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to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i got so. i mean the town as i'm sitting there seems really messed up. and we're all really sort of asleep. that's. the worst we're going through the white house chief of a. radio guy and four minutes from the. local are about to give you never seen anything like this i'm told. lots of guys i mean martin and this is great on the sets when you hear about the big bank c.e.o.'s and running away with millions of dollars in taxpayer funds for
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their bonuses so you're suppose that you could just arrest these criminals yourselves well that's exactly what one twenty two year old tried to do his name is melvin willis he's an activist from richmond california who drove seven hundred miles to salt lake city for a wells fargo shareholders meeting three attempted to place c o two john stumpf under citizen's arrest melvin said the idea that c.e.o.'s are too big to jail is an outrage in the work for the citizens arrest he cited offenses such as a legally foreclosing on homes and a racially discriminating against mortgage our applicants of course moment make it too far he was quickly discovered on the building by security but it doesn't matter because his message will transcend his action a message that signals americans growing disdain against a two tiered justice system it's only a matter of time before the people in this country realize like milton will already have is that if our government won't step up and prosecute wall street criminals
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then it's up to the people to ensure that those fat cat bankers pay the real price . why wait break that. looks like. you've never seen anything like. this past presidential election was truly an indicator of a growing minority in this country one that searching for an alternative political ideology from the dominant a reigning two party system and for many that was the libertarian party which garnered one percent of the popular vote and one percent doesn't seem like a lot of the parties gaining more traction by the day and continues to tap into an unprecedented meant and energized by people like congressman ron paul and governor gary johnson more and more americans to train the libertarian ideals to tackle everything from government spending and comprehensive tax reforms all the way to protection of civil liberties so here to talk about third parties libertarianism
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and whether this philosophy can really break the mold on some of today's most important issues i'm joined now by governor gary johnson a former presidential candidate in the libertarian party they are coming out every day as he's going to do you know yes so are we aren't the majority of americans classically liberal the notion that we're all fiscally responsible and socially tolerant and i don't want to use you're intolerant of you're going to hear me she's essentially an exhibitor i hate to use the word tolerant because that somehow implies that i don't agree with your lifestyle i really don't care what you do with your life as long as it doesn't adversely affect mine and if you're going to do harm to me then that's where government has you know it seemed this is this is the problem that it seems like a lot of people agree with that basic premise they do but they still to further to voting for either democrats or republicans i want to show you this gallup poll showing that a majority of people want rational term limits and they want to completely end the
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electoral college do you think the tory form is needed first before third parties can row. they have a chance you know he or here's how i think third parties could really have a chance and that would be that if you're on the ballot in a nuff states to win the presidential elections there should be a requirement that you're in the polls in the polls just in the polls to determine who gets in the presidential debates is that asking too much if you have the opportunity to win so in this case that would have been myself joel stein obama romney that would have appeared in the polls not in the debates let that let the polls decide whether or not candidate gets in the debates or not but just in the poll what do you think about that all right i think that would be great but we can't really rely on the media to do that kerry so we have to take these up of upon ourselves and no no i agree this but this could be a legislated when it comes to reform and how you may break
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that although i agree i mean the marginalization of these candidates is really a huge factor in people not really paying attention and well not in the polls when you're not in the polls you're do you don't even know exists exactly right over the last five years we've seen a couple of grassroots movements for occupy wall street the organic tea party movement i'm not talking at the co-opted tea party movement by fox news and the extreme g.o.p. how did you heard of occupy wall street two that it got co-opted in this you argue that it was very mechanized i mean you could koch brothers front groups was really involved in the glenn beck i mean we don't really have a glenn back for occupy wall street on mainstream media do we. give it any way i think it was coopted i think both both but i guess they. did you feel when the message of the movement was that was generated by ron paul in this following it was co-opted and kind of the messages they looted and kind of lost sight on those unifying factor is a lot of people who are attracted to it well you know what god lost in this kind of
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the republican party to the republican party i believe lost because of. their social conservative agenda and i think bottom line that is why they lost marriage equality immigration. woman's right to choose i think those issues really did in the republican party and the republican and by the way for anybody that's a social conservative lead your life by example that's how you change others but if you want to make that government policy i think what you end up is you end up criminalizing activity that otherwise wouldn't be criminalized and it doesn't work well and you would you and correct me if i'm wrong but you would support having states decide what those social conservative policies or whatever and no i think it's punting myself when it comes to marriage equality i think that's a constitutionally guaranteed right on par with civil rights when it comes to immigration look let's not. when it comes to a woman's right to choose i fundamentally believe that is difficult
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a decision as. an unwanted pregnancy is that that decision lies with the woman involved period that that's where that that lies you know drug drug reform for those republicans that call themselves libertarians that's her way of punting is to say leave it to the states they don't want to address the issues that really are civil liberties issues well i think that's a really important you just said that i think that people who do not address gay marriage as a civil right is really losing sight of what civil liberties really mean and the rights that are given to us all and then the federal government having a fundamental role to. to add here by the u.s. constitution due process i mean that kind of sums up you know the patriot act the patriot act throws out due process but i think that's why a lot of people were so disenchanted with materialism for people who say let the states decide because i would hate to see so many states banning gay marriage you
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know but libertarians don't shy away from leaving it to the states libertad. and say here is my philosophy look i am more liberal than the most liberal democrat when it comes to social issues i'm more conservative than any republican when it comes to dollars and cents we need to balance the federal budget now or we're going to find ourselves with no government services we're going to find ourselves in a monetary collapse well let's talk about the koch brothers speaking of people who kind of have taken that philosophy and really to the extreme i mean they were there front groups were instrumental in cooption of the tea party and as a libertarian do you disagree in any way with the way that these brothers have been not belies information influence and industry you know i do not know the koch brothers but what i know of the koch brothers the brother says they started up the cato institute and and. david koch ran as a vice presidential candidate for the libertarian party so i think they absolutely have libertarian roots but still even though the cato institute you could argue
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have done some things that are that are you know in the vein of civil liberties and and good on some foreign policy issues i mean you can argue that they've they're there you can find a buyer at the l.a. times chicago tribune i mean these are things that are you think that's good for billionaire brother venture capitalist to be buying up media everywhere and you know the from my viewpoint the koch brothers really are all about free markets all about free markets they're all about civil liberties they're they're all about they're but all of them driven. by the you know i do believe i do believe that well let's talk about the free market i mean would you support legislation like reinstating legislation like glass steagall and if not how do you prevent monopolies from forming or do you think that's all about i do think about those things and i think glass steagall would be something you know looking at it. it seems like a common sense thing to do but i will tell you that even the most common sense
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solutions end up having an intent. consequences and now i'm talking about the fact that mark to market accounting was was brought about. and i'm forgetting i'm forgetting the piece of legislation. but as a result of enron mark to market accounting was legislation that passed that seemed like the most practical thing in the world to do and yet that was a direct contributor to the collapse in two thousand and eight because of. because of securities having to be marked at five cents on the dollar because there was one trade at the end of december for hundreds of thousands of dollars in a multi-trillion dollar market for five cents on the dollar and now all assets have to be. have to be graded at five cents as opposed to a dollar and that was the that was the entire meltdown of two thousand and eight all banks were insolvent so but still though the concept of monopolies not just
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with banks but i think with anything on the how do you prevent these from for me because it's not just the inevitability of having the reminder i know you're back to glass steagall in the fact that yes on the surface that that does make sense that we should separate investment banking from banking ok well let's talk about what point in the free market is oversight needed because when you have a lack of it you see such tragedies as the west texas explosion in the in the in the fertilizer factory and also the b.p. oil rig exploded i mean where do you draw the line well well first of all you're drawing a line between financial and you're drawing a line between health and safety are now moving on to health and safety and every market no gun deregulation all government has a role to protect you and i again state individuals groups corporations foreign governments that would do us harm so in that context the workplace needs to be safe and our individual workers are going to be able to accomplish that or is that
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a role of government pat passing that sort of legislation and then fall. going up look i think government. i think the fertilizer example is a bad example because it's my understanding that the fertilizer company had been cited on a number of occasions prior to this happening so this seems to be a breakdown i haven't studied it i haven't looked at it but it doesn't seem to be a breakdown of legislation if you will or oversight it has to do with enforcement or why why was why were they cited for issues that may have been a direct result of this explosion osha's grossly underfunded and understaffed as well but let's talk really quickly about your new initiative our america initiative and it's not new this is well it's been in existence. well for years ok so your recent initiative and what is it about and how can you get people out of the
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mindset of that two party dictatorship i don't think anybody is out there providing a voice for what i think the majority of americans believe the notion of being fiscally responsible socially accepting well ok it's one thing to have that philosophy but where is the voice for that philosophy i'm trying i'm trying to provide that voice our america initiative is the vehicle for my being able to do that well certainly there is a a lot of things about libertarians and that are very attractive and i thank you for coming on and. we all gary and john the former presidential candidate libertarian party honorary chairman our american initiative appreciate it i think you. feel like you so far go to our facebook page at facebook dot com slash breaking the set and be sure to do a thousand dollar ready to give us a like we update in our status daily there with links to past segments as well as reaching out to you for ideas on what you want to see covered in the show and also check out behind the scenes photos we take in our studios like this one from our interview with jeremy scahill on breaking the sense of course on the road and i
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don't facebook page and check out all the more. a break from my preaching for now but stay tuned to hear my take on the white house correspondents dinner next. the same story doesn't make it news no softball interviews snow possibly says some tough questions. dramas that trying to be ignoring the. stories of others close you still know some of. the faces change the world writes never. grown. old pictures old states new laws the old and from roads to love in the local.
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good news. for her own home. i. i this year will mark fifty years since the
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assassination of president john f. kennedy and my calm is a shock to some of you but even though it's been half a century there are still over fifty thousand pages of j.f.k. assassination related documents that the obama administration has refused to disclose this despite a poll conducted by the national archives and records administration which showed that disclosure of these documents is the number one public demand upon release government information and you know this is all got me thinking about the history of government classification and the most interesting documents that are still being withheld from j.f.k. to the bay of pigs to the nixon tapes to obama the u.s. government has a secret history of willing then dealings that ekes out decades after the fact unfortunately the revelations these documents often provide are just a mere afterthought sturrock a revisionism that's already been carved in stone so joining me now to dive into this issue a little bit further is breaking this separate manual put up with oh i don't know if you want to be on after after governor do you know do is go no pressure and
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let's go over some of these because there's i mean there's so many to go over j.f.k. fifty thousand documents they have said it's only one percent it's not that much what's the big deal really what is the big deal about fifty thousand documents they're not releasing and there's only one percent of the total the big deal is that when the national archives made this poll and asked the american people what's the number one document that you want to see released as far as what the government's been withholding from the american people it's exactly this specifically the majority of americans want to see what happened to j.f.k. and we're talking about one percent it sounds like a little you're right it sounds you know one percent that one percent of documents amounts to fifty thousand documents and that could very well be the answer to all the questions that we're looking for i mean that's the big deal about it exactly and that's like that another another scandal under kind of his watch the bay of. it was the disaster botched operation april seventeenth one thousand nine hundred eighty one fourteen hundred paramilitary troops botched the trying to overthrow fidel castro in cuba a foil lawsuit basically demanded that the government release documents about this
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event and what it revealed exactly i mean bay of pigs is kind of different and while we're talking about canada this is a perfect example pigs is one of those things that you know it's kind of a roadmap for what the united states shouldn't be doing in the united states what was revealed in two thousand level under the under the foil lost in the documents that were revealed was less controversial and more kind of like wow we really suck at our jobs in terms of what the cia is capable of it was more of of hiding hiding the embarrassment of what was going on we're talking about fourteen thousand paramilitary troops several dozens of people died in this and i mean it just goes to show you that horrible horrible things can go one way in broad daylight and still you know we're still trying to hide it but government is still trying to try to keep it from the american people no it's just you know it's really sad to see that it's horrible things going on in broad daylight there's something that came out and surprising out of all over stone's pursuit for us to get in the film j.f.k.
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was the operation northwoods document this document a.b.c. actually reported i don't know if we have that article to throw up but but it's a document was declassified decades later that robert mcnamara the joint chiefs of staff under kennedy actually proposed it it was rejected thankfully by the president but i mean if you think about how it went all the way up in the chain of command all the way the president himself calling to do a false flag operation the us exactly revoke cuba or basically to galvanize the public to support a norm is one of those things that's that's about as terrifying as it can be in terms of revealing documents and what's even more terrifying is that we would have never even heard about it were not like you said for all of the stones one thousand nine hundred one film j.f.k. it kind of galvanized all this uproar for people demanding to see the document. over what really happened and what they found while they're going through all these documents is the kennedy administration's kind of fixation with toppling the castro regime and what they found was that the cia operations northwoods was planning to
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not only hijack planes blow up an american ship blow up a military barracks in a number of other false flag activities that they. didn't happen and blame it on cuba and also kills the bring them of the main kind of situation the pretext for going to war with with the spanish similarly you could see that about the gulf of tonkin you know knows how many other of these proposals have been really initiated even maybe acted upon and presidential administrations i mean we won't ever know until these de caza vacations happened like we said over a century later strictures keep saying it's a matter of national security we're going to classify these released some fifty seventy five years later and it was just a matter of national security they were the people to revolt staging area and it's a matter of national interest a public interest for people to actually be able to see this even if it is fifty years later the fact that the obama administration is saying now that it's been fifty years and skinny but we're going to wait a little bit longer to we have to give those documents i think that's an acceptable
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way out to move on but you have photos of the second thing that people asked for the u.f.o. documents cited in the j.f.k. documents they wanted to disclose these and of course they were rejected but right now in washington d.c. for the next five days or be forty researchers and military intelligence officials of witnessing for over thirty hours. about these disclosures about different instances and so that's really interesting that that's going on right now but let's move on to the m.l.k. assassination so you know what we were at a time of this move on to obama and we're going to move on right to obama today who has a classified more documents he's spent already eleven billion dollars in classified documents of our two thousand and eleven spent eleven eleven billion dollars to keep more information secret has denied more fully requests last year than he did when he when he took office. is arguably the least transparent president that we've had ever. really ironic about this is that remember the platform was old the bush administration they want to even give you information about the economy they were
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holding statistics about the economy but look at the obama administration's war on whistleblowers. indefinite detention of american citizens not closing guantanamo the list goes on i mean i'm sure that we could we could spend all afternoon talking about the egregious violations that the obama administration continues to to try to cover all of these and we may never hear it is all from the face of the rhetoric of that he wanted to be the most transparent and there's another so i'm confused but thank you so much for coming on breaking down some of the fall of the other ones another time. it. i so guys this past weekend in washington d.c. it was the hollywood event of the year celebrities like katy perry nicole kidman steven spielberg sharon stone and kevin spacey all came together for one glamorous annual gala the white house correspondents dinner that's right the event that was
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once focused on awarding journalism scholarships and only televised on c.-span has evolved into just another celebrity red carpet love fest look it's no surprise that hollywood has a very tight relationship with the white house is everything from helping with movie scripts to campaign contributions to this. point to gradually all the nominees and their tremendous work they made us laugh they made us weep and they made us group our armrests just a little tighter yes who could forget michelle obama acting like an academy award winner herself announcing the oscars best picture this year the back to the white house dinner it just host government officials and a list celebs it has the most influential media players in the biz and the fact that mainstream media. quaint at the nerd prom provide enough fodder to be my latest weapon of mass distraction. it's really known as the nerd prom the hottest ticket in d.c. because it's for the annual white house correspondents dinner so who are we
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expecting this year as far as celebrities last year lindsey lowe and the car dash is made big news what you're getting at do you want to talk oh exactly do you want to talk today i think back to president obama as you may know me event was headlined by the late night talk show host conan o'brien and of course like every year the president of the united states this year obama was just full of zingers just like this one. i really respect the press recognize that the press and i have different jobs to do my job is to be president your job is to keep me humble frankly i think i'm doing my job better. yet there's no are going through there obama the press has done everything but keep you humble by holding your administration accountable i wonder if that's what you and fox news v.p. michael clemente were joking about all night and here's michael clemente wedged right between obama and michelle at the head table it's not just fox it's every
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corporate news entity from reuters to m s n b c but the costly dinner isn't the most absurd part of all of this the lavish parties hosted by these same media organizations that according to the washington post will shell out as much as two hundred thousand dollars each to entertain their of the guest list that's right well they're laying people off in droves and cutting corners and journalistic integrity they're dropping mad g.'s to spend a night. with the rich and famous and of course these mainstream bashes wouldn't be nearly as good without the financial backing of their corporate sponsors for example and this n.b.c.'s party was funded by starbucks smart water and mercedes benz. d.c.'s premier publication politico hosted an event featuring representatives from corporations like eighteen t. bank of america coca-cola chevron goldman sachs and defense contractor northrop
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grumman but the most unusual gathering of them all has to be the atlantic publishers' pre-dinner party which hosted an exclusive preview of a national gallery of art exhibit that hasn't even opened to the public yet and who are the underwriters of this posh event who are exxon mobil and general motors so you see it's not just the fact that journalists are hanging out with celebrities is that there be friending paying dues of the very politicians and corporations they're supposed to be holding to the fire but i think jeremy scale said it best right here in breaking the set. of problems for a media journalist or hang out with the powerful there kids go to school together they go to supersoaker fights at george and joe biden's house on the weekends journalists shouldn't be having super soaker fights with joe biden that is you know it is mansion in washington d.c. they should be having journalistic fights where they're demanding answers from the powerful but it's not just investigative journalists like scahill who see this
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glaring problem even former n.b.c. anchor tom brokaw has acknowledged what a disservice this is doing to the public take a look at what. we present to the rest of the country are we doing their business or are we just a group of narcissus who are mostly interested in elevating our own profiles and what comes through the screen. is the latter the former but while scahill and brokaw clearly get it the majority of journalists sadly don't and that's the real problem we have all of these elite figures in bed together and each other favors and worst of all completely losing sight of the job the public depends on them to do it's quite obvious that the watchdogs have become nothing more than the lap dogs . gathering together now not to discuss their role in turning this sale democracy around but instead to celebrate their own power and influence so cheers to the decline of journalism guys because it's plummeting faster than you can say bottoms
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up. well. technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we. covered the. last time as a new alert animation scripts scare me a little bit. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow
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the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears of joy at a great thing that has. aired a court of law found alive there's a story made for a movie is playing out in real life. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. corp the day.
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or even. castro was going to chile. so i went to miami to recruit assassins but when i. it is a compliment to nothing up into. the community and remember they trained as cameramen in venezuela so they could get press credentials. if you're going to go to the last minute when they decided it wasn't worth risking their own lives. is very uncommon with. maurice bishop then informed vesey honor that castro was planning a visit to quito ecuador on his way home to cuba vesey on a contacted luis posada country less a former baathist a policeman and a well known anti castro militant to assassinate castro.


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