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tv   Headline News  RT  August 22, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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you know the old guard look at the global financial headlines. coming up on r t the us government released documents showing a past secret court ruling on n.s.a. surveillance but i support chastise the n.s.a. for illegally collecting tens of thousands of e-mails more on the unmasking of the face of forehead. army whistleblower manning was sentenced to thirty five years in prison for leaking documents but the story does not end there will look at extreme conditions the media faced while covering the trial. san francisco officials are considering a class action lawsuit against the vatican they claim that i gave hundreds of psychiatric patients a one way ticket to california for the showdown between the states coming up.
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it's thursday august twenty second at eight pm in washington d.c. i'm meghan lopez and you are watching r t well the obama administration is trying to beat its critics to the punch in the wake of the n.s.a. surveillance scandal they're coming clean in a way in the way the wind house released documents dealing with a foreign intelligence surveillance court ruling from two thousand and eleven after the electronic frontier foundation filed a freedom of information act request in the documents the court lambasted the national security agency for illegally collecting as many as fifty six thousand e-mails from innocent people each year over a three year period after collecting those documents without cause the n.s.a. proceeded to misrepresent the sonnets and scope of those collections to the fisa court former surveillance court chief judge john bates wrote in an october twenty seventh decision quote the court is troubled that the government's revelations regarding n.s.a.'s acquisition of. internet transactions mark the third instance in
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less than three years and which the government has disclosed a substantial misrepresentation regarding the scope of a major collection program so the n.s.a. secret is out instead of reporters beating the n.s.a. for a story here and a story there president obama spilled all of the candy out on the floor presumably so that we will get our sweet fix and then move on but is it really that simple political commentator sam sachs joined me earlier to discuss this and i first asked him how this report could be even possible. we can't confirm that number fifty six thousand that's kind of what the n.s.a. figures are saying but this all centers on section seven zero two of the fires amendments act that gives the n.s.a. the authority to conduct this sort of mass surveillance as long as it's on foreign targets and they don't need individual warrants for each target they basically go to the pfizer court they explain the program that they're going to use to explain the rules that they're using to collect this data and the pfizer court signs off on it then they go and they start collecting this data and then it's up to the n.s.a.
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to do with what they want now this data that they're getting through the internet we're talking mostly internet data here about ninety one percent of the data they collect is straight from internet providers through programs like prism which we've heard about through these leaks then there's nine percent of the data which is collected through up streaming basically this is where they tap right into the bible optic cables and internet hubs around the world and just suck information right out and what we've learned is that the n.s.a. doesn't have the technological capabilities when they're plugged into these fiber to adequately protect against american communications and domestic communications from being collected so once this data is collected it goes into a major massive n.s.a. database and then n.s.a. analyst can go and search these databases and then touch american communications which goes against the spies a court order and when the fires a court learned about this in two thousand and eleven they basically said look what you're doing here is unconstitutional you have to put in new parameters to limit
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the search to protect americans did it work we don't know we don't have any opinions from two thousand and twelve addressing this but we had a report last week by the washington post which said thousands of abuses are still existing at the n.s.a. in two thousand and twelve in fact abuses went up from two thousand and eleven to two thousand and twelve that's a shocking revelation as well sam now the fisa court is supposed to provide adequate oversight critics have called it a rubber stamp court does this release back up either one of those claims it doesn't seem likely and you mentioned the quote by a former pfizer judge bates who basically said look this is the third revelation. in less than three years where the n.s.a. has misrepresented what it's doing with that with their authority here he goes on to note that judge bates notes that we can't know for certain exactly how many people have been touched by this we have to reel in that's the fifty six thousand number we talked about we have to trust on the trust the n.s.a.'s number and this goes back to what the former pfizer the chief justice said to the washington post a few weeks ago that the pfizer corps doesn't have the tools to conduct the
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necessary oversight it needs to have so is the pfizer court being a lapdog for the government or they lack is for the government maybe but also the pfizer court just doesn't have the capability to perform the sort of oversight and checks on the n.s.a. that it should have and any guess on why the administration is declassifying these documents. could be for a number of reasons i mean first off this was in response to an foi request electronic frontier foundation for their requests this sort of decision by the pfizer court that pointed out the unconstitutional nature of this program has been a long talk and talked about by senators like ron wyden so people have known that these documents existed have been pressuring them to say to release them and now that the n.s.a. knows the documents are being released against their will and that rather than having to react to that maybe they're trying to get out in front of the next leak and finally sound we have just about a minute left but this is separate from the n.s.a. spying that the edward snowden revelations kind of talked about that phone metadata that it did this
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a new classification released really tell us any more about that right so there's internet collecting the stone through things like prism that section seventy two a fison now this metadata phone collection which was the first leak by snowden to that section to get to the patriot act and judge bates goes against that and he basically says that the standards by which the going to use the metadata has been flawed this program. that pfizer was misled on how the n.s.a. was going to be using all this metadata how they're going to search it and basically smash this with this metadata program to very interesting and i'm sure there are some more revelations to come whether the obama administration likes that or not political commentator sam sax thank you so much for coming and. private first class manning reported to prison in fort leavenworth today to begin serving a thirty five year sentence but manning's lawyer david coombs says the battle is not over yet coombs is now in the process of requesting a presidential pardon or at the very least reducing the wiki leak or sentence to time served last night hordes of supporters gathered in front of the white house to
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protest army judge denise lynn sentencing decision here are some of the sights and sounds from that protest. right through prayer they barely say that was the phrase it is or is it crazy to be reading and writing they read it three ways you can write it they've tried people are it was for it for it we read a. great read your article you raise it out for out they way they. are to correspondent liz wall has been traveling to fort meade each day to watch manning's court martial play out she was there when prosecutors showed the collateral murder video and where when manning apologized here's a behind the scenes look at what it was like to cover this trial. this is the last glimpse of manning the public may see for a long time it was moments before the military judge sentenced manning to thirty five years for one of the largest leaks of classified information in military
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history i think it is a very. harsh sentence the man did not kill anyone and for me one day is too much when there is too much people can debate how many years rex walheim but in terms of justice one day is too much for bradley manning throughout the summer long trial supporters stood behind manning some of them showing up early in the morning to demonstrate outside the gates of fort meade the secrecy and security of this trial has been criticized to get from this parking lot off base a visitor in the parking lot to the media operations center you have to face a number of hurdles first you have to get your car searched by bomb sniffing dogs and when you arrive your belongings are searched the and you are searched with a metal detector and of course the cameras of any sort are not allowed in the courtroom at one point there were armed guards patrolling the inside of the media operation center looking over reporters shoulders making sure no one was using
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social media while court was in session it may be why continuous coverage of the trial has been spars with mainstream media outlets only showing up on big days it's something manning's attorney david coombs took notice of in his first public appearance since the trial started if you could have cameras in the courtroom do you think for a moment you wouldn't have wanted to know say nancy grace. not present every day whom says media coverage and the way the trial played out would be different if cameras were allowed it's something he says he's going to fight to change the trial brought to the spotlight the debate over transparency and a free press. the goal is to get whistle blowing stopped and the goal is to try and begin to associate journalists with their sources as if their coconspirators and their representation is involved in the unprecedented charge related charges which
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was aiding the enemy for a simple way of providing information to you journey well now that the court martial has closed many defense is now working on freeing manning during this post trial process whether it's through a presidential pardon or working on getting the sentence overturned through the army court of criminal appeals while the trial may be over here or there a limb for many. and his supporters the fight for his freedom is far from over here and for marilyn lives of all arts he also new today manning released a statement thanking supporters and announcing the next chapter in life part of that statement reads quote as i transition into this next phase of my life i want everyone to know the real me i am chelsea manning i am a female given the way that i feel and i have felt since childhood i want to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible i hope that you will support me in this
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transition the issue of manning's gender identity came up a number of times during her court martial the military even released this picture of manning that she texted to her supervisor showing chelsea in a blond wig with makeup on but while manning supporters might be ready to accept her decision the fort leavenworth military prison in kansas said today that it will not provide chandra transgender treatment beyond psychiatric support particularly when it comes to that hormone therapy manning's lawyer david coombs told n.b.c.'s today show that he will take action legal action that is if the army doesn't provide his client with hormone therapy the a.c.l.u. is also backing army private manning the group sent out a statement today saying that the prison may be violating that manning's constitutional rights by denying her this treatment historically civilian prisons have paid for care for transgender issues though several cases are currently in dispute. in egypt deposed ruler hosni mubarak has released from jail and helicopter
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to a cairo hell of a hospital today where he will be treated and then sent to house arrest former president mubarak was sentenced to life in prison last year for failing to prevent the killing of demonstrators during the twenty eleven uprising hundreds were killed by police forces during those protests meanwhile the man who was elected in egypt's first ever democratic elections mohamed morsy is still behind bars and protests and violence continue to plague the country christians have been targeted in numerous attacks across the country over the past week with their churches burned down adding yet another wrinkle to this crisis r.t.l. true is in egypt with the latest. egypt's ousted leader hosni mubarak has left tora prison where he's been held for the last few years to an undisclosed location where he will be under house arrest now he's been put on the house arrest despite the fact that he will be free today because the prime minister said yesterday that
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basically according to emergency law he needs to be under house arrest and we're not sure what will happen to evolve to that but he is due for his retrial to start again on the twenty fifth of august which is in a few days now the reason the mubarak has been allowed to walk free today is because he has served his maximum amount of time that someone can spend in detention without being charged he was sentenced in june last year to guilty for being responsible for the deaths of protesters however the appeals court found the trial to be arizona procedural grounds and therefore all the organized the retrial this means that basically the court turns back to the end of the journey was devised evolution's as if you'd never been sentenced and therefore it's almost like he was never tried so he can keep him in prison for any look much longer however he is still facing trudges charges of corruption as well as being involved in the killing of protesters so he will continue his trial but it will be kept outside
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a prison under house arrest that was artie's bell true reporting from cairo egypt well if you can't fix the problem let someone else deal with it that seems to be nevada's line of thought anyway officials in san francisco california are considering legal action against their neighboring state for allegedly buying hundreds of poor psychiatric patients a one way bus ticket to california forcing the sunshine state to pay for their treatment did you get that hospitals are forcing patients on a bus to become another state's problem this practice has been going on allegedly since two thousand and eight san francisco's letter to nevada's attorney general comes shortly after a psychiatric patient. named james that flavia quite brown filed a federal civil rights lawsuit claiming that nevada gave him one of those tickets out brown is now seeking a class action status on behalf of as many as fifteen hundred people to discuss this i was tried earlier by gabriel is that trend deputy communications director at
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the san francisco city attorney's office and i started off by asking how nevada is responding if in fact they are take a look not so far and now the man water gives them until september of the night to make a formal response to the letter that was sent them on tuesday and we're going to have to see formally how they deal with the problem by that time are we dealing with anything more than allegations at this point is there any physical evidence of this going on yes there absolutely is our investigative team has done a phenomenal job they spent four months conducting an exhaustive investigation trying to track a population that's often indigent very transients but they have chased down a lot of those still evidence they've chased down actual people and we have evidence that we believe will win this lawsuit horse in a court of law if it comes to that so let's talk about the burden that this puts on taxpayers how much are they paying per patient is there any way to determine that there is a way exhaustive investigation to determine exactly what services were provided and again we're not going to speculate if we go to court with something we're going to
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have documentation that says these are the services that were provided this is how much they cost in the demand letter right now the total stands at will shy of five hundred thousand dollars as justice for a san francisco goes where there are other california jurisdictions for whom this has been a problem and the investigation is ongoing to that number that dollar figure could go up as time goes on so let's talk about how for how far your office is willing to take it where are they willing to go with this. well court in one word we're willing to follow a lawsuit because california taxpayers are footing the bill for something that we shouldn't and we let them know on tuesday that we are ready to go to court to get our taxpayers' money back and you said something specific there you said california instead of san francisco how widespread is this program to go beyond san francisco other jurisdictions in sanford and california are conduct their own investigations of mr brown here mentioned earlier is actually someone who was busted sacramento and they are conducting their investigation as well the five hundred thousand dollar figure reflects just the city of san francisco the city and county if other
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figures come to light later because other jurisdictions conclude their investigations and come up with dollar figures then them will compile a larger figure and they will decide what legal action they might want to take but this practice is absolutely widespread beyond san francisco we know of several other cases which this is the case gabriel is there any indication of what happened so these people once they are bused over there do they get in fact that help that they need yes and no the thing is a number of them and this is true of the patients who are the subject of the demand letter are actually essentially instructed to call emergency services upon their arrival but that is that is a very imperfect method of getting the care that they need compared to or example making an individual plan making sure that their bus the appropriate destination and that there is help waiting for them on the other side as opposed to simply putting them on a bus with absolutely no plan made for their arrival so yes people are accessing services and in fact that's that reflects the monetary figure that we're seeking is care that was provided so yes people are receiving services but that doesn't mean
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this is the right thing to do by any stretch of the imagination now at this point carol is there any example or idea how far up the chain of out of this goes is it simply the hospitals doing it or is someone else buying the tickets. we don't know we do know that in the case of most of the tickets that were given to the patients the subject of the letter that the hospital had paid for the ticket the hospital that we're speaking of is in las vegas it is run by the student whether the order to initiate this practice to continue this practice goes in the hire of the chain we do not know this time although we are investigating the world the story is very concerning it's very disturbing if you wouldn't mind keeping us updated as you continue to proceed throughout this gabriel's a trend deputy communications director at the san francisco city attorney office thank you so much thanks for having me well it's thursday and so that means it's time for our weekly tech report first an f.b.i. official came out this week saying that the days of major cyber attacks by the hacktivist group anonymous are over also researchers in new york are using twitter
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to find out what areas are the most depressing based on the tweets people sent out while nearby and be careful where you look you could inadvertently be lining the pockets of google depending on your eye movements the internet giant was just granted a patent for google like centers that would track a person's i move meant to find out in real time what advertisements people are looking at it's called a paper gaze and the idea is that this technology will measure how long you look at an ad and your emotional written in reaction to it that is indicated by your pupil dilation earlier i was joined by pete paschal he's the tech editor at mashable and we started off by discussing this bizarre i track and tap into and how it will work take a look. well essentially they're going to create a sensor that will exist in certain devices that will track your eyes to see what you're looking at that ad what part of the edge you're looking at it your emotional reaction to it. it's it's
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a technology that's been around that's actually sort of in its infancy and there's a bunch of companies dabbling with one of them is toby which actually has demonstrated and i track the laptop but this is actually a patent that explicitly uses the technology for advertising very interesting no i understand you know it's just in its research phase but eventually what is the idea who is going to profit off of it well the idea is if you believe google is good it's a win win so that the advertisers win because they'll know if people are looking at their ads and if they are what kind of reaction they're having to them whether it's positive or negative and they can then use that data to help the user to serve a better ads hopefully that will please them more personally i look forward to the day when we have the data that finally definitively proves that nobody looks at internet advertising at least display advertising that nobody those display ads really just are completely useless and everybody just skips over them and everyone just skim over them i know i certainly do you could people one day be inadvertently
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supporting companies that they are inherently against simply by looking at it say a vegetarian accidently looking for too long at a steak ad. yeah well it all depends on the emotional reaction part of this and this is something that has to people dilation how accurate that is so you know there could be some false positives and false negatives that's always the case with these kinds of technologies that they take a little time to iterate and shake down these issues so over time presumably it's going to get more accurate and will serve you a better ads now let's watch here is the f.b.i. agent austin berg last is a special a special agent in charge of the f.b.i. is the cyber division in new york and he said quote the movement is still there and they're still yakking on twitter. and posting things but you don't hear about these guys coming forward with those large breaches it's just not happening and that's because of the dismantlement of the largest players who of course is talking about anonymous there so my question to you is anonymous over. no i would say it's not
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its current form hacky it is certainly still is. but it's kind of like you have to understand what anonymous is it's not this one group which is very specific people who just happen and the hidden or unknown no known to miss is this. a lot of people attach themselves to on any given day and may stop doing it at any time it's a very very amorphous movement and hard to pin down so to say that anonymous is over and i don't think that's quite what he would seem. to say that this wave of hacks is on now a trough i think that's true and how catastrophic because one of the things that he pointed out was the discovery that hector months ago or also known as abu on the internet was an f.b.i. informant how catastrophic was that to the group. i think pretty huge thing for to that group and anyone interested in doing some major illegal activity online and it
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was it was clearly a blow that sort of said even if you practice this and you are successful you will be caught at some point so and really don't even bother story let's switch topics one more time to talk about these most depressing areas according to a new study that uses twitter can you quickly explain it to us. yeah there was a study that some researchers did that looked at tweets over a certain period of time that looked at these the merely the emoticons the emotional content of this tweet so if there's a happy face it's a positive tweet and if there's a sad face it's a negative tweet and they put well you know use some context as well. but then the put this all on a map located in new york city to find sort of the most happy and sad places in new york and it turns out the saddest place isn't my apartment which was a shock what has the fattest place of us now your apartment. well the places were mainly kind of homes what you expect there were transportation hubs was the main one so places like port authority the brooklyn bridge places where you might find
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someone stuck in traffic for a half hour maybe has time to pull out a smartphone and tweet what a lousy time these are the other side the best places turned out to be open areas like parks like central park in prospect park where you know you might be more positive experiences and less waiting and apparently pete's apartment to catch all that editor at mashable thank you so much for joining us my pleasure well ask any american and chances are they most likely consider our nation the greatest on earth but how do we truly compare with other countries for the answers so that the residents laurie harnessed.
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as americans we're brought up to believe that we are number widen we are the best country in the world it's a point of pride for many americans and we are number one at many things for instance we're number one it war we're currently actively fighting seventy four different wars that we admit to whether it's all out fighting or other active military operations god knows how many more we're fighting covertly with our military facilities in so many nations we are also the world's number one man board we're also number one at making money according to a recent report we've ranked number one for average household wealth at one hundred in two thousand dollars of course that's grotesquely skewed by our wealthy one percenters as the average american makes well below half that and yearly but who cares because we're number one in making money and that's all that matters we're
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also number one at oil we're set to be the number one producer of it by twenty twenty just in time for climate change to really wreak havoc our politicians might be spewing lots of green energy rhetoric but the truth is we're thinking more and more money and resources into what makes our one percenters so rich and that is oil we're also number one as being unhealthy according to researchers at the national academy of sciences we die younger from obesity and heart disease than people in other developed countries we're also number one and. on of course according to policy mike the u.s. ranks number one in the world for guns owned or one hundred people we are twenty times more likely to be killed by a guardian forty seven percent of americans have reported gun ownership we are number one at incarceration rates we have the largest total prison population we're
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number one for divorce rates and cars that we're more likely to die in a car accident we're number one in student debt and most importantly of all we are number one at making porno. sure we're not number one in our kids test scores or average lifespan and according to the o.e.c.d. by twenty sixteen we will no longer be the world's number one economy china will finally take over but failed we are number one in the things that america stands for and that what really counts. tonight let's talk about that by following me on twitter at the residence. normally when you board a plane you have to take off your shoes and belts before you actually enter that plane during the preflight screening process but one german man went the extra mile
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sneaking onto chancel i chancellor angela merkel's government plane in nothing but his underwear i could not make the story up if i tried so fasten your safety belts things are about to get ridiculous clutching a bag full of marijuana and ecstasy pills the man sent police on a four hour long goose chase in the attempt to catch him during this gallivant the man got on the wing of a plane and danced he sprayed the fire extinguisher all around the plane and then went into the cockpit and pushed a bunch munson's in there that's according to der spiegel the incident occurred on july twenty fifth and the man was of. actually arrested now the plane was parked at a closed military section of the cologne airport chancellor merkel was not on or near the plane when the incident occurred instead she was hundreds of miles away attending wagners the opera performance of the flying dutchman and leaving the want to be flying german man for the local authorities to actually have to deal with on
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their own and that's going to do it for me i'm not going lopez have a wonderful night. he was the father of the tea party movement a strong voice of dissent still captivates and leaves a large american audience who called for change the former congressman presidential candidate ron paul plus daniel ellsberg the original government leader forty years ago with the pentagon papers and is now supporting and as a leaker edward snowden that's all next on politics with larry king.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations to rule the day. what a wonderful. holiday face. a pleasure to have you with us here today.


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