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alex on the subject can is set for the fight of his life as he prepares to take on the give me a pitch close in a four bout heavyweight showdown here in moscow. and golden eye russia's world past skating champions unveiled a new program as the judo target top honors at the country's maiden winter olympics in sochi. but let's start with athletics after russia finished top of the medal table at their first home world championships here in moscow with pole vault superstar yelena isinbayeva climbing one of seven goals for the host nation the saudi one year old missed out on a new world record but still cleared for me to eighty nine to claim her third world title and lights up the illusion of the stadium america's jenny pursuit took silver and she been yet to sling silver the bronze. brazing it was a perfect world yes it was number made for me i would say one night because my dream comes true it's a big gamble to be given that but it's nice to know in the future well it's going
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to become a monk the good bit pregnant and the. burn baby and then to try to come back again in the sport. who want isn't by a still eyes another world record before retiring at the end of the season a couple of russian banks have already told both is long gone but alex and the men called posted a leap of eight meters and fifty six centimeters and then pick championed by janet sanka once again prevailed in the women's hama with a throw of seventy eight meters eighty. and in the women's high jump the defending world and olympic champion amateur about to settle for groans a spell of russians that lie on their shoulder not after tearing two meters in three centimeters long and to mean it could for russia as they held off the usa to win the women's four by four hundred meters remember. the european champions surrogate she then called the police the home crowd by becoming the first
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ever russian to win a medal in the one hundred ten meter hurdles the twenty two year old came in third putting defending champion jason richardson to the podium two more americans david oliver and ryan wilson two gold and silver respectively but should be in goal was still over the moon and will be looking to take at least a second win in the remaining diamond league event this. is a real surprise to me but i've been treated like a champion like a real champion they say every one of the graduates me to say congratulations with your win but when it doesn't matter you're the winner anyway because you get the medal the first ever medal rusher one in one hundred and hurdles. and world record holder you sign bolts completed the sprint double by winning the men's two hundred meters ahead of him patrick horan with the four helping jamaica win the four by one hundred mi to relate to make it goal number eight and become the most successful athlete in world championship history. around the corner pretty hard argument to
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straight after fifteen minutes ago i started well it started getting heavy a memoir called said if you're running me looks like it may be you don't want to push your body because then you get injured i don't want to get injured at this time of the season are a few words to go so. easy. and you make it finished with six goals on a par with the united states in kenya off to shelley and fraser price also swept the wooden sprint events including running the ankle leg in the four by one hundred relay and the twenty six year old wants to coopt on the ten point six in the one hundred meters this season and revealed for us before we get to success. part of what i am is the fact that i am home and i believe that you know not seeing should be taken for granted you know we get each day to work hard and to to do the best that you can do because i've always said that i don't run to fifteen hundred
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so it's not ten persons running me one when i'm doing a purpose in my lane and i'm the only person actually focus on because when i came here you know i decided that i was just going to focus on me you know the only person that can be feet me is me and if i start worrying about their own things then you're wrong things will happen. and there was a perfect honeymoon for one you would couple in moscow as american olympic champion and world record holder ashton eaton took gold in the decathlon before watching his wife rianne tyson eaton secure a silver in the heptathlon for canada and says it was a nail biting experience. when you're in the stands you can see a lot of things that you can't miss certainly see when you're competing and all you want to do is go out there and do form but used to have to sit back and watching it's really out of your control that's very nerve wracking and nothing you agree on having your husband he went first was he was the inspiration watching him win or
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lose if you compete in how do you fail i think it's separately an inspiration watching him win every time every time because if i think i'm the opposite i'm more nervous than i compete because i know that he'll he's a competitor and that he was going to win but it was really cool watching him when i was actually laying in bed so it kind of got me fired up a little bit and i thought how am i going to ever fall asleep for my day tomorrow but there was it was really cool to see him win his first world championship gold medal. while in the women's a four hundred metres rushes and i mean i could have a shocker also took wrongs as britain's christina her again stole the show picking botswana's mantri moncho by for thousands of a second to reclaim the crown she won in a soca six years ago and the twenty nine year old britain says she also wants a second olympic gold after enjoying her stay here in moscow. everything's been good it's much better i think it's going to base it's been fed
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a really good time here and. the stadium is amazing i never seen the moscow stadium before as i was really really impressed i definitely want to do rio so i'll make sure that i experience very in rio i'm going a good physician to go out and. run the championships. yeah i did my best i did my best so that think i'm finished. because sometimes. and after completing the long distance double in moscow britain's greatest athlete most far up provided the inspiration for a local running club as the five thousand and ten thousand me to champion was on hand to wish good luck to those competing in a seven kilometer race around the capital's exhibition center some four thousand amateur around us took part looking to compare their results to those of fire and i caught up with a double olympic champion to find out which of his gold medals is the hardest to win. not the three by far the five thousand was
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a lot harder been able to recover from that time doesn't come back again was easy and you know i had to work hard in the last lap but stephanie would be well worth it are you looking forward not to lose matches you've got to be stepping up just as it is a good challenge and i'm looking forward to confine my finance my big step next step. first race the great new from the new take a break and then we come back to the long amount for which i'm going to debut which i'm looking forward to because i grew up in london not far from the same time you know that's that's where the biggest one of the biggest manhunt happened so it would be if you could a well that was important to you heart medals in israel more important to the world but it's not the future in any in my opinion i think titles more important than records records or to the prototype that can never be taken away and that's how i see if you do want not thinking about what you didn't know we didn't know where every didn't work due to mobile. now over to boxing where russian light heavyweight surrogate got out the off stump of the crowd in cardiff after
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knocking out local hero and previously unbeaten champion nathan cleverly in the fourth round while another russian is set for the fight night of his life as heavyweight alexander ovechkin prepares to face the timea kitch cohering moscow in seven weeks time roberts for the neon has this preview. face to face. and alex on that but we have given. the heavyweight boxing match up many pundits have already labeled the flight of the decade and certainly one of the most dissipated belts of the more than walks an era the ukrainian delta there is still hammer who's done live the sport's most prestigious weight class for the last seven years and the russian knight steadily winding his way up to the top of the mountain . mist you see. on the board. since we're
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just finished. he's greeted me you can see he is green refuge in. defining. the body when we. come in which. you can see and you want to be. and they will in a skillet filled with a fear with the vet against me and leach course belts on the line the weight will be finally over and the talk made real the bigger and stronger man versus the faster and more explosive experience and icy cold demeanor of a chance against the double fighting spirit and mission of the challenger. going to. be some new i would say alexander prove it can has a lot in common with mike tyson in his prime same style of fighting constant
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pressure and drive i'm ready it will be a great fight and we can do. to actually see it was there a five or six ways to avoid his jabs and get inside that has to be done that's the key aspect of my preparation for this fight with the boys but i think that. their seven year old is the second longest reigning heavyweight champ and of all time just behind the great joe louis and undefeated in his last eighteen belts wild four years younger but bet in has never tasted defeat in his twenty six professional belts although there is more than just that this six that really matter why it's like this. books good skills great cardio in a perfect game plan all these things matter in the sport of boxing but mindset is top of all of us the fighter is only there to win if you can really do that. what i expect from a vet can. do is for you. but alexander is
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a very sensible fighter and he really feels that when he can hit and hurt the pony and becomes more aggressive he's a natural puncher who can finish a fight any time. on r.t. . and that's it for paul won but we'll be back after a quick break with no heavyweight action in football ice hockey and the latest on such a go away. good luck. was able to build a new. mission to teach me. this is why you should. only. see
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a story. and realize that everything is. welcome to the big picture.
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to have you with us here on our t.v. today i roll researcher. welcome back to the sports show and let's kick off with football and in the world cup qualifier on wednesday russia missed the chance to go top of group f. after being stunned one nil by northern ireland in belfast marching bateson headed
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the home side to their first picture of that campaign after forty three minutes fabio capello's men boas still second two points adrift of portugal with a game in hand. while in germany i mariam and you could stand up thirty minutes in proved enough to hand coach pep guardiola his second sprightly victory at the helm of triple winners by munich the european and going to sleep at champions wrapping up a one meal victory at frankfurt just a joint top of the table. but there was bad news for ukrainian side metal is caught here after the club was banned from the champions league following match fixing allegations last season's domestic runners up were due to play shall cut later this week in the first leg of the playoffs but the german outfit will now play a greek side pack this along making the last in return list in the surge qualifying round target of already had their appeal rejected by you either. tennis and tearful wimbledon champion marion bartoli has announced her retirement from the
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sport just forty days after winning her only grand slam title the decision follows the twenty eight year old history set defeat to samoa in cincinnati with the french world number seven citing persistent injuries bartoli defeated germany sabine lisicki in straight sets of the wimbledon final in july to claim her first grand slam title at the forty seventh attempt the longest wait for a major in women's tennis. while it was also a rather premature goodbye to form a great jimmy connors as russia's world number three maria sharapova parted company with her new coach after just one competitive match together but it was a heavy defeat to unseeded sloane stephens in cincinnati as the american came from behind to win two six seven six six three and playing her second major scalp of the year after also beating serena williams in the australian open quarter finals in january. and the cincinnati tournament was won by second see dettori as our anchor
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after the belarusian also fought back to overpower top rank williams the american favorite to be a preset six two that what pulled in the second. as aren't the hells on a tight third set to prevail in the tie break but the strain i've been trying to stop this type of the season. and in the last final french open champion rafael nadal survived eleven aces to acknowledge giant american johnnies their seven six seven six and secured back to back hardcore titles for the first time in his career the spaniard also wanted montreux on a week before now equalled another djokovic record of five months as crowns in a single season it was also his fifty ninth. on to the bikes where moto g.p. leader mark marquette claimed his third straight victory off the dominating the indianapolis grand prix from pole honda teammate down to produce a came second while yet another spanish defending champion completed the podium
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twenty yr old rookie market now leads the standings by twenty one points from pedrosa with their entire fourteen points at the back. while russian survey of another set and sweden's underage simonson kind of surprise victory from a sadie's in the fourth race of the f.i.a. g.t. series at the slovak hearing fellow miss avies pat maximilian group and a long day has dominated the previous race in the netherlands but this time around crashed out of the first corner as did world rally champion sebastian look who's call court for a while twenty five year old a massive went on to take the checkered flag and lead his team to overall top spot with two races to go. one i suck each excited one back home tournament of the pride on home ice after beating the russian side act boss who won on thursday the home side finally broke the deadlock of fifteen seconds before the end of an intense opening period make a competent converting a power play and in the middle of the second thing is again there with the rebound
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to make each to no martin turn burke soon added a third. way thomas should put food on the back before the end. the period but that nicholas danielson rich shop was too hot to act boss defense and the lions want to have a four one victory. and stay on the ice as with less than six months to go until russia's maiden winter olympics top pair status next in playing golf and these are presented then you program able to repeat in such a the gold medal by comfortably one of the world championships in canada robert father onion reports. these two are russia's best figure skating pair and one of the strongest jewess across the globe the reigning world champion smoke seem to go off and the general surgeons are represent the country's major hope interested in pushing itself as an dispute but house in
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the sport to turn in place to complete this mission is clear so cheap two thousand and fourteen russia's home olympic games the perfect stage in which to show you with their brand new routine but it's all a program of free skate and program will be andrew lloyd webber's musical jesus christ superstar in fact i've been dreaming of making this happen since i was a child a love affair in march last year was sold this musical on broadway and now it's time to perform a toss selves give users can see they love the new program they enjoy fine tuning it a lot with every single training session we discover someone you and says to make it even better i'm sure it will be all for the olympics. so to two thousand and fourteen will also be the first ever winter games to hold a figure skating team event which. are set to compete with their new short program accompanied by that piece of music masquerade by soviet composer i don't put it around. we're going to represent our country at our home games this makes us
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proud will be there to compete for russia and this means will be given our all so there's no way we'd miss the team event. there and go for the most of your have already tested the olympic venue when they regain their russian national championship title last december at the ais mark arena in sochi. we just love this where you can venue both training and competing there is great it's already become a second home for us it's beautiful and very comfortable so we're looking forward to competing there again there is still a long way to go before the olympics so we still don't feel any high pressure we'll see what happens there in sochi. and if the do you are asked successful there as they were in canada them that position of power house won't be in question. robert certainly on our team. now for the extreme sport of basketball as the first ever
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russian final of the one the one streetball championship was held in moscow last weekend to determine who travel to san francisco bay and compete at next month's wild finale at alcatraz president has little. no teammate no coach no excuses just your opponent the ball and the bus kid this is one on one basketball way you can rely only on yourself to find out what it takes to be the best in the sport and get through to the final at the legendary jail or almost free ticket thousand prisoners granted by skating from alcatraz now hundreds of contenders from all around the globe we had links to get into to face up at once not so i read various and was really thinking of the rock. the world finale will be held at all contrast next month for the fourth time the russian stage is making its debut these here with qualifying rounds in seven cities
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and a national decider in moscow where sixteen players in five minutes clashes decide the winner and mikhail buter was in top form lossing his rival to s.q. rocketed to the final way he thrashed in other seasons three where remind me of see fifteen six yes yes but i didn't expect to win there were lots of strong opponents i was probably the fittest for the challenge now i have time to take a rest and prepare for the final in the us however there was also a pleasant surprise for the run up as after the deal the organizers announced both of the finalists will represent russia at the breeze and scores at n.s.w. no you don't congratulate somebody about finishing in second place i lost the final get i'm really glad i was given the chance to compete at alcatraz i'll be really motivated for that but hey i'm a good role model because it shows are never too late to start doing sport even if you're a little over thirty so on september the twenty eighth the russian do will be among
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the sixty four top players from twenty four countries that will battle it out and take no prisoners to decide who will be crowned the king of the rock concerned about the top of our team. and finally. every custom took a break from his commercial activities to take a trip to moscow to check out the capital's booming skateboard sane and our own radical crafts hanka but i'm bored. ooh. very causton is considered one of the pioneers of street skateboarding the bangkok born american turn professional when he was just sixteen and became a household name to winning gold something like ninety six x. games now thirty eight austin is also an entrepreneur with his own clothing label or of a microbrewery and designer of the skate and gold shoe range but he hasn't let his success go to his head. being a skater as far as yet not being on like that's kind of a level of
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a star it's kind of not anywhere near as crazy as like real celebrities like actors in my guy tiger woods or michael jordan you know how like making out of the store i go to the grocery store those guys can even do that so. you know it's cool it's a toss in the you know good to. be recognized in their appreciated her like what i've done it's really cool you know it's still like it's tumbling despite his modesty costin's talent has propelled him to international stardom not only through competitions but also promotions and videos which have won over many fans throughout the years and also and in the admiration of his fellow riders and team members he's one of the most respected skateboarders for wide it's not one of you know maybe the most respected skateboarder that is still actively skateboarding and you know he's kind of like the the big brother to everybody on the team and it's going around for like twenty three twenty five years and everybody is interested in
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skateboarding obviously knows it again and what he's done he's one of the guys who brought st skateboarding to the next level in the ninety's by the video parks he did so yeah it's really cool to work with him and to help the sport move to yet another eastern level causton recently visited moscow as part of a roving bush team in connell called faces and laces showing once again the russian capital is fast becoming a skateboarding called sport my first time here. it's pretty awesome it's amazing you know the weather's been brain you know it is nice today everyone keeps telling me it's not always like this but i got lucky but it's a beautiful city really has really been amazing. and it wasn't just the climate and architecture that impressed causton but also just how much the city's authorities have embraced his sport. i'm surprised when i heard that you know how much they do sort of oh wow and welcome and you know it's getting harder and harder in a lot of cities you know across the world you know i've been i've been everywhere
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seems like in the end it is stuff it's really it's really cool that it's really accepting of it you know because that's kind of one of the last places that is you know i feel like you know here in moscow. team leader cam was also taken with the capital but expects to see an increase in indoor facilities if mosco wants to count itself as russia's leading skateboarding city. if everybody can get the government together with the kids and do more stuff and get more facilities there will be more talent like i spoke to couple gets here and apparently in some fields to have a good part i think it would be nice as a couple moscow to maybe you know send b. that would pass by the state of the us let's build in the park and make sure that we have escaped from moscow well having an international space like eric wilson come to moscow and give it his seal of approval to show the signs that skateboarding in russia is finally winning over its critics as well as the local authorities when you can come to a park like the aptly named victory profit or not to escape it well in its way like
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a takeover moscow. and also from the post game by foot. i would rather ask questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more. wealthy british style sign that says it's not time to buy. is
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not a pretty tight. market so why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports. told me my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports i'm like you know for instance the no i will leave that to the state department to comment on your latter point of the month to say it's six am a car is on the docket now it's on. the radio no more weasel words. when you say in a direct question be prepared for a chase when you throw a punch be ready for a battle freedom of speech means little down the freedoms of caution.
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exactly what happened that day i don't know but a woman killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. innocent people to confess to police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were taking they could get what they wanted they can say what they want and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. the.
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little bit. of both. the speed. with. which. all of the misleading good bill. i. run a fairly. long
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from moscow at ten pm the journalist to reveal the n.s.a. surveillance scandal to the world accuses the british government of intimidation and bullying after his partners detained for nine hours at heathrow airport under anti-terrorism laws. escalating u.s. drone assaults and yemen sees furious crowds come out in protest of the deadly attacks as it's claimed the strategies actually playing into. a deadly ambush on police trucks in egypt cited put in should add a failed jailbreak by muslim brotherhood supporters said is the number killed in the country's most since wednesday to almost a thousand. and begin to stop the drilling police make arrests says hundreds turn out to stop an energy giant fracking for fuel under the english countryside claiming it's deeply damaging to the environment.


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