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tv   [untitled]    August 28, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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the global economy monks concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report. i think people. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm researcher. or even tomorrow's bishop told me because drew was going to chile. i had so i went to miami to recruit assessments but when i. think i'm going to do nothing nothing done. communion didn't they trained as cameramen
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venezuela so they could get press credentials. if you don't go into you know to the last minute when they decided it wasn't worth risking their own lives and it's very uncommon with. maurice bishop then inform vesey i know that castro was planning a visit to quito ecuador on his way home to cuba vesey on a contacted luis posada country less a former but tista policeman and a well known anti castro militant to assassinate castro. got to know if you are straight was told and stood it is you know there is a little bit you know the solder assured me he could put a bullet in his forehead i had on the but i was a guaranteed escape plan. the plot failed on september nineteenth one thousand nine
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hundred seventy six i had dinner with orlando let telly air at his house the telly there was a former chilean ambassador to washington and i had invited him to work with me at the institute for policy studies after dinner we went outside and i put my elbows on the hood of his car not suspecting there was a bomb planted in it thirty six hours later literally or drove to work with a colleague ronnie muffet. but tell your died in the explosion as did running off and. shortly afterwards the f.b.i. arrested hosts a swat as and dmo novel the very men they had listed in their assassination report on ricardo alarcon. two weeks later international
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terrorism took on. this is the c.b.s. evening news with walter cronkite that i have named nine days ago a cuban passenger jet on route from barbados to a battle crashed into the sea following an on board explosion seventy three persons fifty seven of them cuban were killed.
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two cubans under bush and lewis pathetic camillus were arrested as must to minds of the crime. what's your response to the accusations. i'm not saying as you americans say no comment the cia was told that a q a cuban airliner was going to be hit. and didn't notify the cubans which one could argue was criminal. and i haven't met any investigator or agent who did not believe that luis posada was involved in the blowing up of the airline really continue fighting and killing until we women. i don't make the connection between. and use on an airplane how how
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it went i mean i have children my own i think ages six through. zero on. that is just imagine only three days after the hour after the cuban plane blew up over barbados. in which seventy three people died. the cia headquarters asked me. what i knew about fidel castro's trip to angola. because it was angolan independence day i. feel bill was expected to travel there. they were already planning the next attempt to kill fidel and.
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some exiles use the bombing of the coupon a plane over barbados to raise money for their own cause which was more violence against cuban targets in the united states. i receive a call from the mission. by the radio saying they killed a cuban diplomat. only forty six. was fed ex i took the car i went to the place. it was called completely called omega seven says tonight's killing was an execution and warns that the next victim would be cuban ambassador to the u.n. role rowe. one morning i left
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my house. he and my bodyguard told me you know ambassador there's a little black book that i put by that tree people you know it might be a bomb. the janitor across the street where the tree was. this decided the bomb didn't belong by his tree but it's so long by the tree that my house is you know you look good so you look like a he so he put it in front of my house literally two alone because when do you think the bomb expert asked where's the boxes they told him the garbage truck took it. so the driver of the truck took the bomb because he thought that it was a radio something valuable you know every time they see something of value in the truck they separate for them and come in your truck had pulled up in front of the
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venice walen embassy and with that then the two blocks away off and even it's when . so when we arrive. we went to the truck there was the driver i was with would for the i think that you'll pick up something like these and that's it yes but that's my. that's my and if you lose it i'm sorry but this is for me this bomb not anonyma you i kidding that's not a bomb. i said listen does it pass a minute yes would you please put it in the door of the of the truck when he placed the language in the door of the drug and he saw that it's the vice states there he opened the door and start running it well the time has come you've seen the map reagan is our projected winner ronald wilson reagan ronald reagan's reelection provided greater impetus for the political plans of anti castro exiles
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in florida having understood that violence alone could not bring down the cuban government jorge muskaan also founded the cuban american national foundation with political action committees and lobbyists with reagan support moscow and also encouraged cuban americans who shared his agenda to run successfully for congress we are really the voice of the cuban american community in miami and we hope to have to convey to the all that fellow anglos our feelings about communism and why we're here in this country. that's happening in cuba is not a failure of the cuban people it's a failure of sidel castro one of three. one thousand nine hundred eighty seven the soviet communist system was very sick but you don't castro refused to give up the berlin wall. the fall of night in eighty nine the soviet union
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comes to buying and in november one thousand nine hundred one the economy is going into a freefall and they decide that they have to link. the death tax that they're going to carry out. centaur man to uncover the plots against cuba. where will a plant. in miami miami. in one thousand nine hundred run a gone solace hijack the plane in cuba and flew it to miami. shortly afterwards he joined the others to the rescue he was followed by antonio getting to rome on love i need no right to do is not in this and fernando gonzalez. years later these men would be known as the cuban five cuban intelligence agents
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whose job was to penetrate violent exile groups. if you could i mean we are gathering information about brothers to the rescue roast of those who was. saving the lives of the people who were there were a few were. dire circumstances many of them were losing their lives in the attempt because they were using you know to be anything that was low. some people might say it was a humanitarian organization. no quite the contrary while they confided their activity to rescuing rafters they had no problems with cuban authorities the f.b.i. had also infiltrated that organization. they're in former fed them information
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about what the brothers were doing when the f.b.i. doesn't infiltrate a humanitarian organization without a reason why the us. we never did anything you know we still are. bringing you were to the problem we prepared our only thing that you were we sent you we sent the. war nonviolence and confrontation with the government to get on your normal way and i think. in one thousand nine hundred ninety five the migration accords said rafters rescued at sea would not be taken to the u.s. but returned to cuba. people stopped giving money to bustle to go and his organization you know why give us a little money if the coast guard returns them to cuba. mission. couldn't take three. four years three. months three.
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three. two two three. and three broadcast quality video for your media project free media r t. the problem it was a terrible mistake the i'm very hard to make our lives again let along here a plug that never had sex with that hurt their lives let alone.
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listen to some of the i'm . going to say. it's. so mistletoes mission to save lives. and begin a new mission which was basically to taunt the government of cuba with these
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overflights throwing we flips out and dropping medals and different kind of you know propaganda out his window and now we. are going towards bliss network and that bustle to claimed he'd successfully tested his new weapon in the everglades. you know. his plan was to fire at somewhere in cuba. i went to cuba in january of ninety six in the course of a long dinner. president castro raised the issue of the overflights with. all basically saying. you've got to tell your government to. get control of these people that are making these very veiled threats and
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overflights and please fix the problem to god let me down want to see a doctor and we took long to be charged with features compound our water to stop those flood. and all that border that i i mean those serious are not. where the story was based do if you've been waiting so much flying around the country i mean dropping leaflets i don't want to lose. loam. that is the case zone on me our country can no longer doubt me that such a. almost forty years after president eisenhower had suggested the cubans just shoot down the airplanes the cuban government seemed to follow his advice they shot down to three
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brothers to the rescue plane. the plane carrying who say bhosle to return safely to miami. in those two planes there were four people travelling to warn each plane they were pulver ice by makes in international airspace. best of the shootdown of the brothers to the rescue planes bill clinton's national security adviser presented him with policy options military strikes against cuba or a bill tightening the already tight embargo on cuba. clinton chose helms burton or the libertad act tightening the embargo. appoint you had to make a decision as to on what basis does they call me survive and they said well the only thing that we have immediately we don't depend on anyone is too recent so that
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the right wing keep saying this is one area that we have to hit and we have to get they launched a media savvy. campaign to make it unsafe for tourists to come to cuba. by publicly announcing that everything in cuba is a target that cuba has become a free fire zone borrowing it from be a. place to mobile has exploded at the capri you know hotels and another at the hotel. where the person of the person i talked to called himself ignatius me diena later
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on i realized he was out of jail ace. he asked me if i'd like to visit cuba. as a tourist. for placing a few bombs he offered one thousand dollars plus all expenses the whole tourist packets. the movement to. time a thousand dollars was big money in el salvador. but needed to take a trip for five days three days not barry still might have.
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some time in this summer of ninety ninety eight feel gusto hands to. a letter to deliver to president clinton because he knew that the two were to meet in the white house and in that letter. all first they clinton administration. information that they're willing to collaborate with the f.b.i. . moving at that moment. president clinton expressed his willingness to do something very. well asked if we would host an f.b.i. delegation. that would offer that of them but they got through it. and within two weeks an f.b.i. team goes to havana this is june one thousand nine hundred eighty three the
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f.b.i. and the us government did absolutely nothing about these groups but i saw. you have provided all kinds of evidence to the f.b.i. the f.b.i. then see who were the people who were supplying the q uncle i mean the information . with conspiracy to commit espionage. had are due in london was also charged with conspiracy to commit murder although no evidence existed that he had transmitted details of the fatal brothers to the rescue flights so you didn't offer any information that would have helped the cuban government to shoot down the plane no cause not if you broke the record of those. who are now no way. forward. then i got real growth. rory already knew that in our prior
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research all the advice of. judge joan wintered sentenced to write a hernandez to two terms of life without parole look at the draconian sentence is that they got two life sentences plus fifteen years and this is supposed to be because of the brothers to the rescue shoot down and so forth which i have. absolutely no way of knowing the truth about because our government the cuban american community and others have so clouded the facts and so obvious skated all of the available material on it it's not whether they were sent here because acts of terrorism were being were happening in cuba you do not send people at to spy in other countries because you think that they are committing or you say they're committing acts those five that are so you know try to be painted as heroes are murderers all the men were given maximum sentences kept in solitary confinement for
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more than a year barred from seeing certain family members and what they believe was the most prejudicial they were not granted a change of venue out of miami well there was ample evidence of intimidation of the jury and in fact some of the jurors during the four deer process when they were being selected specifically said that they were afraid for their families if they reached a verdict in this case that was not acceptable to the exile community in miami i do not understand why the trial for seated in dade county florida a change of venue to me as a layman is something that is demanded when there is absolutely no chance of the defendant or defendants getting a fair trial in the area where they're going to be tried. but it's a fact it's real this is made to cuban exiles tapi today.
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white for differing askew. we can't wait for fidel castro to die for chavez to go crazy or for. to make mistakes. remember general antonio my sales words. don't beg for freedom. you win it with a blade of a machete. not
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all terrorists are treated the same those that are favored by the administration can operate with impunity inside the united states people who want to partake in violent acts against you are protected you see individuals who are trying to stop those acts of terror is to try to. make all american law enforcement. aware of these activities and the people who end up being prosecuted. the people end up in jail and those who blow up airliners those who blog post tells those who can conduct acts of violence are free the toast of the town because the ministration is paralyzed by their own posse with respect to right to cuba with their own posse would start to work on terror which you see is the level of the pacific that is credible i am posada. in general. you know if his conscience bothered him from his life as.
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you know a military. and he said no that he slept like a baby we were fighting again the united state again got through again and not do you know when you've been grossly i mean roger we are fighting a body what do you call a person who fights against everything what do you call that. who fight. but i mean is that a freedom fighter in your brain that you fight counsel you want to feel. front i welcome the opportunity of having anyone assassinate fidel castro and any leader who was suppressing oppressing the people. and i'm glad you didn't should be you could of. this if you how did you ever as might be here you are you stupid dog and the little one has come now you do recall even though you are talking to
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their side and. you're there you're going to hear the racial speaking with it a. little it's very simple if you watch the embargo lifted he can release political prisoners she can respect human rights repression and hold free and democratic elections we do business with all sorts of. quote some type of democratic countries where there are free elections under we could kill because we can because they're small and because there's political benefit to doing there in florida and you've been to cuba. and been free cuba also knows kuantan cuba's biggest crime is its desire to be a free un sold for income tree they would forgive cuba for this poor. woman somebody three of them are everywhere. that have his own foreign policy i didn't do that much i did what any cuban would do and we need to deal with the cuba of today not the cuba that we left not the cuba that we think is there but it isn't we need
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to deal with the cuba that exist today. and hopefully before. the future of that cuba and the spanish saying on your own you swim and you swim to die on the shoulder. all we did was to use. the created great they tried to take on some twenty exile community and the onlookers were fifty yards from homes where the real terrorists. police dead up. the. world with. science technology innovation called the least developed from around russia we've dumped a huge area covered wealthy british scientists on some time to try to
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find. markets. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to the report. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harkin welcomes a big picture. that .
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president obama says action against syria would be a warning shot to not a large scale a tag that says political in-fighting by the end of the year while u.k. raises the prospect of washington losing support for potential strikes. critics pointed to america's own toxic pasta from our agent orange in vietnam a jew cia supporter for saddam's chemical aggression coming up will report on the contras saying faces of u.s. foreign policy. and a victim of child abuse in a linda speaks out as sex offenders are taken off a please watch list aimed at safeguarding communities from predators.


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