary general just said nato does not plan to put his faith in the military intervention in syria the u.n. security council is yet to receive the results of the u.n. investigation but even that investigation will not reveal who is to blame for the horrific attacks that took place the inspectors only have a mandate to ascertain the use of chemical weapons but not by whom they were used so the key question will still remain up in the air even as we receive the results of that investigation nonetheless the u.s. has already made its judgment. now having a failed to win over most of its international allies on lawmakers on capitol hill white house is also struggling to drum up popular support for intervention among the general public in the united states according to the latest polls more than
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half of all americans think the country should stay out of the syrian conflict entirely with only a fifth saying they support getting involved and even if the assad government is implicated in the use of chemical weapons only twenty nine percent of americans would actually support minutes reaction and some observers think foreign intervention is in fact being provoked by the well the tactics of desperate syrian rebels who are according to many losing the civil war promise the president obama is making to the american people is that all the bleeding will be on the syrian side we will strike them we will bomb them we will drop cruise missiles but don't worry americans just stay shopping because we won't put boots on the ground there is just a euphemism for all the bleeding will be done on the other side unlike cameron who had to take the case to the british parliament obama's doing everything to avoid even a basic good bait to get congressional authorization no debate whatsoever even george w. bush had to get congressional authorization before he launched his war of aggression
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this is the failure of democracy in america as obama goes on this reckless and dangerous course who had an interest in the use of chemical weapons assad is winning the war his public backing the rebels cannot win without foreign intervention u.s. intervention in particular they know that if if chemical weapons are used that's a trigger to launch the western intervention the only way assad can lose would be if the west intervenes militarily so who use the chemical weapons clearly not the assad government they're not suicidal they were winning the war this is a stage provocation that's what we're witnessing. and of the likelihood of our military strikes around syria has certainly put its neighbors on high alert artie's paulus lee reports some worry it could be the catalyst for a large scale regional war. now the big concern of course is how will iran react we have heard from iran that if damascus comes under fire it will regard this as an attack on its thirty fifth province the thinking is that iran could activate
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both hizbollah and the rainy and revolutionary guard corps it could get them to use their fighters to attack those countries who are supportive of a u.s. led military strike inside syria at the same time iran could also close the strait of hormuz now this would affect around twenty percent of the world's supply of petroleum the head of the rainy and revolutionary guard has also said that if damascus was to be attacked this would see and this is a direct quote the immediate attack and the immediate destruction of israel this is of course something that the israelis are taking seriously the official word from the israeli leadership is that they are not involved in anything inside syria but that they of course will respond and respond harshly if they come under attack the israeli army is calling up reservists at the same time the israeli army has deployed the iron dome anti-missile defense system and other interceptors over the north of the country the public has been queuing up in the thousands at local post
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offices and other outlets to collect gas masks at the same time there have been emergency drills held of various schools and also the there are many who are actually clearing up a bomb shelters now for fear of any kind of strike on israel the jerusalem post is a daily newspaper inside israel and it is running with the headline keep calm but carry on at the moment the mood in the region is anything but keeping calm there is a growing sense that this conflict could result in an all out regional war. i know with so many players know drawn in to be untangled the u.s. and its allies might actually find themselves on the same side of the. historically called the enemy to use and. has the report. a major aspect that's close to impossible to prevent in the syrian crisis should it get even more chaotic and unpredictable with the us and western outside military involvement the
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likelihood of empowering al qaeda already a very powerful force in the country experts left and right are warning that the west would be fighting alongside group members in syria who at home are seen as its own main enemy in the war on terror the opposition in syria is far from unified political force al qaeda members form a large chunk of this opposition attempting to get assad to step down concerns were high before that western ammunition would end up in the wrong hands because there's no way to selectively support one part of those against assad's government and not another the fear now is that u.s. and western military escapades would in force not just a vague opposition it sees as the good guy but the al qaeda members that make it up by the thousands mainly the front considered the most violent elements in the opposition which experts label are branded iraq in syria its numbers on the ground are estimated to be at around six to ten thousand fighters the large extent of our presence in the country in terms of specific numbers is not known but its presence
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and influence in the future of the country cannot be diminished if historical lessons are remembered this is already reminiscent of the old two painful experiences we've seen. involvement in iraq in libya for instance insurgency it ran rampant but a peek at al qaeda presence walk hand in hand with foreign participation bringing along terror suicide bombings and even greater chaos to those regions now we'd love to get your take on this do let us know what you think a military intervention in syria would actually result in r.t. dot com is where you can take part in our latest worldwide poll right now let's bring up the numbers for you and so far those still for this hour the majority fifty six percent are predicting what will be a catastrophic conflict engulfing the entire region including israel and iran just like paul asli it was saying that almost a fifth now of those who voted alternately seeing a libya like scenario with years of violence the car man an islamic insurgency a few less though not believing that washington will actually attack on its own it
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would only have to be a multilateral front and down to the bare minimum eight percent saying it's just two days of strikes hypothetically that will be short and sharp just to teach syria a lesson but we'd love to get your pulse on this what you think would happen as a result of an intervention in syria just cast your vote right now at r.t. dot com. the meantime here on the program britain has asked the new york times to get rid of copies of documents leaked by the whistleblower edward snowden that's another year u.s. newspaper revealed from one of the top secret files just how much america spends on surveillance the so-called black budget it's never been shown to the public until now and we've certainly got some details of this classified data for you as well here it comes right now the u.s. splashed out of over fifty two billion bucks on intelligence gathering just this year alone the cia though getting the lion share of more than fourteen billion dollars or a lot more than the n.s.a.
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or any other agency for that matter and the national reconnaissance office and the geo special and general defense intelligence programs as well they came near the top of the money league and together bragging about one thousand point six billion dollars to operate or imaging satellites to draw maps and assess foreign and military plans and resources as well in the meantime though snowden's leaks have won him international recognition he was awarded the twenty thirteen a whistleblower prize by a coalition of n.g.o.s and as it has put it all of a report in berlin snowden's name is now being featured prominently in germany's upcoming general election. well he's certainly not on the christmas card list of the german government as it stands at the moment these leaked documents that he's he's put forward really rather damning on the german government and just how complicit it seems that the b. and d. the german security services were in terms of spying not only to help the n.s.a. but spying on their own people here in germany when edward snowden released these
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documents one of the things i'm sure he didn't think he would be was a major issue in the german elections the that's on the twenty second of september the general election here and it's become one of the main the only real issue that people seem to be attacking anglo merkel over. the leader of the social democrats her main challenger in this election it said if he becomes chancellor if he wins this election then he will be asking some serious questions of the united states and he also be looking into delaying an important trade deal saying how can we possibly look at doing trade with the americans when we don't know if they have microphones under all of our desks so this has become something that the politicians are looking to attack and glimmer cologne it's probably one of the only things she's really weak on in the public eye because not only it seems to allow the united states to spy on germany but it seems that she also helped the united states to spy on germany so this is one of the reasons why edward snowden has
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received this award and he is being honored with this by a number of groups for his work in revealing what turns out to be the the wide ranging spying activities of the n.s.a. and the united states you are just on a quarter past the hour here in moscow still to come for you here on the program no homes grown five years after london's mayor came to power promising to help the city's rough sleepers its pleasure to provide a roof for all remains a lofty goal a report on that and the rest of the world's top headlines in just a. but he sees things that sighted people don't notice. he's doing. things most people never do they call him disabled but he's the world's first deaf
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and blind dr of science. professor i think the other civil of. the great life. it's. one of your. colleagues face. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure.
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it's a good to have you with us here on r t a cultural graffiti and synchronized moves to make the bolshoi's directors jealous russia's max twenty thousand ash are providing the stage and well i suppose offer the state of the odd aircraft very daring pilots in the france went to watch some magnificent men and their flying machines. three days of business led up to this but now the fun begins for the public here as you called ski fields and just outside of moscow the flight programs are the big draw for crowds here every year at max and it could because it's not just about the exhibit the latest in aviation technology that's on the ground it's what's flying above us in the sky and it makes quite an impression on the eyes and i can tell you on the ears as well some of the highlights included the flight of the t fifty brand
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new it's a feature in the russian military and it really while the crowd with its maneuvers in such a low altitude and of course we have the russian switch that have been performing here on the grounds. did jet team that does choreographed maneuvers also a very low altitude was breathtaking to watch very difficult maneuvers there and then of course moving on to helicopters you see the helicopter team there brooke cooties team piloting the me twenty eight and strike helicopters made by the russian helicopters company now this is their first time performing at max it's very rare to see helicopters performing like this anywhere in the world at an aviation show but they do vertical and horizontal maneuvers again a very low altitudes giving the crowds a look at how they use their technologies to move in such an agile way in the air and then of course with that with the business going on here a lot of money was made one hundred twenty nine aircraft were sold here at max
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totaling up to seven billion dollars so a lot of business has been done here at maks two thousand and thirteen but this is where the weekend kicks off and where the enjoyment really begins for all the crowds. and we have so much more footage of the max headliners performing for you on our you tube channel also you can head over to the in motion section of our website where you can know what it feels like to be on a testing range inside a tank you can see in this clip. right through the water over hills terrain debris you name it and challenge for these monsters up t.v. that's also the place you can go to if you want to buy this video. also adultery dot com right now if only these creatures knew how to swim for cover the u.s. navy has openly admitted it's set to commit a whale and dolphin massacre just off america's coast about a new type of collateral damage disturbing details on the web site right now.
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of the meantime on the program one of greece's largest labor unions calling for a two day strike in mid september it's in protest to rescue loans that could cause over twenty thousand public sector workers to lose their jobs by the end of the year and according to recent statements by germany's finance minister greece may indeed need a third enormous. you've got this going off earlier discussed what the billions is doing and where is it going with the hope to save the greek economy. quite a lot of people are being affected these layoffs really are aimed mainly at the public sector and the public sector traditionally is the foundation of the greek economy and that's why so many people are taking to the streets to protest these mad let's let's go to our friends kind of go to. we've spoken to many times
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before every time we've talked about the huge amounts the billions being poured into greece from international lenders. eagle that you see the first time that you know the guys he's talking to at least a pretty depressed they don't see the light at the end of the tunnel your enough is what you'll view well it is obvious by now the. whole scenario adopted for greece has been like a the straw for. this by those huge huge bailout loans greek debt. very high. peak over three hundred and twenty one billion euros did so that means that we're much worse than when the debt crisis started the bailouts were bad the bailouts were carolan a set of european studies in brussels. was it pouring good money after bad do you think you're a proponent of the bailout are you done it this would have been much worse much worse situation i don't think from greece you have to look very far you simply look
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to bulgaria for example to see i mean the whole much worse it could have been the still today living standards in greece are higher than they are in bulgaria is greece were to have left the euro zone and that's why i'm in favor of all further bailed i think it's a disastrous idea once you realized you've made a mistake you should stop doing it it is very simple the bailout is not helping the greek people we've just seen the images of people homeless people living in shelters losing their jobs cannot pay the rent their pension funds are disappearing now the bailout money is not aimed to help the greek people it is a. huge rescue package for bags just because who has benefited who has been. most not the banks but i think germany has benefited most from the euro zone that's why i see the us come painting on staying within the euro zone and that's why merkel has forty percent of the approval rate because germany is thriving germany exports all over europe and they are have a disability interest in having a stable currency zone. to learn and to brussels i can only say that he is looking
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at the completely wrong end of the stick simple is that the euro was a political project it never had any financial standing. and he is supporting a political decision not the economy germany is has vowed to cover twenty six percent roughly a quarter of the bailout money that is going to greece now we're looking at two hundred forty billion that means german taxpayers in the end will have to pay for sixty billion euros this money is badly needed in germany our infrastructure is suffering the railway system needs. investment so does the famed out of the industry. i think mr the greek colleague is only looking at this one side of the coin not seeing and not realizing the long term effects. or to each if we go to open up the ante world update it's where at least six people
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have been killed in classrooms between security forces and thousands of supporters of the ousted president morsi the violence erupted near the presidential palace and demonstrators gathered to demand the x. leaders reinstatement so far it is the biggest display of defiance towards the military backed government since hundreds died in a massive crackdown and now more than two weeks ago. thousands of soldiers are being deployed on the streets of the colombian capital bogota in support of the police it's after at least two people died in violent protests a street riots have been escalating in colombia we choose in the grip of a farming sector crisis with workers demanding subsidies and cheaper fuel and fertilizer is president santos did open talks with protesters on tuesday but failed to ease tensions. of course in india is expected to deliver the first verdict in the case of a fatal gang rape of a young woman last year and she was also beaten to death with
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a bar and then make it on a roadside that the defendant is being tried as a minor and is facing a maximum sentence is of three years for other defendants face the death penalty and the brutal attack set off a nationwide protest over the treatment of women and with the government acting new laws for their protection. at least fifteen people now being killed and over twenty injured in china's shanghai after a leak of toxic liquid ammonia and the cause of the leak from a refrigeration unit at a cold storage facility is not entirely known and china does have a fairly poor record of workplace safety it was just that this june around one hundred twenty people died in a fire at a chicken processing plant all right now london's mayor has a we've certainly made grandiose promises to provide a roof for the schools of homeless people strolling around the capital streets where statistics suggest he's done little to follow through on his pledges as
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artie's reports. the charity nightwatch head out on the nightly run distributing food to london's homeless no one knows exactly how many people are homeless in the capital but one thing that's agreed upon and that is that the numbers are increasing it's gone up from thirty people to fifty sixty seventy. you can see a large number of people have gathered here to use night. now not all of the people who are here. but a number of them are when london mayor boris johnson came to office in two thousand and eight he pledged to end rusty playing by thousand and twelve not only does he not hit that target but rust leaping numbers have increased every year he's been in office in london i promise you the eradication was the thing but i think. yeah.
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it's very difficult. although it's. probably. about homeless database change shows a rise from three thousand four hundred seventy two people when the mayor came to power to six thousand four hundred thirty seven sleeping rough last year but the mayor's office insists it's not all bad news and the increase in numbers isn't party to an increase in funding longer hours on the streets rat reach teams mean more people than ever before being identified and now a tacit ten. lanie spent twenty four hours on the street yet despite the increase in funding many of the people here have been sleeping rough for months. on the street and then you're. here for a month. and a lot of them are programmed to before. enough to leave the council. then
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you started and do you think about going to the police from your own individual annoyance the room. twenty two year old scientists doesn't want his face shane he tells us he often sleeps in a car park nearby it's a complex story silas tells us that he has had some contact with that week's cleats operating in the area but he hasn't yet got on benefits and therefore can't get into council the connotation to get rid of street pursuits. the local outreach team have told us that they're looking into this is case his just one of thousands of the homeless in the capital this is the face of london sameness in twenty thirteen and it seems it's an increasingly young one south. london. part i still to come here want to see and extraordinary man with an extraordinary story just about.
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sometimes it seems like in the face of giant corporations people are just sort of helpless i could be pretty pessimistic myself about what a few individuals with no real money or power can really do against the system but you never dull in fact if you remember tour discussion about ammonia doused pink slime being used across america and frozen fast foods well shift jamie oliver has actually managed to shame mcdonald's enough on t.v. to get them to back down and stop using this ultra processed form of quote meat at their establishments also we recently discussed gamer rage at the rather racist portrayal of russians in the game company of heroes two well all the rage actually worked and thanks to the seventeen thousand signatures on the change dot org
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petition that game has been pulled from russian shelves by the developer the thing . is that massive corporations do a lot of bad things because they have no morals and are obsessed with profit but because they have no morals and are only obsessed with profit the second you even slightly threaten their cash flow they will instantly start cowering at your feet sometimes but that's just my opinion. polls. the. world. through.


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