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tv   News Weekly  RT  August 18, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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fury in egypt security forces and pro morsi supporters locked horns in the worst violence since the revolution two years ago which is left hundreds dead. a saudi prince speaks out against the wrongdoings of the ruling monarchy in his own country demming justice abuse and killings are to talk to him exclusively. and rubbish at spying wary londoners question the use of high tech litter bins that scam people smartphone a report on that shortly. plus the storm of protest against the sochi winter olympics while some want to boycott the games over russia's law against gay propaganda to under eighteen's others called to use the event as a political protest.
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oh it's twelve noon here in moscow you're watching the weekly this sunday with me and he said now wait good to have you with us egypt is convulsing in bloody civil unrest with more than seven hundred people killed this week alone across the country friday alone saw almost two hundred deaths in clashes in cairo between supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi and his opponents backed by the military probe rather hood activists then barricaded themselves in a mosque the seas later ended in a shootout artie's belt true reports. well the tensions are palpable here in the capital cairo as today marks the start of what the morsy supporters have called departure the coup week which is a week long series of protests and rallies in the capital and across the country
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particularly yesterday we had this twenty four hour standoff between morsy supporters and security forces which resulted in a very bloody gun battle yesterday afternoon as hundreds of protesters had basically been trapped in a central cairo mosque. with the injured which had been turned into a field hospital on friday afternoon so this finished saturday afternoon but with security forces essentially storming this building and the protesters there most of them being arrested now since wednesday when security forces violently cleared that two encampments in cairo they have used a lot of force against any more protests already including on friday we saw live ammunition being fired at protesters who attempted to set up another sit in on wednesday morning i got a panicked phone call from a protester rushed a bit to about the way it's in which is now no longer an encampment at that point i saw the security forces opening fire with live ammunition an automatic weapon any anyone who was approaching the encampment meanwhile after four hours of gunfire i
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managed to get inside where i saw protesters women and children under the corner behind sandbanks there were the injured you've been shot in the head the chest the stomach being taken to field hospitals and then the next day of course they had their makeshift morgues in a mosque two hundred bodies just laid out with extremely bloody someone people missing their head some people to beyond recognition and the security forces say that their officers have been killed meanwhile we've had some major deaths from the missing brotherhood's leadership the supreme guide to the eyes which could lead to lost his son my colleague paula has also been on the ground here in cairo she brings you this report from the makeshift morgues after every battle days of reckoning. this is where the tally for this week's deadly clashes is taking place here in the command must where the bodies of the date and current are being involved and it was here find any way sophia help me mohammed found her son she learnt on facebook the twenty three year old had been killed she tried in vain to
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get through sniper fire to reach the baba a dummy a mosque where he'd been camping for weeks as well as died from two bullets one was in his heart their army claims the protesters had weapons but it was a peaceful sit in the police killed him they were standing on top of the roofs they burned some of the bodies and burned some people alive it was egypt's most bloody day of violence since the revolution two and a half years ago this old man managed to save his koran but not his wife she was among the hundreds killed many of them burned beyond recognition tears of anguish against a backdrop of angry demonstrations i think that's why you march a city obey the. people when they go to the street in the jones here it is i think is said that i listen i'm obeying the will of the egyptian people went to the street how about this bieber watched day in the street are forty seven days
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then they will rise and their gift is to kill them dr mohammad mahmoud was on duty when the first casualty started coming in within hours he treated several dozen patients they wounds were worse than anything he'd seen before marking a turning point he says from which there is no return the egyptian army usually defend people but what we know are they gyptian army even in our religion we have some prophecies said that these are the best army and over the world but not to kill his own people his basic sions all is we our history with the egyptian army to defend us not to kill us because that's why i'm saying this is a very bad and black chapters the accusations encounter. nations are heating up each side blames the other for unprovoked excessive violence the army stands accused of firing at an armed protesters while the brotherhood is feared for spreading violence anything is possible now unfortunately and every single step
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that we've been witnessing from since january twenty five. we we don't think the next step is going to happen it's so far away and then it happens so anything is possible now the interior ministry has given police a green light to use live ammunition against anyone who attacks government buildings the muslim brotherhood is vowing nothing will stop its glorious revolution in a country many fear is now teetering on the brink of civil war policy r t cairo we've been gauging opinion and insight into the bloody developments in egypt marina joshing spoke to arkwright horary from egypt's constitution party who believes that even though the muslim brotherhood has borne the brunt of the casualties the movement is solely to blame. we had protesters that were in a sit in rubble that was accused of criminal acts and accuse of harboring a fugitive on whoring militants and using kids and children as human shields and
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there is no political justification that can be put to put that there is a political demand that you put children as human shields and you use militants and you put children beside militants as human shields but there's another chance what i thought he was sorry for interrupting you but those protests were they were not small they were sitting in there and just protesting against what they saw i apologize apologize they were not they were not peaceful they were not peaceful at all this city than they were continually. spread out marches through the neighborhoods and to the surrounding neighborhoods where a lot of militants were shooting at rampage at any crowd or any civilians in the streets that were and similar to what anti the muslim brotherhood i've been shut out for about i've been caught in a crossfire between the muslim brotherhood they were shooting at civilians in this square for three hours during the past month. catch up with what's going on in egypt at r.t. dot com there we have more first hand accounts of the dramatic events that's video and images right from the heart and right.
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already of the center of a global surveillance mouse from a new privacy scandal is a rafting in the u.k. this one though over rubbish bins high tech trash cans in london can now identify passers by by scanning their smartphones apparently in the name of advertising archies polyploid explains. just a ben think again these nifty looking little bends are connected so why fight and that means that they can track the movements of each and every pass and walking down this street as long as they've got a smartphone that's connected. why fine now the digital stalking is all in the name of advertising simply by knowing who you are and where you'll go and they can alter the images on the screen here to tailor the investments to whoever is walking down the street in the city of london corporation have said that they also use the sun
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by despite technology that they've lost the company responsible for the bins to switch them off the local authority here say that schemes like this require the backing of an informed public but just how aware are the british public of the erosion of best so-called digital privacy in the wake of the n.s.a. scandal it's been revealed that it's not just come on show companies but entire governments that are spying on their citizens and just last week we found out that just telecom on the boat a phone had been secretly costing on details of their customers conversations every time intelligence agency g c h q coming into our privacy. without my knowledge it would be a cause of concern is a breach of lorries a breach of confidentiality i just wouldn't have nothing to hide so i don't really care but still i don't think that. that's fair from them not telling us that they would present information to governments who are true in your twenty's citizens
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private information should stay private i've got nothing to hide so it doesn't matter let's have identity to go along all that stuff by mistake the other side is there anything in the final things i shouldn't say on the net to be honest with you must surveillance is now a reality of our everyday lives c.c.h. to call it day to hoover and according to experts they screw up as much information as possible online and through telephone traffic in order to school through it so there's that there'd be paying them much more information than many of it uses even back when a boy i see on a former m i six agent harry ferguson says that no wife we heard your data isn't staying put in that bin. this is always the danger that your personal data. that it will be passed on further and we already know that a lot of the major companies google and so forth that get shared far more widely
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than one would expect and i think it's just another reminder to everybody to draw and guard your data privacy as best you can and revealed that there are many programs in fact prying on people's digital security and the lesson is that all those who expose the role of the n.s.a. . in britain they should also be aware that other countries are also spying on their privacy i went to a conference just recently which concerned invasions were abroad and in particular circuit boards in this case some would come from china and when they were examined closely it was found that they had extra circuits on that nobody could explain and when the chinese firm was asked one of these circuits on this particular board would you go into these computers the chinese simply said we can't tell you it's commercial confidence please send them straight back so i think we could be careful of everybody our own governments and foreign governments as well. darling faith in the dollar and a currency meltdown prompts germany to recall its gold stocks down across the u.s.
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washington though it has a ten it's refusing to let it burn so much of the of the it's gold in its entirety a report on the bull the end standoff coming up. also this hour kurds trapped in the world poor of the syrian war we report on the plight of the ethnic minority which has found itself in the way of al qaeda linked groups who are aiming to set up an islamic state after a short break. well accept the situation or go to jail that's the message saudi authorities are sending to the opposition jails are packed by those who dare to speak out while the country's dire human rights record has ignited resistance within the monarchy itself r.t. arabic spoken. closely to saudi prince khaled bin for around al thout protests forced him to become a dissident himself. the government is obviously scared of the arab revolutions and they responded as they usually do by resorting to oppression violence arbitrary
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law and arrest the easiest thing they can do is deprive you of your salary or fire you altogether so the ruling regime is not guarded by justice and this is especially true of the ministry of interior there is no independent judiciary that has both police and the prosecutor's office are countable to the interior ministry the ministries officials investigate crimes they call them crimes related to freedom of speech so they fabricate evidence don't allow people to have attorneys things like that happen all over the place they even put people under arrest for an indefinite amount of time even if a court rules to release such a criminal the ministry of interior keeps him in prison even though there is a court order to release him there have even been killings killings and as for the external opposition saudi intelligence forces find these people abroad there is no
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safety inside or outside the country could you describe these people who oppose the royal family and what are their goals opposition used to demand wider people's representation in governing bodies for more rights and freedoms but the authorities reacted with violence and persecution instead of a dialogue and now the opposition wants this regime gone. we both know that despite numerous human rights violations and so dear a.b.s. your country seldom faces criticism from the west and from the united states in particular when senior u.s. officials meet with their saudi counterparts this economy any critical comments from washington visibly reacts when. the white house certainly does maintain a longstanding alliance with the leaders of saudi arabia cemented by common interests in the middle east that in there are classified contacts between reared in the us administration in recent time they have been employed to step up the government administered reforms but those reforms are not driven by the elites
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desire to empower the people of the kingdom instead they are merely urged by reforms that the regime might fall unless it reforms itself oppression is widespread in saudi arabia there is no free speech no freedom of expression corruption is rampant in all areas from the level bureaucrats to high ranking officials every civil servant is very skillful in using bribes in their operations . and it's germany which recently came under an avalanche of criticism over a multi-billion dollar arms deals deals it's sealed with saudi arabia and other gulf nations who also have questionable human rights records well berlin's weapons exports to the gulf water keys have almost tripled in just two years from five hundred seventy million euros to in twenty eleven to almost a billion and a half in twenty twelve and angela merkel's government has approved weapons exports of more than eight hundred million euros in the first half of just this year that of course suggests the level will continue to grow this economy is in the region
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that berlin sells weapons to our saudi arabia bahrain kuwait oman qatar and the u.a.e. several of which have same government crackdowns on anti regime protesters since the arab spring saudi arabia is the biggest buyer with arms imports last year with one point two four billion euros activists claim german made. small arms ammunition and military vehicles were commonly used by middle eastern and north african regimes to suppress peaceful demonstrations but adam kugel from human rights watch says that germany she give up its business ambitions in the gulf western countries in general should look at the widespread crackdown that's going on against human rights political and pro reform activists going on in the country when they make these deals they should these governments that have good relationships with the saudis should make it clear that what they're doing. is really goes against the pro
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reform agenda that king abdullah has been trumpeting since he came to power in two thousand and five what we've seen in the last at least i could say in two thousand and thirteen is an increasing crackdown we've seen many high profile convictions over the last few months women's rights activists are uni and was he on the way there got ten months in prison for merely trying to assist a woman who was in distress who claimed that she was she was not being provided enough food to live and they they went to her house to try to help her and the police arrested her so we're seeing a widespread campaign against anyone who speaks out against the policies of the. the current government and any activist who calls for human rights reforms and political reforms and i think that these western countries that have military relationships or other relationships with saudi arabia should make clear that this is unacceptable behavior gay rights activists float the idea of boycotting the sochi winter olympics in our report on america's seemingly locked down gold vaults
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are coming up after a break. well . technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've gone to the future or covered. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture .
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the. economic downturn in the final month. and the rest of your life makes you believe every day. this week saw a storm of worldwide protest directed at russia with gay rights activists calling to move the twenty fourteen winter olympics from sochi or boycott the games altogether they were opposing what they brand and anti-gay law adopted in russia the recent legislation against the promotion of homosexuality to under eighteen's together with my colleague royster say we interviewed a panel of guests on the issue. we are an international community bonded by the homophobia that affects all of us and what we have to do is take
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a stand against the fact that the government is actually preventing education rather than propaganda that is desperately needed feel people who are growing up lesbian and gay growing up with prejudice this causes death it causes distress anti gay bullying is terrific but it also is deep in issues because of course it is starting to silence the liberals the good people in russia who would normally be allies of lesbian and gay people because of course they don't speak out so it's not just the bigots that homophobes that it's giving more power to silent think it's good allies so i think we need to take an international stand when it talks about a political commentator alexander classified there in london as well as the recent levada poll recently saying that more than half of russian support the law and conservative traditions alexander your thoughts are not well i've heard that those two thirds are actually who were supporting the law but that me tell you something about the liberal laws be here and the gay lobby as well which have. none none
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existing debate about gay marriage same sex marriage the debate was suppressed by the liberal elite nobody was allowed to say anything the moment you questioned you know whether it's a wise thing to do you were immediately accused of being homophobic i think it's time for the gay community to realize you cannot prevent people from having their own views and in london you know of what else no one complete and total implodes total intolerance by the good by the liberal elites that not allow this political correctness has turned into censorship in your brought to you from l.g. bt sport is it right to boycott the olympics it's not trying to completely control of sochi olympics because lympics plates. don't deserve such a treatment in the modern history of the movement we had to boycotts.
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and in the early one nine hundred eighty four so if lives couldn't compete in a competitive atmosphere for twelve years it's not the fault of the we haven't to get legislation in russia my opinion is. must be there is no place for boycotts for liam biggest and i call all the friendly countries and national teams to raise their rainbow flags and to march to the opening ceremony parade holding hand by hand man be the man and we've been with you know the show there so we do we do within the community all of the countries and i think this gets forgotten have signed in the limbic charter which states that there is no kind of demonstration or political religious or racial propaganda allowed any olympic sites venues or other areas is the l g b t community going to allow this lympics to become about gay rights and not about the olympics and also what about other minorities that feel
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like they need to have their say at the olympics how many protests are we going to see or we're going to have a gay pride protest and then a protest about western countries that want russia to intervene in syria and then another protests from the environmentalists they don't think the olympics should be held there at all everyone's going to want to have their say so for you constantine you're about the sport you represent the l z b t community in russia where is this going to go according to the article for the olympic. sport is a human right so the limbic spirit of peace and friendship going to stand together with any for discrimination including discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation let's be honest be very clear about that this is being used as a cliche across the world calling this an anti gay law and russia it is actually an amendment prohibiting gay propaganda to my. the way the law is being portrayed in the west i just want to go through some of the things and also the delayed reaction to the law it went into effect june thirtieth the first big headlines we started to
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hear was on july twenty first in the new york times putin declares war on homosexuals is that the case know the independent homophobic laws lead to attacks on gay young men russes war on gays and the list goes on it's not being represented for the law as it is whether or not the law is good or bad we can debate out gay man living in russia have been for years so i understand the differences between living in london and living in moscow and first of all i think the law is wrong the law is bad and it should be cherry and so i think the timing for the russian government with such coming up is terrible however there's a little thing called section twenty eight which margaret thatcher brought in in one nine hundred eighty eight which was a similar law for the protection of children which went all the way into two thousand and three so first of all even though that was in place in the u.k. the gay community went along with the lifestyle to the gay marriage that we have today which is a great thing so that if therefore does not prove that even though it was
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a law that was put in the wrong place actually culture actually nurtured itself as as basically a scouse journalist here i know the reality of life and i just wanted to put to stop the exterior you know it doesn't snow all year around there's a simmering active thriving gay community in russia and indeed in sochi when i was filming the last week there was one that. british l g b t activist stand at the forefront of the protest against it emerged several schools in the u.k. have banned gay propaganda locally they reintroduced portions of section twenty eight a law which banned the emotion of homosexuality in schools the legislation was repealed in two thousand and three which the british gay community sees as one of its big accomplishment. and russia's top gay activist says he's not speaking to the western media anymore he says his words are being twisted in use to paint the country in a bad light. to turn the issue into a political scandal that's after around here on a social network with another russian l g b t activists recently wrote an article
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for britain's guardian newspaper suggesting the russian government plans to take children away from homosexual couples. one of russia's most famous athletes olympic pole vault champion you don't listen by over spoke out in support of the law saying it's background lies in the country's history she also said trying to boycott the games would be unfair to competitors it's on the respectful to our current through some respects old to our seats isn't because we are russians maybe we are different than european people then other people from different learned we have our low which everyone have to respect and if some police and if some person who are not just try to make us such a problem as they does. called begins because of this because of our law so i think it's unfair front of the. is a bias comment quickly drew fire from some l.g.b. to supporters who branded her
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a homophobe however ben harris queeny for britain's group think tank believes she had a point when she called on our plates not to use the olympics as a platform for their views. really. was was slightly broken she clarified what she was trying to say in that when nations travel to international sporting events they should respect the the culture and the laws of the host nation well i think it's a subset of the right if you're going to take part in international sporting events as any country i think you have to go there in recognition of the fact that the country may well be different from your own it's a point of international engagement with russia because there's a there's a major international tournament that's that's going to take place next year i don't think it's appropriate to political views in that forum clearly there are many athletes that feel the same way it's far from just russia we were in beijing in two thousand and eight hopefully we're going to be in qatar in twenty fourteen as well and it's about going to those countries and focusing on the sport not
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focusing on the differences between the between the culture and laws in those countries. the young man's apparent execution at the hands of the f.b.i. in the wake of the boston bombings coming up we hear from his father who val's to bring the agency and his sons killers to account. and the worst flooding in a century forces thousands to flee their homes in russia's far east as authorities plan to evacuate even more people from the stricken region. whether preempting or euro zone meltdown or losing face in the dollar the german government is pulling much of its gold back home and it's the us that stands to be worst hit during the cold war much of berlin's poorly and was moved to vaults across america places so safe that the germans are having trouble actually getting their gold back are going to teach accounting reports. behind these walls is one of
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the most secretive organizations in the world u.s. federal reserve websites to audit them it's a wall this place is impenetrable for clean years the u.s. federal reserve has been the place where many countries of the word a big chunk of their nation's wealth as the country's weathered different waves of economic crises around the instability the federal reserve seems to them like a more or less secure place to keep their funds but are the funds really secure or are they even there there has been speculation for a long time that the fed doesn't actually have much gold that he has either sold it all lent it out or used it as collateral for borrowings either way there are many claims that the gold that is being stored on behalf of many nations doesn't actually exist germany has recently decided to bring home all these gold but the federal reserve says that it's not possible that it would need until two thousand and twenty to be able to accomplish such a transfer germany then asked to visit the fed vaults to make sure.


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