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tv   Headline News  RT  August 27, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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are. our. warships and fighter jets conversion a serious coastline as the u.s. and britain say damascus has just face the consequences of its actions. and while u.n. inspectors probe an alleged chemical attack which a western governments pin on president assad to speak to the head of a fact finding mission that search in vain for iraqi weapons of mass destruction back in two thousand and three. talk of a third greek bailout creates a headache for europe's political elite while chancellor merkel at times to soothe the indictment of german taxpayers with an election looming.
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live from moscow this is r g o with me into obama day this morning let's take a look at our international news this morning right a foreign intervention in syria looks more likely than ever with countries including the u.s. and britain france and turkey considering military action following last week's alleged chemical weapon attack now within the next few days a week declassified u.s. report is expected to be pre-paid outlining the legal justification for a possible strike against syria u.s. secretary of state john kerry has regenerated that washington has little doubt that the assad regime was behind the alleged massacre despite the fact that u.n. inspectors have yet to report back artie's more in a port now brings us the latest. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says that the u.s. believes simply put that the opposition in syria would not be capable of carrying
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out an attack using chemical weapons john kerry says that the obama administration is still considering how to respond to last week's allegedly mass attack but mr kerry didn't make it clear that a response will take place a response on the part of the united states the secretary of state says president obama believes that there must be accountability for those who used chemical weapons in syria and now mr kerry says that the u.s. believes that chemical weapons were in fact used despite the fact that the it has not been verified yet and he says that washington does have additional information about the alleged chemical attack and that that information will be provided in the days ahead. gathering to do tional evidence on the ground our understanding of what is already happened in syria is grounded in fact informed by conscience and guided
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by common sense it's hard really to understand how the understanding that washington has is grounded in facts because just about three hours before secretary kerry spoke in address the media we were over at the united nations where a spokesperson for the secretary general of the united nations was addressing the media and at that time a spokesperson for the u.n. said that investigators in syria are still gathering evidence there has not been any conclusion made yet on last week's alleged chemical attacks take a listen the u.n. inspection team right now is back at its base is evaluating the material it's collected today it was very productive day. and once it's made its evaluations it does intend to continue its work tomorrow we're not giving the sites in advance of where they're visiting but they do intend to continue their work tomorrow some of america's european allies have. voice similar concerns and similar aggressive statements have been made in addition warplanes and military transporters have
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reportedly arrived at the u.k.'s akrotiri air base in cyprus which is located less than one hundred miles from the syrian coast according to the guardian newspaper c one thirteen transport planes and small formation fighter jets were seen flying in from europe this leaves many of course to interpret it as increasing preparations for for a military strike possibly against the syrian government if all of these fighter jets are seen going to an air base there it would many presume that cyprus may play a significant role if an air strike were to occur against syria this development comes as u.s. and many european leaders have taken a more aggressive tone against mr assad who the west accuse of executing the mass chemical weapons attack last week that killed hundreds of people but of course there have been no verifications as to who ignited and launched this alleged
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chemical weapons attack in what we have here is the u.s. and its and its western allies coming to its own conclusions and possibly acting on them in the days ahead. pumping their revolution against a brutal regime or a proxy war stirred up by foreign policy analysts have been looking locking horns in our washington studio to delve into the causes of the country that's been raging in syria for over two years claiming confidence lives. first of all everybody wants a political solution everybody wants this crisis and i think the syrian people are incredibly tired but i think that if we do arms are flowing to syria whether we like it or not whether the united states or the west arms or not and they're going to different groups and sometimes not the right people at all and is open the room for for extremists sort of come in into the fray of of this conflict so it's imperative that we arm the right people in the right people are the ones that defected from the from the army from the regime's army because they didn't want to shoot innocent children do want to shoot their own people and you know now when i
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did see a lifeless bodies dying in lockers bodies wrapped in shrouds in areas where the regime did not allow people to go and these are not things that will go on my own and so let me brining here brian what we're going to say the united states government has been on a course to overthrow the government in syria because it's an independent nationalist government it was formally syria was formally a colony they did the same thing in libya they bombed libya in two thousand and eleven. they invaded iraq in two thousand and three we see war after war after war what's the real reason for the war it's not because one government has a better or worse human rights record it's not about chemical weapons the middle east possesses two thirds of the world's oil the us wants to show that it's going to control this resource rich part of the world the the bush administration and the obama administration are doing the exact same thing using chemical weapons as a pretext to carry out in illegal act of aggression against
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a sovereign country the people in the united states by the way by by a margin of ninety percent ninety percent oppose any military strikes on syria the prospect of a devastating bombing campaign spearheaded by the u.s. with no u.n. mandate in starting to look in abbottabad about what is the history tell us about the way this could all be leading. you can take a look back at previous westminister branches. the obama administration is looking for ways to intervene in syria without a mandate from the united nations the president's national security advisers bring up the nato bombings of former yugoslavia as a possible blueprint for an intervention in syria you may not remember at the time none of the nato states that participated in the bombings of former yugoslavia offered legal justifications for their actions it was labeled a humanitarian intervention and with the help of a very one sided media campaign it was engraved in the public memory especially in
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the west as a success story and little has been reporting that the humanitarian intervention turned into a humanitarian catastrophe on the ground what some call a success was two months of bombings thousands of people dead as a result both serbs and kosovo albanians went after seventy eight days of nato bombing serb forces withdrew from kossovo there was an ethnic cleansing of nearly a quarter of a million serbs and other minorities from kossovo allied forces used cluster bombs attacked civilian infrastructure including power plants bridges factories the headquarters of serve radio and television in belgrade even the chinese embassy and yet despite all the destruction and casualties washington saw it as a victory and with the same bravado several years later the u.s. made the case for a unilateral intervention in iraq in that case it did not even bother to seek a u.n. approval washington presented false evidence and went on with the mission to remove
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saddam hussein from power nearly two hundred thousand iraqis died as a result of that intervention millions lost their homes and two hundred thousand is a modest estimate iraqis continue to die in terror attacks every day and most recently in the nato went beyond its un mandate and effectively carried out a regime change what was called the humanitarian intervention resulted in a nation engulfed in chaos and terror. those are the precedence that washington has to look back to when considering an action in syria in washington i'm going to check on r.t. talked to hans blix who had the un's weapons inspection team to iraq before and during the two thousand and three u.s. led invasion he says the western media are now putting pressure on their governments to take action in syria i think that the public opinion and the media in the west will be pressuring the their governments to do something they say that
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this is some horrible thing that there must be a punishment there must be action you cannot sit with your hands just folded so the public say that you know you must call the police we've called for a world police but the question is who is the world police is the united states is it nato it should be the security council and after an intervention which could take place i don't exclude that it's going to happen what will they do will just have been a punch on the nose and then telling the belligerence in syria that they go back and continue to fight the war the mandate is to establish whether chemical weapons have been used to or not and the way they go about that is that they go to sites and they may take samples of dust and of water and they will have to analyze that ascended to independent laboratories to lab orders they cannot just accept samples given to them from some rebels or from some site because that can be
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manipulated it will not take them tell them who committed the attack but at least it will be able to tell them that yes the chemicals were used. you can keep up with events in syria as they unfold on our website also while you have the euphoria that swept libya when gadhafi was toppled is now just a memory as militias drive away hopes of peace to us after the revolution at the full rundown on the libyan struggle for stability. and. join hundreds of ordinary citizens on the streets of the indian city of mumbai share their anger at the gang rape of a young photojournalists you can see the full video of that protest on mine.
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a third rail out to full greece is now unnecessary and unavoidable according to e.u. and german officials that chancellor merkel who's trying to calm a wild up electorate says that a lot less money will be needed this time around it's a highly sensitive time for the chancellor elections just a month away tells also gone out of her way to reassure voters that no dead write down will be needed economists say such promises are unrealistic and that greece is simply an able to pay back what its parent peter out of all reports now on what may be going through i mean is it is mind. more movies seeing senior figures from the world of european finance coming out and saying that they think that it's almost inevitable that greece will have to have a third bailout if it's to try and ease its ailing economy particularly here in
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germany that is something that would be looked at germany has been one of the major contributors towards the towards giving money to the ailing greek economy under of course we are in a period where there's a general election on the twenty second of september now to talk a little bit more about this and what is to be done with the greek economy i'm joined by dr marcus kerber who's a professor of political economy institute of technology and the founder of the think tank thanks very much for talking to me are we seeing mrs merkel and other leading german politicians dancing around the issue of what's going to be some rather painful decisions the going to have to be made in the near future as a matter of fact it turned out to be unavoidable to admit that greece needs. extra money and instead of trying to. conceal this from the public by saying no it will will not come to the german finance minister in strict consultation with
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raul macro admitted in public that there will be a third package this was truly. with the damage that would emerge from a denial of reality they continue appeasement policy and continue bailouts instead of saying now let's. draw a bottom line greece capitalizes on the believe of european politicians that the greek sped away would be damaged. once you call that bluff it will be all over independent of whether the greek want to go back to care or thanks very much for talking to me so greece addicted to bailouts and dictate to debt as well but the debt is partly being financed by taxpayers from around the rest of the eurozone most notably from here in germany where all the vast amount of money is speech as came out of the taxpayer coffers in order to help out the neighbors in the south
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however when germans have been polled about whether they would agree should receive this type of money overwhelmingly about sixty two percent of them have said no that they shouldn't be getting any more money from germany it seems that that is definitely the case ahead of what looks like a potentially inevitable bailout. to the should future a few years. of good alice hickey if it's too much we're subs need some too or we'll be giving everything away we're driving here in broken roads we don't have enough kindergartens this money. and mentioning there are a lot of people in germany you also have problems we should also invest the money into germany. we shouldn't just be giving the money away with thinking about throwing people here so the german people the receipt alternately will be called on to foot the bill not happy about giving money to greece. and over in bridge and
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then tough financial realities are giving the country's high rez problem an increasingly young face asa government schemes have failed to help the rough sleepers to find shelter leaving them feeling increasingly abandoned by the state i want to expose the streets of london later this hour. and we take a look at the ultra orthodox jews in israel news way of life is causing a secular backlash in a deeply divided society that's still to come here. and say it's a take off all for one of the world's the biggest. and we promise you this is a spectacular and there you see it there he goes with a spectacular fly program and over a thousand companies but does the great thing of the mall school region it's the
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twentieth anniversary of the max a show held a once every yes and with a ten billion dollars worth of contracts to be signed and over half a million visitors expected this year's event looks set to break records now the country's top aerobatics teams as well as pilots from around the world will be showing off their skills show will also feature a cutting edge technology some of which will be on display for the first time so watch our special coverage of the event throughout the week and will bring you more on our web site.
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by the palestinian leadership has said it will put off the start of a planned peace talks with israel after three palestinians were killed in an i.d.f. raid on refugees in the west bank but israel also faces a conflict within its own society seem as simmering tensions between circular and author of streets threaten to board over into violent confrontation artie's policy explains. we were among brothers is one of the worst things in history the jewish people never lost to an enemy they lost when there was war among brothers chaim and sila ms trying to prevent that from happening again but he's a lone voice the ultra orthodox rabbi was for many years a member of parliament for the country's biggest ultra religious party but they cost him out angry with his efforts to try and bridge the gap between secular and religious israelis it's left him angry in the back of a holiday unless there will be a change in the ultra orthodox community the direction it is going and it will lead
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to further religious extremism segregation and divisions within the community only this will cause real danger to the state of israel. one in ten israelis belongs to the ultra orthodox community they live in defector ghettos of the own making most of the men spend their days studying while the wives work for meager wages they live off to nations and state benefits in israel in two thousand and thirteen there are two different separated and hostile communities one is the author of the dogs one that most of its members are behind fences we will never meet in the walk press not in our schools not in the universities not in our colleges and because of this each side has stereotypes about the other those negative concepts ok so when two big societies will emerge on one lane in one state history told us that a civil war between the same people is just
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a medal of dying but even on this issue the two sides don't agree. with it that's simply not true there is no war that's nonsense if you see a religious protest against driving on shabbos it's because it's our friends the ultra-orthodox who live in that area or if it's about being drafted into the military is not because we hate secular jews no it's about keeping our way of life not to toros we act according to the word of god but tensions are at an all time high seems like the subject coming more and more frequent tens of thousands of ultra-orthodox men protesting the moves by secular israelis to force them to serve in the army and every man confrontations of the western wall between ultra-orthodox and reform jews they want to leave the regular guy they want to marry later in life i don't think they want to be in such a marginal place in the society i think it's only the very extreme groups that are
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dragging them to this point in response rabbi i'm saddam has formed his own political party it's called. i'm surely i'm a whole nation but for now the nation is not whole and doesn't seem to want to be so far has failed to win a single seat in government whenever politicians here talk about the threats to israel they referenced the usual culprits of hostile neighbors but the threat from within is no less dangerous a war between brothers policy r.t. jerusalem. now for some international news in brief protesters calling for agricultural laws to be revamped have clashed violently with riot police in central colombia the authorities used tear gas in the world and batons to force stone throwing demonstrators from the streets it's the eighth day of a ruling nationwide strike to force the government to extend subsidies for fertilizers and other products. massive
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wildfire in california continues to stream through. my national park edging closer to a larger reservoir that provides most of san francisco's water supply the blaze has also damaged two hydroelectric plants or so in the city to buy energy from other sources more than three thousand five hundred firefighters are battling to control the blaze that's been raging for eleven days. a political scandal has forced the brazilian foreign minister to resign after he helped a fugitive bolivian senator just leave raja bindo was granted asylum at the brazilian embassy in la paz last year and the minister use his diplomatic immunity to snatch at the opposition politician and get him across the border window is accused of fourteen crimes in believing in corruption but denies the charges.
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the u.k. government has been spending hundreds of billions of pounds to tackle homelessness no matter how much cash is doled out the situation doesn't seem to be improving in fact there's an increasing share of young people are monkeys sleeping rough archies a surfer investigates. the charity nightwatch head out on the nightly run distributing feeds to london's homeless no one knows exactly how many people are homeless in the capital but one thing that's agreed upon and that's that the numbers are increasing it's gone up from thirty people to fifty sixty seventy. you can see a large number of people have gathered here to use night watches daily now more all of the people who are here are rough sleepers but a number of them are when london mayor boris johnson came to office in two thousand and eight he pledged to end rusty playing by thousand and twelve not only does he not hit that target but rust leaping numbers have increased every year he's been in
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office in london and promised to the eradication of sleeping by fenty. yeah. it's very difficult. although it is. a problem people are doing anything about homeless database change shows a rise from three thousand four hundred seventy two people when the mayor came to power to six thousand four hundred thirty seven sleeping rough last year but the mayor's office insists it's not all bad news and the increase in numbers isn't party to an increase in funding longer hours on the streets rat reach teams mean more people than ever before are being identified and now a talented ten. lanie spent twenty four hours on the street yet despite the increase in funding many of the people here have been sleeping rough for months. on
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the street and in your dreams. that doesn't happen. right here from. a lot of them are problems before. enough to leave the council please. the police from moving on in the middle of the mines. twenty two year old silas doesn't want his face he tells us he often sleeps in a car park nearby it's a complex story silas tells us that he has had some contact with outreach groups operating in the area but he hasn't get benefits and therefore can't get into council accommodation. through. the local outreach team has told us that they're looking into styluses case his just one of thousands of the homeless in the capital this is the face of london's famous in twenty thirteen and it seems it's an
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increasingly young one so r.t. london. next are discovering russia series explores a village of frozen in time that's coming. if it was terrible they are very hard to make out. once again there was a plant life that never had sex with that her there was. that it was. an image.
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which. players. play. such as a. few. police be told language. trucks close programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on the t.v. reporting from the world talks books of v.i.p.'s interviews intriguing stories to tell you. just been trying. to find out more visit or a big t.v. dog called. i almost told you my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports and let you know pushing the know
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i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point of the month to say that it is or k.l.a. car is on the docket no god. ok no more weasel words when you made a direct question be prepared for a change when you throw a punch be ready for a bad freedom of speech and little down the freedom to question. in russia summertime means. russians love their family country houses and at the end of the working week millions of people head straight for the peace and quiet of the villages a chance to recharge the batteries take a did an escape the hustle and bustle. bus if like me you're not lucky enough to have your own dacha little countryside are not isn't too hard to find.
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around two hundred kilometers from st petersburg there's a holiday village that promises beautiful old houses a warm river and a complete break from city life it's called mundra and it's supposed to be a place to turn back time and leave the warnings of the twenty first century behind . although it turns out that trying to live the simple life isn't always quite as simple as it seems. hello. are you going to mundra game i am can i get a lift with the hope on. when you're heading deep into.


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