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cancelled meeting with cutting off diplomatic relations which is the total rejection of any form of discussion with another country which really sent a bold and possibly dangerous political message but obama did was more like a minor annoyance he knows that he will talk to putin again in the near future i mean how are they not going to talk in the next g. eight summit what is he just going to have to hide behind merkel the whole time and hope it works out or ducked behind the shrimp cocktail whatever here's a russian accent one could argue that to appease republicans he had to do something to look strong after the stone debacle but this grandstanding just comes across as silly passing something like a new jackson verda commandment yeah that is how you could shows people that you're really mad even if your anger is irrational because stone pretty much did the right thing but that's just my opinion.
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so. lazy i'm going to know the job. so that i could money to buy seeds. dies or to manage the money i have for seeds and you can spend it for books you may . be open in school uniform in my pockets need for school. see if i'm going to be. so i have no money left to see no matter how cheap i might be. demoted you know too much money to. run. a lot of community has a bore hole that isn't easily accessible by all. the damn dries out during the
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dry season and there isn't enough water for the animals. tim. doesn't do anything about our situation when that i mean i could have provided the community with enough water. i mean they refuse to do anything like that for us. almost every government comes and so we have courts i wrestle what's in our courts and by the time i get on the disk more who'd have fun with that i don't need to support most in most cases deal who commanded big. bum what do you do for fun this was. here.
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let me lay down my. list. this is now what this the residue says in existence. somehow we have to look at mr list as a family attorney named after me the only senator democrat to this is how i look up to is this. slim in almost every month but. this is this it was worthwhile it did come to light it's dumb but is that is because you would markets is good when you do this and what's a democrat bill but that's for you to tell it and the profits to come back to the
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have to feed lots of and then we don't have good markets. we apprehended the government to stop imports and advice from from abroad when to stop and. well as now for pulling in that we were lucky it's one of. the. according to the regulations we come over stretched the import of certain items in the country but even then the regulation that we couldn't restricts them petition all these are goose foremost concern competently they're one of the area we don't get access it's also that because the government is not subsidizing our foremost boost at the higher costs so they cannot compete would be important. at the low what. also contras so
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competition will be on the home front if imus even to it the government supported him to come also compete favorably with imported watch. it and. let us know we had it good markets and because governments came out would need this to program decay melbourne's promise to just deal with that to schools and then distance why do you think that the government took your program we don't know is because of the distance look up assessing the i would love this do a not much in the year and then dubreuil one so that it will broil nicely and then the process to today is different for i was. sawed emelin yes noughts
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and that is that will get that wood markets pulled in big government liberal by during summer they gave us and that it is does the same as what was in the media. and just as he made the who should i want to fund that only gets the money rather than to boost your what i want to import what it is cheaper so to tony from the end of the town of recognitions i didn't need to do such really importing negatively when i got coaching in the developing countries stricken on a good. right
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this is left tenant jerry join rowlings who had just overthrown his government. a government he had appointed a few years back after a coup d'etat. i the poor economy was again one of the reasons for the coup. in one nine hundred eighty three j.j. rawlings asked for help from the i.m.f. which returned to ghana after eleven years of absence and has remained until today
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. in the following decades the economy thrived the annual average growth rate lies at five percent unemployment has declined and so has poverty which reached fifty one percent in one thousand nine hundred. twenty nine percent in two thousand and six. the good news does not stop there. it's. quite how much. renuka spoil. the second approach and if you've been given some discomfort. goes back in the night two thousand and seven that news reports show that gone it made a world class oil discovery the true scope of the size of the field wasn't exactly
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known on but it was clear from that moment on that going to a seam to join the ranks of africa's oil producers. dependence overall much here also depends on not trying to resolve us all but say it does not bring i want to talk formation of economies in spite of the huge glories of the only hot we've not been able to watch pain level so he can only transformation now we we so much on. there's no point to having if you're every getting a cut of education they don't really have an oil you forget he wants them to go to hospitals and get wood health care they still point in having. young my this going to be dying in large numbers from. trying to have children.
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born abroad. gifty is twenty six years old she is one of two nurses working in this clinic. doctor rarely comes here and gifty tries to do whatever she can with what she knows . we are covering if a lesion of two thousand one hundred and eleven point seven minutes is that is what that's our catchment. we have one doctor who said that issue it
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was better if it is coming to a level we don't have so when we we said it subdistrict level and we don't have. mr yakubu who is the government appointed district health director he's informed about the problems here let me just digress a bit to tell you that we have a doctor population which we have one book at over one hundred sixty one thousand population. one look at the computer one hundred one and has the one thousand people obviously it's not a base i mentioned that for doc there's little also mentioned for nessa's it's also interested to know that we have a population of one there's two over. two thousand five hundred population i mean again that's a yawn and obvious no we want one there's still is going to kill more than two
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thousand five hundred published this new we adequately know. so gifty travels every day from village to village to visit patients and heavily pregnant women who do not have the means to come to the clinic here we have more. so we use them with a biased was something i went down then we cannot wouldn't want is a commie and these people realize that most people did live at. some of the communities once. they did a boss or did mama drug lease if this i'm going to sixty of them a could be for them to get another car coming to do so initial hop in a difficult labor leave a case i love it time you have to put them on bicycles claim i didn't a woman in labor being put on
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a bicycle and just threw on did for rude or sometimes where you can afford it you put up one truck. and carried them to the next level. and you damn. well see british style. that's not right with my. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's culture the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our key. to the
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future. instils intro to texas on this one show we found out why security state may soon be a girl's best friend and i really can you joining machine make sure it's work a solid black design classic still has room for improvement and we'll learn how to dispose of type is unclear rose in one fell swoop. here on. the central. right close to. the first street. and i think you're.
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on a record going to. be enough. to have a very high amount then the mortality in this region. and i can tell you where for two weeks into the this year. ninety. three. ninety three. now i know that elsewhere one might turn out there is a crisis. my guess is trisha. but one region for two weeks into a year were recorded and that is definitely possible. you may want to get.
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to me i'd save this money to shoo invest much on the whole site because if you are not healthy i don't think our communities will be default. if our b.p. is down today we have only one so even though one is down damn is declares that we didn't appear we'll get that service unless we wait for them to base and i doubt something you can just attend to down without taken down by the us and. the border is spotty and the building keep on coming down it's only because of the really. see what he says and who got into it isn't. the heat is always
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food much sure but we can do otherwise would they vote because he actually did. it from the government. all of us for possible water. nor for we did this is only better for the community this they knew about coming to buy as drinking from a distant world. but of all what. can we do more stars so that they can improve their health service on people. in. this growth reflected by the economic indicators does not seem to reach the public clinics of northern gala.
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the district director says that the government is doing its best and gives the free mosquito net program as an example something he recently set up the government of an affidavit the ghana has of his how do we get a lengthy list war on malaria from several you know some points there realize that we need to actually fight a vector the vector being the most to the north of as good as saw recently and five just as recent as two we said will the government of ghana but i want to get a house of his son in bed with. fifty percent of the population were given you know bed this hound in the sleeping place or recruiter volunteers who went into every house and there would to how much and would loose and what rules because there were instances where let me just go to the well we don't have been near to neil and my husband it enters through london we were
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a fuse and he just refined it near in a community sort of governor when i went out of the our way plus and at support from out a pattern is to provide not only the bed but also believes and they do is always so don't have the room so to provide iraq and then how base they provide hummus and then recruited their volunteers and paid them a lower sister who are around near the bed in the place sleeping places or people. the district health director blames foreigners for the health systems poor condition. he claims that the fault lies with immigrants who have no papers and enter northern ghana from neighboring countries i love people who are in year i miss sharing the little things that we have you know i yet they are not in because they are not nationals and they have also want to reduce and so do i do a little numbers does that raise and that's how come you realize that our budget that very much a budget that the government you know chairs out and wildly different are for sure
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because they don't anticipate and if i did not know the real numbers of people illegal immigrants who are here and but to speak them in our you know look at things that are provided for in a national sword that also is a problem. in two thousand and eleven ghana's economy growth rate reached fourteen point four percent. using the profits from gold oil as its driving force ghana became at least on paper a middle income country. and is the ninth country in africa to reach this position. the
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i.m.f. policies and the government's reform certainly played their own part in reaching this level. we have a growth in mining in all sectors we have. checked or but most importantly we have growth in the service industry you know. tories and so there is a diversification of economic growth. however as the economy grew so did social disparities. the benefits of growth have not been felt by the majority of the population who are left to struggle daily for survival . at the same time they are required to repay the success of loans that the
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government received from the i.m.f. . prosperity is only achieved by a small elite that lives lavishly in the capital's good neighborhood. behind fences and barbed wire. according to a two thousand and twelve gallup poll fifty three percent of ghana or about twelve point seven million people cannot afford the cost of food only four percent they are able to live on their income. it's it's clear that you know economy grows does not necessarily translate into poverty reduction and to reduce poverty we need to have. the authorities here vetting infrastructure education because the same time the i.m.f.
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is telling the government that actually you have to cut back on the expenditure which includes pay for public sector because. right now when you talk about the public sector. to the very poor communities. when the government is spending too much it is crowding out the private sector taking away from detector of skilled people who prefer to work for the government president of the private sector but also the spending and the boring of the government crowding out capital that could be directed to the private sector so the reform will not happen overnight it's a long term process and probably true you know not hiring new. series seven when people are retired it just kind of things it's not like you need to cut . the workforce into public sector immediately.
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in july two thousand and nine when. suddenly the. financial markets and the money markets come down. which is. same thing has happened since. this year as well so in other words you need this town of the i.m.f. to accept. the international marketplace even if it kills your own people. and already the betting is on the poor is not on them and they will be more and more and they have even less of a basis to stand up on their own find employment survive on their own because of the global rhythms that we've got backing them. will release a report which says that economic reforms new labor are forms in africa is actually accelerating eighty percent of all reforms so the global crisis two thousand and
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five two thousand and eight percent of all. in the what i mean taking place in africa ok we have paces which i speak. people are looking at the example of what happened in greece and what you know we have we have all those things those elements which we even intensify the process of. the process of shock to testify the vulnerability and also exacerbate the inequality that. already exists the way me and the group we love most of us we had and when we don't grow we had to. because still in our communities women are going hungry in the lead season women lost in east and when it gets really bad they meet once every day once every two days so that the children can go and these i think should be their real indicators of what a middle income on the inside is any child in ghana going to bed hungry. that
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should be. these any women dying in childbirth. that should be an indicator of how women are able to access the health services the education services the credit facilities. markets that should be the real indicator of what goofy's.
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olympic gold a. little. clint
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. the speed. with. a little. bit misleading good. luck. just seems. odd to me that a little. colder my language a whole but i will only react to situations i have read the reports and let the players in the know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your
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play of the month so it's secure yet a car is on the docket. no more weasel words. when you have a direct question be prepared for a change when you approach a punch be ready for a. pretty tough speech against little down the freedoms of christ. live.
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live. live . live. cut. cut cut. cut. cut. if.
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bradley manning reveals he'd like to spend the rest of his life as a woman called chelsea and says he will request a presidential pardon after being sentenced to thirty five years for leaking america's secrets. government pressure on britain's guardian newspaper over the publishing of n.s.a. leaks causes the european council to ask exactly why it is resorting to tactics. and life out of prison egypt's deposed leader hosni mubarak has left jail for house arrest despite facing the trial on charges he ordered the killing of protesters our top stories this hour.


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