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government's bribery investigation into j.p. morgan's a climate of at least two chinese bankers has prompted banks and other corporations across the globe to take a close look at their hiring practices one such practice max is called client hires and this is hiring clients children's nephews cousins for entry level positions or summer internships and you know it's common across the world they say but in particular with banks well as a foreign corruption or anti bribing bribery laws you know the chinese buy huge amounts of us government debt as part of the need for america to keep the banks afloat they rely on chinese creditors so the chinese government the people's bank of china just says that j.p. morgan who is an agent of the u.s. government with their multi hundred trillion dollar derivatives book they just say you know hire you know my uncle wang or my nephew chang or my brother in law mr wang chang we just got to hire these folks otherwise we'll stop buying these bonds and so it's corruption it's corruption in america it's corruption in china and it's
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just more corruption in this case the f.c.c. is looking at j.p. morgan's practice in relation to hiring these two particular people now us law does not stop companies from hire and politically connected executives of course not because that would ruin the entire revolving door between washington d.c. and wall street but hiring people in order to win business from relatives can be bribery and the f.c.c. is investigating j.p. morgan's actions under the f c p a that's the foreign corrupt practices act now robin jamie diamond he's got a daughter she works at huffington post or some other rag in america you know he's trying to get her married off to some chinese potentate you know it's a replay of medieval power struggles you know you look great on the throne of some people's bank of china civil servant so he's out there trying to tempest daughter in this way which is of course part of the part and parcel of this new neo feudal model well whenever you look at the news whenever you look be. find the headlines
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whenever you look behind what the sheer glossy sort of headline news is in america you find not a meritocracy you find oligarchies you find aristocracy you see it in china you see it in the u.s. of course we only condemn that we see in china we do not see it in the united states we as the united states citizens are much more concerned with the aristocracy in china our own we don't care about now this this investigation f.c.p. a violations can come with criminal liability the lawyers say civil fines and admission of wrongdoing is a more likely outcome for j.p. morgan should the government win its case once again this fits with the aristocracy they tend to be infallible there it's impossible to apply the rule of law against them no still finds a great because of their relationship with the federal reserve means that they can just print all the money they want to pay any civil fine that is applied to them so
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that means nothing to them as a matter of fact they consider bribery and corruption and this type of activity that requires civil penalties a g.d.p. booster the more crime they commit the more money that's going to be printed so therefore the greater the g.d.p. so jamie diamond thinks it's mine i've got to commit more crimes because i've got to have more money printing to cover the civil fines for criminal activity that i'm doing america good thing is out there but his daughter. check it out check it out find work girl as i mentioned the media place of big role in this so the new york times is the what is that the paper of note an american record of record. so andrew ross sorkin says in a piece in the new york times he's condoning this practice of hiring politically connected people and he quotes one lawyer in his article who says it's like chicken soup it can't hurt this practice of creed. oligarchies
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bolzan propaganda nazi germany play the same role as andrew ross sorkin i think his name is over there there are times he gets the public to normalize fraud and corruption so that they move on to greater fraud and corruption and it's incrementally they find themselves encased in a kind of a hot of civil rights collapse and they feel you know if it's ok as long as we got that bribe going that these articles talking about this j.p. morgan piece of client hires go into a long list of people who are client hires and related to important people for example chelsea clinton we know that her father was the president of the united states to mother another time. intensely out these days where she going to work and for some chinese apparatchik and some major you know thing chunk thing province of beijing or is it worse you go and so they look at over in europe where a nephew of
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a prominent diplomat won a role at a european bank as a level one analyst and it's emanate division he would have beaten thousands of applicants with top grades from the world's elite universities who applied for such coveted starter positions in the financial industry every year but this nephew proved a disaster he was awful worker and the article quotes his coworker saying he was a complete donkey but of course there was no way to get rid of him after two to three years he finally left the bank and everyone was relieved and i think you could see this across the global financial system we have this global financial collapse and what you see over and over is that it's the same guys they're all client hires who's the client by the way is the government the client of the bank is the bank the client of the government we don't know but there's a lot of children of there's a lot of you know in here in the u.k. you have tony blair had j.p. morgan well before the industrial revolution people. he said lots of kids do all
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the work on the farm here you've got a lot of corrupt bankers having lots of kids to be placed at other corrupt institutions to create more fraud the need to be bailed out with more money printing that'll help g.d.p. so it's the same concept the more the greater the spawn of these crooks like bill clinton jamie diamond all these nincompoops the greater the g.d.p. boost because all their nefarious illegal activity requires more money printing so i mention tony blair and. speaking of. blair. a oh my god i'm sorry is this that tony blair has become synonymous with. this man is his human vomit. well i was speaking of complete donkey and many consider him a jackass which is a donkey and he's a client hire one could say of j.p. morgan looking back to two thousand and ten tony blair appointed senior advisor to j.p. morgan chase this is from january two thousand and ten it's
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a press release from j.p. morgan j.p. morgan chase announced today that it has appointed former british prime minister tony blair and a senior advisory capacity to the firm effective immediately mr blair will also join the company's international council so he is making two and a half million pounds and he can go back to this nephew hired at that of the nephew of a diplomat hired at this european firm is here you have a country where all these children these young people are paying huge tuition fees to actually learn this stuff tony blair is a failed property speculator and yet he gets the job because of his connections but don't don't don't forget all the good he's done in the middle east over there says tony blair his company tony blair and shysters there's never been more war in the middle east good job tony g.d.p. is really being boosted over there and the middle east you're doing a good job keeping up buddy and here going back to this press release from j.p. morgan chase at the time remember we're keeping our focus on the client hires mr
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blair would vice j.p. morgan chase's c.e.o. and senior management team on a part time basis drawing on his immense international experience to provide the firm with strategic advice and insight a global political issues and emerging trends one of the emerging trends of course that j.p. morgan chase is tony blair was able to identify was the possible invasion of libya because we all saw that he went to libya met with colonel gadhafi in front of the farting camel out in the desert in the tent and soon after well the country was invaded and he was overthrown and he had something stuck up his. well tony blair wherever he goes this is a good example. he broke out of an introduction to goldman sachs j.p. morgan they came and they started running the sovereign funds of libya they lost billions and billions and billions put the country on the slippery slope into oblivion colonel gadhafi eventually was ousted from power and died in ignominy of
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death i think i mispronounced this word mistake know me as a ignominious ignominious death in the desert and but this is what he does best he's a hit man for the bagmen on wall street exactly that's a good way to put it otherwise known as a client higher and more polite circles. for the bagmen tony blair. so speaking of hit man for the bag man there's also hillary clinton we mentioned her earlier she just has bags. she's also one of these client hires it appears from this next headline hillary clinton to speak to carlyle group investors so this is september ninth in d.c. she'll be speaking to carlyle group which is the third largest private equity firm in the world now essentially there are only four or five private equity firms they control the most the largest funds and then the rest are just like peanuts compared to those four five carlyle group of course has a long history of client hires george h.w.
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bush was an adviser to carlyle group before john major who was the former prime minister before tony blair of the united kingdom he worked at carlyle group as chairman of europe they hired presidents of the philippines and thailand well hillary clinton is said to be the featured attraction at the private equity firm the carlyle groups investor conference on september ninth the latest in the string of paid speeches the former secretary of state is making in the window she has to decide on a two thousand and sixteen campaign so she's being paid two hundred thousand dollars and again you know we look at china and we would say ok they pay this two hundred thousand dollars bribe and our own countries we call it oh it's just a speaking fee you know hillary clinton and carlyle group are invested in a war so. they're given two hundred thousand dollars to see if they'll come on board and if elected twenty sixteen starts a war is that carlyle group a profit from anthem late as they always do stacey herbert rad time i just want to say thank you for being on the kaiser report thank you max stay tuned for the
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second half a whole lot frickin more. leg . mission. couldn't take should three months for judges. to make amends three. three stooges free. download free book video for your media project a free media. dot com. to speak your
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language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about fifty yards p. interviews intriguing story to tell you. to find out more visit. it's called. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture.
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welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time now to turn to george galloway a member of parliament for bradford west george is making a crowdfunding film called the killing of tony blair welcome to the cause report thanks very much yeah it's a shocking title but it sums up and the crowd does big the crowd of people who want tony blair are held to account is a very very big crowd so i'm hoping that kickstarter dot com this is bad enough to deserve that kind of the crowd funding platform and so microsoft or choose ben in the u.k. political scene for years with a very strong message but goes against the status quo in a big way with your message suddenly through alternative media and through
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alternative finance or you are crowdfunding a film to get your message out there to leverage really because you're known around the world not just in the u.k. well think that's a good point that once upon a time you were beholden to rupert murdoch and the media moguls to even get your voice heard no our voices are heard all over the world and actually by more people than many of the so-called mainstream broadcasters journalists pundits politicians and even funding know you can get a movie off the ground without having to go to the more goals in hollywood who are unlikely to want to fund a movie called the killing of tony blair because they probably supported the killing of tony blair and may even be in league with them still so yeah we're in more democratic times no and that's a part of doc's because in one way the elite is still just as powerful as ever was but the mass of the people are no becoming more and more powerful and one day those
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graphs will cross let's talk about the killing of tony blair of course to the killing we're talking about his financial killing blair was interest in being a failed property speculator before he got into politics you know but. some problem of the top he told of the watermelon yeah so how did this fail property speculator how do you suddenly become so wealthy was this magic there well i think it's by the way the title of the movie is a triple on tundra killed the labor party killed a million people and is making a killing in iraq franks yes iraq and afghanistan and elsewhere but the killing that is making him because he always believed in the prophets rather than the prophets peace be upon them and he is making a killing now by cashing in on the crimes that he committed earlier and this is an incentive to given by big capitalist corporations and brutal dictatorships as an inducement to the existing crop of politicians today's leaders can look forward
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to the kind of life of riley that tony blair is no living at least in financial terms so it's. a good inducement to them to follow policies that don't challenge the big power and don't challenge the financial power of the of the oligarch it seems like in politics that the goal is to have a crowning achievement maybe being a prime minister or the president and i state now something on your resume on your way to getting your real job that you really want work bill clinton or tony blair or of barack obama seems like a completely empty suit just using the office to get to his real job is really big bucks on the other end it's absolutely right british prime ministers indeed senior ministers used to retire with the title to the countryside and sedately sagely give us their advice from time to time usually with a speech in the house of lords no it is as you say those are evolving door you come out of downing street out of the cabinet office and into the corporate offices and
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then blitz case on to the payroll of a series of dictatorships which become ever more laughable the latest one being mongolia mr tony blair. is no the consultant to the sovereign wealth fund of mongolia as well as quit and many other countries that i should say for the documentary so it's a double whammy really we suffered from the bad policies that he followed whilst in office and he is now profiting mightily from those bad policies so none of the lost money on a property in his link which was very hard to do is know something like twenty five million pounds per year this phrase blood for oil which you heard during the iraq war and blair vehemently denied it and yet if you look at his post iraq war track record it seems pretty much as a tire wealth arrives from oil that some argue comes exactly from from blood or
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from war. it was a case of. you know what's done a lot of times as you'll just spit back at somebody what they accuse you of being in the hopes that they them down the aisle somehow turn it around i mean was it isn't this exactly blown for oils and mike well in shakespeare's macbeth of course lady macbeth looks at this spot which all the perfumes of arabia will not expunge and i think that blair has the sport in her case it was a red sport his case it's a black sport but stained with red its oil its banking its the dictatorships the cells have a sovereign wealth fund because of oil and he is literally raking it in and hiding it behind thick head jets of obscurity with offshore locations and a myriad labyrinth of financial layers and protections but we are
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on his trail and we intend to get to the bottom of his wealth we want to count it and we want to bridge the sources of it if this project the killing of tony blair it's going to be and it's not. kickstarter people can go to the website right now participate in underwriting and financing this project so from what i'm hearing george are going to be doing a lot of traveling you can be going to these countries is that correct when we hope to get a location it depends partly on the budget we've set one hundred fifty thousand those the ultimate budget for this documentary we need to raise fifty from kickstarter you know how it works if you don't raise the whole fifty you don't get anything at all so we need to reach fifty to kickstart the project but the more budget we get the more traveling we can do to the scene of the crimes but we need library footage we need people's doors have you got any pictures or any video or any testimony that you want to give about the killings of tony blair and then
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we'd like to hear them you can supply them to us and who knows they might make on to the picture by the way everyone who gives on kickstarter even five pounds will get their name at the end of the film there are four of our as one of the people who made this document historical document yeah i think i hope it could be a turning point that's asked now let's talk about blair again you know one of the stories that i picked up on picked up from the financial times actually was the story was that prince bandar was in his office a number ten downing street and said that they'd he didn't get the serious fraud office in this country to call off the slush fund scandal between the british aerospace and saudi arabia that he could not guarantee that another seven seven bus bombing would occur in london so here you have the prince bandar saudi arabia threatening a sitting prime minister with act of terror and if all the like a cheap tent i mean that was outrageous how did. how does that how.
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in this business world how does something like that happen or a prime minister it is written in his office in the not morse made of it by a put into it elected by no one presiding over one of the group presiding over the un freest country in the world this dictatorship of saudi arabia swaggers around the world threatening all sorts of people there are stories circulating that. bundy is threatening other people with the same kind of thing and i don't know if it's true i wasn't there but i do know that saudi arabia is the source of a great deal of the islamist extremism in the world their extreme woud be ideology is the ideology of those who cut open people's chests and eat their hearts on video ok so terrorism is something that this country is trying to fight. and yet there seems of being
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a remarkable disconnect here because here they were threatened with an ague of terrorism from a saudi in the number ten downing street but then again we just had an incident where the partner of glenn greenwald. david miranda right here at heathrow airport is held for nine hours under the anti-terrorism yes but then are he's free benar can walk away and just continue the slush fund somebody is a journalist is a terrorist you're sitting in the house of parliament right now from bradford west out what was your reaction to that well i once asked david cameron quite recently what's the difference between the al-qaeda we're funding in syria and the al-qaeda that were fighting in mali at the time the british and the french invaded mali just a few months ago and of course answer came there none for there is no and some people who are blowing the whistle about crimes committed by the states. like this one and by the united states are criminalised hunted down bradley manning got
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thirty five years whilst bandar can threaten people with terrorism and walk down a red carpet back to his private jet heathrow to fly out maybe you can fill in some some gaps in the story that i'm very intrigued with you not speak of tony blair. they went to libya they met with colonel gadhafi they reintroduced some kind of had a coming out party after absolving him of the pan am bombing suggestion he's going to rejoin the community he then introduced tony blair did his sovereign wealth fund to j.p. morgan to goldman sachs who proceeded to blow it who lost billions of that yeah and shortly thereafter was his comeuppance sell tony blair seemingly working at that time as an advisor to j.p. morgan is using what i would call financial terrorism to create
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a political outcome in these regions and we've had this conversation before i equate what these bankers do with their derivatives and their debt and that they inject into these locations for at tremendous direct even in their own countries as being predatory in a sense and that the bankers here in this country need to be prosecuted other as a racket or as. predators on the system not just getting these fines as a costly getting fines civil fines they'd be criminally indicted increment resigned barzilla i think that's right as long as fines are all that happens then the corporations can absorb it's kind of a tax write off but the until bankers field up sell door shutting off of them then it will not discourage them from the kind of activities that you've been so ruthless in pursuing an environment of a. mayor of london you'll be my finance economic czar will be sitting here and
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they'll be jumping in the river on the other side odds of you becoming marilyn unthawed favorite it was not only was it clear like the one twenty five to one it isn't a mysterious blank spot at the bottom where the possibility of running under labor says that the market will be void if on the labor candidate which is and goes a lot of interesting speculation but the other government party the liberal democrats are sixty six to one so i've clearly got a better chance than them if i decide to run but if i did part of the manifesto would be to clean up this place over the river which is a nest of malfeasance and wear white collar criminals sworn around and lamborghinis on their big bonuses pursuing all sorts of financial model practice which has brought the country to the rock to the edge of ruin and not just this country but on the gadhafi point say for the slum of gadhafi the favorite son of
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the late dictator was ensconced here in london he was in and out of number ten downing street mr blair even helped him with his ph d. and the london school of economics became for a brief and inglorious period the libyan school of economics when safe was ensconced there and giving them money even the green room in the london school of economics was effectively inspired by him this grisly story of the blair and the gaddafi this will be an important centerpiece of the documentary the making the killing of tony blair and if they can participate in funding at being a part of it on kickstarter dot dot dot com look at george galloway thanks mike i'm a thanks being on the kaiser thank you max thanks always. all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacey i read like to thank our guest george galloway if you'd like to get in touch tweet us at kaiser report until next time ask out and buy oh.
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ok. i did have a crack at welcome you to ted you're all a virgin it's a little island in the middle of the chesapeake bay on the virginia. county. pay and you're all in the chesapeake bay probably one of the best areas in the country saul fred. this is an old picture of ten year island before the channel was good for oh here. we go away up there. as go all. right here are some of the headstones from the graves it for you this is a fruits that's what we don't want to happen to taint your all and we want to get some protection and make sure that we don't go into the chesapeake bay like uppers did in other communities.
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it was a. very hard to take out. once again here is a law that never had sex with me there. lyfe
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. politically they. live. play. live live. live
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. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm target market is a big show. coming
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up on our t.v. the drums of war for syria grows louder as america moves warships closer to their shores while more u.s. politicians consider the idea of military intervention a large part of the u.s. public remains on persuaded the latest updates coming up. and a u.s. colombian free trade deal signed back in two thousand and eleven is now causing colombian farmers huge problems the farmers have been protesting for more than a week leading to clashes with colombian authorities more on this story coming up ahead. and an n.y.p.d. officer was indicted on charges of lying about it the arrest of a new york times photographer the officer claimed that the photographer was using a bright flash to interfere with another arrest but the camera didn't even have a flush more in this case later and today the.


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