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tv   Headline News  RT  August 30, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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my extremes are a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on. the ice to the right two hundred seventy to the nose to the left two hundred eighty five. the british government's war cry is silenced as parliament rejects prime minister david cameron's call for military intervention in syria. that leaves president obama struggling to gather international support for his plan to launch limited airstrikes against damascus over its alleged use of chemical weapons. and emergency crews in russia's far east work around the clock to try to keep floodwaters at bay and evacuated residents as the worst delusion in a century takes a heavy toll on infrastructure. has
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to be on a mosque you're watching r t with me marina josh welcome to the program the united states is facing the pro prospect of going it alone in syria after washington's key ally withdrew its support for airstrikes and historic vote british lawmakers defeated a motion by david cameron's government marking the first time in recent years that the u.k. has refused to take part in a u.s. led intervention military action was rejected by a margin of thirteen votes with thirty members of cameron's own party turning against him parliament refused to sanction british involvement in syria even if un inspectors conclude that damascus was indeed responsible for the use of chemical weapons earlier in august at attack that reportedly killed hundreds of civilians in the eyes of lawmakers cameron was unable to make a sufficiently convincing case against acid. well when pressed by m.p.'s to explain why the syrian regime would have resorted to step provoking for inaction the
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premier admitted that british intelligence could not pinpoint a motive cameron didn't urge lawmakers to make their own judgement against us and act on their convictions that didn't win over parliament creating an embarrassing situation for downing street sarah ferguson london has the details. defeated and she merely ate it that's how the prime minister is being portrayed today after that major political blow with parliament voting against military action it means that the prime minister's decision essentially to recall parliament to bring this nation against possible military action in syria has backfired spectacularly many of the prime ministers a party members turning against him labor today calling his leadership reckless and cavalier it's not going to sit comfortably with the prime minister this issue of foreign policy and it was a major issue that he really stamped his name of paul is one that the prime
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minister is the country usually leads on and you heard when the results of the vote was announced last night in the house of commons those cries for the prime minister to resign now questions they feel whether his leadership is really going to be under threat it's thought that's quite unlikely at this point but certainly he stands in a much we can end position today and as he said that defeat really not putting him in a comfortable position tools very many people feeling that the vote reflected the lack of public appetite for any military action certainly with the evidence that was on the table of course all eyes will now be on the us and what course of action they'll take they've lost a major ally in britain voting against military action the indicators coming from the us is that they'll be willing regardless to go it alone in terms of a timeline you've got the u.n. inspectors coming out the country on saturday in presenting their preliminary
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findings so all eyes will be closely on that and then the actions that follow but as we said certainly the prime minister today had both internationally and here at home standing a little less tall today i think. meanwhile the french president is standing firm on his readiness to strike against the government front so alon says paris is in no way influenced by the vote in london and reserves the right to act unilaterally canada has also voiced support for intervention but has shied away from agreeing to take part however some of america's other nato allies have taken a more a lukewarm approach with british forces now out of the question germany italy austria and spain say they won't back washington without a u.n. resolution this as military experts across the globe warn against military intervention in syria british admiral allen west told r.t. that weakening the assad regime would provide a boost to extremist forces who could then turn against the west. all my experience
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of wars and i've been in them and in the lead up to them and i've been running them and things is to find that you have a more of unintended consequences you think you're just going to do one little thing but actually things then happen and expand the nations like the u.s. and the u.k. and france and turkey need to be very very careful about what action they take we need to be very clear what is it we actually want to achieve what is the end state we want we need to have in place mechanisms militarily to ensure that things don't go beyond a certain degree but i'm not at all convinced that attack would actually help the condition of the people within within syria we've seen what happened in iraq you know we've seen what's happened in afghanistan i have no doubt that the al qaeda group and there are a very large group i'm afraid in the opposition funded by people who haven't thought through what this really means would be delighted if america or britain and france attacked they would be delighted by it but that doesn't mean they like us
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and they want to actually have they oppose us and would like to do is farm but in a temporary basis that would suit them so we need to be very very careful how we actually act you want inspectors interior said to present their findings on the use of chemical weapons over the weekend a former commander of the british military chemical defanged regiment told r.t. the sketchy evidence on the attack leaves room to suspect that radical rebels were behind it. got to piece together all the intelligence available very much in the favor that the permanent five perhaps should form a team of experts not just chemical but miller true as well who could look at all the evidence that's on the ground in syria and also the intelligence that's been gathered by those intelligence services and put it together that they don't need a chance to come up with you know ninety to ninety five guaranteed. of who is responsible but at the moment that level of of confirmation is is probably only in
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the seventy's cliff for a sheen of chemical weapons or biological weapons to syria into terrorist groups and says is must be the worst case scenario here there have been reports on corroborated that some terrorist groups have gained some of these stocks. of the syrian stockpile yet to be confirmed but that of course is is a possibility in future now the u.s. president could go ahead with a limited strike against syria despite the withdrawal of support from washington's closest ally barack obama is now struggling to put together an international coalition willing to launch action against the middle eastern state a panel that is moving its naval forces closer to syria in position for immediate strikes if the order is given for destroyers are currently deployed in the mediterranean and a fifth is reportedly on its way all of them armed with dozens of tomahawk cruise missiles and there's also nato task force in the area consisting of four more ships
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all of that in addition to the vast military presence of the u.s. and its allies on the territories of nearby countries are just marine aboard now reports on the ongoing developments. i have warned that president obama has not made of final decision but all signs are suggesting that a strike could occur as soon as united nations inspectors who are currently investigating last week's allegedly chemical attack in syria leave the country they are scheduled to depart from damascus on saturday and that's when the u.n. experts are expected to brief the u.n. security council on their findings now the white house is is expected to present its case for military action against syria to congressional leaders that may have already happened during a conference call thursday evening and ministration officials say that they have intelligence that shows the forces loyal to president bashar al assad carried out
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last week's alleged chemical weapons attack in the suburbs of damascus however critics say that the intelligence that the obama administration does have does not directly tie assad to the alleged chemical weapons attack president obama is reportedly basing his case military action in two ways on two points he says first and foremost he believes the u.s. needs to safeguard international standards against the use of chemical weapons we all remember how he made his statement of chemical weapons use being that red line that can't be crossed and he also says that the use of chemical weapons is a threat to america's national interests and now he believes that syria directly is threat to america's national interests now we should keep in mind that if president obama does order a military strike on syria he would be doing so without congressional approval and lacking approval from the united nations security council resolution which is
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required according to international law so if the u.s. moves in unilaterally without approval from the. the international community from the united nations it would be acting in violation of the u.n. charter but by all reports by all accounts by everything that seems to be coming out it seems as though the u.s. president is going to move ahead with his plan even if he has to move ahead on his own as opposed to how he previously planned to move ahead with some european partners and while president obama is inching closer towards international military action against syria u.s. citizens have taken to the streets in new york washington d.c. and several other cities around the country to protest airstrikes against the syrian people according to recent polls only nine percent of americans support a war in syria protesters that came out into the streets say that just like with
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weapons of mass destruction in iraq false information they believe is being told now about syria to justify another war and the us media reports have pointed to the likely source the u.s. is relying on for its claim that the syrian government used chemical weapons against civilians the proof is said to be based on intercepted phone conversations evidence that was also used by washington a decade ago to justify the iraq war gareth porter an analyst fresh lising in u.s. national security policy says the obama administration doesn't seem to be clear on its own objectives. it is so so difficult to figure out what the administration really thinks that it's doing seriously though you know it is sometimes stated that we have to do it for humanitarian purposes and sometimes because of international law both of which are highly debatable to say the least in terms of recent
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history as well as a previous history of u.s. policy and you know it begins to look like the there's a small coterie of people within the administration who have gotten the idea that they want to do something and they have somehow prevailed on the president to do something that he apparently didn't want to do and that presents a real mystery of major proportions meanwhile syria's neighbors and other regional powers are closing ranks against a possible intervention in jordan where the u.s. has an air base as its territory cannot be used as a launching pad for any military action against syria iraq says it will refuse to provide its airspace for an attack on its neighbor and has issued a strong warning against foreign intervention in syria lebanon's foreign minister has spoken out against military action saying its air space will not be available has backed off its forces has also made clear that of the poses and now would not
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stand idle if syria is attacked by the u.s. and its nato allies are disposed is in beirut with the details the street is angry at the hands of and fearful the media in the region is that the winds of little are blowing in so we have both sides are vowing to fight for the country many are afraid that if america launches military intervention this will only result in a bloodbath here in lebanon hizbullah has said it will not stand idly by if assad is fired on this is the clearest indication from the military group that it plans to get involved and any kind of his blame voles meant. we'll see rockets fired at israel already in israel thousands of residents have been going to post offices to collect gas mosques the country is in a state of high alert and army reserve soldiers have been called up there is clearly the sense that something big is on the cards policy on t.v. . well we'd like to know what you think about the situation in syria so you can log
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on to our website r.t. dot com and vote in our latest well all right now let's take a look at how some of you have participated voted so today we are asking actually if washington goes ahead with a lateral military action in syria what will the end game look like well let's see so far the majority predict a catastrophic conflict engulfing the entire region including israel and iran almost a fifth add this point believe washington will dare attack syria on its own or a few less of this point foresee a libya like scenario with years of violence and islamic insurgents insurgency while only a handful of respondents so far except obama's claim that the strikes will be short and sharp and merely aimed at teaching syria a lesson so do let us know what you think about this and up ahead in just a few minutes here in our team the pride of the skies but two year early much max air show is now open to crowds of enthusiasm from the world's most agile jets to luxury for the passengers of tomorrow will be showing planes in action after
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a short break. please give or take or leave very hard to take. that back would that hurt their feelings. a little please.
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welcome back you're watching r t live from moscow persistent sales calls can give people a rude interruption from their daily routines but now there's a fresh twist in the u.k. and it's more than an issue of mere inconvenience artie's boy boyko explains. your friend rings you pick up and it's a person poll lightly trying to flog you something be it telemarketing or insurance sales you're talking to a stranger it's called cold calling but you homeowners would suspect that the
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person on the other end of the line is a prison inmate. to staff or to prisons a piloting the unusual news team dre call and h.m.p. oakwood and inmates are being paid twenty pounds a week to do the cold calling they reportedly start out by asking would you like to save some money before going on to quiz homeowners about any potential valuables that are worth insuring in their homes they also ask for the name of the person they're talking to as well as the postcode of the address in question i don't think i feel too comfortable because they were her friends on the outside. couldn't possibly information so it into the most reliable people to actually be doing that sort of job personally i think this is more we could think but i could see why you disagree though i wouldn't feel comfortable stallman i know. because you've been a personal information about yourself and you have to read from suspect the board
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i wouldn't feel comfortable with anyone asking you that you were in a. cold calling offering if you had valuables in your head. and saying the news has sparked concerns that inmates could go on to use the information they've acquired for criminal means but the ministry of justice says that offenders aren't allowed to deviate from their marketing scripts which means that they pose no threat they also say that the work provides a valuable experience and allows offenders to be more employers will in future prisoners placed in call centers or risk assessed and the work subject to stringent security measures would call supervised and recorded. it is crucial that offenders do not sit idle in their cells ensuring prisoners learn new skills through work opportunities makes them more employable in the future that means a lower risk of reoffending lower crime and fewer victims even so the news has rattled some brits who say there's no call for inmates cold calling. aussie
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london. at our website right now. students at a california high school have been warned to tweet their status and social media only according to the school's rules or face being stripped extracurricular activities plus. find out how the likes of mcdonald's and wendy's are said to be. playing well the blood pulling the all the blood sweat tears and money out of their stay out in america and check out what they believe the vast giants are doing about it and our team dot com. and one of the world's top aviation events is now in full swing just outside moscow for three days max twenty thirteen was all about big business but on friday the show opened its doors to the public we have more from inside france. the jets are flying high the
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crowds are pushing through the gates this is the first day that the public is really allowed to do as they please to enter and really take in the sights not only is it part of civil aviation and military aid for aviation chance to sort of show their technological stuff it's also a chance to show what they can do in the skies as well it's not just about the display on the ground we've got thousands of people milling about and more to come certainly over the next two days i know we've got jet teams obviously from russia and from china and france ukraine latvia and many other places that will be taking to the skies not only in airplanes but in helicopters as well so it's really a sight to see out here in the previous three days when the a lot of the business was transacted here a lot of companies signed very expensive contracts russian companies pulling in about sixteen million dollars worth of contracts in that time but of course the us enjoyable part for the public is always when the long flight program starts so that
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started this morning at around eleven i will go all the way till five pm and even with the cloud cover it's still expect tackler show but it's a lot of things to be seen for the next couple of hours and certainly for the next couple of days and now to the latest leak from the fugitive american whistleblower edward snowden the so-called black budget has been disclosed in a washington post article according to classified documents the u.s. has spent over fifty two billion dollars on intelligence gathering this year snowden's revelations have won him international recognition and he was recently awarded the two thousand and thirteen whistleblower prize by a coalition of n.g.o.s and award ceremony will be held today in berlin for the former n.s.a. contractor who is in russia where he's been granted asylum we spoke to dr christian homburg executive director of transparency international which is one of the organizations behind the award. this is award that is for whistleblowers people who speak out about a wrongdoings we build. leave but with the documents that he has given to
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a journalist it has been shown that there has been a wrong doings we have seen that security laws have been overstepped by american authorities and therefore he earns this prize for speaking out about it we see a very strong debate board in germany about how the u.k. and also the u.s. is intercepting e-mail and other forms of communication and this is a very fierce debate and we hope that we will also have a debate how much civilians do we want in a free country. a lot of stories now from around the world street riots have been escalating in colombia which is in the grip of a farming sector crisis at least four people were arrested and over two dozen injured when mass to use hurled rocks at security forces who fought back with tear gas president santos opened talks with protesting farmers on tuesday but has so far failed to ease the tensions agricultural workers are demanding cheaper fuel and fertilizers as well as more government subsidies and have been maintaining road
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blocks a major highways for the past ten days. at least ten people have died from dangan fever in pakistan's largest city karate the fever has now spread to six regions of the country and health officials say over eight hundred cases have been confirmed in the southern sindh province authorities claim the situation is under control and measures are being swiftly implemented to curb the spread no vaccine exists against a mosquito borne virus which has become the world's fastest spreading tropical disease. wildfires in california are spreading further into new so many national park the fire which is now thirty percent contained is threatening san francisco water supply due to ash falling on to a major reservoir the blaze that began two weeks ago has left no casualties behind but has destroyed more than one hundred buildings and campsite.
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with the damage from the floods in russia's far east reaching almost a billion dollars president putin has been urging local officials to step up their response the disaster has seen many thousands evacuated farmland and homes destroyed and entire towns devastated are caught has more. this man is one of thousands in russia's far east waiting nervously his garden submerged and soon his ground floor could also be taken over by the amel rivers rising levels the consequences of which are unthinkable. after this flood i'll be made homeless what would do if the house is entirely submerged this is the village of lenin square in the jewish autonomous region in russia's far east the other may drive the school bus during term time but for now he's found a scorching rushes emergency services around the devastated area his next move is unknown. after this disaster i'm afraid who knows what will
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happen this village is typical of many here rescue crews and local volunteers combining day and night trying to keep the water at bay volunteers like catalina. we do everything ourselves people help us we're not going to drown we're going to live here the situation is really bad but we will not give up. well the severity of the situation is clear to see we are just thirty yards away from a number of residential blocks here in the city of how about ask and all that separates us on those houses is a hastily erected mind made in the hope is that it will stand for in the face of ever increasing water levels the fear now is that the water is going to recede by winter making homes uninhabitable social housing and compensation will be available but. we have decided to provide additional aid to people in the disaster area
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financial aid to those who hit and compensation for the loss of property one of the top priorities was to provide accommodation for families who will unfortunately have to live through the winter without a home it's a challenge for now it's a race to lay thousands of sandbags and dig kilometers of draining trenches to keep the water from claiming more towns and villages as for the fifty thousand plus who've enjoyed weeks of upheaval it's a painful waiting game as to when the ammo river will let them see what's left of their homes postcards r.t. how about ask. at banks we had our washington d.c. studio for breaking a set with abby martin. so
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the historic and for many americans tragic ruling in the bradley manning case just got a lot weirder because he has declared that he wants to live the rest of his life as a woman named chelsea well i'm glad his lawyer got him to keep this revelation to himself until the end of the trial but sadly he really should have pushed for him to keep quiet about this just a bit longer why you ask because if there is one thing i know about the mainstream media is that the second sex is involved everything else instantly becomes a distant second case in point what is the legacy of bill clinton is that the job murderer who are sure to nafta no is it a violent foreign policy throughout the world somewhat similar to bush's and obama's in locations like haiti somalia in the balkans etc no his legacy is based on the least important sin he committed as a president cheating on his wife for the years couldn't wasn't office the lewinsky scandal just smothered everything else i am pretty sure that if i know the
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mainstream media they are going to use manning as gender confusion to overshadow and drown out everything else involved in the case but that's just my opinion. you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous i had lunch i got so . i didn't have my hands down as i'm still really messed up. in the old very slow motion with. the. worst we're going through the
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life out of a. radio guy and four minutes from the. clothes are about to produce never seen anything like this i'm told. what i added martin this is breaking news that so guys monsanto was just granted even more immunity they already had on tuesday obama signed what's been dubbed the month santa protection act so it was a small provision deceitfully disguise and slipped into the latest agricultural appropriations bill the fact some congressmen came out sense and said that they were told that this bill would have verge of government shutdown but they're completely unaware of the stipulations unfortunately these to play sions will do away with consumer rights and eliminate federal oversight for the continued use of genetically modified foods and the bill.


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